Stepsister Seduction: Chapter 3: Seducing a new Victim by HET3000

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It's been a few days since Jenna seduced her stepbrother and got her mom to have sex with Tim. Jenna was starting to get the itch to feel Tim's dick inside of her again. Since that day, Jenna started masturbating in the shower, enjoying the feeling of bringing herself to orgasm, but it just wasn't the same as having Tim bring her to orgasm, with his dick inside of her.

Kelly was gone for the weekend, on business. John usually works weekends also, but requested to have it off, since his wife was going to be gone. John is 40, standing 6'1", with graying brown hair and green eyes, weighing a little under 215 lbs.

Tim was gone for the evening, hanging out with some of his buddies. John was in the living room, watching tv, while Jenna was taking a shower. As she showered she was wishing Tim was home, or would be coming home soon. Her pussy was tingling and itching badly, wanting to be filled by a hard dick. She washed her hair and rinsed it out. As she soaped up her body, she cupped her growing tits and lightly pinched her nipples, causing her pussy to tingle even more. 'Oh my god, I can't take this any longer, I need to get Tim back in me, I don't care what mom said,' she thought to herself, sliding one of her hands down her stomach to her slit. She pushed her middle finger into the top of her slit, the tip brushing across her growing clit, causing her body to shudder and tremble. She lightly rubbed her clit in a circular motion, getting more and more turned on. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine Tim was there watching her. "Oh Tim, I want to feel you inside of me again, god I want to feel you shoot your cum inside of me," she quietly moaned to herself. She moved her finger towards her entrance, her breathing becoming ragged as she teased her pussy, dipping her finger just inside, then pulling it back out, feeling her orgasm building quickly. "Oh Tim I can feel it coming, are you gonna watch me cum for you," she moaned to herself.

Before she came her eyes shot open, a thought crossing her mind. 'Oh my god, daddy's home, maybe I can seduce him,' she thought, 'Tim got to have sex with mommy, I should get to have sex with daddy,' her mind quickly trying to figure out how to accomplish it. She quickly turned off the water, jumping out and drying off. She wrapped the towel around her body and ran to her room, thinking she had a way to seduce her dad. 'I seduced Tim easy enough, I should be able to seduce daddy too,' she thought to herself with a laugh. She rifled through her undergarment drawer of her dresser, looking for a sexy bra and panties.

Jenna had often walked around the house in just her bra and panties, but since her tits started to really grow, her mom made her wear a long shirt to cover up. She thought about just putting her bra and panties on and walking out there, but figured that would be to forthcoming and her dad would yell at her.

Jenna finally found what she was looking for, a red lace bra and matching bikini style panties. Her mom refused to let her get thongs or any other type of lingerie. She put them on, pulling her panties up tight against her slit, wanting her swollen lips to show. She put on a long shirt that just went below her hips, and would easily show her crotch when she sat down and spread her legs.

Jenna looked at herself in the mirror, satisfied about how she looked. She shut her light off and slowly made her way towards the living room. John was sitting in the recliner, the foot rest out, and reclined back. "Hi dad, whatcha watching?" She asked as she walked in. John turned and looked at her, "hi honey, oh just some old movie." Jenna smiled at him, "can I watch it with you?" She asked excitedly, noticing him looking at her chest. John cleared his throat nervously, looking back up at her, "sure, I guess so."

'This is going to be easier than I thought,' Jenna thought to herself as she walked over to the couch, that was caddy corner from the recliner, and sat down, making sure her shirt lifted up enough to show her crotch. Her pussy was beginning to tingle again as she thought about what she was about to do. She looked at her dad and smiled, John uneasily returned the smile, then they both looked back at the television.

John knew his stepdaughter was really starting to turn into a good looking young lady. He never had any sexual thoughts about her, but was noticing her chest was starting to fill out. He looked back over at Jenna sitting on the couch, looking back at her chest, 'my god, they look even bigger than before,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe its just my eyes, or she's stuffing her bra,' he thought as he stared at her chest, feeling his dick twitch in his sweatpants. He looked back at the television, trying to get his mind off of her.

Jenna looked over at her dad, smiling to herself, hoping she could make this happen, and get a hard dick in her pussy. She saw him look back at her, and she smiled shyly at him. John saw her smile, nervously clearing his throat again, looking back at the television, 'what is up with her?' He asked himself. Jenna looked back at the television as well, spreading her legs a little more, hoping he would notice.

John could not get his mind off of his stepdaughter's chest, wanting to know if she was stuffing or not. He looked over at her again, seeing she was watching the movie. His eyes went back to her chest as he tried to imagine what they would look like uncovered, if she wasn't stuffing her bra, then they were probably firm, yet soft and supple. His eyes went lower until he reached her spread legs, his eyes widened when he saw her young slit pushing against her panties, forming a small cameltoe. He groaned to himself as he stared at her crotch, his dick starting to rise.

Jenna heard him groan and looked over at him. John noticed her turn, quickly looking back at the television. Jenna giggled to herself, realizing it must be working. She figured if she wanted this to go further she couldn't interrupt him until he couldn't control his looking anymore. She again turned back to the tv, hoping she hadn't spooked him.

John was watching the movie, finding it hard to concentrate on it, his mind thinking about her young pussy now. 'She's your stepdaughter, you can't think about her like that,' he said to himself, his dick growing fully erect in his sweatpants. He glanced at her, seeing she was watching the movie again. He turned his head towards her, hoping she didn't catch him looking again. His eyes went directly to her covered pussy again, admiring the sight of her plump pussy lips pushing against her panties. He started rubbing his dick, through his sweatpants, feeling himself getting more turned on. 'Oh fuck, I need to get out of here before I do something I'll regret,' he thought to himself, rubbing his dick harder.

Without turning her head, Jenna looked over at John and noticed him staring at her crotch. She smiled to herself, knowing it was working. 'Yes, I'm gonna get sex tonight,' she said to herself, as she looked down at his lap and saw rubbing it. She gasped to herself, realizing he was rubbing his dick, wishing she could just go over there and attack him, letting him know she wanted to help him get off. She looked back at the movie, trying to figure out how to take it even further. She decided to play sweet and innocent, and act like she didn't know anything about sex. Without looking at him she asked, "so how has work been going daddy?" Not wanting him to know that she saw him rubbing his dick.

John jumped a little when she spoke, immediately looking up at her, and moving his hand away from his crotch, his erection still noticeable in his sweatpants. "Tiring, that's why I'm glad I took this weekend off," he answered quickly. Jenna looked over at him with a wide smile, "yeah I noticed you've been working a lot lately." John returned her smile, "yeah I have, but it pays the bills." His eyes going back to her crotch, causing his dick to throb.

Jenna watched him look back down, smiling wider as she looked at his lap again and noticed his dick pushing against his sweatpants. Her pussy getting wetter as she looked back up at him. "Yeah I know, that's what my mom says," she said giggling. John responded, "yep, so have you had a good summer so far?" Jenna quickly nodded, looking back at his lap, "daddy what's that?" Staring at his erection, blushing a little, trying to look innocent.

John's face turned red, realizing she saw his erection. He quickly covered it with his hands, trying to push it down, "oh tha... that's nothing honey." Jenna wanted to burst out laughing at his answer, knowing exactly what it was, but still playing innocent, "if it's nothing, then why are you covering it?" John looked at her, dumbfounded, trying to think of an answer. "Well," he froze still thinking. He moved his hands away and his erection stayed down, "it was just the remote, it was under my sweatpants."

Jenna wanted to laugh so bad, knowing he was turned on and didn't want her to know. "Ok if you say so," she said slowly, with a laugh, watching his erection slowly rise again in his sweatpants. She gasped, almost chuckling, "umm daddy its back." His face turned beet red again as he covered it with his hands again. "I don't think its the remote daddy," she said with a sheepish grin.

John was at a loss, he didn't know how to handle this, wishing Kelly was home now. Jenna was looking at him, patiently waiting for him to answer. He looked at her, admiring her innocence, finally deciding to try explaining it to her. "Honey have you had sex education in school?" He asked. Jenna nodded, realizing he was going to give her a long speech to tell her it was his dick. "You mean it's your penis?" She excitedly asked before he could continue.

John looked at her in shock, slowly nodding. "Yes it is, and sometimes it gets hard," he slowly said, not sure how else to put it. Jenna kept up with her innocent play, "why does it get hard sometimes?" John looked at her with his mouth agape, shocked by her question. "Well it happens when a guy..." he trailed off, trying to figure out how to put it. "When a guy what daddy?" Jenna asked, wanting to find out how he would say it. "Well when a guy gets aroused," John finally said.

Jenna looked at him in interest, "when he gets aroused? Oh you mean turned on," she said, still trying to act innocent, but move it along faster. John slowly nodded, still in shock. "Why are you aroused daddy?" Jenna asked. John nervously cleared his throat, uneasily moving around, not sure how to answer that without telling her it was because of her. Jenna sat there, looking at him in the eyes waiting for an answer.

John wrestled with what to tell her as he looked at her. "Well sometimes it just happens to guys when they are relaxed," he finally said, hoping her questions would end. Jenna looked at him in confusion, knowing it was because of her, but confused by his answer, "well can I see it?" She asked excitedly, her face lighting up, deciding it was now or never. John gasped at her question, "you, what?" Jenna giggled innocently, "can I see your penis?" John shook his head slowly, his dick throbbing hard, begging to be released, "no honey, I can't show it to you."

Jenna gave him the pouty look, curling her lower lip out, "please daddy, I want to see what one looks like up close." John looked at her look, knowing that what she is asking for is wrong, but as he thought about it, he figured, 'what is the harm with just letting her see it, it's not like you're going to have sex with her.' He looked at his lap, his dick throbbing, then back at her, "ok I'll let you see, but you can't tell anyone I let you see it." Jenna smiled wide, "ok daddy, I promise I won't tell anyone."

John nervously let out a long breath as he started pushing his sweatpants and boxers down. Jenna watched excitedly as he pushed his pants down, lifting his ass up and pushing them down his thighs, his dick springing up and slapping against his gut. Jenna's eyes widened when she saw his hard dick spring free, feeling her pussy starting to leak. He pushed them down to his knees and stopped there, looking over at her and noticing her wide eyed look, "so how do you like seeing your first penis?" Jenna almost got out of character, realizing that his dick was smaller than Tim's, wanting to tell John that it was a little small, but was able to remain in character, keeping her innocent play going, "it looks weird."

John chuckled, "why does it look weird?" Jenna giggled innocently, "it looks like a white, skinny stick." John made his dick throb, causing it to bounce a little, getting another another giggle from Jenna. "It's moving, why is it moving?" She exclaimed excitedly. John lightly laughed at her, starting to lose his ability to restrain himself, "well its excited, so he's dancing." Jenna looked at him awkwardly, "dancing?" John started making his dick throb over and over, making it bounce and sway all over, "yeah see."

Jenna giggled playfully as she slowly got off of the couch and walked towards him. "Can I touch it, to see what it feels like?" She asked as stood next to him, staring at it. John looked up at her in disbelief, knowing he should tell her no, but his sexual urges taking over now, "I guess so, there's no harm with that." Jenna smiled wider as she slowly reached down and put her finger on just the head, feeling it throb against it. She giggled a little, "wow it's even dancing when I touch it." John let out a soft groan, his sexual urges in complete control now, "that's because he likes you honey."

'Oh my god, I was right, this is going to be too easy,' Jenna thought to herself as she looked at him and smiled shyly. "You can go ahead and touch more of him honey, if you want," John lustily groaned. Jenna smiled as she slowly moved her hand down and wrapped it around the shaft of his dick, feeling the warmth coming from it, "like this?" John laid his head back in pleasure, "oh yes honey, why don't you try moving your hand up and down it."

Jenna knew he wanted her to jack him off, but she was after even more than that, but still played it safe. She slowly started moving her hand up and down the shaft of his dick, feeling it throb harder in her hand, "like this daddy?" John's eyes were closed, enjoying the feeling, "oh yeah, just like that honey, just like that." Jenna licked her lips as she started moving her hand faster. She giggled to herself, as John started moving his hips into her hand, "what are you doing daddy?"

John opened his eyes, looking at his stepdaughter with lust, "enjoying myself." Jenna smiled as she looked back at his dick, slowly moving to her knees next to the chair, getting a closer look at his dick. John had closed his eyes again, focusing on what his stepdaughter was doing to him. Jenna moved her head closer, opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out. She flicked her tongue against the tip of his dick, causing John's body to tremble and a long groan to escape him. Jenna looked up at him and smiled, "do you like that daddy?"

"Uh huh," was all John could mutter out, feeling his cum starting to boil already. Jenna giggled, "are you ok daddy?" John knew he was going to be cumming soon if she didn't stop, but it just felt so good. He opened his eyes and looked at her with lust, "I'm fine honey, you're just making daddy feel really good." Jenna blushed a little, trying to look innocent, "so I'm doing it right?" John nodded, going against everything he knew was wrong, he said, "can I show you how to feel this good, before you go any further."

Jenna wanted to jump up with excitement, and tell him, 'yes fuck me.' But she was still able to resist the urge, her pussy completely soaking her panties now, "what is that daddy?" John pushed the foot rest in, pushing his sweatpants and boxers all the way off, and grabbed her hand, leading her over to the couch, "have a seat on the couch." Jenna sat down on the couch, wondering what he was planning, hoping it would entail getting his dick inside of her. John knelt down in front of her and smiled, "I'm going to show you how to feel really good."

Jenna raised her head in acknowledgement as John moved his hands along the sides of her legs and under her shirt. He moved one of hand's over her stomach, causing her to suck in her breath and hold it. He slid his hand slowly over her covered pussy and groaned, "do you know what you have here?" Jenna could only nod as her excitement grew. John lightly chuckled, "oh so you're miss quiet now." Jenna moved around, wanting him to go faster.

John pushed his hand harder against her covered pussy, feeling her wetness, "hmm someone's liking this." Jenna nodded again, pushing her pussy harder into his hand. John groaned louder as he rubbed his thumb across her covered slit, feeling her legs shake and tremble as he rubbed harder, "is someone starting to feel good now?" Jenna moaned lightly, "uh huh, it feels so good daddy." She started slowly moving her hips with his rubbing, feeling her orgasm building inside of her, "oh daddy, you're making me feel so good, you're gonna make me cum already daddy." She moaned letting go of her innocence.

John found her clit in her panties and focused on it, rubbing it quickly, "that's ok honey, cum for me, cum for daddy." He whispered, urging her on, not even realizing that she wasn't so innocent. Jenna closed her eyes as she raised her ass off of the couch, her orgasm shooting from her clit throughout her whole body. "I'm cumming, ohhh god yes I'm cumming," she moaned, her hips bucking against his hand. He felt her panties get wetter as her orgasm coursed through her body, he could smell her sweet sex as her juices started leaking out from her panties, "oh honey, look at you cum, mmm."

Jenna's ass fell back to the couch as her orgasm faded, her breathing ragged, "wow daddy, you made me feel sooo good." John smiled at his stepdaughter, "your welcome sweetheart, now are you ready to make me feel like that?" His mind only on his sexual release now, and not on the consequences of it. Jenna nodded quickly, ready to feel his dick inside of her now. She put her hands on the waistline of her panties and pushed them down. John watched her in horror as she kicked her panties to the side, spreading her legs and showing him her swollen pussy. "What are doing?" John asked in shock.

Jenna looked at him in shock, "gonna make you feel good, like you made me." John shook his head slowly, "not like that, with your hand honey." Jenna looked at him disappointed, "but daddy, don't you put your penis inside of me and we both get to feel good?" John looked at her in horror again, "we can't do that honey, we have already done stuff we shouldn't have."

Jenna looked at him sternly, realizing he was saying the same thing her mom said. She gave him a pouty look, and came up with an idea, "then why can't we try it? Since we already did stuff we shouldn't have." John looked at her sincerely, "I know honey, but you're my daughter, I can..." Jenna cut him off, "stepdaughter." John thought for a moment, "still we can't do that." Jenna looked at him, "ok how about this, you just put it in there one time, so I can see what it feels like?" John shook his head, "honey no, you're a virgin and it might hurt you."

Jenna thought about telling him she wasn't a virgin, but instead, "I know I'm a virgin, but I don't have my hymen anymore, because it broke during gymnastics remember?" John slowly nodded, "yeah I remember, but still no." Jenna was becoming frustrated, first she had to argue with her mom, and now she was arguing with her stepdad about sex. "Look dad, I won't tell anyone, I just want to see what it feels like, then you can take it out and I'll use my hand," she said.

John sat back on his heels, thinking about it, "ok I guess I can just dip it in and pull it out." Jenna's face lit up, 'yes, and I'm making sure he doesn't pull out until he cums,' she said to herself. John knelt up, as Jenna scooted her ass to the edge, laying back against the couch. She looked up at John's eyes as he focused on her pussy, holding the base of his dick, guiding it to her pussy.

Jenna felt the head of his dick brush against the entrance of her pussy, causing her to lightly moan. John looked up at her and lightly smiled, "ok honey here we go." Jenna nodded, "I'm ready daddy, go ahead." She felt the head of his dick begin to penetrate her, as she spread her legs further and put her feet behind his ass. John slowly pushed into her, feeling her tight recess, squeeze and suck at his dick, "oh my god," he whispered under his breath. "Oh daddy, your penis feels so good inside of me," Jenna moaned, wrapping her legs around his hips, trying to pull him in further. John continued to push into her until his pelvic bone rested against hers, "oh honey, you're so tight, god it feels good," he groaned.

Jenna could tell his dick was a lot smaller than Tim's, she didn't feel anywhere near as full, but it still felt good to have a dick inside of her. "Can you try moving it in and out a little, daddy?" She asked, locking her feet together, behind him. John noticed this, realizing that she didn't want him to pull out, "ok honey, but if I get ready to cum, you have to let me pull out." Jenna nodded excitedly, ready to get fucked, "ok I will, just keep going until you're ready to cum, then tell me."

John nodded as he put his hands on the couch, ready to have sex with his stepdaughter. He slowly pulled back, feeling her pussy grip at his escaping member. "Ohhh Jenna, this is so wrong, but yet feels so good," he groaned as he shoved his forward, easily sinking back into her. "Yes daddy, fuck me, fuck me like you fuck my mommy," Jenna moaned, using her legs to pull herself into him.

John started moving his hips forward and back, feeling his ball sack swing under him and slap against her ass as he drove into her. He started grunting and making animal noise as he moved faster. "Yes daddy, go faster," Jenna moaned, moving her hand down to her clit and started rubbing it. "I wanna cum again daddy, are you gonna make me cum again?" She moaned, slamming herself into his thrusts.

John looked down at her pussy and saw her rubbing her clit. He moved her hand away and put his thumb on her clit, rubbing it vigorously. "Yes baby, I'll make you cum again, cum for daddy," he groaned, feeling his balls tightening against his body. "Oh daddy, I can feel it coming, I can feel myself getting close, fuck me," Jenna moaned loudly. He started driving himself into her forcefully, "cum baby, cum for me."

Jenna's legs squeezed his hips tight, as her pussy got tighter, "ohhh I'm cumming daddy, cum with me." John felt her pussy tighten up, squeezing his dick hard, trying to suck his seed out. He forcefully moved his hips back, breaking her feet apart, as her legs convulsed and shook around him. His dick throbbed hard, his cum rushing up and shooting into her pussy before he could pull out. As his dick popped out of her pussy, it throbbed again and more cum shot out and landed on her pussy lips. "Ohhhh," he groaned as his dick continued to spasm and fire cum out and cover her pussy lips.

As Jenna's orgasm subsided, she could feel his cum shooting on her pussy lips, feeling the heat as it leaked into her gaping pussy. She looked up at him, as his body jerked and shook. "Mmm daddy, that feels so hot on my pussy, wow you have a lot of cum," she moaned, moving her hand down to her pussy and feeling his cum. John squeezed his dick as he finished cumming, making sure he was completely empty, his body shuddering as he squeezed the head, the last of his cum leaking out and dripping onto the floor.

John looked down at Jenna, a look of complete pleasure across his face, "wow, did I need that." Jenna giggled, scooping up some of his cum and bringing it to her mouth, wanting to see what it tasted like. He watched as she opened her mouth and let his cum drip off of her fingers and into her mouth, causing him to groan in pleasure. She swallowed it and moaned, "mmm it does taste pretty good." John gave her a half smile, standing up and handing her panties to her.

Jenna reached back down to her pussy, wanting to get more of his cum. As she scooped more up, they both heard the front door open, causing them to jump...

Who is at the door, Tim or Kelly? Let me know, whichever one gets the most requests wins. Constructive criticism please.

Rating: 93%, Read 261455 times, Posted Dec 07, 2012

Fantasy | Authoritarian, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Old Male, Teen Female, Young


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