Justice the hard way by damainwalsh

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Fantasm | BDSM, Cuckold, Domination, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Masturbation, Reluctance, Submission, Wife

John Weaklen couldn’t believe it. “THAT FUCKING JUDGE!” He thought. He listened through the door at his young beautiful wife being pounded mercilessly; he then looked down at his motionless legs in his squeaky wheelchair.

“This can’t be justice” he said pitifully.

4 months ago John was out late in the evening jogging and was hit by a car, he suffered a spinal injury and lost the use of his body from the waist down including the use of his penis, The car was full of young black males who were out celebrating their last high school football game, the driver was drunk like his passengers and he had not seen John jogging across the street.

The court case was farcical due to the judge presiding it. Judge Abbot was a new young judge and a former classmate of John’s in high school. Abbot was a bully back then to John and he happily picked up where they left off all those years ago. John was 28 years old and recently married his 24 year old wife Kate (aptly named as she was a dead ringer for Kate Upton). They were a beautiful looking successful couple before Johns accident caused him to lose most of his muscle tone.

John wanted justice and due to new ambiguous laws and ruthless interpretation of those laws the judge managed to cheat John out of financial compensation and a prison sentence for the cocky unrepentant driver Devin.

Devin was a star footballer for his old high school and soon to be one of the stars of his new college team (the same college Abbot went to).Devin Masterson was going to be a rich athlete soon with fans and groupies, he was going to be worshipped by women and men of every age. He was supposed to lose everything, the way John had lost so much that night. But the Judge interpreted the event as a simple accident and the new laws that had been passed resisted punishing people with prison for that. John could just about over look that, despite Devin openly checking out Kate at every opportunity throughout the trial and making lewd hand gestures about her to his friends (the passengers in the car) from time to time. He breezed his way through the whole trial completely unafraid of the result.

Instead John focused on the compensation at least with that they would be financially comfortable and who knows maybe he could use that money to pay for some groundbreaking new surgery that might restore him. Abbot had other ideas....

“Compensation under the new laws does not necessarily mean financial compensation! and the main reason for the injured party seeking this compensation is that he is no longer able to satisfy his young new bride sexually or get her pregnant so that they may start a family, therefore with some conditions I judge that Devin Masterson must provide for all Mrs Weaklens sexual needs and father the children this unfortunate couple had hoped for...according to the injured party’s statement they wanted four children and they enjoyed sex at least 4 times a day!” said Abbot with a snigger.

The court laughed, It was common for injured parties to up these details considerably in order to get more compensation.

“Therefore the court finds that Devin Masterson must perform those husbandly sexual duties in Mr Weaklens place from now on, financial compensation must be awarded also.....1 Dollar should be ample considering the exhausting duties Devin must now undergo for the next 20 years.” said Abbot. “This compensation begins today”.

Our Attorney was frazzled as he scrambled to all his paperwork “it’s actually legal” he exclaimed.

John and his wife looked at him in disbelief. “it can’t be!” said John.

” I’m sorry” said his attorney” but it is”.

The official court ruling was written by Abbot himself within the hour, it stipulated....

...Sex four times minimum a day..

..Any way Masterson wanted it including anal and aggressive sex..

...To be performed at Weaklens house or if Materson is travelling Mrs Weaklen must accompany him..

...A person or any number of persons can be present to witness it, anyone of Masterson’s choosing...

...If masterson is unable to perform his duty for any reason he may elect a person of his choosing to perform for him in a manner he sees fit....

...Provisions for their off spring will be solely provided by the Weaklens...

...food and drink is to be provided for Masterson and guests if there are any...

....attire and physical appearance of Mrs Weaklen for this duty is to be under Mastersons discretion and full control in order for him to be able to perform his duty effectively as he must be able to perform under the law...

....Mrs Weaklen must accept Mr Masterson in any way he appears given the frequency of his visits as he may be unable to wash or dress appropriately in the time frames he must operate...

...Mr Masterson may visit at any time giving Mrs Masterson 10 minutes notice to prepare for him...

....If Mrs Weaklen refuses the will of the court she may be incarcerated, in which case access to Mr Materson will be allowed 4 times a day minimum as a conjugal visit, if she still refuses she may be physically tied up to allow Masterson access to her body so that he may be allowed to perform his duty for compensation under the law, also the Weaklens would be culpable for fines if they obstruct or interfere in any way with the order as they would be denying themselves justice...

The list went on with other details and stipulations.

The Weaklens were in shock! “This can’t be allowed” said Kate tearing up.

“I’m sorry” said their attorney as he eyed Kate’s plunging cleavage. “It’s the law and the will of the court, before you ask I’ve looked into the possibility of appealing but the new laws prohibit it” he said as his mouth watered from the sight of Kate’s ample breasts.

“We’re fucked” said John,

“we?” said Kate.” I’m the one whose getting fucked 4 times a day minimum!” she cried.

Later that evening, The Weaklens prepared for Masterson’s arrival, Kate had received a text message with details of what Masterson wanted it read....

...’Washed and scented with Chanel no 5, shaved legs and armpits and vagina (THOSE WERE THE COURTS ORDERS), High heels and a tight fitting mini skirt, low plunging tight fitting blouse, no bra, panties must be g string only, Hair long curled (Mr Masterson likes to see women’s hair bounce during copulation) artfully applied make up including wet glossy lipstick. Food provided burgers, fried chicken and beer.

The Weaklens scrambled to make this happen through tearful eyes. Kate was ready minutes before Masterson arrived to give them their first instalment of “compensation”.

She looked like a porn star or a high class prostitute thought John as she appeared before him. Her uncanny resemblance to Kate Upton was undeniable she could easily be considered a carbon copy.

John cried at thought that he could never ejaculate in her or satisfy her anymore, she felt the same.

The doorbell rang, Kate answered it. Masterson was there along with 4 other friends (the witnesses of his choosing).

“Hi Mam” Devin said with a sadistic grin “I’m here to give you compensation” he laughed. “I’m going to compensate the fuck out of you from now on” his friends all laughed.

“We each wish we could have been driving that night” one of his friends said as all five of them ogled Kate’s face and body.

“DAMN” another friend piped up.

John face went red with rage. Kate felt violated already just from the leering of the 5 young black men standing at the door. “I won’t interfere with the court order only because it would be of no use but I will not enjoy it” she stated as strongly as she could.

“Sure whatever” said Devin grinning as he placed his hand on her ass and squeezed. Kate could not stop him.

” Let’s all head upstairs” said Devin, he then instructed his “witnesses” to bring the beer that the Weaklens had provided.

” I hope you choke on them” said John seething. “You mean the beers or your wife’s tits!” said Devin and he and his friends laughed. “

The only one doing any choking tonight will be your wife on Devin’s massive fat cock!” said another friend.“By the way is that a colostomy bag in you trousers or are you happy to see us?”

Devin and his friends all laughed and high fived each other as Kate began ascending the stairs she hated seeing her once strong husband weakened and emasculated, the gang all eyeballed Kate’s ass as they followed whistling at the sight of it.

John would follow up later to sit outside the door and support his wife, he would have to use the stair lift and it was so cumbersome and slow he didn’t want Devin or his goons to” witness” that.

He could hear them upstairs he could hear Devin telling his wife to strip seductively for him, His friends all whistling and cat calling as she did so. He could hear Kate ask Devin to send his friends away and Devin refusing.

He could hear them all talking but he could only distinguish his wife and Devin’s voice...

“Those are mouth watering melons you got bitch”

“Dat ass!”

“Man you got to fuck her hard Bro”

“Make her scream Bro”.

John had reached his wheelchair at the top of the stairs and wheeled himself to outside their room. He could hear them better now.

“Your husband is outside bitch! better not let him hear you moan with pleasure” said Devin.

“Yeah Bitch try to contain yourself!” said a witness.

John looked through the keyhole he had to know what was going on in there. Just then the door opened. It was one of Devin’s friends.

“We got ourselves a voyeur here” said the witness. “Let him in” said Devin. “YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR WIFE FUCKED BY A REAL MAN? A WHOLE MAN?” Said Devin. “Wheel yourself in bitch!” he said laughing.

John hesitated but caught Kate’s eyes pleading with him for the support. He wheeled himself in and the door closed behind him.

John looked around at the debauchery, his poor wife naked on all fours on their bed with the back of Devin’s muscular body facing him as he ploughed her mercilessly. His “Witnesses” all stood around all with their massive fat dicks hanging out masturbating at the sight of his wife being fucked. They stopped occasionally to swig their beer and chew on some chicken before getting back to stroking their monster cocks.

Kate looked traumatised; she maintained her position on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air receiving Devin as he thrust powerfully into her wet cunt. She tried not to gasp or moan instead she focused on breathing through her flared nostrils.

Her gelatinous perfectly formed breasts swaying backwards and forwards, her nipples hardened and her body glistening from the heat of Devin’s powerful onslaught, He had penetrated her body with decisive force and power and he was using every part of her to satisfy himself.

Devin had a thumb inserted in her asshole with his free hand pulling on her hair as he rode her ruthlessly.

Kate had no choice now but to gasp as his cock went deeper and deeper into her womb. He was rock hard every part of him, His toned muscular body his massive thick 11 inch cock was completely inflexible, her insides would have to bend to his cocks will. She felt violated and humiliated was completely at his mercy she turned her head staring into her husband’s shocked eyes before looking back at her new’ sex partner’.

Devin had a fixed look of aggression in his gleeful eyes and an unforgettable fixed grin on his face.

“Take my rod you cunt!” he growled through clenched teeth. His Adonis features glistened with sweat.

“My god” said John.

“I get called that a lot” said Devin “but it’s usually by my fuck toy’s not their husbands!” Devin’s friends howled in laughing approval.

Kate didn’t want to, she prayed not to, she begged not to but her body submitted completely and betrayed her and she had an orgasm! But no orgasm like she had ever had before, her body trembled with pleasure as the orgasm reached every part of her body originating in her cunt radiating outwards throughout her, the most powerful she had ever experienced eclipsing anything she had ever experienced before with John. Her vision left her for a moment it was that strong.

She wept, outwardly it appeared to her husband as sorrow for her predicament, but inwardly, she knew it was because of the fact that she had just experienced the best supreme fuck of her entire life.

“I’m going to cum bitch!” yelled Devin as he shot a massive load in to her womb! She felt the pulsing jet of hot semen fill her with warmth and it actually felt to Kate like his seed had travelled to the furthest part of her womb and saturated it with millions of aggressively charged sperm. She knew it wouldn’t be long before baby number 1 would be on its way.

Devin’s friends all started to cum as well, reams of spunk jetting from their cocks all over her bedroom, the carpet, the curtains, the bed some made it as far as her hair.

There were choruses of...

“Oh my god!”,

“Jesus that was amazing!”,

“Fuuuuck that was incredible”

Kate wanted to chime in but her duty to her husband meant she could not.

John was openly crying with grief, Devin sarcastically reassured him “it’s okay buddy your wife did good for her first time!” he was still grinning (did he have any other expression).

“I need a few minutes before I go again” Devin stated to his buddies as he pulled out of Kate semen leaking generously from her cunt dripping down her glistening legs and spooling at her bent knees.

The evening was just beginning.......

Rating: 90%, Read 19908 times, Posted Aug 30, 2016

Fantasm | BDSM, Cuckold, Domination, Hardcore, Humiliation, Interracial, Masturbation, Reluctance, Submission, Wife


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