The plot of Harry Potter turns 18. What did happen and what will. Get to know the story better by prowriterxxxy

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Diary | Anal, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob, Body modification, Cuckold, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian, Mind Control, Pissing, Sado-Masochism, School, Solo, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Transgendered, Transsexual, Transvestite, Virginity, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Young

The main character, let's call him Harry, ado you can call him any way you want at the beginning of the game... so anyway... Harry found himself in a lovely family of beautiful females for all kind of taste. His Mom, actress Kendra Lust, is Hot Milf, she's dominant and very strict, and if you don't behave... you know your self what can happen then. Harry also has two sister's, elderly Katrina, good looking blonde and youngest person in the house, Laura.

The story begins, straight after the death of Harry father. Well... nobody interested in funeral I hope, so that part is missing. Mom has a porn ban in the house, and Harry has some real issues with that. Young hormones let him know, he needs sex, and he needs it a lot. Lock in the bathroom doesn't work correctly, sure who is was fixing that. Borat himself, by the way, Borat in this story is Harrys' dead father, or at least, Harry thinks this way at the beginning of the game. Harry walks in his one of the sister's and Mother once some of them taking a shower or bath. Images are hard to get rid of his head, and he has very naughty dreams of incest. All this leads Harry into the dangerous peepings on his sisters and Mom. Once Mom catches him, she is deadly serious, if Harry doesn't stop, there will be a coincidence.

Now a little bit about Harry's family. His Mom works as a teacher in the local school. Katrina is in medical college, she has some lovely friends, Malvina and Coco. Laura is in the same school as Mom, only what she still in the last semester, her friends usually play in the park, Piggy and beautiful teenage, Nutella who might become Harry's girlfriend.

Harry, at the start, can only make money by playing poker online. But it's thought to do it, as he is always horny, and the only time he can release his pressure, it's at night, then on Tv shows adult channel. But even that is hard to do, as the same Tv uses his Mom. And she too, after her husband died, need to release some steam. So Harry catches her in the middle of masturbating. Mom may feel the guilt because of that, but may feel ok, it depends on her love to Harry.

Katrina too, young girl, and young horny body. She also needs it. Harry catches her masturbating in her room or the bath. Only poor Laura don't masturbate, but that could be changed if Harry will introduce her to adult life. It all starts with Laura, once on Thursday on their date, Harry with Laura sees a crazy scene, girl in the park is flushing her pussy for them. After that incident, Harry decides to play with Laura game he played a long time ago. "I show you mine, and you show me yours." Nobody did get naked this time. But this innocent game will change everything. Now it's only a matter of time...

Harry can meet other girls in the park and once go to the shop to buy groceries for Mom. But it's not much to do with them at the first 5 days. At first, Harry needs to explore his family.

So that's how passes the first five days. Nothing significant happens, but here is a crazy weekend who might turn Harry's life upside down, and if this weekend doesn't, next week will leave him in a situation where he is all in.

Early in the morning, Harry looks for his Mom but finds her outside doing yoga. Mom's yoga is so hot what Harry might end up coming into his pants. If so, Mom may give him, so magazines just to wank off. But these magazines, uncover's your Mother's true nature. She is into a dominatrix. Or at least it looks so for Harry. And if you are willing to play, so your Mom too.

The next, Harry visits Laura's room. The girl sounds sleep but starting waking up. He uncovers her butt so that beautiful peace of ass could breathe. Soon Laura awake.

"What the fuck, brother. What the heck are you doing you into my room?"

It all may end up to Harry badly. He may very much cum into his pats, maybe even second time that morning, but he may not. One way or other, what will happens next, Harry follow his sister to the bathroom. This time Laura didn't lock the door for a reason. She wants to be seen. She wants to show her beautiful teenage body to her always horny brother. What could be better than that? Freedom. Freedom to do everything. Freedom to see your cute sister undress and nobody get angry with you. So she did. After that, she asks Harry to leave. But... she not locking the bathroom door, so Harry, like and supposed to for good brother, spying on her sister masturbating for the first time. A young girl thinks about the only man she knows, her brother, YOU. She comes. And so you too. And Mom catches you by the hand. She is very serious. This can no longer continue. So she says, she will take care of things, by her own words. We will see about that.

Saturday didn't end here. You with Laura go to the forest, where for Harry to decide, you want to go deep into the woods and meet Hagrid? Or maybe you want to go around and meet Anthon? How about Nutella? Any desition Harry make will influence what will happen in the future. Nothing can be changed. If Anthon will have fun with your sister, be ready to pay coincidence. If you meet Hagrid, next, you may want to visit his house with Nutella or/and Katrina, and maybe come back to his house with Laura once again. It's a lovely farm there, and you read on the internet, what females have some intense lust for animals. Will, you allow this to happen in your own game? For you to decide. But we have to move on. It's just so many things to put it on here...

... and so, here is a moment of truth... your Mom may go for a date or may not. All this will depend on how good Sunny you were. Did you help your Mother with the money after your father died? Did you help with the dishes? How many times your Mom caught you spying on her and your sister's? But anything that happens in the game will bring you a different story. There are no right or wrong answers in the game. Just do what you like and look at what outcomes it will deliver. Maybe you even learn something from this game this way. Let's say, I learned how to dominate girls playing one of the old QSP game called Schoolgirl. And I end up with two female slaves willing to do for me anything, and I mean anything. If I managed to do it, you could do to. After all, we all here for emotions and discovery of our sexuality.

There was written in old Oracle in Ancient Greece, "know your self." And it's nothing more important then to know your self. How can you be happy if you don't know your sexuality? Are you dominant? Or submissive? Do you get off looking into young girls? Or maybe you like to be dominated? Do you want to wear girl clothes? How about your loved one? Do you wish to share? Do you like your loved one to cheat on you? Or maybe vice versa? If you don't know, you on the right track, baby. This game is made so people could discover them self.

So there did I finished... Ok... After being out for Saturday night, Mom send's you some pictures. But whoops, a mistake happens. She sends you her naked selfies. For you to decide, you want to keep them or delete them. Anyway, Mom gonna check up your phone. And if photos are there she might get angry on you, but she also might not, it depends... Also, she might show you her naked body, do you hand or maybe even blow job. And that all on Saturday late at night.

But I think I skip some essential things in the story. Ronny, also known as Ron from the original Harry Potter story visit your house. Here two boys may decide to do the prank. Get them self naked and hard, make selfie, and sure Ronny will send that picture to Harry's Mom. Try this prank in your real life and see how it works. After that, Ronny will ask to put a mini camera into girl's locker room in the school there Harry's Mom and sister goes. Sure, Ronny sells drugs, or so-called magic potions, which will make women insane. He has two, but it costs. Be ready to pay him some good bucks. The first magic potion you can use on Malvina. Who read carefully knows, it's Katrina's best friend, going with her to the same college. If so, Malvina will go mad. She will start dancing almost naked at the party, and girl don't like to wear panties. Soon you will discover that your self. After, if you drugged her, she will give you her head in the toilet.

Sunday is more quit day. Mom going to shopping and you staying to keep watch on your sister's. I hope you do a good job. NOT? Once again you can go to the forest with Laura, sure, if you didn't share her with Anthon, if so, for some time you may forget about Laura, but only for some time.

There is a surprise waiting for you to discover her in the bathroom. Malvina is visiting your house. Same girl what just yesterday gave you her head. She tells Harry what she is actually lesbian and not much into the boys. What, what happened yesterday was an unfortunate mistake and won't happen again. She also tells you a secret, she fell for Katrina long time ago, but Katrina doesn't know anything about it, she also likes your another sister very much too. Harry can play on Malvina's success, or just get rid of her once so even if he chooses so. But about that... just follow the lines. Once Mom back from her shopping, you both watch a movie of your choice and here you can try to drug your Mother. If you succeed, she will give you her head.

Monday begins with the nightmare. You see some bold guy who says what he killed your father. Once you wake up, you think, you still don't know who it was, who killed your father, so you decide to talk about that with your Mom having your morning coffee in the kitchen. Once you back to your room, you check the one thing what's left of your dead father, it's his photo. You find some internet address on the back of that photo. Soon you discover, your father was magician, and he left for you magical books in the secret chamber. Harry has some quest to go through to find that chamber. There he learns first two magic spells.

On Thursday, your cousin Mirela visits your house. Harry has a lot of fun with her and may even see her completely naked. Mirela has her story on her own. Her evil Mom, Lisa, forces her to go into the beauty contest. Also, she wants her to marrie some old Muslim pervert. Mierla asks Harry for help in return she says, she could be his. But how to help a poor girl? Only the future will shows.

On Friday, once again, you have a chance to watch something educational with your Mom. What Mom's and Son's watch on telly these days? Same old... same old... You decided to watch some porn. If you watch paid channel there black guy dominating white Milf who looks exactly like your Mom... there will be a coincidence, so-called BBC. If you don't want that. Watch something else then.

If Harry did the prank, two more magic spells are open hor him. He might turn himself into a girl. Trany or Futa, or he might decide to try each of them. But if Harry being Futa will decide to taste his sperm... his decision is already made. He may discover that then it's too late reading articles online.

Both of your sisters start to open up little by little. But as you probably know by your self, virgins are hard to reach. So Laura on this week take off her panties but don't gonna show you her pussy. She finds it very adventures and goes to school without them. But here is a problem with the teacher and she got her naked ass spanked. If you influenced Laura enough to change her look. She is blondie now, and as grow up, she doesn't want to go just play in the park with toys. She wishes now go to the fast-food restaurant, and like a good brother, you take her out. You ask her not to wear panties on the next time you go out, and she will if you buy her fags, yes, your sister growing up fast. Next thing she also goes to the school, but her problem is not the panties, or better to say, their absence. She got caught smoking by school principal Hilary. Her ass also got spanked. So no matter Laura grew up or not, she will get punished anyway. Your imagination helps to see all in details what happens in the school.

Katrina now in the mornings expect you in the kitchen wearing only her nighty's and black strings underneath. She willingly shows you her panties more and more, but at this moment, don't move any forward for now.

If Laura had her fun with the Anthon, she would be missing for a few hours after school. Soon you with horror discover, she is meeting up with that creep you met in the forest. All this leads to Anthon sadistic games on your poor little sister.

Harry having more and more fun with other girls. Here is Germiona, better known as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter story. He finally decides to help her out with her groceries bags wants she do her shopping and walks the girl to her creepy looking house. After, the friendship will arise between these two, and Harry free to meet her in the park after Germiona's school.

Nutella is becoming more and more friendly, as well. Harry, with her, goes to the forest to Hagrid's house. Explores his farm with horses pigs. Nutella might have an accident there if you are into zoophilia mode.

Another weekend and Mom again might go for a date with someone or might go out with the girls. This time it depends did you brought utilities to your house. The coffee machine and the dishwasher will help a lot. Also, old tricks, like giving Mom money or helping with the dishes, if you didn't bring a dishwasher by that time it helps a lot of ass well. If she never goes on a date, Harry catches her drunk in her room after the party. Harry fucks his Mother brains out. Katrina might hear Mom moaning, and she might be on the quest to discover, who is fucking her Mom. That's not all, on Sunday morning, Harry will fuck Mom's brains out once again and one more time in the evening. Sure, that's all if Mom never goes on a date, but if she does, utterly different content will follow. Also, if Laura met Anthon, that may fuck things up. So be careful with your choices, my friend.

Once Harry goes to eat to Mc Donalds he finds there Germiona. After having food with her, they both agree to meet up in the park. Once there, they both go to the coffee shop. Germiona loves cakes and cookies, and Harry is free to explore that. After that, Germiona invites Harry to her house. Now it's only a matter of time, then she will become his girlfriend.

Also, the weekend will bring you new magic spells. Now you can see the future depend on the choices you make. This magic will be a game-changer, as by using it, you will see what tomorrow will bring if you choose different decisions. Also, you will learn the most powerful magic of all, turning back time. This way, you can be in two places at the same time separately. And what can be better than that, then you have to take care of so many girls? After all, Harry Potter, it's all about magic. Right?

On the weekend, if money is short, you may start looking for a side job, or maybe even full employment. There are many options independent of what choices Harry will make.

On week 3, more magic. This time Harry learns from his sisters, what father was casting some Somnia speels on them, then girls were sleeping. He decides to check and finds the spell, but he only can learn one, and witch one he learns will have a significant influence on the story. Many things will follow after Harry uses speels. His family members act weird never the less. He got closer and closer to his Mother, and closer to his sweet sisters as well.

Now he can visit Germiona house and meet her Mom and Father. Germiona's Mom has her secrets. If you not into the TGirls, I would suggest leaving her Mamma alone. Harry leans about the photoshoot what been made once Germiona. She was posing to the camera naked. Germiona still keeps these photo somewhere hidden. Once Germiona become Harry's girlfriend, she might open her secret up to him. After all, it is nothing wrong to check your girlfriend naked photos. Right?

If Harry into cross-dressing, on Monday he visits the school twice, many things will happen in depend he is Futa or Trany.

If Harry did the prank on Malvina on last Sunday, many more possibilities to make more pranks will arise. He can force females into pissing them self in public places. Also, if he is together with his sister, he may influence girls into this perverted passion. This will lead to many scenes on his own in the future. On Friday, Harry can do another prank on his other sister, Katrina. She may piss her self in your house, attic.

If you up for zoophilia content, Katrina will be more and more interested in dogs, as well into horses. The incredible thing will happen with Laura. Once you in the park, she will start kissing random dogs. Soon you will find out why. Some time ago you brought a book with zoophilia content to your elder sister Katrina, now that book somehow ends up in Laura's room. The only question is, can you stop now girls to discovering their true nature? Well... only time will show.

Mom will heart her back in the gym. Sure, there is a man in the house now, or maybe not. One way or the other, Harry ends up doing massages for his Mom. But what kind of massage without a little bit of taste of Mom's sweetest pussy, or her sucking your cock or just sick straight fucking. Harry even can start breading his Mom. After all, he's on his way to becoming his own father, whatever it means.

Crazy interactions with Mom, after using sleep spell on her at midnight will leads to mad sex in the kitchen, then Katrina might catch you by the cock one day.

If Harry someday won't satisfie his Mom, she might very well catch him by the hand in the corridor and lead him into her room for good hard fucking. From this point, Harry has no escape. Sex, it's what he has to give his Mom now, not his free choice anymore.

If Harry will not succeed this much, and could not have sex with Mom, things will go even more interesting for him. His dominant Mother will start to dominate him and push to be her slave. If he was terrible Sunny, she might put a chastity device on his member. If he did something very wrong, and I mean something very very wrong, she might even fuck his ass in literary meaning.

Cousin Mirela once again will visit your house on Thursday. If Harry is smart, he will catch her in Laura's room changing. It's nice to see teen pussy after all. Mirela will stay over like and last time. But because at this moment Harry doesn't know how to help her, nothing unusual between them won't arise.

So this is as much as it's done for now my friends. But is it story over? My answer is... absolutely not. I'm working on a new game update, day and night. Here what is today already created:

On Friday night, Harry will try his sleep magic on one of his family members. But here is a problem, he felt too tired. What to do next? He goes into the secret chamber and learns one of two magic spells. From now on, he has to decide, what side is to take. He wants to become a dark magic lord or light magic magician. If he chooses so to become dark magic lord, he will become a vampire, if light magic magician, he will learn to transfer his lust into the energy. Any choice he will make him less reliable on his energy levels. He will always have an option to refill.

Because he could not use sleep magic spell at night, day time on Saturday is a blur. But the fun comes in the evening. One Mom is in the bathroom, Harry hears her talking with wherever she wanted to meet. He discovers, his Aunt, Eva, another beautiful MILF knowns as Eva Karrera, will visit his house tonight.

On Saturday night, Harry now has a more prominent option on who to perform his sleeping spell. Eva sleeps in Laura's room. But also it's tempting to use it on one oh his sisters who sleeping together this night. Here choice will be crucial on the game.

If he chooses Eva, depending on what kind of sleep magic he has and how strong magician is, he may end up having sex with her, but also Eva may badly dominate your Mother, and you may discover horrifying truth about Mom's old days. Be ready to be genuinely choked. But for that to happen, you need to have evilness, and this one arises in you want you performing pranks on people.

If sleep magic spell was performed on Mom, once again will depend on what will happen on 10 different stats. It's even hard to write down all that may occur. But it is possible, both sisters, Eva, and your Mom will have a sex act.

If you did that on your sisters and you are evil dark magician, girls will end up taking all their clothes off and kissing each other, what will lead in the future into the sisters love, sure, you can be involved too, but not now, not on this update, far in the future.

Now probably everyone who is reading this has a question to ask, how did Harry will see all this? Will he uses magic see in the distance? The answer is, no. He will get help from the magical creators. If he is on the bright side, Angel will come to his room, if on a dark, Dobby, the creator from the original Harry Potter story will begin. If it's Dobby, he may help Harry out to get a blow job from his super sexy Aunt. If Angel, in the future, she might become a falling angel and might become a lover of Harry. But it's not easy to reach. After all, angels are there in the sky. She feeds with cuckold and NTR. So if Harry sacrifices his sister for Anthon, this will immensely help. After Laura's death, Harry will visit heaven and rediscover's, angel. Seductive by him, the angel will start to visit Harry, and once she gets seduced will fall. After all, I guess everyone has their creep side and angels too.

So what kind of help I'm talking about. Harry will get his first magical item. Yes, you right, it's his robe of invisibility. This item lets him get into Laura's bedroom, or Katrina's bedroom there both his sisters are sleeping, without notice and enjoy scenes what will arise there.

So this is at this moment it. Game is free to play for update no 4. But if you want to get the newest update, it will cost you 5$ or more. Just transfer it to my PayPal, or support me on my Patreon. The links are below. Thanks for reading this. It was only fun to write it.

Rating: 25%, Read 17982 times, Posted Aug 15, 2019

Diary | Anal, BDSM, Bestiality, Blowjob, Body modification, Cuckold, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian, Mind Control, Pissing, Sado-Masochism, School, Solo, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Transgendered, Transsexual, Transvestite, Virginity, Voyeurism, Water Sports, Young


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