Firecracker ch.1 by Marquis+de+Sade-uce

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Fantasm | Domination, Group Sex, Horror, Male, Rape, Slavery, Violence



'I said, 'beautiful.'

'oh.' he paused, i could tell he didnt want to do anything that could change my mind. to tell you the truth i was sitting on the boarder of going through with it or walking away.

she just sat there, staring back at me. she was afraid of course, but calm. here eyes werent puffy or red from tears like the other girls in the cell. she was going to cost me alot, though money wasnt the issue. i did, however, want a good vaccation.

'how old is she?'

'dude, i donno,' he leaned down and hit her in the head 'how old are you bitch?'

'...19.' she wispered. well at least i wouldnt have to worry about buying a minor, even though she looked about 16.

i leaned down onto one of my knees. 'whats your name girl?' i asked. she looked at me surprised, i had spoken to her just as softly as she had, and a few of the men in the room looked towards me.

'oh fuck off.' she purred. 'you know my name dosnt matter.' Jason, her current owner who was trying to sell her to me bent down to her and slapped her, hard, in the head.

i began to wonder if a wild horse would be too much trouble for the price that she was. the other girls were already broken, accepting their fate, polite. i thought about my wife, Seala, back at my townhouse near San diego. She was submissive and scared of me, and never argued when i went out of town for 'business'. sometimes i would be gone for months at a time. a firecracker slave is hot, but takes time to break in, and i wasnt in the mood of risking my dick getting bitten off. i would rather have a nice slow, tear soaked blow job.

'does your wife know where you are?' she asked quietly.

'oh fuck, jason, make her shut up.' i complained. a blow to her head didnt seem to be good enough any longer. Jason quickly gagged her, roughly, with duck tape. Forget this, i came here to spend 20 grand on a proper slave's company for 20 days. i wasnt in the mood to be reminded of my sins. i walked past her.

none of the other girls were as hot though. the annoying firecracker made them look disgusting in comparison. they were all orange from tanning lotion, or burnt from the hot desert sun, greasy blonde hair or maybe mousy brown, some had slut makeup on and others had bruises, black eyes, two were missing their front teeth. The firecracker, however, was clean shaven, slim hour glass figure, pale as the moon with green brown eyes and deep red wavy hair. she looked as though she had been getting ready for a date right before she got kidnapped.

i walked back to her and sighed.. 'ill take the nameless one. i donno.. maybe ill buy earplugs on the drive back.'

'you could always just cut out her tongue' jason said smiling 'we have a wonderful knife selection in the other room.'


i waited in my limo behind the alley just as instructed. she was to be dressed and delivered under a broken lampost 2 minutes ago. i was begining to wonder if they had just taken my check and my slave and were now in a van going the other direction. just then i saw a door creek open, jason, another man, and the redhead stepped out. she was gagged and held by her arms so she wouldnt run away.

'sorry,' jason said as she was pushed into the backseat with me. 'she bit my finger.' he held up a bloody index finger, it looked as though he were now missing it's tip.'

i looked in horror to my slave. she gave me a smile. 'jason,' i breathed, 'did i buy a girl or a fucking bob cat?'

' dont know' he smiled 'have fun finding that out for me.' he slammed the door and i instructed my driver to take me back to the hotel.


This was a mistake... i really didnt want my dick to get bitten off. she was calm, more angry looking than scared, and starring strait at me. i sat on the opposite side of the room, staring back at her. her beauty wasnt enough to get my dick out of hiding, it was like a groundhog who had made up his mind long before comming out of his hole. more winter.

'my name is Roman.' i attempted to break the silence. 'You can call me-'

'Master.' she finished. the word master seemed to echo through the stone walls. this was really starting to become a boner killer, i wanted her to be like my wife..submissive, scared, loveing. this girl looked as though she would want nothing more than to rape me in the ass with her fist.

'why are you angry?' i asked. wow dumb question i thought as it left my mouth. she had been kidnapped, tied up, stripped and sold within the last 5 hours.

'i had so many things left to do in my life before i died.' she said. the honesty in her voice was warming, i looked at her. it wasnt exactly the answer i expected.

'never said i was going to kill you' i said, feeling my dominance flowing back into my body. i stood up and took a few steps towards her.

'get it over with.' she said looking into my eyes. i had reached her now, put a gag in her mouth and pushed her down onto the floor. though it wasnt as sexy as her crying 'oh no please dont', it was enough to make me begin the night.

i had her laying on her back, naked. god, her tits were amazing, her pale skin left her nipples light pink. her vagina was shaved with just a small attractive red patch left. i was more than sure that 5 hours ago she was ready for a date with some sweet 21 year old boy, probably going out to dinner or something, she obviously expected to get action tonight with such clean trims. i pushed a finger inside.

nothing. she didnt move or wimper. i dont even think she blinked. my fingers were pretty large too, usually my wife would moan in pain whenever i did that. i pushed another finger inside. still no reaction. my boner was getting upset, ready to abandon ship. i desperatly rubbed her body, her tits and her ass, with my other hand. she looked almost.. bored.

it wasnt until i ran my finger down the side of her stomach did i feel a scar. i looked at it, it was light in color and about 3 inches long and almost seemed to be dented inwards. before i could question her i found another one down by her thigh. i looked to her other side, there were similar scars near her fleshy ass and her abdomin. i touched one, and she moved quickly away from my finger. finally... i got a reaction out of her.

'how did you get these?' i asked, starring at the pink scars. 'oh sorry,' i ungagged her and then mentally hit myself in the head for appologizing to a slave.

'just get it over with.' she repeted. that pissed me off, i roughly poked a pink scar on her ass, it couldnt have been more than 6 months old, she screamed in unexpeded pain. quickly i slammed my hand over her mouth. we were pretty secluded but i didnt feel like risking much. i could feel her mouth open, ready to bite my finger before i pulled away. i put my thumb and finger around her jaw, pushing her mouth into a fish face. this made it hard for her to scream, much less talk.

'how did such a pretty girl get these ugly scars?' i asked. i honestly didnt know what could have caused them, they looked similar to a knife wound. she looked terrified, finally.

'a man and his friends.' she wispered.


'5 months ago i was camping with my mom. a man and his friends took me into his cabin. ' she took a breath, i must admit she looked cute with a fish face. 'i had three of them inside of me already, but there were too many. none of them felt like waiting for their turn.'

she must of seen the glimps horror as i realized what she was speeking of. i had only heard of it one time when i man was found in his basement, hours after dismembering a girl while she was still alive. a neighbore late from work had heard someone rustling around and clattering gardning tools, thought it was a burgler, and called the cops. the girl was long dead when they got there. she had a wound in her body that the man admitted to creating with a machete, and then fucking as though it were a vagina.

that could explain why this girl so numb to the idea of rape. she had experience having 7 men fucking her all at once. the idea, i admit, was so disgusting that i questioned my new ridgid hardon. my lower half loved the image of her screaming in pain, scared, filled with cock in every possible way.

i smiled at her 'i have 6 friends who would love to re-open these wounds' i wispered in her ear. 'they are a phone call away.' i spread her legs and pushed my throbing 9inch cock near her opening. 'do as i say and i will leave this night just between us.'

she said nothing.

'now........SCREAM' i pushed inside.


(end chapter 1.)

dudes, im sorry.. i wanted more sex/rape in here but i thought id set up a story to keep adding chapters to. this is a story i have had in my mind for a really long time now and i dont feel like rushing it. id love to hear your angry comments, for those of you who hated 'paperweight' at least now you know the guy got busted for his sins.

Rating: 58%, Read 41068 times, Posted Jun 10, 2007

Fantasm | Domination, Group Sex, Horror, Male, Rape, Slavery, Violence


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