Threesome In The Playground by storybabe1980

Rating: 73%, Read 7435 times, Posted Oct 03, 2017

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Written by women

Jade walked nervously toward the centre of the bridge where she and Hannah had agreed to meet this time. As she looked up and saw Hannah’s gorgeous figure in front of her, nerves turned to a warm, fuzzy sensation between her thighs.

Hannah caught Jade’s eyes and held them, then turned her gaze out over the river, both their bodies facing the edge of the bridge while people passed by behind them.

Without a word, Hannah’s hand brushed against Jade’s thigh. Jade sighed involuntarily, sinking against her soft touch. Hannah leaned over, whispering in Jade’s ear “I need to touch your pussy now”. Jade caught her breath as Hannah’s hand traced slowly, further up her inner thigh. She looked around, people continued to walk past, oblivious to what was going on. She could feel her clit beginning to throb in anticipation. All of a sudden, Hannah’s fingers were at their destination, trailing her finger right along Jade’s slit in one slow motion. Jade’s pussy responding immediately to Hannah’s touch and Hannah’s finger slick with Jade’s wetness.

Jade cannot look at Hannah for fear of completely losing control, she looks away, at the passers by. A beautiful woman approaches from the distance, and catches Jade’s eye, looking her up and down and in doing so, immediately seeing what is happening.

Jade is stunned, unable to react, all she can do is continue to hold the woman’s gaze. The woman get’s closer, and at the very moment she glances down, Hannah slips two fingers deep inside Jade. Jade can’t hold it in any longer. Her eyes close and she lets out a small whimper of pleasure.

Another hand runs up her thigh, with a fright, she opens her eyes. The other beautiful woman stands in front of her. “Hi. I’m Amy” the woman purred “Put your leg up on the bridge so we can get better access”. Jade shakes her head vigorously – there’s still some daylight and she’s afraid of who might see. “Don’t worry” Amy assures her, “I’ll block their view”.

Timidly, Jade lifts her leg up onto the bridge. Amy takes her phone and begins to film Hannah’s fingers as the move in and out of Jade’s dripping wet pussy, Hannah’s fingers now covered in Jade’s juices. “Watch yourself being fingered” she demands in a whisper in Jade’s ear. Jade looks down to see the live video of Hannah’s fingers moving faster, inside her tight hole, her clit is pink and swollen and with each movement she can hear the squelching of her own pussy getting wetter and wetter. She can feel her pelvis begin to thrust against the hand involuntarily, so turned on by the sight of her own vagina.

But now it’s Hannah’s turn to take control. “It’s time to go to the playground” she says. Jade lifts her leg off the bridge, her whole body is ready to go over the edge, but she knows know they’re both going to make her wait. Make her beg. It’s now past dusk and most people have left the area. There’s no one left in the playground.

Hannah heads straight for the top of the castle, where there’s a small house, not entirely enclosed, but just enough for a little more privacy. Practically dragging Jade across, Jade now stumbling as she tries to stop her legs from shaking.

Once in the little castle, Amy and Hannah sit in front of Jade. “Who’s first?” Jade asks, almost holding her breath. Hannah nods at Amy. Now Amy is in charge.

“Pull down your top so I can see one breast”. Jade obeys immediately.

“Now spread your legs so I can see that dripping cunt”. Shocked by the language, and turned on even more at the same time, Jade spreads her legs, only to find her pussy has completely lost control, juice seeping out and now spread across the floor of the castle underneath her. Amy just smiles. She reaches out, running her hand up Jade’s pussy and then putting her hand into her mouth, making Jade suck on her own pussy juice. Jade is slowly losing all control. Amy does it again, this time smearing the juice across Jade’s brazenly exposed breast. In the background, Hannah has begun to finger herself furiously as the scene unfolds in front of her.

“Do you want me to fuck your cunt with mine Jade?” Amy asks. Jade nods weakly. “ Say it then” Amy demands

“I want it”

“You want what?”

“I want you to fuck my cunt with yours”

With that, Amy grabs Jane, spreading her legs wide. Jade grabs onto her own legs and pulls them back toward her while Amy squats down, bringing her clit right on top of Jade’s. As their clits meet, electricity shoots through both of them. Amy roughly pulls down Jade’s top, exposing Jade’s other breast. She kneads them now, rocking back and forth on Jade’s clit. Jade looks down at herself, her legs splayed wide, her cunt wide open, her nipples hard as rock. She grabs one and begins licking it with wild abandon. She feels like such a wanton slut. And she loves it.

At that moment, Hannah decides to join the fun. Positioning herself opposite Amy, she lowers herself down onto the breast and nipple that Jade has been cradling. Hannah grabs Jade’s breast and begins to rub it against her own clit, moaning with pleasure. Jade has no idea how she could possibly become more turned on, but she is. Grabbing her own breast she takes over, using her fingers to open up Hannah’s moist slit and begin to fuck her hole with her tit. Hannah goes wild, kissing Amy who continues to fuck Jade with her clit.

The squelching sounds of pussy juice are getting louder as the three begin to shake, approaching orgasm. “Oh god you’re a gorgous little whore aren’t you” Amy growls at Jade “mmmm yeah” Jade responds “I’m your whore”.

“Fuck yeah, I’m gonna fuck your clit until I come you dirty fucking slut and then you’re gonna lick the cream off my cunt afterward”.

“Oh shit yes! Make me your slut. Make my cunt your slave”. With that, Jade plunged a finger into Hannah’s asshole just as Amy jammed one into Jade’s ass hole and all three began to cum. “Oohhhhhhh, ohhh fuckkkkk. Fuckkk I’m cummmming. Ohh mmyyy goooddd yesss”

Rating: 73%, Read 7435 times, Posted Oct 03, 2017

Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Written by women


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