The Life of John Smith Chapter 14 by John+Smith+83

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Chapter 14 Too Much Sex?

We had begun spending most of our time on week-ends with her family. Rather than us going off to play our sex games, we participated in her family's activities. In this way her father began to trust me with his daughter. I also feel he was trying to be a father figure to me as well. I did feel her mother began to act a little too friendly with me, especially when we were alone. Of course, I may have misinterpreted her actions as something more than motherly. I will save the telling of that, so it falls in chronological order. Little sister began to adore me to the point that Andrea showed her jealousy by trying to keep us apart. The big miracle was little brother, Sheridan, who began to accept me as one he could come to for help and assistance when his father was not available. They all seemed to make room for me to be a part of the family.

There was a problem with my spending my week-ends with the mother. On more than one Saturday or Sunday I came home to find her drunk. I searched everywhere but could not find her stash of liquor. On these occasions there seemed nothing I could do but take her to bed and give her what she wanted. Still I wanted to find another way.

My first solution was to tell Andrea that I had to spend more of my week-end time with my mother. Andrea of course was able to discover, through her questioning me that the problem was that if my mother was left alone, she would get drunk. I did not tell her more than that. Being from a family that was opposed to drinking alcohol, she wanted to help me find a solution. She went right to the point by asking me, "Does she drink when you are there?" My answer was, no, so she advanced the solution, "Tell her that on Saturday you and I will bring lunch to share with her or on Sunday she will be expected to go out for a dinner with us. Think that will work?"

"I think so," I said.

"My mom says that most mothers fear losing their son when he marries, so daughters-in-law have to befriend their mothers-in-law, or they will become enemies."

"For sure, if she knows you are coming, she won't drink. I have told her; your family doesn't drink. I don't think she would want you to see her drunk."

As soon as I picked mother up at work that day, I told her that it was Andrea's idea that we have lunch on Saturday. She said, "That little girl is so sweet. I hope she stays sweet when she grows up."

The following Saturday, Andrea had made up a sort of picnic lunch of fried chicken, macaroni salad, and lemonade. We left her house at eleven. Because we were alone, we had to stop for a quick snack of cum for her and pussy juice for me. We arrived at my house before noon. Mother was dressed in her best cloths sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. She stood to greet us, and Andrea rushed to her to give her a hug. As I sat the lunch on the table, mother looked over Andrea's head, at me. I could see tears welling up in her pearly grey eyes.

Over lunch Andrea and mother talked about my sister and about eye color. After some questioning mother concluded with, "So you both inherited your eye color from your mothers. Wonder what color your children will have."

Andrea did not respond to that but said, "I want to spend more time with you. Can we go out to dinner next week?"

"That sounds lovely. Shall we take Johnny along as a driver?"

She looked at me and smiled, saying, "Yes, I think it would be nice to have a driver."

Looking to me and back to Andrea, mother said, "But he might intrude on our time together?"

Bestowing her biggest smile and her large sparkling dark blue eyes on me, she said, "If either of us says for him to be quiet or even to leave us, I'm sure he will obey." I thought that I should protest but could not do so.

"You can be sure of that," mother said, looking at me with a bright glint in her light grey eyes.

Good-maturedly I muttered, "What have I gotten myself into?"

The most enjoyable part of this exchange took place a few minutes later as I drove Andrea home, she commented, "You know, the way your mother looks at you, I know she loves you very much." Not receiving a response from me she said, "I can't wait any longer, I'm so horny. You better find a place to stop." She proceeded to unzip my fly and reach in to grasp my dick. I pulled into a warehouse loading lot next to a tractor trailer that blocked us from view of the street. The place was closed on week-ends and there appeared to be no one around.

Very quickly she had me to the point of ejaculating. I said to her, "I don't have a kerchief." She thus enclosed my dick in her mouth, taking my entire load down her throat. Without delay, after she made sure she had swallowed every drop, she moved to present her pussy to me. Wanting this to be as quick for her, I inserted two fingers into her flooded pussy and began pumping them in and out, while at the same time I attached her clitoris with my mouth. I showed no mercy, since this was a quickie. I flicked my tongue over her clit, nibbled it with my teeth, and sucked on it. It took her no longer to reach her climax than it had taken me. She called out her love for me and the pleasure my pussy eating skills gave her.

We kissed, mingling the flavors in our mouths. For nearly as long as it had taken for us to get off, we kissed. I checked the time and realized it was nearly later than we had agreed to be back at the Logins. We arrived only a couple of minutes late.

Andrea's sister and brother were already in the back seat of the family van. Mr. Logan was getting behind the wheel. Andrea rushed ahead of me to get in the middle seat. Mary Logan, standing by the open passenger door, stopped me to whisper in my ear, "Your zipper, John."

How could I forget? I thought. As I sat beside Andrea, I zipped up my fly. To me it seemed to make a loud zipping sound, but only Andrea noticed as she smiled her broad smile.

"Cutting it kind of' close aren't you kids," Mr., Logan said as he started the engine.

"Mrs. Smith was telling me a story, and I did not want to cut her off," Andrea said.

Her father mumbled something back which I did not hear clearly, I think because I was thinking that Andrea could lie so convincingly to her father. Andrea and I were not excited about the evening. He had decided we would all go to a movie then on the way home we would stop for a pizza. I cannot say much for the movie, but the pizza was good. We arrived back at the Logan's just before seven. Usually I was not expected to go home on Saturday night until ten but on this night, Mr. Logan decided I should go home at eight.

I am arriving home shortly after eight. "Is that you Johnny?" mother called the moment I entered the house. I responded that it was me. She asked that I come to her room.

Finding the door open and mother in bed, I asked, "Why are you in bed?"

"I thought you would be with Andrea. You usually don't get home this early." She was holding the bedding right up to her throat.

"Mr. Logan decided I should come home, and I can go back at nine in the morning."

"What're you doing now, Johnny?" She asked. She moved the bedding down slowly revealing her naked shoulders.

"Guess I'll go to bed and get a good night's sleep." Suddenly I realized that what I was saying was not what my body wanted.

"I can think of something you could do," she said with a devilish twinkle in her soft grey eyes.

Trying to think of something other than sex, I said, "I saw the dishes in the sink. Want me to do those?"

Flipping the blankets off her naked body she almost shouted, "What I want is for you to fuck me!"

"Mom, I thought we were not doing that anymore," I said, knowing that we would be.

"I never agreed to that. Sob...Besides, has been...sob...more than a month since..." she sobbed like she was a child trying to gain sympathy for her cause.

"I'm going to bed," I told her while wondering how worked-up I could get her.

"Oh Johnny, please." She stretched out her arms invitingly to me. Before I could agree she went on without any sobbing. "When Andrea asked me out to dinner, it was like she was asking me on a date. I got to thinking of that little girl licking my pussy and I'll bet her pussy is the sweetest.'

At that moment I could almost see Andrea's smiling blue eyes looking up from between mother's legs. My dick cried out that that would be hot, but I asked, "Are you a lesbian?"

Ignoring my question, she begged, "Come on Johnny please, please, please, you can take all this horny feeling away. You can make me feel good. You can make me tired so I can sleep." Her voice grew weak so that her last words were barely audible.

I let a few silent moments pass before saying, "We have to stop." I turned, stepped into the hall out of her sight.

She called out, "We can't stop!" I did not respond. She sobbed as if to herself, "I'll die if I don't get fucked." She shouted, "You can't stop!" She was right but I would not admit it. "Please, Johnny! Please fuck me now! I need fucked! Johnny! Johnny!" she shouted, believing I had gone to my room.

I stripped off my clothes there in the hall, dropping them on the floor. I stepped into her room and asked, "Do I need a rubber?"

She shouted cheerfully, "Johnny!" Sitting up on the side of the bed she reached for my dick, saying, "Not until I suck you dry. I'm hungry for your cum." With one hand on my butt, the other wrapped around my dick, she sucked just the head into her mouth.

I looked down into her tear-filled eyes as they sparkled in the light from the bedside lamp. They almost looked light blue at that moment. Her cheeks were streaked with tears. I thought, maybe I was wrong. I was thinking she was putting on an act to try to get me to fuck her. Either she is the greatest actress, able to call up tears on command, or she really needs fucked.

She slipped both of her hands to the sides of my hips and slowly forced my dick down her throat, swallowing the head. She pulled back, caught a breath, and swallowed again. Using her hands, she encouraged me to do the work of forcing my dick down her throat and pulling it back. We moved in a four/four rhythm, that is; one count in, one count hold, one count out, one count breath, repeat. She swallowed on each of the in, hold, and out. The sensation was fantastic and since I had not cum since just after mid-day, it did not take long before mother found my load filling her throat. Sucking out every drop she smacked her lips saying, " good."

She lay back on the bed with her head on the pillow and said, "Now eat me." It was said as a command. Although I wanted to be in control, I dove right in. As I went directly to her clit with my mouth, I inserted three fingers as deeply into her pussy as they would go. While pumping the fingers in and out, I alternated from gentle nibbles to hard sucking on her clit. If I had anything to say about it, she was to have the most intense orgasm, as quickly as possible. If I read her reactions correctly, she had three small orgasms which were obvious by her pronouncements of joy, followed by the big one which was expressed by her shouts and erratic movements.

She grabbed two hands full of hair, pulling me up over her, shouting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..."

"You said I needed a rubber," I reminded her.

"Fuck me now!" she shouted. I felt her hand direct my dick at her pussy. I was hard as a rock and the desire to drive it home was there but the vision of a baby with a malformed face with only one eye, a crooked nose, and a misshapen jaw caused me to struggle to break free. She held me in place with both arms. I thought, if only my dick could see what I see. As she continued to shout, "Fuck me," I thought, to hell with it and rammed it home.

I tried not to think as I rapidly fucked her, but the thought of a misshapen child's face kept entering my mind. That vision kept me from enjoying the hard pounding my dick was giving her pussy. My dick payed no attention to what kept replaying in my mind. Before I lost it, my mind won out. I stopped. I pulled out. She shouted, "What the hell are you doing!" I did not reply. I sat on the edge of the bed. I opened the night stand drawer and pulled out a packet. Opening it, I took out the rubber, and applied it to my rock-hard dick. Before mother could make another demand of me, I was once again pounding her pussy. Before I finished, she was praising me for my "fucking skills."

When I arrived at the Logan house a little before nine on Sunday morning, Mary Logan met me at the door with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, telling me breakfast would be ready by ten, but she wanted Andrea and me there ten minutes early, so we are there before her husband is awakened. She also told me the little ones were at a Sunday school event. I entered Andrea's room without knocking. The shades were pulled causing it to be quite dark. As I was locking the door, I heard, "Wondered when you would get here." As I moved to the bed, I strained to see her. I could see the red glow of the digital clock, it read nine on the dot. She softly sang, "Come to pussy, come to pussy, come to pussy, now!" With my eyes accustomed to the darkened room, I could see her splayed out on the bed with her pussy inviting me to dive right in, but since Mary had implied I had more than forty-five minutes, I started with a tit. After kissing it, sucking it, and nibbling it, it became a rock-hard nubbin. I moved to the other and it soon was just as hard. Moving to the valley between, I kissed and licked slowly down to her short hairs. There I pulled on the hairs with my teeth until she began to moan and squirm.

I rolled her toward me, onto her side. I sucked in a mouthful of her butt flesh and gently bit down. Gradually I bit a little harder until she moaned again. I moved down the back of her thigh about three inches. I took in another mouthful of flesh, biting down to elicit another moan. I repeated these five times until I was at her knee. I rolled her to her stomach and started up the other thigh. When I reached the other butt cheek, I noted the clock and saw I had spent ten minutes warming her up. I rolled her to her back and nibbled at the tender flesh of her inner thigh. "Now John! My pussy!" she called out, "Before I scream." I dove in to her sweet pussy sucking in her sweet salty juices. I drank in those luscious juices. I moved my tongue to her clit where I licked at it while I inserted two fingers into her depth, pumping them in and out. Quickly she stiffened and moaned out her pleasure. The volume of her moans was getting quite loud. I knew it was time for me to stop. I sat up and she slowly said, ""

There on the bed I raised up on my knees, unbuckled my belt, and before I could release my dick, Andrea started saying, "Give me, give me, give me..." As soon as my pants and shorts were down, she pushed me to my back. Totally in control now, she kissed the head of my dick. She sucked the precum that oozed out of it, into her mouth. Mixing that with saliva she drooled down, using her hands to smooth it over my dick. Once it was well lubricated, she opened wide and forced herself down, taking it as deeply as she could. If I had more dick, I am sure she could have taken it deeper. I felt her swallow precisely when the head hit the back of her mouth. There is no sensation better than the feeling of being swallowed, pulled out, and swallowed repeatedly. For this to happen in Andrea's bed with the full knowledge of her mother was an additional turn on. In addition to that, her father was only a few doors away asleep (I hoped.) It felt like I unloaded a tea cup full of cum down her throat. She timed her swallows so that the first five surges of cum went right down her throat. The latter dribbles she sucked into her mouth so she could savor the taste.

We both looked at the clock and quickly dressed. I double checked my fly and we rushed down to the kitchen where Mary Logan greeted us with a knowing smile. While Andrea and I proceeded to put the prepared meal on the table, Mary rushed up the stairs to wake her husband. "Mom said for us to not wait for them. She's planning to get a snack."

"A snack?" I asked as I dished some scrambled eggs onto both our plates.

"Yes, she likes sucking off dad as much as I like sucking you off," she said as she added four perfectly cooked strips of bacon to each of our plated.

After tasting my eggs, I asked, "Do you and your mom tell each other everything?"

After swallowing her first bites of food she replied, "Yes, it's so nice. She wants to hear everything and will answer all my questions." After sipping her hot chocolate, she added, "You know they've been married almost 25 years and she still sucks him off to wake him on Sunday mornings. That's what she's doing now."

"Now?" I asked looking toward the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

"Yes, now. She told me that she hasn't missed getting a load of cum before breakfast on a Sunday since my little brother's birth that happened on a Sunday."

"I've dreamed of being awakened with a blow job, but it has always just been my hand," I said as I adjusted my rock-hard dick.

"Well, someday it'll be me," She said as she smiled at my discomfort, then added, "All this is making me so horny. Think we can sneak in a little more play?"

"We can try," I said as I heard Mr. and Mrs. Logan coming. As it turned out we did not get a chance to be alone the rest of the day.

The next time we had a chance to be alone was lunch on Monday, but that did not turn out well. We were interrupted before we did more than a kiss. The older teacher who walked in on us, did not know us. She simply said, "You kids can't be here. Go before I ask your names."

By the end of the day I was ready to blow a load. When Andrea and I worked together on a chemistry experiment during the last period of the day, I whispered, "I need to cum."

" too," she whispered and then after looking around to determine no one could hear she added, "Your house, as soon as we are done here."

As soon as we entered my house she was on her knees, unzipping my fly. After locking the door, I turned to watch her swallow my dick. I only lasted two swallows before I unloaded down her throat. Only a few moments later she was removing her damp panties and tossing them in my face, saying, "Your turn." As I sniffed and licked at the pussy juice on her panties, she went to the kitchen, stepped up on a chair, and lay back on the table, saying, "You get to eat off the table."

I moved the chair to the right position, sat in it, and leaned forward to bring my mouth to her dripping pussy. If I had been thirsty, that thirst would have been fully quenched by the plentiful flow of pussy juice. I could not seem to catch it all because I soon noted a pool on the table. I no sooner started playing with her clit than she shouted, "Side-ways 69, your bed." As I stood and pulled her to a sitting position she said, "Table is too hard." When I assisted her off the table to her feet she asked, "What would your mom say if she knew you ate me at her table?"

Without thinking I said, "She'd say, 'Did she taste sweet?'"

"Really?" she asked as she led the way to my room.

"Yes, she has already asked," I said as I assisted Andrea out of her sweater.

"And what did you tell her?" she asked as she dropped her skirt.

"The sweetest," I responded as I removed the last of my clothes.

"Does she know you have eaten other pussies?" she asked before bounding naked up on the bed.

"Yes," I said as I crawled onto the bed and positioned for the side-ways 69.

"It is nice we both have moms that we can talk to," she said before taking my dick into her mouth.

I decided to make this last a while, so I began by licking at her inner thighs since they were wet from the pussy juice that had seeped out of her pussy during the brief time, she had been upright. After licking both inner thighs clean, I went to her pussy with my mouth, sucking the juice out. She was so filled with juice that I swallowed and swallowed believing that if I did not, I could drown. I thought to myself that if I could do this three or four times a day, I would never have to drink chlorinated tap water.

In the meantime, she was working on my dick like she usually did. She was taking it deep with a swallow and pulling off with a swallow. The enjoyable sensation was such that I would almost lose my concentration on her pussy.

When we were done and able to speak again, I noted the time. I told her we would have to hurry. We dressed and as we finished, she asked where her panties were. "In the kitchen," I said. I never thought about them again and Andrea said nothing more. I managed to drop her at home and get to mother's work on time.

Mother was quieter than usual. That did not bother me a bit. At home she changed into a house dress before starting dinner. I sat at the kitchen table to do my school work. The pussy juice that had been left there had dried but the fragrance had lingered on. I thought how nice it was to enjoy that while doing school work. I had not yet finished when mother told me to put my work aside while I ate.

I was hungry. I took a bite even before mother sat down. She asked, "What are these?" as she held up Andrea's panties that had evidently slid off the table onto mother's chair. Looking up I tried not to choke on the food I was attempting to swallow. "They must be sweet Andy's. Did you eat her here in the kitchen?"

Clearing my throat, I squeaked out a yes. "I bet she tastes as sweet as she looks," mother said.

"I don't believe there is a sweeter pussy in the whole wide world," I boasted.

"Sweeter than me?" she said in a coquettish way.

"You will never say anything to anyone, including Andrea, about what you and I have done." This worry had been kicking around in my mind. She had on numerous occasions warned me to tell no one, but I feared she might slip and tell Andrea.

"Of course not. I love her. I won't say anything to anybody about us. I'm kind of offended that you would think I would." Tears were already flowing from her sad grey eyes.

"I can't help worrying about someone finding out about us. I've had bad dreams about it," I confessed.

"As far as the world will ever know, you are my good son who has never done anything wrong and I am a good mother to you. I know that what we have done is wrong but there is nothing that could cause me to tell anyone." She used her napkin to dry her eyes. I wanted to say something more, but it seemed she had said it all and she was not losing it in a fit of sobbing like I would expect.

Every day that week Andrea and I restricted our sex play to after school at my house. The side-ways 69 was our go to position.

On Saturday, when I arrived at the Logan's, I found them eating a rushed breakfast. Mr. Logan said, "Either we rush now or rush later." Once in the family van, with Andrea and I in the back seat, we headed to the mountains for a day of hiking. Although our being in the back seat gave us the opportunity to do a little kissing and petting. We had no other chance all day to do anything more. Mr. Logan was so concerned that we all stay within sight of each other, "so no one gets lost," that if we lagged behind, rushed ahead, or strayed off path; we were immediately reprimanded. We both agreed we had to spend more time alone.

When we returned to the Logan's it was almost time to pick up my mother for dinner so it was agreed that I would rush home, change into my dinner clothes, and drive back with mother. This would give Andrea time to get washed up and into her dinner clothes. When mother asked where we were going, Andrea said, "To where we can have lobster again." Dinner went well and mother and Andrea enjoyed each other’s company. The result; however, was that Andrea and I had no time to be alone.

Chapter 15 Spring Break

As I have said Spring break started on Saturday March 30. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday with the Logan family and some time with mother. Both mother and Mr. Logan had to work Monday through Friday. On Monday, after dropping mother at work, I went to Andrea's. Mary Logan greeted me with her usual hug and kiss on the cheek. This lasted a little longer than usual and instead of holding her body back she pressed her full body to me. She was not petite like Andrea. She was full bodied and easily five foot eight inches. I was five ten, so we matched up quite nicely. Her breasts pressed into my chest and I know she felt the bulge in my pants with her mound as it pressed against me. The look in her deep blue eyes, that looked exactly like Andrea's, told me she knew what she was doing.

To the reader: Look for Chapter 15. It should be available soon.

Rating: 95%, Read 11894 times, Posted Apr 12, 2019

Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Incest


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