Jessica Alba: No Cock For a Month by ThePonderingLizard

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Jessica Alba had been naughty. She’d taken her Daddy’s car to a party without asking him, and when she got back, he was furious. Many fathers might spank their daughter if she did something like this, to teach her a lesson (especially if she had an ass like Jessica’s). Mr. Alba, however, knew his daughter too well, and knew that a spanking session would only be a reward in Jessica’s eyes. Hell, she’d probably crash the car next if she thought it could buy some extra punishment from Daddy. So the only consequence that made any sense was for Mr. Alba to stop fucking her for a while. A month, he said. That’s how long she’d need to go without his hard cock.

The look of dread that appeared in her eyes when he declared her punishment was something he had never seen in his daughter before– the sadness and disappointment seemed to overwhelm her. Jessica had immediately dropped to her knees and mashed her face against his covered crotch in an attempt to woo him back, and he’d almost broken right then. But he reminded himself that if he gave in now, she’d never listen to another word out of his mouth. He had to stick to his guns and stay out of her for a full month.

Mr. Alba, of course, found this to be just as much a punishment on himself. Jessica had been his sole source of pussy for almost a year now, and he had forgotten what it was like not to get welcome-home blowjobs and give goodnight-ass-fucks to his gorgeous nineteen-year-old daughter. While Jessica was unable to get herself off without her Daddy ramming her (thus ensuring the punishment worked), this was not the case for Mr. Alba, and he found himself masturbating upwards of six times a day in his tense, blue-balled state.

Whenever he went into his room to jack off, he would take Jessica’s pillow to cum into; it seemed like a nice reminder of her punishment if she had to immerse her face in the scent of her Daddy’s cum every night, and it also gave Mr. Alba some consolation, knowing his daughter was still developing as a cum slut during her punishment. It was important to him during these formative years of her life that she never truly strayed from her role as fucktoy. He even caught her one night with the pillowcase stuck halfway down her gullet as she desperately sucked the taste of cum from the fabric– this just made him laugh and stroke his cock through his pants, teasing Jessica with the outline of his hard-on without giving her the satisfaction of seeing it out in the open.

She tried several times to seduce her way out of her sentence. Whenever her Daddy masturbated (about her, she was sure), she could hear the bedsprings creak, and multiple times she had “accidentally” walked in on him, conveniently never wearing anything more than underwear. She would feign surprise and saunter over to him to apologize, while staring down hungrily at his throbbing cock. Most times he was able to cover up and shout at her until she left, but on one occasion temptation got the better of him, and as he watched her sweet, full lips begin their fake apology, he had no choice but to grab the back of her head and force her down onto his cock.

Jessica sucked her Daddy like she’d never sucked him before, shutting her eyes in a brief moment of sheer bliss. It only took her maybe a dozen pumps in total before he began to shoot off, filling her soft, young mouth with load after load of hot, sticky cum. He held her head in place when he had finished and muttered, “Don’t you dare fucking swallow that you little slut.” She whined through the cum but obeyed, keeping her throat closed as she held the mouthful of cum in her cheeks. Mr. Alba picked up a glass from his bedside table and held it below her face. “Every drop. Now.”

“But Daddy!” she tried to say, which came out as “Mm hmm-hmmm!”

“Shut it,” he said. “Spit it out. Come on. Spit it out, or it’s another month.”

Jessica hung her head in defiance and opened her pretty lips, letting dollops of cum spill from her mouth into the glass. She spat several times to make sure she followed her Daddy’s orders, getting every last drop in the glass, and looked up at him with big, brown puppy dog eyes, pushing her pillowy lips together.

“Good girl,” Mr. Alba said. To reward her for her compliance, he gave her ass a sharp swat as she left the room, making her tanned flesh jiggle. She giggled. She knew he couldn’t stay mad at her.


Jessica knew now how close she was to winning the battle. When her Daddy had looked at her like that with such…animal hunger in his eyes, before forcing her mouth onto his huge, pulsing cock– she knew it was only a matter of time before he gave in and fucked her hard like they both so clearly, desperately wanted. But she didn’t want to wait, and she had another plan up her sleeve. Recently she had befriended a couple of other rising movie stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Alexandra Daddario, as well as the pop star Katy Perry, and she knew that all three of them would make her Daddy positively salivate. It made her horny just to look at their curvy bodies sometimes, because she was imagining what her Daddy would do to them if she ever brought them home.

Well, she intended to find out.

She texted the three of them one day, asking if they wanted to come over to lounge in her pool. They showed up within minutes of each other, and Jessica had to stop herself from drooling when she saw each of them dressed in their skimpiest attire.

Katy Perry was in a hot pink bikini, clearly straining from the size of her bulbous tits. She also wore a pair of pink striped sunglasses and a pair of cut-off jean short shorts, which seemed several sizes too small, as they clung to her round ass like paint.

Jennifer Lawrence wore a form-fitting yellow one-piece that showed off her smooth back and snaked up around her pussy to showcase her toned, firm ass. Her cleavage was also on full display, showing the smattering of tiny moles on her perfect tits. She wore a pair of aviator sunglasses, just radiating cool and dripping with sex.

But Jessica had to admit, as far as bikinis went, Alexandra Daddario certainly wore the hottest of the bunch. Hers was bright cherry red and held up her impossibly round, full, natural breasts in a way that simply shouted for the garment to be ripped off, particularly because her hard nipples were so obviously visible through the material. Once you were able to move your eyes off of her bountiful, gravity-defying pair of tits, you might notice that the matching red piece covering her nether regions was really nothing more than a thong, and when she turned around, it disappeared completely between her peachy butt-cheeks.

Jessica invited each of them in happily. She was wearing a sky blue bikini Daddy had bought her in Brazil, which basically only covered her nipples as far as her tits were concerned, and all three of her guests were instantly aware her pussy was shaved bald. Jessica told Alexandra and Jennifer about her plan– she knew they were both eager little cock sluts– but refrained from letting Katy in on the secret. As a good Christian girl, Jessica thought Katy might not like the idea of being Mr. Alba’s cum bucket, especially if it led to Jessica getting her wish and he started fucking his own daughter. But she knew Katy’s insecurities well, and predicted that if she, Jennifer and Alexandra started getting naughty with Daddy, then Katy would likely follow along. It did seem sometimes like Katy must have traded certain parts of her brain for her impressive, gleaming rack and fat, sumptuous ass. If so, it was certainly worth it, Jessica thought.

Mr. Alba was watching TV in the living room with his shirt off when he heard voices at the door. “Jessica, honey, who is that? Are you having friends over-”

He trailed off as he turned his head to see the three most buxom, nubile sluts he had ever laid eyes upon strut into the room like they owned the place. Alexandra winked at him as she sauntered in, and Mr. Alba instantly felt his cock twitch.

“Daddy, these are my friends Katy, Jennifer and Alexandra,” Jessica said. “We’re going to go out back to play in the pool.” She smiled at how well her plan was working– he hadn’t yet looked any of them in the eyes. His mouth was open in surprise and he didn’t respond at first.

“Uh… yeah, baby, I know who they are. Well… you girls let me know if you need anything.”

“Oh, we will, Mr. Alba, we will,” Alexandra responded, bouncing in her step to make her tits jiggle. The three sexpots sauntered through the house to the sliding glass door, and stepped out into the backyard towards the pool. Jessica was about to join them when her Daddy pulled her back by her sexy little thong.

“I know what you’re up to, Jess,” he said. “I’m onto you. Bringing me presents.”

“Don’t fuck them then,” Jessica said, losing her smile, dropping any pretense of innocence. “Just try to resist, Daddy.” Mr. Alba said nothing, infuriated but secretly proud of his daughter’s ability to manipulate and seduce him. She really was maturing into a world-class slut. Jessica reached down to his boxers and began to stroke his hard-on, parting her full lips in a soft pout as she exhaled deeply. He let her pleasure him for just a second before yanking her hand away.

“No, baby. It hasn’t been a month yet. Cut it out.”

Jessica made a pouty face at him but shrugged and slinked sexily to the door. She joined her friends outside, all of whom were waiting for her before they got in the pool. Jessica had the great idea of making all of them jump in from the diving board, which just happened to face the house. As each buxom slut prepared to dive, they jumped several times in preparation, giving any peeping toms inside the house a fantastic view of ample bouncing cleavage. Katy was the last in, and without even knowing she was being advertised, bounced ten times on the diving board before diving. Mr. Alba watched her swollen breasts balloon towards the sky and come slapping down against her midriff over and over again, until at last she leapt forward, suspending her jiggling tits in midair as she plummeted into the water.

The girls played for a while in the pool, splashing each other, tossing a beachball around, squealing whenever it collided with their supple, sparkling bodies, and climbing up the ladder to dive back in again. After a while Alexandra climbed out of the pool, throwing her wet hair back as droplets of water cascaded down her bouncing cleavage. “Jessica, I forgot to put on sunscreen– I’m going to see if your dad has any.”

Jessica beamed. Her plan was about to unfold. Alexandra winked at her as she sidled into the house, giving her ass an extra little bulge with each footfall. She went inside and found Mr. Alba hurriedly pretending that he had been washing dishes the whole time. “Mr. Alba,” she pouted, using her best naïve schoolgirl voice and thrusting her tits out as she spoke, “I forgot to put on sunscreen before I got here. You wouldn’t have any, would you?”

“Of course, uh, Alexandra, I’ve got some sunscreen right in here.” He went into the bathroom and returned with a bottle. She thanked him and took the sunscreen, held it upside down above her ample chest, then squirted the bottle as hard as she could. The creamy, white liquid splattered over her bulging tits and poured into her cleavage as she gave the bottle back to him and began to rub it in, squeezing and massaging her shiny, slippery breasts and looking him lustfully in the eye. Her hands slipped under her bikini as she rubbed sunscreen across her nipples, bringing them ever closer into Mr. Alba’s view but keeping her palms perfectly placed to prevent any nip slips. He wasn’t sure why she needed sunscreen under there, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to ask questions.

“Mmm…thank you Mr. Alba,” she said, every bit the seductress. “Do you think you could do me in the back? I can’t reach.” Alexandra’s innuendo was not lost on him, particularly as she walked over to the glass door and bent forward at the waist to emphasize her point, wiggling her round, thong-clad ass in his direction and holding the sunscreen out for him. He took it from her hand with his mouth still agape, and he might have drooled a little bit staring at her ass. He squirted some sunscreen in ropes across her lower back and rubbed it forcefully across her tantalizing flesh, manhandling her as much as could pass for massage, rubbing closer and closer to her pleading holes.

“Don’t forget to do my ass,” Alexandra whispered. She wasn’t sure he was taking the hint. She casually looked back out at the pool, trying to catch Jessica’s eye. She felt Mr. Alba’s hands leave her back, vaguely heard him mutter “fuck it,” and, without warning, felt his huge, raging cock ram its way inside her slippery, gorgeous ass in one stroke. It was her turn to hang her mouth open in surprise. She was expecting more foreplay– he hadn’t even given her the chance to take off her hot little thong, and was now using the tiny piece of stretch fabric like a makeshift condom. It was stretched taught and dug deep into her pussy lips while he pushed it as far as it would go up her warm, constricting asshole. The thong suddenly snapped on her pussy before quickly disappearing into her ravaged backdoor, and Mr. Alba’s pace didn’t even waver. He grabbed her excuse for a top and snapped the string between her cleavage before slamming her against the sliding door, flattening her massive, creamy tits against the glass as her bikini top fell to the ground in tatters.

“Mr. Alba!” she said, staying in character. “What are you doing? Why are you…”

“I don’t know what my little baby promised you for doing this,” Mr. Alba grunted, “but you gorgeous fucking sluts need this more than anything in the fucking world, and I am not about to stand in your way.” He continued to ram her tight, sweet asshole, stuffing her back entrance for what he assumed was not her first time, and what he knew unequivocally wouldn’t be her last.

“Mr. Alba, please, I just wanted some sunscreen!” She pressed her hands against the glass and turned her head around to look at him. As much as she continued to keep up the façade with her words, her true intent was written in her salacious, stony blue eyes and on her parted doll lips, doing everything they could to hold back moans of pleasure.

“You want some sunscreen? I’ll give you some fucking sunscreen you little whore!” He grabbed the bottle and, after briefly pulling out of her so that only the throbbing, purple head of his dick remained inside, coated his shaft with SPF 30. Mr. Alba pulled the destroyed bikini bottom out of her ass and slammed back in balls-deep with one stroke. The spongy walls of her ass could no longer provide any friction to his animalistic assault, and now he pumped her with renewed vigor. He was able to go at least twice as fast from the added lubrication, and she was now moaning loudly with each of his rough, forceful penetrations.

This gave him an idea, so he took the scrunched up, ass-fucked bikini bottom tatters and stuffed them into her warm, moaning mouth as a makeshift gag, then grabbed his belt and stuck it between her teeth like a horse’s bit. Pulling back on both ends, he found he had prevented her from doing more than muffled moaning with her slutty little mouth. Dropping the belt, he grabbed the sunscreen bottle again and upended it onto her jiggling tits, making them even shinier and slipperier as they continued to balloon against the glass. He reached around and rubbed it into her gorgeous breasts, squeezing them hard, pinching her nipples between his fingers and enjoying every inch of her tits’ fleshy delights. As she moaned and took her fucking like a top-notch whore, Alexandra looked out at the pool and made eye-contact with Jessica. She pressed her cocksucker lips against the glass and blew Jessica a kiss, who grinned back, watching her friend’s hard nipples wiggle against the glass to the rhythm of her Daddy's thrusts.


Katy Perry surfaced and hoisted her ass onto the edge of the pool, jiggling beautifully in the process. Water rained down from the peaks of her breasts and ran down her curvy, creamy thighs. “Give me just a sec, girls. I’m gonna get some sunscreen as well.” From her vantage point, there was a large hedge blocking her view of the glass door, but Jessica and Jennifer, who were both still in the pool, could see everything. Worried her plan was in jeopardy, Jessica began trying to coax Katy back.

“C’mon Katy…it’s not that sunny…a little tan won’t hurt…” It was no use– Katy was still walking closer and closer to the screen door. She was feet away when Jessica abruptly shouted “Heads up!” and threw the beach ball at Katy as a last-ditch attempt to distract her. Katy whipped around just as it bounced off her pretty face, rolling away towards the door. She giggled and ran after it, stopping directly in front of the door. She bent down to pick it up, sticking her ass in the air, and when she stood up she froze at the sight before her. Alexandra was pressed up against the other side of the glass, naked, and she was getting violently fucked by none other than Mr. Alba! And what was more, Katy could clearly see her pulsing pussy gushing against the glass, which meant that Mr. Alba was fucking her up the butt!

Katy stood there in silence for a moment, open-mouthed. Mr. Alba noticed from the other side of the door. “What’s this slut’s problem?” he asked Alexandra, who only groaned through the belt-gag in response. “Wasn’t she…ohhh, my clever little baby…She brought me a hot little virgin to fuck, didn’t she! That piece of ass doesn’t even know why she’s here! Ohh…Jess knows I like it best when I can convert ‘em!”

Mr. Alba tapped on the window as he continued to punishingly stretch Alexandra’s asshole, slamming her tits against the glass harder and harder with each thrust. “Hey there, baby! Do you want a turn in a minute? Daddy’s almost done with this little slut, and then you next, ok?” Katy stared in shock, and Mr. Alba laughed. Alexandra also cracked a smile as best she could through the belt.

“Now what about the other one?” Mr. Alba asked Alexandra. “That real bombshell…the blonde. Is she in on it?” She tried to respond but it came out as muffled, thirsty nonsense. He planted a sharp spank on her ass and she moaned, leaning further forward and bloating her breasts even more against the glass. As much as Mr. Alba wanted an answer, he loved the idea of Alexandra unable to speak as he pulled back on the makeshift gag, and he refused to loosen his grip. She began to pump her ass up and down on his big, throbbing dick, effectively twerking on his cock, creating an even more pleasurable experience now that they were both grinding into each other.

Katy was trying to put together words. “Jessica, your dad is…with Alex…they’re…” Then out of nowhere, Jennifer appeared behind Katy and put one arm on her shoulder.

“Shh, Katy, it’s not a big deal…” Jennifer said, starting to massage Katy’s back.

“What…what are you talking about? Yes it is!” Katy protested.

“Shh…it’s alright…it will feel good, I promise…”

“What will feel good? Jennifer what are you…”

Just then Jennifer’s hands reached around and gave Katy’s huge tits a slow, hard squeeze. “Jen!” Katy hissed. “What’s going on? I…”

“Shh…” Jennifer whispered, and began to gently nibble Katy’s neck.

“I…I…ohhhhh yeahhhhh,” Katy moaned breathlessly, unable to hide the pleasure she was experiencing. “Jen, I…I please…”

“Just go with it. It’s what all the cool kids do.”

“Have…have sex with their friends’ dads?”

“Well, maybe we can ease you into it. You don’t have to start with Mister Anaconda over there. How about you and I get to know each other a little better first?” Without waiting for an answer, Jennifer slipped her hands underneath Katy’s straining bikini cups and started to massage her heaving tits. She squeezed harder this time, pulling another moan from Katy’s fuckable little mouth. “That’s it, baby,” Jennifer said. “Now we’re getting you warmed up.” She let one hand drop from Katy’s breasts to snake around behind. Katy yelped when Jennifer abruptly pinched her firm, gorgeous ass. “You don’t like that?” Jennifer asked, feigning concern. “Let’s try something else.” She pressed her hand into the pop star’s thigh gap, rubbing gently against the thin material above. Katy began to moan even louder, convulsing and bucking her hips against Jennifer’s wandering fingers.

"Ohh, don't stop, Jen, pleeeeease, mmmmm yeah!"

Mr. Alba was having a grand old time, and as he watched Katy moan and jiggle under the touch of her hot friend, he felt himself near orgasm. Alexandra was moaning like a banshee through the thong & belt, eyes shut as she thrashed her asshole wildly on his dick as fast as she could, and found herself ready to cum at the same time. With one sudden motion, Mr. Alba reached both hands around and squeezed Alexandra’s huge, perfect tits with a death grip, shooting off a massive, warm load of cum into her asshole as he pumped it maniacally. When he gave her tits that final sudden squeeze, she felt her body convulse, and both of her rock-hard nipples sprayed out streams of milk while her pussy gushed on the glass. This only happened when her tits were properly, harshly massaged, and Mr. Alba had succeeded in doing so.

He slid his huge member out of her back entrance and watched the delightful sight of his own cum dripping out of Alexandra’s gaping, slutty asshole, trailing down the back of her smooth, tapering legs. His cock was slimy with his own cum, and Alexandra turned around to kneel, expecting to be fed his engorged, sticky pole to clean. “No no no,” he said. “It’s a kind offer, but I’ve got a better idea.” She closed her hot mouth and turned to where he was looking. Outside, Jennifer had lowered Katy to her knees, and was rubbing her pussy underneath her tight swimsuit. Katy’s eyes were closed and her sex-doll mouth was open, moaning. Alexandra turned back to Mr. Alba with a glint in her eye and stood up, her bulbous tits filling most of the void between them. He winked at her, then suddenly dipped his head to her tits and locked his mouth on her rock-hard nipple as he squeezed the tit like an udder. The milk was warm and smooth, and he allowed himself several shots of the stuff before giving her a grateful spank and walking outside. His dick was already partially erect again, ready for round two, and it bobbed in front of him as he walked over to Jennifer and Katy.

Jessica had been watching all of this, and was furiously rubbing her pussy under the water. She’d never been any good at masturbating. If only she could get off by herself, or even with a dildo…but no, if she was going to cum, she would need her Daddy’s hard prick ravaging her insides. That was the only thing that worked. She was very jealous of Alexandra, whom she had just watched get her tight, whorish asshole professionally widened by HER daddy. Not Alexandra’s. HERS. It seemed so unfair. Her own tight, unfucked little asshole pulsed gently in the water as it dreamed of her dear Daddy’s cock.

Jennifer, still kneeling on the patio, saw Mr. Alba approaching and smiled at him as she continued to make Katy moan. As much as Mr. Alba wanted to just grab Katy’s tits and manhandle them like Alexandra’s, something told him to hold off. He had a unique opportunity here, and he wasn’t going to waste it. He simply held his cock at the right height, and whispered, "Katy?"

Her eyes snapped open, and she immediately saw Mr. Alba's huge cock bobbing in front of her. She was drawn to it, mesmerized by its pulsing, throbbing heft. For a moment she did nothing, then she wordlessly opened her mouth in invitation, drooling slightly as she awaited her meaty treat.

Mr. Alba pushed his cock straight into Katy’s luscious, open mouth. She made a surprised, impressed groan around his cock, but created nothing more than muffled vibrations to add to his pleasure. She could taste what she assumed was his cum, along with sunscreen and the distinct taste of… Alex's ass, she remembered. That’s all it could be. She tried feebly to adjust mouth around his cock to create an airway, but there was no room. She had no choice but to let Jessica's Daddy thrust his dick between her candy lips, letting her up for air only when she gagged on his massive cock.

Jennifer leaned in to whisper in Katy’s ear. “Suck him a little bit, baby,” she said. “Make him feel as good as I was making you feel. What goes around comes around.” Katy’s mouth began to obey, creating suction around the engorged pole in her mouth to create more pleasure for her friend’s father. Jennifer reached around and pulled Katy’s bikini cups off of her huge, bouncy tits, making them sway and jiggle in the sunshine. What might have been a noise of protest was quickly transformed into a moan as Katy felt Jennifer’s fingers once again tracing her pussy, getting faster in their tantalizing motions while the other hand gave her thick, exposed nipples a good squeeze. Katy slid her lips back and forth over hard cock as Mr. Alba plowed her soft, wet mouth, and she looked up at him with her innocent doe eyes.

“Very good, slut. You like that, don’t you, honey?” Mr. Alba asked, prompting only increased sucking from Katy, as she continued to maintain subservient eye contact with her new lover. “You know why that is? You know why you like that?” Katy shook her head as she flicked her tongue across the tip. “Because you’re a cum whore. A gorgeous little cock slut. You didn’t know that until today, did you?” Katy’s brow furrowed–she didn’t really seem to understand yet, but it didn’t matter. Mr. Alba just grabbed her hair and pulled her pretty face completely onto his cock, so that whether or not she truly understood her life’s calling, she was forced to deep-throat him like a professional whore anyway.

Meanwhile, Alexandra, naked as the day she was born, had made her way over to the pool, where Jessica was still furiously trying to get herself off. “Hey Jessica, I’ve got something for you.” Alexandra faced away from Jessica and knelt at the side of the pool before lying flat on her tits, pushing her shapely, round ass into the air. Her used asshole was glistening in the daylight, and her inner thighs were shiny with cum. Jessica watched transfixed as a drop of her Daddy’s juice slid out of Alexandra’s ass, trickling down towards her wet cunt. Without a second thought, Jessica jumped up onto the pool’s edge and buried her face in Alexandra’s well-fucked ass, licking the stray drop into her mouth before lapping up what was plastered all inside her friend’s sweet pucker.

Mr. Alba was squeezing Katy’s beautiful tits around his cock, thrusting upwards through her cleavage toward her pouting lips, when he happened to look over at the pool and was greeted with the sight of his naughty daughter burying her face in the ass he had pumped full with cum not five minutes ago. He pulled his throbbing member from Katy’s tits and ran– ran– to the pool’s edge, grabbed Alexandra just under her voluptuous breasts, and lifted her to her feet. She winced and groaned as he lifted her, the full weight of her curvaceous body suspended from her heaving tits, and screamed as he threw her over Jessica, into the swimming pool. Her legs flailed wildly, her ass and tits jiggling beautifully in her mid-air panic, before she splashed down into the water.

“JESSICA,” Mr. Alba bellowed. “DON’T YOU DARE SWALLOW THAT!” As rebellious as Jessica was feeling, she had known the whole time that she was, under no circumstances, allowed to swallow this cum. She kept her mouth full of the stuff, her cheeks bulging adorably, savoring what she knew would be a temporary taste of her Daddy. “JENNIFER!” Mr. Alba yelled. “GET OVER HERE! AND BRING THAT VIRGIN SLUT WITH YOU!”

Jennifer quickly obeyed, grabbing Katy by the ass and steering the confused slut back over to the pool. Mr. Alba stopped them both, grabbed Jennifer, and made her kneel at the pool’s edge, holding her tits out like a gift. “Alright, Jessica baby,” he said. “You know what you have to do. You know that cum isn’t for you.” Jessica made a purposefully cute pouty face and puckered her lips. She spat every drop of the cum out onto Jennifer’s amazing tits, making them shiny and wet. Jennifer leaned her head down and started to lift up one of her tits to her mouth when Mr. Alba swatted her hand away. “Not for you either, slut,” he barked. “No, this load was made for Katy Perry. Get sucking, gorgeous.”

Katy looked down at Jennifer’s round, fat tits, all shiny with second-hand cum. “Mr. Alba, are you sure-” She was not allowed to finish, as Jennifer grabbed the back of Katy’s raven locks and shoved her face into the lovely, cum-covered tits she had been ordered to clean. She suckled like a pig as Jennifer cooed and held up her stunning tits.

“You’re doing fantastic, whore,” Mr. Alba said to Katy, giving her a sharp spank. Katy broke away from Jennifer’s lightly speckled tits briefly.

“Why did you spank me?” she asked. “I thought you said I was doing a good job. My Daddy only spanks me when I’ve been naughty.”

“Oh, I bet he does,” Jennifer said, winking at Mr. Alba. “Don’t you think you’re being naughty right now?” She coaxed Katy’s lips back to her own hardening nipples. “Besides, it feels good to get spanked. Here, you’ll see.” Mr. Alba reared his arm back and swatted Katy’s plump, jiggling ass again, but this time three of Jennifer’s fingers slithered up Katy’s cunt at the same instant. Katy closed her eyes and moaned into Jennifer’s breasts. “See? It’s all about your Daddy showing you that he’s your master. And Mr. Alba is your Daddy now. Do you know what you need to do to get your own Daddy back again?” Katy shook her head, her lips still latched onto Jennifer’s breast, which jiggled wetly in the sunlight. Jennifer leaned her head down to Katy’s ear, and whispered, “You have to fuck him.”

Katy’s naïve eyes widened as Jennifer leaned back up. “I…I can’t have…sex…with my own Daddy!”

“Why not?” Jennifer asked.

“Because…because he’s…Would he even want to?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Mr. Alba said, slapping her ass again soundly. This time she didn’t need Jennifer’s fingers in her pussy to get pleasure from the spank, which left her ass wobbling for seconds. “He’s jacking off to you right now– I guarantee it! What father wouldn’t want to just tear off those ridiculous fucking clothes you wear to get some action?”

“Am I…Mr. Alba, do you think I’m hot?” Katy asked him. She really was quite stupid. She was still looking up at Jennifer, and thus couldn’t see what he was about to do. He gave his answer not in words, but in thrusts, abruptly parting her virgin folds with his hot, pulsing cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” she screamed, pulling her mouth off of Jennifer’s tits and rearing her head up in pain as her new Daddy went full throttle right out of the gate. Her pussy hurt, a lot, but it was a good kind of hurt, a kind she’d never experienced before. She certainly didn’t want him to stop, and she pulled her asscheeks apart to give him easier access. “Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, oh, yeah, don’t, stop, Daddy, please, don’t, stop, ohhhhh!”

Mr. Alba pulled back on Katy’s hair with one hand and began to spank her ass over and over with the other, alternating between her sweltering, swollen cheeks. “I knew there was a cock slut between these good Christian thighs! A nice cum dumpster behind this hot little goody two-shoes act! Ride it, baby! Yeah, ride it like a good little whore! That’s Daddy’s slutty bitch!”


Jessica was furious. Her arms were folded in anger over her soft, goose-pimpled tits, and Alexandra swam up behind her to see if there was anything she could do, her own lovely floatation devices pressing gently into Jessica’s back. “Honey, I know how you feel. I’ve seen other girls fucking my man before, and it’s not pretty. But you asked us to do this! It’s part of your plan, right?”

“I know. I just don’t like how much he’s enjoying fucking all of you. He’s my Daddy.”

“Sharing is caring, Jessica. He’s such a good fuck, you can’t possibly expect to keep him all to yourself. He’s the solution to every girl’s Daddy issues all wrapped up in one monster cock! How could we possibly resist? Even Katy’s having a blast, and she didn’t even know what she was coming here for!” She looked up at Katy, whose mouth was in a perpetual O-shape as her pussy was reamed with Daddy cock. Her eyelids were fluttering in involuntary waves of pleasure, and she yelped with each well-deserved spank.

“Yeah, I know, but I need him to fuck me too. I need it, Alex.”

“Well, just be patient. Jen remembers what she’s gotta do.”

“You mean what she’s gotta not do! She’s just supposed to get him worked up!”

“She’ll be fine,” Alexandra said. “She’s good at this sort of thing. In the meantime, maybe I can help you blow off some steam, hm?” Alexandra deftly reached around Jessica’s body underwater, pressing her big, firm tits against Jessica’s flawless back, and started to caress her starving, empty pussy. She inserted two digits and began to finger Jessica with an expert touch, going slowly, sensuously. The poor, sex-starved girl began to moan, and bit her thick bottom lip as she gently bucked on Alexandra’s digits, not enough to cum but enough to imagine, wistfully watching her father fucking her friend.

“I think we’ve got you good and red,” said Mr. Alba, looking down at the well-spanked ass he was fucking. Katy was in bliss, and had already cum several times from the amazing spank-fuck combo she was getting. “Katy, let’s flip you over. I wanna see those titties fly.” He pulled out of her pussy (dripping of its own accord) and turned her over onto her ass. She had never been spanked this thoroughly before, so she was unfamiliar with how tender she was going to be. She slapped her ass down on the pavement without thinking, and the second it touched the concrete she squealed and arched her back up, feeling the burn of the spanking all over again. She gave Mr. Alba an open-mouthed stare, amazed at how much he had made her hurt. But she was fast becoming a true cum slut for her new Daddy, and true cum sluts like their asses nice and red, bursting with pain from their Daddy’s sexy punishments. She slapped her ass back down on the pavement again, yelping and quickly arching her back again, her tits angrily slapping down on her midriff as she rode the pain like a high.

Katy bucked like this a few times, causing her hot ass to sting, before Jennifer took advantage of her open, gasping mouth and sat directly on her face. Katy’s next moan was straight into Jennifer’s hot cunt, and the impatient actress began to grind into the pop star’s mouth. As soon as Jennifer’s ass was blocking Katy’s vision, Mr. Alba reentered Katy’s quivering, drooling pussy, making her moan to high heaven, vibrating all of Jennifer’s pleasure centers and making her swoon. Jennifer looked down at Katy’s tits gyrating wildly in front of her pussy, and reached down with both hands to squeeze the fleshy orbs as hard as she could. Katy screamed into Jennifer’s pussy, and Jennifer responded by pinching Katy’s hardening, straining nipples while she continued to squeeze the bulbous breasts.

As Jennifer moaned from Katy’s lovely tongue lavishing her cunt, her eyes drifted to Katy’s pussy, being treated to a five-star pounding by Mr. Alba. His thrusts were making Katy’s tits wobble and jiggle at speeds unknown, and he got in a few more solid strokes before he noticed how longingly Jennifer was staring at his disappearing cock. “Do you want a turn?” he asked. “You poor thing, you haven’t gotten any cock this whole time!” Jennifer bent down low as Mr. Alba pulled his steaming cock from Katy’s gorgeous pussy, and before he could say a word Jennifer had inhaled it, sucking Katy’s juices off of it like a pro, which he was sure she was. “Oh baby, you’re good at that,” he said. “You must get any cock you want with that kind of technique! What am I talking about– with those tits, of course you get any cock you want!”

She took her mouth off of him briefly and stroked his dick with her hand. “I’ve got the only cock I want right here.” She flipped her hair up over her head, continuing to jack him off, and went back in for more, sucking and licking like cock was her favorite flavor in the world, which of course it was.

Katy moaned again from underneath the blowjob action, but in an impatient tone that sounded like she was in need of more pleasure. Without missing a beat, Jennifer slapped her hand down on Katy’s pussy with the full force of her palm, making the newly minted slut shriek into Jennifer’s cunt. Jennifer bucked her ass up and down, slapping Katy’s face with her pussy repeatedly. “Shut up and lick,” Jennifer said, using her hand to keep working the cock in front of her. She knew how to multitask. “Use your tongue, whore. Fuck me with that famous Christian tongue, honey! You’re doing more than kissing girls now!” She leaned down again, but instead of putting Mr. Alba’s cock back in her mouth, she lifted it up, leaning the huge wet pole against her pretty face, and started to lick his warm balls. She inhaled his manly musk as she jacked him off furiously. Subserviently, she looked up at him with his balls in her mouth and he came right then.

The first shot erupted over her head, arcing down onto Katy’s nose with a splat. Jennifer quickly adjusted her aim– his cock was shooting semen like a geyser, and she didn’t want to miss another drop. She continued to jack him until he had shot his whole load, catching it all on her face, her hair, her jacking hand, and one streak on her tits.

“Some friend,” Jessica muttered. Fresh, warm cum dribbled down Jennifer’s face as Jessica watched from the pool, covered in no cum at all. Jennifer was close to cumming herself, and she rubbed her gushing pussy aggressively back and forth across Katy’s face, pulling up hard on Katy’s swollen nipples as her floodgates finally opened into the pop star’s mouth. Jennifer moaned in ecstasy through her cum mask while Katy gave one final shriek into her pussy from all the titty abuse. Jennifer rose to her feet, and Mr. Alba took the opportunity to smack her gorgeous ass with his big, meaty hand as she sauntered past to find a bit of shade. He leaned back, resting his head on his hands, breathing hard.

Alexandra surfaced from the pool’s edge, her creamy, round tits drippling beads of water all over the concrete. She pulled herself up and shook her ass off like a professional stripper before walking over to Mr. Alba’s reclining form. He looked her up and down with contentment. “Hey there, Beefcake,” she said. “That was a pretty generous pounding you gave Katy’s pussy there.”

“You want something similar?” Mr. Alba asked. “Get that fine ass over here and sit down while I get my energy back. I won’t be long.” Alexandra approached him and got down on her hands and knees, before crawling mischievously on top of him. Her tits swung and jostled below her grinning face as she positioned them just above Mr. Alba’s. He smiled and reached his head up to take one of her nipples in his mouth.

“Now!” Alexandra yelled. Mr. Alba gave a confused little grunt, his mouth still full of succulent tit, before Jennifer landed her stomach down on his left arm, her tits pressing down on his chest as she struggled to hold his limb in place. Alexandra moved up to his right arm and did the same, pressing all her weight down on it in an effort to keep him pinned down. She pinned her knee against his chest while her tits pushed into his forearm, which meant that her unfucked pussy was mere inches from his face.

He struggled against the two women, but he’d spent all his energy fucking the hell out of them and had very little left to resist with. Still, he was a beefy guy and both Jennifer and Alexandra found themselves being slightly lifted up as he tried to break free. His left hand grabbed around frantically, and quite accidentally found Jennifer’s wet, sensitive pussy. He gave it a smack, and then another and another, and it made Jennifer squeal, but she didn’t let go. She knew how to endure a few pussy-slaps, for God's sake. Still, she needed to take it out on something, and Alexandra’s ass was the closest thing to a stress toy within reach (not to mention directly in front of her face.) She gave her friend’s round cheeks a few quick, punishing spanks in an attempt to transfer the pain as she moaned through it.

“You little sluts, I’m gonna pound you both into next week in just a second, just you fucking wait, hoo boy are your assholes gonna be sorry! Little sluts like you always obey their Daddies!”

“Do they?” Jessica’s voice came from the pool’s edge– she’d hoisted herself up, and was slowly walking towards the struggle, savoring each step. Her Daddy’s cock was flying at half-mast, covered with her friends’ various juices, but she could see it jolting softly as the two gorgeous women pressed themselves furiously against him. He looked up at her as she removed her bikini top, then stepped out of her bikini bottoms. Looking him dead in the eye, she ripped the bottoms in half and cast them into the pool.

Before she could do anything, however, a shadow loomed over Mr. Alba. Katy was standing directly over him, one foot on either side of his face, obscuring Jessica from his field of view. “Mr. Alba, do you eat pussy?”

Mr. Alba was thoroughly confused, and even stopped struggling against his curvaceous captors for a moment. “What?”

Katy took the opportunity to sit on his face, deciding to find out for herself. “Some of my friends have told me about getting their pussies eaten,” Katy babbled, as she rubbed her pussy back and forth on his mouth. “They said it feels really good, but I never believed them. Now I want to see for myself.”

“Get off my face,” Mr. Alba growled into her pussy.

“Oh, is it opposite day or something? We’re not supposed to obey you now, right? I mean Jennifer and Alex aren’t, so I thought that’s what was going on.”

Mr. Alba rolled his eyes and gently started tongue-fucking Katy; he had to admit she had an intoxicating cunt, and he could punish her more later. But she was now completely blocking his forward vision, and thoroughly distracting him, so he didn’t immediately notice fingers wrapping around his cock, until he felt a velvety wetness slip down onto it. Katy looked over her shoulder, and was greeted with the sight of Jessica, knees resting on the concrete on either side of Mr. Alba, as she sunk her warm, dripping pussy down onto her father’s mammoth dick.

“Whuah! Jessica! What are you doing?!” Katy exclaimed. “You can’t– he’s your–”

“Like you said, it’s opposite day,” Jessica said. “He says I’m not allowed to touch him for the rest of the month, so I have no choice but to fuck him silly, right here, right now. You bitches didn’t really expect to have him all to yourselves, did you? He is my Daddy after all. Now get that slutty ass out of my way so I can watch my Daddy’s face while I fuck him!” Katy got up quickly, blushing and scurrying away until she was a safe distance from the scandalous scene, but she still turned around to watch. It was too compelling a spectacle to ignore.

Mr. Alba spoke up as his daughter rode him. “Jessica, you naughty little slut, you better get that…ungh…tight cunt off me this instant, young lady!” Jessica ignored him as she writhed sensuously up and down her father, stopping halfway down his pole every time. She turned it into a dance, putting her hands behind her head and revolving her waist in tantalizing gyrations as her pussy sucked gratefully on the cock it had been denied for so long. She closed her eyes in bliss and bent over to rub her hands down his chest. “You’re just…rrgh…adding to your…nfff…punishment,” her dad continued, struggling to keep the raw orgasmic pleasure from his voice. “I’ll make it six months if you don’t stand up right…fffUCKing now!”

Jessica giggled. “Like you could go six months without me. Clearly you’ve been starving for some young pussy Daddy, no matter how many loads you’ve blown into my pillow. Look how you treated my friends! I invited them over to show you what you were missing and you just devoured all three of them! What’s going to happen if I don’t invite them over anymore?”

Mr. Alba growled with rage at finally learning the extent of his daughter’s plan. He seized Alexandra’s mouth with one hand and Jennifer’s soaked pussy with the other, and manhandled their wet, open holes, alternately slapping Alex's face and Jennifer's butt both as painfully as possible. He stuck his thumb suddenly up Jennifer's ass, and she moaned and bowed her cum-soaked face, wailing as he began to flick her clit as hard as his fingers could manage.

“Does that hurt, Jen?” Jessica asked, giving Jennifer a sarcastic pout while bucking furiously on her dad, as though she were stamping her feet in a tantrum. “Good. You deserve it. Make her hurt more, Daddy. They were supposed to just tease you and make you horny for me. I didn’t know they were gonna be such submissive little sluts and let you do whatever you wanted to them!”

“Jess, don’t be a hypocrite,” Jennifer said between moans. “‘Submissive Little Slut’ is your middle name!”

“But he’s MY! DADDY!” Jessica punctuated each word with a hard thrust downward, filling herself up with more cock each time. “I’m supposed to fuck him! It’s my job! You three whores are just freeloading ‘cause you don’t have the balls to fuck your own Daddies!”

“Jessica, that’s enough,” Mr. Alba said. “You know full well that these three whores wouldn’t have been able to strut into my house wearing those piss-poor excuses for swimsuits without taking this cock. I was gonna give ‘em what they needed no matter how loyal they were to you. So don’t blame them for following their natural instincts.” He was visibly sweating now, with the body heat of three naked, curvaceous, horny bombshells pressed against him, including his own gorgeous daughter impaling herself on his cock, coupled with his own increased heart rate as his body betrayed him. Jessica could feel his massive, red-hot meat pulsing inside her even more than she remembered as it celebrated its return home. “But Jessica,” her father continued, “what you said just now…about how this is your job…it tells me you’ve learned from this. You’ve learned that you’re mine first, and that you're here to get fucked. I’m impressed.”

“Daddy, I promise I’ll never go to another party as long as I live if you promise you'll fuck me every day like you did before all this! I'm so, so sorry!”

“OHH, Jessica, baby,” he said, finally starting to buck his hips upward, “You’re allowed to go to parties! It’s what nineteen-year-old sluts like you are for! You go to all the parties you want, baby, and you make sure to fuck as many cocks as you can get your hands on! I’m so sorry for this month, I was jealous that you were going off to parties without asking my permission and I was afraid you were gonna bring home some frat boy and then you wouldn’t want to fuck me anymore.” Jessica’s mouth went agape as she pictured this awful reality her father was describing.

“Daddy I’d never do that to you!” she said. “No one could ever replace you! You’ll always be my number one priority! I promise, Daddy, I’m yours forever!”

“Then in that case,” Mr. Alba growled. “Call off these two whores and let me show you how right you are.” Jessica nodded at Jennifer and Alexandra, and they both stood up from Mr. Alba’s arms. He gave each slut a last hard spank on her ass, then without missing a beat, pulled Jessica into his arms and stood up with her still partially impaled on his cock. He bounced her gently up and down as he ran, not walked, over to the nearest lounge chair. He laid her flat on her back and spread her legs wide, forcefully gripping the smooth, olive flesh of her sun-kissed thighs with both hands before ramming into her, hitting balls-deep for the first time in what seemed like forever to both of them. She wailed to the heavens as her father took her with reckless abandon, slamming his cock into her heat faster than she’d ever thought he was capable of. She began to cry tears of joy as she clung onto his back, feeling him fill her up like he should have been doing for the past month. Her beautiful, peachy tits shook with every thrust, and Mr. Alba leaned down to take one of her nipples into his mouth, gently clamping it through his lips as her other breast continued to slap up and down to the rhythm of his cock. He leaned back up to kiss her just as she began to cum, and she moaned into his mouth as her cunt flooded his dick with juices.

“Ohhhh Daddy, can I be on top now please? I have an idea for how we can put my slutty friends to use.”

Mr. Alba nodded and laid on the lounge chair himself, with Jessica straddling his waist. She lined herself up, holding his pulsing, eager cock in her hand. “Thanks for fucking me again Daddy,” she said, and abruptly impaled her slick, puckered asshole on his massive cock. He groaned as he felt the soft walls of her neglected ass expand to accommodate his raging girth, and gripped onto her smooth thighs as she began to thrust up and down again, moaning like a girl possessed. She reached just behind her infatuated ass and caressed her dad’s swollen balls. “Mmm, plenty left for your daughter, huh Daddy? Hey, Alex! Jen! One each! Get sucking!”

They didn’t have to be told twice, and both girls squatted down behind the anal love fest to take one of Mr. Alba’s cum factories into their mouths for a proper thank-you, mashing their impressive racks against his knees. They slobbered and slurped, worshipping his tangerines an inch away from Jessica’s thick, stuffed ass slapping down onto his muscular thighs. As Jen and Alex sucked, they started teasing each other, grabbing each other’s tits, flicking each other’s nipples, and smacking each other’s asses, competing to see how much they could harass each other while their mouths were latched onto Mr. Alba’s sweaty balls.

“What…what about me?” Katy’s voice was hesitant, but she was approaching the sinful foursome all the same. “Anything I can…help out with?”

“You wanted to know about eating pussy?” Jessica asked. “Well I’ve got some firsthand experience for you right here!”

“Are… are you sure, Jess? I've already been eating Jen's so much, I– oh!” Mr. Alba grabbed her by the hair and pulled her naked body onto his so that her head faced Jessica. Without missing a beat he pushed her face down into Jessica’s dripping, glistening cunt, spanking her hard at the same time.

“When my baby tells you to eat her pussy, you little slut, you better eat her goddamn pussy, you got that?”

“Mm-hmm!” Katy affirmed into Jessica’s pussy. Jessica looked down and noticed a snack waiting for her.

“Just a minute, slut,” Jessica said, pulling Katy’s face up to hers. She licked up the big streak of her Daddy’s cum on Katy’s nose and kissed Katy on the lips before mashing her face back into her cunt. “Now eat, bitch! OHHHH Daddy that feels so goooood! Stretch my ass, fuck me harder, yeeeeeesssss!”

And so it went. Mr. Alba fucked his daughter’s ass into orgasmic submission, while each of their houseguests sucked away on the family jewels. Jessica moaned and cooed and bared her teeth as she slapped her ass up and down, bucking wildly on her Daddy’s rock-hard, angrily red member. She got the jackhammer ride of her life as her Daddy made her cum into Katy’s mouth, filling her friend’s fuckable face with juices. The reason for her intense pounding became clear as her dad’s hot cum blasted up inside her lovely warm asshole, exactly where it belonged. His cock writhed and pulsed as he shot off, before flopping out in front of her pussy. The last rope of cum caught Katy right in the face, followed by a wave of splashback cum from Jessica’s well-used, stretched-out little ass.

Katy’s face froze in shock as she received that cocktail on her face and her new Daddy tongued her cunt to new dimensions. So when she saw his wilting cock all flopped out and sticky, she only had one course of action: she popped it into her mouth.

Katy's cum bath continued on her tongue. On Mr. Alba's sweaty, spent cock she could taste Jessica’s ass in the cum, noticeably different to Alex’s, and on top of that, the distinct flavor of pussy. That was a taste she wouldn’t soon forget.

Jessica took hold of Katy’s chin and forcibly pulled her lips off of her Daddy’s cock, but it was too late: the hungry slut had sucked it clean. Jessica reluctantly pulled Katy’s face up to her height again, and started to nuzzle and lick her angelic, cum-splattered cheek. As she gulped down her reward, Jessica made sure to rub her gushing pussy all over her Daddy’s spent, tender, well-sucked balls, coating his tangerines with her nectar. Then Jennifer suddenly stuck her tongue in Jessica’s abused little ass, drinking and slurping the molten cum inside. Jessica leaned down and laid her perfect naked torso on her Daddy's, nuzzling her face in the crook of his neck, and Alexandra rested her gorgeous, fat tits on his forehead while he came down from the biggest orgasm of his life.


After all was said and done, Mr. Alba went out and bought Alexandra a bikini similar to the one he so proudly destroyed, albeit a size smaller. He sent her home looking like that, her pillowy tits spilling out and her nipples squeezed tight. The red thong clung to her demolished ass like paint, and he could only hope that her own daddy wouldn’t send her to bed without giving her a good, long punishment. But she would definitely be back for more.

As for Katy, he knew she’d be evicted if her parents found out what happened, so he went to great lengths to make sure everyone was wearing conservative, appropriate clothing when he dropped her off. But when her parents’ backs were turned, he stuck his thumb in her mouth, and she sucked on it with an expression of devotion and gratitude. Another bitch clearly going to come back at some point.

Jennifer was the wild card– she’d seemed to genuinely enjoy being with him but he got the feeling she didn’t really want just one Daddy. If she came back it would just be through one of her rotations.

“I don’t know where you find these girls,” Mr. Alba said to his daughter after they were finally alone on the way home. “You should invite more of your friends over.”

Jessica pouted at him, internally hurting but pretending to jest. “You wanna take all my friends, Daddy? You like fucking hot little Hollywood sluts?”

“Hell yeah, baby. Fuck, you’re making me hard just talking…” But Jessica had already noticed. She leaned over and descended upon her Daddy’s cock, sucking him dutifully as he drove them home. She was very well-rewarded.

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