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Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part Four – Day Two

I awoke to the sound of my mother yelling at me through the door.  I had slept through my alarm and my friend Dan's wedding was only three hours away.

I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed the sleep from my eyes.  The events of the previous evening flashed in my mind.  I had gone to the rehearsal dinner alone.  My ex Belinda had been there with her best friend Marcella.  They were both insanely beautiful Latina women.  Years before, the three of us had had several intimate encounters, so seeing the two of them together again after such a long time was bit jarring to say the least.

Belinda had been in a foul mood on account of her new boyfriend Bruce.  After taking Belinda home, Marcella came back to my house and we ended up having sex in my front yard at 4am. We had had a lot to drink, but she told me that she was in love with me and that she had been for some time.  She also told me that she was still in love with Belinda too...  I wondered: "Had it been the alcohol talking?"  

The plan was for me to pick up Marcella, then drive over to Belinda's house and pick her up and the three of us would go to the wedding together, which meant I would have to face Marcella in less than two hours time.  Then I would have less than fifteen minutes to figure out what the hell was going on before we arrived at Belinda's house.  I couldn't muster an appetite so I skipped breakfast.  I stood idly in the shower and stewed.  Belinda was seeing someone else.  She had moved on.  Still, she had been my girlfriend for eight years.  Would she be okay with the idea of Marcella and I getting together?  Then there was Marcella to consider.  Was she even serious about everything she had said?  She had talked about being with me...  Was she thinking about moving to Florida?..  Was she asking me to move back to Texas?..  I was confused.

I shaved and put on my rented tuxedo.  I hugged my mother goodbye after posing for several photos at her insistence, then climbed into her SUV which I was borrowing during my stay and headed toward Marcella's house.

I wanted the drive to last a lot longer than it did.  I just knew deep down that things were going to be awkward.  When I arrived at Marcella's house, her mother complimented me on how nicely I cleaned up and invited me in to sit down while Marcella finished getting ready.  After a few minutes, Marcella stepped into the living room.

I will never forget how she looked that day.  She was wearing a tastefully low cut burgundy dress which complimented her golden skin beautifully.  Her dark hair was up and several wide spirals hung at the sides of her face.  Her make-up was soft and subtle.  I felt my heart pick up it's pace.  She was absolutely stunning.

I rose to my feet as she glided into the room.  There were a thousand things I could've said at that moment, but a single word escaped my lips.  It floated from me the same way it would've come from a child seeing a waterfall or a rainbow for the first time.  "Wow."

Her mother laughed at me momentarily and Marcella smiled.  "Thank you."

We got into the SUV and began driving toward Belinda's house.  I had gone from nervous to terrified.  Marcella smiled at me.  "So, are you excited?"

"Excited isn't the exact word I would use." I smiled.  I was trying to get a read on her.  Her smile was genuine and everything seemed to be fine, still I couldn't shake the strange feeling in my gut.  We had had sex less than ten hours earlier and now we were both acting like nothing had happened.  I had to know.  I had to be sure.  "Do you wanna hear something crazy?"  I asked.  She looked over to me.  I suddenly started vomiting words like a volcano.  "I barely slept last night because I couldn't stop thinking about you, and I know that we were drinking and people say things and do things that they don't really mean when they're drinking, and I really hope that isn't what happened last night because I think I'm in love with you, and if you were serious about trying be together, then I'm completely on board."

There was a brief silence.  I had laid it all out.  I was exposed and vulnerable.  Marcella lowered her head and smiled.  She then slowly turned to me and looked up to meet my eyes.  There was a hint of mischief in her gaze.  "Do you wanna hear something crazy Johnny?"

"Okay." I answered impatiently.

She turned back toward the road and her grin broadened.  "If it hadn't taken my sister two hours to do my hair and make-up, I would suck your cock right here, right now." she smiled as she settled back into her seat.  I could feel blood rushing to my groin at the mere thought of it.  She had somehow managed to calm me down, answer all of my questions and give me an erection with one sentence.  I glanced back at her.  She was still smiling.  So was I.  "What?" she asked.

"Just wishing you weren't wearing all that make-up." I replied with red cheeks.

Neither of us said another word for the rest of the drive to Belinda's house.  We just sat and smiled.

When we arrived at Belinda's, she was waiting for us in the living room.  She too looked incredible.  She was wearing her hair down.  Her hair usually hung in wild natural curls, but she had straightened it for the wedding and it hung long past her shoulders.  She wore a beige silk dress that was cut just above the knee showing off her tan muscular legs.  We posed for some more photos for her mother and finally departed for the wedding.

Marcella sat in the back seat and Belinda sat beside me in the passenger seat.  We all chatted about nothing important for a few minutes as I drove along.  Then Belinda fished her cell phone out of her purse.  She dialed a number and waited.  Finally she said "Hey honey!"  She was talking to her boyfriend Bruce.  Marcella and I had already developed a low opinion of him.  I glanced in the rear-view mirror and found Marcella's reflection rolling her eyes.  "I'm on my way to the wedding now, so my phone will probably be off for the next hour or so.  Just wanted to let you know."  There was a break.  "So far!  It's nice to be home again anyway."  Another break.  "Okay baby.  I'll call you after.  Love you!  Bye."

We arrived at the church a half hour before the wedding.  Marcella and Belinda went inside and found some seats and I went to find Dan and the boys.  I won't bore you with the details, but the wedding was fine.  I was in the wedding party, so I didn't get to sit with the girls.  Things didn't pick up again until afterward.

The reception was in a different location about a half mile away from the church, so Belinda and Marcella hopped in the car with me.  Belinda turned her phone back on and dialed Bruce.  Marcella and I sat in silence as Belinda waited for an answer that never came.  She left him a voice mail asking him to call her back just as we arrived at the reception hall.  

The DJ was playing all the usual wedding reception favorites.  The line for the bar was twice as long as the line for dinner.  The whole gang was there and dressed to the nines.  We all drank and laughed and talked about the old times and caught up more on what we had all been up to.

Time crept by.

The reception had been going on for over an hour.  I was talking to Chuck about some new business idea he had when I saw Belinda pull her phone out of her purse and glance at the screen before dropping it back inside.  She was sitting alone at a table near the doors.  Marcella was out on the dance floor looking more alive than I had ever seen her.  I then stared at Belinda for a moment.  She looked so very sad.

The DJ put on some slower sentimental ballad that I wasn't familiar with.  I stood up from the table and walked over to Belinda and extended my hand.  "May I?" I asked.  

We stepped out onto the dance floor and I pulled her in close.  I wrapped my arm around her waist and took her hand as we began to gently sway to the rhythm.  "Everything alright?" I asked.

"Yeah." she sighed.  I could see the pain in her eyes.  I hated seeing that more than I can describe.  She was such a beautiful and gentle girl.  I thought about what Marcella had said to me the night before.  She had been right.  When I looked into Belinda's eyes, I knew I was still in love with her.

"I'm sorry for...  whatever it is that's got you down right now." I smiled sympathetically.

"It's okay." she smiled back.  Her soft features were magnetic.  

I stared deep into her brown eyes as she stared into mine.  There was a moment of obvious longing between us.  "Why did we break up?" I asked with a shy grin.

She let go of my hand and threw both arms around my neck.  "I can't remember." she smiled.

I pulled her closer and she rested her head on my shoulder.  We lazily swayed together in silence for the rest of the song holding on tight to one another.  The DJ then went on to play all of the club music of the day and everyone was eventually dancing.  Belinda was at least able to forget about Bruce long enough to enjoy a few dances with Marcella and me.  We bounced and shook, sweating and heaving into one another, fueled by alcohol and the desire to forget the trappings of our daily lives.  The three of us stayed close and our breathing was low and hot.  An intensity was rising between the three of us that had been lying dormant for years, and though we all felt it, none of us acknowledged it.

At 8pm, the reception finally came to an end.  Dan and his new bride boarded a limo and headed out into their own future.  We waved them away and stood on the curb, drunk and restless.  I turned to Marcella and Belinda to see if they were ready to go home, but Belinda had already dialed Bruce on her phone again.  She waited until it went to voice mail and was clearly frustrated when she canceled the call and dropped the phone back into her purse. I finally asked "So what do you guys feel like doing?"

Belinda made no effort to hide her hurt or her anger.  "Let's go get a drink somewhere that we can smoke."  Belinda hadn't had a cigarette in almost a year.  She was angry.

"Uh...  Okay." I smiled, shuffling through my mind for somewhere we could go.  There were several bars nearby, but I could only imagine Belinda getting even more drunk and causing some kind of embarrassing scene she would later regret.  I thought about my mom's house, but I didn't want my mother to see Belinda that way.  I then remembered my dad's house.  He was in California on a business trip and always kept a large collection of wine on hand.  "Do you wanna go to my dad's house?  He's out of town on business and it's just sitting there empty."

"Can we smoke there?" Belinda asked.  

"In the backyard, plus he's got a shitload of wine we can drink." I said.  Marcella smiled.

Belinda did not.

With that, the three of us left the reception hall.  We stopped at a convenient store and grabbed two packs of cigarettes and continued on to my father's house.  

I found the spare key he had hidden under a rock in the garden and we went inside.  Belinda was pretty tipsy and headed straight to the back yard.  Marcella followed her out and I went to look at my father's wine collection.  I filled up three glasses with something old and red and headed outside.  The temperature had dropped significantly.  It had to have been in the mid-fifties.  Belinda was dropping her phone back into her purse again and saying "Mother Fucker!" when I handed Marcella a glass of wine.

"What?" Marcella asked, already knowing the answer.

"Bruce still isn't answering his fucking phone!" Belinda whined.  "Plus it's fucking freezing out here!" she added as she lit a cigarette.  She took a long deep draw from it.  "Oh, shit that feels good." she exhaled.

"Maybe he's in a meeting or something."  Marcella chimed in.

"It's 9:30 in Florida.  Who has a meeting at 9:30 at night?" Belinda barked.  Her mood had gone from bad to worse.

Marcella was determined to cheer her up.  "He's a club owner, right?  Club owners have meetings this late, don't they?"

"Not with Investors." Belinda replied, taking a huge gulp of wine.  "He's probably meeting somebody though."

Just as I sat down, Marcella clenched her body and rubbed her arms.  "Are you almost done with that cigarette?  It's fucking cold out here."

Writer's note:  Before I go on, I have to describe the yard that we were sitting in.  It's a pretty cool backyard.  When you step out of the back door, if you turned right, you would see a 10 foot by 18 foot deck with four patio chairs, a table and a four person hot tub on the far side.  This was where we were seated.  Shooting off of the deck was a three foot wide walkway which led to 6 stairs, which led to a deck that overlooked an above-ground pool.  On that deck was another set of chairs.  Anyway, where were we?...  Oh, yeah!  So, Marcella was cold...

I could hear the hum of the water pump underneath the hot tub.  I stood up and walked over to it.  I lifted the vinyl lined Styrofoam shell that covered it just high enough to stick my fingers in the water.  It was hot.  "The hot tub is on.  If we get in, we'll be warm and you can still smoke." I suggested.

Belinda looked up at me.  She looked annoyed and drunk.  She was actually starting to act really bitchy.  "What are we gonna wear, one of your step mom's swimsuits?  She's way bigger than we are."

I looked back to her as I pulled the lid all the way off.  "Just go in your underwear.  It's like a bathing suit right?"  I really was trying to be helpful...  Maybe a little manipulative...  Sue me.

Belinda stubbed out her cigarette.  "Johnny, these are formal dresses.  I'm pretty sure neither one of us is wearing a bra."

I stepped closer to where they were sitting.  "Perfect." I smiled.

Belinda finally let her guard down.  She began laughing hysterically.  "Same old Johnny.  Still trying to see my titties." she drunkenly smiled.  Marcella sat back and grinned.

"I'm kidding.  Look, I'll go grab some of my dad's old tee shirts.  You can wear those, okay?  That way, you can smoke as much as you want without all of us freezing our asses off."

"Fine." Belinda said, catching her breath.  Marcella laughed and nodded her approval.

Belinda and Marcella followed me into my father's bedroom.  I fished out two dark colored tee shirts for them to wear and then left them alone.  I took off my tuxedo jacket in the dining room and hung it on a chair at the table.  I then removed my shirt, shoes, socks and pants.  I debated on whether or not to take off my undershirt.  Then I thought: "I'm a guy.  What the fuck am I doing?" and took off the tee shirt.  I was down to just my flannel boxers when the door to my father's bedroom slowly opened and Belinda and Marcella stepped out wearing nothing but their panties and some old baggy tee shirts.  (I was assuming they were wearing their panties, although I couldn't actually see them. -JJJ)  Both their hair and makeup were still mostly perfect and the stark contrast of that against my dad's old worn out tee's was almost comical.  The shirts hung low and loose down to mid thigh on both of them yet they still managed to look incredibly sexy.

I grabbed three oversized towels and the three of us ran from the back door to the hot tub and one by one, climbed in.  I was the last one in, so I handed Belinda and Marcella their wine glasses and put Belinda's cigarettes on the table nearby.

During the summer of 1999, we had all three had sex together a number of times and my dad's backyard had been one of several places we had used when we experimented with each other.  In fact, in that very same hot tub, Belinda and Marcella had had a blow job contest with yours truly acting as judge.  A clear winner could never be crowned though.  Too many variables.  Either way, that memory popped into my mind and I couldn't stop myself from smiling.  I missed being young. 

Belinda had finally lightened up a bit.  She was smoking another cigarette and I had just returned with our third round of wine.  She and Marcella were laughing at something they were talking about and I finally felt like the night was going to turn out okay.  I leaned toward Belinda.  "Can I get one of those cigarettes?" I asked.

"Sure." Belinda smiled.

I grabbed a cigarette and lit it up.  I hadn't smoked in a few weeks.  I hadn't really quit at that point, but had cut back quite a lot.  "Thanks." I smiled.

We sat in the tub for another fifteen minutes or so, talking and laughing.  I was genuinely happy that Belinda was having a good time.  Belinda then leaned forward a bit.  "Oh, my god it's so hot in here.  I'm actually sweating."

"Me too." Marcella agreed.  

With that, Belinda rose up out of the water and sat down on the lip of the hot tub.  The porch lights were bright and despite how dark the tee shirt was, I could very easily make out every curve of her beautiful body as the dark wet material clung to her form.  The night air was cool and steam plumed from her body.  The chill in the air quickly cooled the water soaked into the shirt and I happily watched  as her nipples began to rise and push against the wet cloth.  She threw her head back and let out a sigh of relief and I immediately registered movement in my boxers.

Immediately after that, Marcella rose up and joined her on the side of the tub and I watched the same transformation take place beneath her shirt as well.

I was dumb-founded.  I had seen both of them naked, years before.  Now they were both sitting in clinging wet tee shirts with their nipples at full attention.  My imagination did the rest of the work and in moments, i was at full attention.  Then Marcella looked down at me.  "This feels so good Johnny.  You should try it."

I wasn't sure what to say.  I had only a moment to come up with a suitable response.  The mood was very light and playful at that point, so I decided I would just be honest.   "I have an enormous hard on right now."

It was the right response.  Both of them let out deep belly laughs as soon as the words left my mouth.  I just smiled in response.  They had to have known how hot they both looked.  Either way, it kept the light mood of the night going and I was happy for that.  They both slid back down into the water, still giggling.  Belinda grabbed her wine glass and saw that it was empty.  "I'm gonna get some more wine.  Who needs a refill?"

Marcella and I simultaneously said "I do." and Belinda rose up and collected our glasses.

Marcella watched Belinda over my shoulder as she slid the heavy glass door open and slipped inside.  She immediately rose up out of the water and, to my surprise, she peeled the front of her wet tee shirt up away from her body exposing her glistening breasts.  She then proceeded to lean over me, smothering me with her naked breasts.  "Are you still hard?" she asked as she reached toward my crotch under the water.

"Fuck yes." I said as she squeezed my cock outside of my boxers.  She then grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to my feet.  I stood in the cold night air as she jerked the front of my boxers down.  I was terrified that Belinda might walk out and see us.  She wasn't my girlfriend anymore, but it could still be devastating for her to see Marcella and I sneaking moments of intimacy behind her back.  

Memories of making love with Marcella the night before flooded my mind and I found myself caring less and less about getting caught.  Marcella reached up with her free hand and grabbed my cock.  She urgently pulled it into her mouth and aggressively jerked and sucked me off.  I couldn't believe what was happening, and after about thirty seconds, Marcella finally pulled away and I slid back down into the warm water as she pulled the front of her shirt back down. Marcella then turned around and sat at my side.  Above the surface, she was just sitting next to me about a foot away.  Beneath the surface, her fingers wrapped around my swollen organ and began to gently glide up and down.

I was so wrapped up in the moment that it took me a while to realize that Belinda had been gone for a lot longer than she should've been.  I knew that she could return at any second.  Marcella continued to stroke my cock as she whispered "Do you wanna fuck me again tonight?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"Tell me." she hissed as she stroked me.

"Oh, god." I sighed.  "I wanna bend you over the edge of this hot tub and fuck you until you cum all over my cock." I moaned as quietly as I could manage.

"Yeah?" she growled.  "Do you want to put your cock in my tight little asshole too?" she grinned as she stroked my rod.

My stomach tightened.  She was winding me up.  "Oh, fuck yeah.  I wanna fuck your tight little asshole until I fucking cum." I whispered.

"Where do you wanna cum?" she asked.

"In your mouth.  I wanna shove my cock in your fucking mouth and cum down your throat." I grunted.  Her hand felt incredible.

The back door finally slid open and suddenly, Belinda was on the patio with three fresh glasses of wine.  Like a magician, Marcella smiled over to her and called out.  "Hey baby girl.  What took so long?"  She was acting completely natural, yet continued to softly stroke my cock under the water.  Needless to say, it was an intense moment.

Belinda set the wine glasses on the lip of the tub and began to climb back in across from us.  She was half smiling, but only half.  "Okay.  Don't call me a psycho, but I called Bruce again."

Marcella continued to stroke my shaft, so I obviously couldn't speak at that moment.  Marcella picked up a glass of wine with her free hand.  "Well?"

"Still no answer." Belinda said as she settled in.  "Asshole." she chaffed.

I felt Marcella's fingers finally leave my cock.  Her hand came out of the water and brushed Belinda's cheek.  That part was super hot in a strange way.  "No honey, you're not a psycho."  Then her hand disappeared under the water and went right back to lightly stroking me.  Belinda took a sip of wine and continued.  "So then I called Melissa from work to see if he was there and he's not."

"Oh shit." Marcella said.

"I know, so I asked her to drive by our house after work and make sure he's alone." Belinda said.

Marcella and I both went wide eyed.  "What?" Marcella exclaimed.  "Okay, that IS psycho!  If you don't trust him THAT MUCH, you should just break up with him!"

"I totally should!" Belinda exclaimed.  "He's an asshole!"

"He IS an asshole!" Marcella agreed.  I still couldn't speak...  You know why.

Belinda gulped some more wine.  "Everything was perfect when we first met, and then I moved in with him and he got all weird!  Everything got all secretive and sneaky, you know?"  Her expression had changed.  She was no longer smiling.  I watched her fall into another low.  "He's such an asshole.  I know he's cheating on me." she said.  Then she began to cry.  It wasn't until then that Marcella finally stopped stroking me.

"Oh, baby." Marcella said as she drifted over toward Belinda.  Belinda felt weak and vulnerable.  It wasn't a look that suited her.  Belinda refused Marcella's attempt to be comforting and angrily rose up out of the water.  She went back into the house, wiping tears from her eyes as she left.

Marcella and I were left alone again for about fifteen minutes.  We barely spoke aside from saying how horrible we felt for Belinda, as well as a few choice words about Bruce.  

Finally, Belinda re-emerged.  This time she was carrying two full wine bottles.  They had both been uncorked.  She climbed back into the hot tub and took a chug from one of the open bottles and handed the other to me.  Her cheeks were dry and she no longer looked sad, though her eyes were red and puffy.  At that moment, she only looked enraged.

"Got a text from Melissa." she said in a loud shrill voice.

"What did she say?"  Marcella asked.

"There's a neon yellow VW Bug parked in my driveway.  In MY fucking driveway." she said calmly as she took another chug of wine.  I took a chug from the bottle that she handed me and then passed it to Marcella.

I didn't want the evening to go sour.  "Maybe it's just one of his friends." I said.

"I know his fucking friends.  None of his fucking friends drive a fucking neon yellow VW Bug!  He's totally cheating on me!  Mother fucker!"

Marcella slid up next to her and draped her arm over Belinda's shoulders.  "Fuck that guy." she said, consoling her.  "He's a fucking moron Belin.  You're so fucking sexy and smart and sweet, and that piece of shit doesn't deserve you."

Belinda was past crying.  She was just vacant.  "I don't give a shit.  Fuck that asshole." she moped as she chugged more wine.

Marcella squeezes her close and held her, quietly petting her damp hair.  

Suddenly Marcella's eyes popped open and she looked Belin in the eyes.  "You know what would make you feel better?"

"Punching Bruce in the fucking face?" Belin asked as she took another chug of wine.

"Let's jump in the pool!" Marcella smiled.

Belinda looked over to her sideways.  "Are you crazy?  It's fucking freezing out here."

"I know!" Marcella exclaimed.  "Don't think about it, just do it!  It'll be like a rebirth!"  

Without another word, Marcella hurriedly climbed out of the hot tub and ran along the path and up the steps to the pool deck.  There were no lights on up there and we could only make out vague details from what the moon revealed to us.  "Come on!" we heard her yell, just before we heard a big splash.

Belinda laughed through her tears and looked at me.  "She's fucking crazy."

"She's YOUR best friend." I smiled back.

Belinda and I climbed out of the hot tub and briskly headed up to the pool deck.  We could see Marcella's shadow floating in the water below us.  "It's not that bad once you get in!" she chattered from the darkness.

The night air was chilling me to the bone.  I reasoned with myself that at least the water would protect me from the biting wind.  I stepped past Belinda and leaped into the darkness.  

The water was freezing and immediately shocked my system.  After a few seconds, the initial bite of the cold wore off and my body acclimated to the temperature as well as it could.  Poor Belinda remained all alone on the deck at the water's edge, shivering.  "You're both fucking crazy!" Belinda laughed.

"Come on chicken shit!" Marcella goaded her.  

Finally, Belinda stepped off of the edge and plunged into the cold water.

She immediately burst up through the surface and gasped.  "Fuck my ass, this is cold!"  

Marcella and I shared a deep hard laugh.

"Just wait for it Belin." Marcella smiled.

Belinda's body eventually adjusted to the temperature and soon the three of us were swimming in circles and laughing again.  Marcella finally said "I remember this pool being a lot warmer."  We all knew she was referring to our wild summer together.

"That was so fun!" I laughed.  "We used to come over here and go skinny dipping all the time."

Belinda laughed.  "Do you guys remember that day when Gracie caught us?"

Gracie was my step-sister.  I laughed along.  "Yeah.  Good thing we were only swimming when she came out here.  It could've been way worse."

"No shit." Belinda smiled.  "Like the blow job contest?" she laughed.

I finally caught my breath.  "God.  I wonder how many days total we spent back here, swimming around naked."

Belinda was wrapped in the memory of that warm innocent summer.  "I miss swimming naked."

Marcella swam past me toward Belinda.  "So get naked then."

"What, now?  Yeah, right." Belinda laughed.

"Why not?" Marcella asked her as she planted her feet on the bottom of the pool.  She stood up and the water came to just below her breasts.

"Well, because..." was all Belinda could come up with.

Marcella stepped closer to Belinda.  "Because of what?" she waited.  "Your boyfriend?"  

Belinda had no response.  

That was all Marcella needed.  She reached down into the water and grabbed the hem of the shirt she was wearing and began to pull it up.  I stopped swimming and watched Marcella peel the wet tee shirt off of her beautiful body and then toss it onto the deck with a wet splat.  I stared at her beautiful glistening breasts in the moonlight.  Her dark nipples were hard and strained upward against the cold night air.  "I'm pretty much divorced now.  You guys have both seen my tits anyways, so who gives a fuck, right?" she said very passively.  With that Marcella slipped back down into the water and swam away.  "Come on.  Live a little Belinda."

I hovered in the water, watching Belinda reason with herself.  Maybe I was inspired by Marcella's moment of reverie, or maybe I was just a typical horny bastard, but I decided I would add fuel to the fire.  I grabbed the waistband of my boxers and slid them down my legs and had them off in a second.  I then balled them up and tossed them past Belinda onto the deck beside Marcella's shirt.

I was completely naked and could feel the water rushing past my bare cock and balls and was feeling wonderfully happy.  Marcella was swimming around me in only her panties and Belinda was wrestling with the notion of joining us.  The night had just gotten a lot more interesting.  Marcella hooted and I kept a watchful eye on Belinda as she finally gave in to our persistent hounding.  She was a little more shy than Marcella was.  

Belinda's face finally untangled into a smile.  She then slipped completely under the surface.  A few seconds later, her head and bare shoulders broke the surface of the frigid water and she tossed her wet shirt onto the deck on top of Marcella's.

"Woohoo!" Marcella hooted.  Belinda laughed and smiled bigger than we had seen her smile in years.  The three of us swam in shallow circles, enjoying the sensation of the cold water on our bare skin and giggling like the young and curious kids we had all once been.

After another few minutes, we had finally gotten our fill of the cold and were ready to return to the warmth of the hot tub.  The brave Marcella climbed out first.  I watched her beautiful tan body rise up the step ladder, out of the water and onto the deck.  She was wearing a black thong and her stunning wet body glistened in the moonlight.  She casually walked past the wet pile of clothes on the deck and waited for Belinda at the edge of the stairs.  "Hurry up!  It's fucking freezing out here!"

Belinda then rose out of the water with her back to me.  I still hadn't seen her bare breasts since we had broken up three years earlier.  She climbed out with her back to me.  Her body was thin and tan as I remembered it being.  She was wearing low cut white panties that became sheer when saturated with water.  I could make out the fleshy tones of her ass cheeks underneath the wet panties.  She too walked right past the wet pile of clothes and then joined Marcella in hurrying down the steps and then across the yard.

So, they're going topless from here on out...

I climbed out of the pool naked.  I won't lie.  It was fucking cold and I'm pretty sure my dick was hanging about 2 inches long at that point.  Not my best look.  I looked down at my wet boxers by my feet.  Two wet tee shirts lay beside them.  If I put my boxers back on, would they put their shirts back on?  

I left the boxers in a heap on the deck.  As I reached the steps, Marcella and Belinda were already climbing back into the hot tub.  There was no getting around it.  The lower deck was brightly lit by the patio lights.  They were going to see my tiny frozen wiener...  

Oh well.  No guts, no glory.

They were only wearing panties.  I'm no idiot.  I recognized the potential of the situation I was in.  Marcella had already made it abundantly clear that she was horny too.  I had to get Belinda in the same frame of mind.  I decided not to bother covering myself up.  I approached the hot tub with my arms at my sides.  Marcella and Belinda were already laughing and as soon as they peered over to me, both of their brows went all wrinkly and all I heard was "Aaawwwee."  

I climbed in as quickly as I could.  Marcella put her hand on my shoulder.  She was laughing so hard, she was crying.  "Oh Johnny!  It's a good thing we've seen your dick hard before because that was not a flattering look at all!"  Belinda grabbed a wine bottle and tried to take a gulp through her laughter.

"Hey, it's fucking cold!" I yelled, feigning embarrassment.

"Haha!  I was in the pool!" Belinda laughed, doing her best 'George Costanza' impression.

"Whatever." I laughed.  "Both of you had my tiny little dick in your mouth once upon a time, in this very hot tub." I smiled.  Their laughter grew into a howl and I joined them.  I took the bottle from Belinda and took a deep chug before passing it to Marcella.

Marcella wiped a tear from her eye.  "Ha ha!  Holy shit...  God I missed this."

"Me too." I smiled.  "You know, I still have all of the pictures from the last time we were together."  

"What pictures?" Belinda chuckled.

"All those pictures that Marcella took that night you two got me naked in the kitchen of that house I was renting before I moved to Florida." I smiled.

"Bullshit!" Marcella exclaimed.

"No bullshit." I gloated.

"You do not still have those pictures!" she yelled.

"Uh-huh." I smiled.

"Oh, my god." Marcella said wide eyed.  "Do you still...  You know?" she said as she made the international 'jerk off' hand signal.  That sent Belinda into another frenzy of laughter.

"Sometimes." I grinned.  The night was  getting more and more interesting.

"I don’t believe you." Marcella said.  "You do NOT still have those pictures!"

"I can prove it." I said.  "I copied them onto my phone."

Belinda was smiling drunkenly.  Marcella's eyes were like saucers.  "Go get it!  I wanna see!"

With that, I rose up out of the water.  The warm water had done it's magic and I was happily back up to my normal size.  I stopped in front of them and pointed at my cock, proudly letting it hang in front of them.  "Huh?  There you go!" I bragged with a laugh.

"There it is!" Belinda hooted, clearly pretty tipsy.

I hopped out onto the deck and hurried inside the back door.  I walked through the living room into the kitchen where I had gotten undressed.  I was so excited about how things had panned out.  The night had started with Belinda crying, and now here we were.  I was waltzing around naked and Belinda and Marcella were only wearing their panties and we were all about to look at a bunch of photos of the three of us having sex.  I hate to say it, but ol' Bruce couldn't have picked a worse night to fuck things up with Belinda and I was happy to reap the benefits of his neglect.  I reached into my inside coat pocket and found my cell phone.

I turned toward the doorway just as Belinda stepped into the kitchen.  

The water from the pool and the humidity of the hot tub had taken away the straightening she had done to her hair earlier in the day.  It hung in curly wet clumps across her face and down her chest.  Her beautiful bare breasts were finally revealed in all their glory in the bright light of the kitchen.  Her soft pink nipples came to sharp points and beads of water clung to them.  Her white panties were soaked thru and I could easily make out the thin dark landing strip of pubic hair beneath.  Her arms were dangling at her sides and she was wearing a drunken smile.  She left me breathless.  "I almost forgot how beautiful you are." I said.

I crossed the room and stood in front of her.  She stared up into my eyes in a daze as I spoke.  "I don't know what's going on with that guy, but if he really is cheating on you, he's the dumbest asshole that ever lived."  Her eyes were narrow and red.  Her smile was sweet and innocent.  I leaned closer to her face.  I wanted to kiss her.  

Our lips were only inches apart when we heard Marcella at the back door yelling "Come on!  Let's see those pictures already!"

I broke away from Belinda and she followed me back to the kitchen table where I'd left my phone.  Marcella appeared in the doorway in nothing but her black thong and a smile.  She gracefully crossed the room and joined us standing by the kitchen table.  I could finally see both of their beautiful, almost nude bodies in full detail and I was having a difficult time tearing my eyes away from either one of them.  They both looked so damn sexy.  

I finally opened the phone's photo gallery.  Inside, there were multiple folders.  I opened one titled: "Work Projects."  Inside that folder, there were several sub-folders with titles like: MK, MM, A.  etc.  I opened a folder titled "BM" and a photo gallery opened.

Marcella asked me "Are all of those sex pictures?"

"Uh-huh." I said confidently as I opened the first photo.  "The kind of girls I date usually aren't very camera shy."  The first photo in the series was of me lying on my back on the dining room floor of my old rent house wearing a sweater, jeans and a jacket.  Belinda was wearing a black sweater, kneeling by my side with her hand stuck in the zipper hole of my pants.  My eyes were closed and Belinda was laughing hysterically.  Her sweater was pulled up above her breasts, revealing her bra.

“Oh my god.  Do you really still jerk off to these?” Marcella asked.

“Sometimes.” I smiled as Marcella grabbed the phone from me.

"Give me this thing.  I'm driving." she giggled.  

As she cycled through the photos, we saw Belinda's fingers wrapped around my erect cock, a few shots of Belinda's bare breasts, Belinda with my cock in her mouth, Marcella squeezing Belinda's tits, Belinda's naked ass, Marcella squeezing Belinda's ass, then rubbing her asshole with a fingertip, the two of them kissing with my cock pressed against Belinda's cheek, A nice shot of Marcella's naked tits, and finally, the two of them topless and tongue kissing with a splash of my cum on Belinda's chin.

"Holy fuck." Marcella murmured.  I was getting really turned on looking at the photos.  Then, Marcella took it one step further.  She exited out of the 'BM' folder.  "I wanna see...”  She opened the folder titled 'KM.'  "...what else you've been up to."

I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not, but my ego won the battle and I happily watched her go through some of the other folders.  She and Belinda rifled through pictures of stuff I had done with Marie and Karen.  Then she found some photos I had taken of Marie going down on Michelle as well as pictures of the two of them taking turns sucking my cock.  Lastly, they looked at some pictures of Amanda sucking my cock and then taking it up the ass.

“Holy shit!  You’ve been a busy boy!” Marcella smiled seductively.  Had seeing all of that actually turned her on even more?  

By that point, I had gotten completely hard again.  I was also completely naked, so there was no hiding it, although I wasn't really trying to.  In fact, I was hoping that they had gotten a little turned on too.  I took the phone from Marcella and set it down on the kitchen table. I casually took a step back, giving them both a clear view of my full erection.

Marcella was the first to take notice.  “Look Belin!  Little Chico is getting excited!”  Marcella giggled as she stared down at my swollen cock.  Belinda looked down and smiled absently.

It was at that point that Marcella decided to torture me a little.  She smiled devilishly at me and then turned to Belinda.  She casually slid her hands up Belinda's flat tummy and then cupped her small breasts, effectively putting them on display for me.  "Ooh Johnny...  Look at these tits!" she hooted like a sorority girl.  

Belinda giggled and looked back down to my throbbing cock.  "Oh my god Marci, look how hard he is." she smiled.

Marcella threw another lustful glance at me.  "Do you miss seeing me and Belinda together like this Chico?"  

I hadn't heard her call me that in years.  It always drove me crazy.  Marcella then boldly pulled Belinda close and kissed her softly on the lips.  Belinda pulled away and snorted through a giggle as Marcella cupped her breasts again.  She examined them closely as she lightly massaged them and then turned to me again.  "Doesn't she have the most beautiful tits you've ever seen Chico?"  

Belinda giggled again as Marcella bent down and playfully kissed her right on the nipple.  It was quite strange really.  What she was doing was overtly sexual, yet the mood was still playful and light.  Marcella was driving me insane and she knew it.  She then looked over at me and started bouncing Belinda's perky breasts in her hands as she made dramatic sexual sounds.  "Aah! Ahh! Oh! Uhh!  Fuck, I missed these fucking titties!" Marcella laughed again as she gave them a gentle squeeze.  

Marcella took a step closer to Belinda and wrapped her arms around her.  She mashed her breasts against Belinda's and got face to face with her to look her in the eyes.  "You're so sexy Belinda."

I thought for certain that they were about to kiss.  Belinda was still smiling and dazed, but Marcella had gotten more serious.  Marcella then turned to me and said "Isn't she the sexiest girl you've ever seen?"

"She is." I smiled.  My cock was still as hard as an oak.

They stood there in the kitchen with their arms around each other and their eyes locked, swaying absently to music that wasn't there.  Their expressions had both grown much more serious and I could see in Belinda's eyes that, in that moment, she wanted Marcella just as badly as Marcella wanted her.  Marcella had managed to get in Belinda's head.  She then took Belinda's hand and led her out of the kitchen and through the back door.

I began to follow, but stopped short of the sliding glass door.  I thought it would be best to just let whatever was going to happen between them happen on its own.  I knew Marcella well enough to know she had a plan.  As horny as Belinda might be getting, it was much safer for her to be alone with Marcella than with me.  If something were to happen with Marcella it wouldn't be nearly as bad as if something happened with me.  After all, Belinda did still have a boyfriend.  Shit, Marcella technically still had a husband, and I was still dating Amanda...  All of those thoughts shuffled through my mind and I began to feel a little guilty.  I wrestled with the feelings for a few minutes before finally letting myself really feel what I wanted to feel.  I had known Belinda and Marcella for most of my life and I was crazy about both of them.  Marcella wanted it to happen too.  The only wild card was Belinda.  It was at that moment that I made the biggest decision of my life.  'We belong together.' I thought.  With that, I stepped out onto the patio, completely naked and fueled by an old fire that refused to be extinguished.

The first thing I saw was Marcella's black thong in a wet clump in the center of the deck.  I had hoped to find them giggling and lightly pecking each other on the lips.  Instead, I found something much more lurid than I had imagined. 

Marcella was completely naked, sitting on the lip of the hot tub with her thighs spread wide.  She was facing me and moaning softly into the night.  My eyes drifted down from her face, across her beautiful tan breasts and firm body and further still to her spread thighs.  It was there that I found Belinda, mostly below the surface of the water.  Her head was between Marcella's thighs and she was clearly eating Marcella's pussy...

I was completely beside myself.

Marcella noticed my arrival first.  Then Belinda.  Belinda pulled away from Marcella's glistening shaved cunt and they both giggled as Marcella slid down into the warm water.  "Oh, don't mind me." I smiled as I stepped closer to the tub.  I was trying to be as casual as possible.  The last thing I wanted to do was interrupt what they had started.  They both shyly giggled again as Marcella closed the gap between herself and Belinda.  Their eyes met again and Marcella began to softly and sensuously kiss her with an open mouth and no inhibitions.

I stood in complete admiration as their hands glided over one another's bodies in slow motion.  Marcella kissed down Belin's neck and onto her small breasts.  Belinda softly moaned as Marcella gently bit and tugged at her nipple.

I wanted to get involved.

I stepped closer to them until my stiff member was hovering over the ledge of the jacuzzi.  Marcella and Belinda looked over to me and giggled to each other.  Marcella kissed Belinda softly one final time before she floated toward me.   Belinda followed her over and Marcella made sure she was okay with the idea of involving me.  Belinda was still smiling as Marcella grabbed hold of my cock and sensuously pulled it into her mouth.  

I couldn't believe what was happening.  Belinda just sat by Marcella's side and watched as Marcella sucked my cock in long wet strokes.  It was a tricky situation though and Marcella didn't push Belinda to get involved, but rather let her go at her own pace.  Occasionally, she would break away from me and kiss Belinda for a moment before returning her soft lips to my eager cock.  I immediately wondered if Belinda could taste me on Marcella's lips.  

Despite Belinda's reluctance to get involved, she was clearly very comfortable with what was happening between Marcella and myself which made me very happy.  I couldn't stop myself from wondering what Marcella would do next. She didn't disappoint.  

She pulled away from me and invited me to join them in the hot tub before briefly kissing Belinda again.  I climbed into the warm water and sat on the ledge with my thighs spread and Marcella positioned herself in front of me and resumed her amazing blow job as Belinda continued to watch.  Belinda then looked up at me and we locked eyes for a heated moment.  Her lust was growing and I could see it all over her face, but her will was very strong.  Just as she turned her attention back to Marcella, Marcella rose up out of the water.  Her beautiful naked body glistened as she turned away from me.  She then took a step back and swung her leg out over my own and leaned back against my body.  Her other leg rose up and I felt her hand firmly grip my cock as she carefully lowered herself down.

As I slid into her, she let out a satisfied moan and before long, she was rising and falling slowly on my cock.  I couldn't believe that Marcella had dared to take things that far. Belinda rose out of the water in front of her and leaned in for another wet kiss.  It was the most sensual atmosphere I had ever witnessed.  Every movement was slow and deliberate.  Marcella moaned again as Belinda drew a nipple into her mouth and suckled at it.  She then kissed down Marcella's belly and dropped back down into the water.  I couldn't see her anymore, but I heard her ask me if I had noticed that Marcella had shaved her pussy.  I had actually noticed it the night before.  "Uh-huh." I moaned.  Belinda went silent and I felt the heat of her breath on my exposed balls.  She had returned to licking Marcella's clit.

I'm not sure exactly how long that part lasted, but it went on for a good while.  Marcella just moaned softly as she slowly rode me and Belinda ate her out.  I couldn't believe how close my cock was to Belinda's beautiful mouth, but despite how close the three of us all were, Belinda barely touched me at all aside from my balls occasionally bumping her chin a few times accidentally.  It was an incredibly intense situation.  Maybe Belinda figured that if she didn't actually do anything with me, that she wouldn't be cheating, even though she had every right to.  At the end of the day, she was a good girl and I had to respect that.

Marcella's moaning grew in volume and intensity.  Belinda must've really been going to town on her because Marcella abruptly rose off of my cock, moaning "Fuck!  Fuck!  I don't wanna cum yet!"  She climbed off of me and slid down into the water a final time before standing up again and climbing out of the hot tub.  She then took Belinda's hand and helped her out of the tub.  Then, the two of them disappeared inside.

I stepped out of the tub and approached the door.  The girls were nowhere in sight.  I stepped through the kitchen and into the living room and still didn't find them.  Then I saw a dim light coming from the hallway.  They had gone to Gracie's old room.

I mentioned Gracie earlier. She's my step sister.  She was a year older than I was and despite the fact that she had moved out six or seven years earlier, my father and step-mother had left her room exactly as it had been when she lived there.  Gracie had been a very popular cheerleader back in high school and had always been a bit of a bitch, to be honest.  Back in the old days, Belinda and I (and sometimes Marcella) would occasionally have one of our little sex adventures in Gracie's bedroom just to spite her.  I don't know if Gracie ever found out about it, but if she did, she never said anything.  I entered the hallway and found the light coming from Gracie's room.  The door was open just a crack.

I pushed the door open and found Belinda sitting in her wet panties by the headboard of Gracie's bed.  The room was bathed in a warm light coming from a small lamp on the nightstand.  She welcomed me in with her familiar smile.  Marcella was an entirely different story.

Marcella was in the center of the bed, stark naked and on all fours with her back arched and her ass up in the air.  In the warm glow, I could easily see her puckered little asshole and her smooth wet pussy just waiting to be fucked.  At that point, I honestly didn't really care if Belinda was on board anymore, although it was clear that she wasn't opposed.  I knew I would be with Marcella either way and that was enough for me.  

They were both smiling at me as I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself behind Marcella on my knees.  She was looking back at me over her shoulder and was wearing bedroom eyes and a seductive smile.  I glanced over to Belinda and found her still smiling as well.  I grabbed my cock by the base and eased forward, pushing the head against Marcella's glistening cunt lips.  She allowed herself a much louder moan now that we were indoors.  I pushed my cock against her clit and drug it upward until it was in the sweet spot.  I then grabbed her hips and thrust my spear into her.

"Oh fuck!" she moaned.  Her hand reached out and found Belinda's thigh.  Belinda met her stare and Marcella asked her "Are you okay with this Belin?"  I was amazed that even in a moment of intense lust, Marcella was still concerned about the feelings of her life long best friend.  Belinda leaned forward and placed her hand on Marcella's cheek.  Then she kissed her softly on the lips and smiled at her.  As Belinda went to lean back against the headboard again, Marcella stopped her and grabbed her by the back of her head.  She pulled Belinda back in and kissed her deeply and passionately.

The kiss grew hotter and wetter as I pounded Marcella from behind.  Then Belinda's hand rose up from her lap and grabbed hold of one of Marcella's swaying breasts.  Marcella broke away long enough to mutter "God, I fucking love this!  I love being with you two!  I love kissing you and having Chico fucking me like this!  Uh, fuck!  It's fucking perfect!"

Their kissing resumed and during the short breaks they would allow themselves, I heard Belinda finally getting a bit more in character.  "Does that cock feel good?" she oozed.  "Do you like kissing me while you're getting fucked like that?"

"Fuck yes!" Marcella moaned.

"You like fucking my boyfriend in front of me you little slut?"

The moment was too intense to stop, but all three of us immediately registered what Belinda had said.  We had broken up three years earlier, but she had just referred to me as her boyfriend.  I wasn't sure if it was just a Freudian slip, or if she had said it for Marcella's benefit or what...  But I liked it.  Whatever the reason, Marcella used it to make her big move.

"Fuck yeah, I like it." she moaned.  She stared Belinda in the eye and went on.  "Do you like watching your boyfriend fucking me?"  Belinda just smiled, her lust clearly growing.  "Do you wanna watch me suck your boyfriends cock?" she panted as she pulled away from me.

I slid out of her and she guided me up to the head of the bed and sat me down beside Belinda.  She placed her hands on my inner thighs and pushed my legs apart before lying down on her stomach with her head at my crotch.  She looked up at Belinda as she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing hard on.  She maintained eye contact with Belinda as she pulled my cock upward and then pressed her tongue against my balls.  She licked my sack in long wet strokes like a cat as she stared Belinda in the eye.  Then she angled my shaft downward and kissed the tip of it.  "Do you remember back in that summer when I would watch you give Johnny blow jobs all the time?"

"Yeah." Belinda sighed.

"Then that time we were all in the bathroom at Chuck's house during that party?"


"That was the first time you watched me do it all by myself." she whispered as she gently stroked me.  "I thought you were gonna join in, but you just sat there and watched me suck your boyfriends cock."

"I remember." Belinda smiled.

"And you started touching yourself..." Marcella trailed off as she gently grabbed Belinda's wrist and guided it down to her crotch.

"Uh-huh." Belinda closed her eyes as her fingertips slipped beneath the elastic band of her panties and disappeared inside.

"And you told me what to do.  You told me how he liked it..."  

Belinda's hand began to move up and down underneath her damp white panties.  "Yes."

"Then do you remember what happened?" Marcella lustfully panted.

Belinda closed her eyes again.  Her mind returned to that night eight years ago.  A smile spread across her face.  "I was fingering myself...  Watching you suck Johnny's cock.  It was so hot."  Her smile brightened as she slipped a finger inside of herself.  "Uh.  And Johnny told you he was gonna cum..."

"Uh-huh." Marcella smiled as she lazily stroked me.

"And I told him I wanted him to cum in your mouth." Belinda sighed.

"I couldn't believe it when you said that." Marcella smiled.

"I loved watching you two together." Belinda moaned as she slipped another finger inside herself.

"I loved watching both of you together." Marcella smiled.

I put my hand on Belinda's thigh and her eyes opened and met my gaze.  "I always loved to watch you two together."  

Belinda smiled at me again as she delicately fingered herself.  Marcella slid her free hand over toward Belinda.  Her fingertips slid across Belinda's tan thigh and rested just beside the crotch of Belinda's panties.  "Doesn't this feel so right to you Belinda?..  The three of us, being together like this?"  Belinda shifted her gaze to Marcella.  Her demeanor had gotten much more contemplative.  "Johnny and I talked about it last night after I dropped you off."  Belinda pulled her hand out of her panties and her brow furrowed.  Marcella kept on.  "I went back to his house to tell him I was worried about you.  You aren't yourself anymore Belinda..."

"What are you talking about?" Belinda asked, becoming more defensive.  I had no idea what to do.  I was completely naked and Marcella was holding my cock in her hand as she spoke so seriously and the entire situation was as strange as it could be, but Marcella didn't waver.

"You didn't used to be like this.  All worked up about some guy?  Always worrying whether or not he's cheating on you?"  Marcella paused for a moment, allowing her words to sink in.  "I went back to see Johnny last night because I wanted to tell him that I love you too much to see you so unhappy.  I wanted to see if he saw it too.  Then I started thinking about how perfect things were back when we were younger...  I thought it was just us being curious at the time, but now I know what it really was..."

Belinda's eyes welled up with tears.  Her lip quivered as she asked "What?"

"Love."  Marcella whispered.  "During that summer, I fell in love with you..."  Then she turned to me.  "With both of you..."  Belinda wiped a tear from her cheek.  "I could never say it because Johnny was your boyfriend and I would never do anything to hurt you or jeopardize our friendship."  Marcella stared at Belinda.  We could both see the same spark of realization taking place in Belinda that had happened in me the night before.  "I told Johnny all of this last night.  He's still in love with you too."  Belinda sat, crying cleansing tears.  She wasn't sad or upset.  She was transforming.  "We want to be together and we want you there too." Marcella finally said.  "The three of us, together."

Belinda wiped another tear away as she giggled a bit.  "And how is that supposed to work?  You live here.  I live with Bruce.  Johnny has a girlfriend."

"After my divorce, I'll move to Florida.  You two go home and do what you have to do." Marcella said.

Belinda turned to me with red teary eyes.  "Are you serious about this?"

"Yes." I answered calmly.

"What about everyone else?" she protested.  "What are our families going to think?"

"They'll think that we're three young people that have known each other for years and decided to live together." Marcella assured her.  "It's nobodies business but our own."

Belinda gulped back another wave of tears.  "And you two came up with all of this last night?"

"Not exactly." Marcella smiled.  "We're kinda making it up as we go...  We love you Belin..."

Belinda sat red faced and flabbergasted for a moment.  She finally giggled through her tears.  "Jesus...  This is just so much to process, you know?..."

"Just a few minutes ago, you called Chico your boyfriend..." Marcella smiled.

"Old habits..." Belinda wiped her cheek again.

My cock had gone a little soft during the conversation, although Marcella hadn't once taken her hand from it.  She finally began to move it up and down coaxing me back to life.  "Now, he can be your boyfriend..." she whispered, making a show of the work her hand was doing.  Then she slid her other hand further up Belinda's thigh and rested her fingertips over Belinda's clit outside of her panties.  "...And I can be your girlfriend."

Belinda slowly let her thighs fall open at Marcella's gentle touch.  Marcella then pulled my cock into her mouth and went up and down a few times before returning to stroking me.  "If we're really going to do this, we have to be completely honest with each other.  That's the only way this will work." she whispered.

"Oh my god..." Belinda moaned at Marcella's touch.

"Belin...  Last night, when I went back to Johnny's mom's house..."  

I knew where she was going.  I was terrified that Belinda would be angry or jealous.  


"...After we talked about all of this..."


"...We started kissing."

Marcella and I both waited for Belinda's reaction.  She just sat with her eyes closed.  Marcella continued to gently push and prod at Belinda's pussy through her panties.  "...And we ended up having sex..." Marcella paused.  "I didn't want you to be upset, but I had to tell you."

Belinda's eyes opened slowly.  "Johnny's not my boyfriend anymore..."

Marcella and I weren't sure what to do at that point.  Then Belinda took the reigns.  She reached down and pulled the front of her panties away from her body and guided Marcella's hand inside.  "But, maybe he can be OUR boyfriend for tonight..."

Marcella began to finger Belinda's wet pussy and Belinda moaned softly.  She then reached across my lap and, for the first time in three years, she wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock.  "...So..." she smiled.  "Can I watch you suck your boyfriend's cock again?"

Marcella rose up from between my legs and scooted over to Belinda.  She continued to delicately massage her clit as she kissed her deep and hard.  To see the two of them together again lit a fire in my heart.  It was truly beautiful.

After a moment, Marcella finally pulled away and said "I have a better idea."  She then crawled over me and lay down on her side facing me.  She looked across my chest at Belinda and continued.  "How about I watch you suck your boyfriend's cock?"

Suddenly, the energy of the entire night shifted.  Belinda rose up to her knees and leaned over my body.  She took a moment to look me steadily in the eyes and then fell onto me in a heap.  Her soft lips found mine and we kissed for the first time in three years!  My belly churned and my heart raced.  All of the darkness between that moment and the wild and passionate days of our youth melted away and all that was left was fire.  I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.  I felt her soft breasts and taut nipples push against my chest.  Her tongue swirled in mad circles in my mouth and I was alive again.  Her slender fingers found their way back down to my swollen cock and she gripped me firmly and began to stroke me hard and fast.  She then began to kiss my neck, then my chest, then my belly.  She finally settled into the same spot that Marcella had been in earlier.  She looked over to Marcella and they were both smiling.  She rubbed my cock against her soft lips and said "Is this what you wanted to see?"

"Yeah." Marcella smiled.  With that, Belinda parted her soft lips and pulled my cock into her mouth.

Belinda had always been very skilled when it came to oral sex.  Having her soft lips wrapped around my cock again after all the time that had passed was intense to say the least.  Her soft tongue pressed against the underside of my shaft where all of the tender nerve clusters reside and her lips wrapped tightly around me.  Marcella lay at our side, smiling in adoration.  "I love watching you suck his cock Belin."  Marcella reached over and began to rub Belinda's back.  "You look so fucking sexy."  Belinda lifted my shaft up and tongued my balls.  "Yeah, baby...  Lick his balls." Marcella goaded.

I watched Marcella's hand drift down Belinda's back and slip into the back of her panties.  She squeezed Belinda's ass cheek and moaned.  "I love your ass."  Her hand then went down lower, pulling most of the material off of Belinda's ass.  Belinda eagerly spread her thighs and moaned onto my cock as Marcella slipped a finger into her waiting pussy.  "You want me to finger your tight little pussy while you suck that cock?"  Belinda responded by moving her knees underneath her body and lifting her ass off of the bed.  Marcella picked up the hint and slowly slid Belinda's wet panties down her thighs.  Belin lay back on her tummy, continuing to suck me off as Marcella pulled her panties all the way off.  She tossed them off of the bed as Belin spread her legs again.  Now unfettered, Marcella slipped her finger back inside Belin's glistening cunt.  She then slid her thumb up Belin's ass crack and began to gently massage it.  "Do you still like it when I touch you there?" Marci asked in a soft voice.

Belin pulled my cock out of her mouth long enough to utter "Mmm-hmm."

Marcella was driving her wild.  She was moaning louder and louder onto my cock as Marcella finger fucked her harder and harder.  It wasn't just her hand doing all the work.  Marcella was talking to her the whole time too.  It was getting more and more heated.  "You look so fucking good with that big cock in your mouth Belin.  You like getting fingered by a girl while you suck cock, you little slut?"  Belin moaned her approval.  "You little bi-sexual slut." Marci giggled.  "Look at you, sucking a big hard cock while your best friend fingers  your tight little pussy."

Belinda abruptly rose up and fell over toward Marcella.  She kissed her hard and wet before pulling away and throwing her leg across my torso.  She lowered her pelvis down and mashed my cock down against my abdomen with her wet pussy.  She then looked over to Marcella.  "You wanna watch me stick this big cock in my tight little pussy?"  With that, she rose up and took hold of my cock.  She positioned the tip against her smooth gash and slid down onto me.

Her eyes went wide as I thrust upward and felt her pussy lips completely envelope my entire cock.  "Oh, fuck!" she moaned.  "God I love your fucking cock!" she howled as she began to find a steady rhythm.

The tenderness that we had initially started out with had twisted into a frenetic animal lust.  Belinda bucked hard, thrashing wildly and grinding her cunt as hard as she could into me.  Her pussy was tight and wet and felt completely amazing.  I did my best to hold onto her as I watched her beautiful tits violently bounce in all directions.  Marcella didn't interact during the majority of this part save for goading us on with some very sexy dialogue.  "Yeah, ride that fucking cock Belin.  Fuck him hard baby!"

Belinda began to shout and sputter and she finally ground down to a halt.  "Fuck, fuck!  I'm gonna fuckin' cum!"

"So cum." Marcella taunted.

"I...  I want us to cum at the same time." she panted.

I knew exactly what she meant.  It was never easy for me to cum when I was on bottom.  Belinda wanted me on top, so I sat up and lifted us both off of the bed in one motion and then slammed her down onto her back.  I then scuttled to my knees and pulled her feet up over my shoulders.  Marcella was still watching in awe, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her close.  I then pushed her face down toward Belinda.  She picked up where I was going and straddled Belinda's torso.  They began to kiss again as I slid my cock back into Belinda's eager cunt.

I stared down at Marcella's beautiful little asshole as I fucked the ever-loving shit out of Belinda.  They kissed harder and panted and moaned louder as I worked.  I then wet my right thumb in my mouth and began massaging Marcella's little pink asshole with it.  She moaned with delight, so I took it one step further and slipped it in up to the first knuckle.

Belinda had already been on the verge of cumming before and it didn't take me long to get her back there.  I bore down into the bed, trying to touch the mattress with my balls so that I could come into Belinda at the right angle to zero in on her G-spot.  I thrust into her as deeply as I could and she wailed in pleasure.  I felt the muscles in her vaginal wall tighten around my cock and knew she was cumming.  The timing was almost perfect as I felt a swell of cum gathering at the base of my cock.  I threw my head back and roared "I'm about to cum!"

"Cum in my pussy!" Belinda shouted back.  "I want your cum inside me!"

Despite how long Belinda and I had dated, I had only cum inside of her two or three times.  I reasoned that she must be on the pill.  Either way, in that moment, I didn't really care.  I pulled my thumb out of Marcella's asshole and grabbed Belinda by both hips.  I rapidly pumped three or four more times before finally stabbing into her as deeply as physics would allow and a river of hot sticky fluid flowed from me into her.

Once all chambers were fired, I slumped over and lay on Marcella's back as she continued to lightly kiss Belinda.  The three of us lay there like a sandwich as Marcella whispered.  "Thank you for letting me be a part of that."

I rose up and finally slid out of Belinda.  The inside of her pussy was completely saturated with my cum.  My cock was soaked and glistening.  Marcella then climbed off of Belinda and leaned against the headboard facing us.  Belinda sat up and did her best to keep all of the cum dribbling out of her exhausted cunt from getting on the comforter.  She hurriedly climbed off of the bed and told us she would be right back as she slipped into the hallway with a cupped hand between her legs.

I looked over to Marcella and found her glowing.  "We did it." she whispered.

"We did." I happily agreed.

"She was even totally cool about what happened last night." she smiled.

"Yeah." I agreed.  Then I remembered what she had said about having to be honest for this to really work.  "What about five years ago though?"

"Yeah..." she trailed off.  "Johnny, I think we should tell her."

It was the day after the last time the three of us were together.  Marcella had come over alone.  I was still dating Belinda at the time.  Marcella and I made love without Belinda being there or knowing about it.  It had been the only time I had ever cheated on her.

"Maybe we could wait a while?" I asked optimistically.

"If we wait it'll only be worse when we finally do tell her.  No secrets, remember?" she asked.

"Right...  No secrets."

Belinda returned seconds later and stood in the doorway, naked and smiling.  "Anyone else want a cigarette?

We sat in the deck chairs, wrapped in large dry towels and smoked our cigarettes.  We talked for almost an hour about how we were all perfect together.  About how we were all in love and should be together.  We all agreed that that wild summer had been the best summer of our lives and how all three of us have been trying to replicate it ever since and how nothing has even come close.  Marcella says “Imagine it.  I can move to Florida and the three of us could get a place together.  We could hang out all the time and just fuck each others brains out whenever we want.  It would be perfect.”  

Belinda agreed that it would be perfect...  So did I.  We all just sat and smiled like giddy school kids.  Finally, Marcella decided to lay it all out there.

"Belinda...  There's one other thing we have to tell you about."

Belinda listened intently as Marcella began to tell her what we had done.  Through tears, Marcella explained to her that she has regretted it every day since, but that she wanted to let me know how she felt without hurting Belinda's feelings.  She hadn't come over that day planning on having sex with me.  It had just happened.  Then she asked Belinda if she could ever forgive us.  By that point, Belinda was crying too.  She was clearly deeply hurt by what she had been told.  Finally she spoke.

"Well, I'm glad you told me..." she paused.  "And that's everything?  No more secrets?"

"No more secrets." Marcella reassured her.  "From here on out we share everything."

"I can understand why you did it, but it still hurts." Belinda said wiping a tear from her eye.

"I'm so sorry Belin...  I would never do anything to hurt you...  I love you so much." Marcella spouted as she stood up and leaned over Belinda's face.

Belinda took another drag from her cigarette before stubbing it out.  "I love you too Marci."

Marcella leaned forward and kissed Belinda softly on the lips.  Then again.  She then pulled Belinda up from her seat and wrapped her towel around Belinda and pulled her close.  I watched Marcella slightly open her mouth and flick her tongue across Belinda's lips.  "God, I love kissing you."

Belinda responded by opening her mouth wider and accepting Marcella's probing tongue.  Marcella let go of the ends of her towel as she slid her hands along Belinda's body.  The towel slid off of her shoulders and fell silently to the deck.  As their kiss deepened, Belinda released the corners of her own towel, allowing Marcella to push it off of her shoulders and suddenly they were intertwined, naked in the cold night air.  I couldn't move.  I was paralyzed by their stunning beauty.  These two perfect women that I was in love with, wrapped in each others arms as their tongues gently explored each others mouths.

Through a small shiver, Belinda whispered to her new found lover, “Let’s go inside.”

We went into the living room and they continued to softly tongue each other, standing toe to toe in the center of the room.  I stepped up behind Belinda and began massaging her shoulders.  I let my hands slide around her waist and began squeezing her breasts.  She moaned softly into Marcella's mouth as I drug my finger tips down her flat tummy.  I reached down between her legs and started circling her clit.  Belinda broke away from Marcella and turned to meet my lips over her shoulder.  As we softly kissed, Marcella lay on her back on the living room floor.  When I finally released Belin, we both saw Marci lying on her back with her legs spread wide and her shaved pussy staring back at us.  Belinda turned to me and smiled...

Belinda was on her knees with her face buried in Marcella's pussy.  I had already gotten hard again as I watched Belinda's outstretched arms find Marcella's breasts and begin squeezing them.  "I love the way your tongue feels on my pussy." Marci moaned.  Belinda didn't acknowledge the compliment, but continued digging her tongue into Marcella's wet hole.  "Oh, god!  Fuck me with that tongue!"  I had been staring at them for several minutes, just frozen.  Finally I had had enough and decided to join the party.

Belinda's ass was still sticking straight up in the air and I had wanted to eat her ass all night.  I dropped down to my knees behind her and boldly stuck my face between her cheeks.  I licked up her entire crack with a long wide stroke and felt her body shudder.  I then found her puckered butt hole with the tip of my tongue and began jamming it up her ass as far as I could.  Then the dirty talk kicked into high gear...

"Oh, fuck yeah baby!  Stick your tongue up my dirty asshole!" Belinda moaned and I did as I was told.  Then Marcella chimed in.

"Oh, fuck, I want you to stick your tongue in my mouth so I can taste Belin's ass!

I scurried up past Belinda and knelt beside Marcella.  I bent down and jammed my tongue into her mouth and she began to suck on it like a cock.  Then I felt her hand reaching out underneath me, so I rose up and let her grip my cock firmly.  She then pulled me closer to her head.  "Oh, fuck, feed me that fucking cock!"  Belinda pinched and tugged Marcella's nipples as Marcella deep throated my cock.  She sucked me in deep explosive bursts and I could hear her gagging.  Then Belinda chimed in again.  "That's right baby, gag on that big fucking cock!" she moaned before shoving her tongue back up Marcella's cunt.  I then reached down and pushed my middle finger against Marcella's clit and began gyrating my hand.  

Her body began to convulse and she slapped my hand away.  "Oh, shit! Shit!   I don't wanna cum yet!"

Belinda lifted her face up and Marcella abruptly sat up and forced Belinda onto her back.  Belinda eagerly spread her thighs as Marcella darted down her body.  "God, I wanna taste your fucking pussy!" she wailed before french kissing Belinda square on the cunt.  In between lustful moans of pleasure, Belinda waved me up to meet her.  I scurried down to where her head was rested and she smiled up at me, wide eyed as she grabbed my rod and pulled it toward her wet lips.

She aggressively sucked my cock for a full minute as Marcella continued to stab at her pussy with an eager tongue.  Marcella kept goading her on.  "Yeah, suck that fucking cock Belin!"

Belinda backed away from me and took over with her spit drenched fist.  “I love this fuckin' cock!  I love this fuckin' cock!”  she moaned.  As she drew me back into her mouth, I grabbed a handful of her hair and start fucking her mouth hard.

Belinda made slurping and gagging sounds as I fucked her throat and Marcella cheered me on.  "Yeah, fuck that little slut's mouth baby!"  "Fuck her pretty little mouth!"

By that time, Marcella had slid her middle finger up Belinda's asshole.  That, coupled with Marcella's thrashing tongue and gnawing lips was too much for Belinda to take.  She grabbed Marcella's head and pulled it hard against her cunt as she screamed onto my cock.  Her body trembled as my cock slipped out of her mouth.  

Belinda came hard onto Marcella's biting lips.  Little spurts of cloudy fluid gushed from her cunt and coated Marcella's beautiful face.

To be honest, I was relieved that my cock had popped out of Belinda's mouth when it did.  Just a few more seconds of fucking her mouth like that and I would have cum. Belinda curled up into a little ball as she reeled from the intense orgasm that Marcella had given her.  Marcella was still on all fours with her beautiful ass sticking up in the air.  "Chico." she hissed through heavy breaths.  "Get behind me."

Belinda sat on the sidelines for a few minutes to recover as I knelt down behind Marcella.  I began to mash the tip of my cock clumsily around her saturated cunt.  Then she reached back and grabbed my cock.  She pulled it upward and began rubbing it on her tight little sphincter.  "Belin...  Is it okay if Johnny fucks me in my ass?"

Belinda sat up a little.  "You want him to put it in your ass?" Belinda smiled.

"Yeah." Marcella moaned.  

Then Belinda got really into it.  She crawled over to us and knelt by my side.  She then leaned forward and pulled my cock up to her mouth.  She coated it with spit and then pushed me back a little bit.  She then pulled Marcella's ass cheeks apart and stuck her tongue in her ass.  Marcella moaned with delight.  Belinda then smacked my cock against Marcella's glistening anus.  "You want this big fat cock in your ass?"

"Please." Marcella whimpered.

Belinda then lay flat on her back next to Marcella and pulled her body over her so that they were laying in the 69 position.  I looked down and saw Belinda's face poking out from between Marcella's round ass cheeks.  She arched her head back and opened her mouth wide.  "Put that big fat cock in my mouth."  I fed Belin my cock and she sucked it in deep.  When I pulled it out, she reached up and guided it straight to Marcella's anus.  "You still want this big fat cock in your ass?" she goaded.

"Fuck yes, I want it!" Marcella begged.

"Eat my fucking pussy you dirty slut!" Belinda commanded her.  Then I saw Marcella's head lower and Belinda moaned with pleasure. With that, I grabbed Marcella's hips and forced my fat cock up her tight wet asshole.

As I slid in and out of Marcella's ass, I felt Belinda's tongue exploring my balls and it felt amazing!  She was moaning and slurping at Marcella's cunt as I pummeled her asshole.  Belinda's arms were wrapped around Marcella's waist and she was pulling her ass cheeks apart for me.  She would occasionally take a break from her licking and sucking to say something dirty to us.  "Yeah, shove that fucking cock up her dirty asshole baby!  Fuck her slut ass!"  What she said next may have been the biggest surprise of the night.  "Give me that fucking cock baby!  I wanna taste her fucking ass all over your big hard cock!"

I slid my cock out of Marcella's ass and angled it downward into Belinda's open and eager mouth.  She drew me in for five or six wet strokes before spitting me out and pushing me back into Marcella's ass.  Belinda had always had a freaky streak, but this was pushing new boundaries and I was loving every second of it.  Marcella slipped her fingers over her own clit and began rubbing herself as I continued to pound her asshole.  Belinda would occasionally pull me back into her mouth for another quick taste of Marci's ass before shoving me back in.

Finally, Marcella achieved a much deserved orgasm as she fingered her clit and I pounded her butt.  She screamed into the night as Belin suckled at her pussy lips.  With everything going on, I felt my second orgasm of the evening creeping up on me.

I slid my cock out of Marcella's distended rectum and began rapidly jerking myself above Belinda's face.  I then doubled over at the waist and kissed Belinda upside down with a thrashing tongue.  I then licked Marcella's gaping asshole as Belinda chanted "Jerk that fucking cock baby!  Make yourself cum for me!"

I was on the verge of blowing my nuts all over the room when Marcella panted "Cum in my fucking ass!"

I scooted forward and slipped my cock back into Marcella's wide open asshole and pumped two or three times as Belinda chanted "Cum in that fucking sluts dirty asshole baby!  Fill her fucking ass with your cum!"

My hips spasmed and my stomach tightened into a thousand knots as I felt a huge surge of hot semen spew into Marcela's asshole.  Then there was another gush, followed by three more.  

Once I was satisfied that my balls had been completely drained, I slowly slid my cock out of Marcella's ass.  Her asshole stayed agape as a stream of milky jizz dribbled out it.  She finally tensed her sphincter and her anus closed, shooting out a thicker stream of semen down her ass crack, across her pussy and into Belinda's open mouth.  Belinda swallowed and moaned "Yeah Marci, shit that cum into my fucking mouth."  She licked her lips and opened her mouth again as Marcella tightened her sphincter again and released another stream of milky fluid.

I bent down and kissed Belinda.  I could taste my cum in her mouth.  Marcella turned around and the three of us all took turns kissing deeply.  We all felt it.  We all knew...  

We belonged together. There were no inhibitions with the three of us. We could be honest about all of the taboo desires we felt without fear of judgement. In the end, it was the only solution...

We belonged together because together we had no limits.

We were all exhausted and jubilant.  We lay there on the living room rug, embracing and kissing for quite a while before we finally covered up with heavy blankets.  Lying there in the dark with my two long lost loves, I thanked the stars and drifted off to a sleep that could never offer me a dream as sweet as my waking life.

NEXT: DAY THREE: “The Beginning of a New Life”

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