My stepdaughter_(1) by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Teen Female, Virginity

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My Stepdaughter

I had been dating Jenny for almost a month before I found out that she had a twelve-year-old daughter. Gail was cute, like her mother, and she was probably more sexy than her mother was.

The following year just before I married her mother, Gail begged to go on our honeymoon with us. Her mother seemed to think that it was a good idea but I didn’t. I wanted two weeks in paradise with my bride. I thoroughly intended to fuck her brains out. Oh, we had been living together and I had been fucking her every day but somehow I wanted more.

Then Jenny smiled at me and said, “Consider her your other wife.”

I was shocked at her words. I looked at Gail and she said, “Two wives, two pussies to knock up, and all of my holes are virgin…unlike any of my mother’s holes.”

All I could say was, “Two wives. Two pussies.”

Jenny said, “Only if she can come on our honeymoon. She can be your virgin sacrifice to a long and happy marriage.”

I replied, “Okay. I’ll purchase another ticket and make all of the arrangements.”

Jenny rubbed my hard cock and said, “I knew you would see it our way.”

The night before my wedding my buddies took me out to get me drunk and see a bunch of titties giggling around on stage. Jenny’s friends and mother took her to a male strip bar. They managed to slip Gail in with them. Let us just say that a good time was had by all.

I was waiting at the altar when Gail came walking down. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss before taking her position. Then Jenny came walking down the aisle toward me. Her father was at her side. He walked her right up to me, kissed her on the cheek, and then handed her to me. I watched him sit down next to his wife. She smiled and blew me a kiss too.

Jenny and I recited our portions of the ceremony then we kissed. The kiss was a really good one too. The guests went wild cheering us on. Jenny stuck her tongue in my mouth, she pressed her breasts into my chest, and then she spread her knees around my right leg and started humping me like a dog. She was thrusting and grinding her pussy against me. I could tell that she was getting more and more excited. Then she cried out in the throws of a powerful orgasm. Everyone present knew what was happening.

When she finally calmed down every man in the place congratulated me on finding a woman like Jenny. During the reception I noticed the guys dancing with Jenny trying to feel her up. She let most of them cup her pussy through her dress while she rubbed them harder than they had ever been before in their lives. Every one of them walked away with an erection. Their wives, girlfriends, and significant others just smiled or laughed out loud.

Near the end of the reception when Gail danced with me, a chant went up for me to “Feel her up” and for her to “Rub his crotch.” I could hardly believe it when Gail pulled my hand down to cup her pussy. She gyrated into it as her mother smiled and cheered her on. I did nothing to stop her from rubbing my cock and making me uncomfortably hard.

We said our good-byes and then the three of us left the reception. Her mother drove us home. At home Gail and her grandmother came into our bedroom to help my new bride out of her wedding dress. Then Gail and her grandmother helped each other out of their dresses as well.

The three generations of women stood side by side in just their bras, panties, and high heels. They were wearing identical set in the same exact color but in different sizes. Gail was wearing a 34-B, Jenny was wearing a 36-D, and Grandma was wearing a 40-DDD. I knew that their panties were different sizes too but I didn’t need to know that information.

Jenny said, “Tonight is your lucky night. You get to sample three generations of Baker women. We all have a different last name now but believe me when I tell you that we are all Bakers.”

I just smiled at them.

Gail said, “You get to start by taking my virginity.”

Jenny said, “Then it is my turn.”

Grandma said, “Then if you have anything left, I get it.”

So I started out by removing Gail’s bra and panties. I kissed her, I sucked her nipples, and I ate her pussy. Then I slipped my cock into her and took my time fucking my new stepdaughter. She was a perfect fit for my cock. I knew that I would have several years of enjoyment there. I filled her with my cum and then I pulled it out.

Jenny sucked my cock clean and then she sucked it hard again. I removed her bra and panties. Then I slipped my cock into my beautiful wife knowing that I would have her for the rest of my lift. That was a wonderful feeling. I would not only have a women that I loved by my side but in my bed every night. I gave her almost as much cum as I had given Gail.

My new mother-in-law then sucked me clean and sucked me hard. I was exhausted so she removed her own bra and panties, and then she climbed on top and fucked me. Her big breasts bounced and giggled and one nipple fell into my mouth. I had never seen a pair of triple-D’s before. They were huge. I had to laugh when she started slapping the shit out of my face with those babies. I reached up, grabbed a hold of both of her nipples, and then I twisted the shit out of them. That was exactly what the old lady had wanted me to do. I set off her orgasm and she shook for over a minute before falling off to the side of me. I rolled over with her, I pulled her knees up to her chest, and I thrust hard down into her very wet pussy. A few minutes later I was filling my third woman with my cum.

In the morning my mother-in-law drove us to the airport. At our destination I found three sets of bras and panties in my suitcase along with a DVD of that two-hour love match. It had all been recorded.

Our hotel had a Jacuzzi in ever room, two Olympic size swimming pools, and a luscious white sand beach. The ocean was fantastic and the beach was topless if the girls wanted too. In my case both girls wanted too…all the time. Gail got a lot of attention, Jenny got a lot of attention, and I got to see a whole lot of other women. The gift shop sold the tiniest bikini bottoms that I had ever seen. My girls bought several. One size fit all because of the long strings that tie the tiny patch onto their pussy lips. Their pussy lips were bigger than the patch of material though. I got to shave their pussies every morning so that no stubble would show. After the first two days all they ever wore were pieces of string that ran up their pussy lips, up the crack of their ass, and tied around their waist. They might as well have been nude. Apparently that tiny string passes as being dressed appropriately. Go figure!

I took hundreds of beach pictures every day. Gail would bring girls her age over for me to take pictures of. She said that she posed for their fathers so they had to pose for me. Since Gail posed first, she made sure that I got better pictures of their daughter. She got them to pose as lesbians with her for several pictures. They were spectacular pictures. I loved the tongue to tongue, nipple to nipple, and the pussy to pussy pictures. Gail would get the girl to go behind a bush or come back to our room for the extra pictures. Gail loved to get the girl to stick her tongue in her pussy while I photographed her. Then of course Gail would lick her pussy and make sure that the other girl got off.

Jenny did a pretty good job of bringing other women over to me and she got a few into bed with us too.

It was very hard to pack up and say goodbye to a paradise like that. I had a computer full of child porn when I came back through customs. Lucky for me no one wanted to check it out.

My mother-in-law greeted us at the airport, took us home, and fixed us a nice meal while the girls told her all about our trip. All she asked was if we had brought her a string to wear too. I pulled one out of my pocket and handed it to her.

After we had eaten the three of them put their strings on and posed for me.

I had the best life that any man could hope for. I had my wife and stepdaughter living with me and fucking me to death. I had my mother-in-law dropping in often for a little sex. Then I had an assortment of women that my wife would bring home for threesomes.

To the best of my knowledge neither of my girls ever had sex with another man but they were more than willing to share me with other women. Jenny brought home women that she worked with, women that she had gone to school with, and women that she just plain picked up off the streets. Gail on the other hand brought home a few of her teachers. She would not bring home anyone under the age of seventeen. That was the legal age of consent in our state. Even my mother-in-law would bring another woman over occasionally but that was definitely because she had slept with their husbands.

In my first year of marriage I had put my cock into eight-seven different women including my wife, my stepdaughter, and my mother-in-law.

The End

My Stepdaughter


Rating: 89%, Read 88215 times, Posted Nov 01, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Teen Female, Virginity


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