The Lion King. Nala and Kovu Part 4 by The_J0K3R

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Fantasy | Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Mature

This story doesn't belong to me I am just sharing it from a 3rd party source. All credit goes to the owner and writer LORDSOFTRUNKS. I decided to sare since I couldnt find any Lion king stories anywhere on here :D

Nala wandered around Pride Rock, looking for Kovu. Simba and Kiara had left earlier to help her become more experienced with sex and now she was determined to see if she could seduce Kovu into having sex with her so that he would be able to be better experienced with matting with Kiara and the other lionesses of the pride. She wanted to help him perfect his skills so that he wouldn't hurt Kiara or any other lioness again by accident.

Nala walked up to the promontory still searching for him, and then she heard a noise that sounded like the running of water from a high spot on Pride Rock.

She rounded one of the many bends of Pride Rock and found Kovu, who was taking a leak off the side of Pride Rock.

Nala giggled which was heard by Kovu who then turned around when he was finished.

"What haven't you ever seen a lion take a leak before?" Kovu asked.

"Sure, but never off the side of the Rock before." Nala answered as she walked up to him.

"I've been looking for you." Nala said with a light in her eyes.

"Really? For what?" Kovu asked.

At this Nala nuzzled him under his throat. Kovu was shocked, Nala had never nuzzled him in quite that fashion before.

Nala pulled away still looking into Kovu's eyes.

"Hey, what was that for?" Kovu asked still surprised.

"Follow me...." Nala said as she nuzzled Kovu around his mane and brushed her tail against his face.

"....Your training isn't complete....." Nala said seductively as she flashed him a look at her ass for a split second.

"Uh....O..K.." Kovu said getting the picture.

"This way." Nala said as she walked off.

Kovu followed still dazed and confused. He had never done another lioness before besides Kiara, and this was going to be his first real test. To see if he could mate with another lioness other than Kiara and still love her afterwards, and Nala had apparently made this an even tougher problem, because after all she was Kiara's mother.

Nala then walked into the cave that Scar had occupied when he was King, Simba had assigned this Cave especially for her when she was pregnant with Kiara and that made all the difference.

"Are you sure Simba or Kiara won't mind?" Kovu asked with concern as he followed her into Scar's cave.

"Hmmm...what do you think?" Nala asked.

"Oh, before we get started, I'm sorry that I scratched your daughter, and I hope I don't do the same thing with you, but if I do make any mistakes, please let me know." Kovu pleaded.

Nala turned around and looked at him with a look of passion.

"Oh that's alright Kovu, you should realize that your still inexperienced with our sexual customs. Mating with another lioness and still trying to hold on to the one you love most might be a problem. However you should realize that I know most of the lionesses Simba mates with from time to time, personally. In fact were all very good friends, they know what they ask of my husband. And Kiara will understand that as well. She knows I'm her mother and that I would never try and take you away from her. I'm only doing this for the Pride survival, and possibly her benefit." Nala exclaimed.

"OK, I see your point. But what if you get pregnant?" Kovu asked.

"Don't worry it's all taken care of." Nala replied.

"OK, so where do we begin?" Kovu asked.

"Show me what you've learned." Nala said as she crouched into a seemingly lovely sexual position, that would make any male lion hard after a moment of looking at her. Nala looked behind her to see if the charm would work.

Sure enough this happened to Kovu. She saw his dick get all round and hard as he continued to stare at her, unable to hold back his desire.

"Well, aren't you gonna start fucking me?" Nala asked with a look of total seduction on her face.

"Uh, yeah!" Kovu replied with a look of excitement on his face.

Kovu then walked up behind Nala and smelled her ass, moving her tail aside. The scent was strong and this made him even more eager to get inside her.

Kovu then mounted Nala, moving his dick into position.

"Ready...?" Kovu asked with his claws digging into Nala with ease.

"Yeah, fuck me." Nala replied supporting his weight.

Kovu then gently slide his dick inside her and Nala eased into it. Kovu gritted his teeth as he started to pick up the pace, moving up and down on Nala's back, their furry bodies rubbing against each other. Kovu continued to thrust his way into Nala, while feeling under her legs with his free paw, feeling her muff and rubbing it.

Nala was moaning through her now clenched teeth and tense sweat, feeling Kovu's mass and dick inside her. She could feel him rubbing against her muff and this made her cry out, in a roar of pleasure. She was being humped very well and she hoped that her ass would be very tender afterwards. After this thought Kovu started going faster and faster, it was almost too much for her to bear, but the pain of Kiara coming into the world was even greater than this.

After maybe three minutes of this Kovu finally exploded, delivering his seed inside Nala. Kovu roared with pleasure over what he had done. Nala felt him cry out as he let lose, and she joined him in unholy union.

"Ahhhh!" Nala screamed as she Kovu finished.

Kovu then caught his breath and dismounted Nala, falling to the floor.

Kovu was panting hard.

"Your fast aren't you?" Nala asked.

"Yeah, I learned that one from your husband." Kovu replied.

"Did he fuck you good?" Nala asked.

"Ooooohhh Yeahhhh." Kovu replied.

"Do you think I can fuck you as good as he did?" Nala asked with that same seductive look in her eyes.

She then moved on top of him, coming up to his face and letting her warm furry body rub against his chest and nether regions. She could feel Kovu becoming painfully hard again as she moved her stomach on top of his dick. Kovu then put his paws around Nala, he felt so hard that it was hurting him with Nala on top of his dick. His dick just wanted to rise up yet Nala wouldn't let it and it grew very round and hard underneath her warm and furry stomach. This is just what Kovu wanted.

"Let's find out." Kovu replied.

Nala then buried her face in Kovu's mane, and started nibbling his neck. Feeling his warmth as she dug into him. Kovu wined as she did this, digging his claws into her again and feeling her all around. Nala arched up and soon began kissing him on the lips. Kovu knew the routine and stuck his tongue into Nala's mouth feeling her teeth, tongue and saliva and inhaled her breath, taking in every scent.

Nala reacted to this by moving her paws with claws drawn out and moved them up his body and chest and finally used them to grab behind his head and pull him closer to her. Kovu also did the same by putting his paws around Nala's head and forcing her closer. Neither wanted to break the bond, their tongues wrestled around feeling every tooth and breath they each had offered. The kiss lasted at least three minutes, before they both released each other. Nala rested her head in Kovu's mane and took a breath of refreshing air. Kovu held Nala close and took a big sigh of relief.

After they had each caught their breath, Nala moved above Kovu, who was still lying on his back.

"Ready for the next step?" Nala asked.

"Next step?" Kovu asked.

Nala moved her ass right under Kovu's now erect dick, almost as if she were about to sit down on it.

"Have you ever been in this sex position?" Nala asked.

Kovu was surprised, he had never had another lioness fuck him before, and this was his very first time at being submissive.

"I thought I was always supposed to be number one." Kovu replied.

"You have to learn how to be submissive, to some of the lionesses of the pride, each of them has a different style of having sex, some of them want to fuck you first before you fuck them. It's a way of showing that you'll be glad to let them take you every once in a while, since they almost never get the chance to actually fuck a male lion themselves." Nala explained.

"So which do you like more, you fucking Simba, or him fucking you?" Kovu asked.

"A little of both, I rarely get to fuck Simba, he's pretty greedy, but when I do I find it very empowering when I'm the one in charge." Nala replied.

"Will you be number one the next time you two fuck?" Kovu asked.

"I always win at pining him, he thinks he wins sometimes but it's because I let him." Nala replied.

"Enough talk, let's get down to fucking!" Nala exclaimed.

Nala then slowly eased into Kovu's erect dick. Kovu clenched his teeth and held his breath as he felt Nala overtake him.

"Ohhhh...." Nala moaned as she slide Kovu's dick inside her.

"Don't cum. What ever you do don't cum until I tell you to." Nala managed to say.

"Sexual endurance. If you can hold it in for a given amount of time, then you can really impress some of the lionesses." Nala said as she began to move up and down riding Kovu's dick.

Nala then grabbed a hold of Kovu's chest with her paws and rubbed them down his now sweat filled body. Kovu then tensed up as she did this, him trying his best not to cum. It was very hard for him to do this, the thought of Nala fucking him was overwhelming, he was supposed to be the dominate male of the pride someday, and here he was letting Nala, the queen of the pride fuck him for all he was worth. Kovu was moaning like crazy as he felt her move in and out on his dick. Nala cringed as began to pick up the pace, feeling that she was about to climax, she summoned all her strength to keep it in, it just felt so good, she didn't want to lose the feeling.

Finally after moving up and down on Kovu's dick for almost an amazing four minutes, Nala finally climaxed her juices flowing out onto Kovu's body. Nala then stopped moving up and down on Kovu's dick and looked at him.

She could see that Kovu was at this time fighting the cum back with all his might, with every muscle fighting back, with temptation eating him alive, he didn't want him to cum until she told him to and he was going to make good on what she said to him if it even meant not cumming at all.

"OK Kovu, you can cum for me now." Nala said still sitting on Kovu's dick

Kovu then released all the build up and cummed like he had never cummed before. His dick erupted shooting up his seed inside Nala. Nala felt this and roared with pleasure as he exploded inside her once again.

AHHH!!!" Nala screamed.

Nala got off of Kovu's dick and laid down on the smooth stone floor of the cave, exhausted from the effort. Sweat pouring from every place on her body. After about five minutes of rest, Kovu got up and hovered over Nala.

"I guess It's time to practice my skills." Kovu said.

"Yeah...." Nala managed to say still panting hard.

"You want more?" Kovu asked.

"I'm a lioness, I crave sex when necessary." Nala replied.

"OK, then. Let me help you feel more relaxed first." Kovu said.

Kovu then put his two paws on Nala's chest and clawed her ever so gently down her furry body. Nala moaned at his touch and motion. Kovu continued rubbing her down until she was feeling like she was in heaven and could take another lashing of his tongue.

Kovu then sat his dick on her face, and laid down on her body, his face in-between her hind legs. Nala took Kovu's dick into her mouth and started to nurse. Kovu cringed at this and began bearing his tongue down on her muff, licking and inhaling every single scent that was there, searching for her most weak spot. He wanted her to cum first, and fought back at cumming in her mouth before he was done, he wanted so see what his cum tasted like again, this time with Nala.

Nala bit down accidentally when Kovu licked her most sensitive area, Kovu whine a little but finally found her most sensitive area, and began licking it furiously, desperately wanting her to cum first. It felt good as his mouth began to fill up with the excess hair that was loose, and Nala reacted to this motion by spreading her hind legs even wider into the air to give Kovu a better view and more to lick.

"He must like that." Nala naughtily thought to herself, as she could feel she was about to climax.

Soon Nala gave into temptation and let loose screaming as she had her organism, her juices flowing right into Kovu's mouth. Kovu licked her juices up as Nala continued to nurse his dick and balls to their fullest extent. Finally after about two minutes Kovu cummed yet again and Nala tasted his seed for the first time. Kovu quickly got up and kissed Nala, tasting his own cum in his mouth and getting a kick out of tasting Nala mouth once again.

Kovu and Nala snuggled down against eachother, Nala buried her head in his mane and they had a little nap together. When they awoke, Nala suggested something interesting to Kovu.

"Hey Kovu, since Kiara is having sex with her dad, maybe you should have sex with your sister, so that maybe she won't feel bad." Nala suggested.

"You mean I should have sex with my sister Vitani, so that Kiara won't feel bad about having sex with her father?" Kovu asked.

"Well, yeah. I think that Kiara might feel better if you suffer with her." Nala said.

"I like it." Kovu replied with a huge grin on his face.

- End of Chapter Four -

Rating: 68%, Read 18761 times, Posted Oct 17, 2012

Fantasy | Bestiality, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Mature


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