Shirley Forced To Have Sex by Johnb163

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Fiction | Blackmail, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Female, Old Male, Reluctance, Wife

Shirley Forced To Have Sex

It was a typical day in the mobile home park. I was outside with my daughter when Tom our next door neighbor came over. He said he had heard that I had a birthday coming up. I said yes, getting old. Lol

Tom is a giant of a man, he is around 6' 4" and probably weighs close to 250 pounds. He has muscles on muscles. He also had numerous tattoos. He was attractive in a rough sort of way.

I am 5' 4" and weigh about 100 pounds. I am very petite with a slender body. If you must know my measurements are 34A-22-35. I am embarrassed with my small tits.

Tom said I have a couple of birthday gifts for you. I thank him, but said I appreciate the gesture but no thank you. He said at least look at what he was offering me. I said Ok and followed him to his car. He opened the trunk and it was full of jewelry. He said you know I am a traveling salesman right? I didn't know that, but was amazed with what was in the trunk. He held up a necklace that was lined with diamond. He also held up a brooch that matched the necklace. He said please accept these for your birthday. I after we talked for awhile I finally said yes. He said he wanted to get some pictures of me wearing the jewelry. He brought out a camera and took several shots of me wearing the jewelry. I thanked him and he lowered his head I and I kissed him on the cheek.

We had just had breakfast and John, my husband, were sitting at the kitchen table when there was a knock on the door. John went to the door. It was Tom and John said come on in. Tom went to the table and sit down. I noticed he was carrying an envelope. John said what could we do for him. Tom looked at me, then looked at John. He said I am here to fuck your wife. I was in shock and said "what?" John started to raise from the chair when Tom put a gun on the table. He told John to sit back down and keep his mouth shut. He then threw the envelope on the table. What's that John said. Tom said open it. Inside were several pictures of me wearing the jewelry he had given me. Tom said that the jewelry was stolen and that the police were looking for the thief. He looked at me and said if Shirley won't fuck me, then he was going to send the pictures of me wearing the stolen jewelry to the police. He said I would be charged for receiving stolen goods and that John would probably be charged as an accessory. He said I would go to jail and lose custody of my daughter.

All I could picture was me being lead off in handcuffs and my daughter screaming. Tom looked at me and said "yes" or "no?" John had started to get up again, but stopped when Tom pointed the gun at him. John is not a small man, but Tom out weighed him and out muscle him. John said that the answer was no. Tom told him to shut up and asked me again "yes" or "no?" It took me several minutes to finally speak. I said "yes you son-of-a-bitch." He said ok and here are the rules. I will come over 10 times to fuck you. You will be completely naked when you open the door. I was thinking hard when I noticed my nipples had gotten hard and I could feel moisture in my pussy. I was more shocked with my arousal than the thought of getting fuck by Tom. He said at fuck number 10, he would give me the photos and negatives.

Tom asked if I understand the rules. I said yes. Tom said good, let's go to your bedroom. John was staring at me like he couldn't believe I would agreed to do anything like this. I told him that I had to do it or we would go to jail and lose our daughter. I think I was trying more to convince myself than John.

Tom told John not to do anything stupid as he walked behind me. When we got to the bedroom Tom put a chair up against the door knob. He said this is to keep John from barging in on us. I reached up started to unbutton my blouse when he told me to stop. He said he wanted to undress me. He unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off. Then he reach around me and unclipped my bra and pulled it off. He was looking at my tits and I was red in the face. He said they are small, but beautiful and pushed me back on the bed. He reached down and started taking my shorts and panties off. He said "god what a beautiful bush." Here I was completely naked in front of a man I didn't know. Only John had ever seen me naked. I was both ashamed and aroused. He stepped back and took off his shirt. His body was beautiful. He had a lot of hair on his chest and I have always thought this was sexy. When he slid his pants and boxer I got a big surprise. His dick was at least 7 inches long and very thick. I thought, how would I get that thing inside of me? He told me to spread my legs. He put his hand on my pussy then looked at me. You are very wet, but do you have any lubricant? I reached in the nightstand and gave him a tube of KY jelly. He crawled up between my legs supporting himself so as not to crush me. My head was in his chest. He was still so heavy I couldn't move. There was no foreplay as I felt the head of his dick at the entrance to my pussy. He did not force it into me. He was slow and quite gentle. I felt his huge balls slap against my ass crack so I knew he was all the way in. My pussy was on fire and he slowly started fucking me. It felt so good and I was soon floating on cloud nine. I felt my orgasm building. I did not have an orgasm with John very often (almost never). I couldn't match his thrusts, but when my orgasm hit I arched my back and almost screamed. He kept thrusting and started to go faster. His ball kept slapping my ass. I felt another orgasm building and soon lost control of my body as I had the biggest orgasm in my life. I actually screamed. Then he buried deep in me and I actually felt his cum pumping into me. He raised up and I pulled his head down and gave him a deep kiss. He pulled out of me and I could feel his cum and my pussy juices flowing down the crack of my ass onto the bed cover. He said you are extremely beautiful and that he had one of the best fucks in his life. I should have been mad, but his words actually made me want to fuck him again. I laid on the bed as he dressed. He removed the chair and started down the hall into the kitchen. I got up to go to the bathroom when I heard angry voices and then a thump. I ran down the hall completely naked and I saw John on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. I knelt beside him and lifted up his head. He was dazed, but then said you got cum running down your legs. Tom was standing by the door and said he had told John not to interfere. The next time he tries anything I will really hurt him.

After Tom left I got John to the bathroom and cleaned the blood off him. After I had put him in the bed I went to clean myself up. I wiped everything off my legs, but when I got to my pussy I just moved the cum and juices around my pussy. I kept thinking how good his dick felt inside of me. I was ashamed and felt guilty, but also turned on like I have never been before. I actually found myself looking forward to next week.

The next 9 weeks went by quickly. I had more orgasms in 9 weeks than I had with John over 5 years of marriage. John would take our daughter somewhere when he knew Tom was coming to fuck me. On the last week Tom kept his promise. He brought an envelope with the pictures and negatives. We fucked in our normal position with him on top. When he went to get up I pulled him back on the bed. I fondled his balls and moved my hand up and down his dick. I told him I wanted to fuck him again. It didn't take long until he was rock hard. He told me to turn over and put a pillow under my stomach that he was going to fuck me doggy style. I normally don't like to be fucked from behind, but when he went back in I could feel my toes curling. I think I had 2 orgasms in just the first minutes. He was thrusting deep and I was building to another orgasm. When it hit I screamed because it felt so good. He said he had to leave, but I didn't want him to go.

After he left John came home grinning from ear to ear. I asked what he was grinning for. He said we were moving to Texas. We'll get away from the bastard next door. I didn't want to get away from Tom, but I had to go with John.

We had been living in Texas for about 6 months when the phone rang. I answered and a voice I knew well said get a pencil and paper. He gave me a local address. I have been fucking Tom for 25 years and John doesn't care.

Rating: 72%, Read 2772 times, Posted Mar 24, 2021

Fiction | Blackmail, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Female, Old Male, Reluctance, Wife


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