Am I Pretty? by Wayne+Gibbous

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It all started when I asked my brother, Ryan, a simple question: Am I pretty?

You see, my name is Amber, I'm fifteen and a half, and have never had a serious boyfriend. Guys don't seem to hit on me or even flirt. My friends tell me I'm cute, but they're girls. I need a guy's opinion. I've got the basics, I know that. I stand five foot three, have amber (of course) eyes, medium-length light brown hair, weigh one hundred and seven pounds and wear a size 34B bra.

I know I don't have real large boobs but I look pretty good in the mirror and if I jump up in the air, I don't bounce at all when I come down. My 34Bs are firm and they kind of point up a little.

So, I have been wondering if maybe I'm not as attractive as my girlfriends say I am. My brother is a guy (yes, that's obvious) and he's one that I trust. He's seventeen and has dated some really pretty girls but isn't going with anyone right now. I trust him to tell me the truth and I know he has good taste in how girls look.

So, one afternoon after school, I asked him: Am I pretty?

"Whattaya mean, pretty?"

"Well, you know, attractive, nice looking. The reason I'm asking is that I don't seem to be getting any guys at school interested in dating me. Ryan, I trust your opinion, that's why I'm asking."

"Well, sis, if you want to know the truth, I think you are quite beautiful and a really hot chick. Both."

"Really, you do?"

"Oh, Amber, I think you're the sexiest girl I know, super hot. You really turn me on. Maybe the other guys are all gay or something."

"I turn you on? You're my brother."

"Well, yeah, but I'm also a guy and a guy's got a penis and you make mine hard. Sorry if that bothers you, but its true. You, Amber, are hot looking."

"I give you a hard-on? A boner? From looking at me? You're kidding."

"Sis, you've developed a beautiful figure topped off by a very fine set of boobs. They're not huge, but they're really nice."

"Well, you haven't really seen them, have you?"

"Not exactly, but I've seen you in a bikini and you look hot, very hot. And firm, very firm."

"Well, I don't sag, that's true."

"From what I've seen, I'd rate you at least a seven on the 'Ryan Boob Scale', at least from what I've seen. That's a scale of one to ten so that's pretty good."

"You mean I'm not a 'ten'?" I said kiddingly putting my hands on my hips and pouting my lips.

"Well," I said, 'from what I've seen,' so that's all I can say."

"Well, how about a more accurate rating," I said as I reached my arms across and pulled off my tee and reached back to unhook my bra. I held my bra cups to my chest as I slowly dropped them to let my brother have a full view of his little sister's pointed, pink-nippled breasts.

"Geez, Amber, you are a hot little thing. And I'd have to say, a ten on the Ryan Boob Scale. Maybe I'll add a category of ten-plus. Just for you. Your titties are perfect."

"Wow, that nice, huh? You really like them a lot?"

Then I saw the enormous bulge in his shorts, nodded down and laughed, "Oh, I guess you do like my boobs a lot. I sure got a rise out of you. Your little sister gave you a giant boner. Cool."

"If you want to know the truth, little sister, my dick is hard as a rock. You are the sexiest girl I've ever seen. And your pink nipples just make me even harder."

So, I shook them back and forth a bit and cupped my hands beneath each one just to tease him.

"Big brother got a big hard-on looking at his little sister's tits. He likes her tits, doesn't he?"

"Oh, big brother loves his little sister's tits and would just love to kiss them and suck on her big pink puffy nipples."

Well, what does a girl say to that?

This girl said, "Yeah, well, little sister would like that a lot, big brother."

So, he leaned forward and led a nipple into his mouth and gently sucked as he lightly touched the nipple on my other breast round and round with his thumb. I was feeling very warm and tingly all over especially between my legs. Boy, I was getting hot and breathing heavily. The feeling was super-sexy and I know my face was crimson.

I'd never had my boobs sucked before. It was like my nipples were connected directly to my pussy. It was a fantastic feeling, each suck sent a wave of throbbing through my body right to my love box. It was dizzying and I realized that I was rubbing my hand across the bulge in his pants.

"Geez," I thought, "this is going to go a lot farther than I thought."

"God, you're so hard, Ryan, little sis must make your dick go crazy, huh?"

"Oh, sis, I'm hard as a rock. You don't know how sexy you really are. I want to fuck you in the worst way."

Well, I asked him if I was pretty, now he wants to fuck me. What an afternoon!

"Wouldn't it be nicer if you wanted to fuck me in the nicest way?" I replied smiling.

He's standing there with his hands on my breasts rubbing them and says, "I'd love to fuck you any way I could, beautiful little sister."

There's an offer I didn't get every day.

"You can do it with lots of girls in high school, Ryan, why me?"

"Oh, Amber, I've been looking at your beautiful body for a long time now. No girl makes me harder than you. You've felt my cock, it's that hard because of you. I think of you all the time."

I make his cock hard? I thought. Wow. Before I could even process the thought, I was saying, "Can I see it?"

The question surprised me because I'm usually not very forward, especially about sex. He reached down and slid his shorts and briefs down and stepped out of them. His cock stood straight out and it looked enormous with a plump pink head.

"Wow, your big. Its so big a girl couldn't get it in."

"Oh, it goes in, sis, it goes in just fine. Girls stretch, remember babies come out of there so my dick will fit just fine."

I reached for it and it quivered in my hand.

"Its heavy, and really warm, alive."

"Well, it is a part of me, my favorite part, actually."

"Hmm, its my favorite part of you, too. It likes me to rub it. Likes it a lot, huh?"

"Oh, sis, my dick just loves everything you could ever possibly do to it. You could do that forever."

"Oh, I bet. But wouldn't you cum if I kept this up?"

"Um, yes, and it wouldn't be much longer, either. Rubbing your beautiful boobs makes me want to cum all over them."

"Oooh, I'd like that, too. Are you cumming now?" I asked, pointing to the juice leaking from his penis. "I thought it all squirted out."

"No, Amber, that's just some stuff that comes out before to lubricate things. Go ahead and rub it around. Eww, yeah, like that. Oh."

"Feels good, huh? Little sister makes big brother's big dick feel real good?"

"Ooooh, she sure does. She jacks-off her big brother real good. Oh, real good."

More of the liquid is oozing out of Ryan's dick and I'm rubbing it all around the tip end of his cock with my finger as I pull up and down with my other hand.

"Keep that up and you'll get covered with cum."

"I want to see it all explode out of your dick. I gotta see this."

And right after I said this, Ryan goes "UUnggh" and a big glob spurts out all over me followed by several more. I laugh and keep pumping his cock until I can feel it begin to soften a bit.

"Wow, that was great. I'm a cummy mess. You really shoot it all over the place. I love doing that, making you spurt your cum like that. Cool. God, I love your dick. I gotta get a towel, be right back."

I came back wiping the gooey cum off me and noticed a final glob right on my left nipple. I reach up and wiped it off with my finger and put in my mouth.

"Hmm, I've wondered what it tastes like. Not too bad."

"Oh, Amber, I think you're going to taste a lot of cum in your lifetime. I'm glad you like mine, sis, you can have all of it you'd ever want."

Boy, there's an offer.

"Well, sis, its five fifteen. We won't be alone much longer. Better get dressed, okay?"

So, I guess I am pretty. Ryan even said that I'm beautiful and that he'd like to fuck me. WOW! Ryan, my big high school brother who dates all the pretty older girls wants to fuck me, not them. How great is that? This girl rocks. He said I was 'super-hot.' Me, Amber, the little sister. And he wants to fuck ME! I was grinning from ear-to-ear. He wants to fuck ME.

I wasted no time the next afternoon. I'd been thinking all day about the next time Ryan and I'd be together.

As soon as I got home, I called out for my brother.

"Yeah, sis, what?"

"I have another question for you, big brother."

"Oh, good, the last question got me jacked-off by my pretty little sister. What's the question?"

"Would you fuck me?"

I'd been thinking of this all day and screwing up my courage to just come out and ask him, right out. I couldn't believe I really had the guts to do it but was determined to just go ahead and do it.

He stood there for what seemed like forever. God, what if he says 'no', I thought. He takes a step nearer and puts his hands on the sides of my face and says, very tenderly, "Oh, sis, I'd love to make love with you. It would be my happiest dream."

WOW!! Am I having a great time asking my brother questions. Yes, he wants me.

"You're not on the pill, are you?"

"No, I don't know how I'd get Mom to take me to get them."

"That's okay, I've got condoms."

"So you'll do it, we'll make love?"

"You didn't think for a second that I'd say 'no' did you?"

"Can we do it now, this afternoon?"

"You've never done it, right?"

"No, you're my first, just what I want."

"Well, if you're sure, Amber, its a big step. And it may hurt."

"Oh, I use my hairbrush to get off with, so there's no problem there. Little sister is ready for her big brother. There's nothing in your way."

"Well, let's go upstairs, sis, and have a little fun."

We ran up the stairs to Ryan's room where we were out of our clothes in seconds. Ryan stepped over and hugged me in his arms. It was very exciting to be naked and be held tightly by a naked guy; all that skin and that hard cock jamming into you, wow. He was rubbing his midsection against me and I could feel his cock pressing against me, wanting in.

He stepped back and said, "Oh, sis, you are exquisite, perfect. Your breasts, your waist, your hips, your pretty little pussy. Perfect."

He reaches out and rubs my breasts then leans to suck each one in turn. Mmm, this is sensational. Ryan then gets down on one knee and kisses my pubic area right in the middle and I feel his tongue slide along the slit of my love box, then begin to lick wetly up and down.

Oh, wow, kissing my pussy. He licks for a minute more, then stands and we hug again as he kisses me deeply, his arms down my back and his hands rubbing my butt.

As we kissed, I opened my stance and let his dick slide between my legs. I was very wet with his saliva and the thought of things to come and his penis just slipped between my thighs and as he pumped back and forth, it slid along my pussy's well-lubricated lips. We were kissing deeply and I was getting very hot. I knew I was red as a beet and needed to cool off a bit before I got dizzy.

"I gotta sit down a minute, okay?"

I sat on the edge of Ryan's bed as he stood there with his beautiful dick only inches from my face.

"Mmm, pretty," I said as I leaned forward to kiss the tip of his cock. "Yes, Ryan, you have a pretty dick, did you know that?"

"Well, I never had it called 'pretty' before. But I guess a pretty dick is a nice thing to have."

"Its a nice thing for me to have too," I said as I put my lips around his penis head and gave it a suck.

"Ewww, that's a nice kiss. If you get it nice and wet, the condom will slip on real easy."

"Like this?" I asked as I sucked him further into my mouth.

"Oh, just like that. Let me get it on," and he went to his dresser, got a condom and rolled it on his pretty cock.

"Where do you want me?"

"Just get in the middle and put my pillow under your butt."

He got on the bed and knelt between my legs. I spread my knees as wide as I could and he said, "God, Amber, you have a beautiful pussy. I want to kiss it first."

That morning, I had shaved off all my pubic hair and put skin lotion all over my newly bared love triangle and was silky smooth for him. I'd never shaved there before but I wanted to be perfect for him. I had hoped he would kiss and lick me, several of my friends had told me that it brought their strongest orgasms. I couldn't wait.

Ryan laid down below me with his face right between my thighs. I strained to open my legs even wider as he touched my slit with his tongue. I flinched a bit as he drew his tongue all around my slick bare lips. I had never felt anything even close to how good this was. Sure, I've given myself orgasms many times but this was better than all of them combined.

He started to lick all around my clit and then moved back down my slit and put his tongue in as far as he could and moved it rapidly in and out. It was like I was being shocked each time he put his tongue in me. I would jerk each time and he would try to thrust his tongue even deeper. I was learning that everything my friends had said about oral sex was an understatement; it was far better.

He raised up and his cock wavered in front of my open love canal. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down on my juicy plump lips slowly pressing into my eager and waiting love box. As it pushed in, I could feel my pussy wanting to suck it in further. I widened to greet his advances and felt myself fill up with his cock.

"Oh, god, sis, this is all I've ever wanted."

And he slowly pushed in as far as he could go. I wiggled my bottom as he pulsed in and out of me; the feeling was exquisite, simply heavenly. Masturbating was nothing compared to the real thing. Oh, was I hooked.

"Just go nice and slow, Ryan. I want to feel you every second."

Then he stopped and I clenched my muscles to grip his penis and flexed back and forth just slightly. It felt like he was licking me to the very depth of my pussy. God, it was great.

"Oh, Ryan...Oh, Ryan...I'm...I'mmm...CU...OOOH, OOOH, aaaah, aah."

It was truly like a huge shock of electricity. I really felt like I lit up it was so strong. I bucked my hips back and forth almost out of control; I just wanted his cock deep, deep inside me. As the wave of intense pleasure washed over me, I kept moving slowly to keep the feeling alive in my bliss-filled pussy.

"Oh, Ryan, that was unbelievable. Thank you, thank you. Oh, I want you to cum."

So, I began to go round and round as he rocked back and forth filling me and emptying me. I'd just had a magnificent orgasm but his cock still felt so good in me. I'll never get enough of this, I thought.

I was trying to grip my muscles every time he pulled out; I could tell he liked that and it felt wonderful for me, too. He was beginning to moan softly and make little sounds of pleasure so I began to move around under him as he continued to thrust in and out of me. Suddenly, he pushed in all the way, let out a loud groan, and gave me several small thrusts deep into my love canal.

"Unghh, unghh, uh, uh," and he slumped forward and hugged me tightly.

"Oh, god, that was great, Amber. So great."

"Oh, not as great as its going to be. I want to do this every day. I love having you in me like this."

"I'd better get more condoms, huh?"

"Oh, yeah, we'll need lots. I want you every day from now on. Right in here," as I patted my happy and contented pussy.

Well, he was getting hard again, but our parents were due any time, so on with the clothes and on to the homework.

I give his cock a squeeze and said, "Keep him nice and hard for me, I've got plans for him tomorrow."

"Well, think about what position we can try tomorrow. We've done one, there's lots more, Amber. Lots more."

Well, my brother is right, there are lots of positions. Oh, lots. So far, we've tried ninety-seven and there are a lot more left. We keep going back to our favorite website for suggestions:

Try it, and think of us when you do.

Rating: 93%, Read 119268 times, Posted Sep 29, 2010

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Erotica, First Time, Incest, Masturbation, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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