Howards Sister by Gail+Holmes

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Domination, Incest, Male, Virginity

Howards Sister


Gail Holmes

Howard glumly sat at the kitchen table taking note of his Mothers advice she was always good at giving it out, He could but pay attention; he knew she wouldn’t resign until she’d had her say.

“Well, don’t just sit there! Am I right or wrong” She turned Howard’s father with a fierce look that could have killed him.

If anyone was under the thumb, it was poor old Ray he had more than suffered the wrath of her tongue over many years. He looked towards her, then back to Howard.

“You’re Mothers right son, you can stay here as long as you wish. The woman is no good to man or beast; you did right to walk out on her.

Howard was a steel worker and had married on his 25th birthday just under seven months ago; his wife had played up from the word go, but with good reason. However, what his parents didn’t know was of was his unending lust for sex; this was the foremost cause of his marriage break up, he wanted it morning noon and night, he could have willingly walked around all day with a pussy on his cock. Once he’d finished, no way would he pull out, as within five minutes he was up and ready to go again. He would have fucked the dog if he had had the chance

His wife was a beautiful women, just two years younger than him, her body and looks would turn any man’s eye. As soon as she had walked in the door from work, it either was from the rear in front of the kitchen sink, or up on the table with her legs pinned over his shoulders.

Being an out of town girl, she'd not heard of his sexual exploits, or of his nickname. Called Ticker by the local girls, some look forward to his sexual aggression, others stayed well clear. He always carried an alarm clock in his car; he would set it for ten minutes, if he were not into their knickers by the time the alarm went off, they were out of the car and he was on his way.

Up until their wedding, she would only see him once a week, Ok, she would have sex with him methodically enjoyed him, and nothing seemed unusual. Nevertheless, the rest of the week he was back on the rampage again

“Would you like me to make up the bed in his old bedroom Mum?” Angela inquired giving her brother a smile across the table.

Angela at eighteen was still at college, with a year to go; she had always thought the world of Howard. She had been engaged to her boyfriend for just three weeks now, waiting to leave the family nest as Howard had done.

“Yes dear, there’s a clean duvet in the airing cupboard, pillows on the top shelf”

Angela left the three talking at the table, climbing the stairs; her mind went back to earlier times. Her brother often came into her bedroom late at night or after an evening out, he’d place his hand under the sheet, she’d pretended that she was asleep as his hands fondled her breasts, fingers probing under her nightdress, She’d had none of this since his marriage, even Billy her fiancé so far had not explored her body.

Howard’s wife had often been to the house; how Angela envied her. Now, she had his warm hands and probing fingers. He was now married; she would have sampled actual sex with him. Often Howard would leave her wet at night, she would have to carry on with her own fingers, though not thick and bulky as his own.

“You seem happy with yourself?”

As Angela turned her brother moved around her and sitting on the bed

“Nice to have you back home again”

“Anyone would have thought I’d moved away, I’ve only been down the road.”

“Here, here at home I mean” Angela chuckled as she continued to tuck the bottom sheet in working her way around him.

She sensed Howard’s eyes following her, seeking over the lowness of her blouse, she never considered straightening herself to restrict his viewpoint

It was late when he returned that evening, he had sort out the usual haunts, now he was married they just did not want to know. Even those that relished his aggressive lovemaking; had turned him down. Four days was an eternity for Howard, he’d never gone this long in years, he cursed his wife for being such a wimp…headache, to tired or wrong time of the month, always an excuse. He had his rights, one night he’d fucked her for five hours on and off, she ended up crying, saying she was sore. “With the amount of blow she had how the hell could she be sore” He thought.

Angela turned on her side as she heard him mount the stairs, pulling her knees up; assuring her back was to the middle of the bed. He hesitated at her door; it was moments before she heard the low creak as he steadily eased it open. This time she would not continue her charade of sleep, at least not fully, she wanted him to take her further, the whole hog so to speak. She sensed him kneel down beside the bed; lightly lifting the covers, the room was quite light from the street lighting out side, she knew he would be able to see her outline under the bedding, he’s fingers probed her pussy area. Angela gave out a low whimper as she sensed his finger enter, it had been so long since she’d experienced his nightly activities, always looking forward to them.

Howard climbed into the bed alongside her, his cock was already rigid, if it had been his wife he would have gone straight into her, and her position was more than expectable for him. He sensed a spasm within her pussy, easing his finger deeply up inside, he gradually withdrew it, placing a second along side, and then push it gently it back up her again. Angela bit her lip with the sudden pain from his aggressiveness as he speeded his pace, she wanted to turn and cuddle up to him, however, thinking he might stop and leave her, she considered against the idea. His fingers we’re working methodically in and out of her, the vibes were stimulating, sending tiny shocks throughout her body. He detained his movements, with his fingers deep within, placing his thumb onto her clitoris, making gentle revolving movements. Angela gripped the pillow with fingers, digging her teeth into the material, as her body stiffened.

He’s cock now stood like a sceptre, sensing the reactions to his sister’s young body from his penetrating fingers, and moving in towards her, he butted the huge organ up to her moistened pussy. Angela screwed her body up, pulling her knees tightly to her chest as he started to compel himself up her; this was not the feeling that she had expected, being more pain than pleasure.

His cock felt considerably large and bulky to her, he had not considered her virginity, just ploughing straight through it, his thoughts only of his own satisfaction. His balls needed empting, sister or no sister, she would take the full load when he was ready to blow it up her, he should have fucked her years before, he considered. All she had ever done for him was to work him up, leaving him to go and have a wank in his own bedroom.

Angela cried out as he touch bottom, he started thrusting his cock in and out of her at an alarming speed.

“Howie. Please stop… you’re hurting me!” Angela shrieked, trying to clamber up the bed off the hostile organ.

“Quiet! You’ll wake the bloody dead!” Howard growled in her ear placing his hands onto her shoulders pulling her back down sharply forcing his cock back up her even deeper. A trick his wife had repeatedly tried, this time Angela was going to get a good fucking, over time he had wanked himself silly over her. Slowly she started to excrete diminutive amounts of juices, but not adequate to administer any form of comfort.

Howard finally succumbed to her sobbing, knowing he was getting little or no fulfilment from her body. She was his sister after all, treat her right, and he would have pussy whenever he required it, keeping it in the family so to speak. At present with the refusals he had that evening, he needed a hole to fuck; he knew his wife would not submit to his assaults anymore. He withdrew, turning her over onto her back.

“Sorry sis, I’m afraid I got a little carried away, you are so beautiful” He pulled himself back away from her; opening her legs before him, the sight of her blonde down didn’t help his raging cock. He went down on her, taking her clitoris between his lips kneading it gently, whilst his fingers gyrated gently within her pussy. The taste of blood enlighten him of his violent behaviour, he would never consider her a virgin.

Slowly Angela’s body became tranquil; savouring his gentle motions, her juices began to flow naturally. Reaching down taking his head into her small hands drawing it tightly into her pussy region, she was becoming tantalised by his licking and sucking activities, lifting her hips as if to welcome him. Almost as if affirming that she was ready now to be fucked once more, but at a more tranquil pace.

“Come Howie, fuck me now…but please, please be gentle. You are…my first!”

Howard clamber up her body, kissing her gently on the lips, whilst spreading her juices along his shaft from his fingers, Angela sensed the aroma of her pussy on his lips as he went from her mouth to her neck slowly nibbling, then up to her ear lobe. She tensed slightly; feeling his huge cock re-enter her, but this time it slither in her pussy with ease, Howard lifted himself onto his hands and started to fuck her with a steady pace. She lie back enjoying his methodical thrusts, she felt good, this was as she’d expected it to be, placing her hand down onto her lower tummy feeling it rise and fall each time he trust his cock into her, giving out low moans of delight. Suddenly waves of orgasmic delight tore through her body with the violence of an electric shock, lifting her hips she thrust them up towards him. Howard clamped his hand over her mouth; fearing that her moans may be heard by their parents, along the hallway

He took advantage of her new position strengthening his pace, fucking her even harder; her moist passageway was like liquid velvet, no pussy muscles being exercised, it clung to him like a leach as his helmet moved within its clinging inner walls. Howard knew he was about to cum, he’s cock throbbed as he manoeuvre it up deep inside her, she sensed the heavy swelling as his seed was pumped along the chunky shaft, then spurted intensely within. He leaned back over her kissing her on the lips, allowing no subsidence to his cock as it continued to pump the storeroom of cum from the last few days into her.

His sperm was restricted by the bulk of his cock, causing swelling, the tiny life forms were wriggling in front of him discovering her inner passageway, fighting with each other to get to her womb first, flicking their long tails to aid their progress, their velocity causing turbulences within the thick cream

Angela sensed his cock contracting as it gradually decreased in size; the pressure on his sperm reducing; allowing it to compel back towards her pussy entrance. Howard hovered over her; continuing kissing and fondling, going from one breast to the other, nibbling each of her nipples in turn, as if waiting, waiting for his blood to stir once more. She pulled him down to her, kissing his forehead then look up at him.

“Howie, that was wonderful; I have waited so long” Angela lifted her lips kissing him, slipping her tongue into his mouth.

This was more than enough for him; she felt the jolt in his cock as his blood surged once more; filling the tiny capillaries, spreading the huge glands of his organ back to life. He’d already started his leisurely thrusts; this time with the added lubrication he knew he could fuck as hard as he wanted, now it was his turn to benefit from her, he intended to blow her brains out, he always did cum buckets second time around. Angela’s breasts started to ache from the fierce rocking backwards and forwards by his aggressive thrusting; she could not have imagined possible holding them so tightly cupping them in her hands. Her fanny made loud slurping noises as he slammed into her, filling the room with a heavy pungent aroma of sex.

Angela went through multiples orgasms one after the other; he never faltered in his pace, her body tingled with the pleasures he was bestowing. She would cry out each time he bottomed her, but stayed with him, gripping his arms holding them tightly as she lifted her hips up to meet him. His bollock’s felt like huge balloons, he was ready to deliver his next consignment sensing the boiling within. Placing his hands under her arms, he gripped her by the shoulders forcing his cock deep, pulling her body down onto it. Howard arched his back; moaning loudly as the thick seed flowed down his shaft.

Angela’s fanny stung as the hot spurts started; it was not unlike being stabbed with a needle each time his cum cut through her already full pussy, hitting the base of her womb. Howard leaned heavily onto his cock willing every last globule of the thick cream into her. Angela could but layback, her body felt that she was already pregnant with the immense swellings within.

Howard sensed a light being switch on; there was a low glow in the hallway. He knew it could only be from his parent’s bedroom; he withdrew quickly, throwing the bedding back over her.

It could have been but seconds after he’d left when Angela’s mother came into the room, she went straight to the window opening it wide then back to the bed, sitting down beside Angela as she switched on the bedside lamp.

“Are you alright dear?” Her mother noted the beads of sweat glistening from her daughter’s forehead as she spoke. “I have opened the window dear, it smells as if something has died in here, was it a bad dream”

Angela sat up onto her elbows, and looked up to her mother, she was still slightly breathless.

“Sorry Mother, did I wake you?” She stammered.

“You lay back and go to sleep, I’m sure you’ll be alright now!” Her mother implied.

“I must go to the bathroom” Angela reached to the side of the bed collecting her housecoat, slipping it around her shoulders as she stood. “I’ll be alright now Mum, you go back to bed” She replied staggering her way to the bedroom door.

“You all right dear. You seem in some sort of pain!” her mother inquired.

“I’m fine now Mum, you go back to bed!” Angela clung to the sides of the door to support herself as she replied.

Her mother passed her in the doorway, easing herself through. “Sure you’re alright dear.”

“Fine Mum, just feel a little weak!”

She sat on the toilet placing her hand on her lower tummy; it still felt as if he were still inside her, looking down between her legs and watching as the thick gooey sperm, as seeped from her swollen pussy in a long thick never ending syrupy dribble.

“What was it love?” Bill asked his wife

“Bad dream I think by the noise she was making, she looks as if she’s been pulled through a hedge backwards…. and the stench in there, I told her to leave the window open.

“Is Howard home yet?” he quizzed.

“Over the noise Angela was making I wouldn’t know, the last thing we want is for him to lose his sleep, you know how he is without it!”

Angela’s fiancé, did wonder as the weeks went by, she seemed to think more of going out with her brother than himself, pubs, restaurants, bowling. He could not understand the attraction, little did he realise that if he had dipped his wick sooner he would have won her over. Both brother and sister had an enormous appetite for sex, gratifying each other’s needs to the full.

Both parents realised as to where the nightly racket came from after a couple of nights, but with Howard, they recognized he was unapproachable, nevertheless, months later they both wished they had spoken up.


Rating: 77%, Read 52609 times, Posted Nov 11, 2004

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Domination, Incest, Male, Virginity


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