My little fuck-whore ... and her sister! by darkestprince

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Fantasy | BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Humiliation, Male, Submission, Teen Female, Young

It was a couple of days after the girls Mother had seen her little puppy-fat laden youngest, Gemma, come out of my garage; where I had just fucked her on the bare concrete floor and almost ripped the skin off her back; that there was another knock on my door.

I opened it to find her standing there alone with an angry look on her face, but my worry about finally having been rumbled was short-lived. “I don’t know WHAT has got into my girls recently … they won’t do ANYTHING I ask them … AND I think Gemma’s being bullied at school – her back’s all cut up and she won’t tell me how it happened!”

With that she burst into tears; so I ushered her in and sat her on the settee, where she blubbed noisily for a few minutes. So I slipped quietly into the kitchen to make her a cup of tea – the English 'cure for all ills'.

When I carried it back in and handed it to her' she had brought herself under control a bit and accepted with the glimmer of a smile. “I’m sorry for the outburst, but everything’s been getting on top of me recently. Andy’s always out at work, or sleeping off nights, and the girls ….” Her voice trailed off as she dissolved into tears again.

“I … just … can’t … cope … anymore” And with that she leapt to her feet, knocking the tea all over the floor. “YOU can tell him ... I’ve gone to my Mothers for a few days … the girls seem to listen to both of you better than me – you’ll all just have to cope without me” And with that she dashed back out of the house, leapt straight into her sporty little Red coupe, and wheel-span off up the road!

‘Fucking Hell … it’s midday … Andy won’t be home ‘til this evening if he’s not there now’ But then it occurred to me that their two daughters would be home from school long before Andy got back…. so I might have an opportunity for some fun here before he got back!

The delightful Ellie – 14, long blonde hair, a body to die for, and stunningly beautiful, who I had screwed for the first (and so far only) time the week before, and 11 year-old Gemma, all podge and awkwardness, but whom I had now had the pleasure of an several occasions, mostly of HER making!

Ellie had pissed me off (see previously “and they want me to babysit”), so through Gemma I had effectively wrecked her reputation with all her friends and at school; but she had since ‘begged’ me, via her sister, that she would ‘do anything’ if I would undo the damage! I thought it was probably impossible to reverse – but she wasn’t to know that was she!

So I had a relatively short period of time to come up with a plan of how to satisfy my lust for ‘my’ Ellie! AND, later, how to tell their father that his wife had left him, albeit (probably) temporarily!

It was just after half past three I saw Gemma strolling up the drive. “Hi Gemma, your Mum’s had to go out – and Dad’s still at work” I called from my office window. Looking a little puzzled at this unexpected change to her routine, her face then broke into a smile, “Oh GREAT … just give me a minute to change, and I’ll come round … if that’s ok?”

“Yeah sure … if you like” I smiled back. She reappeared within a matter of a minute, skipping childishly across our adjoining lawns, wearing a pretty little Pink lightweight summer mini-dress, no shoes on her feet, and when she saw me watching from my window, grinned at me and raised the hem towards her chin, I discovered – NOTHING ELSE!

“Just come straight up … the door’s open” It sounded like a herd of Elephants on the stairs, and then she appeared at my office doorway. “Can we do it quick – before Ellie gets back?” lifting her dress off over her head in one quick movement.

“No – I’ve got plans for you AND your sister …” standing there naked her little face dropped, but she dropped to her knees as I turned to face her, and shuffled forward reaching out and squeezing my dick through my trousers. “Can I at least suck you, like you taught me?”

“Now you KNOW that’s a silly question” Unzipping my trousers and delving out my still-soft dick. It was a wonderful sight, to watch her grab it with both hands and greedily feed it into her open lips. Immediately I felt the warm wetness of her mouth closing around my cock, it began to harden.

I grabbed the back of her head and forced her head forward as my erection grew inside her mouth. Within just a few seconds I could feel her start to gag and choke as my hardening dick forced its way into the back of her throat, but I kept the pressure on her head regardless.

Grasping her head by the ears, I started to thrust it back and forward, fucking my dick into the tightness of her throat. She squirmed free for a moment “YES … I’m your little fuck-whore aren’t I …” Ramming her head back onto my dick, she actually was trying to take my whole length down inside her, but her youth, inexperience, and kneeling position prevented it.

Looking down I was greeted by the wonderful sight of her naked podgy little body, with just-raised nipples, and her as-yet-hairless crotch disappearing between her thighs, both hands cupping my balls, frantically fucking her own mouth onto me. ‘Well Heaven can’t be much better than THIS!’ I thought.


Just at that moment I caught sight, out of the corner of my eye, of the delightful Ellie sulkily moping round the corner. She always looked stunning in her school uniform, and today was no exception, with her tie knotted huge but only a few inches long; her White shirt on this occasion, rucked up and knotted under her breasts, revealing several inches of board-flat stomach above her ridiculously short pleated skirt, beneath which protruded gorgeous shapely muscular legs perched on far-from-regulation Black stilettos.

She DID look particularly dejected today, which I (rightly) put down to her rejection by her peers. “ELLIE – YOUR MUMS NOT THERE – I WANT YOU TO TAKE YOUR KNICKERS OFF AND GET UP HERE – NOW!”



She considered this for only a split second, before flipping her skirt up at the sides, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her Black knickers and peeling them down her thighs and off, whilst I watched (amazed at the brazenness of her compliance) my object of hundreds of wanked-orgasms calmly tuck her miniscule thong into her school bag!

She calmly sauntered over towards my door and disappeared from view.

A few moments later she reappeared at the office doorway, where she stood leaning against the frame, watching the rear-view of her naked younger sibling sucking my dick!

“You’re disgusting … BOTH of you!”

“Right you … kneel here and take turns with your sister” widening my legs to make room.

She obediently dropped to her knees at her chubby sisters’ side and shuffled forward towards me. She reached out, taking hold of the bottom of the shaft of my dick with her hand, “Are you going to tell my friends that I’m NOT the slag they think…?”

“That all depends on how well you behave yourself!”

After a moments consideration, she pushed her little sisters head back from where she was still desperately trying to deep-throat me and, opening her pretty mouth wide, proceeded to engulf my entire length straight into the tightness of her oesophagus, sinking her tousled blonde head down until my balls were resting on her chin!

“That’s not fair … how do you DO that” squeaked her little sister, looking sadly up at my blissful expression.

Ellie pulled her head back, extracting my cock from the depths of her throat “I suppose you want me to teach her …?” I nodded my silent assent.

She proceeded to give her little sister a crash-course on the relaxation required in deep-throat techniques, including several, delightful, practical demonstrations; until even little Gemma was able to swallow my entire manhood down without the slightest hesitation.

To be tag-team deep-throated by both sisters, one a child, naked and (almost) innocent, the other a blossoming young woman wearing almost ‘fantasy’ school uniform was one of the most erotic scenes I had ever had the pleasure of!

I was battling to resist the urge to spray my seed down (preferably) Ellies’ throat.

Shuffling off the edge of the chair and onto the floor, I barked “Right – YOU” (indicating my little-fuck-whore, the youngster Gemma) “get my cock inside you NOW … and YOU – sit on my face – DO IT NOW”

Both girls immediately complied, and within seconds I had my tongue buried deep up Ellies’ heavenly-tasting pussy with all light blocked out by her little pleated school-uniform skirt, whilst feeling the vice-like tightness of Gemma clamping around me below.

Both girls humped themselves up and down ontop of me only for a minute or so, until the combined feeling became too much for my self-control and I jetted my load of spunk up into Gemmas’ tight little pussy, the same moment as my mouth filled with the gushing juices of Ellies orgasm.

I pushed Ellie off as soon as I had regained some form of control, “RIGHT – NOW EAT MY CUM OUT OF YOUR SISTERS PUSSY!” She paused, evidently repulsed at the thought; but a combination of her wish to gain my cooperation, and her own innate horniness’ got the better of her; she pushed her sister onto her back and noisily proceeded to suck my seed out of her Red and swollen cunt.

When she had got EVERY LAST drop, inadvertently giving my-little fuck-whore at least ONE more orgasm, and with her pretty little mouth still ringed with my glistening cum, I said “Right, now take off the rest of your clothes, NOT your shoes, go out to the street and I want you to give a PROPER deep-throat blow-job to EVERY man who comes along … NO excuses – NO exceptions – DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

She hesitated, looking almost bashful but then completely broken-willed, as she dutifully peeled off the rest of her school uniform; and strutted out onto the roadway, naked except for those shiny stiletto shoes; and stood, like a hooker, waiting to perform on whoever happened to walk by!

“You’re not ACTUALLY going to make her suck the willies of ANYONE who comes up the street – ARE YOU?”

“Yes – my little fuck-whore … I AM … and we’re going to sit here and watch your ‘high-and-mighty’ sister suck the dicks of COMPLETE strangers! … won’t THAT be fun!?”

She didn’t look as convinced as I was …. She almost looked as if she might be taking pity on her plight!

Rating: 76%, Read 132547 times, Posted Jul 19, 2006

Fantasy | BDSM, Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Humiliation, Male, Submission, Teen Female, Young


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