Hot Gay Toilet! by Keven-Jeanne+Bardot

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True Story | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Gay, Humiliation, Submission

Sometimes I go to this one place, it's an adult bookstore/theater. I'd gone in there several times, and I always thought the place was a dud. Everytime I'd gone in there I was the only customer. The booths in the back had absolutely NO action whatsoever either. So based on that I hardly ever went there. But one night I had a long sex session with a black guy at Secrets, and we were both naked and I was sitting on his lap, his dick up my ass & we were kissing and taking it slow - you know, watching a video and just talking quietly and making out - and he asked me if I ever went to the sex theater a couple of blocks over. I told him I had been there but it was always no action. He seemed surprised. "In the theater?" he asked. I told him I didn't realize that there was a theater, and he told me there was - in the back. He said it was wild back there, that there is a stage right below the screen, and that some guys get up and put a show right there on the stage. Well, that definitely got my attention.

After he left it got slow, so I decided to give the place another look. Sure enough, it was just like my man had said. You go to the desk and give the guy behind the counter 6 bucks & tell him it's for the theater. He hits a button that unlocks the door, which you go through and find yourself in the darkened theater.

I went in. It was around 11:00 pm. There were only a couple of older guys jerking off in solitude as they watched the movie on the screen. There are about a hundred seats. Seemed kinda dull, so I left.

I came back a couple of nights later, it was a Saturday, around 7 pm. this time the place had about 50 guys watching the movie. I sat down and took out my dick. It got hard fast. I noticed a guy peek his head out from the door to the men's toilet, located down the sloping aisle, behind the movie screen. so I decided to investigate. I entered the toilet and was shocked. There were close to twenty guys - some clothed, others completely naked - in there, some giving blowjobs, & one white kid was getting fucked by a mexican farm worker over in a darkened corner, next to a toilet bowl. It was like a gay whorehouse!

I immediately stripped naked and put my clothes in a plastic grocery bag. I greased up my anus, just in case. One naked guy who was getting his cock sucked kept looking at me. He was standing against the wall completely naked as some guy sucked his dick. He called me over and offered me his dick. I was on him like a nymphomaniac. I sucked his dick and nuts like a sex maniac. He could tell I was wild. "You wanna go out front?" he said. I nodded and followed him out into the theater. "You up for going up on stage?" he asked. I looked up at the row of seats filled with spectators, and a thrill ran through me. "Ok," I said.

We walked up the 4 steps that led up onto the stage. A few audience members whistled, and some guy yelled out: "Let's see a show!" The guy I was with stood there and I got on my knees and began suckin his dick and balls. After a while he turned and spread his ass for me to eat him out - which I did, for a long time. Then we stood up and made out for a while before he got me on my hands and knees and fucked me in the ass. Finally he asked me where I wanted it and I told him on my face. He began jerking off while I flickered my tongue all over his penis until he shouted out and slopped a huge load of cum all over my face.

There were a lot of cheers & catcalls from the audience as the guy grabbed my arm and raised me up to display my dripping face to the crowd. "Let's have a big hand for the little sissy!" he shouted out to the crowd. There were more cheers as he started walking me down the stairs. I thought we were going back into the toilet, but he steered me toward the aisle. I pulled back and told him no, so he grabbed my arm and twisted it up behind me until I almost fainted with pain. "Don't FUCK with me, bitch," he said in my ear. He escorted me up the center aisle, stopping every few feet to display my dripping face. Some of the guys in the audience had flashlights and were shining them on me and I was vaguely aware of camera flashes as some of them took pictures with their cell phones. Then he escorted me back down the aisle and into the toilet. As he was getting dressed he told me his name was Butch, and that he was married. He said he went there every few weeks. After he left I hung out in the toilet and ended up sucking 6 or 7 more meyn off and getting ass fucked by 3 of them.

One night, a few weeks after that stage show at the adult theater, I went back. It was a Sunday, around 7 pm. There were about 30 guys in the seats watching the feature. I sat down for a few minutes and removed my shorts and wrapped a slave bandana on my shaved head, Tupac style Then I walked down to the toilet in just my flip flops and my long tank top There was a middle aged black guy standing around. I removed my t- shirt and got completely naked except for my flip flops. The black guy stared at me and began rubbing his groin. "You wanna blow job, honey?" I asked him. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was hard.

I knelt on the floor and began to suck his cock. MMM! it was nice and hard and about 10 inches. He unbuckled his pants and let them drop to his ankles. I reached up and pulled down his boxer shorts. As I sucked him off I ran my hands all over his big strong legs. I looked up at him. "You wanna fuck me, sweetie?" He nodded and I got on my elbows and knees facing the doorway and he mounted me, working his dick up into my anus. He began fucking me with long, slow strokes, enjoying the bite of my anus on his dick. A guy came in and began watching him fuck me.

After The black guy shot his load in my ass and left, I turned to one of the men standing next to me. He was an older Mexican, he looked like a field worker. He was wearing cowboy boots and a John Deere baseball cap. He had his dick out and was jerking off. I crawled over to him on my ands and knees, completely naked, and just started suckin his dick. I blew him until he pumped a hot load of semen into my throat.

A young Filipino guy in scrubs came over and fingered my anus with 2 fingers. He pulled his pants down and worked his dick up my ass. He didn't have a real big dick, but like most Asian men, his dick was extremely hard. He fucked me and beat on my ass until he came deep in my anus.

Then I spotted Butch, the guy I had done the stage show with. He was naked and had a hard on. He crooked his finger at me and I crawled to him. I gave him a super charged blowjob right there next to the urinal. There were about 12 men in the toilet watching. After he nutted all over my faggot face he said, "Man, you are really wild!"

I laughed. "Yes I am," I said. "I'm crazy wild. There ain't nothin I wont do."

He looked down at me. "Oh really? I want you to clean up that toilet bowl with your tongue." The toilet bowl in that place is one of the nastiest toilet bowls I have ever seen. It almost never gets flushed. I crawled on my hands and knees over to the bowl. It was filled with a lot of piss, and it stunk like hell. My dick was so hard I almost couldn't stand it. The seat was up and I began hungrily licking the porcelain rim of the bowl. What would make someone like me crawl naked on the hard tile floor to a filthy foul smelling toilet bowl, and lick it? To voluntarily surrender my rights and dignity as a human being, to crave pain and humiliation? I did it for SEX - pure and simple. My dick was SO fuckin' HARD as I made love to the bowl, licking the rim, putting on a show!

The word had got out in the theater and everyone had come into the toilet to watch me lick it clean. I cleaned it all up and then Butch said to put my face into the piss. I got my head down into the bowl and Butch grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face into the bowl of piss and held my head under for a few seconds before pulling me up. I gasped for breath, my face soaked with piss.

I laughed! God it stunk! Butch said, "Hold your head over the bowl, I gotta take a piss." I did like he told me. "Open your fuckin mouth, bitch," he barked. I opened my mouth just in time to take a full blast of his piss in my mouth. I had to keep gulping to get it all down. It seemed like he pissed forever! There was so much piss! And I gulped it all down. Butch shook his dick off in my face. He stepped aside and another guy took his place. One after another, 15 guys took a piss on me. I was covered with piss from head to foot. My bandana was soaked.

When it was over I did my best to dry myself off with paper towels before getting dressed and slinking out of the theater. By the time I got home the urine had dried on my body, but my head and bandana were still soaked. I really stank bad. I took everything off and threw it in the washer. Then I went in the bathroom and stood before the mirror and inhaling the stink of piss and recalling the events of the toilet and I masturbated until I came all over the floor. Then I took a shower and went to bed, to dream of my humiliation.

Rating: 71%, Read 10234 times, Posted Jun 05, 2019

True Story | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Gay, Humiliation, Submission


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