A Game of Basketball Pt. 2 by Phoenix+Cinders

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The next day in class, Nicole wouldn’t even look at me. Worst of all, rumors spread through school like a wildfire.

I overheard several conversations about her after English class. They called her a tranny, shemale and a slew of other transphobic slurs.

At lunch, my teammates wouldn’t shut up about her. Especially Finn…

“We’re seriously not going to let that faggot on our team, are we?” He looks around the table as if we all agree with him.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it, besides… You saw her play! She went toe to toe with Dave…” Donny says. “Besides, who doesn’t want a girl with a little something extra!”

Donny is literally the only one in the entire school who could get away with saying whatever the hell comes through his mind…

“Are you a fag?” Finn asks.

“Nah… I like boobs too much… Besides, it’s not gay if I rail a girl with a dick,” he adds.

“There’s no point in asking Donny, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing he wouldn’t try once,” Jason adds.

“You got me there.” He smiles widely.

“Dude, you are fucked up in the head!” Jeremy says. “I’m not going near that dude… I mean come on, dressing up as a girl? Really?”

“What!? It’s just sex… Besides, you can’t knock up a tranny…” Donny says.

“He’s got a point…” Jason adds. “I mean, they don’t have a pussy… Obviously, that’s why I’d never have sex with one… Too addicted to the vagina.”

“Hahaha, amen to that!” Finn goes to high five Jason. “I only fuck sloots!”

After a few minutes of holding his hand in the air, Finn finally takes it back, looking around to see if anyone saw that.

“I only fuck sluts, too!” Josh says, holding his fist up to pound it with Finn.

“Shut up, Josh…” Finn mumbles as he looks away.

Josh quickly pulls his hand back, looking embarrassed.

“So what the fuck are we going to do about this tranny trying to get on our team!?” Finn asks.

“Yeah, captain!?” Jeremy agrees, reflecting the question my way…

“Who cares! Why are we even talking about this?” I slam my fist against the table.

“Oh come on, you’re only pissed because you tried to fuck her before you found out she’s got a dick!” Finn shouts loud enough for the entire cafeteria to hear.

And of course, of all the people to pass our table at that moment in time, it had to be Nicole…

The look of humiliation on her face made my stomach sink to the depths of my intestines.

“Speak of the devil! There’s the tranny, right now!” Finn shouts loud enough for her to hear.

“Dude! Shut the fuck up!” I shout at him.

“Ooooh, someone’s mad… Maybe you’ve already been boning…” All I want to do right now is break Finn’s teeth in. “Tell me, Dave… Are you the pitcher or the catcher?”

“Fuck you! I’m not a homo! There’s nothing going on between us, so shut fuck up! Or I’ll knock your teeth out!” Standing up, I’m ready to jump across the table at him.

“Bring it, Marshall!” Finn says, standing up as well. They all know I hate being called that! The rest of the team all stand up, trying to get in between us.

“Don’t fucking call me that! I don’t go by that name anymore!” Ever since we moved I took on my mother’s maiden name, Peterson, but it’s wasn’t official when I moved so people still call me Marshall.

I caught a glimpse of Nicole, eyes full of tears as she storms out of the cafeteria. Fuck my life…

Tossing the rest of my lunch out, I chase after her.

“Look, he’s going for more dick!” Finn shouts. I swear to God, I’m going to beat his ass.

I finally catch up to Nicole in the stairwell. She’s crying underneath the stairs.

“Hey…” The only word I could muster.

“Go away! I don’t ever want to talk to you, again!” She buries her face in her knees as she tries to hide from the rest of the world.

“I just want to apologize… Finn is an asshole.”

“No fucking shit… Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure that out,” she mutters. “You think I give a shit what he thinks?”

“Why are you so pissed at me? I tried to defend you!”

“No, you didn’t! You just defended yourself… Why are you even talking to me? You’re not a homo, remember?” she says as she gets up and walks past me.


Why can’t things be simple?


When practice finally came, I was stunned to see Nicole there.

“You came!”

“You think I’m going to let assholes like you and Finn ruin what I worked so hard for?” she says as she pushes past me.

“Nicole! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it…”

“Look who it is, the shemale and the faggot that sucks her off!” Finn says, walking into the gym.

“Finn, I’m going to fucking kick your ass!”

“Woah… Hold it, let’s all just take a chill pill,” Jason says as he rushes in between us.

“Come on guys, are we seriously going to let this tranny freak on our team?” Finn says.

“I outplayed you yesterday. What’s wrong, Finn? Afraid to get beat by a “tranny”?” Nicole asks.

“Yeah right! Like I’m going to lose to a freak like you!” Finn says.

A whistle blows, as coach walks into the gym. “Everyone on the line. You know what time it is.”

As we line up for sprints, Finn makes the dick sucking motion with his hand at me. I fucking swear to God, one more time…

The whistle blows both Nicole and I explode off the line. I can tell she’s pissed as she beats me, finishing the gutbuster first.

Finn finishes well behind both of us. We continue doing gutbusters and Nicole won’t let up.

Finally, coach divides us into two different teams. Once again Nicole’s on the opposite team, this time with Finn, Jeremy, and Josh. The three people who opposed her being on the team the most. Jason’s also on their team. So I’ve got Donny, Brock, Caleb, and Austin.

Tip-off, Austin gets the ball and passes it to me. I push it up the court as Jason trails me. Nicole comes up to block my path to the basket and I pass it out to Brock for the open 3.

Jeremy takes it out and inbounds it to Jason. He pushes it up the court and then passes it down to Finn.

Finn posts up Caleb and fakes a spin move to the left and pulls up to the right, dropping it in.

I take the inbound pass from Brock and drive it up past half court as Jason tries to defend.

Obvious mismatch down in the post with Josh trying to guard Austin. Since we’ve only got 3 big men, there’s always going to be a mismatch down low. I dish it to Austin and he easily puts it in over Josh.

Josh inbounds it to Jason and he passes it up to Jeremy. Donny’s on Jeremy, but he drives the lane and pulling Brock off of Nicole.

Instead of passing it to the open player, he pulls up. The frustration is visible on Nicole’s face.

Caleb grabs the rebound and dishes the ball to me. I push it up the court. Jason meets me at half court and I crossover to the right side and as he switches his position I go to cross over to the left, but instead use the in and out dribble.

A fake crossover, making Jason change his position to where he thought I was going, but instead of crossing over to the left, I do what looks like a crossover where I change my momentum to the left, but keep the when the ball bounces to the left, I use my right hand to intercept it and step to the right.

Before Jason realizes where I’m going, his momentum is taking him to the left and I’m able to dribble past him.

Jeremy comes up for help, but I dish it off to Donny and sprint past him for the give and go. Donny bounces it back as I slam it down for the dunk, making it 7 to 2.

Nicole grabs the rebound and inbounds it to Jason. He tries to push it up the court, but I attack him like a fly I’m about to squish and force him to pass it to Jeremy.

Jeremy passes it to Finn and he dunks it after he drives past Caleb.

Taking the inbound pass from Donny, I push it up the court and meet both Jeremy and Jason at half court.

I crossover to the right, forcing both of them to chase and then stop my momentum and spin back to the left, giving me the entire left side of the court to move.

Driving it past Jeremy I rush the lane, forcing Finn to help.

As meets me at the free throw line, I bounce it between his legs to Caleb who he left open and he puts it in the for the easy layup.

Jason takes the inbound pass from Josh and throws it up to Jeremy. Donny rushes up to guard him.

Nicole is wide open for an easy bucket. Where the fuck is Brock?

There he is over by their basket, sniffing his fingers. I don’t even want to know.

Instead of passing it to Nicole who has the easy shot, Jeremy drives it up the court. I sneak up behind him and pick his pocket, knocking the ball loose.

Donny grabs it and passes it to me and I yell at Brock while I chuck the ball at him. He wakes up out of his daydream just in time to catch the ball and put it in for the easy basket.

“Why the fuck didn’t you pass me the ball? I was wide open!” Nicole confronts Jeremy.

“Don’t you get it!? We don’t want you on our team!” Finn says.

“Who the fuck made that decision?” I interrupt.

“I did as co-captain of this team! Got a problem with that?” Finn asks.

“As one of the other co-captains of this team, I do have a problem with that!” I tell him.

“Well then let’s put it up to a vote then,” Finn says.

Coach blows the whistle. “I decide who’s on the team and who’s not. And we haven’t decided who the captains are. Just because you were both captains last year doesn’t make you captains this year.”

“We here to play basketball, not fight like children… Since you all would rather bicker, we’ll run instead. Everyone on the line,” Coach Brooks orders.

The entire team sighs as we walk over to the line. “We don’t walk in this court, only losers walk.”

Immediately everyone starts jogging to the line. “This is your fault, fagboy,” I hear Finn mutter under his breath.

“Don’t fucking call her that!” I rush up to Finn and shove him.

“And what are you going to do about it, knob jockey!”

I was about to knock his nose in before Nicole grabbed my shirt. “Come on, Dave… it’s not worth it.”

I’m surprised she’s even talking to me after what happened at lunch.

“That’s it… Dave and Finn… 20 push-ups, now!” Coach demands.

I brush Finn off and start pushing the ground. Finn also starts doing his push-ups. After we finish, coach makes us run for the rest of practice.

Everyone’s exhausted by the time she lets us leave. Before Nicole rushes off, I grab her arm gently and force her to face me. “Are we good?”

“Not really… But thanks for standing up for me. Also, I can fight my own battles,” she says as she looks up at me.

“What do I gotta do to make it up to you?” I ask.

“I don’t know…” she says as she turns away and walks out.

That could have gone better, it could have gone worse too.

Chapter 3

A couple weeks went by and tension grew between the team. School became littered with rumors of Nicole being trans, with Nicole and I having sex, with all sorts of stupid shit. Some were true, obviously. Nicole is trans and we did have sex. I still haven’t admitted it to anyone, but that doesn’t mean some people haven’t put two and two together.

But we haven’t really talked a whole lot since then. Which sucks...

Everyone made the team, obviously. We need all the help we can get. Coach also had us vote on team co-captains. Just like last year, Finn and I became the co-captains. I can’t imagine why anyone would think it’s a good idea to have Finn as a captain.

During our practices, coach implemented 2 different plays. They were simple and easy to remember. And they were plays we learned last year. Those who were on the team last year already knew the plays.

The first play coach calls pick. After I tap my head and yell pick, we set up a box offense, but the small forward and the shooting guard are in the low post and the two post players set up at the top of the free throw box. The point guard, being me, is at the top of the key.

The post players go down and screen for the guards who pop up at the three-point line and the center and power forward post up at the bottom. I pass it to whatever guard is open, they can either take the shot if they’re open or pass it down to the post player if the defense switches and has their wing guarding the post player, giving us a mismatch at the post.

The second play was very easy and simple. All five players lined up on the wing. The center is in the corner on the right and the power forward is in the opposite corner. The point guard brings the ball to the top of the key and the shooting guard is on the left between the power forward and the point guard. The small forward is on the opposite side.

Basically, whoever I choose to pass the ball to, I go set a pick for the opposite side. So I choose to pass to the shooting guard, I go set a pick for the small forward. If the shooting guard passes to the power forward, then they go set a pick for the small forward.

So it’s kind of a game of pass and pick until someone has an open shot. Coach calls this wing since all the players are lined up on the wing. I have to raise my hand in the air and bring it down like a batwing when I call out the play.

But… With the team in the sorry state it’s in, some players like to play keep away from a certain player. Which really pisses me off. Not just the fact that they would rather be a bunch of pricks than win, but also because the certain player they’re playing keep away from just so happens to be… You’ve guessed it. Nicole.

I’ve had just about enough of Finn, Jeremy and Josh’s bullshit.

Especially with our first game tonight. If they pull that shit during the game, I’m going to be pissed.


Nicole hasn’t sit by me in English class since basketball started. Since we… I don’t really need to explain all of it over again.

The thing is, she doesn’t really have any other friends. I can’t stand seeing her all alone, ostracized by the school.

I know what’s like to feel lonely. After what happened in Santa Barbara…

After I was outcasted by all my friends, I never felt more alone. Zach, my youngest brother who still lives in Santa Barbara, still called every now and then. But Brett and I haven’t spoken except for the Championship game. Even then the words we shared weren’t nice.

Even my best friend, Kevin Williams sided with Brett over me. I’ve thought about calling him several times, but I’ve never picked up the phone. I miss him. All the things we’ve done growing up are hard to forget.

To see Nicole in the same state I was in breaks my heart. It’s like going through all over again. The feelings I have for her make it even worse.

Not even Miss Crandell can take my mind off her.

Why did I have to choose my fears over her?


At lunch, I didn’t even bother to join the team. I grabbed a sandwich and ate it in the locker room. Not that I was hungry.

After I finish eating, I grab my basketball and head out to the court to find Nicole already there.

She looks at me with annoyance.

“I didn’t realize you were out here, I’ll let you shoot in peace.” Without saying another word, I turn to go back into the locker room.

“Wait!” I hear her shout. “You don’t have to leave. There's enough room for the both of us.”

Turning around, she gives me a slight smile.

“Are you sure?” I ask, searching into those shimmering green eyes.

“Yeah.” she gives me another awkward smile. “I’ve kind of missed our little private practices.”

I can’t help but give a small little chuckle at that. “Yeah, me too.”

“Again, I’m sorry about everything! I know I’ve apologized over and over again, but I mean it.”

“I know,” she says walking over to me. “Want to just sit and chat? I could use someone to talk to.”

“Yeah! I’d like that.” I she finally forgiving me?

We crouch down against the wall and kind of sit there for a moment in silence.

“Do you ever regret moving here?” she asks.

I didn’t expect that question… Letting out a big breath of air, I contemplate that. “Yes… and no.”

“Yes, I regret all the things that happened between my friends and I. Somethings were probably inevitable… My brother Brett and I have always fought. Deep down I knew he was going to stay with our dad when our parents got divorced. But I couldn’t…”

I glance over to nowhere in particular, just couldn’t let her see the pain in my expression. “Our dad has… Well, he’s just a straight up asshole. I couldn’t take it anymore. The way he treated our mother was…”

I look back into Nicole’s eyes. “It was unacceptable and I’ll never forgive him.”

She said nothing, but her expression said everything. I think somehow she understands. “I just wish Brett and Zach could see that he’s a fucking asshole.”

“I know what you mean… I don’t really talk to my dad either.”

I look over at her, a surprised. I just realize how much I don’t know about her. “You’ve got father issues too?”

“Yeah… that’s putting it lightly.”

“My parents also got divorced… A long time ago.” She brings her knees closer to her chest, wraps her arms around them and rests her head against her forearms. “I lived with my dad for a while. Mainly because my mother got remarried and moved here. I was the only one of my siblings that didn’t move. I wanted to stay in Santa Barbara because that’s where all my friends were.”

“Things were fine, at least on the surface. But that’s before I came out as transgender.” She buries her face in her legs and I can hear her sniffle. Without even thinking, I put my arm on her shoulder and gently squeeze it, trying to comfort her. Finally, she looks back up at me as tears fall from her eyes. “When I finally did come out as trans…”

She breaks away from me and once more buries her face in her arms. I can hear her start to cry. It kills me seeing her like this. “He disowned me,” she whispers.

I pull her close and rest her head against my shoulder as I wipe away the tears on her face. She brings her and rests it on top of mine as I caress her wet cheeks. Our eyes communicate on a deeper level than words could ever. Slowly, I bring my lips against hers and we kiss.

In that moment... I felt... complete. Her lips were so soft against mine, just like her skin. Touching her was surreal.

The way her skin felt as continue to wipe up the trails of tears is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.


Hearing the sound of the bell brought us both out of what felt like a dream. She quickly breaks off and looks away. Both of us are out of breath.

What just happened? I… I… feel like we just left Earth for a second.

She finally gets up and I follow her lead. Eager to find out if she experienced it as I did.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say.

“Well, I guess we should get to class,” she says, walking away. Not even giving me a glance. Finally, before she exits the gym, she looks back at me. “Don’t worry Dave. I won’t tell anyone about the kiss. Your reputation is still intact.”

That’s not what I care about right now! But before I can even get a word in, she’s gone.

I rush out of the gym to catch up to her, but by the time I spot her, she’s entering class.

Fuck! I want to tell her how I feel about her.


The moment has finally arrived! Our first home game! Well… actually, it’s our first game period.

And for some reason, I’m not as pumped up about it as I should be.

As we get dressed and ready for the game in the locker room, Nicole has to use the unisex bathroom to change and then she has to wait until we’ll all dressed.

Once we’re all dressed and ready, the whole team, Nicole included, gathers in the men’s locker room for our “motivational” speech from coach.

“Tonight's the night,” she starts out. “Tonight’s the first game and it’s in our house!”

“How do you all want our season to start? We all know that Acalanes didn’t have the greatest record last year and we handled them easily, both times we played them.”

“That doesn’t mean they won’t bring their A-game tonight,” she looks at each of us. “So, I ask you again. How do you want to start out the season?”

“With a win, coach!” Finn shouts out.

“Co-captains, have anything to add?” she asks.

Finn immediately stands up. “I know it’s not easy putting yourself out there every night. National spotlight blinding your eyeballs. I’ve seen it destroy tougher men than all of us, Nicole included. I’m here to tell you there’s hope. We have to…” His face strains, I can imagine his brain is working overtime to remember what he was going to say. Finn is such an idiot. Probably saw a speech off YouTube and tried to copy it word for word. “We have to… Fuck! Let’s go, guys! It’s time to play hard and don’t fuck up!”

I almost shit a brick trying not to laugh. “Thanks, Finn,” coach says. “Dave, do you have anything to add.”

I stand up in front of them all. “Last year didn’t go as planned. We had the only thing we’ve worked so hard to obtain ripped from our grasp. How did that feel?” I look them all in the eyes. “How did it feel to lose, especially when we’ve all fought so hard… Well, here we are again. Another chance to become champions and it starts tonight. Right here. Right now!”

“Bring it in!” Coach says. Everyone stands up with vigor as we all put our fists together. “Champions on 3!”

“1, 2, 3…”

“Champions!” We all shout before rushing out to the court. The gym is packed, every seat is filled with green shirts. There’s a small section of people wearing blue that are here to support the other team. The crowd erupts as we run out.

I see my mom sitting in her usual spot, but she’s with Miss Crandell.

She waves as soon as she sees me. I shoot her a smile and I see Miss. Crandell flush with color. Did she think I was smiling at her?

“Go, Dave!” I turn my attention to Anna, who’s in the front row with that redhead got cozy with at Jeremy’s party.

As we jog around the court and start doing warm-ups. My eyes catch Nicole’s. She quickly looks away. She looks nervous as I watch her scan the crowd.

As we start stretching I walk up to her. She looks up at me with eyes wide open. “About earlier today.” I’m about to express my true feelings, but she interrupts.

“Don’t worry about it… it was a mistake.” She looks away with a face full of shame.

“What if I want it to happen again?”

Her head turns back to mine as her face lights up. “Really?”

“Yeah, if that’s something you want too.”

Her skin brightens up to a rosy pink color as the most beautiful smile appears on her face. “Yeah definitely!”

“Well…” The butterflies take flight in my stomach as I debate whether I should ask her or not. I swallow my nerves and find my courage. “Want to meet me in the locker room tonight after we beat these fools?”

As if she was blushing before… The look on her face now is priceless. “Wait… did you just ask what I think you asked?”

I nod my head and a smile appears on her face. “Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”

“Oh, I fully intend to keep this one.” I give her a wink.

“We’ll see about that.”

Coach calls us in and we go over what we should focus on. Even though Nicole is easily one of the best players, she’s not starting which kind of pisses me off.

Josh of all people is starting of all people. Don’t get me wrong, Josh is a good follower. He does whatever you tell him to do, but he is nowhere near the skill level and that Nicole has.

We put our hands in, do our Champions chant and take the floor. After wiping the soles of my shoes off, I line up against their point guard. A short twig of a kid. He’s practically swimming in his jersey. Finn lines up to tip off against what I assume is either their center or power forward.

I really didn’t watch any film on them, last year we beat them 74 to 15. They’ve only got 7 players on their entire squad.

Finally, the ref walks up to the cent of the court where Finn and another twig too skinny for his jersey square off. He throws the ball up and the first game of the year has officially started. Finn easily gets the tip off and I rush up and grab the loose ball and immediately go into attack mode, driving the lane.

Before any of their team realizes what happened, I’ve already got the basket in the net, giving us two points. The crowd erupts. The sound of their cheers is so loud, it gets my blood pumping faster. The rush takes over. This is what I was meant for.

Their point guard takes the inbound pass and leisurely dribbles the ball up the court. I meet him at the half court line. He attempts a sloppy crossover, my hand finds its way in the path of the ball and knocks it loose between his legs, bouncing towards the other basket. Easy pickings. Rushing past him, I grab the ball and now there’s nothing between me and the basket.

As I come up to the hoop, I jump stop, building up all that power in my legs, I launch off the ground and slam the ball down so hard it echoes throughout the gym. The entire stadium goes silent for a brief moment before exploding with cheers. I raise my arms, pumping the crowd up even more.

My eyes spot Nicole jumping out of her seat on the bench, pumping her fist up.

Donny’s practically having a field day as he shouts all sorts of madness.

Poindexter gets the inbound pass.

I let him get up to half court before I pounce on him. I swear he almost shit himself. He got rid of that ball so fast, I don’t even think he looked because the ball went sailing out of bounds.

After taking the inbound pass, coach hollers at me to run the play pick. I start yelling pick like a broken record while I’m tapping my head looking like a monkey that performing alongside a music box.

I make sure everyone hears and gets into position. After I get to the top of the key, Finn and Austin rush down to the bottom of the box and set picks for Jeremy and Josh. Both their small forward and shooting guard try to run around the picks.

I quick toss it to Jeremy as reaches the three-point line. Just like I knew he would, he pulls up for the shot.

Nothing but net.

5 nothing lead.

4 minutes into the game we’re up 14 and they still haven’t scored. They call a timeout.

As I rush up to the huddle, Nicole runs over with her hand up. I want to pull her in for a hug and kiss her, but I can’t…Not here.

So I resort to a high five.

“Great dunk!” she says as she hands me a water bottle.

“Thanks!” I give her the good ole famous Dave smile before I take a squirt of water.

“Jason, Nicole, and Caleb! You guys are in for Dave, Jeremy, and Austin,” coach says.

“Ahhh, come on coach… I’m just getting warmed up!” I give her the shrug. I’m on fire! Especially after I hit that three after I made Poindexter believe I tossed the ball into the post with an arm jester. He literally turned around and headed to box out, thinking Austin already went up for the layup.

“Get a drink and I’ll put you back in.”

“Fiiine…” Showing my displeasure by emphasizing the I.

“Let’s continue where we left off, run the plays and make the right decisions,” coach says.

After we break off from the huddle, I bitterly take my spot on the bench, but at least I get to watch Nicole play.

Poindexter from the other team takes the ball in. Jason gives him some breathing room, he hastily throws the ball over to his shooting guard, but Nicole steals the pass.

She blows past the point guard and has no one between her and the basket. She lays it in with grace.

Once again Poindexter takes the ball and dribbles up the court. He throws it to the small forward and he immediately throws up a brick. Banks closed for them tonight.

Finn grabs the ball and throws it to Jason. He marches it up the court and passes it to Jason. Coach howlers at them to run wing. Jason calls the play and starts waving his hand like a wing.

As the team gets into position, Jason passes it to Nicole and sets a pick for Josh. Josh throws it to Finn. Instead of passing it to Nicole is open, he drives it to the basket and pulls up a brick.

The other team somehow gets the rebound. “Pass the ball to your open teammate next time,” Coach yells. “Now get back on D!”

Finn is such a fucking idiot.

Poindexter takes the pass from their power forward and meanders up the court.

He tosses it to their center under the basket who is wide open because Caleb is huffing and puffing his way down the court. The center pulls up and puts in the easy basket, scoring their first points of the game late in the first quarter.

Josh grabs the ball and inbounds it to Jason. He leisurely walks the ball up the court. Jason’s a fun guy to be around, but he’s one of the biggest slackers I’ve ever met…

“Run pick!” coach yells and Jason follows through.

The team gets into position. As Jason sets up at the top of the key, Finn and Caleb run down and set picks for the wings.

What the hell, Finn!? He barely even tried to set a pick for Nicole, letting their guard right through. Jason throws it to Josh and he even though he’s wide open, he tosses up a brick.

Fortunately, Finn gets the rebound and puts it back up for 2 more points. At least he’s useful for something. That doesn’t excuse the fact that he purposely let the defender through. I know he did. Ever since Nicole joined the team, he’s gone out of his way to give her crap!

Poindexter gets the inbound pass and takes it up the court. He throws it to their center who’s not even paying attention and the ball bounces off the back of his head. Nicole gets the loose ball and pushes it up the court. She drives past the power forward and the shooting guard and takes it in for the layup, drawing a hard foul and still making the basket.

I see their power forward mumble something to her as she tries to get up off the ground. The look in her eyes told me all that I needed to know.

No one even helps her up. Well… I’m sure Caleb would have, but he looks like he’s about to pass out as he stumbles up the court. Jason too busy talking to the hottie sitting in the other team's fan section.

I’m surprised Finn and Josh didn’t thank the guy. Coach tells Austin and me to get back into the game.

About time!

They let us sub in before Nicole takes her free throw attempt. Jason and Caleb gladly run off the court.

I feel the same way going the opposite direction.

I rush up to Nicole and offer her a high five. “Nice And 1. What did that guy say to you?”

She slaps my hand. “It was nothing... Really.”

I doubt that…

Regardless, I take my spot at the three-point line and watch her drop the free throw.

I give her a fist bump as she rushes back on defense. She looks good in a jersey. Especially that ass of hers. Wow… It’s such a bubble butt.

Dave! Get your head in the game! I can fill my head with thoughts of that ass of hers after we beat these pansies.

Poindexter meekly dribbles up the court and just like last time, I rush his ass making him freeze up.

He tries to get rid of the ball, but I get my hands on it, knocking it loose. I dive for the ball as Nicole sprints down the court. I toss it up to her, giving her a nice lead to the basket as she easily puts it in for 2.

She rushes back to me as I pull myself up off the ground. “Nice pass!” she says pulling her hand up for a high five. Without thinking I grab her hand and interlock my fingers with hers. She gives me a look of surprise as her eyes widen at the implications.

We both quickly pull our hands away. Her skin turns a hue of pink and I know I’m blushing.

My attention is pulled away as Poindexter brings the ball up. He passes it to their small forward who pulls up and somehow makes it.

Austin grabs the ball and inbounds it to me. I push it up the court as I hear coach call out wing. There are only 10 seconds left in the first quarter.

I tap my head furiously as I shout out the play. The team gets into position. Once again Finn lets their shooting guard through the pick.

6 seconds left.

There’s no way I’m passing it to Josh so he can throw up another brick. So I improvise. I make it look like I’m going to pass, but never pick up my dribble. Then I rush over to Nicole, setting a pick as I hand her the ball.

She pulls up an open three and sinks it as the buzzer goes off. She jumps up and hugs me. I wrap my hands tightly around her waist. This would have been such an epic moment if we weren’t already crushing them.

The rest of the game goes pretty much the same as the first half. We end up destroying them 74 to 12. Of course, Donny acted as if it was the state title we won. Mainly because he took the last shot as if it was the game winner. Kind of a shitty thing to do, but I don’t think Donny meant to insult. He just doesn’t get many opportunities like that. And it’s Donny.

Finn, Josh, and Jeremy still acted like shit heads to Nicole.

After we’ve slapped hands with the other team, Anna and her girlfriend? I don’t know what they are if they’re dating or not, but anyways, they rush up and congratulates us.

As much as I appreciate the thanks, there’s only one person I want to talk to. And I see her walking out of the gym, talking to some woman who looks strangely familiar.

I rush up to her, wrapping my arms around her and lift her up off the ground.

She turns around and smiles at me. “Good game, Dave!”

“You too!” I give her that lady killer smile. “Say… maybe a little extra practice once the gym clears?” I give her a subtle wink.

“Are you implying what I think you’re implying?” she asks.

“Maybe…” I shrug my eyebrows.

“Great game, baby.” I hear my mother say as she and Miss Crandell walk up.

“Yeah, great game Dave! You too, Nicole,” Miss Crandell says.

“Thanks,” Nicole replies as I wrap my arm around her waist and she drapes hers around my shoulder.

“Mom this is Nicole,” I say to my mom. “Nicole, this is my mom.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Nicole,” my mom says, as she eyes her up and down.

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” Nicole says rather hesitantly.

“Miss Crandell and I were talking about grabbing a pizza, Dave, would you like to bring Nicole?” my mom asks.

“Actually… Nicole and I were going to stay a little while and work on some things if that’s alright with you…”

“You just won your first game, why not celebrate?” Miss Crandell asks.

“That really didn’t count. Besides, next week is a tough game,” I inform her.

“That’s my son, never settling… Well practice hard!” mom says. “I’ll put whatever leftovers we have in the fridge.”

“Great, thanks, mom!” I add.

“It was nice meeting you, Nicole,” my mother says as she and miss Crandell walk out.

The gym was beginning to empty, leaving Nicole and I all to ourselves. “Dave, I think Miss Crandell is trying to get with your mom or the other way around. Maybe it’s mutual,” Nicole says.

“No way! Yeah right…”

“I’m serious, did you see the way they look at each other? It’s a lot like the way I look at you,” she adds.

“Whatever…” I mumble I can’t imagine my mom being a lesbian.

“I think it’s hot!” Nicole adds.

“I didn’t know you were into girls.”

“Sometimes, I am bi,” she states which completely blows me away.

“Really!? No way!” I state in disbelief.

“Yes, way. Actually, before moving here, I’ve only gotten with girls,” she adds.

“Really!? Wow… Anybody, I know?” I ask. This is definitely turning me on.

“Hey, Dave! We’re about to head over to Jason’s garage and do shots, are you guys coming?” Donny asks.

“Probably not, we’re going to work on some things here,” I tell him.

“Ahhh, but I said we’re going to do some shots! Didn’t you hear me?” he retorts.

“Yes… I heard you, but we’ve got a tough game next week and I want to make sure I’m prepared.”

“We just won! Why can’t you relax a little!”

“I promise, once we win the state title, I’ll party until the booze is gone.”

“Fine… I’m going to hold you to that!” Donny finally walks out, leaving the gym completely empty. Nicole and I exchange looks before I grab her hand and lead her into the boy's locker room.

As soon as we get inside, I grab her and pull her into a kiss. Our lips lock as my hands caress her face. Her tongue slips inside my mouth as her hands untie my shorts.

As my shorts fall to my knees, she pushes me up against the wall. Her hands trail up my abs, bringing my jersey with them. She grips it and pulls it over my head, breaking our kiss.

She looks me in the eyes. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

I nod my consent.

Once again her lips are on mine. Her tongue dives in for round two as her hands travel up and down my abs, every now and then journeying up to my squeeze my pecs and pinch my nipples.

“I want you so bad!” she moans as she pulls away to once again look me in the eyes. “You have no idea the things I want to do to you!”

“I suppose you’re just going to have to show me.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?” She gives me a smile as she raises one eyebrow. Her short dark brown hair that’s shaved on one side covers half of her face. I brush the hair back behind her ear as I pull her in for another passionate kiss.

We’re both left breathless. “Does that answer your question?” I ask.

“I don’t think you know what you’re getting yourself into,” she says, breathing heavily.

“Another ass fucking?” I ask, kicking off my shorts.

A devilish smile grows on her face. “That’s just the start of it.”

“Oh?” She tugs my compressions shorts off, freeing my rock hard cock. After I kick those off, she grabs my cock and leads me down a row of lockers. Her ass sways as she walks. What an ass it is.

“Say… will I ever get a shot at that perfect ass of yours?”

She looks over her shoulder with a smirk. “Maybe when you beat me in a game of 1 on 1, until then... I own you.”

“Oh? I didn’t know we were playing for keeps.”

She lets go of my cock and pulls her jersey off, tossing it at me. “I always play for keeps!”

Kevin used to say that… I push the thought of him deep into the back of my mind.

Nicole unsnaps her sports bra and drops if to the ground as she looks back at me. “Besides, once you get a taste of this cock, you’ll never want anything else.”

“Oh really?” I ask as she drops her shorts, revealing the most beautiful bubble butt wrapped in spandex I’ve ever seen. I can make out a rather large bulge between her legs. I can’t help myself… Dropping to my knees, I sink my fingers beneath the trim of her compression shorts and slowly pull them down, revealing the soft caramel skin of the most gorgeous ass ever.

“Woah Dave… Don’t get ahead of yourself,” she says as I bury my face inside her sweaty ass cheeks. Dragging my tongue up and down the crack of her soft pillowy yet firm cheeks. The smell of her musky scent fills my nostrils. She pulls her shorts off all the way.

“Uuuhhh, on second thought, keep going…” she moans, grinding her ass up in down against my face.

I grab on to her hips for support as she pushes me back up against the lockers, pinning my head between her ass. I press my tongue up against the tightest butthole ever… Not that I’ve come across a lot of buttholes, but hers is so tight, I can barely wiggle my tongue inside. “Uuuurggghh fuck, Dave! Don’t stop.”

My hands sink down to these perfect ass cheeks of hers, spreading them apart as I try to get more of my tongue inside her.

She tastes so amazing. The taste of her sweat glossed butthole is a mix of salty and musky. I can’t get enough of it. Finally, she pulls away, leaving me panty for air but wanting more. She takes a seat on the concrete bench across from me. “Now why don’t you get a taste of this cock.”

I crawl on all fours between her legs, kissing her thighs on my way to the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I look up into those lively green eyes of hers. They’re full of lust and possession. She sinks her fingers in my hair and grabs a handful with one hand as she strokes her dick with the other. I hook my arms under her thighs and grab on for dear life.

I open my mouth wide open and stick out my tongue, ready to accept that monster of hers. She smacks the beast up against my tongue, repeatedly. The sound of her dick slapping my lips fills the room. “Lick my balls,” she moans.

I don’t even hesitate, diving in with my tongue. She rests her gigantic dick up against my face as my tongue laps up her sweaty balls. I suck a nut into my mouth and lavish it with my tongue like an oversize candy. She gasps out loud, barely being able to contain herself.

I let her testicle drop from my mouth and move on to the next one, sharing the love. The smell of her balmy scented nuts drives me crazy. I massage her balls with my tongue until she finally pulls my head back.

With her cock aimed at my open mouth, she yanks my face down, plunging her dick all the way to the entrance of my throat.

Gagging, I nearly choke on her cock. Saliva drools down my chin as she slowly starts to gyrate her hips back and forth. Battering the door to my throat with the head of her dick. Finally, I gain control of myself. Opening up my throat, I swallow that massive anaconda down my throat.

My nose hits her pelvis as she hilts herself inside my throat. “Holy fuck, Dave!” she moans as she starts to fuck my throat. I think I hear something off in the distance, but I’m too busy getting my face fucked to care.

My hands grip her thick muscular thighs as I start to panic at the lack of air. “Suck that dick. Take it, Dave!”

She starts to pummel my throat like a jackhammer against the pavement. My eyes start to roll to the back of my head from the lack of oxygen. Finally, she pulls out and I drop to the ground in a coughing fit as I try to suck in air.

“Fuck, Dave… That was amazing,” she gasps, her breathing is heavy. “I going to fill that mouth up full of cum, wouldn’t you like that?”

After finally catching my breath, I finally climb back up between her legs and look up at her and open my mouth. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Without delay, she jams her cock back in my mouth. This time she doesn’t hold back. As if she was before. She slams her cock balls deep inside my throat and starts grinding on my face, slowly fucking my throat.

I cling onto her thighs for dear life as she grips my hair with both hands and uses my face as a fuck toy. Grunting wildly, she plunges her dick once more to the hilt. Her cock suddenly thickens and starts to pulse. A steaming hot liquid paints the inside of my throat as she continues to shoot her load inside me. I can feel the sticky seed slide down my throat into my stomach. Finally, she pulls out, leaving the tip of her dick inside my stomach. I start sucking on it as she drops another load in my mouth. It tastes so salty, but it has a musky sweet after taste. I swallow it down. She finally pulls out all the way, giving me one last squirt all over my face.

“Wow… That might of been the best blow job I’ve ever had,” she says as she wipes up a wad of cum with her finger and sticks it in my mouth. I lick it clean.

Breathing heavy, I sit back on my knees and start to wipe the cum off my face, but she grabs my hand, preventing me. “Leave it there, you look fucking hot all covered in my jizz. Now turn around and get on all fours!”

“Really? You want more after all that?” I ask. She’s insatiable.

“Bitch, please… I’m going to pound that ass for the next hour or two. After I finish with you, you won’t be able to walk straight for at least a week.” She gives me the most sadistic smile ever. “I’m going to empty my balls inside of your ass. As I said, you’re mine. Now turn around and get on all fours.”

Without a second thought, I do as I’m told. Turning around and bending down to my hands. Before I can even get comfortable, I feel her hand come down hard against my ass cheek. She grabs my hips and smothers her face between my cheeks. Her tongue slips inside my ass with only a little resistance. God… It feels so good!

I can’t help but moan at the touch of her tongue inside my asshole. She lathers it with her spit. Grabbing both of my cheeks and spreading them to give her access. She gives them a squeeze as she tongue fucks my asshole.

My dick is rock hard and I’m moaning like a whore.

She gives me another hard slap as she removers her tongue. I look back as she positions herself behind me. She lays her cock between my ass cheeks, like a hot dog in a bun. She starts sliding it back and forth before letting the head of her dick slide down to meet my wet rosebud.

With one quick thrust, she slams her dick inside me. “UUuurrrggggghhhh!” I scream out.

“Oh relax… I was doing you a favor, getting the worst part out of the way.” She holds her position, with half her dick inside me. My ass quickly adjusts to that fat cock and the pain dissipates. “See? Doesn’t hurt that bad, does it?”

“No... “ I pant.

“Want me to keep going?” she asks.

I look back at her, a lustful smirk on her face. “Yes…”

“Yes, what?” she asks playfully.

“Yes, I want you to fuck my ass!” I don’t know what has gotten a hold of me, but I can’t deny her. She

Smack! My ass stings from the slap she just gave me. “Tell me how much you want my cock.”

“I want your cock in my ass so bad! Please just fuck me already!” I beg her as she continues to tease me.

“Only if you submit to me and promise to be my fuck boy.” I look back at her smiling face. She gives my ass another hard smack. “Don’t tell me that you don’t want to be my little cock loving bitch.”

“Yes, I’ll be whatever you want me to be, please just fuck my brains out!” I moan as she slowly gyrates her hips.

“Oh, Dave… You have no idea of how many times I’ve fantasized about this moment.” She slowly starts rocking those hips of hers back and forth. Building up a rhythm as she saws into my ass, each time she nudges up to that sweet spot inside me, sending waves of pleasure rippling through me.

She grabs both ass cheeks and squeezes them as she sinks her cock down. I can feel her balls slap against mine and her hips bump into my ass as she bottoms out inside me.

“Shit, your ass is still so tight! It’s better than any pussy I’ve ever been in,” she says pulling out half way before slamming back into me. I nearly fall forward with the power of her thrust. She grabs a handful of my hair and yanks my head up as she slaps my ass. “Take it, Dave.”

Pulling back out, she gives me another hard thrust. Pummelling my prostate. Some of the cum drips down off my face as she starts plowing into me. She spreads my ass cheeks with her hands as she batters my asshole with her plunger. I’m moaning and groaning with every thrust. The pleasure of her cock pounding my asshole has taken over me.

My own cock is on the verge of exploding. She pulls out with a pop. I look back like a puppy who just got his bone taken away. “ Don’t worry, we’re far from over. Get up, I got an idea.”

I struggle to get on my feet, using her waist for support, she grabs my arms and helps me up. She then pushes me back against the locker, pinning me there and then she hooks her hands under my thighs, hoisting them up on her shoulders. Practically bending me in half. I swear I heard the door shut, but at this point, I could give two shits if someone caught us.

I feel her cock poking and prodding against my asscheeks. I reach down and wrap my fingers around her cock and guide the heat-seeking missile into my ass. As soon as the head meets my rectum, she thrusts hard into me. “Aaaaahhhh!” I yelp. She continues to thrust deep inside me as her lips find mine. I wrap my arms around her shoulders as she pounds my asshole. Her tongue slips past my lips. The cum she sprayed all over my face gets smeared as we fiercely make out.

I suck on her tongue as her cock spreads open my butthole once more. “Fuck me!” I moan into her mouth as her tongue discovers mine.

Her hands each grab an ass cheek and spread them as she continues her onslaught, shoving that big pipe of hers as deep as it can go inside my ass.

At this point, we’re both panting for breath as our tongues play 1 on 1 inside my mouth. But her thrusts don’t stop. I place my hands on the sides of her head, brushing the hair out of her face as we continue to kiss. She pulls back and looks me in the eyes. Biting her bottom lip, she stops her thrusts, but still keeping that dick inside me.

“Dave… I have to tell you something…” she says looking deep into my eyes.

“You can tell me anything.”

Once again she chews on that bottom lip. “Nevermind…” she says as she pushes that cock in farther, making me moan.

“No… please… fuuck… please tell me!” I gasp as she fucks me.

Once again she stops. “I think I’m in love with you!”

“I love you too!” I yell. Her face lights up as she presses her lips against mine. She lets loose on my ass, pounding me harder and harder. I’m lost in the euphoria of being fucked by her. My cock explodes between us, spraying both of us with my jizz. I can’t help but squeeze my ass tight on her cock eliciting one hell of a moan from her lips. She sinks that cock as deep as it can go inside my ass. I feel it go steely hard and I know what's coming next.

All of a sudden my bowels fill up with a steaming hot liquid. Fuck it feels so good! She keeps pumping into me, shooting load after load into my ass.

I’m lost into a complete orgasmic haze and I can tell she is too.

We continue to make out as we’re both panting for breath. She lets go of my legs as her dick pops out of my ass hole. I sink all the way to the floor, breaking our kiss, completely exhausted. Her cock dangles above my face, still dripping cum. I reach up and take it into my mouth and suck out the last bits of her seed. She moans and laughs. “Fuck, Dave! Can’t get enough of my cock, can you? I told you you’d become addicted.”

After cleaning off her softening dick of every drop of cum, I let it fall from my lips, and laugh. “I can’t get enough of you!”

She laughs and helps me up. Once again our lips attack each other. I feel her hand grab my ass. Her finger sinks down my crack to my open cum leaking asshole. “Damn!” She breaks off from our kiss and looks at me with her mouth wide open. “Your asshole is gaping wide open!”

“Well, you just completely destroyed it with that big dick of yours.” She bursts into giggles as she kisses me once more.

“What do you say we hit the showers and get cleaned up?” she asks.

“Do you mean I finally satiated the insatiable Nicole?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“For now…” she says, giving my ass a playful spank. “But don’t you forget, this ass is mine.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way.” I follow her into the showers and we continue to make out as we clean each other off.

Once we get dried off and clothed, we walk out of the gym hand in hand.

I walk her to her car. A fucking BMW… Of course.

“God damn! I shouldn’t be surprised you’re driving a BMW…”

“It’s actually my step dad’s old car,” she says as if that makes it any less luxurious.

“That’s what you consider old? Have you seen my moped?!”

She laughs. “Do you want a ride home?”

“Nah, it’s fine… Thanks for the offer though.”

We stand there for a second, soaking each other up. Finally, she leans up and we kiss one last time before she gets in her car and takes off.

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