The Girl Scout -8 Getting to Know You by bigbob1200

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Fiction | Black, Coercion, Cruelty, Extreme, Interracial, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Teen, Teen Female, Torture, Violence

Lisa could barely move as Lamont dragged her into the bathroom and threw her into the shower.

Gots to clean u up, dirty Bitch.

Lamont turned on the water, hot only. Lisa struggled to get up but Lamont closed the shower door.


Unable to summon any strength Lisa leaned against the door

as the hot water POUNDED down on her.

Let me out. Please. It is too hot. Please let me out. OHHHHH it is so HOT

The whole bathroom fogged up from the hot water.

Lisa crouched against the door trying to get away from the heat.

Finally Lamont relented, opening the door to reveal a clean but crimson Lisa.

Lamont turned the water from all HOT to all COLD and closed the door.


I am freezing. It is so cold. Turn it off. Get me out of here.

The cold shower poured down on the helpless teen.


Lisa was begging, weakly pounding the shower door.

When the shower door opened Lisa crawled out shivering, goose pimpled all over.

She was tinged pink from the hot water dousing she got first.

Shaking, shivering, Lisa looked up and saw a big man standing next to Lamont.

Dis is my man Cyrus, we gonna be entertaining u tonite. Laughed lamont

So dis is da little bitch u been telling me bout Lamont.

Ya, da little hot Dago my Pops gave me.

Please Sir, I am freezing, I need a blanket, please.

Help ME. Help.

Cyrus picked her up by the shoulders.

Wrap dem legs round my waists.

I’ll warm u up. Lisa held on to Cyrus at the waist with her legs and he held her around the shoulders.

He was s o big, his arms so thick and the girl so small in comparison.

Bitch, u all freezing, goose bumps.

Man, look at those nips, all perked up.

Nice titties, yea real nice, and hard nips,

He kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth.

Gonna warm u up real good..

HMM, we gonna get along jst fine.

Lamont squeezed up behind her, as she still straddled Cyrus, turned her head and kissed her.

Wese gonna be ure lovers tonite.

Lisa started to cry.

Whats a matter, thought u be happy. Two BIG blacks cocks for one hot Girl Scout.

Lisa tried to answer but could only cry.

How did she end up in this hell?

How would it end? This cannot be real.

Pinned between two big men, the hands were all over her.

Feeling, groping prodding. Their tongues were in her mouth, in her ear.

Cyrus pushed his fingers in her mouth.

See, dats howze I be fuckin dat throat wit my cock.

Lamont looked her in eyes.

U won lucky little white girl, u gonna get two big black MF’s.

Got that right Lamont. Fuck Ya.

Man, Lamont dis be sum good stuff here.

The room had a few chairs and a dirty old couch.

Cyrus tossed the little bitch Lisa on the couch like a plaything.

Lisa sprawled looking up.

The two guys towered over her. Each of them was twice her size.

Big, bulky black dudes hovering over the little white teen.

They took off their shirts revealing strong arms, big chests and tatooe’s.

Then off came their pants and shorts.

Big strong thighs and …………………………

Lisa turned away. They were already hard and BIG.

U likes what u see. Like dem big black dicks?

Say u like what you see.

Choking Lisa complied. I like what I see, Boss.

They sat down on each side of her and each grabbed a leg spreading them as she sat.

Seez we not bad guys.

Whats dese rags u gots on. Asked Cyrus.

That’s my Girl Scout, Uniform Vest.

Don’t need dat shit no mo. Cyrus tore it off and threw it to the side.

We Want to Get to Know You

befoe we rape you.


Getting to know to know all about You

and the fuck da livin daylights out yu.

They started to rub her thighs up and down, up to her pussy.

Big rough strong hands on the soft teen thighs.

Lamont kissed her and then Cyrus.

U one sweet little scout bitch. Real sweet.

The sweeter they are, the better to fuck.

Amen brother, got dat right.

So you hot, yo mamma hot too.

What do you mean, Boss

I mean your good old mom, she a real hot bitch.

Please don’t talk about her.

HMM, maybe we should find her. I could fuck you and my man Cyrus here could

fuck good old MOM.

Yea good old MOM with a few cocks in her.

Please, don’t say that. Leave my Mom out of this. Pleeeze.

HA HA weel sees bout dat.

Lamont started t kiss her and fondle her breasts.

Cyrus had his fingers on her clit, then two rough big fingers inside her.

We gonna make u cum. Want to hear u scream.

Ok, sing it Bitch. Getting to know You, Getting to know all about you.

OH, I can’t. That’s crazy.

We know u learned it. We had t learn it. Fat ass white Bitch music teacher taught us.

Yea, made us learn all dat bullshit music. Buncha crap, dats for sho.

Always sat in school, thinkin, like to fuck dat fat white ass.

Ye, dats what she needed, nice hard fuckin.

Ok girl, sing it now,

Trembling, Lisa started.

Getting to know You, Getting to know all about you.

Dats it smiled Cyrus. Down on his knees, he pushed up her legs, spread them wide and stuck his head between her legs. He spit on her pussy and spread her lips with his fingers.

Getting to know alls aboutz u. Ha ha ha

Now dats some sweet white cunt. Lamont was kissing the girl, squeezing her pert little nips,

kissing her neck. Cyrus played with her pussy lips, rubbed her nub, and then stared to finger fuck

her with two rough fingers.

Lisa cried out. Please stop, it it hurts ahhh. It was pain but also stimulation beyond her control.

Cyrus kept two fingers inside her and buried his face on her mound.

Lisa began to moan louder as Cyrus rubbed and sucked harder and faster. Lamont had one

of her young breasts in his mouth and the other in his hand. Lisa was breathing harder and faster.


Fuckin right, Dats it Bitch, Let it Out Fuck.


Cum on Bitch Let it out Fuck Ya


Lisa twisted and turned, moaning, screaming.

Lamont and Cyrus were relentless. Lamont sucked on her tit.

Then kissed her and manhandled her breasts.

Cyrus finger fucked her, then sucked and licked her, sticking his tongue in

as deep as he could. His head was buried between her legs.

He sucked, licked bit.

The young teen was completely overwhelmed by the big men around her.

Come on u slut. Dats it. Cum on. Dad says u a hot Dago.


Cyrus spit on his hand and pushed three fingers inside her fucking her as

Fast as he could while rubbing her mound with his other hand.

Lamont was kissing her, squeezing her nips and manhandling her breasts.

The teen was completely overwhelmed. Out of control


Lamont sucked a tit deep in his mouth and squeezed the other.

Cyrus took as much of her pussy as he could in her mouth and sucked it in.


Lisa slumped, limp, sweating exhausted.

To Be Continued.

Rating: 66%, Read 26930 times, Posted Feb 05, 2013

Fiction | Black, Coercion, Cruelty, Extreme, Interracial, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Teen, Teen Female, Torture, Violence


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