Béla the Vampire Girl - Part 3 (long) by dank

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Fantasm | Alien, Body modification, Horror, Violence

The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl

Book 1: Target Girl

Part 3

Chapter 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla and Jake were in his apartment, back in town. The backpacks they had taken with them were unpacked into laundry baskets that now needed to get downstairs.

“That can be done later,” Béla said, brushing up against Jake.

She put her arms around him from behind and squeezed. Her hand slid down and wormed its way between his belt and his firm belly as he sucked himself in to accommodate her.

Jake stood, holding his stomach taut and enjoying her attentions for a moment. Ever since Béla had gotten lost on that mesa two days ago, she had been quiet and subdued. He couldn’t even interest her in a game of darts (in her version, of course, she was the dartboard).

Her hand strayed down and brushed against the tip of his cock. Jake was hard and ready to mount her right now, but this was as adventurous as Béla had been for awhile, so he decided not to force her and let her proceed at her own pace. He let her play with his penis, moving her fingers up and down his hard shaft.

Her other hand attempted to unbuckle his belt – a hard enough task from the front. She pulled and tugged on it and finally, when it was distracting her too much from her penis-play, said, “Help me, damn you.”

Grinning, Jake unbuckled his belt and let her work his jeans down to his ankles. Kneeling behind him now, Béla moved her other hand down to his cock and, sandwiching it between both her hands, began rolling it like bread dough as she hugged her cheek against his hips so she could see the results of what she was doing to him.

After a moment of that torture, Jake was ready to spray the mirror in front of them. To get her to stop, he said, “Hey, Baby, Ow! Ropeburn! Okay?”

He turned around and pulled her hands up to his face, kissing her knuckles and smelling the warmth of her sex on her fingers.

“I know where these have been,” he breathed into her fingers.

He licked the middle finger of one hand with his tongue. It tasted like pussy. He grinned and ran his teeth gently across the back of her hand. Béla, now standing, brushed her bellybutton against his cock, playfully finding its tip with her indention, then pressing forward as though to fuck him with her navel.

“I know where I want that,” Béla cooed.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and climbed up his body. Her hard nipples pressed against his chest through her flowery silk blouse.

She pulled herself up further and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jake realized suddenly that all she was wearing was the silk top. Her bottom half was completely bare, her low riders having disappeared somewhere.

Béla slid back and forth on his cock, pleasantly dry-fucking him as she sucked on his lips. Jake was amazed how affectionate she was tonight. Béla usually liked her sex rough and torturous – way beyond any S&M he’d ever experienced.

He let her have her way for several minutes, coating his cock with her juices, getting him more and more aroused. She was being soft and affectionate now, but he knew she would rather be fucked up the ass than the regular way, and the rougher he treated her, the better she liked it.

Béla was getting more into the mood, now, scraping her teeth on his cheek and jawbone. In a minute, she would be nibbling on his neck and he would have to start mauling her little breasts, squeezing her nipples to near bursting and twisting his fists into her belly until they left red marks.

Béla was breathing heavier, now. She moved her hips out away from his body and lowered herself down until her pussy lips touched his hard cock, then pulled toward him, expertly skewering herself as their pelvises collided. Jake felt her juices running down his balls and knew she just had her first of hopefully many orgasms of the evening.

He reached down and pulled her against him by her ass cheeks. In response, Béla bit him lightly on the side of the neck, being careful not to penetrate his skin.

She tightened her legs around his hips and leaned back so he could play with her breasts. Jake took a breast in each hand and twisted them, hard, away from each other. Crying out, Béla clamped her pussy down on his cock in response, so he squeezed harder. They continued this way for a minute or two, faces only inches apart, gazing intently into each other’s eyes. Her eyes glowed with her desire and her teeth were gritted in pain. Her breath was hot against his face and her skin was starting to get slippery as she became more involved and aroused.

Jake walked their entwined bodies toward the wall next to the couch. When he got there, he leaned them both against the wall, Béla being squeezed between, and began slowly pumping in and out of her. The new position was harder for him because of the pressure he had to maintain against Béla and the wall. But being pressed against the wall was easier for Béla. Now she didn’t have to hold herself up and had more freedom to change positions.

Béla increased the speed of her movement as she ground her pelvis against his cock. Jake could tell she was getting ready to ‘switch tunnels’ and increased the length of his movement up and down so he would be well lubricated when he slid into her ass.

Sure enough, a couple of seconds later, she pulled herself completely up off him and jutted forward to change the angle of her pelvis so that, as she lowered herself down again, her anus was pressed against the tip of his cock.

Arching back again, Béla pressed down with her entire body weight as Jake rammed up inside her. He groaned with pure pleasure as her tight splincter muscle slid smoothly and tightly up the entire length of his cock. A deep growl emitted from Béla’s throat as he penetrated her.

Béla pushed away with her arms, making some space between her torso and his. Leaning back against the wall, her legs still tightly wrapped around his waist, Béla took one of Jake’s hands and formed his fingers into a fist. Gazing into his eyes, she positioned his fist against her belly and pulled his arm toward her. She smiled into his eyes, her breath rapid with excitement. Her meaning was clear. She wanted him to punch her in her sexy, tight stomach, and she wanted him to do it until it hurt.

Béla put her hands on his shoulders and closed her eyes, licking her lips. Her hips rocked back and forth, her splincter muscle sliding up and down, tightly caressing his cock. Her legs began to tremble in her desire as she waited for the first blow.

Jake began kneading her belly instead, twisting his arm forward as he slowly pushed his fist deep into her soft flesh, pressing into her torso almost to her spine.

He started out slow, then went faster and faster. Soon, his fists were making a smacking sound as he began actually punching her in her belly.

Béla grunted with each blow and her body shook with every brutal impact. She began leaking girl-cum and piss all over his cock and it was trickling down his legs.

Finally, Béla’s stomach hurt too much and her legs were trembling too hard hold herself up any longer. She started to slip down too far for Jake to maintain his slippery thrusting into her ass.

But instead of reaching down and pulling her up by her ass cheeks again, he gripped her waist with both hands, and, digging his fingers and thumbs deep into her flesh, lifted her higher up on the wall. Her legs trembled harder as her body responded to the cruel grip with another orgasm. Then she continued grinding her ass up and down on his hard cock. By now, Jake was standing in a wet puddle of mostly girl-cum that had leaked out over his balls and legs to the floor.

Béla’s eyes were squeezed shut and her teeth were clenched as Jake punched her one final time, causing a short burst of fluids to spray out from her pussy all over the base of his cock and his balls.

For a moment, Béla lay slack against the wall, a tiny whimpering sound coming from her throat. Then, with an obvious cry of pain, she jutted her pelvis forward again, forcing her bruised and sore stomach muscles back to work.

She continued pumping, now making little mewling sounds with each thrust. Jake knew her rectum was starting to burn from the friction (he could feel it, too), but he also knew she wasn’t about to stop until she came at least one more time.

To help her out, Jake dug the nails of one hand into one of her breasts, and twisted hard. Béla cried out and blood welled up beneath his nails.

He did the same to her other breast. Now, both her breasts were bleeding from tiny fingernail punctures. Then he dug his nails deep into her soft, sore stomach, turning and twisting his arm as he dug his hand deeper.

He kept his fingernails rough and uncut for just this purpose. When his fingernails would split or break, he would leave them be, knowing Béla loved being sliced up with the rough edges on his nails. He dug his fingernails in deeper, feeling a split nail break off in her skin. He could feel blood making her skin slippery where he was gouging her.

Béla began a high keening sound and bucked her hips against his body. She threw her head back, striking the wall. Jake released her belly, grabbed both her breasts and squeezed them hard, digging his fingernails into her again. Béla cried out, her body spasming several times in orgasm.

Then she totally relaxed, going completely limp, and sliding down the wall. As she slid down, Jake’s cock popped out of her ass and rubbed against Béla’s sopping wet pussy lips as she slid down toward the floor.

As Jake felt her hot, wet pussy lips enfold his cock, he shoved forward, trying to force himself back inside her. But Béla was nearly unconscious and couldn’t stop her downward slide.

Jake’s hard, wet cock felt like it was breaking as Béla’s torso continued down, forcing his cock out from between her legs to slide along the front of stomach and jab into one of her sore, bleeding breasts.

As her wet butt hit the floor, Béla’s eyes jerked open from the bounce and she discovered Jake’s hard, smelly cock only inches from her face.

She smiled up at him, holding her bruised and aching stomach with one hand and breathing hard, short gasps of air. Her body was covered with sweat and she smelled funky – well fucked..

Lifting her hand shakily, she reached out a finger and touched the slippery surface of his cock as she gazed at it. Her finger came away wet and slippery. Curious, she wearily licked her finger with her tongue. Then she grinned, still looking extremely used up.

She leaned forward to breathe in the aroma of Jake’s cock, then she wiped the tip of it on her swollen left nipple.

Then, grabbing his hips, she pulled Jake forward and delicately licked his hard, ready cock from its base to its tip. Then she smiled up and him and said, “Fuck my face, please.”

Jake readily pressed forward, placing his cock directly in front of her mouth. Béla surrounded the head of his cock with her puckered lips while he pressed slowly forward, noticing that the pressure of her lips against his hardness wasn’t nearly as intense as the tight, rolling pressure of her splincter muscle.

He began fucking her mouth, slowly moving his cock in and out. He knew, from experience, not to go too fast or get too rough right away. If he started to lose control, he knew she would use her teeth as brakes to slow him down. It had only happened once. After that, he was a very considerate mouth fucker.

Jake ran his hands through her luxurious black hair, intoxicated by its silky smoothness and the smell of their sex.

As he moved his cock in and out of Béla’s mouth, Béla’s fingers moved up and down the crack of his ass, massaging his anus and the sensitive area just behind his nuts, causing the cum to start rising in his cock.

Jake stopped moving, trying to delay his inevitable climax, knowing he was leaking cum into Béla’s mouth. It felt like she was trying to suck it out of him.

“Oh, God! Let me ram it down your throat!” he pleaded, tightening his belly to slow his approaching orgasm.

In response, Béla sucked him into her mouth a little further, and stuck a finger up into his puckering anus. Jake grabbed her head and slammed his pelvis into her face, hoping to God she didn’t bite off his dick. He felt her throat constricting around the head of his cock as she choked on his cum, but (Thank you, Lord) she didn’t bite him.

Chapter 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jake lay in bed listening to Béla’s breathing as she slept. She was a perfect little package of the sweetest sex he had ever had. In addition to that, she was actually interesting to talk to. She had her own opinions, based more on her own observation rather than some popular guru’s jaded views, and didn’t seem particularly interested in girlie things like fashion, this week’s acceptable appearance or who the hottest actor or actress was.

And, for as young as she looked, Béla knew a lot about people – especially men. She knew men’s strengths, their weaknesses, how to kill them and how to make love to them.

Jake was beginning to realize that if he spent the rest of his life with her, he still wouldn’t learn everything there was to know about her. Every time they talked, he learned something he hadn’t known. And it was always something obvious – some plainly observable truth that had simply never occurred to him.

Of course, she had the advantage of being able to read minds. She had probably gotten a lot of her experience from observing others and the mistakes they made, making Béla the only person in the world who had actually learned something from other peoples’ mistakes.

All that, along with her four thousand years of personal experience surviving on this planet was enough to keep him fascinated for a lifetime.

Still, he felt something unique to all of her experience had happened to her when she had been lost during that last night in the desert – something that rattled her basic beliefs (yes, he was sure she had them), and changed her perspective about life, itself.

Something happened that caused Béla to withdraw from living. Oh, she went through the motions and she was a pretty good actor, but even in this brief time that Jake had known her, he had seen her interest in life disappear.

She went from exotic and unique, to mundane and common. She settled, now; and no longer reached out. What had drawn Jake to her in the first place was Béla’s ability to create her own life. But now, she had been bested by something, and it broke her.

That was it, Jake realized, as he thought through the morass of significance regarding Béla. She was broken. She was no longer creating her own life. She had lost interest in the Great Adventure.

And, he had no idea what to do about it.

As the days went by, Jake and Béla had sex on a regular basis, but Béla’s wanton lust was subdued. She did her best, pretending to be interested, but she let Jake take the lead every time, and was satisfied with whatever orgasmic pleasure he gave her.

Life went on in that mundane manner for a couple of weeks, Jake going to work and coming home and Béla slipping slowly away from him into her own private dream world, spending most of her days sleeping in or watching TV.

Then one morning, Jake got up early, an idea brewing in his mind.

He needed to get Béla interested in some of her previous activities again. She was getting too introverted and listless for the last few weeks

Also, he missed the violent sex games they used to play. Jake missed penetrating Béla’s sweet, soft body with sharp objects or bullets, then fucking the shit out of her ruined body while he watched it heal before his eyes. It was always amazing to watch. Her female sexuality seemed impossible to destroy, although he had a lot of fun trying to.

He put on a pot of coffee – extra strong, the way she liked it - and lit several wide candles – the kind that collected little pools of really hot wax in them. Then he got the dartboard out, hung it on the wall and stuck the handful of darts he found into it.

When the coffee was ready, he poured Béla a cup and, picking up a lit candle, carried the coffee and the candle into the bedroom. Béla was lying on her stomach with her covers kicked off so that only one leg was partially covered. Her other leg was hitched up in front of her stomach, like she had fallen asleep while crawling up the bed. Jake felt himself start to harden, gazing at the curves that Béla’s back and sexy ass presented to him.

He held the candle over Béla’s back as she slept. Tilting it slightly, he dribbled a few drops of hot wax onto the small of her back. Her body twitched, her curvy hips moving back and forth. He dribbled more wax up, then down her back until he reached the crack of her ass. Then, drip by drip, he began to fill the crack of her ass with candle wax, slowly moving down toward her anus.

Béla was moaning in her sleep, now, her hips moving back and forth. Jake wished she was dreaming of some hot sexual fantasy that she might want to try later, but he seriously doubted it. He began dripping hot wax directly onto her puckered anus. Béla’s moans became louder, then stopped.

“God damn you!” she muttered, her face buried in her pillow.

She moved her hands down beneath her body to caress her pussy and, moving her fingers back and forth on her clitoris, tilted her ass even further upward, obviously inviting him to continue despite her curse.

“Go ahead,” she said, her voice still muffled by her pillow, “do whatever. Make me come, then go away.”

Jake dribbled more candle wax directly onto her puckered anus, then, moving over the area where her fingers were playing with her clitoris, began dribbling hot candle wax onto her fingers and into her pussy.

“Oh, God!” Béla’s muffled voice sounded from the other end of the bed, her hips twitching. Jake always admired the way the muscles of her ass tightened when she came.

Her body relaxed onto the bed. Jake set down the candle and said, “Coffee?”

He set the wide, shallow cup on the bed, next to her pillow. It was only half full so she wouldn’t spill it when she moved.

Béla sullenly turned her head to look at it, her beautiful, tousled, black hair covering half her face. She moved her arms up so she could lever herself over using her elbows. Musky girl-scent filled the air when she moved. Jake closed his eyes and breathed it in deeply.

Béla moved her face over the coffee cup and delicately, noisily, sucked some into her mouth.

“Ah! Hot!” she said, sounding pleased. Then in a less pleasant voice, she said, “I have wax all over my ass!”

“And in your cunt, too.” Jake cheerfully added. “Would you like me to pick it out for you?”

“No, thanks,” said Béla. “Off my ass, yes. Out of my pussy, no.”

Jake didn’t know it, but she was severely traumatized about anyone sticking anything in her pussy that wasn’t a penis. She didn’t even like people looking down there anymore, lest they get ideas. She had never told Jake about the terrible things that had happened to her on the mountain and what she, herself, had done, and she knew she never would.

Jake sighed. He knew she had changed. He knew when she had changed. He just didn’t know why.

He began to peel candle wax off her back and out of the crack of her ass and toss it into the little waste basket next to the bed. When he got close to her pussy, Béla turned over and got out of bed, disappearing into the bathroom.

Jake sighed, feeling rejected, and went out into the kitchen and poured his coffee. He began throwing darts, not caring if he hit the board or not.

Some time later, Béla came into the kitchen, carrying her cold coffee cup. They’d made it a rule not to leave dishes in the bedroom.

“Ooo, darts!” she cooed, but that was all the interest she could manage right now.

A month ago, she would have danced over to the dartboard, indicated the little bulls eyes her nipples made on her tits and said, “I’m ready! Do me, baby,” and he would throw entire handfuls of darts at one time into her sweet, soft flesh until she was insane with pain and lust. Then they would fuck on the floor, smearing her blood between their sweating bodies until they were both too raw to fuck any more.

Now, Jake watched her pour some cereal into a bowl and get milk out of the fridge. She poured both the milk and her cold coffee over the cereal.

Jake continued watching as she moved around the kitchen. Béla was wearing one of his old shirts. She used to hate clothing. When she was in private she would run around naked as much as possible. Now, it seemed that maybe she was trying to hide from something, or someone. She didn’t even show up at her club anymore, for fear someone would want to take her into the Target Room. She’d even said as much.

“You know, I’d protect you, if you’d just tell me what you need protection from.” Jake said aloud, more in response to his thoughts than anything else.

Béla turned toward him. “What?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“Nothing,” Jake muttered. “I was just talking to myself.”

Béla munched a spoonful of corn flakes.

“Are you going to the Club, today?” he asked, trying to get a rise out of her.

“I don’t know,” she said, sounding disinterested, “maybe.”

“You know, I don’t mean to carp,” Jake started to say, “and I know it’s none of my business, but… Why don’t you just give it to Frank?”

There. He’d said it.

“Give what?” Béla stopped. “Oh, you mean the Club. Yeah. I’ve thought about it. But, I think I might get back into it one of these days. It was fun, you know.”

She noisily sucked in another spoonful of corn flakes, vainly hoping Jake would change the subject, but knowing somehow he wasn’t going to leave her alone.

“Yes, I remember. Everything was fun,” said Jake, annoyed, now, “but that carefree fun-loving Béla is hiding in there, somewhere.”

Béla knew what he was trying to do. She was fond of him, but there were things the vampire in her just couldn’t trust him to know, like the fact that she’d murdered three people up on the mountain the night she’d gone missing.

“Please, Jake, give me time,” she said softly, wishing the subject hadn’t come up, but not blaming Jake. ‘Blame’ was simply not part of her personality.

She stood silently in the middle of the kitchen. The only audible sound was her noisy munching of corn flakes, but Béla’s mind was in turmoil, trapped in the past, back on the mesa.

‘Abomination! Witch! Half-breed! I offer you an end…’

‘You are a mistake that needs correction… You have no right to survive.

‘She's a vampire!

‘There are no answers for a non-entity.

‘I offer you an end to your loneliness… the only peace you will ever find…

‘Come down, little half-breed, and I will give you the peace you so badly desire…’

Sometimes, like now, the words crowded out everything else. Sometimes she heard her father’s last words to her, uttered many thousands of years ago:

‘You are the future hope of both our peoples. You must survive.’

‘I must survive!’ she thought miserably. How can I help but do otherwise? I cannot seem to die…’

But other words crowded back in, from the hunter who had staked her on the mountain.

‘Abomination! Non-entity! Vampire!

‘There are no answers for you! For you, there is only death!

‘Only death!

‘Only death!’

‘An End! Please! An End to this! Give me peace!’

She became aware of Jake’s face inches from her own, his hands gently shaking her shoulders, a concerned and frightened look in his eyes. He was saying her name – the one she used now. There were tears streaming down her cheeks and the cereal bowl lie broken on the floor. Coffee-colored milk oozed slowly across the tiles.

“Did – did I say anything?” Béla whispered to Jake, her voice shaking slightly, sounding small and frightened.

“No,” he lied.

He didn’t understand.

‘An end to what?’

Chapter 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a week later. Béla stood next to the bar dressed in a G-string covered by a short skirt with a halter-top tied in front, and tried to look casual as she stared at the empty stage surrounded by noisy male customers. She was waiting for Frank to announce her so she could go up there and parade her body in front of everyone.

This insane plan was actually Jake’s idea. The two of them had spent the previous weekend bar hopping and checking out strip-tease acts a hundred miles away in Helena. That had been Jake’s idea, too, to get away and go someplace new.

As they were watching one hot little blonde pour melted wax over her breasts and belly, Jake had said, “I bet you could do that. You can dance better than her; that’s for sure! You just need a gimmick.”

He thought for a moment as they watched, then said, “I think I have an idea that would be perfect for you!”

He told her what it was. He was delighted that she agreed to try it, and had been over-solicitious to her every whim since then.

Frank, her bartender and manager, set a glass in front of her. Her mind brought back to the present by the sound, Béla looked at it and shook her head.

“Are you nervous?” Frank asked, grinning.

He was finding it hard to believe that Béla was suddenly afraid of everything. In the thirty-odd years that he’d known her, she had always been foolishly fearless. Now, something had finally scared the hell out of her so that she was behaving almost rationally – like she actually had an interest in her own survival.

“Terrified,” Béla admitted. “I’m so nervous I’m soaking wet under this silly costume.”

“That’s all right. Wet girls look sexier.” They both laughed. “You ready for me to announce you?” Frank asked.

Béla stared at her old friend and lover for a moment, her eyes wide with terror.

“Frank…” Béla whimpered, her voice shaking, “I don’t think…”

“Shhhh!” Frank smiled at her. Then he came around the end of the bar and hugged her tightly, pressing her forehead into his neck and shoulders. He had seen Béla do this to other terrified beginners and it was the only thing he could think of to help her.

“Just surround yourself with ‘calm’,” he whispered into her ear. “Remember how good you are.”

Then he could feel inside her, how horrified something had made her. Someone had convinced her that she somehow didn’t deserve to live. She was living her life from day to day, actually waiting for something or someone to strike her down, like she deserved.

“Oh, God, baby,” Frank snared, holding her tighter as his mind filled with loathing and disgust. “What did Jake do to you?”

“What?” Béla asked, startled and pulling away. Then she was suddenly aware that she’d let him into her mind. He could see how unnerved she felt. “No… It wasn’t Jake, I swear. It was…”

Frank felt her sudden separateness. He was just holding a pretty girl in his arms, now. Her mind was closed to him.

“We go back a long ways…” he whispered, staring into her wide, dark eyes. “No matter what’s happened, I believe in you. I am always here for you. You understand?”

Béla nodded, smiling nervously. Then she kissed him. It was a very tender kiss, and not nearly as long as Frank would have liked it to be.

“I’m ready,” she whispered, then turned away and stepped toward the stage.

“And now, folks, introducing our very own sweet, exotic Béla, on stage now,” Frank’s voice spoke huskily over the microphone. “Let’s give her a big hand, guys – she’s been away far too long and she needs to know she’s been missed!”

Some of the patrons applauded as Frank began to speak, then more joined in as he finished announcing her.

The jukebox started and she stepped up on the stage.

“Well yer a reel tough cookie with uh long his-to-rie…”

Béla jerked her shoulders back and forth, then jutted her chest forward.

“O’ breakin’ liddle hearts lack the wun in me…”

Her customers whooped and cheered her on, one of her regulars giving her the ‘thumbs up’. She smiled and blew him a kiss.

Béla was feeling pretty comfortable on the stage, even with all the men staring at her. That was probably because she knew most of the patrons, and had fucked at least half of them in the Target Room.

She started pulling off her costume, tossing pieces out into the crowd. They cheered her on as she became more relaxed, her body remembering the adulation of her many lovers who greeted her now.

She was down to her G-string by the time the first song ended. The music changed, but it was the same, rich, powerful voice. Béla grinned over at Frank, who was feeding the jukebox. He knew how much she loved to dance to this music. It made Béla feel aroused and alive.

Balancing carefully on her spike heels, she knelt down at the edge of the stage, being sure to wiggle her ass at her customers, and took a wicked looking hunting knife from her little bag.

Jutting her crotch forward, Béla grabbed her G-string in her fist and pulled it up, a wedgie outlining her glistening pussy for all to see. She took the knife and slid it inside the G-string, flat against her skin, and threatened to slash the skimpy garment off her body.

She was glad that Jake had made her practice this in the apartment. The first time she’d tried to slice through that seemingly fragile material, the serrations in the knife blade had simply pulled the stretchy fabric into shreds instead of slicing cleanly.

Now, she knew exactly how to hold the knife so that it would make a clean slice right next to where she had the skimpy fabric bunched up in her fist.

She looked out at all the men watching her. They were all cheering, hungry for more. Some threw money on the stage. With a rapid motion, she pulled the material even tighter against her crotch and slashed the tiny G-string from her glistening body. She stood swaying in front of the crowd, her pussy dripping wet as the jukebox wailed, “I’m gonna dance – for – you!”

Everyone went wild, whistling and cheering. Slashing the waistband off, Béla tossed the ruined G-string out toward one of her customers and swung her hips wildly around with the beat of the heavy instrumental pounding out of the stage speakers. She was totally naked, now, dancing and holding the wicked looking knife as she gazed into the hungry eyes of the men watching her wild gyrations.

Everyone stared eagerly at her, yelling, whistling and grabbing each other – “Did you see that? Oh God! She's fantastic! Béla! I love you! – wondering with amazed faces and cheering throats what she would do next.

Béla swayed her hips back and forth for a moment, moving the gleaming blade up and down, stroking her body – soft, brightly-lit female flesh against hard, shiny steel blade. She could feel every aroused mind in the place, flooding her, filling her soul with adulation and admiration, and want – especially want. Every man there badly wanted her.

As the song continued, Béla treated with the shiny steel blade as though it were attached to a lover, pressing the sharp tip against and distorting the roundness of her breasts almost to the point of penetrating her skin, making love to the blade; pressing it into her navel, then bending forward so that only the handle was still visible with a pretended look of agony on her face.

Then she straightened up and the knife was still shiny and clean and she wasn’t hurt at all; the sly grin on her face saying, ‘Ha-ha, fooled you. I’m not even scratched. See?’

Then she started to shave, beginning with her upper thighs, flashing the blade ever closer to the soft, tender flesh between her legs. When she began scraping the sharp blade over her pubic mound, she made sure the sharp, shiny blade touched and caressed every tiny fold of her exquisitely bare pussy.

The crowd grew quieter, enraptured as they gazed upon the object of every man’s desire – everyone realizing that this was a rare experience for each of them as they studied the delicate folds of pink flesh that each had touched with hand or cock in the past, but few had actually gazed upon.

They stared raptly, mesmerized and memorizing every detail as Béla displayed each and every fold of her flesh, highlighting the folds of her pussy with the shiny, deadly blade, not missing any part of her anatomy. She could smell male sex in the air and knew that a least a few of the men staring between her legs had wasted their cum by spurting it into their shorts.

She ‘shaved’ her pussy, her legs and her belly with the knife blade. Then, dropping to her knees, she picked out the closest person in front of her and, her eyes full of lust, began to masturbate with the knife handle. There was too much sex in the air, now. This, or simply throwing herself off the stage and into the crowd to be ravaged, was the only thing she could do.

After her first orgasm, Béla gave each person in the front row the vision of the knife handle moving in and out of her pussy several times before moving on to the next person. Several patrons reached out, caressing or squeezing her nylon clad thighs, but the sharp end of the knife waving in front of their noses as the handle moved in and out of her cunt kept them from getting any closer.

With all that male handling, Béla actually had two more orgasms by the time she reached the other side of the stage. But she was satisfied that everyone who had so selfishly grabbed her had gasped and moaned as they shot their loads into their pants, unable to resist the sight and scent of her sweet cunt, only a few inches away, being actively fucked by that knife handle.

When the jukebox finally stopped, there were more dollar bills lying on the stage floor than Béla had ever seen on that stage before, for anyone. Frank’s bar girls would be very happy cleaning that up.

Exhausted and with her entire body glistening in the hot lights, Béla knelt, gasping from her last orgasm. The guy in front of her reached out and took her sweat-slicked hands in his and gushed about how terrific she was. Then he pressed a ten-dollar bill into her palm. Béla grinned as he stood up and she saw the wet mess in his suit pants below his belt.

As her loudly adoring crowd began to move, the powerful scent of male cum assaulted her nose and eyes, giving her the strength she needed to get back on her feet. She stepped off the stage with wobbly knees, wondering where her heels had disappeared to.

Frank got her attention and waved her over to the bar. “The ‘Target Club’ has declared an emergency meeting,” he told her. “They are all primed and ready. You have an hour and fifteen minutes until the midnight show.”

“What?” she said, surprised at how soon the next show was. “What time is it?”

“Almost eleven.” Frank said, grinning at her. “You were up there for forty minutes. Quite a show, hot stuff. Now, go fuck your adoring fans.”

‘Wow! Forty minutes! No wonder my legs are shaking!’ she thought excitedly to herself.

She waved to Jake, sitting across the room. He had been right. This was exactly what she needed. She looked to see that the light over the Target Room door was lit. Smiling in anticipation, she walked into the room naked, still perspiring from her performance on the stage. There were about twenty men there. She smiled and presented her hot, sweaty body to them.

“Does anyone want to clean me up?” she offered, raising her arms.

Then there were hands all over her body. They carried her to the table in the middle of the room and presented her with cocks of all sizes to be used in any way she saw fit.

She pulled the closest man up on the table with her and made him lay down on his back. Then she straddled him. And with an “Oh, God!” she sank her hot, juicy cunt down until his dick completely disappeared inside her.

Someone climbed up on the table behind her, and, grabbing her hips with both hands, shoved the head of his cock up against her anus. Béla arched her back and pressed her tits against the man she was impaled on, then shoved backward, skewering her ass with her unknown assailant’s cock.

She raised her head, opening her mouth in a cry of ecstasy. Someone shoved a hard cock into it and began fucking her face. Realizing she was no longer in control, Béla eagerly swallowed the huge cock down her throat as far as it would go and humped away, eager for a long, satisfying ride.

A one point, she was being held in the air with her feet off the floor, skewered in her pussy and her ass, sandwiched between two very large men. They took turns, one holding her up while the other fucked her, and then he would hold her steady while the first one reamed her ass. When the man in front came in her pussy, he moved out of the way, letting her fall head first down to the floor, her rear end held in the air by the cock in her ass and two huge hands gripping her hips tight enough to crush them. She recognized that special touch.

“Hi, Adam,” she called out, supporting her upper body off the floor with her arms. “Having fun?”

She felt him spurt his hot cum up her ass and quickly got her legs underneath her as he let go of her. The last time Adam had done that, he’d simply pulled out and dropped her, cracking both her knees.

Now, her admiring fans were taking turns fucking her raised rear end, both from the front and the back, as they balanced her upside down on her shoulders and head, cum running down her front and her back and dribbling onto her face and hair.

After a while, Béla found herself back on the table in the middle of the room, with someone on each end of her. No one seemed to mind shoving their cocks into her cum-filled holes. She was getting fucked in the ass more, now, so she figured her cunt was probably too sloppy to use. She was sure she’d fucked more guys than were originally in the room when she started. She looked toward the door, stretching the cock in her mouth sideways.

Yes, there were still people coming in. As the unnamed cock she was sucking on spurted it’s sweet, salty load down her throat, she felt someone toweling her off between her legs. Then a huge cock was shoved into her pussy, stretching her insides, filling her, and making her come, instantly.

‘This is getting to be a wonderful ride,’ she thought ecstatically, and concentrated on sucking the not-so-fresh cock that was just shoved into her mouth.

‘I know where this has been,’ she thought, recognizing the taste of her own ass.

She didn’t make the midnight show.

Chapter 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jake watched men going in and out of the Target Room door for a couple of hours. It was his job to make sure each of them used a key card to get in. Béla handed those cards out individually to people she wanted in her club. Jake was often surprised at some of the sleezeballs and roughnecks she invited in, but he remembered what she’d told him and Frank about club entrance policies.

“If somebody wants in to the Target Room and doesn’t have a key-card, you go talk to them. I trust that you both are good at determining who’s normal and who’s a desperate psychotic. If the guy just wants to come in and have a good time, tell him he needs to get a personal invite from me. But, if the guy feels weird, or acts jumpy or something, i.e. unstable, let him in! I’ll handle him! I don’t want him going out on the street and hurting some innocent girl simply because he couldn’t get his rocks off here! Got it?”

They got it.

‘Jeez! She has to have fucked at least thirty guys by now!’ Jake thought excitedly, counting back the number of times he’d seen someone go through that door.

He anticipated what he was going to find when he finally went into the Target Room himself. He had a pretty good idea of what thirty cocks could do to a girl, just from knowing what thirty rounds of .022 ammo did to Béla’s slender body. Those bullets had completely ruined her sexual organs, but that hadn’t stopped him from fucking her, anyway. He got excited just thinking about what Béla’s cunt would feel like with all that cum in her, imagining it to be very similar to shoving his cock into her bloody, ruined pussy just after emptying a gun into it.

When Béla didn’t come out of the Target Room by one o’clock, Jake went in to see if she was all right. No one had gone in or out for the last fifteen minutes or so.

The room was empty except for Béla. She was on the table in the center of the room, lying very still and alarmingly unmoving, her upper body twisted around like she had been turned backwards. The smell of sex filled the room. Her body was glistening, absolutely covered with cum, despite the fact that there were several damp, sticky terry cloth towels strewn around on the floor. Jake closed the door behind him.

Jake sighed in relief, not even realizing he’d been holding his breath when Béla rolled over at the sound of the door closing. She turned toward him, smiling.

“Nice man want fuck Béla, yes?” she cooed at him, her fingers caressing her cum-covered belly.

“Nice man want fuck Béla,” Jake said, copying her tone. He held up the knife she had used on stage. “With this…”

“Ooo! Yes! Béla like!” she said, still role-playing the oriental prostitute. Her club members seemed to like her best when she played that role.

Jake laughed, laying down the knife next to her on the sticky surface of what she called her sacrificial table. “God. You were great out there. You could take that act on the road and make a fortune!”

“I have a fortune, thank you.” Béla said, as herself. She sat up; lovingly rubbing sticky cum into her belly and breasts like it was vanishing cream.

“I really needed that!” She told him, relief in her voice that he seemed to approve of her like this. “I didn’t know my batteries were that low!”

“Well, Ah’m just glad t’ help, ma’am,” Jake drawled, pulling his old cowboy act. He was staring hungrily as she caressed her glistening belly and breasts.

“Want some?” she asked, pulling her hand away from her belly.

A long strand of mucus strung out from her fingers to her belly. Raising her fingers to her mouth, she licked it off. They both laughed. Jake kissed her face. He tasted cum on her mouth. Her lips were slippery with it. Her hair and face were speckled with it.

“Is there any place they didn’t get you?” he asked, laughing as a strange excitement raced through his belly.

“Nope. When you come in here, you get to fuck whatever hole you can find.” Béla said. “That’s the rules of the Target Club. There are no rules. Except for ‘No fighting over the nooky’!”

“God,” Jake whispered, his voice filled with awe at the sensations raging through him.

Placing his hands on Béla’s cum-slicked breasts, he felt his way down the curves of her body – her slippery ribs, her slender but well-muscled waist, moving one hand around to the front of her stomach and down toward her pelvic area.

Béla eagerly scooted back and spread her legs wider to allow Jake access between her legs, surprised, but delighted at the rapture Jake was feeling as he handled her well-used body. Never in her entire existence has she ever met a man who wasn’t put off by her willingness to experience sex in all its aspects – until Jake, that is.

And her certainty about Jake hinged on what he would do once his hand was between her legs, feeling the undeniable evidence that she had been fucked dozens of times in this solitary, single night. She waited anxiously, her legs and belly trembling a little with nervous excitement as Jake’s hand traveled down her stomach in its exploration of her ravaged body.

Jake backed away slightly, moving to one side to let his free hand explore Béla’s heavily scented lower half. He pressed his lips against hers once again as his hand slid down to encounter the top of her cum-covered slit and her hard little clitoris.

Béla moaned at his touch down there and Jake changed his hand movement to a circular pattern, rubbing two fingers around and around her slippery clit. Someone, perhaps more than one, had pulled out while fucking her, and sprayed cum all over her pussy lips and her clitoris, and Jake was rubbing another man’s cum into her skin while he kissed her.

Béla broke their kiss, gasping for air and amazed at how aroused she was getting. Jake was obviously feeding her his own aroused sensations, which would explain how quickly her body was responding to him, even after all the earlier fucking she’d done.

Jake chuckled at Béla’s gasp and the way her skin was starting to flush, and moved his hand farther down, stroking her puffy, swollen pussy lips with his middle finger sliding right down the middle and becoming completely covered in sticky, lukewarm cum.

He marveled at how hot and wet she was, and how thick the wetness was at the entrance of her pussy. As he shoved two fingers deeper inside, some part of his mind suggested that he was dipping his fingers into an entire jar of Vaseline that had been melted and simply poured inside her pussy, filling it to overflowing.

But the scent of her told him it wasn’t Vaseline he was sinking his fingers into and stirring around – it was cum; pumped, spurt by spurt, into her well-used cunt until she couldn’t hold any more and it flowed out over her pussy lips and down to her ass…

Jake was finding it hard to breathe, and his cock was raging hard as he moved his fingers out of Béla’s cum-filled pussy and slid further down her slit to find her ‘back door’ as used and full of cum as her cunt.

As he pulled his hand away and slid it back up her torso, the powerful scent of used male cum was suddenly overpowering. Béla was whimpering with her need, having had her sexuality both stirred and shaken with Jake’s exploration of her used body.

Jake practically pulled her off the table against him, embracing her, kissing her as hard as he could, stunned and surprised that the smell and taste of cum all over her could arouse him in such a fashion. He honestly hadn’t known that the feel of another man’s cum on his woman would excite him this way.

Béla embraced Jake as he squeezed her, laughing and moaning her desire between his ardent kisses and sliding her slippery breasts and belly against his chest. She kissed him deeply for several minutes, their tongues entwined. Jake noticed she was getting increasingly excited and wild, deliberately squirming in his arms so that Jake could feel how slippery with cum she was, now that she knew he liked that.

Holding on to her was like embracing a hot, slippery, cum-covered, sex machine. He grinned, perhaps because his ego was being inflated. She’d done thirty men and she was still horny for him.

Béla yanked his pants down without undoing his belt and twisted around in his arms, presenting Jake with her backside. Sliding halfway up on the table again, she let Jake guide her down onto his long, hard cock.

There was so much cum inside her pussy that Jake could barely feel the flesh of her pussy walls at all. But ramming his cock into her over and over while she was so super-slick and filled with cum was an incredible sensation – so much power squashing into her filled pussy, splashing into an ocean of slick cum surrounded by a hot, hungry, cock-devouring cunt!

After a moment of frenzied fucking, Béla ‘switched tunnels’ again and they both began grinding away, each desperate for the need to climax. Béla ground her slippery ass against Jake’s belly, his cock deep in her cum-filled anus. His arms were wrapped around her from behind, one hand squeezing her slippery left breast, one hand clutching her sticky, slippery belly, holding her in place and loving the way her slippery body twisted and wriggled as they fucked.

Béla raised her head around, looking at Jake’s face. His jaws were clenched and his eyes were squeezed shut with the intensity of the incredible sensations he was experiencing.

“You brought… something… with you,” Béla grunted the words out between thrusts. “You said… you were… going… to fuck… me… with it.”

Distracted for a moment, Jake found that Béla had managed to work the handle of the knife into his hand. The way she had placed it in his hand, the tip of the blade was beginning to bite into her abdomen. A little trickle of blood mixed with cum was already running down her belly. The blade was pointed inward toward her stomach, its tip gouging her flesh as they fucked.

Jake grunted and shot his cum deep into Béla’s ass, his cock throbbing almost painfully. The very thought of using the knife on her was so sexually overpowering that he still felt rock hard even after he came. His cock seemed filled with electricity and was, if possible, even harder than before.

Béla looked up at him, her body quivering from the sensation of his hot explosion into her ass, and from her own unfulfilled need. She arched her neck and shoulders back further against his chest and looked up over her shoulder, gazing up into his eyes. Clenching her teeth and throwing her head back even further, she pulled on the hand holding the knife.

She gasped, sucking air into her lungs in agony as the hot knife sank into her soft stomach. In only a few seconds, it was sunk in to the hilt, and blood was beginning to trickle out around the edge of the blade. Then she was leaning over the table and hunched over the knife as well, her orgasm so powerful that she was unable to support herself. She felt Jake shoot another hot load of cum up her ass and came again as his cock twitched inside her.

They sat down heavily on the floor and rested awhile, then Béla moved down and began to suck on Jake’s limp, sticky and very smelly dick. In a few moments, it was halfway hard, so Béla slid up on top of him and managed to get it into her slippery well-used pussy.

Jake pulled the knife out of her belly, surprised that half the blade was missing and the rest was pitted and corroded. Before he had time to think about how her unusual body handled foreign objects, Béla put Jake’s hand on the half-healed knife wound in her belly, and pushed one of his fingers into it. She felt his cock instantly throb and get harder inside her, filling her up as it grew.

“Don’t go too deep,” she warned him, holding his finger to let him know he could safely rim her wound, but that was all. “Any deeper, you’ll get burned.”

As she moved slowly up and down on his cock, she let him play with the extra hole he’d made, blood dripping down and making their bellies red with its own stickiness as it healed.

As their sexual frenzy increased again, Béla began bouncing up and down on Jake’s cock while two of his fingers were savagely reaming out her wound. Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out, gasping, staring at his finger as his skin bubbled. Béla grabbed his hand and sucked the acidic fluids off his fingers before much damage could be done, the burning sensation in her mouth and throat only adding to her frenzied sexual state.

As Béla’s saliva neutralized the acid on his fingers, Jake started to enjoy her sucking his now sensitive fingers. It was like he was fucking her cunt and her mouth at the same time. He started to come again, adding his small contribution to the collection of juices inside her that were already leaking all over his balls and down the crack of his ass, the sensation of her flowing liquids prolonging his own orgasm.

They fucked quietly for awhile longer, playfully slipping and sliding against each other and coming down slowly, then slept where they lay for the next couple of hours, arms wrapped tightly around each other. Before she drifted off, Béla turned her head away so she wouldn’t accidentally nibble on his neck as she slept.

Chapter 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After her stripping debut, Béla agreed to do one show a week, and, coincidentally, the Target Club decided, without even asking her, that they would meet every Friday right after her show.

Jake relished his ‘new, improved’ Béla. The sex they had together was imaginative and amazing. He discovered he really enjoyed sharing her with everyone. She was the most fun to fuck when she was slippery with cum from head to toe.

Shoving his cock into already abused her ass after four or fourteen other cocks had been in there was an exquisite sensation. His cock would instantly become sheathed in cum, and Béla would be so loose and lubricated he felt free to ram her as hard as he wanted without worrying about injuring her.

Béla didn’t seem to care in what order Jake fucked her. Sometimes he started with her mouth, sometimes with her ass. She loved to be completely immersed in sex, and the smell and taste of her own body drove her wild. If the results were mixed with cum (and they usually were), she loved it even more. Jake always fucked her after her weekly session with the Target Club, and, after the first time, he always started with her ass, and ended fucking her mouth.

One day, Béla surprised him and asked, “Want to play ‘Target’ next weekend?”

Jake laughed. “Yes. Always. Why?” he inquired.

“Well, your birthday’s coming up in a week or so, and when you’ve already done everything to each other, it’s hard to find something special to do as a gift.”

Jake kissed her and said, “What are the rules?”

“Same as always.” Béla smiled, “I’m the target and you just shoot at me.

“No explosives!” she admonished him.

“Don’t worry,” said Jake, “If I want to do this more often, I have to make sure you enjoy it, too.”

“I always enjoy it, but sometimes you overdo it. I don’t necessarily like being killed every time.” She kissed him as he left. “Tell Trish I said ‘hi’…”

Saturday morning, Béla was awake and in the kitchen when Jake came out, scratching and yawning.

Béla was naked in front of the dartboard. Then she wiggled her hips and shook her shoulders at him.

“Hey! This isn’t my promised ‘target’ game, is it?” he asked, noticing what she was doing.

“Of course not! That’s next week!” Béla chided him. “This is just a warm up.”

She pointed to the darts on the table. “Do me, baby!” she cooed at him.

Jake picked up a dart and threw it at her. She sidestepped and he missed.

“Hey!” Jake whined playfully, “No fair!”

“Nobody said I would be an easy target,” laughed Béla.

“You’re the easiest target I know!” he laughed, referring to her sexual availability.

“Ooo, a cut under the belt!” laughed Béla. She dodged another dart. “Okay, come on. I won’t move this time!”

Jake carefully tossed a dart at her breast. Béla turned her body to the side.

“Ha. Ha. I lied!” She did a little dance across the room.

“Try this!” Jake called out, throwing the remaining handful of darts at her all at once.

With a playful yelp, Béla squeezed her shoulders together, trying to make a smaller target. Only two darts hit her. One bounced off her sideways, and one other pricked her breast and fell to the floor.

A tiny bubble of red appeared. Jake walked across the room and licked the droplet of blood off her breast. His tongue tingled oddly as he sucked on her breast. In only a few seconds, the tiny hole disappeared, completely healed.

“Okay, now you get knife me there,” Béla told him, her voice barely louder than an aroused whisper.

“What?” Jake asked, ready to agree to whatever she wanted.

“New rule,” Béla told him. “You get to knife me wherever the dart hits – but only in that one spot. That’s to keep you from getting too excited and shredding my belly every time!”

“No more gutting you just for the fun of it?” Jake asked, pretending to be disappointed.

Béla shook her head, grinning at him. “You have to earn any gutting you do to me, mister,” she cooed.

“Well, alright,” Jake agreed.

Reaching into the silverware drawer, he pulled out a steak knife and came back over to where Béla waited.

“Sorry, you took too long,” Béla informed him, a sly grin on her face. “It’s already healed. You’ll have to use the darts again.”

Happy that Béla was even in a playful mood, but somewhat irked at her insistent control, Jake picked up the darts off the floor while Béla waltzed back to stand in front of the dartboard.

Aiming carefully, Jake threw his first dart as hard as he could, right at Béla’s belly as she swayed from side to side. As he let loose of the dart, Béla swayed further in the same direction her hips were already moving and the dart barely touched her hip as it skimmed by.

“You missed!” Béla laughed at him. “Try again!”

Jake took careful aim again, and, again, he missed. But at least, this time, the dart touched her as it went by.

“Ha, ha!” Béla laughed, “Missed agai… uck!”

Jake hadn’t waited, and his third dart was buried in her chest, just below her left breast.

“Hey!” Béla yelped. “I wasn’t…Auugh! Ow!”

Two more darts were buried in her belly. Out of darts, Jake picked up the steak knife and came across the room toward her.

“Now I have a choice of where…” Jake mused, grinning at Béla’s seeping dart wounds.

Pulling out the dart in her left chest, Jake said, “I can go here…” he shoved the knife blade into her ribs until half the blade had disappeared inside.

Béla gasped at the touch of the knife blade and began breathing more deeply as he shoved it into her.

“Or maybe here,” Jake mused, pulling a dart out of Béla’s stomach with his other hand, “or here.” He pulled the last dart out and dropped them both to the floor.

“Your choice,” Béla gasped, panting as she tried to breath with a painfully pierced lung.

“Okay,” Jake grinned, and pulled the knife out of her chest. A bright red rivulet of blood followed the blade out and began running down Béla’s naked stomach. “Here, then!”

“Unk!” Béla grunted as Jake shoved the knife into her belly. “Oh, God!”

Then she shuddered as an orgasm swept through her body.

“See what you miss by changing the rules?” Jake grinned as he unfastened his jeans.

Béla didn’t reply. She wasn’t missing anything. She’d teased Jake enough that he wasn’t so fucking gentle with her, and still got gutted. And now, she was going to get fucked with the knife still in her belly.

She gazed up at him, her eyes lit with excitement. Then Jake shoved her against the dartboard and rammed his cock up inside her.

“Ohhh!” Béla gasped, spreading her legs wider. “That’s was I was waiting for…”

“Not this?” Jake asked, grasping the knife sticking out of her stomach.

Béla groaned and tightened her stomach muscles against the tearing sensation as Jake pulled the knife out of her. Then she grunted as he shoved it back in where the other dart had struck her.

Béla leaned forward, nearly folding herself around the white-hot blade, her legs unable to support her as she came again.

Jake laughed and pulled her up against him. Holding her tightly with one arm, Jake jabbed the knife back into her ribs, where the first wound was almost healed.

“It’s too bad I didn’t get back to you before your boob healed,” Jake mused, slowly sinking the knife as deep as it would go into her lungs.

Béla didn’t answer, too lost in her own orgasmic sensations to care where he put that wonderful knife.

When she stopped trembling, Jake backed away, pulling out of her with his engorged cock, leaving her leaning somewhat unsteadily against the dartboard.

“Ready for more darts?” Jake asked, walking back across the room.

Béla sighed with exhausted pleasure and straightened her legs in an attempt to stand up straighter so she could be a better target. With the knife still in her ribs, she waited with her eyes closed for Jake’s next assault.

It was only a few seconds….

“Ahh!” she cried, her eyes flying open as a dart penetrated into her left nipple.

She stared as Jake threw another one at her and jerked to the left as that dart seemed to come right at her breastbone. It struck before she barely began to move, the tip buried in the heavy cartilage between her tits.

As Béla stared down at it, another dart appeared in her right nipple. Then two more, apparently thrown at the same time, appeared in her stomach.

Now Béla had two darts in her stomach, one in each nipple, one in her breastbone and that itchy knife sticking out of her ribs just below her heart. She wished she had pulled the knife out before now because that last bit of movement had torn open the scars that had healed around its tip inside her lung, and she was gurgling blood again.

Jake walked over to the utensil drawer and got a carving knife out. Béla watched him approach, her eyes nearly glazed with lust. Then Jake bent down and kissed her with one arm wrapped around her waist to hold her in place while he shoved the long serrated blade into her belly as far as it would go.

Béla grunted, leaning back against the wall to absorb the impact. Then Jake’s cock was inside her again, lubricated by her blood as it flowed down both their bellies.

Putting her arms around his neck, Béla laced her fingers together and just hung from his neck while Jake pulled the darts out of her, one by one.

After all the darts were out, Jake pulled the little steak knife free and pressed the tip, which had been buried in her left lung, against her left nipple where the first dart had been. Béla had to lean back again so he could press the knife straight into her breast.

She gazed up at him as she hung on her arms still wrapped around his neck. Her mouth was open and her breathing was uneven and shaky.

As the knife slowly penetrated into her breast, Béla raised her head back, eyes toward the ceiling, and began to moan. Her entire body quivered, then her pussy clamped down on Jake’s cock as she began to spasm in an intense series of orgasms.

Jake couldn’t take it any more. His cock was so hard and ready to explode that he was coming inside her as Béla finished her fourth orgasm. They both held each other tightly, letting the closed door behind her support them both as blood seeped down between them and dribbled onto their feet and the floor.

As her wound healed around the invading carving knife, the blade began to dissolve inside her. The weight of the handle pulled the remaining stub of the blade out and it fell to the floor, distracting them both for a moment by the clatter it made.

“Oh, God,” Béla gasped. “That was… so…”

“Incredible?” Jake panted, pushing himself up and away from the wall.

“Unfair,” Béla whimpered. “There was no dart there…”

“Ah, but there was,” Jake replied, grinning down at her as he caught his breath. “There was a dart here,” he pushed a finger against her belly and pressed in. “And, here.” He pressed against her flesh where the second dart had been.

“I merely went between them,” he explained.

“You… cheated,” Béla gasped, smiling to let him know she didn’t care.

His shrinking cock slipped out of her as Jake straightened up. As he began to pull the steak knife out of her nipple, Béla hissed and moved forward with it. Her body had healed around the narrow blade, forming a layer of scar tissue to protect itself from the invading steel.

“Gently,” Béla hissed, taking hold of her breast with both hands as Jake pulled backward.

Then her flesh released the blade and it slid right out. They both looked at the opening where the blade had been. It wasn’t bleeding.

Curious, Jake touched the blade to her nipple again and pushed inward, making the tip disappear into the sheath of scar tissue. The blade went in about halfway before meeting any fleshy resistance.

Using Béla’s facial muscles as an indicator, he continued pressing the blade back in until Béla’s mouth tightened slightly.

“That’s where its healing,” Jake murmured, then pulled the blade back out. “How interesting.”

“That was good,” Béla moaned weakly. “Stick it back in me…”

“Can you take more?” Jake asked, leaning over her with his arm against the door behind her. “I got you in all the places where I hit you with the darts…”

“I want more…” Béla whispered. “Forget the silly rule – I made it up just to have a game. You can do anything you want to me. You know that…”

Her words were making Jake hard, again – or maybe it was the electric feel of her skin. He could feel Béla’s need to be penetrated flowing right through him, and her need made him want to do it.

Jake felt her hot breath against his shoulder. Her warm breasts and hard nipples pressed into his chest. She shuddered as he pushed the little knife into her soft, curvy flesh just above her left hipbone.

“Now, Jake,” Béla whimpered. “Put it in me. Fuck me – make love to me…”

Jake pushed forward, pressing his cock between Béla’s damp, sticky thighs. Half clotted blood mixed with cum covered her slit like a protective coat of wet paint – cool, yet wet and slippery; slippery enough so that his cock slid forward and up, through the cool wetness between her legs and into the living, heated wetness inside.

“This is kind of a record,” Jake gasped, amazed that he was still able to perform. “Three times in less than a hour…”

For a single instant, he was appalled at what was arousing him to this stellar performance - the feel of the cold, harsh knife slicing through tender female flesh, the smell and taste of her blood…

Remembering the steak knife in Béla’s side, he reached down, twisted the knife around and jerked it up toward her ribs, listening to Béla grunt as he did so and feeling her stomach muscles tighten in response to fresh agony.

Her pussy muscles surrounding his cock quivered momentarily, letting him know that she’d come again. This time her teeth sank into his neck, drawing blood, and she moaned with ecstasy, her body shaking violently as she began to suck.

Since the knife wasn’t pointed into the center of her torso, Jake wasn’t penetrating into her acidic central core like he had with the carving knife. In this manner, he realized, he could probably filet her quite a bit without going through a dozen blades.

He began to slowly saw his way up toward her ribcage with the steak knife. From Béla’s quivering pussy muscles and the soft, mewling sounds she was making as she sucked on his neck, it seemed she was enjoying this, immensely.

Béla shook with a new agony as the point of the knife penetrated the bottom of her left lung. Before the wound could begin to heal, enough blood got into her lung that she choked on it, interrupting her feeding. Then she pushed back suddenly, realizing what she was doing.

“No!” she gasped, coming back to reality.

Jake was pounding his cock into her as hard as he could. There was blood running down his shoulder and chest. Both of their torsos were covered with it, but most of that was from Béla’s long, open gash in her side.

Jake pulled back a little, noticing Béla’s distress.

“You okay?” he asked, hoping she’d say ‘yes’ so he could get back to fucking her.

He felt strange, asking a girl he’d just gutted if she was okay. But his cock was buzzing and he wasn’t thinking straight. He seemed surprised to find blood leaking down from his neck and onto his chest, but he didn’t want to think about that. It was too distracting, and he felt certain that Béla wouldn’t kill him. What he wanted to do right now was fuck!

“Yeah,” Béla whispered, still sounding upset. “I didn’t know… realize…”

Her body was on fire. She needed to come and she needed to feed, and right there in front of her was this lovely little bright rivulet of life giving, rich, tasty…

“I promise I won’t take it all,” Béla gasped greedily as she leaned forward and, once again, sealed her lips around his neck wound.

She began sucking greedily and humping her pelvis against his hard cock. Jake returned his attention to fucking his blood-slickened little sex vampire, pounding into her as hard as he could, pulling out and ramming her again, gripping her slippery hipbones tightly, needing both hands to hold her writhing body steady.

He noticed that the knife had worked its way out of her and fallen to the floor during their frenzied fucking and wondered if she’d like something else stuck in her. He decided not, though. She was about as wild right now as he could handle.

Béla was going nuts on Jake’s cock as it rammed into her cunt as hard as she’d ever been fucked – with her consent, anyway. The incredible sensations flooding out from her pussy and the slowly healing wound in her side were starting to overwhelm her. Her breasts were on fire and thick, red liquid was flowing down her eager throat.

Jake dug his fingers into her hips as Béla began to writhe more wildly. That was all she needed. She threw her head back and cried out, releasing her orgasm into the room and frightening Jake back to reality. For a few seconds, he couldn’t move inside her as she was clenching down against him almost painfully with her pussy muscles. Then her pussy was pulsing, contracting against his cock again and again, taking him to the edge. He pulled back and rammed into her one final time, spurting into her as deep as he could with a guttural groan.

Béla collapsed backward, bumping her head against the wall. Jake leaned forward against her bloody, sweat-slicked body. They were both gasping from the frantic exertion of their gory, private little fuck-fest.

After a moment, Jake ran his fingers over her soft flesh where he’d shoved the carving knife.

“It’s all healed?” he asked, feeling around where the wound had been.

Béla shrugged, “I don’t know.” She twisted her torso back and forth. “I can still feel the blade,” she said, pressing her fingers against the spot. “It’s right here.”

Jake pressed his fingers into her soft stomach and felt a hard, narrow lump deep inside her.

“How do we get it out?” he asked her, concerned about the long-range effects of metal poisoning.

“What do you care?” she said, breathing more normally now. “You weren’t that concerned about all those arrows and bullets you shot into me.”

“Wha-at?” Jake looked at her and gave a funny, little laugh.

“I’m sorry, Jake. Please forgive me,” Béla said. She pulled his hand up and kissed his fingers gently. “Don’t worry about it. It’ll be gone in a couple of days.”

Jake knew better than to ask “What are you?” because, after long nights of thought on that very subject, he had come to the conclusion that she honestly didn’t know what she was, and it would vastly damage their relationship if he asked her that simple question. She needed him to accept her more than she needed him to understand her.

However, he was starting to understand what he was courting by being with her. She’d torn into his neck twice, now. She obviously couldn’t be hurt by anything. Also, he knew that drinking raw blood made most people sick and she seemed to thrive on it.

‘There’s a really sexy vampire in my apartment,’ he thought to himself as they both staggered unsteadily toward his shower, holding each other up, ‘and I invited her in.’

He didn’t wonder why he wasn’t more frightened, even as he came to understand that, in her long life here on earth, this immortal, amoral creature had probably gone through a hundred lovers just like him.

Chapter 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was Tuesday afternoon – Jake’s ‘light’ day, so he and Béla drove to Bozeman after meeting for lunch, Béla giving him directions on the route to take. A sign on the wall where Béla instructed Jake to pull up said, “B.B’s Exotic Weapons Shop”.

They walked in through the shop door. A balding, fat man in a dirty undershirt slid down off a stool behind the counter at the back of the store. He could have been anywhere between sixty and eighty years old. Each move he made was slow and deliberate, as though he was afraid of breaking something.

‘Maybe there’s something wrong with his back,’ Jake thought to himself. ‘He’s kind’ve rheumy-eyed, too.’

“Hey! Bee-Bee! Where you been?” the old man said, taking a cigar out of his mouth and opening his big arms in greeting.

”Hello, Joseph,” Béla said, lightly giving him another peck on the cheek and breaking away from his embrace. “It’s been a long time.”

Then getting right down to business, she said, “We’re here so that Jake,” she indicated Jake still standing by the front door deciding which wall of artifacts to peruse first, “can pick out a hand gun.”

Jake’s mind was still processing ‘Béla is Bee-Bee and she has a gun shop?’, when he noticed they were both waiting for him.

“Sorry, I missed my queue,” he said, looking confused. “Is this your shop?” he indicated the surrounding area.

The walls were lined with an assortment of odd-looking guns, knives and a few swords. Many of them seemed to be hand-made, one-of-a-kind originals. Some of them were very old; perhaps centuries old. This was not a typical gun store.

“Well, I used to own it, partially,” Béla said. “Joseph and I set this business up a few years back, and eventually I let him ‘buy me out’ as a reward for his help.”

“Yeah!” the fat man said, laughing. “She let me ‘buy her out’ for a dollar. And that was just to keep the paperwork legal.”

“What would you like?” Béla asked, looking at Jake. “A gun, I mean?”

“Oh. Well, I’ve always fancied a automatic pistol,” mused Jake,” maybe something with an extended clip for extra ammo?”

Joseph scratched the whiskers on his unshaven jaw, thinking. There was a special gun he was thinking about. The irony of presenting it to this man was irresistible.

“Umm, let’s see. Lemme show you what I got,” the old man said, his gruff voice sounding as though he didn’t use it very much.

Joseph moved his rotund body sideways behind a small, glass counter and bent down with great difficulty, almost disappearing below the countertop like a great moon setting over a glass sea.

“I’ve got… ah, here it is.”

He stood back up, breathing heavily, his face red and sweaty from the effort of bending over.

“This here’s a little hand-made job. Thirty caliber. The clip holds twenty rounds; twenty-three if you press the spring all the way down. But I wouldn’t, ’cause that’s why automatics jam on you. Spring gets too weak to get that last round into the chamber before it closes.”

Reaching under the counter again, he brought up a small cylindrical object and presented it.

“It even has a silencer. I think it was made for some gangster back in the Roaring Twenties,” he said, chuckling as he carefully placed the heavy, round cylinder down next to the gun so it wouldn’t roll away.

Jake picked up the little weapon and examined it, admiringly.

“Gas operated?” he asked, still examining it.

“Yep!” Joseph grunted. “Fully automatic.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Jake said, sighting down the short barrel.

He was surprised at the quality of the tooling on such an old weapon. This was not a cheap gun. Jake looked at Joseph, then glanced around the room for a second.

“Oh,” Joseph said, surmising what Jake was looking for, “there’s a soundproof room in the back for customers to try out potential purchases,” indicating a door behind the other counter.

‘Is there anyplace she goes that doesn’t have a soundproofed room?’ Jake mused.

“He had a wooden target to shoot at,” Béla said, knowing what was going through Jake’s mind.

She folded her arms under her breasts and glared at Joseph while trying to look stern, but she couldn’t help the slight smile on her face. She was on the inside of his little joke with that particular gun.

Jake went back and satisfied himself that the gun was in good working order. It was easy to handle and had very little kick, even with the silencer on it. When he held the trigger down, it would dispense all twenty rounds in about three seconds, and, if he used both hands, it was easy to hold on the target as it fired. It was an exquisitely crafted weapon.

“How much?” Jake asked.

“Take it out of my percentage,” Béla interrupted, “will you, Joseph?”

“Sure, Bee-Bee,” Joseph said, then added, “Gonna miss ya’, babe. Come back more often.”

Béla blew him a kiss as she started to leave, then turned and hurried back to him.

“Here!” she said, hurriedly. “Now you can come and see me!” She looked into his eyes for a moment, her expression becoming somber, then turned and fled.

Joseph watched her leave, then looked down at the small, blue card the little brunette had given him. It said,

“Target Club, 3710 South Fremont, Gallatin Heights, MT

“Exclusive Invitation Only! Owner: Béla B Wilson”

‘So,’ he thought, wistfully gazing at the card, ‘you finally got that club you wanted. “Béla Wilson”, huh? You’ve changed your name again, but you’re always you.’

He tossed the card into the trash and sighed. To see her again, like that, would be the same as losing her all over again.

‘After all this time, she still looks exactly the same. She said she would…’

For the next few hours, Joseph sat, unmoving, remembering earlier times, many years (and many pounds) ago, his eyes misting over.


It was June of 1929. He was living in Chicago when she ran right into the front of his car and bounced off the right front fender. He’d been sitting still, waiting for the light to change, but he still got out and hurried around to see if the girl was all right.

She wasn’t. There was blood all over her blouse and what appeared to be bullet holes in her clothing, as well, but she wasn’t shot, as near as he could tell.

“Help me!” she pleaded. “He mustn’t catch me!”

She looked desperate and scared and incredibly beautiful – her large, dark eyes searching his soul as she gazed at him. He helped her into his car and began driving.

“Are you married?” she wanted to know. “Any girlfriend?”

Joe was a little trepidatious at how forward the girl was with her questions. He finally got in a few questions of his own and found out her name was ‘Betty – Bee-Bee, to her friends’ and she was a dancer at Cleo’s, a speakeasy on Rush Street. At least she had been, before this afternoon.

“If I go back there, my boyfriend will try to kill me again,” she told her, sounding terrified.

“Why would he do that?” Joe wondered. “You’re beautiful!”

The frightened girl grinned at him. “Thanks, but he’s thinking a little differently about me right now.”

“How’d you get all that blood on you?” Joe asked. “Or should I just pretend it’s not there.”

It was Chicago, after all, and all those gangsters had gunned each other down on Saint Valentine’s Day just three months earlier.

“It’s not mine,” Bee-Bee told him. “But I’ve got to find somewhere to hide for awhile. Can I stay with you?”

“Are you always this forward to people who’s car you run into?” he had to ask, trying to keep the conversation from getting too serious.

The girl looked at him, as though studying him closely. He could almost feel her in his mind. It was actually a pleasant feeling. He’d been alone most of his life. His parents had died of the flu a dozen years earlier, along with his only brother, just back from Europe at the time, and he’d been on his own ever since.

He took her to his modest apartment, where the girl (Betty?) quickly made herself at home, taking over his bathroom, which she was pleased to discover he didn’t share with anyone.

She was in there almost an hour before she finally opened the bathroom door and came out.

“Okay, your turn,” she called out to him.

Joe looked up. She was standing there, with the mirror light illuminating her nude body from behind. His mouth fell open as he stared at this fragile, stunning creature standing naked in his apartment.

She grinned, enjoying the effect she had on him and walked forward. Joe backed up a couple of steps until she stopped and laughed at his shyness.

“Am I that frightening?” she asked, raising her eyebrows and waiting for him to decide.

“God, no,” he murmured. “You’re… beautiful.”

He took a deep breath to steady himself as he watched her walk over and plop down on his bed, realizing how lame and uneducated he sounded.

“The bathroom’s free, if you need it,” she suggested, indicating the open door by nodding her head toward it.

She smiled as he clumsily snagged the tip of his shoe on the rug in his rush to escape her alluring and very naked presence.

Once in the bathroom, her presence was even more undeniable. Her freshly washed scent filled the room. Her bloodied clothes were in the wastebasket. He took a quick leak, then stood in front of the mirror, trying to come to terms with the fact that there was a naked girl sitting… No, probably lying, by now, on his bed, waiting for him to come out and seduce her.

‘Does she expect me to join her? Am I supposed to take the couch? What if things go too far? I don’t want to make her pregnant and I don’t have anything – no fishskins – to protect her. How about protecting me? What if she has the clap? What should I do?’

He patted down his face with the only washrag in the room – the one she had used to wash with, mustered up enough courage to stop hiding in the bathroom and went back out, turning the light off as he left.

Bee-Bee was already under the covers and had made room for him beside her. When she saw him, she patted the mattress with her hand, inviting him to sit on the bed. Joe stared for a minute, then nervously forced his body forward and sat down.

“You seem nervous,” the girl observed, smiling up at him and looking a bit shy. “You don’t need to worry – I’m used to being around guys, so I won’t get upset if you want to… And, I don’t bite; at least, not often.”

They both laughed at her lame attempt at humor. He dared to turn halfway around so he could see her. Only her bare shoulders, an arm and her head were visible above the covers.

“Can I bargain with you?” she asked, seeming unaware of her alluring effect on him. “You keep me safe from harm – let me stay here, I mean,, and I’ll keep you warm. At night, I mean.”

‘My God! She's offering herself to me. She said she needed a place to hide. This girl must be really desperate to offer her body to me in exchange for a hiding place.’

“It’s a fair exchange,” the girl added, noticing his hesitancy. “It’s not like I’m a virgin or anything. I’m not that nice a girl – I stole some money from my boyfriend’s boss and they want it back. I just need to hide for awhile. I’ll even share the money with you if you want…”

“Stop!” he cried. “You don’t have to bargain with me! Or tell me any of these things! I know you’re in trouble. I’ll help you. I’ll hide you, I mean. But you don’t have to have… I mean, you don’t have to offer yourself…” he sighed, giving up on words as he realized he was trying to talk her out of something he desperately wanted.

“I don’t mind,” she said quietly. “I like sex. I guess that makes me a low-life sort of person – I don’t know. Where I come from it’s expected of a woman to submit herself in exchange for food and shelter. That’s the way it’s always been for me, even here in America.”

“Where are you from?” he asked, curious.

“Oh, lots of places,” she told him. “I’ve been traveling from place to place for a long time.”

“Not too long,” he said, appraising her more closely. “How old are you? Twenty? Twenty-two?”

She grinned at him as though she had a secret.

“No,” she laughed. “I’m a little older than that.” But she didn’t say any more on that subject; she was a woman, after all.

She had the faintest trace of some unusual accent, but he couldn’t place it. It wasn’t British, French, German or Russian – that could only mean she came from somewhere more foreign than those countries. She seemed to be mixed white and perhaps Persian or one of those exotic races whose age was almost impossible to tell.

“Do you have anything to eat?” she asked, breaking the moment’s silence between them.

“Uh, yeah,” Joe muttered, grateful for an excuse to get off the bed.

There was a half-wall that made up the headboard of the bed. It also separated the bedroom from the kitchen – it was a small apartment even though it had its own bathroom. Later in the century, these would become known as ‘efficiencies’.

Looking into the icebox, Joe found some ground meat of uncertain origin (it was cheap) and several pieces of fruit. There was also some flat bread that he’d purchased from a street vendor sitting on the kitchen counter.

“That looks good,” a soft, sexy voice said from directly behind him.

Joe jumped and looked over his shoulder to find Bee-Bee resting her elbows on the half-wall and gazing interestedly around his body and into the ice cooler. Her little breasts were pressed against the cruel top edging of the half-wall, her nipples just barely hidden from view, but obviously pressed hard against the siding.

She noticed him staring at her chest and backed up, grinning, to give him a better look.

“This better?” she grinned, and actually shook her shoulders at him. He quickly turned away, blushing deep red, and heard her sigh. She sounded disappointed somehow.

Supper was a mixture of fried meat and sliced potatoes with flat bread. He served it to her on a cracked plate with purple flowers hand-painted around the rim. There was only water to drink, but she seemed quite satisfied with his fare.

They ate on the bed. That was where he served her since she didn’t seem to have any clothes and he was still too unnerved by her presence to consider her sitting naked with him at the little dining table.

Afterward, she put her dirty plate up on the half-wall over the bed and invited him to lie down with her. He did, still fully dressed, which made her laugh again.

She sat up, baring her body all the way down to her… (She doesn’t have any hair down there!) and began undressing him. He permitted it rather than cause further upset with her. Being a quiet neighbor was important in an apartment building. The worst thing that could happen would be both of them being thrown out on the street because he had a ‘woman of questionable repute’ in the room with him.

Bee-Bee pulled his shirt off, grinning at him almost like she could see each thought in his mind as he foraged through the morass of ideas and thoughts he had about women.

Every night he yearned to have someone with him and now, much too suddenly, he did. The reality of her presence unnerved him. As he thought about it, what frightened him the most was that he might disappoint her and somehow fall short of her expectations.

The dark-haired little beauty smiled at him as if to reassure him that she either didn’t think she would be disappointed or that she had no expectations at all.

She tossed his shirt over the half-wall and sat gazing at him for a moment, then evidently decided not to go for his pants and laid back down, instead. She left the covers off, leaving her slender form exposed to his view and just watched him.

Joe’s arm began to rise, almost of its own accord, seeming to reach across the bed toward the naked girl. As he realized he was moving, he nervously jerked his arm back.

“You can touch me,” Bee-Bee said, almost whispering. “I’d like you to.”

‘She obviously expects to have sex with me,’ Joe realized.

He remembered a streetwalker he’d brought up here almost six months ago. That had been a complete disaster. She was so crude and insensitive that he’d been completely unable to perform, then accused him of preferring little boys and was verbally abusive as she vented her opinion of him.

Bee-Bee, on the other hand, seemed completely bent the other way, her attitude being one of solicitous concern regarding his acceptance of her. She reached over and, lifting his arm that he’d raised a moment earlier, pulled his hand to her mouth and kissed his fingers.

“Thank you for taking me in,” she whispered, her breath warm against his skin.

“It’s okay,” Joe smiled over at her…

He jerked away at the touch of her soft flesh as Betty casually placed his hand against her left breast. She laughed as they played tug-o-war with his arm, then pretended that he bruised her when she pulled his arm too hard against her, ending their little spat.

“See,” she cooed, shoving her shoulder up at him, “you bruised me! Now you have to kiss it and make it feel better.”

She grinned at him then, letting him know she was just playing a game.

Bee-Bee reached out with both hands and began to pull him closer. As she got him closer to her, she had to strain harder and harder to keep him moving.

“Will you relax?” she finally implored him, getting frustrated. “It’s not like you’re going to die or anything. I just want a kiss.”

“Alright,” Joe agreed, then nervously pecked her on her cheek.

Bee-Bee snarled and grabbed him around the neck with both arms. As he tried to pull away, he pulled her up with him. He found himself sitting up on the bed with a naked brunette hanging around his neck – her pointy little nipples creating fire where they brushed against his chest.

“Hi!” she breathed into his face, then she kissed him.

It was a long kiss. She schmoosed her lips over his, hoping for some kind of response while rubbing her tiny breasts against him. After a moment, she stopped.

“I give up!” she sighed, exasperated. “You win! I’ll sleep on the couch.”

She climbed over him, deliberately sliding her bare pussy against his hip and halfway down his thigh as she left the bed, definitely wanting him to know what he was passing up.

She stood in front of him for a moment, completely unashamed of her nakedness to make sure he got a good look, then turned away and crossed the room to the old davenport. She laid down on it and glared at him, absently stroking her fingers across her stomach.

“I’ll leave in the morning,” she said, sounding sad.

“Where will you go?” he asked.

“What does it matter?” she replied. “I’ll be out of your life. I’m sorry I upset you. I thought maybe we could be…”

She sighed, then smiled at him.

“Thank you for helping me get away… and for putting me up for the night,” she said and closed her eyes.

“And for letting me mess up your bathroom…”

Joe watched her for a few moments until he realized she wasn’t going to say anything else. He sighed. If anything of a sexual nature was going to happen, he needed her to be on the bed with him. Besides, he felt really strange about her sleeping naked on the couch while he had the bed.

“Come back to bed,” he said quietly. “Please?”

Bee-Bee opened her eyes and gazed at him questioningly. He nodded at her and, their roles now reversed, patted the mattress next to him. She lay on the couch for a few more seconds, then got up, her bare feet padding across the faded hardwood floor, and climbed onto the bed. She scooted across to her original position so he would have room to lay down, too.

Joe reached across the small distance between them and put his arm around her bare waist. He was surprised at how tiny she felt.

“Is this how it’s done?” he asked, smiling nervously and holding his eyes steady on hers.

She grinned back and kissed him. “Close enough,” she confided.

She pressed her breasts against his chest as she kissed him again. He could feel her lips smiling as he kissed her in return this time.

“Do you want to touch me?” she whispered into his mouth, her warm breath smelling of meat and potatoes.

Joe hesitated for a moment, then felt her hand guiding his against her breast again. This time, he held it there, and began gently squeezing and kneading it. Her soft, pliable breast wasn’t very large, but it was very warm, and her nipple began to grow right into the palm of his hand.

”Kiss it?” she quietly implored him, pressing her shoulder forward. Grinning and still a little nervous, Joe scooted down on the bed a little so he could reach her better, then delicately placed his lips around the hardened little nub of her nipple. The rough hardness felt strange on his lips as he compared it to the incredible softness of her breast.

Bee-Bee sighed with pleasure as he took her nipple into his mouth and pressed forward a little, encouraging him to be more aggressive. Joe moved the arm he was lying on so that he could reach her other breast and began caressing it, too. Bee-Bee sighed contently and let him play with her for a few minutes.

He’d had a few girls before, but he hadn’t learned much from his encounters with the opposite sex. Most of his prior sexual experiences had been just fumbling around in the dark with a girl who was usually as uncertain as he about what to expect.

Bee-Bee was the first girl he’d ever actually seen with the lights still on – well, not counting the streetwalker, and, although the prostitute had been young, she hadn’t been that pleasant to look upon; seeming to lack a certain… firmness? Carriage? Joe didn’t know. The woman had seemed… slack, and somehow unappealing.

“You like that?” he asked her, not sure what she wanted next.

“Um-hum,” Bee-Bee hummed in response, almost purring at him. “Go lower,” she suggested.

Joe began to feel his way down to her stomach, his eyes open and watching her. He was able to tell what she liked by the way she moved when he caressed her. She liked the way he caressed her hips as much as he liked actually touching and running his hand over that marvelous curve her hips made in contrast to her slender waist.

‘A French curve, they call that,’ Joe thought, remembering his fourth grade teacher telling her class that in art, the French Curve is considered the most beautiful of all forms. But when Joe had asked her why, old, fat Mrs. Abernathy couldn’t explain, and her skin turned reddish and a bit sweaty.

Joe bent over and began kissing Bee-Bee’s stomach – quite a wild departure, for him. Bee-Bee would tense up when his tongue or fingers passed over a tickle spot, perhaps letting him know where she wanted to be touched next. He realized that he was starting to actually enjoy what he was doing with the girl. Her giggles and sighs indicated that she was enjoying it, too.

Then he dared to stroke his fingers down below her belly button. Bee-Bee opened her legs slightly and he ran his fingers along the inside of her warm, slightly moist thigh, marveling at the difference in texture and feel the various parts of her body offered him.

He’d never actually stroked a girl down there before. Most of his experience was just pleading and talking to get ‘the act’ started and done successfully without getting caught. Taking his time to get the girl physically aroused and interested was a new idea, but then, he’d never had one who was interested in doing that before now.

He looked up at Bee-Bee’s face as he gently ran his fingers up between her legs for the first time. Her eyes were positively glowing at him. Then, as his fingers touched her ‘there’, she closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure.

“Right there,” she murmured, then smiled as he touched her there again.

She opened her legs wider, making it easier for him to move his hand back and forth. Suddenly, his middle finger slipped into a warm wetness. Bee-Bee shuddered and he nervously pulled his hand away.

“No…” she protested. “Don’t stop. It feels good.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him. She frowned slightly, not understanding why he stopped for a moment, then evidently figured it out.

“Your turn, lie back,” she sighed, then pushed him down and rolled over, halfway laying on top of him, now.

Despite the fact that he’d had some experience with women, he didn’t seem to know anything about anatomy. He evidently thought that she’d wet on him.

Bee-Bee began kissing and licking his nipple that was closest to her and running her fingers up and down his stomach and chest. Joe was surprised at how good that felt, having never had anyone actually play with his body, before.

Then Bee-Bee’s lips and tongue were headed south, kissing and licking their way down his ribcage to his stomach. Her fingers were sliding underneath his trousers, now, tickling his lower belly.

“Undo your belt,” she told him.

Joe practically leaped out of bed, surprising the girl with the suddenness of his act, and pulled his pants down and off his legs. Tossing them across the room, he quickly lay back down, hoping the dark-haired girl would continue where she left off.

They looked at each other for a few seconds, then Bee-Bee reached over and began running her fingers up and down his stomach again. With his pants off, she could go lower, and did.

Joe gasped as he felt her fingers stroke his half-hard penis. He’d never actually had a woman want to touch him there. He had been touched there a few times, when the woman tried to help guide him inside her, but that was all, and fingertips and nails felt a lot different than what Bee-Bee was doing.

Bee-Bee sat up, still stroking his cock and looked back at his face. He was trying to see all of her – her entire body – while he had this chance. Joe watched her arms and breasts jiggle while she stroked his cock. Her whole body was moving slightly up and down on the bed. He thought the bed moving like that was an incredibly erotic motion.

He watched as she put her attention back on his cock. Then he gasped as she bent down and actually put her warm, moist lips over the end and kissed it!

“Oh my God!” Joe whispered hoarsely, dropping his head back against the pillow.

He’d never felt anything like that! He took several deep breaths trying to get his heart to slow down. When he looked back down, the alluring little vixen was watching him intently, her lips only an inch away from his throbbing dick.

“You okay?” she asked innocently, blinking her eyes a couple of times.

Unable to speak, he curtly nodded. She smiled at him and kissed the end of his cock again. This time he was able to keep watching. She slowly sucked the end of his cock into her mouth, then pulled back a little, continually sucking.

“I’ve never felt anything like that!” he moaned down at her. “That’s just incredible!”

He watched as she ran her lips up and down the sides of his raging hard-on. She seemed to enjoy what she was doing.

“My God!” he exclaimed. “Where did you learn that?”

‘Two times two is four four times four is sixteen sixteen times Oh dear Jesus! I’m going to do it in her mouth!’

He felt his cock twitch several times and watched his cum spurt high into the air. The girl was still sucking on the side of his cock and watched with her eyes wide as the stream of cum splashed down on his belly.

With a look of pure glee on her face, she pulled his cock back a little. The second spurt went even higher into the air and splashed down across her face and hair. She caught the third spurt in her mouth and sucked fiercely on his throbbing cock until it stopped spurting.

As she pulled away, one final spurt went up a couple of inches, just missing her nose and ran down his spit and cum-covered dick. They both laughed, watching it.

“You’re incredible!” he murmured. He had a strange urge to kiss her while his cum was still on her face and in her mouth and leaned forward toward her. Her mouth tasted strange and salty. The slippery feel of her face and lips made his dick twitch again.

“I had a good teacher,” she murmured as she started to rub his cum into the skin on his stomach. “Her name was Ramie.”

“What?” Joe asked, mesmerized by the sensation of her hand sliding around on his torso.

Bee-Bee stopped, having rubbed the cum on his stomach into a somewhat sticky mess. “You asked where I learned my ‘special’ talent.”

“Oh,” Joe murmured quietly. “I think I meant you. I mean, that sex doesn’t bother you like it does most w… most people.”

Bee-Bee grinned, noticing his, what was that term? Oh, yes! Freudian… slip.

“That’s probably because I’ve done it a lot,” she grinned, raising her eyebrows and gazing at him.

Joe could almost hear her in his head: ‘Ya got a problem wit’ dat, buddy?’

“Who’s Ramie?” he asked, tactfully changing the subject somewhat.

“Hum? Oh,” Bee-Bee replied, seeming surprised by his question. She sat for a few seconds before answering.

“We were… comrades,” Bee-Bee told him, her face becoming thoughtful.

He would learn later that this was how she looked when she was remembering things from long ago.

“Comrades in Arms!” she said, reminiscing. “I was actually just a squad leader under her command, but she was an amazing lover. And she knew more about cocks than anyone I’d ever met.”

She looked up at Joe and tried not to laugh. “After I left, I discovered something about her that I really disliked. In fact, I came to hate it.”

“What?” Joe surmised. “Did she have Siph or something?”

Bee-Bee laughed. “No, silly.” She looked at him another moment.

“It was… pants.”

“Pants?” he asked.

She just nodded, looking disgusted. She never explained.

He found out years later – Ramie, or rather, Semiramis, a warrior queen in ancient Mesopotamia, invented pants to keep her troops warm during her military campaigns into the frigid Zagros Mountains.


The sun was down before Joseph moved to pull the shades and bolt the door to the shop.

“Thanks for ten wonderful years, babe,” he murmured to himself, blinking back tears. Then he climbed up the steep flight of stairs and went to bed.

Chapter 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla sat in the overstuffed chair watching Jake examine his new toy for the tenth time. It had been a long time since she had seen that gun. It had been used on her once before, long ago, by someone who was actually trying to kill her. He thought he succeeded and she never intended to let him find out differently. When he had found out, years later, she’d been forced to kill him anyway.

Jake pointed the gun at Béla. She felt herself tense up. The gun clicked.

Relaxing, Béla said, “Do you want to play that game, again?”

Recalling the first night they were together, she waited for his answer, willing to go along if he wanted to.

“Nope. This isn’t a revolver,” he replied, “You can’t play Russian Roulette with it. This one will go off every time you press the trigger – sometimes more than once.”

“You promise?” she asked, pretending to be interested.

“I still have the revolver, though,” Jake added, ignoring her fake interest, “that is, if you want to.”

“Well, if you want to, I will,” said Béla.

‘This is getting nowhere!’ she thought to herself.

“Okay,” Jake said, starting to get up.

“I thought,” Béla interrupted, “that we might go hunting up on the mesa behind the cabin on Saturday. To try out your new gun. Remember? I promised you another game of Target… for your birthday?”

Jake stopped in his tracks. ‘Why would she want to go back there?’

He amended his thought to, ‘Why would she want to go back there, armed?’

“Sure,” he said. “Do you still want to play roulette?”

“Do you have a silencer for your revolver?” she asked him.

“Well, no, but it doesn’t make much noise in there,” he replied, indicating her lower half.

“No,” she said, “But I do. We should think of the neighbors.

“We could gag you,” Jake suggested, then changed his mind as Béla glared at him. She liked being held down and gang raped, but she didn’t like being tied up.

“I have an idea,” she continued, “Let’s go to the Target Room. It’s soundproof.”

“There’ll be people there,” Jake said. “I know it’s a weeknight, but if someone sees you there, they’ll want to take you into the Target Room themselves.”

“Crap!” she said. Now that she was aroused, she wanted to do something. “Too bad it’s not Friday…”

Jake laid the gun down on a table and turned toward the kitchen. Smiling to herself, Béla stripped off her slacks and top, threw them on the bed and followed, half skipping, into the kitchen, certain that Jake had a plan.

Jake was searching through kitchen drawers when she entered. He looked up at her bouncy, naked figure.

“Wow! That was fast,” he stated.

“Yep!” Béla replied, “Fast. That’s me!” Then she noticed what he was doing and went over, leaning her bare tits against his shirt.

“What’cha lookin’ fer, doc?” Béla asked, in a childish voice.

“Did you like the last time?” Jake asked, referring to when he had used a carving knife and the little steak knife on her.

“Sure,” she replied, “but if we do that very often, we’re gonna run out of kitchen utensils, ya know? I digested that carving knife.”

She leaned her head on his arm and looked up into his face. Jake felt a familiar weakness in his stomach and knees. He turned toward her and hugged her naked body against him. He kissed her hard, mashing her lips against her teeth.

After a long moment, he released her and gasped, “I love you!” his voice raw with emotion.

Tears sprang into Béla’s eyes. She backed away, shaking her head slowly, her face a mask of despair. Jake’s heart sank. He knew what she was going to say. She surprised him, completely.

“No… Please… Jake?” she said, her voice shook unevenly. “Don’t love me. You’re only in my life for a few minutes. Please, help me get through this as easy as possible.” Tears ran down her cheeks.

Jake looked at her, stunned. He had thought about her life span mostly in abstract terms, not emotional ones. He thought of the old man in the gun shop, and only now realized that the old man had loved her, too.

A lifetime ago for him, it was only moments ago for her.

They stood in the kitchen for some time, silently holding each other in their arms, then finally went back into the bedroom.

“You didn’t bring anything with you?” Béla asked.

Jake looked at her.

“To use on me?” she clarified.

Jake frowned. “Do I have to use something on you every time?” he asked, wondering just how much she actually needed him, as opposed to just needing someone to shove sharp objects into her. After all, she never said she loved him back.

“No,” Béla said, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging against him so that he couldn’t look at her. “Of course not.”

She rubbed her tits against his chest to distract him, idly noticing how much more hair he had on his chest than others she’d known in her past.

‘He said he loves me,’ she thought to herself, still mildly shocked. ‘God, I hate that word. It’s what makes life so hard. Loving… leaving… longing. So many terrible words starting with ‘L’ in this stupid tongue…’

She pressed her lips against him more passionately, hoping to drive those feelings out of her mind. What she wanted now was sex, not love. Love was something she never wanted, but if often found her anyway, and it always made her miserable.

Jake wasn’t surprised at her aggressiveness. Béla was always aggressive. But tonight, she was intense about it. He realized that the demon she was trying to drive away was him, or more likely, her love for him. At least he hoped so. And he ardently hoped she’d fail…

Béla pulled Jake down on the bed, not even slowing down to mess with his belt – just ignoring it instead, and yanking his pants down off his hips.

“Hey-hey, slow down, babe,” Jake admonished her. “We’re not going anywhere tonight.”

Béla stopped completely and looked up at him. He couldn’t decipher the look on her face. It was like she was a stranger. When she looked up at him, he didn’t see love or affection in her eyes. He saw fear and uncertainty.

“I don’t want you to miss me,” Béla whispered. There were tears in her eyes now.

“What?” Jake asked, concerned. “I don’t understand.”

“I won’t always be with you,” she explained. “I don’t usually spend more than a decade or so in one place. When people start asking questions, I leave. One day I’ll leave you. I don’t want you to miss me, like… like Joseph…”

Jake noticed her swallow a couple of times. ‘She's really upset,’ he realized.

“I’m afraid that’s out of your control,” Jake said, sitting down on the bed beside her. “Cause I will. I’ll miss you a lot.

“Besides,” he continued. “What about Frank? He says he’s known you for more than thirty years. You haven’t left him.”

Béla laughed quietly and sadly to herself. “Yes I have. Several times, in fact. He always finds me, though.”

“So will I,” Jake said. “I’ll follow you until I…”

“No!” Béla cried out. “I know it’ll happen! You don’t need to tell me!

“But there’ll be a day,” she whispered, “a day when it’ll be me that leaves someone to go on living, a day when I will end.”

“You’re immortal,” Jake said simply. “You won’t ever die.”

Béla gazed at him, barely able to make out his face through the crystalline refraction of lamplight passing through her tear-filled eyes.

‘But I did die,’ she thought to herself. ‘I died, and I came back different. Now I am the abomination that hunter thought he was killing…’

“Saturday,” she whispered, her voice shaking. “Everything will become clear on Saturday.”

Jake grinned at her. “That’s right. So tonight, we make love, for tomorrow…”

Béla glared at him, daring him to say it.

“We’ll… make love again,” he finished his sentence. “Target CluBéla Friday night? Remember?”

Béla glared at him with pure disgust. But he thought he noticed the tiniest twitch of a smile in one corner of her mouth.

“I’ll be right back,” Jake said, hopping off the bed. “Don’t go ’way.”

With Jake off the bed, Béla needed to get up and stand for a moment, her slender body awash with uncontrolled emotions. Almost automatically, she started straightening up the bed, then wadded up her slacks and blouse that were mixed in with the bedcovers and threw them in the hamper. She was almost to the bathroom when something stung her in her rear.

“Ow!” she exclaimed, and reached behind her. Her fingers found a dart sticking out of her rump. “Hey! What’s the idea?”

She turned around to yell at Jake and caught another dart in her tummy.

“I’m not in the mood!” she yelled at him.

Jake laughed at her. “Maybe not,” he agreed, “but it’s what you need right now!”

He threw another dart at her. She dodged, but it stuck into her shoulder.

“Now I’m getting mad!” she exclaimed, pulling the dart out and throwing it down.

“Good!” Jake grinned. “I like you better mad than sad.”

He threw another dart. She caught it in midair and savagely slung it back at him. It stuck in his breastbone.

“Ow!” Jake cried out. “Fuck! That hurts!”

He pulled the dart out and looked at the little hole it made. Then a little bubble of blood came out and started to run down his chest.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Béla cried out as she rushed over to him. “Please, forgive me!”

She hugged him tightly, her face pressed against his chest. A few seconds went by before she noticed how conveniently close that little hole in his chest was to her mouth and began kissing and sucking on the tiny wound.

The surprising part about Béla sucking on Jake’s chest was that he was making him horny. Her moodiness had completely destroyed any interest he’d had in sex, but with her warm, naked body pressed against him and her lips and tongue trying to clean the little dart wound, he was ready to try again.

Grabbing her hair, Jake pulled her face away from his chest and kissed her on the lips. He could taste his own blood in her mouth and went after the taste of it with his tongue. The taste of blood on her lips had aroused Béla, too. Her body was flaming in heat. Jake could tell as she responded to him. This was sexual need she felt now, not the strange intensity he’d felt in her before.

‘This, I can handle!’ he decided, sighing in relief.

He shoved her roughly back against the doorframe. She winced at the sudden impact, but she responded in her normal, sexually aggressive way; she bit him.

Jake grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her face off his pectorals. Forcing her lips against his, he once again reveled in the taste of his own blood on her lips.

‘I could learn to like this!’ he realized as he felt a tiny rivulet of blood trickle down from the bite mark around his nipple.

He shoved his pelvis up against her writhing body. Béla grabbed his cock with both hands to guide it inside her. He was going in dry but she didn’t care. She cried out with each rough thrust, then his cock was completely inside her and coated with her juices.

As he began ramming in and out of her, Jake pressed his wounded chest muscles up against her face. Breathing rapidly and becoming even more excited, he watched her resume her blood feast, sucking the blood that leaked from his wound into her mouth.

They both exploded in orgasm less than thirty seconds later, then slide slowly down toward the floor as Jake’s legs collapsed beneath him. Before Jake’s legs were completely doubled up, he forced himself back upright, holding Béla tightly against him, and waddled back over to the bed. He let go, dropping her down, then fell on top of her, nearly squashing her flat. She grunted as the air was forced out of her lungs, but otherwise, didn’t protest being squashed.

He fell asleep quickly, while Béla lay halfway beneath him, listening to him sleep. She’d tried to keep him on a purely physical level. Realizing she had failed, she finally fell asleep, but not before a few more tears leaked out and tickled her ears. Losing him was going to be hard, however long it might take to happen.

Chapter 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla woke early on Saturday morning, even though she and Jake had only been home (Home? His apartment, actually) a few hours.

She smiled as she remembered Jake approaching her as she lay on her back, her eyes closed, her cum-covered belly stretched out as her head and legs dangled off the sides of her table availing either pussy or mouth to whomever should walk through that door.

She hadn’t been totally certain he would come to her after her Friday night show and resulting gangbang. Jake had come home wearing the fuck-scent of that lonely housewife earlier that evening, not even having bothered to wash it off before he arrived. It was almost as though he was flaunting his sexual prowess at Béla, which seemed strange, because she was the one who fucked every man she could, singly or in groups.

She hadn’t been sure because her own senses were overwhelmed by her own wild, well-fucked smell as well as the amount of cum spattered all over and inside her body, but it seemed that Jake had showered before joining her after the Target Club meeting.

He had made her stay in that uncomfortable, stretched out position while he proceeded to coldly fuck her in every orifice – pounding into her upside-down mouth first and spewing his cum deep into her throat before walking around the table and assaulting her pussy and ass, without saying a single word to her the whole time.

Afterward, he had lovingly picked her up and carried her out, right through the still-open bar – naked and covered with cum (some of it his, now) to his pickup, her head resting comfortably on his shoulder. Taking her home (to his apartment), he carried her inside to his shower and gently proceeded to clean her up, making slow, tender love to her before carrying her, once again, to his bed, to make love to her, again, still not saying anything to her.

In the morning light shining through the bedroom curtains, Béla watched Jake as he lay next to her, wondering how long he would remain silent. She believed she understood, now, what was needed from her.

After a few moments Béla realized that Jake wasn’t asleep. She moved closer, resting her head on his shoulder, now.

“I love you, too,” she whispered, as tears leaked out of her eyes and moistened his shoulder.

Jake turned toward her and embraced her. She felt warm and familiar in his arms, and he liked having her there at his side, lying next to him. They kissed for a few minutes until Béla’s hand began sliding down his stomach, searching for that favorite object of desire. For the first time, Jake actually felt annoyed, just slightly, at her eagerness to have sex. It occurred to him that she used her sexual excesses to keep from having to deal with men, including him, on an emotional level.

Béla stopped in mid-motion, instantly feeling the change in Jake’s demeanor. Then Jake pulled her against him, even tighter, and helped her slide up on top of his torso. Now she was lying with her legs spread across his hips – a warm, moist heat resting against his lower belly.

This was one of the things that Béla resented about love – the fits and starts of two minds learning each other – learning what he liked; feeling the importance of the ‘togetherness’ between two different, independent souls. She much preferred to ram her way through life, seeking the sensations and excitement that could make her forget how lonely she was, and how much she missed…


Jake was the one she loved, now. He could fill… was filling… her soul with the tender joy she craved. But always she knew with devastating certainty that their moments of pure happiness were exactly that – mere moments, measured against an eternity of loneliness until another cruel soul reached in and demanded her love once again.

She slid down his body until she was on her knees and her vulva was pressed against his aroused member. Raising her pelvis, she felt Jake reach between their stomachs to guide himself against the warmth between her legs, then he was inside her, stretching, penetrating…

Béla lay with her cheek against Jake’s chest, slowly moving her pelvis in time with his, as her self-pity leaked out of her eyes and nose. She wasn’t ashamed of her resentment of Jake, right now. She always felt this way when someone dared to awaken her emotions. Now, she had to care. There was no choice. She loved him.

Jake stroked her hair as Béla lay, being surprisingly pliant and subdued, on top of him. But this was the day they were going to the mesa, so it could be that she was immersed in whatever traumatic thing happened to her, there.

The scent of her hair was fresh. Her body felt warm and soft and maybe a little sticky with their combined body moisture. He wondered how such a beautiful, delicate soul survived a life like hers without becoming a soulless monster.

Jake realized that their relationship had changed, once again. Béla had spoken the words, and said she loved him. He knew, deep inside, that she spoke truth, and understood the emotional courage required for her say those simple words. An immortal but fragile being had bared her soul for him to touch. Now, his greatest need was to protect that soul from any harm. He wasn’t sure he could.

After a few moments, Béla began to sigh a little louder as her body began to make its wants known. Wishing she could simply close her eyes and fall into oblivion forever, she instead twisted her hips to increase the sensations of their lovemaking as the fire of an orgasm built up inside her belly. Then the hot wave of orgasmic pleasure swept through, flooding her body and her mind, washing away her resentment of her needs, and the transformation was complete; her choice made. She was his.

Jake felt Béla’s wild, pulsing twist against his cock and pressed harder up inside her, anxious to feel her pussy tighten around him as she came. Then he was coming, his cock jerking and spurting hot semen deep into her body. It felt like he was coming directly into her soul.

A few minutes later, Béla raised her head, hoping that her tears had dried enough so Jake wouldn’t notice the residue from the emotional turmoil she’d just endured. She felt like she’d been in a fierce battle, but had no idea of the victor. It didn’t matter who won, anyway. She gazed up into his face, able to face her fears and uncertainty, now.

“You’re fantastic,” Jake whispered, smiling down at her, speaking his first words to her since yesterday morning. “I love you.”

Béla smiled. She didn’t hurt inside, and she knew she could look forward, now. “I love you, too.”

“Are we going to the mesa today?” Jake asked, thinking that she’d been preoccupied with her promised journey.

“I’d like to,” she replied. “Not necessarily to ‘hunt’, although I like that, too, but I still want to go there.” She looked up at him. Her eyes looked puffy. Her expression was serious.

‘I hope we survive this,’ she thought to herself, surprised that she actually cared that she would live awhile longer.

Chapter 9 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

They stopped the car at the end of the High Point Road. The sun was already getting hot. Béla got out and looked around. There was the spot where Jake had hit her with the car, just a few weeks ago. It was one of the experiments she’d tried, to determine how much sensual overload she could actually take. She remembered that it was several days after being hit before she woke up.

“How did I get back to the cabin?” Béla asked, curious now.

Jake was getting their backpacks out of the trunk. He looked around the car toward Béla.

“What?” he asked, then he saw where she was looking.

“Oh, I just tied a rope around your leg and dragged you,” he said, when he realized what she had asked.

“But that’s two miles!” she exclaimed, then realized he was teasing her.

“That was sweet of you. You could have just left me there,” she told him.

‘It wouldn’t be the first time I’d been left to rot at the side of a road,’ she thought to herself.

“I did,” said Jake, “but I had to come back.”

“Ha. Ha.” she teased back. “Felt guilty, did you?”

“No,” Jake teased her. “I was horny and needed something to jack off on.”

He threw her backpack at her. She caught it, but he had thrown it so hard it knocked her down.

They took the trail up the mountain that bypassed the cabin they’d stayed in, in case it was occupied. Jake didn’t know Béla owned it and would know if it were occupied or not. She didn’t correct him, figuring one surprise at a time was enough for his fragile, mortal male mind. It would be another three hours of hiking before they reached the place where Jake had been caught in the bear trap.

“Do you have any idea where we’re going?” Jake asked breathlessly.

They had been hiking for over an hour. He was fit, but he was no longer able to keep up with Béla, who hadn’t stopped climbing since they left the car.

‘Woman on a mission!’ he thought to himself, feeling hot and tired, exhausted just from the effort of keeping up with her unreasonable pace.

Béla turned and looked back at him, suddenly concerned. Then she scampered back down to where he was standing.

“Sorry, darling!” she said, kissing his sweaty cheek, “I didn’t even stop to think.”

“You didn’t stop, that’s for sure!” Jake said, winded.

He sat down on a nearby rock and pulled out his water bottle. His clothes were soaked through with sweat. He drank half the bottle in one pull.

Béla dropped her backpack down beside her and pulled out her water bottle, took a sip and put it back. She wasn’t even damp from the intense climbing. She sat back, waiting patiently for Jake to recover. Then she reached down into her pack and pulled out another bottle.

“Catch!” she called out as she tossed it at him.

Jake caught it and turned it over in his hands, looking confused. There was a cap on each end and it rattled like there were pills in it.

“What is it?” he asked her.

“The blue cap is salt, and the white cap is potassium,” she told him. “Take two salts and one potassium or you’ll get heat stroke.”

Jake opened the bottle and shook the pills out, repeating his actions for the other end.

“What about you?” he asked, holding the pills in his hand.

Béla just looked at him.

Jake shrugged and popped the three pills into his mouth, then took a deep pull from his bottle.

“Finish it,” she told him.

“What?” Jake asked, starting to sound annoyed.

“Drink the rest of your water,” Béla told him.

Jake tipped the bottle up and drained the small amount that was left, then raised his arm to toss the empty bottle over a bush.

“Put your bottle back in your pack. You’ll need it later,” Béla said, interrupting his throw.

“You know, you’re really bossy today!” Jake griped. But he stuffed the bottle back in his pack.

After a few more minutes of rest, he stood up, stretching sore muscles, and said, “Okay, I feel better. Let’s go.”

Béla let him make that small decision to continue. She also let him lead so he could set their pace and she could watch him.

They took two more breaks before they reached the plateau where the old bear trap had been. Each time, Béla made Jake take salt and potassium and drink an entire bottle of water. It was now mid-afternoon and his entire supply of water was gone.

“Lunch time!” Jake said as they reached the flat.

He hadn’t stopped for lunch earlier because he knew Béla wanted to get here fast. He had never realized how physically fit she really was until today. He believed she could have climbed up here without taking any rest breaks. He didn’t know it, but, had she been alone, she would have stripped down and flown up here.

“What did you pack for lunch?” he asked her.

She opened her backpack and pulled out a plastic container containing a few slices of bread and a small, zippered ice pack. Opening it, she produced some packaged bologna and individually wrapped slices of white cheese.

Taking a pillowcase out of her backpack, she unfolded it and spread it out on the ground, then dumped the remaining contents of her ice pack – a tomato, several leaves of dark lettuce (separately wrapped) and a little sandwich bag containing some spices – on it.

Looking at the tomato, Jake remembered that she always got tomato whenever she could.

“I like them,” she’d said, “I never had one until I came here.”

“Here?” he’d asked her.

“Yes. Here.” she’d said, then more exasperated, she’d added, “Here. The Colonies, you know, this side of the planet?”

He chuckled to himself, remembering a similar conversation about sugar and coffee.

“You going to make a salad?” he asked, somewhat sarcastically, knowing she had absolutely no abilities in the kitchen whatsoever.

Béla grinned and produced a small bottle of oil and a knife. She set them down on the pillowcase and pulled out a plastic bowl she’d used to pack her bathroom necessities in.

Smiling at Jake again, she set the bowl on the pillowcase. Two minutes later, she had a salad. She poured a little oil over it, sprinkled spices on it and handed the bowl to Jake. She sat back, looking smug, her legs folded under her.

Jake looked at the salad, then at Béla, smiling up at him.

“What do I eat it with?” he asked, politely.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed. Her face fell. “I didn’t bring anything!”

Jake held up his index finger, then pulled a couple of forks out of his backpack.

Béla laughed. “You knew I’d forget!” she accused him.

They ate quickly. Jake washed his very dry bologna and cheese sandwich down with water from Béla’s backpack because she also forgot packets of ketchup and mustard.

Now, she had the hiccups.

“Too much dry food too fast, babe,” admonished Jake. “Now it’s all balled up in your stomach and won’t go anywhere. Hiccups are your body’s effort to move stuck food.”

“(Hic!)” Béla replied, frowning with misery.

She didn’t want to tell him she didn’t actually have a stomach, per se. The entire central part of her body was one big digestive system, capable of digesting almost anything it came in contact with. Her muscles and circulatory system were protected from it by an incredibly fast ability of her blood to clot when it came into contact with her digestive system’s acidic content.

“Here,” Jake said as he handed her his (her?) water bottle. She took a sip.

“Drink it all!” he told her.

Glaring at him, and hiccuping, she raised the bottle to her lips and emptied it. Then she took the bottle in both hands and twisted it into two pieces, top and bottom. Smiling, she handed the plastic pieces back to him, and strutted away to begin repacking her backpack.

‘Why does she think she needs a gun to come up here?’ Jake thought as he looked at the water bottle’s torn remains. He tossed them onto the ground.

“You don’t get away that easy, smart ass,” he called out to her.

He was taking off his shirt. The bandage on his chest had come loose from all his sweaty activity and was wadded up, sticking halfway out of his jeans.

Béla got a fresh bandage out and gently pressed it over the bite mark on his skin. Jake grabbed her hands before she could back away and kissed her fingers.

“There’s a completely usable blanket over there,” he suggested, indicating the pillowcase still lying on the ground.

“And leftover oil,” she informed him, getting into the mood. “And a nice, hot sun to cook us both as we roll around in the dust and dirt. So put your shirt back on.”

“Only if you take yours off,” Jake said, compromising with her. Béla shrugged.

“You do it,” she said and stood there while he unbuttoned her front. In less than a minute he had her completely naked. She looked magnificent in the bright sunlight.

“How do you get so tan?” he asked her, admiring her golden brown body. She looked at him a little funny.

“I’m not tan,” she said, finally. “I’m half Egyptian. This is what color I am. Don’t tell me you’re a racist as well as a homophobic.”

“What? No,” he said, denying whatever she’d called him. “I know you’re a half-breed. It’s that exotic mixture of races that makes you so… well, exotic!”

“Bull,” she said. But she smiled when she said it. “Well, let’s go.”

She bent down and picked up her backpack.

“I thought we were going to make love,” he complained. “You let me take your clothes off.”

“I like being naked,” she told him. “You know that. We’ll make love when it’s cooler.”

Jake shrugged, then picked up his own pack. Until now, he’d known where they were going. Now, only Béla knew.

Jake had figured out that they were here so Béla could confront whatever had happened to her, and not, as she had told him, just to play ‘Target’. Hoisting his pack back up into carrying position, Jake turned to Béla.

“Want me to carry yours?” he asked. “If I can’t fuck you, at least let me look at you. I can’t admire your bare ass if it’s covered by your backpack.”

Béla grinned, then swung her pack around off her shoulders and tossed it at him.

“Where do we go from here?” he asked her.

She indicated what might be a path that led out across the plateau, and started walking. He followed her, tripping several times until he stopped staring at her bare ass swaying so seductively in front of him and started watching where he put his feet.

After a half-hour of walking, Béla stopped and looked around. Then she noticed Jake was sweating again.

“I’ll take my pack,” she told him.

Breathless, he gladly handed it to her without argument.

Getting her last bottle of water out, she handed it to him and made him drink it, then put the empty in her pack and swung it over her bare shoulder.

“This way,” she told him.

He noticed she was walking more carefully, and trying not to make too much noise. He lagged behind her a ways, partially so he could watch her, and partially so he could catch anything that might try to jump her, although he had absolutely no idea what that might be.

“What’s out here, anyway?” he finally called out to her, frustrated at her air of mystery.

Béla jumped at least a foot when she heard his voice. She turned around and glared at him. She was too far away for him to see her expression, but her entire naked body looked angry and tense.

Walking around a large, natural wall, they came upon an old abandoned mining shack. Béla took off her backpack, dropped it on the ground and looked around.

The doorway was halfway off its hinges. When Béla pulled it open, it almost hit her as it fell to the ground. Crouching down, she stepped over the door and into darkness. He heard her moving around inside.

“Nothing,” Jake heard her mutter.

She stepped back out, carefully, and walked around into what could have once been a large shaded veranda. Now it was all broken stone and gravel. Béla pointed to a pump in the yard.

“You can refill our water bottles there,” she said.

Jake looked doubtful, but walked over to the rusty looking pump. It looked like it hadn’t been used in fifty years. He raised the handle of the pump, expecting it to drop back down. It stayed up, supported by pressure in the line below. It was actually primed. He levered it up and down eight or ten times and sandy-looking water began spitting out of the wide faucet.

“Hey!” he called out to Béla. “This is primed. Somebody’s been here recently.”

Not hearing an answer, he looked around. Off in the distance, he saw Béla. She was kneeling in the sand looking at something. He walked out to see what she was looking at.

Béla heard Jake’s boots crunching in the sand as he approached her. She looked up at him, an unreadable expression on her face. She was holding a small, rusty revolver.

As Jake reached her, she stood up, still holding the revolver.

“It really happened,” she said. Her voice sounded small and flat.

Jake took the gun from Béla’s hand. She trembled slightly as she released it.

Jake examined the gun.

“An old thirty-eight revolver.” He said. He flipped the chamber open.

“Empty.” He sniffed the barrel. He could smell old smoke and sun-heated sand.

“Hard to tell when this was fired last,” he told her. “Wasn’t too long ago, though.”

He handed it back to her, studying her face carefully, trying to understand what was going on in her head.

“What are we looking for, Béla,” he asked. “What happened here?”

“This happened,” she replied, after a moment, holding the old pistol in her hands.

He looked at her, suddenly remembering his dream about hearing gunshots in the distance the last time they were up here.

“You fired that gun,” he told her. “I heard you. You emptied it.”

They looked at each other for a moment. Jake’s mind was still working things out.

“And then you buy me a gun, and bring me up here,” Jake reasoned.

“Why, Béla,” he asked her, “To make sure something was dead? Name one thing you could empty a gun into that wouldn’t die?”

Then he stopped. He knew the answer before she said it.

“Me, for one,” she said, almost whispering, “or anyone like me.”

He looked at her. Béla was completely open, her defenses down. Jake was finally meeting the real Béla.

“Is there anyone like you?” he asked gently, daring at last to broach that forbidden subject of ‘What’ she was.

She looked down and shook her head. “Not anymore. He killed them all.” Jake’s neck hairs stood on end as she continued, “They were hunted down and killed – all of them. One by one. All my brothers and sisters. All the… abominations. All… except me.”

She looked up at him, her eyes clear and focused. “They were watching us at the cabin. They saw what we were doing and they knew what I was… The one they were searching for. The last Abomination.”

“What?” Jake asked, incredulously.

“That’s what he called me,” explained Béla, her voice clear but strangely distant. “The last Abomination.”

“That’s what who called you?” demanded Jake.

“The hunter,” she said quietly. “The one who killed all the others.”

‘This is starting to sound like a bad Star Wars movie!’ Jake thought to himself.

“How did you get away?” he asked her.

She laughed strangely. “I didn’t get away,” she said, simply, her voice sounding strained. “He killed me.”

“What?” Jake said, “I don’t believe you! You’re right here, talking to me. In fact, if I remember, I’ve killed you a couple of times myself.

“Look, if this ‘hunter’ fellow killed you,” Jake tried to explain, “why aren’t you dead?”

Béla laughed sadly. “I wish I knew… But I’m not the same person who died. I changed into something else. I became the abomination he was trying to kill.”

“You seem the same to me,” Jake said, “maybe a little more depressed.”

Béla laughed derisively. “Wait ’til dark, then I’ll show you.”

Jake looked at the sun hanging on the horizon. It was less than an hour until sunset.

They stood up. Béla looked at the old pistol she still held in her hand then tossed it carelessly into the sand. They walked back toward the old shack where they had left the backpacks.

“We can camp here,” Jake said when they got to the shack. “I don’t think this old building is safe, but this wall might offer some shelter from any wind.”

Béla stood, staring at the wall.

“What?” Jake asked her.

“This is where it happened,” she said. “This is where he killed me.”

“I still don’t understand,” Jake told her.

‘I don’t believe her, either. What the hell’s wrong with her?’

“They held me against the wall,” she said, as though in a trace, “and he pounded a stake into my heart.”

“You’ve been reading too many vampire books!” Jake said derisively. “A stake through the heart is how you kill vampires. Besides, there’s no such thing!”

‘Except for you!’ he thought to himself, remembering her lust for blood.

“Yes, there is,” she stated. “He called me that, too: Vampire. He told me a wooden stake through the heart was the way to kill an abomination.” She looked at him. “You’ll have to admit – you never tried that.”

She walked over to the wall near where Jake stood and moved the pack he had dropped there. The sand underneath was stained a darker color.

“That’s my heart’s blood,” she said flatly. “This is where it happened.”

Jake sat down on his backpack. An old hand gun and a faded bloodstain weren’t much proof of anything.

He tried to remember specific changes in Béla’s behavior after their experiments at the cabin. He knew that some traumatic event had happened up here, but he hadn’t pressured her about it. Instead he let her work things out on her own. She seemed to recover a bit in the last few weeks, becoming something like her old self. But now, she seemed to be totally delusional.

‘I can’t figure her out,’ thought Jake.

He had no choice no but to let her play this through to whatever the conclusion might be, so he sat down, and she sat down with him, snuggling up into his arms.

“We should make love now,” she said cryptically. “You might not want to, later.”

“I always want to make love to you,” Jake replied, smiling down at her.

The reddish glow of the setting sun reflecting off her skin made her look ravishingly sexy. He pulled her up to kiss her and played with her nipples for a few moments.

She seemed completely passive, allowing him to do what he wanted. He frowned, then gently bit her tit. She hissed a little and pulled away.

“Hey, you’re supposed to enjoy this, too,” he told her.

“It’s almost sunset.” Béla’s said quietly, interrupting him. “You should probably unpack your gun. You might need it.”

“Why would I need a gun?” he asked.

“I thought you might want to play ‘Target’,” she said, being cryptic again.

He got up off the backpack he had been sitting on and took the beautiful little pistol out. He checked it over to make sure the barrel and the clip holder were clean of debris. He reached back in and got the clip of thirty caliber shells he had packed and began to insert it into the gun handle.

“Use the other clip.” Béla said. Her voice sounded flat and lifeless.

“Other clip?” Jake asked. Then he found another clip that Béla had evidently packed for him. He looked at it. The bullets were red-tipped.

‘Tracers?’ he thought, ‘Why would she want tracers?’

Then he realized that incendiary bullets could do a lot more damage as they burned than regular bullets, especially if one was lodged in your chest.

“What are these for?” Jake asked, starting to feel upset.

Béla walked across the sand, away from him, her naked form gleaming in the last moment of sunlight.

“For me,” she called back, over her bare shoulder, “if you need them.”

“Remember,” Béla called back over her shoulder, “aim for the heart or the head.”

Jake stared at her retreating form, suddenly realizing that Béla had brought him up here to kill her! She wasn’t just depressed or psychotic. She was totally schizoid. She believed she was the evil the world needed saving from.

“I’m not going to do this!” Jake yelled angrily at her bare back.

She stopped walking away, then turned around to face him. “Jake,” Béla called, facing him from about twenty feet away, Her face seemed to glisten in the evening light. “I love you!”

Then she raised her arms. Jake stared at her in disbelief as huge leathery wings stretched into the sky above her. She flew straight up, did a summersault, and glided gently down in front of him, landing on her feet only ten feet away.

Terrified, Jake stumbled back against the stone wall as she began walking toward him, her supernatural wings dragging the ground behind her.

Jake screamed in terror, and raised the gun with both hands. He pulled the trigger and held it down. The little gun shook as it discharged twenty red tracers, superheating the barrel.

Chapter 10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jake stared uncomprehendingly at the little gun he held. Its firing chamber was open, the clip empty. He suddenly became aware that the gun was incredibly hot and burning his hand.

“Ow!” he yelled, shaking his hand. The overheated gun flew into the sand.

‘What happened?

‘Béla! I shot Béla!’

He looked up frantically. She stood, swaying unsteadily, a few yards in front of him. Her chest was all bloody. She dropped to her knees, her legs folding beneath her. Her wings, as they folded behind her, pushed her body forward into the dirt.

“Béla!” he screamed and ran toward her.

He dropped down beside her and turned her over, pulling her up off the ground when he heard the crackling sound of a wing bending where it shouldn’t.

“Oh, God, Béla,” he sobbed into her hair. “Please don’t be dead.”

Wiping his eyes, he looked down at her naked form. He shook with self-loathing as he saw the blood on her bare chest. She didn’t have any arms. The flesh around her ribs was stretched tightly back to help form the wings that she was lying on now.

Jake jumped as Béla suddenly convulsed and began coughing up blood. Before he realized what was happening, she had her teeth in his neck and was sucking madly. He started to pull her off, then realized she needed his blood to help her recover. Sobbing, he pressed her head harder against his shoulder and let her feed.

Just as suddenly as she started, Béla jerked back, as though she just realized what was doing. They stared at each other for a moment, then she winced as another bit of cartilage snapped in the fragile wings that were supporting her.

Not knowing exactly how or where he could hold her without damaging her delicate wing structure, Jake finally pulled one wing around behind him and, with one arm holding the wing and one arm around her neck, managed to pull Béla to her feet and off her broken wings.

They stood, facing each other, both trembling with emotion.

“You didn’t kill me,” she said, her voice shaking with barely controlled emotion.

Jake couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad about still being alive.

“Well, you didn’t kill me,” he replied, also sounding shaky, “so I guess we’re even.”

“You only hit me four times,” she said, her voice still trembling. “Why did you pull the gun off me?”

“I couldn’t…” he began.

He didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t just gun her down in cold blood even to save his own life – even if she was a monster.

Béla raised her wings up a little ways, then let them droop back into the sand beside her, as if that were some kind of explanation.

“But I am a monster,” she replied, reading his thoughts. Her eyes were starting to leak again. Jake reached out his arms to her.

“Béla,” he said, tears coming to his own eyes. “You’re not a monster, and you’re not evil. If you were, one of us wouldn’t be standing here, now.”

“But I killed them, Jake,” she said, tears running freely down her face. “I murdered them all. When I came back to life, I didn’t even think about you caught in that bear trap until they were all dead.”

“It sounds to me like self-defense since they attacked you first,” Jake told her. “Béla, I don’t believe you’re evil. You’re not an abomination, either.”

He looked from side to side, as though he was taking her wings into consideration.

“You are, however,” he said, smiling down at her, “the world’s greatest Drama Queen!”

She stared up at him, surprise registering on her face.

“You can love me like this?” she asked, pulling her wings around and stroking his arms and back with them.

“You look beautiful like that,” he murmured, and realized, with some surprise, that he wasn’t lying.

He looked up and down her fragile-looking body, unable to keep from touching her. Her entire torso was flatter then he’d ever seen it. He stroked his fingers over her chest just below her breasts, streaking her skin with drying blood from her healing wounds.

“What happened to the bullets that hit you?” he asked quietly. “Did you dissolve them?”

She shook her head. “They went right through, I think. They damaged my wings in back. It hurts to move them.”

Jake looked up at her wings. They almost surrounded him, one on each side wrapped around behind him. There were holes in the almost transparent flesh of her left wing where several bullets had shredded it as he’d jerked the gun away from her torso.

He pulled Béla up against him and peered down behind her shoulders. Her back was bloody, as well, and there were several bits of bone and cartilage sticking out, preventing her wounds from healing back there.

“Are you like this now?” he asked, his morbid curiosity coming out. “I mean, you have wings instead of arms? Or can you switch back and forth?”

“I can switch, but I can’t move them much right now,” she admitted. “Not until they’re healed.”

“Let me look at your back,” he told her.

Grimacing, Béla lifted her wings so that he could duck under them and get around behind her. She winced as he touched his fingers against some of the damaged cartilage.

“I don’t know exactly how to do this,” he said, sounding worried, “but this piece here,” Béla cried out as he pressed on it, “needs to lie flat – this way…”

Béla cried out again as something snapped in her wing structure where Jake was torturing her.

“Like that!” he exclaimed triumphantly.

He held her wing in position with one hand and pressed the cartilage against it with his other. Béla was whimpering, not used to experiencing pain in this new part of her body. To her, it felt like he’d taken the bottom edge of her shoulder blade, folded it over, and was holding it in place until it grew into its new position.

After a moment, the pain went away and Jake released the pressure on her wing structure. He was still mesmerized by her wings, though, and had been looking at them closely while her back healed.

“You are so amazing,” he murmured as though talking to himself.

He stroked his hand along the flesh of one wing where it was tightly stretched between two pieces of cartilage. “It looks like leather, but you can almost see through it. I can see the capillaries, even in this light – like the veins in a lovely and very delicate leaf.”

A little uncomfortable with his scrutiny, Béla gently shrugged her wings, hoping he would take the hint and let go of them. She couldn’t see him behind her and strained her head around to look at him.

“Thank you,” she said. “My back doesn’t hurt, now.”

She raised one wing so he could come back around in front of her. Instead, he came halfway around and stood under her wing, studying her shoulder and the cartilage that was expanded out from her ribs.

“What?” she asked, looked under her wing at him.

He looked up at her. “In fish, this is where the gills are,” he informed her, grinning. “In fact, it kind of looks like gills, now. Can you breathe underwater?”

“What?” Béla asked, not believing his question.

She lowered her left wing behind him and gently pushed him forward. She turned more than he moved, though, because she was unwilling to tear her wing any more than it was already torn from the bullets that had passed through it earlier.

“I was just wondering,” Jake said, no longer sticking his nose up her armpit (wing pit?). “You can fly, I just wondered if you were designed so that you could live underwater, as well.”

“I don’t…” Béla stopped. “I just… ‘Designed?’ Oh, shut up!”

She stretched up and kissed him. Jake grinned and kissed her back, holding her face with both hands.

Béla pulled away and looked around her. She stretched her wings wide and moved them forward, wrapping one around his waist and legs, then wrapping the other one around his shoulders. He was now completely cocooned and she completely surrounded him. She grinned and tightened her wings around him to pull him closer, then kissed him again.

“Well,” Jake grinned down at her, “We’ll never have to pack a tent when we go camping.”

He yelped in surprise as she leaned back with a mischievous grin and pulled him down on top of her. Then she yelped as his hand punched a hole through her fragile wing when he tried to catch himself. He carefully pulled his hand out of the sand beneath her wing. He was lying on top of her with most of his weight on her torso, now. He couldn’t put his hands and arms anywhere without leaning on her fragile wing structure still surrounding him.

Then she solved the problem by rolling him sideways. Now he weight was off her torso, but he was lying with his hips on her injured left wing and his shoulders and head on her right one – the one with the fresh hole punched in it.

“Are you comfortable like this?” he asked her.

She nodded, gazing into his eyes.

“I’m not hurting you?”

She shook her head, ‘No.’

“Not enough to make me move,” she whispered. “I’ve got you wrapped up tight, mister. What do you propose to do?”

Her eyes were glistening in the tiny amount of light that reached them.

“Do? To get out of this?” Jake laughed. “Nothing! I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.”

Béla grinned even wider and kissed him again. There were pleasant little sounds coming out of her throat as she did, almost as though she was chortling. After a moment, Jake realized she’d been laughing all the time their lips were locked together. He broke away and took a breath.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, curious and a little self-conscious, thinking it might be him.

“Nothing,” she replied. “I’m just happy. Do you think we could, um… you know… like this?”

“What? Make love?” Jake asked, surprised at her question. He twisted his head around at her wings still wrapped around him. “I might crush your wings.”

“They’ll heal,” she said, tossing away his minor objection.

“Yeah,” he admitted, “I guess they will, won’t they…”

He moved one hand up and placed it on her breast. She was small anyway, but her chest was practically flat now. Most of her excess body tissue was stretched out into her wings.

Ignoring her boyish chest as best he could, Jake bent down and licked a nipple with his tongue while running a hand down her thin torso. Her bony hip jutted out at him as he ran his hand over it, reminding him once again that a lot of her body mass was stretched out into her wings.

“Wow,” her murmured. “It’s like you’re another species. I imagine this is what making love to Tinker Bell would be like.”

“Who?” she asked, then remembered. “But she has arms and I don’t – at least not right now. Besides, she's just a cartoon and I’m real.”

“Yes, that you are,” he murmured and returned to sucking on her hard little nipple.

She giggled when he flicked it with his tongue, and moved her leg up to stroke against his. Other than that, she was being completely passive, letting him do all the work.

Then Jake realized what was different…

‘Of course she’s being passive, you idiot! She doesn’t have any arms!’

He noticed that she’d been stroking him as best as she could with her wing tips all along up and down his body. Very carefully, he rolled back, unbuttoned his shirt and unfastened his jeans. As he was rolling on her wings, Béla had to roll sideways with him to keep him from ripping the fine webwork of her right wing wrapped around his shoulders.

Getting his shirt off wasn’t so difficult. But when he tried to pull off his jeans, Béla cried out as her left wing tore from the weight of his hips and the sudden jerking of his jeans down his legs.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Jake murmured, sounding frustrated. “I feel like I’m in a living tent. Everywhere I touch is alive and sensitive. I need you to unwrap me for just a couple of minutes, okay? Please?”

Béla sighed, and looked disappointed. She half-heartedly pulled her right wing up as far as she could, then Jake noticed he was still lying with his shoulder on it. Sitting up a little, he freed her right wing and Béla rolled over onto her back, letting the huge, delicate sail fold to the ground on her right side.

Jake pulled himself up off her injured left wing and finished undressing. The moon wasn’t up, yet, but there was still a glow on the horizon where the sun had disappeared and there were already enough stars in the sky that he didn’t understand why they didn’t provide any light.

He sat, gazing at her lying there in the dusky light. She was a beautiful, mythical creature from another world who’d spent all of her cognizant life here on earth.

“Living, loving, leaving,” he murmured, looking down at her.

She blinked as his words penetrated her consciousness and looked up at him, her eyes full of questions. She asked one.

“What are you going to do now?” she asked, watching him undress.

“As soon as I get these boots off,” he informed her, “I’m going to jump on your bony little body – that is, if you’ll have me.”

Béla smiled at his words, but he knew that wasn’t the question she’d wanted to ask.

A few seconds later, his second boot took a short trip across the sand and rocks that made up the floor of the mesa, following the one he’d tossed a moment earlier. Then he got up and walked around her left wing to her right side. He dropped down to his knees in the sand and smiled at her. She smiled back, still waiting for something.

Carefully, he lay down at her side, trying not to put too much weight on her right wing. Then he delicately began kissing her nipples again, starting where he’d left off.

Béla chuckled deep in her throat. It was a pleasant sound in his ears. As he moved his lips across to her other nipple, she folded her wings over him again, this time leaving enough space for him to move and breathe.

With his free hand, Jake ran his fingernails gently down her tight, warm belly, making her twitch. They both laughed at her sudden movement and he did it again, knowing she couldn’t very well slap him away with those wings. She did flap a wing against his backside, though, so he quit tickling her stomach and continued on down to tickle her in a more sensitive place.

Soon, she was writhing beneath him as his hand slid up and down between her legs, her movements limited only by her wings where he was putting weight on them. She could feel his hard cock pressed against her hipbone as he tortured her poor starving pussy and chewed unmercifully on her nipples, and was becoming increasingly frustrated.

“Make love to me!” she cried out, finally. “Please, Jake, fuck me!” Jake smiled and slid over more on top of her.

‘Make love to me!’ she’d said. Jake realized she’d never said that before. It was always ‘Fuck me!’ before. If this bony little alien beauty was who Béla really was, then he would be happy to do it – make love to her, that is.

He was positioned now between her legs. She was spread wide, gazing down at him, waiting impatiently for him to penetrate her. He pushed backward against her delicate wings draped behind him and managed to get his knees up under her buttocks. Then he pressed his dick down between her legs and shoved forward.

Freed of his weight off her wings, Béla arched her back quite dramatically as he entered her and flapped her wings across his back, pulling him forward and down closer as she tried to caress him in return.

Jake couldn’t put his arms out to catch himself because of her wings so he placed his hands over her tiny breasts, almost stiff-arming the air out of her lungs. Then he carefully laid down, his entire length on top of hers. He found a place to put his hands to hold part of his weight off her, one hand on the ground on each side of her neck.

They made love there in the sand, his body wrapped in her wings protecting them from the cold night air. She trembled and pressed against him harder when she came. In this ‘natural’ state, she never seemed more erotically helpless than she did now, lying on the ground with her wings and legs wrapped around him as he pumped his cum up inside her.

‘Perhaps I can protect her, after all. I’ve done all right, so far…’ Jake thought to himself as he fell asleep in her fragile, otherworldly embrace. ‘At least, I haven’t killed her.’

Chapter 11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla awoke before Jake, the early pre-dawn light and the strange numbness in her arms – no –

‘My wings – he’s lying on my wings!’ Béla realized, coming fully awake.

She remembered the night before. It was supposed to be her last night on earth. But, miraculously, she’d gotten a reprieve.

‘Perhaps it’s a chance to make up for what my unknown siblings have done,’ she thought to herself. ‘After all, someone had to have started all those stories about flying bloodsucking creatures of the night.’

Carefully turning on her side, she pulled her legs up against her stomach and gently nudged Jake a little bit with her knees. Thankfully, he rolled over and off her upper wing. She kept rolling him with her feet, expecting him to wake up from her mistreatment any second. He didn’t.

‘How am I supposed to get up like this?’ she wondered, looking around at her wings and the rest of her naked body.

She rolled onto her back again and raised her wings over her head. ‘This should work. At least, now I can roll over.’

She rolled onto her stomach, then pulled her legs up underneath her, pushing with her wings and folding her body over her legs. Now she was on her knees.

‘Halfway there! Yay for me!’

Carefully balancing with her wings against the ground in front of her, she raised herself up on her legs, grinning widely as she finally stood upright. Taking several deep breaths, she folded her wings behind her, then forced her shoulder sockets forward. The amazing cartilage structure of her wings folded into her body and seemed to vanish.

‘Yeah! I’ve got my arms back!’

She stretched her arms high above her, working the stiffness out of her cramped muscles. Then, she walked the small distance to the old pump sticking out of the ground and levered the handle up and down several times. As sandy water began churning out of the faucet, she hopped around and shoved her face into it, getting two good gulps before it ran out. She smeared the water that had splashed onto her face and breasts around on her torso, the chilly sensation awakening her more fully.

Then, raising her arms and reforming her wings, she ran forward several steps and jumped up. She beat her powerful wings against the air, straining for altitude. After a half-minute or so, her movements became more graceful as she relaxed her legs and stomach, allowing her body to become more aerodynamic as she picked up some speed.

Delighted with her newfound freedom, and forgetting all about how close to sunrise it was, she danced through the air, teaching herself how to barrel roll and fly upside down. She learned that holding her legs straight behind her instead of letting them dangle allowed her better control of her movements. As she rose gracefully in the air and threw herself backward to do another summersault, the rising sun blinded her as it struck her in the face.

‘No! The sun!’ she suddenly realized.

Béla panicked, flapping wildly to regain her balance as she plummeted downward, expecting her wings to disappear any second, leaving her to fall helplessly hundreds of feet to the ground.

After a few seconds, she regained her balance and soared in a graceful curve, turning back toward the mining shack and Jake.

‘My wings are still here!’ she thought, joyfully. ‘I can fly in the daytime!’

She did another barrel roll, ending it a few meters above the ground. A rabbit darted out from the brush beneath her.

‘Helloo, breakfast!’ she thought gleefully, and dived down toward the rabbit. It changed direction and bounded away, disappearing from sight.

“Where’d you go, dammit?” she asked out loud, skimming along the ground.

She moved her legs, changing her angle of attack into the wind, and beat her wings harder to gain some height. She was learning to fly without having to think about each separate action.

She flushed out three more rabbits before she actually caught one.

‘This body is definitely not predatory,’ she grumbled, lying on the ground and spitting dirt out of her mouth. ‘There’s nothing to grab with!’

She lay on the ground, terrified rabbit in hand, the skin of her left breast and the entire left side of her body torn and bleeding from her crash. She’d had to reform her wings into arms in mid-flight in order to snag her breakfast.

“I got you, you little sucker!” she grinned, breathless and bloody, but triumphant. Then she broke its neck.

Jake opened his eyes to the early morning sun, chilled to the bone. His bladder ached. He was alone. As he got up to relieve himself, a huge form swooped by, low overhead. He instinctively ducked and pissed down his leg.

“Dammit!” he cursed to himself.

Muffled laughter tinkled down from somewhere above him. He straightened back up to finish his own tinkling. Then he looked around for Béla. He spied her just as she dropped to the ground near their backpacks. She was still naked. It seemed to be her natural state.

‘I guess she can’t use her wings if she’s dressed,’ he thought to himself.

There seemed to be something large and gray covering the lower part of her face, almost like a dirty, misshapen beard. Her wings seemed to shimmer and fade as he watched. She dropped something on the ground and moved toward the backpacks by the rock wall, a slender, naked figure stepping carefully barefoot through the gravel and sand, swaying gracefully as she walked. She bent down and began searching through one of the backpacks.

When she stood back up, the sunlight reflected off something silver in her hand, then she knelt down and began working with the gray thing she’d dropped.

Jake recovered his clothes and dressed. Feeling warmer, he went over to see what Béla was doing. Her slender back was still turned toward him. Her arms moved busily.

“You know,” he said as he drew level with her, “we don’t have any…

“rabbit?” He stopped talking as he saw what she was doing.

“Yes, we do,” she replied.

She grinned up at him. There was blood on her face and breasts. In front of her was a half-skinned rabbit, its beautiful gray coat separating itself cleanly from the carcass as if by magic as she worked. There was something wrong with what he was looking at, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

“Want to make a fire?” she asked him cheerfully.

“Sure,” he said and looked around for some branches.

There was a lot of material to hand, and soon he had a nice little fire going. He heard Béla working the pump again and, soon after, she came over with the skinned and gutted rabbit, her wet body glistening in the morning sun. She looked at the fire and shook her head, frowning.

“Hold this,” she said as she handed him the carcass by its hind legs. She looked around and found a medium sized rock. Lifting it up, she lugged it over and dropped it down at the edge of the fire. Jake was impressed.

‘That thing must weigh as much as she does,’ he thought.

Then she went out, got another one and dropped it on the other side of the fire. She picked up a long stick from the reserve of sticks Jake had gotten for the fire and, taking the carcass from Jake, skewered it and laid it across the fire, one end of the stick on each rock.

She dropped down next to Jake and leaned her naked, wet, cold body against him, her head cradled against his chest. They watched as the fire roasted the flesh of the rabbit for awhile, then Béla scooted around and lay down, using his lap for a pillow.

Jake moved his eyes up and down her slender body, admiring her breasts and her taut stomach. She seemed to glow with happiness this morning. His hand just seemed to move and caress her left breast on its own accord without him even having to think about it. She squirmed around to make herself more comfortable, just incidentally shoving her left breast up against his palm several times and grinding the back of her head against his pelvis.

“Keep doing that and I’ll begin to think you’re just a wanton hussy,” he said, smiling down at her.

“I am wanting,” she replied, grinning and deliberately misunderstanding him. She raised her arms around his neck and pulled his face down to hers. “Which do you like better?”

“What?” he asked, hoping he misunderstood her. He didn’t.

“Do you like me better this way or as a, um, vampire?” she asked, trying to sound casual.

“I know a good thing when I see it,” he replied, grateful for the time it took her to repeat the question so he could come up with a good answer. “I’ll take you any way I can get you,”

He hoped it was a good answer. It seemed to be. She smiled at him. Then she kissed him.

“You are wearing way too many clothes, mister,” she chastised him.

Then she sat up and began unbuttoning his shirt. He helped. As she pulled his jeans off, she noticed something.

“No underwear?” she asked, grinning at the sight of his half-hard cock popping out.

Not waiting for an answer, she scooted up and shoved her face down between his knees, trapping his legs in his jeans as she laid down on them and began sucking his cock.

In just a few seconds, he was hard, even though he was concerned about one leg of his jeans that was awfully close to their little campfire.

‘God! What an incredible creature!’ he thought as she sucked happily away.

She could evidently feel when he was almost ready to come, because she stopped just before he got there.

“My turn,” she said, cheerfully rolling over and spreading her legs to display her already moist pussy lips.

Jake kicked off his jeans and scooted around beside her. He didn’t make the same mistake she did. Instead of getting between her legs and tackling her from there, he got his legs up next to her head and then, grabbing her hips, rolled her over on her side and pulled her upper leg over his head. That way, he could reach her and she could still reach him.

Satisfied with that position, he pushed his head forward and assaulted her pussy with his tongue. Béla seemed to like that position too, as she quickly tightened her legs around his head and, folding her legs around behind him, pulled him up closer, shoving her sweet, hairless pussy right into his face.

Sighing contentedly, Béla noticed Jake’s cock just a foot away and twisted around to take it in her mouth again. In another minute, she shook with her first orgasm of the day, squeezing Jake’s head with her thighs until he nipped her with his teeth.

“Umph! Can’t breathe!” Jake muttered from his fleshy, warm and usually very desirable prison.

He bit down on her pussy lips again; a little harder this time, hoping that she’d get the idea. Instead, Béla flooded his mouth with her girl-cum, moaning out her second orgasm through a mouthful of cock. But after that, she did loosen her vise grip on his head so he could pull back and take a pussy-scented breath of fresh air.

Noticing that her lower half was being ignored now, Béla sat up and twisted around. Jake was just lying there enjoying her ministering to his cock, so she decided to make better use of that marvelous piece of stiff meat. She sat down on it and began humping herself up and down, his cock buried deep in her hungry, wet pussy as she rode him sidesaddle, balancing herself with one hand leaning on his chest.

“I can’t get any action on my clit this way,” Béla announced, standing up again.

She turned around away from him this time and sat back down, skewering herself on his cock again. Jake didn’t mind all her moving around and changing positions. He was too busy enjoying watching this fabulous looking, naked, female vampire working her body as hard as she could and going nuts on his stiff prick.

She came again in just a few minutes as Jake watched her beautiful butt bobbing up and down on his cock. She stopped again, got up and turned around. He was still rock hard, and Béla seemed to be thinking about how best to use him. She was pretty much satisfied, but she knew he wasn’t.

“Lie back,” she said, finally making up her mind.

She squatted down on top of him with a thoughtful expression on her face. She carefully guided herself over his cock and sank down, impaling her pussy on him once again. She humped up and down a couple of times, gazing carefully into Jake’s eyes.

Still gazing at him, she sat up and formed her wings. Jake was startled, but it was mostly because of the incredible width of her wing span. It had to be at least six meters from wingtip to wingtip.

‘Jesus!; Jake thought, staggered as he watched the incredible transformation. ‘That has to be almost twenty feet wide! No wonder she looks so thin!’

Still staring into his eyes and praying she wasn’t frightening him, She gently flexed her wings, pulling herself a little ways up off his cock. Jake grabbed her hips and guided her back down. On her next downbeat, she locked her legs against his hips, pulling his hips up with her, then locked her legs around behind his.

“Hold on!” she said, sounding excited.

She beat her wings harder, pulling his hips further into the air. In a few seconds, Jake’s shoulders were the only part of his body touching the ground. His cock felt incredible as her cunt muscles squeezed with the rhythm of her wing strokes.

“Pull yourself up, dammit!” she cried, unable to lift him high enough so that his shoulders were off the ground. He pulled on her hips, and flexed his stomach muscles to do a sit up. Béla lurched backwards and flailed her wings wildly to keep her balance, then he was airborne.

“You’re too heavy!” she cried, beating the air savagely.

Then she laughed with pure glee, as she raised him slowly off the ground, her pussy still impaled on his hard cock. Her first dual flight lasted a few more seconds until she felt him start to come inside her flexing cunt. Then she started to come with him. Unable to concentrate on her balance, she dropped back down to the ground, shaking with her orgasm.

Afterward, she sat, still impaled on his shrinking dick, sweating profusely from her effort. They both gazed at each other, grinning in wonder at what they’d just done.

“Welcome to the ‘foot-high’ club,” Béla gasped, catching her breath and grinning down at him.

“I think we’re the charter members,” Jake quipped, happy to have solid earth underneath him again.

He lay there admiring her heaving body as she sat on top of him with her wings dragging the ground on each side of them. He watched as she reversed the process, changing from wings to arms again.

He marveled at how much Béla knew and what she could do. She could fly. She could hunt. She could cook if she wasn’t handicapped with a kitchen full of utensils. She could skin and gut a rabbit. She could…

He sat up in horror, suddenly realizing…

There was no blood in the rabbit!

His sudden movement surprised Béla. She lost her balance and rolled backward onto the ground.

“What?” she queried him. He stared down at her.

“How did you get the blood out of the rabbit?” he asked, a look of despair on his face.

“What? I… You know how,” she stammered. “I told you. Last night. I thought you knew…”

Her voice faded as she saw the horror on his face. She cried out as though mortally wounded, then turned and fled away from him. After a few steps, she lifted her arms, her wings forming, and launched herself into the morning sky.

Jake stood up, stunned, and watched her flee, a different terror filling his soul now.

‘Oh, God, what have I done?’

He cried out in anguish as he realized too late what he should have done.

‘Stop and think, dammit! The worst thing I can do now is to take off blindly chasing after her! She can FLY, dammit! I’ll never catch her on foot and probably get lost and die out here!’

After making sure he had plenty of water in his backpack, he tore off a leg of half-cooked rabbit, and, chewing on it as he traveled, began walking in the same direction Béla had fled, his only hope that she’d landed somewhere and was waiting for him.

After traveling for about a half an hour, he came to an impassable drop off. It looked as though it dropped at least a half a mile. He walked along the ledge, wondering how to get to the other side, over two hundred feet away. It looked like the entire rock that made up this mesa was split right down the middle.

‘If she flew across that, there’s no way I can follow her…’

Tired and a little uncertain of what to do, he sat down on a boulder. He looked over the edge, again. About fifty feet down there was a ledge, but it didn’t go all the way across. There was no way to get to it anyway.

He sat and tried to consider what he would say to Béla when, and if, he found her. He reached down and picked up a stick to fiddle with as he thought. His fingers traced little ridges on the stick that attracted his attention. He looked at it. It was an exquisitely carved gaming piece of some sort, with an oddly pointed top.

‘Maybe Indian,’ he thought. Using his nails, he scraped away some of the brown coating to see what was inscribed on it.

‘Ugh, this thing is covered in dried blood,’ he observed, somewhat disgusted.

He scraped on it some more with his fingernails, trying to see the inscription underneath. Then he heard movement behind him and turned. Béla’s beautiful naked form stood in the trail he had just come down. She began walking toward him, her gaze locked on his. Jake raised his arms toward her.

“Béla,” he said, “I lo…”

Béla screamed, surprising the hell out of him! Her face was contorted in rage! Her wings were forming! She launched herself toward him like an angry hawk! Jake realized she was staring at the piece of wood in his hand!

‘This is a stake!’ he realized.

He turned and threw it, hard, over the edge of the ravine. Before he could turn back, Béla’s diving body slammed into his, and then he was airborne, falling through space, spinning around and around.

Chapter 12 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla was enraged that Jake would come after her with a stake. She was ready to kill him! But even through her rage, she saw him throw the stake away.

Too late, she realized her terrible mistake and desperately reached for altitude, kicking her legs and flailing her wings wildly, then they were both tumbling in the air. She lowered her wings in pain and reformed her arms.

The off-balance impact with Jake had broken her collarbone. It would only be a few minutes before it healed, but that would be a minute too late. She angled her body to intersect with Jake, trying to get to him before they reached the bottom. At least they’d be together. If Jake died because she knocked him over the ledge, she hoped the impact would kill her, too.

Béla got close enough to grab Jake by the leg. His other leg whipped around and hit her in the head, nearly causing her to lose her one-handed grip. With her good arm, and with his help, she managed to climb up his body and embrace him as they fell. The ground was coming up really fast.

“Where are your wings?” he shouted into her ear.

“Broken!” she cried back.

He looked at her with sorrow in his eyes.

“I love you!” he mouthed the words to her.

She nodded. “I know.”

The wind whipped water from her eyes. Was she crying, or was it just the wind. Jake thought he knew. Then he had an idea. It was a desperately slim chance, but it could work!

“Bite me!” he shouted.

“How can you say that!” she screamed at him. “I love you!”

“Don’t be stupid!” he shouted back. “You’re a vampire. Do what vampires do! You need the strength!”

“No!” she screamed.

“Damn you!” he screamed. “You must survive! You’re the only one who can save us both!”

You must survive! You are the future hope of both our peoples, she heard her father’s voice echoing Jake’s words in her mind.

Béla sank her teeth into his neck. As she began to suck, energy filled her body. She could feel her collarbone knitting. She stretched out her arms, flexed her shoulders and felt her wings catch air. Jake hung on madly, dangling from her neck, pulling her head and neck downward and upsetting her balance. They slammed into the hard ground at the bottom of the gorge.


Béla opened her eyes. High above was a narrow blue strip of sky bordered by two enormous cliffs. The sun was barely concealed behind one of the high cliff faces.

‘That looks familiar. I’ve been here before,’ she thought, her mind wandering lazily.

She felt pressure on her right arm and looked down to find that it was twisted behind her back. When she moved she could feel bone grating painfully against bone in her upper arm. She tried to look behind her newly broken shoulder and realized her wings were still formed

‘My wings! They’re broken!’ she realized painfully.

She forced her shoulders forward, one at a time, crying out as bone grated painfully against broken bone in each of her shoulder sockets. But her wing structure, even as smashed up as it was, finally folded down and retreated into her body. She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt her fragile webbing start to heal as it lay against her ribs and shoulders blades beneath her torn flesh.

She flexed her hands and wrists, realizing that several digits in her hands had been broken in their extended state, and hadn’t quite returned to their normal position when they became forearms and hands again. Not knowing exactly how to fix them, she just kept pressing and pulling on her wrist and fingers until they finally ‘felt’ right and had their normal flexibility.

After a few minutes of self-inspection, she heard a soft moan from nearby and suddenly realized she wasn’t alone. She looked around, the movement causing considerable discomfort in her right shoulder.

‘This won’t heal if I don’t straighten it out,’ she thought, touching and probing her dislocated shoulder with her other hand.

She lay down on her arm and pulled up with her shoulder, crying out in pure agony as the bone in her upper arm and her shoulder socket pulled apart then snapped back together. Immediately, she felt better. She looked around to see where the other moaning was coming from.

“Jake!” she exclaimed, shocked. “What are you doing here?”

Then memories of her last few minutes flooded into her mind.

“Oh, God!” she cried. “Jake!”

She remembered striking the canyon floor and flipping over several times, shredding her wings on the rocks as she bounced. Jake had been beneath her on the initial impact.

‘He cushioned my fall! God! I landed on him! I crushed him!’

“Oh, Jake!”

In an instant, Béla was kneeling beside him. There was a pool of blood underneath his head. His ears were bleeding and he was coughing up blood. From the pain he was radiating, she could tell his lungs were punctured from his crushed ribcage and he probably had a concussion, and other internal injuries, as well.

‘Jake is dying!’ she realized fearfully. Tears flooded her eyes. She pounded his shoulder.

“Jake! Don’t you die!” she screamed, “You can’t die!” Tears flowed freely down her face.

“Ow! Stop… hitting me!” moaned Jake. He opened his eyes, bubbles of blood moving up and down in his mouth as he breathed.

“I hurt inside, babe,” he moaned. He tried to laugh, but more blood came out.

“Is this… what it feels like,” he coughed, “to be all… ripped up… inside?” Béla stared down at him, shaking her head, tears flowing freely down her face.

“I can’t handle… this… like you…” he said, weakly, coughing again. “I don’t… think…” he passed out.

Béla screamed at the sky and tore at her breasts, sobbing wildly as she tried to tear this horrible pain out of her bosom. She found herself just staring at Jake’s body, wanting so badly to see some slight movement that would let her know that he was still with her.

Slowly, understanding came to her. Béla knew what she had to do – the only way she would ever find peace. Through tear-filled eyes, she looked around for a piece of wood.

‘A wooden stake is the only way to kill an abomination,’ the voice of the hunter told her.

There were broken branches and pieces of wood all around her. She reached across Jake’s unmoving body and pulled one toward her, half covering him with the branch. She tore off the rotted end and looked at it to determine if it was sharp enough. It was.

“Goodbye, Jake,” she sobbed. “I’ll be right here with you, forever.”

‘God, that’s sounds corny,’ she thought as she heard herself say those words, but she meant every syllable.

She pressed the jagged end of the branch against her naked breast, in the same spot that the vampire hunter had placed his stake, and pushed inward.

‘God, this is hard!’ Béla realized, as her latent instinct for self-preservation kicked in.

She closed her eyes, clenched her jaw and pressed harder. She felt the branch penetrate her skin. Every muscle in her body was tense now as she pressed harder and felt the branch moving painfully through her flesh.

She felt like a separate person, now, simply performing a task. She moved the pointed end of the branch into the space between two ribs and toward her wildly beating heart.

‘I offer you peace! An end to your loneliness! An end to your endless pain!’

‘Yes! An end… At last – an end…’

The point touched her heart. Beating wildly, her heart tore itself open on the jagged rotting edge of the branch. Blood covered the end of the branch as it spurted out.

“Yes!” Béla cried out, partly in relief that it was finally over and partly in triumph that she’d actually succeeded in her act of self-sacrifice!

Someone was pulling on her arm!

Béla’s eyes flew open to find Jake, half-sitting, terror in his eyes, trying to pull back on her homemade stake. Blood was flowing from his mouth, drowning him right in front of her. He collapsed backward, stake in hand, choking on his own blood and unable to breathe.

Béla reached out and fell across him, wrapping her arms around his head. Unable to watch him suffer any longer, she pulled his head to her breast, hugging him fiercely and rocking back and forth, sobbing hysterically and her blood and his flowed down between them.

She could feel Jake fighting, swallowing the blood in his mouth as he tried, again and again to clear his throat so he could breathe. Béla hugged him tighter, wishing he’d just give up. She wanted to die so badly, and he was making her wait, prolonging his own agonizing death, causing so much pain for them both…

‘It’s not his fault!’ Béla screamed in her mind. ‘I did this to him! However long I have to wait, I will! I promise I’ll wait…’

Jake’s body convulsed and he began choking again. Béla looked down at him as Jake tried to push away from her. His face was covered in blood and she realized that she’d been drowning him in her own blood as it spurted out of her nearly healed chest wound.

Incredibly, Jake was conscious. He looked up at her and she could see awareness in his eyes. She heard him breathe, not coughing on his blood. Béla felt elated, not understanding what was happening – only that Jake was alive!

“Béla… you… blood,” Jake gasped, gesturing weakly. “Want more…”

Béla stared at him, not understanding. Then it hit her!

‘My heart’s blood! It’s healing him!’

But the wound in her breast was closing and her blood wasn’t spurting out any more. Desperately, she grabbed the fallen piece of branch and jabbed herself in the chest several times, not even realizing she was crying in pain, and pressed Jake’s mouth to her wounds.

He sucked her blood for another moment, then passed out.

Béla sat, vigilant, watching over him as he slept. He slept, breathing quietly as the hours passed.

Filled with joy at the miracle of Jake’s salvation, Béla was at peace with herself at last.

Chapter 13 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Wake up, buttercup,” Béla heard someone say.

Something was crawling on her face. She smacked at it with her hand. It landed on her again and tried to crawl up her nose. She smacked at her face with both hands and opened her eyes.

Jake sat looking down at her, twirling a grass caterpillar around in front of her face.

“You’re all right!” she cried and happily reached out for him.

The world spun around and Béla fell sideways, her muscles cramped with cold. Her naked body ached everywhere. Angry with herself now, she realized she’d fallen asleep while watching over him. She struggled upright again..

“Easy, girl,” Jake said, gently and lovingly pushing her back down. “You’ve lost a lot of blood.

“You saved us, you know,” he continued. “I knew you would. Only you could.”

From her position on the ground, she studied him. Something was different. Something about his muscle tone… his face…

“You look younger!” she told him.

“Yeah!” he laughed, smiling at her, “I feel like a teenager, again! I don’t understand it, though. This place must be magic, somehow.”

Béla sat up, dried blood flaking off her body. She brushed some of the looser flakes off her breasts and stomach. Jake began to help her.

After a moment, she decided to let him go for it by himself. His fingernails scratching that stuff off her itchy skin felt really great. She turned around and let him do her back and rump as well, although she wasn’t very bloody back there.

At least, she hadn’t thought she was.

“Spread ’em, babe,” he said, as he began going lower. He rubbed his hand along her butt cheeks and then began massaging the backs and insides of her thighs, still ardently removing blood residue from her soft flesh.

“There’s stuff down there too?” She asked, peering curiously over her shoulder at him. What he was doing was starting to feel better than just the good scratching she was expecting.

“No,” he replied, smiling up at her. “I just wanted to play with your ass.”

“Bastard,” she cooed. “You’re taking advantage of my helpless condition. Do it some more.”

She wiggled her rump in the air, then drew her breath in sharply as he ran his scratchy nails along her pussy lips.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned, and wiggled her butt again, arching it higher into the air.

She couldn’t see him anymore. He’d lain down behind her. But she could feel his marvelous hands working on her thighs and her tingling pussy. Béla was up on her hands and knees by now and started humping against his fingers as he shoved one inside her.

“Wow, you’re really wet down here,” she heard him say. Then his hot tongue was on her pussy and licking up and down.

“Oooh, God!” Béla moaned, forgetting all about how stiff her arms and back had been when she woke up. His wet, ticklish tongue licked forward and caressed her clitoris.

“Yess!” she hissed. “Right there! Uh-huh! Do that again! Yeah! Again!”

She shoved her hips down against his face, fucking herself with his playful tongue. Then she ground her pelvis against his face, moaning with pleasure as she came.

“Jeez! You broke my nose!” Jake complained when he could get his face out from under her.

“I’m sorry,” Béla sighed, catching her breath. Her pussy was still tingling nicely from that orgasm. She looked down at him thoughtfully. “It seems like I’m always apologizing to you.”

“You don’t need to, you know,” Jake conceded.

He was lying on his back on the rocky ground with Béla’s legs across his chest where he pushed them to get her off his face. He looked up at her and grinned.

“Very tasty,” he said, smiling, “but not very filling…”

“I’m sorry…” Béla began, then stopped.

They both laughed. Then she turned over and sat up, pulling her legs off his chest.

“I was exploring a little earlier,” Jake told her. “This is just a big crack in a rock. There’s no water down here; no food.”

Béla stood and looked around thoughtfully, thinking about what he said.

“I can go get water,” she told him, “and food, and bring it down here. Then we can decide what to do.”

“Go,” he commanded her, holding himself upright and mocking the imperious commander ordering his troops.

Béla laughed and kissed him, then stood up, staring down at him along the length of her sexy, bare body. For a few seconds before he looked up at her, Jake’s eyes were riveted on her bare pussy, only inches from his face.

“Later, babe,” Béla grinned, then reached her arms toward the sky, her wings forming as she flexed her shoulders.

Jake watched the transformation in awe, amazed that he could ever have been terrified of such a beautiful creature.

Béla jumped as high as she could into the air, right over Jake, then caught herself with a powerful downstroke of her wings, nearly dropping on him as she reached skyward again.

Then she was soaring upward with swift, strong strokes. Suddenly, wings collapsing, she spiraled down and crashed face first into the ground.

“Béla!” Jake cried, his joy at watching her take flight turning to terror as he raced over to her.

“Maybe in an hour or so,” Béla croaked weakly, spitting dirt out of her mouth. “I’m still pretty weak.”

Her wings again arms, she tried to push herself upright. After her second try, she gave up and remained lying on her side.

“Do you need some blood?” Jake asked, offering her his wrist to suck on if she wanted.

“Yeah, I guess,” she admitted. It had never occurred to her she could actually faint in mid-flight from lack of blood.

She strained one arm upward with some uncertainty, trying to reach his wrist. As she did, Béla watched Jake’s face closely, looking for those signs of fear or disgust that were so evident yesterday, praying that she didn’t see them today.

Jake noticed her hesitancy and pulled his arm back. For an instant she looked frightened.

“Would you rather bit my neck?” Jake offered. “You can get more blood that way.”

“Oh,” Béla replied quietly, realizing she’d misunderstood why he had pulled away. “Yeah, sure.”

‘Jeez! This is more personal and delicate than trying to talk a girl into bed!’ Jake thought to himself as he lay down next to her.

They reached for each other, their arms colliding as each reached for the other’s waist. They both laughed nervously. Then their bodies were against each other, her lips against his lips, her breasts against his chest, her pelvis against his…

She looked down to see what was probing against her thighs.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized yet again. “I completely ignored you, didn’t I?”

“You’re apologizing again,” Jake murmured into her ear. “I didn’t want you using up all your energy on sex with that mountain of rock looming overhead. We already did too much, as you can see what happened.”

He reached up and pulled some loose grass out of her hair.

Béla sat up and looked at him, pouting. “That’s no excuse. Here you are, with breakfast all ready to go, and you didn’t offer me any?”

“Feel free…” Jake replied, grinning and shaking his head, completely believing that what Béla wanted to do after falling thirty feet and nearly breaking her neck was to have sex.

He lay back on the ground, his hard-on aimed at the sky. Then it was aimed at her mouth. Then it was in her mouth and she was sucking hungrily on it.

“Ooh, baby!” Jake crooned. “Make me suffer!”

He lay back and moaned quietly to himself as he heard (and felt) Béla’s hummed agreement that she would do her very best to comply.

After a moment, she spit his cock out of her mouth to catch her breath. While she did, she worked his cock savagely with both hands, making it even larger, then enthusiastically sucked the head of his cock back into her mouth. She worked her hands up and down on his shaft while she circled his cock head with her tongue.

“Holy fuck!” Jake moaned. “That feels great!”

He began pumping his hips, trying to fuck her face, unable to just lie there with all that sensation in his cock. Béla backed away, denying him that little pleasure, and laughed, gazing hungrily at his hard cock as she stroked her hands up and down.

“Such a beautiful cock,” he heard her murmur. “Nice and hard, so full of cum just waiting to feed me, so hard, so full…” She moved forward again, enveloping his cock with her lips.

“Hey!” he admonished her as her teeth scraped against his tender flesh. “Be careful down there!”

Her lips moving down his cock again had almost made him come He could feel the sensation traveling as his dick started to throb with his coming orgasm.

Jake cried out and thrust his cock as far into her mouth as he could shove it, pumping load after load of semen down her throat. As he collapsed back down against the ground, Béla didn’t pull away choking like she normally did. Instead her lips were still sealed around his cock and she was still sucking. After a few more seconds, Jake realized that he was still coming – there was still fluid flowing out of his cock, into her mouth and down her throat as she continued to swallow greedily.

After another moment, Jake realized that something was different. His cock was still spurting into her mouth and it felt incredible, even as his conscious mind realized that no man alive could have that much cum available.

“Damn, girl! What are you doing?” he asked, his voice quivering with the sensation of continuous orgasm.

He knew that Béla couldn’t answer with her mouth that full. His cock seemed to be bathed in fluids. He could feel her mouth and tongue working against his flesh as she sucked and swallowed.

She quit sucking as he felt his hard-on finally began to slacken. Shocked, Jake felt teeth withdraw from the meat of his dick. Her warm, wet tongue licked around his dying penis as she cleaned up the blood that still oozed from his tiny healing wounds.

“You bit me!” he exclaimed, not knowing exactly how he felt about that. “You bit my dick!”

“I’m sorry,” Béla said softly, her face still buried in his crotch.

Satisfied that he was clean, she sat up and wiped her arm against her mouth. When she looked at him, Jake was glaring at her.

“Why?” he asked, staring at her incredulously. Béla shrugged her shoulders.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” she asked, giving him her best moue. “You came really good.”

“You sucked blood out of my dick!” Jake exclaimed. “How could you do that?”

He stared at her, not believing she’d do such a thing – at least not without asking first!

“I was hungry?” she replied, her voice artificially high and apologetic.

The penitent look she gave him was one she’d practiced for thousands of years.

“Oh, Jesus!” Jake moaned, staring at her. She was just too cute to stay made at, no matter what she’d done. “You could’ve asked.”

“You’d let me?” Béla asked, suddenly more cheerful.

“Absolutely not!” Jake yelled at her. Béla slumped down again. “God! You’re a real piece of work!” He sounded disgusted.

“Is that good?” she asked hopefully, not understanding.

He shook his head.

Béla leaned her gorgeous, slender, naked body forward and picked up his hand in hers, then raised it to her lips and kissed his fingers.

“Forgive me,” she murmured, her warm breath sensuously caressing his fingers.

Jake gave a strange half-laugh, then smiled at her and shook his head disbelievingly. Béla dared to smile back, knowing she’d won.

Carelessly dropping his hand, she stood up and stretched her slender, naked body in front of him. He watched her stretch, knowing she was deliberately showing off the goodies. It was his reward for forgiving her.

“I should go get us some food and water,” she told him. Her voice was completely normal, like nothing had just happened. “I feel much better, now.”

“Okay,” Jake murmured, realizing that she could do anything she wanted and he would always forgive her. He also knew that, unfortunately, she knew it, too.

He sat on the ground and watched as she formed her wings. He grimaced and squinted his eyes against the strong, gritty wind that her first two powerful wing strokes created as she lifted off.

“Be back soon,” she cried back at him.

He watched incredulously as she rapidly diminished in the distance as she flew almost straight up the cliff face.

Béla landed near the old mining shack. Yesterday’s fire was dead and the rabbit was gone. There were large paw prints around where the fire had been.

Béla sighed, then looked around for Jake’s backpack. She couldn’t find it and wondered if the animal(s) that took the rabbit also took his backpack.

Then she remembered where she had seen it. She sighed in frustration as she realized she’d flown right over it and not seen it lying on the edge of the chasm that she’d just flown out of.

She went through her own pack, making sure there wasn’t anything usable, then left it behind and launched herself back toward the chasm. This time, she easily spotted Jake’s pack and landed. Looking through it quickly, Béla found that it was already filled with every water bottle they had. Grabbing it in one hand, she leaped into the air and over the cliff edge and plummeted rapidly downward.

‘I could get used to this!’ she thought excitedly.

The wind whipped through her hair and savagely caressed her naked body as she continued her free fall, laughing joyfully. An old rock and roll song beeped through her head.

“This is the best way to travel! Speeding through the universe…”

A few hundred feet above the ground, she ‘deployed’ her wings, and with several powerful yet graceful strokes, made a perfect two-point landing in front of Jake; the backpack bouncing off her chest as it swung wildly on its strap around her neck.

Jake thought he heard laughter coming from somewhere and looked up. After a moment, he spotted a tiny figure against the bright blue streak of sky. Squinting upward, and getting increasingly worried, he finally determined that she was falling, not flying.

‘Christ! What’s happened now?’

He thought she looked ‘lumpy’ then realized that she was carrying something. As she fell nearer, he recognized it as one of their backpacks.

As she continued to fall, Jake grew more anxious. What was wrong?

Then she was flying, flapping her wings and gracefully breaking her fall, the backpack swinging wildly from her neck. She landed on her feet right in front of him, bathing him in wind from her wings, her face radiating joy. She folded her wings behind her and, jutting her chest forward, presented him with his backpack.

Jake reached forward and lifted the backpack from around her neck, admiring her naked breasts as she caught her breath.

“Food?” he asked.

“Jackals,” she replied. “I’ll have to hunt again.”

“You mean ‘coyotes’,” he corrected her. Béla shrugged, not knowing the difference.

Jake opened the pack and handed her a bottle of water. She drained the entire liter in a few seconds. Only halfway through his first one, he handed it to her and opened another. She drained it and looked at him expectantly. Jake looked at her in mock disdain while he drank from the bottle he had just opened. Then he handed it to her.

“Food?” he asked, again.

Frowning at him, she finished off the third bottle of water he had given her, then dropped it. Turning, she raised her arms and, powerfully fanning her wings, showered him with dirt and grit as she launched herself back into the air.

Laughing at her antics, Jake watched her rise, beating the air with powerful strokes of her wings, until he couldn’t see her anymore.

He found his matches still in his backpack and looked around for wood to build a fire.

Chapter 14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jake sat in front of the small campfire he’d built while Béla was hunting. He’d had time to get fancy, putting stones all around the parameter and placing sticks in the center so that they leaned on each other, making a teepee effect. Underneath, he pushed several handfuls of dead leaves and tiny sticks then lit it with one of his few remaining matches. The first match took, and soon he had a pleasant, roaring little campfire. After the center of the ‘teepee’ collapsed he added a couple of heavier pieces to let them burn down into hot ash for cooking.

Relaxing and enjoying the sound of the crackling fire, he didn’t hear Béla return. He both heard and felt her, though, as she sat down next to him. He put his arm around her, smiling.

“Food?” he asked, cheerfully. She smacked him on the leg. Then she stretched up so that their faces were level and kissed him. Her lips were bloody.

“Thanks, but I’ve eaten,” she whispered, breathing into his mouth.

Jake rolled backward, laughing in surprise and wiping his face with the back of his hand. He lay there looking at her for a moment, trying to analyze the desperate, hopeful look on her face.

‘For God’s sake, you jack ass! Get it right, this time!’ he told himself.

Mustering all of his courage, he gazed into her eyes and slowly, lovingly, licked the blood that he’d wiped from his mouth off the back of his hand. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her radiant smile.

Watching what Jake was doing, Béla suddenly felt lighter, as though a weight she had forgotten she carried was taken away. It felt good. His acceptance of her vampireness was important to her.

Earlier, she had caught another rabbit, then cleaned it at their old campsite. Now, she got to her feet and picked it up, skewered it and put it on the fire. Jake admired her slender, naked body as she moved. He was more than a little hungry, not having eaten since he set off in search of Béla (Was that only yesterday morning?). But watching her move, he was getting more aroused than hungry.

Evidently, she was, too. She turned toward him, watching him look at her. He lay on his side, head in hand, elbow on the ground, still lying where he had rolled earlier. She dropped to her knees in front of him and, reaching out, moved her rabbit-greased hands up his body, starting at his belly and moving slowly up his chest with her hands and arms, rocking her body toward him.

As she got close enough with her face, she began kissing and licking his chest and nipples, occasionally wiping the blood on her cheeks against his chest hairs as she continued moving slowly and erotically up his torso.

As her breasts came in contact with his chest, she caressed him with her nipples and continued licking and kissing her way up to his face. By this time, Jake was sure he was going to poke a hole in his jeans; his cock was that hard.

Grinning wickedly, Béla pushed him backward, flat on the ground, and moved her left leg over the lower part of his body, pinning his cock inside his jeans.

‘Wow!’ Jake thought, loving her attentive advances. ‘She's really hot today!’

Béla was positively radiating pure lust. “We have a little time before supper,” she whispered, her breath hot against his flesh.

Béla’s entire body was in contact with him, now, her head and arms around his head, her breasts pressing against his chest, her hard nipples pressing in a little above his own. Her soft belly twisted slowly back and forth against the bottom of his rib cage. Her leg tortured him, slowly moving up and down, caressing the hard lump in his jeans with the side of her knee.

As she kept moving up his body, her bare legs were finally straddling his chest. She slid sideways, moving herself over to one side of his chest and began rubbing her hard little clitoris against his ribs, then moved up and began rubbing herself against his right nipple.

Jake gazed up at her as she perched on him, her slender torso delicately balanced on his chest. Béla’s eyes were closed, her lips parted. Her breasts were moving up and down as she breathed, more and more heavily. Her hands pressed down heavily on his shoulders for support and to hold herself steady.

Jake noticed a deep scratch on her belly and thought it might be a trick of the firelight against her body. He reached up to touch it at the same instant that she twisted around with one arm to unfasten his jeans.

“What happened here?” he asked her.

Distracted from what she was doing, Béla twisted back around, her slippery pussy sliding on his chest. Her other hand slid off his shoulders. She lost her balance and came crashing down, squashing a tit against his forehead. His chin dug painfully into her rib cage.

After catching her breath for a moment, she growled, “You have a lot to make up for, mister!”

She pushed herself up into a sitting position and glared at him.

“I just wanted to know about that scratch on your tummy,” Jake said, apologetically.

“Scratch?” she asked, incredulously. She looked down and touched her belly.

“Oh… that.” She sighed. “I thought that would be gone by now.”

‘If that’s a scratch, now,’ Jake thought to himself, ‘what did it look like an hour ago?’

“There was a minor disagreement,” Béla was saying, “about whose supper my rabbit was going to be.” She sounded very annoyed.

“Now!” Béla said, her voice becoming more demanding, “I am going to lie back here, and you are going to make me very, very happy! Got it?”

She reached out and grabbed Jake by the hair, pulling his face down into her belly.

He noticed there was quite a few scratches on her body, now almost completely healed. They were on her breasts, her arms, her stomach and her thighs. He wondered what could make scratches like that.

As he tried to imagine what those marks had looked like earlier, Jake realized that something large had evidently tried to claw her guts out. Knowing Béla, he knew that clawing into her belly could make her really, really horny – like she was right now…

Béla pushed his head down further, raising her legs and shoving him down against her pussy. Jake obediently licked his tongue along the length of her very wet and ripe smelling cunt.

‘Whew! She really needs a bath!’ Jake thought to himself as he breathed in her powerful aroma.

She had definitely been in a fight, or else she’d been exercising very strenuously. After a moment Jake decided he liked the funky way she tasted. He dug his tongue deeply into her wet hole, then licked around her pussy lips, then dug back into her again, shoving his tongue deep inside her. After a moment, Béla began grinding herself against his face, so he moved up to her clitoris and began torturing her there, lightly flicking her clit back and forth with his tongue.

Béla moaned loudly and grabbed his hair, pulling his face up tight between her legs. Using his teeth, this time, Jake began gently caressing her clit. Béla’s legs were giving Jake’s neck and shoulders a great massage as she twisted her hips back and forth, trying to rub herself against his face. She was making that high-pitched mewling sound again, which meant to Jake that it was time to get rough.

Placing his teeth carefully on Béla’s little clitoris, he bit down on it gently. Béla cried out and bucked her hips up in the air, abruptly yanking her clitoris out from between his teeth and spraying his face with heavily scented girl-cum. Her cries echoed off the canyon walls, creating an eerie effect.

Béla’s movements were becoming more violent, and Jake needed both hands to hold her twisting hips steady. He sucked the top part of her pussy lips and the little hood over her clitoris into his mouth and began chewing on her; gently, at first, then gradually increasing the pressure of his teeth against her tender flesh.

Each scream Béla made was louder than the previous one. She arched her back high into the air, bucking her hips furiously and covering his face with her juices. Finally she collapsed, panting breathlessly, her legs still locked around Jake’s head.

Pulling her legs apart, Jake crawled up Béla’s panting, sweat soaked body, dragging his hard-on through the dirt beneath him. When he was high enough on her body to enter her, he rammed his cock into her soaked pussy. He could feel the roughness of the dirt that were still on his cock abrading his sensitive flesh as it slid up and down against the slick surfaces inside her cunt. After four or five hard thrusts into her, he came, soaking her cunt even more with his sticky, white cum.

By the time they got around to eating the rabbit, it was burnt on the bottom.

Chapter 15 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla opened her eyes. The little stretch of sky high above them was light blue.

It must be morning, she thought, shivering. Dew had fallen sometime while they slept, curled up together. Her legs and torso were covered with a furry substance that stuck to her cold, damp body. It itched horribly, and she suspected she knew what it was.

Deciding not to get hysterical about something that wasn’t really hurting her, she looked around to find that the fire was out. She nudged Jake, anxious to get this day started and over.

“Wake up!” she growled. “It’s daylight!”

Jake grumbled as he stretched cold, sore muscles into use, shivering in the cold.

“We have to figure out how to get you out of here, Jake,” Béla was saying as she roused him to his feet. “We can’t live down here like this.”

Jake reached over and, picking up a piece of uneaten rabbit, began to bite into it. A swarm of tiny red ants crawled onto his hand.

“Damn!” he swore as he shook his hand, trying to get the ants off.

The cold piece of meat flew into the air and landed some distance away. Jake brushed the ants off with his other hand.

Béla shrugged and held her arms out from her sides, presenting her cold, bare body for his inspection.

“They’re everywhere,” she said mournfully, raising her arms and turning around, displaying the fact that her naked body was swarming with ants while trying to act bored about it.

Jake looked at Béla with pure disgust. She was covered with ants; the dried blood and grease on her body had attracted them to her during the night.

“But,” she continued, “their biting keeps me warm.” She tilted her head at him and smiled with a helpless, ‘Please rescue me,’ look in her large, dark eyes.

Jake didn’t say anything. Disgusted, he began brushing ants off of Béla’s slim, naked body. As he brushed lower on her body, she spread her legs wide so he could get at the little critters that had crawled up between her legs. She closed her eyes and hummed to herself, enjoying his attention.

“Don’t stop now,” she suggestively complained as he finished knocking the ants off her legs. “That feels nice.”

“How can you just let them just crawl all over you like that?” Jake asked, reprimanding her like a child.

“I like it,” she said, talking in her little girl voice. “It makes me horny.”

“I don’t know of anything,” Jake said, snorting, “that doesn’t make you horny!”

“Well, you know,” she said, in a mock condescending voice, “up until just recently, it was normal to have bugs crawling up your ass.”

‘Recently? Not in this century!’ Jake thought to himself. ‘I forget that she’s probably lived in some pretty squalid conditions before – not every society has been as obsessed with personal hygiene as we are…’

Jake looked her, only mildly disgusted now, realizing that she really didn’t think bugs were a big deal.

Béla flew up to the mining shack with a backpack full of empty water bottles draped around her neck. After she refilled them from the water pump there, she washed in the freezing water as best as she could.

Remembering an old Iroquois trick to make bathing in cold water more tolerable, she pumped the handle up and down while swallowing as much water as she could manage as she rinsed the remaining blood, dirt and ants out of her hair and off her body.

Feeling really refreshed, she draped the heavy backpack around her neck and launched herself into the air. Behind her, also swarming with ants, lay the remains of her argument about whose rabbit the previous night’s dinner was.

Jake heard her distant ‘yahoo!’ echoing down the cliff walls as she dove over the side of the chasm and began free falling down to where he was. He realized that, while he couldn’t remain trapped down here forever, Béla was having a really great time exploring her new freedom of flight.

He had pretty much figured out a way in which Béla could lift him out of this pleasant little death trap. When she landed, he told her, and asked for her input. It was her strength, after all, that would be used to get them out.

Béla liked the idea, but didn’t care for the blood-sucking part, still a little self-conscious about her vampiric use of his blood. The biggest hitch in his plan was that they needed rope. In this respect, Jake was really surprised at her contribution. She knew how to make rope out of grass.

“Is there anything you don’t know?” he asked, surprised. “No. Don’t answer that.”

“Well,” she said, answering anyway, “no, probably not. I’ve been around some little while, you know.” She sounded pretty smug.

They spent the next couple of hours pulling the tall grass that grew at the base of the cliffs. Then Béla started to weave it together. They were both disappointed with the results.

First, it took a lot of grass to make a very short rope, and, second, when they pulled on it to test its strength, it came right apart.

“Well, maybe I can’t make rope!” Béla whined, disgusted and sucking on yet another cut on her fingers. She had seen it done before. She simply didn’t know what she was doing wrong. “I guess I spent too much time being a goddess and not enough time learning earth craft.”

“Maybe if you blessed the grass with your ‘life essence’, it would take strength from you and become strong, stout rope!” Jake laughed, remembering a dream he’d once had.

Béla looked at him with a really strange expression on her face. “That’s not very funny… I’ve seen grown men slaughter their virgin daughters for their blood because they believed stuff like that. As a result, I encouraged their young daughters to have sex as soon as possible – to celebrate life and growing things. And even then, one in three girls never reached their twentieth year.”

“What killed them?” Jake asked, curious, “If their fathers didn’t, I mean.”

“Giving birth, disease,” Béla mused, sitting down beside him, “and Romans – pretty much in that order.”

“You’ve had to leave a lot behind,” Jake said, pulling her against him and feeling sympathy for her long and probably tragedy-filled life.

Béla didn’t reply. Instead she gazed down the long, narrow gorge, her eyes unfocused, unwilling to consider that one day she would leave Jake behind.

Jake sat, watching her for several minutes as she lay silently in his arms, wondering where she’d gone inside her head.

“You know,” he said, finally, “actually, and I’m reluctant to bring this up for fear of being abandoned, but, you aren’t stuck down here. You could go get a rope.”

Béla blinked several times, then frowned as though trying to remember something.

“What?” she asked, then remembered what he’d said. “Where would I find a rope? Besides, I would have to walk. I can’t fly and carry my clothes. It could be days before I got back.”

“You could wait until dark, then fly to the cabin where we stayed. There was rope in the tool shed,” he told her. “That, for you, would probably be about an hour each way.”

She agreed. It might work. She promised to find a rope somewhere!

“So, what shall we do until it gets dark?” she asked him, raking a fingernail down through his chest hairs. “If I fly in the daylight, someone might see me.”

“Well,” Jake mused, looking down into those mischievous dark eyes as she grinned up at him. “Can you think of anything?

“Ow!” Jake yelped as she bit his nipple.

Grabbing her hair, he pulled her head back and gazed down at her face. She was laughing and there was a spot of blood on her teeth.

His blood!

“Vixen!” Jake accused her, then pulled her against him and kissed her fiercely on her blood-reddened lips.

Béla was positively radiating lust as she returned his attentions, biting on his lips, then his tongue as he tried to kiss her more deeply. As Jake tried to pull away to protect his face from her much too playful sharp little teeth, he stopped suddenly. Béla had his lower lip trapped.

“…’et go…” he murmured, unable to form complete words with his mouth stretched out like that.

“Huh-uh!” Béla grunted, grinning and shaking her head, ‘No’. She pulled a little harder. Jake winced. His lower lip was starting to hurt.

Putting both hands on each side of her face, he repeated his request in a less friendly voice. Béla grunted and shook her head again. She pulled harder, a deep growl of pleasure in her throat as she tasted fresh blood on her tongue.

Jake gouged his thumbs into her jawbone, forcing her to open her mouth and release him. As they stared at each other, he realized she wasn’t feeling playful now. She was pissed.

Béla snarled and climbed up on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Jake staggered as he lost his balance and fell backwards, distracted as she bit his ear and roughly began gnawing on it.

They wrestled around on the ground for awhile, Jake finally pinning her squirming, sexy body beneath him, holding her still with one hand cruelly grasping her left breast and his left forearm across her throat, almost choking her.

“Give?” Jake asked, grinning wickedly and breathing hard into her face.

Béla shook her head and tried to twist around to bite his arm holding her down. Laughing in victory, Jake pulled his leg up against her squirming body and roughly sank his knee deep into her stomach. That finally stopped her. She couldn’t move without rupturing something.

They lay on the rough ground with Béla pinned beneath him. They both breathed rapidly, catching their breaths as they stared into each other’s eyes. Then they both started to laugh.

As Jake bent forward to kiss her, Béla tried to bite his lip again. Growling, Jake jerked his forearm savagely against her throat, threatening her if she misbehaved. Béla slowly relaxed under his torturous grip, breathing with some strain through her tightly pinned throat.

“That’s better,” Jake smiled at her and leaned his head to kiss her again. He suddenly felt his other end going up as Béla bucked her hips high in the air.

“Ee-Yah!” Béla cried enthusiastically right into his mouth as she bucked him over her head.

Jake yelped as he somersaulted onto his back. Béla landed on his stomach and chest with both knees and both hands, knocking the wind out of him. Before he could react, she had his whole throat in her teeth and was just holding him there on the ground like that.

“U giff?” she asked, her mouth full of breakfast if he still wanted to fight. She felt his chin against the side of her face as he nodded.

“I give,” he whimpered.

Béla chortled as she let go of his neck. Then Jake had his hand on her crotch and was gripping her like a bowling ball. Béla yelped as he flipped her over and rolled on top of her, his hand still clutching her pelvis.

“Oof!” she grunted as she landed hard on her back. “Oh, God! Finally!”

She thrust her hips up, wanting him to grip her even harder down there.

Jake had two fingers dug into her pussy lips and the thumb gouged into her pelvis bone. When he rolled over on top of her, he landed with his face between her breasts and was roughly biting at one, then the other as he held her down.

“Harder!” she cried. “Bite me harder! Make me bleed!”

Jake sank his dull, human teeth into her breast, actually drawing blood. Béla shrieked her pleasure out against the echoing canyon walls. Jake noticed his hand holding her pelvis down was suddenly wetter around his fingers.

‘Okay, she likes this!’ he realized, and bit her again, on her other breast this time.

Then he sucked her nipple and half her breast into his mouth and bit down again, listening to her scream as his teeth broke through the skin. Then he was suckling on her breast, feeding on her blood like an infant sucking milk.

Béla gasped in pleasure at the new sensation and pressed his head down harder with both hands. In a moment, the wound was healed and Jake was just sucking on breast meat. Béla was still trembling in orgasm and was humping her pelvis against his other hand, his fingers still dut into her down there.

‘Wow!’ Jake thought to himself, feeling delirious and lightheaded. ‘That is incredible!’

Her blood made his whole mouth tingle with sensation. The sensation continued on down his throat and went completely through him, leaving him tingling like he had a slight sunburn. He felt strong enough to punch a hole right into the cliff face, but he still knew better than to actually try it.

Raising up a little, he looked into Béla’s face, trying to put his question into words. From her expression, he realized he didn’t need to. She was obviously feeling the same way he was. She focused her eyes on him and smiled.

“That was good,” she murmured. “Wanna go again?”

“I’m not finished yet,” Jake informed her. “We still haven’t made love. This was just foreplay,” then bent down and licked some drying blood off her breast.

“Umm,” Béla replied in agreement.

She groped around with her hand and found his legs, then his crotch. She grinned wickedly at him as she tried to play with his hard-on through his coarse, tight jeans.

“Let me help you with that,” Jake said, quickly rising and doffing his jeans. He stood over her with his raging hard-on dangling in front of him, staring down at her. Although he loved being rough with her during sex, he had never thought about how great it felt when she was rough with him – like today.

He dropped down on his knees and shoved his cock at her face. He felt so powerful and full of energy, he suspected that he had somehow gotten some drugs in his system or something. He’d never felt so invulnerable before. A part of his mind wondered what kind of plants grew down here that he might have come in contact with.

“Bite this!” he commanded. He reached out and pulled her face onto his cock.

Béla happily sucked his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. She grunted in dismay as Jake whacked her on the side of her head and glared up at him, not understanding what was wrong.

“Chew on it, bitch!” Jake exclaimed. “Do it harder!”

He whacked her again. Angrily, Béla bit down on his cock, expecting Jake to yelp and try to pull out. That was his normal reaction, anyway, but Jake wasn’t acting normal today. He seemed as hungry for the rough stuff as she did.

“Yeah!” Jake exclaimed, feeling her teeth on his hard cock.

He grabbed her head in his hands and began roughly fucking her face. She tried to slow him down with her pearly white brake pads. She knew she was hurting him – she could taste his blood in her mouth.

Jake fucked her mouth harder and harder, Béla’s teeth raking along his hard cock making him even hornier. Then he was shoving his cock down her throat as hard as he could, filling her throat and mouth with spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum mixed with blood.

Jake’s extraordinary strength seemed to slacken a bit after his orgasm and he began to feel the gouges and gashes Béla’s sharp little teeth had made in his cock. Béla was busy licking and sucking on his cock as it slowly deflated. With the taste of his blood in her mouth, she didn’t want to waste a single drop until his dick was completely healed.

She bathed his cock in her saliva, sucked it all off, then tongue-bathed it again. She seemed as surprised as he was as they both watched the gashes and teeth marks slowly disappear.

“You’re regenerating!” Béla remarked, looking up at him with some surprise. Then she grinned at him, “How does it feel?”

“Incredible,” Jake admitted. “My whole body is alive. But I felt stronger before I came.”

“That’s normal,” Béla informed him. “When I’m horny and you start hurting me, I feel like you could do anything at all to me and I just want more. Regeneration makes you feel that way.

“I know how we can spend the rest of today,” she murmured and raked her teeth against his hipbone. He playfully swatted her face away, then pulled her up and kissed her face.

“Me, too,” Jake agreed. “Eating.” Surprising her, he walked away and out of her reach.

Much to Béla’s disappointment, Jake walked over and started playing around with last night’s embers. He built another fire and used a bottle of their precious water to wash the ants off the half-eaten rabbit, then put it back over the fire so the meat would warm up to a temperature that was safe to eat.

Béla lay back in a big pile of the grass they had collected and watched him, slowly moving her hand up and down her belly. Eventually, Jake noticed and sat down next to her again. He kissed her tenderly then lay back in the soft pile of grass, pulling her down with him. They lay, holding each other, for some time.

They were both worried about the monumental task of raising him out of this gorge. Béla realized that being stuck down here was probably one of the reasons why he was so quiet now.

The smell of roasting rabbit reached them, ending their reverie. Rolling to their feet, they both went over to the fire and sat down to eat, each one being careful not to sit down on an ant trail.

As the little streak of sky high above them darkened, Béla raised her arms and launched herself into the air. She flew a tight circle around Jake, promising to return as soon as she could. Then, aiming her body upward, she quickly disappeared from sight.

After she left, Jake felt more alone than he had for a long time.

As Béla flew over the top of the cliff, she realized her error in her timing. The sun was still up, but low on the horizon. It had been dark at the bottom of the ravine, but it was still daylight here.

‘Oh, well,’ Béla thought to herself. ‘I may as well go on, it’ll be dark enough by the time I get to the cabin.’

Some time later it was dusk, and Béla dropped down in her back yard next to the tool shed. Noisily pulling the door open, she went inside. The inside of the shed was pretty dark and she was pleased with herself when she had found the rope exactly where Jake had said it would be.

Suddenly, she was surrounded with light.

‘Damn!’ she thought, surprised. ‘There’s not supposed to be anyone here!’

“Well, well!” a deep voice boomed behind her, “A thief!”

She swirled around, holding her hand up against the blinding flashlight. She could feel the evil radiating from his mind.

“Oh, ho!” she heard the voice cry, “A naked thief!”

Béla bolted for the door, intending to ram her way out.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

A huge hand grabbed around her neck and lifted her into the air, knocking her head painfully against the roof timbers. Béla kicked as hard as she could at her opponent’s body. Angrily, he slammed her down to the floor. Her head hit something hard.

Everything went dark.

Chapter 16 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla woke face down on a hard wooden floor. It was totally dark. She could feel her eyelashes brush the floor as she blinked. Her arms and legs were numb and she couldn’t move them. After a few moments, she realized she was tied up and struggled into a sitting position.

‘How did I get here?’ she wondered, feeling confused.

It had been a long time since she woke up not knowing where she was, but it had happened often enough to her that she wasn’t too concerned.

Then she remembered – Jake, the ravine, the needed rope – and cursed herself for not being more careful. She knew she should have scanned the area for signs of life before venturing in to the tool shed. There were often people coming up here to camp.

She itched between her legs and squirmed around, trying to relieve the itch which caused some fluid to leak out of her pussy.

‘I’ve been fucked!’ she realized, feeling annoyed. She didn’t know if she was more annoyed that someone would rape her while she was unconscious, or that she’d missed it. She decided on the latter.

She heard footsteps approaching on the wooden floor, probably attracted by the noise she made when she had moved a moment earlier. A handle turned. The closet she had been locked in was flooded with light.

‘It’s daylight!’ she realized, squinting up at her abductor. ‘What about Jake? I’ve been gone all night!’

She squinted up at her abductor. Although she couldn’t see a thing in the blinding morning light, she glared right at where she thought his eyes should be.

“You could have waited until I woke up, then I could’ve enjoyed getting fucked, Asshole,” she sneered at him.

He laughed. “Strong words for such a tiny, little thing like you.” Béla struggled at the ropes binding her arms behind her.

“How about untying me, and I’ll show you how much better I can be when I help!"

She glared up at him, blinking rapidly in the bright light. Her eyes were slowly adjusting to it.

“Heh! You just ain’t afraid o’ nothin’, are you?” he said, admiringly. “What were you doin’ in my shed?”

‘His shed?’ Béla thought to herself, feeling amused. ‘He wants me to think this place is his?’

“I needed a rope,” she stated flatly.

“What fer?” he said.

“To hang somebody!” she declared. “What do you care? I have to go to the bathroom! Let me loose!”

Béla angrily glared at her abductor more steadily now that her eyes were used to the light.

“At least untie my feet,” she pleaded, “before I pee all over myself.”

She leaned back against the wall, raising her feet a few inches off the floor. Then, straightening her legs, she raised her feet up near his belt line, ‘unintentionally’ offering him a great view of her ass and leaking pussy from underneath her legs.

He untied the rope around Béla’s feet. As she lowered them back down, the man reached in and, grabbing her by the hair on her head, pulled her upright.

“OwOwOwOwOw!” Béla yelped as she was dragged upward and planted on her feet. “You fat old Shit! That hurts!” She tried to kick him, remembering to do it like a regular girly-type girl would.

“All right! That’s enough of that!” he warned her. “I’ll have to tie you back up!”

He grabbed her tightly by the arm and led her to the outhouse. He opened the faded wooden door and shoved her in, then stood there, waiting.

“You gonna watch?” Béla asked him, sarcastically.

He stood there and didn’t answer.

As Béla awkwardly backed her butt over the hole in the bench and sat down, she snorted, “Pervert!”

She sat there and studied him. He was wearing coveralls and a flannel shirt. Thick black boots, partially laced up, were on his feet. He looked to be anywhere between fifty and seventy years old, maybe fifty pounds overweight. The whiskers on his face and the cap he wore probably compensated for a balding head. She was sure he didn’t get very much action looking like that.

She remembered to tremble a little, as if she were frightened, making sure her breasts jiggled slightly. If she appeared helpless, he would be easy to overpower – he was, after all, only a male, and would likely let his guard down if presented with an opportunity for some amenable fucking, despite his advanced age.

“What’s your name?” she asked, more civil in her tone than she had been earlier.

“Why do you want to know?” he asked her, folding his arms across his chest and leering at her.

“I like to know who I’m talking to before I ask them to wipe my ass!” she spit at him.

“Hooee! You sure got a mouth on you!” the old man declared. “What were you doin’ runnin’ around bare-ass-naked in the middle of the night?”

“I lost my clothes, obviously!” she said, disgruntled, pretending to be pissed off while she thought fast, trying to come up with something… Oh, yeah!

“I was kidnapped! All right?” she said, still acting the part of the mouthy teenaged victim. “I was tied up in an old shack out in the desert!”

That wasn’t actually a lie…

“I managed to get loose, but I couldn’t find my clothes,” she explained.

“What did you need a rope for?” he asked her.

“I wasn’t kidding!” she looked at her abductor earnestly. “I’m going to hang the bastard!”

“What happened to that feller you were with?” he asked her.

Béla looked up at him in surprise.

“Yeah, I saw you go by a couple of days ago,” he said. “Where is he now?”

Béla allowed real tears to come her eyes.

The best acting comes when you tell the truth about the ‘what’, and lie about the ‘when’.

“He’s at the bottom of a ravine,” she said, quietly, her voice deliberately unsteadily.

“Heh!” the old lecher cackled. “You sure have had a run o’ luck!”

“All bad!” he added.

Béla sat quietly for a moment. It was true. Her luck was generally bad.

“Will you wipe me, please?” she asked him, quietly.

Her abductor pulled a large square of cloth out of his pocket and shook it out. Béla looked at it warily, hoping it was clean. He motioned with his hands that she should get up. She struggled to her feet, hands still tied behind her back, and turned her back toward him. Spreading her legs and locking her knees, she bent over, back straight, her hair almost touching the wooden seat she had been sitting on. She held her breath against the smell coming out of the hole in the wood, knowing she was giving the old bastard a great view.

‘Probably better than any he’s had in years!’ she thought to herself, disgusted.

She felt him rub the handkerchief up and down the crack of her ass and then move forward to her pussy, trying to dry more thoroughly between her legs as her pussy kept leaking fluid.

‘Christ!’ she thought, disgusted with herself. ‘Is there anyone’s touch that I object to?’

The handkerchief had disappeared. Now his bare fingers were probing her pussy.

“Ow!” Béla yelped with a sudden jerk of her body. “You could at least trim your nails!”

She saw no point in letting him know how much she was enjoying this. From her wetness, he probably knew anyway – That is, if he knew anything at all about females.

He continued moving his fingers in and out of her cunt. “You like that?”

“What do you think?” she asked, grunting.

“Well, now, I don’t know,” the old man replied, “that’s why I’m askin’.”

“My legs are cramping, asshole,” she told him, “so hurry up and do whatever you’re going to do and get it over with! In case you haven’t noticed, I’m breathing fumes out of a shit hole!”

He sighed. Pulling her by her tied hands, he backed her out of the outhouse, then turned her around and led her back to the cabin. When they got there, he led her to the end of the couch and pushed her down, face into the cushions, so that her legs were dangling over the arm of the couch, her rear end raised invitingly in the air.

“That better?” he sneered at her.

“Yes, thank you, Asshole,” her voice muffled by the couch cushion.

“Just stay there!” he told her.

‘No problem!’ she thought to herself. ‘If I move, I’ll fall over!’

In a moment, he was back.

“I brought you a present,” she heard him say, then something hard and cold got shoved up her ass.

“OwOwOw! Hey, Asshole!” she cried out. “Haven’t you ever heard of fucking Vaseline?”

She felt him twist it around in her ass, and grunted and writhed with each invasive movement. Suddenly, the invading tube began to vibrate. She jumped again.

‘Oh, boy!’ she thought sarcastically. ‘Foreplay! The Nordic invaders concept of female seduction! Shove something up there and see if she squeals!’

A minute later the old man stuck his dick in her pussy and began to fuck her.

‘Is it in?’ she asked herself. ‘Oh, well. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d been unconscious or not, that first time…’

She lay there and tried to enjoy the vibrations in her ass. In a minute, he was finished. He grunted and pushed his belly against her ass, driving the vibrator in deeper.

“Oh,” Béla grunted, automatically reacting to the increased pressure.

“Like that, did you?” he asked her. “I thought you might. You got the wettest cunt I ever saw.”

“I have clap,” she responded.

“Sure you do,” he said.

He wiped her with a wet washrag, then pulled her the rest of the way onto the couch. He tied her feet together, then looped the rope through the ropes on her wrists, effectively hog-tying her.

“Now, you can stay on the couch and be good, or I can throw you back in the closet,” he told her.

“I’ll be good,” she replied.

Then he came around and stood in front of her, his limp dick in his hand.

“Suck me off,” he ordered her.

“You put that smelly thing in my mouth, I’ll bite it off!” she snarled.

Picking her up by the ropes, he threw her headfirst into the closet, knocking her out, again.

Chapter 17 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The phone behind the bar rang. Frank pushed the button on the speaker. “Target Club.”

“This is the Choteau County Sheriff’s Department,” a drawl on the other end of the phone said, “Could I talk to Miss Béla Wilson, please.”

“I’m sorry, she isn’t here.” Frank told him. “I’m the manager here, can I help you with something?”

“We’re checkin’ up on a possible abandoned car registered to Miss Wilson. The DMV lists this as her work number. Do you know when she’ll be in?”

“No, I’m sorry, she’s not come in for the last couple of days,” Frank said. “Where was the car found?”

“It was settin’ at the end of High Point Road near Choteau Ridge,” the deputy told him. “You know, north of Fort Benson?”

“Oh, yeah… Well, she sometimes rents a cabin up there. That’s probably why the car is there.” Frank said, “I don’t think it’s abandoned. But if you want, I can check it out. You didn’t impound it, did you?”

“No,” came the reply, “we usually check these things out before we take any action.”

“Good,” Frank told him, “I’d hate to have her stranded up there with no transportation. Although this late in the year, she’d probably be okay for awhile. Thank you.”

There was no one else in the bar this early. It usually wasn’t open at this time anyway. Locking the door behind him, Frank decided to go for a drive.

Two hours later, he pulled up behind Béla’s car. He got out and walked over to it. From the amount of dirt and dust that had blown over it, her car had been setting here for several days.

Hiking up toward the cabin, Frank remembered spending an entire week there with Béla years ago. His mind wandered as he climbed the steep trail. He could see Béla dancing on the trail ahead of him as he dragged his lardy, thirty-year-old ass along behind her, carrying both their packs like a true gentleman.

It was the last part of June in 1973. The heavy snowfall they’d had that winter was finally gone and it was starting to get warm – summertime warm. They finally arrived at the cabin. Frank was exhausted from carrying both their packs. Béla spun around, holding her hands high in the air, laughing. Her tiny figure was hidden beneath a huge flannel shirt and a pair of men’s gray work pants.

“I love this place,” she told him, laughter in her voice. She trotted up the steps and through the unlatched door.

“You should at least put a lock on the door,” Frank admonished her. “You don’t know who you might find squatting in a place like this.”

Béla looked around at the dusty furniture.

“Nobody’s been in here for years,” she observed, running her fingers through the dust in the sink. She turned around and, putting her arms around his neck, kissed him tenderly.

“I’ve missed you,” she said, breathing her words into his mouth.

Frank hugged her tightly, raising her feet off the floor and nearly crushing her ribs. He knew she loved any roughness he was willing to do to her. She knew he was completely unwilling to be as rough to her as she wanted. Despite each one’s shortcomings to the other, they cared for each other deeply.

They kissed passionately. Béla, happily, nearly passed out because she couldn’t breathe in his tight embrace. After a moment, the room began to swirl around her and she lost her sense of balance as she began to faint, nearly pulling them both down to the floor.

As Frank caught her, she lay back in his arms, her eyes closed against the spinning room.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered to him.

Smiling, she opened her eyes and pulled herself up against him. Kissing him lightly on the cheek, she pulled out of his embrace, and, taking him by the hand, led him into the bedroom.

They had made love many times before in their unusual, on-again, off-again, relationship and were very comfortable in each other’s presence. This time, Frank had her all to himself for a whole week. He wasn’t about to spend it arguing with her about her lifestyle or her normally predatory sexual behavior.

He watched her pull the dust cover off the bed and throw it into a corner of the room. Her shoes followed the dust cover and she climbed onto the bed. Kneeling with her legs spread wide and grinning slyly at him, Béla crooked her finger at him to come closer.

Frank walked to the edge of the bed and held Béla’s face in his hands, kissing her tenderly, then combing his fingers back through her silky black hair. She concentrated on unbuttoning his shirt and running her hands through the hair on his stomach and chest while pressing her tits against the growing hardness in his pants as he stood in front of her.

She smiled up at him as he responded to her caresses and began playing with his hard-on through his trousers, caressing it with her hands. Then biting gently against his trousers with her teeth, she teasingly chewed up and down the length of his cock. Frank knew she intended to make him come in his pants. He also knew she loved cleaning up the messes she made that way.

He ran his hands through her luxurious black hair as she teased him to climax, gradually biting him harder and harder. At last, she was rewarded with a growing, wet stain on the front of his trousers and the intoxicating scent of his cum.

Sitting up higher, she pulled on his belt buckle to release the catch, her own arousal making her impatient with its workings. After a few seconds of trying to get the little metal piece in the middle to come out of the hole, she gave up.

“Help me, damn you,” she swore at him.

Frank pulled on the belt, easily releasing it. His pants fell to the floor and the scent of male cum assaulted Béla’s senses. Béla pressed her face against his boxer shorts, rubbing her cheeks in the scented wetness. Then she pulled his shorts down and licked the residue of his cum off the damp insides of his shorts, deliberately ignoring his dangling cock as it wetly brushed against her cheek and the side of her face, saving it for last.

After giving up finding any more cum in his underwear, she turned her attention to his stomach, happily lapping at any wetness she found as she licked and kissed her way down to her favorite part.

She ran her lips up and down the sides of his cock, licking and sucking enthusiastically, then noisily sucked the whole thing into her mouth.

Frank was halfway to his next hard-on by this time. He stood at the end of the bed, his eyes closed, his hands still caressing her silky hair, enjoying her ministrations to his cock. His attention was abruptly brought back to the present when she gently bit down on his hardening dick.

“My turn,” she said, spitting his dick out of her mouth.

Then she lay back on the bed, unbuttoning her flannel shirt, and raised her legs for him to pull off her bulky pants.

Frank quickly yanked them off her and tossed them on top of her shoes. Béla was wearing silky red panties underneath. He smiled, knowing she’d put them on just for him, because she didn’t particularly like under-thingies. Frank wasn’t about to tell her he didn’t like red underwear on her; it made her beautiful, smooth, dark skin look pasty.

Frank knelt down on the foot of the bed and Béla raised her legs to put them over his shoulders as he moved forward to kiss her soft belly. She moaned softly as his lips touched her warm, sensitive skin. Reaching forward to caress her pussy through her red panties, Frank discovered that, as he expected, they were already soaked with her girl-cum. Chuckling to himself, he straightened up, levering her legs into the air with his shoulders, and yanked her panties down to her knees, then off – one foot at a time.

Then he knelt back down and went to work on her sweet, juicy cunt. He had discovered, several years earlier, that there was a sensitive little spot at the top of her pussy lips that, like a tiny penis, actually grew when he licked it. Béla loved it when he touched her there. Eventually, as she grew more excited, she would want him to bite her there. Whenever he did that, she would actually squirt cum right out of her pussy in quantities he had never seen with another girl. He knew it was girl-cum and not urine, because, one time, she had been so excited she’d accidentally pissed in his mouth. The taste was distinctly different.

This time, he decided that since she was already so wet and eager, he was going to stretch her sweet cunt to its capacity, grinning as he remembered that scene in ‘Tom Jones’ where the prostitute used her pussy as a coin slot.

Inserting two fingers up inside her, Frank continued licking her little hot spot. Then he added one more.

Béla was starting to feel tight, so he worked on her pussy, moving his fingers in and out, until she was loosened up enough for another finger. By the time he worked his fourth finger into her, Béla was starting to squirm and it was difficult to hold his mouth on her little hot spot and still suck on it.

He wrapped his other arm around the outside of her leg and grabbed hold of the front of her hip, holding her a bit more steady. The more she squirmed, the deeper he had to dig his fingers into her hip and belly to hold her still not realizing that his fierce hold on her was making her even hotter.

Frank got his thumb into her hot little cunt, stretching her labia to its capacity. Béla was crying, whimpering, actually, and desperate for release from her continually building climax.

‘Here it comes, angel puss,’ Frank promised, and pushed his hand in past her stretched labia and bit down on her hot spot.

His hand slipped entirely into her cunt, stretching it beyond its capacity to stretch. Béla screamed as she came, girl-cum filling her cunt and squirting out past Frank’s wrist. She lay sobbing on the bed, her belly and breasts scratched and bleeding where she had torn at her own body in wild sexual frenzy.

Frank let her recover for a moment, then stretched his fingers inside her cunt, causing her another surprising orgasm. Although her second climax was decidedly less dramatic than the first one, she passed out completely, immediately afterward.

Frank smiled as he remembered that fantastic week with Béla. He’d kept his hand in her sweet cunt for hours, making her come again and again. When she was finally so weak that he couldn’t feel her pussy contract against his hand when she came, he pulled his hand out of her and fucked her in the ass, finally allowing himself sexual release after being hard for the entire time he had so sweetly tortured her.

Finally arriving at the foot of the trail leading up to the cabin, he thought he heard voices. Caution getting the better of him, he moved off to the side of the path.

He saw Béla and someone he didn’t know walking toward the outhouse. Béla was naked, which, for her, was pretty usual.

Her arms are tied behind her!

He moved closer, trying to learn what was going on. She was kinky enough to be role-playing some bondage stuff, but somehow he didn’t think so. He waited for a few minutes, watching.

“I like to know who I’m talking to before I ask them to wipe my ass!” He distinctly heard her say. She sounded angry.

‘If she gets loose, I feel sorry for him… I just hope she doesn’t kill him!’

Frank wasn’t worried about her getting hurt. She wasn’t any stronger than a normal girl, but he also knew about her healing abilities. And, he knew from personal experience, she had incredible staying power. She never stayed down.

He backed away down the trail. Trotting the two miles down to the car was much easier than the climb up. He hopped into the car and drove quickly to the nearest town, pulling in at the first County Sheriff’s sub-station he saw.


Béla woke up. She knew where she was this time. She wriggled in her bonds and noticed that they were good and tight – no escape there. She would have to convince her captor to release her.

She suddenly heard voices! Other people were here! Were they friends of her captor, or were they possibly, somehow magically, looking for her? She held her breath, listening intently to faint words that were nearly drowned out by her pounding heart.

A voice she didn’t recognize was talking about a missing person and a warrant to search the premises. She heard her captor arguing with them, then a noise like something falling.

“Mr. Belview, you’re under arrest for resisting an officer,” she heard someone say.

“I’m in here!” she yelled joyfully, kicking the wall loudly with her bare feet.

In a moment, the closet door opened and, blinded by the bright light, she heard someone say, “Miss Wilson? Is that you?”

“Yes! Yes! It’s me!” Béla yelled happily as she squinted up into the light. The deputy got her untied after several minutes and found a robe for her to put on. It was the first time she’d been dressed in the last three days.

‘Has it only been three days?’

“He really had you tied in a knot,” he told her.

Frank was there, too. Béla was really happy to see him and jumped on him with a big hug and a very wet, smelly kiss, embarrassing the nearby deputy as he stared at her bare legs wrapped around Frank’s waist.

“How did you find me?” she asked as she released Frank from her welcoming embrace.

“The deputy found your car and called me.” Frank told her, “I saw you up here this morning, being led to the john.”

The deputies took her captor away. Frank and Béla promised to follow in a few minutes, “as soon as she gets decent.”

Frank and Béla sat in the cabin where Béla had been rescued, finally alone.

“Where’s Jake when you need him?” Frank asked her after the Sheriff’s deputies left.

“Frank, he’s trapped in a ravine,” she told him. “I’ve been flying him supplies…”

“You’ve been what?” demanded Frank sounding surprised at that word…


“Frank,” Béla sighed, deciding to start at the beginning. “What do you know about me?”

“Well,” mused Frank, “You’re a great dancer, you attract men like moths to a flame, you have an incredible appetite for pain and sex, and you hardly eat anything at all. You have, on occasion, played ‘vigilante’ when women were being attacked and brutalized, and you heal supernaturally fast.”

“Yes,” Béla said, looking down at the robe covering her legs. “That’s the word: Supernatural.”

“Frank,” she continued, “I’m a supernatural being. I can do things that other people can’t. You’ve known me for years. You must suspect something…” Her voice trailed off as Frank held up his hand to quiet her.

Frank said earnestly, “I don’t care what you are. I know that you aren’t like other people. When I start thinking that you’re some dark, evil creature of the night, I turn my thoughts in other directions. I don’t believe in that crap and if it’s true, I don’t want to know.”

Béla sighed, “Then you should leave now. I have to go get Jake.” She stood up. Frank stood and held her by her shoulders.

Frank said, “Don’t forget you have to go down and swear out a statement on that Belview guy.”

“I have twenty-four hours,” Béla said, “I’ll either make it or I won’t. I don’t think he’s a hardened criminal. I was just there, and he couldn’t resist the opportunity.” She turned away, opening the hall closet door.

“People who can’t resist ‘opportunities’ like that are criminals, Béla.” Frank lectured, following her.

“Frank, I have that bar for a reason, you know,” Béla said, leaning forward. “Every time I take somebody into that Target Room, I know that somewhere there’s a girl who’s not getting raped or beaten up or murdered. That’s something that I need to do. Besides, I really like what I do there.”

She looked at him for a moment, then turned away. She hated arguing with him. It hurt her inside when they fought. How could she explain that putting people in prisons for their crimes never helped anyone? Especially when Frank was such a stout advocate of the Penile Justice System…

She’d never met anyone in her entire life that was actually rehabilitated who was alienated from society by being locked away like an animal. But she had seen hundreds of people who turned into animals when they were treated like animals.

People didn’t know anything about justice. As Béla understood it, people only understood vengeance. Béla didn’t kid herself that she occasionally practiced vengeance – but when she did, it was to dispense justice. Her club was for rehabilitating people so that justice wasn’t required.

“I’m leaving now,” Béla said.

She cast off her robe and threw it on the hall closet floor where she’d spent the last three days. Naked, she walked toward the door. Frank grabbed her arm and stopped her. They stared at each other for a moment, then he pulled her roughly against him and kissed her, hard, on the lips.

Béla waiting patiently in Frank’s arms, not responding to him at all. After a moment, Frank let her go. Without a word, she turned away and walked out the door, naked. When Frank followed her out, a few seconds behind her, she had completely disappeared.

After looking around for her a moment, he shrugged and went back inside, got his jacket, and, leaving the cabin open in case she came back, began the downhill jaunt to where his car was parked at the end of the road, two miles away.

From several hundred feet up, Béla watched Frank leave as she circled. Then she glided down and got the coil of rope she needed from the tool shed. Putting it around her neck, she reformed her wings and flew out over the mesa.

No one saw her this time.

Chapter 18 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla dropped down near the old mining shack next to her backpack. She deposited the coil of rope there and took out the knife she used for skinning rabbits. She knew Jake would be very hungry (and probably very worried about her), so she decided to hunt before diving back down into the crevice.

After fifteen minutes of low flying, she flushed a rabbit. Diving downward, she crashed into the ground on top of it as it tried to flee. Usually, as she dove, the rabbit would leap in some unexpected direction just before her strike. After her first few failures, she had learned to transform her wings back into arms just as she reached her target, ready to grab in whichever direction the target leaped. This one didn't leap at all, so she missed it entirely with her hands, but killed it instantly, squashing it when she crash-landed. It was going to be a mess to skin.

Folding the skin around the rabbits’ neck, she put it in her mouth, the dead rabbit dangling down in front of her. Her arms became wings once again as she reached skyward and launched herself up. She flew back toward the old mining shack while she contentedly sucked blood out of the rabbit. After the first couple of swallows, she noticed it tasted bad, so she spit it out of her mouth, hairy rabbit and all, and decided to hunt again.

It was another hour before she was ready to descend. Coil of rope around her neck and skinned, gutted rabbit clenched firmly in her teeth, she lifted off into the air. It was nearly sunset. The gorge where Jake was would already be dark.

As she sailed over the edge of the cliff and began her exhilarating dive downward, she saw a bright pinprick of light below her.

‘Great! Jake has a fire going,’ she realized, relieved to see it. ‘That means he’s okay!’

She wished she could yell and let him know she was near. She was sure he was worried sick about her.

Jake dropped another stack of branches next to their modest little campfire and dropped down to the ground, worried and exhausted. He’d finished the last of the water in the early afternoon, yesterday. Béla had been gone overnight and all of yesterday and today. His gut told him he’d never see her again and that he would die here, alone, to be slowly consumed by these pesky, ravenous ants!

‘A two-hour tour’ sang through his worried mind and he actually laughed as he compared his situation with that dumb TV show. But at least they had coconuts to eat, and Ginger was a real treat to look at. He decided that if he ever got out of here he’d buy a boat and name it the Minnow! Then he and Béla would go out and deliberately get lost on some Pacific island.

His humor only lasted a few minutes before he crashed back into the depths of depression, certain he’d been abandoned forever.

‘Why would she leave?’ rang through his mind for probably the thousandth time. ‘Something had to have happened to her! She wouldn’t just ‘go away’, would she? Just conveniently ‘forget’ that I was down here? Not after what we’ve been through… Maybe she decided I’m not trustworthy enough and leaving me here is the best way to protect her secret. God knows she’s probably deserted hundreds of people she cared about to keep her secrets from being discovered. No! I know she loves me! She wouldn’t desert me! … Would she?’

He wondered briefly if barbecued wood was edible as his stomach rumbled, loudly complaining about its empty condition.

“No, of course not!” Béla exclaimed from behind him. “Eating that will just make you sick.”

With a joyful cry, Jake twisted around, moving so quickly that he fell backwards.

“God! Am I glad to see you!” he exclaimed, laughing and crying at the same time. “I thought I lost you lost forever!”

“Lost?” she asked, brushing her mind against his. “Oh, yeah. I got a little tied up, but I got back as soon as I could.”

She grinned at him, laughing privately at her double meaning. Maybe she’d tell him what happened later. Right now, Jake was very busy mashing his body against hers and she needed some serious loving after her little ordeal. As Jake pulled her down on the ground and crawled up on top of her, she happily realized that he needed some serious loving, too.

“Easy, big boy,” Béla cooed. “I’m all bloody…”

“I don’t care!” Jake insisted, grinning widely as he raised his head up from gnawing on her neck and shoulders. “You’re here! That’s what matters!”

He dove back down, fervently kissing and chewing on her neck, shoulders and jawbone. Both hands were mangling her tiny breasts, his fingers digging almost painfully into her soft, rounded flesh, making her moan and cry out, barely able to tolerate his frenzied roughness as she did her best to catch up with him.

Béla snagged his neck with her teeth and snarled as Jake bit down just a little too hard on her shoulder blade. They both drew blood on that last strike. The sudden sharp pain in the side of his neck stopped his headlong assault on Béla’s tired and weary body.

“Slow down!” Béla insisted breathlessly, releasing his neck from her mouth. “Christ! You’re not even undressed yet!”

Jake sat up, looking confused. He blinked his eyes and shook his head.

“Wow!” he murmured. “That was intense!”

Breathing deeply, he looked into Béla’s face as she lay half-beneath him. His fingerprints and several scratch marks were still visible on her freshly mauled little breasts. There were bite-marks indenting her neck and shoulders. Some were bleeding.

Béla struggled up into a sitting position. “Well,” she sighed, happy to see him but relieved to be out from underneath him. “I missed you, too!” Rising up on her bare knees, she leaned over and kissed him.

“You get undressed,” she suggested, stroking his cheek with one hand. “I’ll put the rabbit over the fire.”

She rose gracefully to her feet, giving Jake an exquisite view of her bare pussy inches away from his face. Then she ruined his wondrous view by turning and walking a few steps away. He stared after her as she bent over to pick up the rabbit. Her nicely rounded rump never looked so enticing.

“You look good enough to eat,” he called over to her. “We don’t need the rabbit – I’ll just eat you!”

She looked back at him, still bent over as she skewered their dinner, and grinned at him. She awkwardly tried to wag her butt at him, making him laugh.

Lying the skewer across the rocks that ringed the fire, Béla came back and dropped down beside him. Her eyes danced in the firelight as she gazed at him.

Jake jumped as Béla knocked a couple of knuckles against the side of his head. He hadn’t even seen her raise her arm toward him.

“Knock, knock!” she grinned into his face. “Anybody in there? Wanna fuck?”

She laughed at his reaction. He’d been admiring her sleek, sexy body in the firelight and hadn’t even begun to get his clothes off, yet.

She sighed, pretending disgust at his seeming inability to undress himself, and began unbuttoning his shirt. After a few seconds, Jake caught on and pulled his belt loose before Béla got down that far. When she did reach his jeans, she used both hands and just pulled the snaps apart. Jake winced and tightened his belly, hoping nothing down there got caught in Béla’s eager removal of his jeans as she yanked them down his legs.

Without bothering to pull his jeans off over his boots, Béla flopped down on Jake’s legs and attacked his cheerfully waving hard-on. Grabbing it with one hand, she pushed herself up far enough to get the tip of it into her mouth. Jake lay back on the ground and just moaned in pure pleasure.

“Oh, jeez, that feels good,” he told her. “I thought something’d happened – that you weren’t coming back.”

“Umm,” Béla hummed, her mouth too busy to answer him.

She wasn’t interested in talking, anyway. She needed to get the feel of those ropes and that pervert’s hands out of her system and Jake’s nice, hard cock was just the thing that could do that.

When Jake started to jut his hips up, trying to fuck her face as she sucked on his cock, she knew he was ready. Kissing her way up his belly and chest, she crawled up his body, rubbing her tits against his hard cock as she left a trail of saliva up his torso with her tongue and mouth. Then she pressed her pelvic bone down against his cock, pinning it between her pelvis and his.

She sat that way for a minute, slowing grinding her clitoris up and down against his cock, then moved a little higher, releasing him and allowing his cock to spring up. She dropped down with perfect aim and skewered herself right in the cunt with his magnificent hard-on.

“Ahhhh, God!” Béla gasped as the sensation of ramming herself down flooded through her body. Jake grimaced as he felt her pussy lips fold into her pussy around his cock as she dropped down on him.

“You okay?” he asked anxiously as she sat on top of him, skewered on his cock. “That had to hurt!”

“I needed it to hurt,” Béla gasped.

She raised herself up much more slowly than she’d dropped down. Jake suspected that it hurt her pussy lips more than she thought it would. Stretching them up inside her like that probably felt like putting them through a wringer on an old washing machine. But, at least they slid back out as she raised herself up. When she lowered herself again, she had one hand between her legs to spread her out so that it wouldn’t happen again.

Satisfied that she was properly impaled on him now, she lay down on top of him, her legs still straddling his hips. Jake started pushing slowly in and out of her as she began licking and kissing his nipples.

“Yipe!” Jake yelped as Béla’s teeth gently bit down on him. “That tickles!”

Béla grinned up at him, his nipple still gripped in her teeth. Jake laughed at the sight of her – her wind-whipped hair half-covering her face, those dark, laughing eyes, that playful, but insidious grin as she held his nipple in her teeth…

“God, I love you,” he said spontaneously, before he could stop himself. It was still true. He did love her. He loved everything about her – even the fact that she sucked the blood out of the rabbits she hunted so they would clean up easier.

Béla tightened her pelvic muscles and squeezed his cock in answer. Then she let go with her teeth and hugged him as tightly as she could with her entire body, both arms and both legs. She held on to him like that while Jake continued moving in and out of her, her head pressed against his chest listening to his breathing and his heartbeat as he slowly and sensuously fucked her.

Jake put his arms around her as she hugged him, holding her tightly against him, feeling her hard ribs against his stomach and her soft breasts squashed against his chest. He felt a little wetness where her head was pressed against him and didn’t know if she was crying or if it was just saliva. He hugged her a little tighter and she moaned quietly.

After a few minutes, Béla began moving her pelvis, matching her movements with his and increasing the pace a bit. In another minute, she was up again, holding herself upright with her hands on his chest and bouncing up and down on his cock. Her eyes were closed and her face was wet. Her expression was one of intense concentration. He’d seen it often, just before she orgasmed.

Then she was coming – her legs trembled against his hips, his cock was bathed in her juices. She screamed through clenched teeth and shook as her orgasm flooded through her body. After one final, violent spasm, Béla collapsed wearily down onto his chest, her breath ragged and her body covered with a thin sheen of sweat.

After a moment, she stirred and twitched her pelvis, checking on Jake’s condition. He was still hard and buried deep inside her.

“You didn’t come,” she murmured, looking up at him.

She twitched her pelvic muscles again, trying to squeeze his cock, but doubted that he felt anything. Her pussy muscles were too spent to do much squeezing right now.

“Sorry,” Jake replied quietly. “I got distracted… I was watching some cute girl having an orgasm.”

He moved his pelvis up a bit, sliding his hard cock against her sensitive, soaked insides. He never wanted this to end. Even if he never came again, he wanted his cock buried inside her forever. He could feel every movement she made – every muscle spasm, every breath she took. His cock – his entire body – was that sensitive to her right now.

Béla recognized the sensitive condition his body was in right now. She sometimes felt it when she made love, but it was rare. She tried to make her sex brutal enough so that she wouldn’t get distracted with emotions like love and compassion. Every once in a while, she was unlucky enough to fall in love with a mortal, like she had with this one – Jake. And at moments like this, she knew he loved her, too.

And for the first time in her long existence, she didn’t mind that she was in love. She knew it would end badly – true love always did. But at this exact moment, she was happy; content with her life.

Perhaps that old adage that often floated through her mind – ‘Wishing for what was…’ – could be applied to the future, as well. ‘Wishing for what might be’ was also a waste of time and emotional resources.

‘Now’ is what’s important, after all, she realized.

Then she was asleep in Jake’s arms, dreaming they were still making love.

Chapter 19 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Béla sighed in pleasure as she nuzzled Jake’s chest in her sleep. As she woke up she ran her hand down his belly to encourage his morning hard on. When Jake woke up, she was sitting on top of him exactly where she’d been when he’d fallen asleep, pleasantly humping away.

“You been there all night?” Jake said, gazing down at her slender, bouncing body. “You shouldn’t waste your energy like that.”

“I love you, too,” Béla replied, frowning at him and sounding a little sarcastic. “That’s a hell of a thing to say first thing in the morning.”

“Honey, I only meant that you’re going to need all your energy to get us out of this ravine,” Jake explained. “I didn’t mean I don’t like what you’re doing – I love what you’re doing! But you shouldn’t be doing it today.”

Béla sat and thought for a moment, then started humping up and down on him again. “Okay,” she agreed, “as soon as I come, I’ll go.” She grinned at him and increased her pace a bit.

Jake sighed, enjoying what she was doing too much to make her stop. He just hoped she didn’t drop him from a thousand feet up when she found herself too exhausted to carry him any more.

‘Well, if I’m to die today,’ Jake thought to himself, ‘I may as well enjoy how my last day starts…’

He began thrusting up, trying to match his movements with hers. As soon as he started thrusting, Béla changed the way she was moving so that he could help, too. It took a couple of seconds before they were matched up in their thrusting again.

It became like a game – she slowed down slightly and suddenly Jake noticed they were moving up and down together instead of slamming their pelvises into each other. He stopped for half a stroke while she continued up. Then they slammed into each other again. She gave him an evil grin as she landed hard against his pelvis and shoved him back down to the ground.

After doing that two or three times, Jake finally grabbed onto Béla’s hips to hold her still while he rammed his cock up and down, skewering her repeatedly as he his cock began to throb with orgasm. His fingers digging into Béla’s hips were all it took for Béla to start coming. She dug her fingers into his stomach and felt him spurt inside her, mixing his cum with hers as she coating his cock with her own juices.

She dropped down on top of him, breathing rapidly, her legs heated from exertion and trembling from her orgasm. She could hear Jake’s heart thumping away inside his chest and smiled as she listened to it through his heavy breathing.

Jake reached up and stroked her hair, knowing what was in store for her today. She was such a fragile creature lying on him like that. He hoped she would be strong enough for the upcoming task of getting them out of here.

After a few moments, Béla stirred and got off him, driven by another need, now. Jake got up, too, and they both moved off in opposite directions. After Jake took care of his bladder, he got dressed and checked the campfire to see if ants had gotten the rest of the rabbit. They had.

Looking around, he found the rope Béla had brought down last night. Making a loop that wouldn’t tighten, he began to make a harness that Béla could wear with her wings extended. It would hang around her neck and her legs. In the middle would be… him.

“Can you hover?” he asked when he was finished.

Béla had been watching him work, not completely understanding how this rope harness was going to work.

She kept thinking about how heavy he was when she’d tried to lift him off the ground that first night while they were making love.

“Yeah, I guess,” Béla said, not too enthused. “I’ve never tried to hover.”

She formed her wings and beat them in the air. After a couple of tries, she was able to stay in one place a few feet off the ground. She was quickly getting tired, though. It was a lot harder to fly and not go anywhere than it was to soar.

In addition, her hover was pretty unsteady, as she needed to rapidly do one stroke forward, pushing down, then one stroke back, not pushing up! That backward stroke was what made it so hard. She had to angle each wing up and position it to catch air for her next downward stroke. Her wings didn’t naturally work that way and switching her wing position back and forth was heating up muscles that weren’t used to working like that.

“How long?” she asked anxiously, breathing rapidly to get enough oxygen to keep her wing muscles from cramping.

“Come on down,” Jake told her.

She folded her wings straight back and dropped to the ground, panting and covered with sweat.

“Am I gonna have to do that all the way up?” she asked, still sounding anxious. “I don’t think I can.”

“You won’t have to,” Jake comforted her. “Once you get your speed up, you can probably fly like normal. Let’s try the harness now.”

Jake placed the top loop around her neck. Béla grinned nervously, then stepped into the lower part and let Jake tighten it around her thighs just under her hips.

“How come it’s not down farther?” she asked, curious. “It feels like my balance would be off with all your weight on my upper half…”

“I don’t want to tie your legs together,” Jake explained. “Plus, you wouldn’t be able to hold them straight behind you with my weight on them.”

He finished tying the rope below her sexy hips, completely disappointing her by ignoring her bare butt and her pelvis while he worked.

“Can you move okay?” he asked. “That’s not too tight?”

Béla shifted her hips back and forth and showed that she could still open and close her legs with the tops of her thighs tied together like that.

“I can still steer,” she admitted, “I guess. I don’t know what it’ll feel like with your weight on it, though.”

“I know, Hon,” Jake told her as he strapped on his backpack. “Well, I guess we’re ready. We’re going to target that first ledge, okay?”

Béla nodded nervously. She flapped her wings and returned to that difficult hover. The looped seat dangled down in front of her.

“A little lower!” Jake yelled, trying to hop on and straddle the rope seat. Then he was crouched over it, half-sitting on it and half-standing on the ground.

“Take off!” he yelled.

Béla lifted as hard as she could. Jake felt his feet leave the ground for an instant, then his feet dragged forward as she failed to get any height. He could hear her grunt with each downbeat of her wings and the air whipped wildly around him as he started to rise again.

Then he was going forward as Béla picked up speed. He yelled as the ground suddenly rose up and crashed into him. As it did, he threw himself sideways to get his weight off the damned harness so he wouldn’t cause Béla to fall by getting tangled up in the ropes.

She crashed anyway and lay on the ground, sobbing in exhausted frustration. Jake got up and went over to her, carefully walking around her flattened wings.

“I can’t!” Béla sobbed, lying face down on the ground. “I can’t do it. You’re too heavy! I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, babe,” Jake comforted her. “Come on, get up.”

He lifted her shoulders, helping her to hold her weight while she pushed against the ground with her wings. After an awkward moment, she was on her knees with her wings drooping listlessly away on each side.

“I’m sorry, I really am!” Béla cried. “I just can’t do it! I can’t I can’t I can’t!”

“Yes, you can,” Jake assured her. “We’ll just try a different way. Okay?”

“How? What way?” she asked, sniffing, unable to wipe her face with her wings. Jake held his arm up and she wiped her face against his sleeve.

“You told me you climbed up the cliff a ways, remember?” he told her.

“Yeah?” she said, wondering what he planned.

“Well,” he explained. “The reason why you can’t carry me is that you can’t get enough wind under your wings. You can’t get up enough speed. Right?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she admitted.

She was breathing more normally now and flexed her wings as her overheated wing and back muscles started to cramp.

“So, I’ll climb up as far as I can,” he continued, “and you just take it easy here on the ground until I yell for you. Then you fly up and hover while I jump on the harness. You can get your speed up by diving, then you should be able to…”

“That’s crazy!” Béla cried out. “You’ll… you… There’s a thousand things that could go wrong with that! You could miss the harness! You could… I could be pulled into the cliff face, and then we’d both fall to our deaths! You can’t! You just can’t!”

“We fell before, and we didn’t die,” Jake said softly. He pulled her winged body against him. “We won’t fall, and we won’t die. You said there are at least two ledges where we can rest. We can take off each time the same way. You dive to get your speed, then carry me to the next ledge. You can do this!”

“Oh, God!” Béla breathed into his safe, secure arms and trembled. “I hope so…”

Jake kissed her and then rose up, looking for where he could possibly climb up. Spotting a crevasse that could give him some decent handholds, he trotted over to it and began to climb. He climbed for about twenty minutes until he ran out of handholds.

Daring to look down for the first time, he realized that, although he was pretty high up, he wasn’t sure there was enough distance between him and the crevasse floor for Béla to dive. He looked around to see if he could get any higher. There was another crevasse off to one side that went higher, but he’d have to back down to get to it.

“Nooo!” Béla voice echoed up around him. “Staaay therrree!”

He looked down and saw Béla flying up toward him. As she reached his height, she switched to ‘hover’, and stopped several feet higher than he was. The rope harness dangled down a couple of meters behind him. He reached out for the rope hanging down from her neck.

Béla yelped as Jake pulled her head down by putting weight on her harness, causing her to almost fly straight into the cliff face. She backstroked frantically and was able to keep hovering.

“This isn’t going to work!” she yelled down at him, her wings whipping the air around and confusing his sense of balance.

Jake realized that he’d have to grab the rope around her neck at the same time as he grabbed the rope tied around her thighs, or else he’d wreck her. Taking a deep breath, he leaned out away from the cliff face and fell against the harness, desperately grasping both ropes as he did so.

Béla shrieked and flailed her wings frantically as she was pulled down. She watched as Jake managed to get his leg over her neck rope. Then, miraculously, he was seated on the harness.

They were both dropping rapidly and Béla wasn’t diving. She was flapping wildly, frantically trying to stop their desperate drop, still aimed toward the cliff and crying out in terror as the jagged rock came nearer and nearer.

‘She can’t steer!’ Jake realized with sudden urgency.

Not knowing exactly what to do, Jake leaned back hard in his harness and leaned sideways as well, trying to get Béla turned away from the cliff face.

‘Damn! It worked!’ he thought excitedly as his weight dropped her legs back and she turned sideways.

“Now dive!” he yelled and leaned forward hard on her neck rope.

Her left wing brushed the cliff face and Béla cried out with new terror. Then she was diving and the ground was coming up fast.

“Get off my neck!” Béla cried as she helplessly watched the ground approach, her wings as wide as she could stretch them.

Jake leaned back against the rope around her thighs and Béla miraculously leveled off. She was flying! And she was carrying him! She dared to let out a whoop of triumph!

Jake heard her cry out as she began to beat the air furiously with her wings, trying to climb.

‘Wow! She steers just like a real live hang glider!’ Jake realized.

He leaned back a little further and Béla began climbing. She cried out again, more uncertain this time, and looked down at him hanging in the harness beneath her.

“You fly!” he yelled up at her. “I’ll steer!”

She didn’t answer, but she kept climbing. Soon they were as high as where they’d started. Jake looked around to find the first ledge to land on. He didn’t see anything. Béla seemed to know where she was going, so he just let her fly straight while she climbed higher and higher.

All too soon, they were reaching the end of the crevasse. The cliff walls were getting closer and closer together.

“Béla!” Jake shouted up to her. She looked down at him. “I’m going to stall you out so you can turn around! Okay? You can dive and pick up your speed again!”

“No!” she shouted back. “Straight!”

Her body was covered with sweat and he could see her lungs working in and out with each wing stroke. She climbed higher, then Jake saw it!

‘The ledge! God! That’s little! She’ll never be able to land on that!’

But Béla had a plan. The ledge was right in front of them now and a little lower than they were.

“Lean back!” she yelled down at him.

Jake leaned backward, forcing her body into a more upright position and stalling her out. He couldn’t believe it, but he landed on his feet on that narrow ledge.

Hearing a terrified cry, he looked up just as Béla slid down the cliff face. She’d reverted to her human, wingless, form and was grasping the rocks trying to slow her painful slide.

Jake caught her as she slid right down into his arms. She was sobbing, shaking, exhausted and unable to catch her breath, but happy at the same time.

She couldn’t believe they were really at the first landing. Holding her tightly and leaning against the cliff face, he noticed that the entire front of her body was skinned up badly from her slide. Her heart was racing so fast it was almost vibrating. She slowly collapsed as her legs gave out from exhaustion.

Jake gently but firmly guided her sweat-slicked face around and pressed her mouth against his neck. Almost automatically, she bit into his neck and began sucking his blood. He let her suck until he started to feel light-headed, then made her stop. He didn’t need to pass out, too. If that happened, they’d both fall and it was a long way down from here.

Revitalized by Jake’s blood, Béla became more cognizant of her surroundings.

“We can do this!” she exclaimed, her voice full of exhausted relief. “I can do it! We can get to the top!”

Jake laughed at her fresh enthusiasm. It was a refreshing change from her certainty that she couldn’t do it earlier.

“Okay, where’s the next ledge?” he asked her.

Béla looked up. Jake followed her gaze and saw it. It was a lot steeper climb than the one they’d just done.

“I’ll have to fly past it,” Béla suggested, “then get above it, stall out and turn around. Then we can both land on it.”

“It’s larger than this?” Jake asked.

Béla nodded. “I could lay flat on it.”

A little more discussion on how to take off from here resulted in Jake lifting Béla carefully up between him and the cliff face, then letting her stand with her knees on his shoulders. Carefully and precariously balancing both of them, Jake stepped back into the harness. Béla crouched with her arms fearfully wrapped around his head while he very carefully turned around to face outward from the cliff.

“Ready?” he asked.

Béla carefully straightened up, then shifted her shoulders back, recreating her wings.

“Ready!” she called out.

“Ahhh!” she cried as she felt Jake slowly topple forward.

Then they were airborne, diving down to gain the needed speed to climb up to the next ledge. Jake seated himself on his rope seat as Béla’s widespread wings caught the air and slowed her fall.

Then she was soaring as Jake leaned back and leveled her off. He heard her laugh with joy as she began beating her wings and climbing up toward the next ledge.

“Lean back more!” she yelled at him.

“No! You’ll stall out!” Jake cried back.

He felt Béla moving her legs forward, forcing his seat to tilt backward, then she beat her wings more furiously against the air, attacking it at a much sharper angle than before.

Jake could tell they were slowing down as Béla continued her furious climb. After another few seconds, she straightened her legs back, allowing him to sit more forward so she could fly level.

He looked ahead and was startled to realize that they were already at the level of the next ledge. He leaned back a little, realizing that they needed to climb just a little higher, then he could stall her out right over the ledge.

Their second mutual landing was much less traumatic and disfiguring than the previous one. Jake let Béla lie down to rest. In less than a minute, she was unconscious.

‘That’s not good,’ Jake realized, and, lifting her head, patted her cheeks until she woke up.

“Drink!” he commanded, pressing her mouth against his neck.

Béla bit down and sucked. It took longer for her to recover, this time, but after an hour or so, she was awake and aware of her surroundings once again.

This time when they took off, Béla hovered over Jake and let him get seated with about half his weight on the harness. Then he waddled forward and over the ledge, pulling Béla down as he dropped.

Pulling on her neck rope, he put her into a dive, then leaned back, leveling her off. She confidently beat her wings with powerful strokes, climbing into the last leg of their journey.


The sun beat down on the sand and rock. Jake could hear Béla’s ragged heaving as she lay where she had collapsed, trying to catch her breath at the top of the cliff. After a moment, her breathing relaxed into a more quiet but still hoarse, rasping sound as she passed into unconsciousness.

Her slender, too-thin body, which had been soaking wet with sweat, was now drying rapidly in the sun and the wind. Jake realized that she had passed out from heat exhaustion and was badly dehydrated.

When she had finally reached the top and pulled Jake over the lip of the ledge, Béla had been too blinded from exhaustion and sweat to be sure she had succeeded. She kept pulling, sobbing desperately, her wing and back muscles cramped and burning from the effort, until she finally heard Jake yelling at her to stop. Then she had simply collapsed to the ground, breathlessly sobbing, face down, the rope harness cruelly cutting into the flesh around her neck and thighs, her wing motion too feeble to support her any longer.

“I’m going to go get water at the mining shack, okay?”

Jake talked to her while he turned her over and cleaned some of the dirt off her face telling her over and over how fantastic she was and to just hold on a little long and everything would be fine.

Béla’s skin felt cool and dry. It was difficult moving her because of her wings, and the fact that her body was so completely limp, but he finally got her into partial shade and posed her wings so she looked halfway comfortable.

Although she was unconscious and limp as a bag of flour, It was much easier than moving her with her bones crushed and her body mashed like the last time he’d had to carry her anywhere.

Jake didn’t like leaving Béla alone like that, but he knew she needed water.

‘She probably didn’t liked leaving me behind at the bottom of the gorge when she had to, either,’ he thought to himself as he staggered away, heading up the trail toward that precious source of water. He wondered if an automobile felt the way that he did when it was a quart low on oil.

Returning an hour and a half later, he approached her sleeping form with a backpack filled with fresh water bottles. His mind was concerned with other questions now, like why there was a dead, rotting mountain lion lying up by the shack with its throat torn out.

‘Well, she said something about a disagreement concerning whose supper that rabbit was going to be…’ he mused. ‘That must be what she meant. At least, the lion didn’t get *her* for supper!’

Béla lay on her side, having changed positions at least once since he left. No longer wings, her arms were folded beneath her soft breasts, across her naked belly. She was breathing quietly.

‘I hate to wake her up,’ Jake thought. But he knew she needed liquids more than she needed sleep.

He sat down next to her, dropping the backpack on the ground. Then he rolled her body over so that her head was resting in his lap. A dry, rasping groan of protest escaped her throat.

Jake opened a bottle of water and dribbled some onto her parched, cracked lips. Béla opened her eyes, unseeing, and stared upward, her mouth moving weakly. He poured a few drops into her mouth and was rewarded with another dry rasping sound, then her tongue began to work the fluid around in her mouth. Jake was glad she was cognizant enough not to try swallowing right away.

Béla’s eyes focused on Jake’s face and she formed his name with her lips, trying to raise one arm toward his face. Jake put the water bottle in her hand and helped her support it, raising it to her lips. He let her swallow a gulp or two, then pulled it away from her. She gasped breathlessly in protest, trying to hold the bottle, then looked back up at him.

“You did it!” he told her, softly. “We made it to the top.”

Her eyes closed as she tried to form a smile on her parched lips. A slight sound, perhaps a laugh, escaped her throat as she passed back into unconsciousness. He woke her up twice more and each time made her drink more water. When she had consumed at least half the liter of water, he let her sleep.

Jake sat holding her head in his lap and watched her chest move up and down with her breathing, her left breast pulsing slightly with her heartbeat as she slept.

Chapter 20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Umm… that’s nice,” Jake heard as he felt something pleasantly wet, warm and very tight slid over his dick. The sensation continued, waking him up as Béla took advantage of his morning hard-on.

He opened his eyes. She was still in her ‘human’ form. He watched as she slowly moved up and down, her little breasts nicely pressed together between her arms as she leaned forward, holding herself up with her hands on his chest.

“Umm…morning,” he murmured, smiling up at her.

She grinned back and squeezed his dick with her pelvic muscles in response. He lay passively beneath her, just watching her work her sexy body as she fucked herself on his cock.

After a moment, she became more demanding and raked her nails down the front of his chest, making him twitch.

“That’s better,” she murmured, and scratched him again, making him twitch again.

Jake chuckled as he got the idea that she wanted his participation. He reached out with his hands and took a nice grip on her torso just below her ribcage. Smiling, she increased her movement up and down, becoming more excited. Jake knew he’d have to hold on to her now or she’d pop right off of him.

Béla gasped at the fresh sensation as Jake’s thumbs dug into her soft flesh just under her ribs. She started to tremble as his thumbs dug deeper. Jake could feel her pussy twitch as she approached orgasm, then she arched her back and cried out at the early morning sky as she came. Her entire body was quivering and she soaked his cock and balls with girl-cum, then collapsed, letting him hold her up with that wonderfully tight grip.

Through his hands and his cock, he could feel every twitch and tremble of her lithe body as he held her there, impaled on his cock. She looked and felt magnificent as she sat straddling him with her arms dangling limp behind her, her head and breasts pointed at the sky, seeming to sacrifice her sexuality to the very gods, themselves.

His body wanted so badly to respond to hers – to come inside her as she sat, or rather, ‘hung’, above and surrounding his cock. He was so close that he didn’t dare move. The slightest sensation would send him over.

Then, the inevitable happened. Béla tightened her stomach, pulling herself upright on top of him. His cock began to twitch, then he was spurting his cum deep inside her. He tightened his grip on her torso unmercifully as every muscle in his body tensed with his incredible orgasm.

“Ahhhh!” Béla cried out as his orgasmic assault sent her into another orgasm.

She twisted her pelvis around on his cock as she felt him twitch and spurt warmly inside her and added more of her own juices to what he was pumping into her.

She pulled on his forearms to get him to lessen his grip a little. He was starting to fold her lower ribs up into her lungs, keeping her from being able to breathe. She had almost passed out with that last orgasm and noisily gasped in a fresh, deep breath when Jake collapsed from coming inside her and dropped his arms onto her thighs.

She gazed down at him, both glad and sorry that he’d let go of her. She could breathe, now, but that incredible, crushing sensation was gone, as well. She smiled down at him, knowing that she’d feel it again, hopefully many more times over the coming years.

Then she felt sad, realizing that time would eventually tear him away from her, bit by bit, year by year. It always happened.

Jake was startled as Béla abruptly climbed off and stood up, facing away from him.

“You okay?” he asked, concerned. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

He climbed to his feet, surprised that he didn’t feel more stiffness and soreness from lying on the cold ground all night.

Putting his arms around her from behind, he kissed her shoulders and neck several times.

“You’re incredible, you know?” he murmured into her ear.

Béla turned around quickly in his arms and kissed him, holding him as tight as she could, then buried her head against his neck and shoulder. She wasn’t fast enough to keep Jake from noticing her eyes were filled with tears.

He hugged her lithe, smooth body against him for a moment, letting her head rest against his shoulder.

“Good sex always make you cry?” he asked her, hoping to lighten her sudden mood change.

She shook her head. Then she changed her answer.

“Yeah,” she whispered. She held her head back and looked at him, sniffing once to clear tears out of her nose. “Yeah, it does.”

She looked around and saw that Jake had brought both backpacks with him – his, full of water, and hers, with their clothes. She could actually get dressed. She kissed Jake lightly on the mouth, then disengaged her arms and bent down to open her pack.

Jake and Béla finally reached the top end of the trail that led downward toward the base of the mesa and their car. Béla was wearing jeans and a polo shirt from her backpack. Jake missed seeing her naked body already, but knew he would see it again, many, many more times over the coming years.

As they traveled, Jake couldn’t help noticing the strength of his body and the lightness that he felt when he moved.

‘I haven’t felt this good in ten years!’ he realized. ‘We should come out here more often!’

They stopped at the top of a rise and looked back at the way they had come.

“The last time I stood here,” Béla confided in him, “I swore I saw the shadow of a ship.”

“What kind of ship?” Jake asked, looking out over the horizon.

“One of my father’s ships,” she replied. “But they’ve been gone a long…”

A gurgle escaped her throat. Jake turned to look at her. Her face was white. She looked terrified.

“Stop it! Please!” she screamed, “Stop it! Get out of my head!”

She fell to her knees, her eyes squeezed shut, hands held tightly to the sides of her head. There was pain in her head like a thousand needles, piercing her in the exact same spot as that annoying buzz from the sun.

Jake wildly looked around, trying to find who was attacking her.

A huge round shadow, at least a mile across, was rapidly moving toward them across the mesa. Jake felt every hair on his body stand straight up when he saw it.

Then he madly pawed through his backpack for his gun, wishing he still had the tracer clip Béla had brought with them and wondering if it would make any difference.

Béla knelt on the ground, eyes tightly closed against the alien concepts that flooded through her mind.

A race of people shared their rule with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt in the time even before the pyramids. They couldn’t survive in the strong radiation of the earth’s sun, so they modified their ship to project a shadow on the ground that they could move within.

Genetic experiments were conducted to find or create a common ground for the beings in the ship and the humans here on earth. Their attempts to increase their ability to withstand the mind-numbing radiation of this yellow dwarf star and to increase the life span of the humans resulted in you and others like you.

Béla opened her eyes, finally understanding why she was not included in their desperate departure from Earth so long ago, and understanding why the being that had hunted her had called her an abomination, a non-entity. She had not been born, but had been genetically created, full-grown, from both human and alien DNA, in one of their alien labs. She couldn’t remember he childhood because she never had one.

She knelt on the ground, not feeling the hard stones pressing against her knees, numbed by her new knowledge. Jake was beside her, gun drawn, terrified by what was happening. The edge of the shadow passed over them and the sun disappeared. The buzzing in the background of her mind that was always with her in the daytime faded away.

Light shimmered in front of them and a form appeared. Béla snarled, recognizing him. The hated being who had hunted her so mercilessly stood before her.

‘You’re dead! I killed you!’ Béla’s thoughts screamed at him in hate and horror.

‘No, you did not,’ the being replied in her mind.

‘How did you survive being evaporated by that weapon, then?’ she asked, still feeling terror in her gut. The question was being answered even as it formed in her mind.

‘Even in your terrified state of mind,’ he continued, ‘you only wished for the “Praetor” to protect you, not to kill me. So it removed me from your environment and transported me back inside our ship, away from you.’

‘Had you wanted to kill me,’ he concluded, ‘the Praetor would have destroyed you instantly, as it doesn’t permit true entities to kill each other. Instead, it responded and protected you as it would any true entity; any sane being. You are the only child to pass the test.’

“Test? Does that mean you’ll leave me alone?” Béla asked aloud, her voice shaking. She dared to hope for a non-violent end to this encounter.

“Yes,” he answered aloud. “We will leave you and your descendants alone until it is time to take you to a safer place.”

“Safer?” she asked, confused. “What are you talking about? And what ‘descendents’? There is only me. You killed all the others and I don’t have any descendents.”

Images filled her mind once again, and she realized that the device she had once held, the Praetor, was creating them. The images were much less painful now that they did not have to override the mind-numbing radiation of the sun.

A small, yellow dwarf star was expanding rapidly, swallowing its children, the inner planets. A huge, hollow moon, a larger model of Deimos, their present home, hid from the solar madness behind Jupiter’s gigantic mass.

That must be the ‘safer place’, Béla realized as she watched the nova unfold in her mind. The solar event she witnessed was only a few hundred years in the future.

“What about my descendants?’ she asked the Praetor.

An image of her, making love with Jake, her wings wrapped around and protecting his body from the night cold, appeared in her mind.

‘You are only sterile in your human form, child,’ the Praetor spoke into her mind. ‘In your natural form, you are fertile, and can create offspring.’

‘I’m pregnant!’ Béla suddenly realized. That would explain the satisfied fulfillment she’d been experiencing lately. Her whole body began to tremble in elation.

Béla gazed lovingly over at Jake, sitting frozen in fear beside her, useless pistol pointed at the being who stood before them.

“It’s alright,” she told him, “They won’t hurt us!”

She reached out and, taking his arm, lowered the pistol to the ground. She put her arm around him and hugged him. Then fearfully, she looked back at the form as it faded.

‘What about Jake?’ she sent the thought as hard as she could at the fading form.

Jake dying and leaving her painfully lost and alone as all of her life-long friends and lovers had done throughout the ages.

‘You have already solved that problem, my child,’ the voice of the hunter told her. ‘You are, after all, the future of both our peoples.’

Stunned, she finally recognized the being as he faded completely from sight.

The sun came out, as from behind a cloud and they were alone in the desert, once again. The ship was gone. No shadow betrayed its presence.

‘Father, I love you!’ Béla shouted in her mind, trying to project her thoughts into the skies through the annoying buzz that had returned to the back of her mind.

Béla looked at Jake and smiled. He looked shaken and confused. She knew, somehow, that they would survive together.

Her father told her that she had solved the problem of losing Jake. She didn’t understand what she’d done, but if she believed him, she would not have to lose Jake as she had so many others she had loved.

They began the long downward hike back to their car.

End Part 3.

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Fantasm | Alien, Body modification, Horror, Violence


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