New Game_(3) by Velonben

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Fiction | Incest, Young

Button mashers never seemed to grab the attention of most competitive gamers. They lacked skill as well as the tactics needed in order to be a professional gamer. It didn’t have the strategies involved when it game to first person shooters or sports games where you had to take care of your team and utilize every substitution and time out. But Dean never gave up on them.

Dean saw button masher fighting games as the games that required the most skill since there were so many combinations involved. No two fights were ever the same when it came to him. He’d analyse his opponent’s every move and come up with a strategy to counter them with ease. None of his friends were able to beat him. It got to the point that whenever they were over they opted for any other game than a fighting one. Even his reign on the internet proved to be formidable since he had only lost three out of two thousand matches. But there was one person that could beat him. A person that was still able to give him a challenge despite his overwhelming prowess.


Dean slumped on to his bed as the replay of his defeat flashed on the flat screen. It’s not that he didn’t like losing. He was never a sore loser. He just preferred not to. With his left hand he moved the joystick to the rematch option without even looking. His eyes were still closed; still analysing the previous fight and searching for loopholes in his opponents attack and defence.

“You’ve got that stupid look on your face again.” Dean could feel a finger jab the side of his head repetitively as he tried to think. Eventually he swatted the hand away and rose upright. “Whatever you’re thinking aint gonna work on me.”

“Oh yeah?” he glanced over at his rival and pushed her head to the side with his palm. “I got you figured out, bitch.”

Toppling, his sister laughed a little bit beginning the match with an all-out attack. Normally when people played these games the controllers would be abused due to frustration and lack of combo knowledge but when these two played it was a symphony of precise swipes and taps that soothed the ears. The volume was low too since it was extremely late in the night and they didn’t want to disturb the rest of the household.

“Hey Phill, pass me some chips over there on the side table. Mine are dusted.” Dean continued to play with his eyes glued to the screen awaiting his sister’s response. It wasn’t long before a bag of Dorittos connected with the side off his head. Even though he was hit he never lost concentration.

“Thanks…I guess.” He said as he landed the final blow on Phill. “I’ll be taking my prize.”

He dropped his controller and proceeded to open the bag of treats. Phill tried to grab some but Dean instantly swung his body around the bed and put his foot against her face preventing her from moving any closer. She tried to reach out but she could only watch in agony as the chips left the packet and entered his mouth one by one.

“Hey, c’mon! No fair,” she pleaded.

“Maybe when you get more wins than me you can have some. But we both know that’s not happening any time soon.”

“Well fuck you! I’m older than you anyway so I deserve them.”

“Hey you’re gonna wake everyone up.”

Phill stopped trying as she rested on her brother’s foot. She turned her head to see the glowing TV that lit up majority of the bedroom. The score was two hundred to her brother and 113 to her and that was just from starting when they got home from school. Both of them had lost count on the overall score but they were sure it was in the thousands.

“You mind getting off my foot?” he asked. “Your fat ass aint easy to hold up and I got a clear view in between in your twins.”

“I bet you’re enjoying this!”

“Yes, because who doesn’t enjoy holding up whales? Now get off.”

Dean moved his foot to the side and she came crashing down on to his stomach. Chewed up chips flew out of his mouth along with the wind in his lungs.

“Ah for fuck sakes, Phill,” he groaned.

“Served you right, asshole.”

Dean looked down at his sister but all her could see was her red and blue hair dangling over her face. Half of it was braided while the other side was left alone and long. He could make out her tongue sticking out of the multicolour mess. Seizing the opportunity he reached over her head and fished inside her pants for the lining of her underwear. With one strong pull he yanked it towards him and her head arched back as a loud moan escaped her.

“Woah,” he laughed. “You’re not supposed to enjoy the punishment, pervert. Any louder mom, dad and Lin would have stormed in here.”

“You’re one to talk!” she whispered trough her teeth. “I can feel your dick stabbing my stomach.”

“Natural reaction I suppose. I guess my sadism gets the best of me.”

Dean let go and she landed back on his stomach but not as hard as before. She rubbed her butt hoping that the slight pain would stop but it had no effect.

“And what would a kid like you know about sadism?” she asked as she sat up on him. “Aren’t you supposed to be playing in the sand with your colouring books?”

“I’m seventeen, Phill. I’m not as dumb as I look. Wait! No—I mean…”


Phill effortlessly pressed his body down with her hand and turned her body around. Squirming didn’t help him much as she scooted backwards so that her whole weight was on his stomach. He tried to move away but she was too heavy for him. He could feel the air in his lungs slowly leaving. Not even his butt punches could do anything.

“Let’s see what Mr Pro-Gamer knows about sadism.”

“What are you doing?”

“Getting my rematch.”

She dug her hand into his pants and went straight for his boyhood. With a little tug she got it out and moved his pants lower so that she could get a better look. In the dark she couldn’t see much but the TV light aided a bit.

“Get the hell off me!” he almost shouted but remembered to keep his voice down. “You’re fat! So incredibly fat.”

“If anything I’m on the right side of chubby,” she said as she began to stroke. “The cute side, don’t you think?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about and you can forget about me getting hard. All the blood is rushing to my head anyway.”

Through is squint he could see her hair sliding down her favourite black tank top and her butt crushing his stomach. It was bigger than most girls he knew but it was understandable since she was already in university but he was certain the chubby factor had something to do with it. His breathing became heavier as the strokes on him got faster. It was weird for him in his mind since it was his sister but at the same time he was feeling good much to the disappointment of his pride. Later he would blame his thought process on the lack of oxygen in his lungs.

“Having fun yet? You’re pretty hard down here.”

“I’ll tell you all about it when I can breathe again.”

With his last bit of strength he wrapped his hands around his sister’s waist and pulled her closer to his face. She dropped down and some of the mass was spread around his body. His lungs began to work properly again.

“So I guess…this is gonna…be a competition of who gets away with the most shit?” he panted.

“I never said that.”

“Oh but I did! Get ready to lose…again.”

Dean grabbed her short shorts and rolled them down along with the undies he had already pulled. It was a struggle to get them past his chest but he managed.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she asked.

“Watch close,” he said as he lifted his index finger in the air just high enough for her to see. “Because for my next trick-“

He moved his finger into her and instantly hooked it upwards. This made her squeeze him even tighter as she felt him wriggling inside.

“-I’ll make my finger disappear! Neat trick, huh?”

“You cheeky-”

The finger started to swivel again and she stopped talking. Eventually he was moving in and out while turning and all she could do was lie on his crotch with a small puddle of drool around her open mouth. Her breath made him throb even more but she was still idle. He removed his wet finger and got to work on the bump above her opening. Like his gaming he utilized a series of different combinations that comprised of flicking, rubbing and squeezing with the occasional lick or two. It was at this point where his sister came out of her pleasure induced mini coma.

“We should stop…” she lied.

“I know…” he lied.

Phill’s hand began to move again but her body was still pretty much motionless. She was not sure if she had climaxed but she wouldn’t be surprised since she was out of it for a while. Dean removed his fingers out his sister and mustered enough strength to push her down far enough to get his legs free.

“Looks like I’m about to win.”

He shifted over to her and placed his member between her butt cheeks. Slowly but firmly he moved lower and then deep into her while trying to keep it together.

“I may have pushed my luck here,” he admitted. “I didn’t think I’d get this far.”

“Don’t think. Just move.”

He did. Again. And again. And again. His hands were now in her shirt and latched around her boobs. They were incredibly soft and squishy. He couldn’t get enough. Phill enjoyed herself too as her brother continued to ram her insides without a moment’s hesitation. They had passed the point of no return but neither of them were complaining. In the back of his head Dean wondered whether if they had locked the door prior to all of this because the last thing he wanted was his parents to walk in. Or his other older sister.



“I gotta bust.”


Dean started to go faster and faster. Phill knew what that meant. Logic and reason started to fight against pleasure as she tried to stop him from going any further but the deeper thrusts forced both entities to give up she begged for more with just her body. Dean complied and moved as fast as he could until he eventually came deep inside. He dropped down on her back and twitched a bit but she wasn’t done.

“Is that all you got?” she panted. “I thought you wanted to win this thing.”

“You might have a problem, Phillipa.”

Phill pushed Dean off and walked over to the wall next to the TV. He watched as she took off her top and threw it over the screen reducing the amount of light in the room.

“Please finish what you started.”

Dean got up from the bed and walked to his sister. She grabbed him and went straight for his mouth. In an instant their tongues were wrapped around each other viciously fighting without a cause. At the same time Dean had his hands firmly rooted in his sister’s butt as they both moved up and down against the wall. Phill put one leg on the side table that the Dorritos were on as her brother slid in again. This time he was little rougher since he wasn’t as pent up as before though he was mindful of the fact that the wall they were on was next to Lin’s room.

“Don’t wake up Lin,” Phill said letting go of Dean’s tongue.

“She’s a heavy sleeper. It’s okay.”

“It’s not okay, Dean,” she moaned. “Look at us. We’re fucking in your room while our family’s sleeping.”

“Fuck, make up your mind.”

He managed to lift her higher so he could rest his head on her soft breasts. His sweat and drool made them all slippery which made things better for him. Phill grabbed on to his head suffocating him yet again.

“Just remember that you started this!” she said.

“You know I love games.”

“This isn’t a game, dumbass.” She clenched as he started to pick up the pace. “You’re fucking with feelings, emotions and all kinds of shit. I don’t—ah—I don’t know if you know what this means.”

“This doesn’t mean I have to stop.”

“No! Don’t stop. You can never stop. This is too good. Just don’t go telling all your loser friends that you fucked some college girl over the weekend.”

Dean was close to finishing again and so was Phill. As Dean emptied out all that he had left Phill held on tighter to his head forcing him deeper inside her and her breasts. The room was quiet again. The symphony of precise button taps had been replaced by a duet of quiet whimpers and groans. She looked down at his dark hair and held him close. She could feel him trying to talk and the vibrations around her chest were extremely ticklish so she let go of his head and he looked up.

“As long as you don’t tell your friends you didn’t fuck the net Pro MLG then we have a deal.”

“When you say it like that you make me sound so pathetic.”

“I didn’t hear your fat ass complaining before.”

“Uggh, just shut up.”

Rating: 87%, Read 27347 times, Posted Dec 01, 2015

Fiction | Incest, Young


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