Mommy Has To Watch Us Do It by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male

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Mommy Has To Watch Us Do It

When I asked Tim to have sex with me he couldn’t believe it. He got all excited and started to tear my clothes off right there.

Then I said, “Mommy has to watch us do it.”

Tim thought about it a moment and asked, “Your mother wants to watch us do it?”

I said, “She insists on watching us.”

I looked at his face as he contemplated the offer I had made him. I had just offered him my virginity. Of all the boys I could have picked I had chosen him. He was fifteen and two years older than I was, he was tall for his age, and he almost always was nice to me…unless his friends were around…then he made fun of me until I would run home crying.

Finally he said, “Okay. Hell, yes. I’ll do it in front of your mother. I’ll do it anywhere you want me too do it.” He took my arm and practically dragged me to my house. Then he made the fatal mistake. He said, “So you want to watch me fuck your daughter, do you. Okay, lets get this show on the road.”

Mommy latched onto his ear and dragged him into the house. She slammed him up against the wall and said, “Listen you little bastard there in no way in hell that I’m letting you FUCK my daughter, not in this lifetime. And if I ever hear that you have said anything like that to your friends about my daughter, I’ll cut your nuts off and feed them to you. Now get to hell out of my house and don’t you ever come back.” With that Mommy opened the front door and kicked Tim in the ass, sending him flying down the steps and sprawled out on the grass. I never saw him run so fast in my life.

Mommy asked, “So honey who was your second choice?”

I stuttered a little as I said, Tim’s younger brother. Billy is my age and he is in my class in school. He always says hi to me and I think he likes me.”

Mommy said, “Call him and ask him to come over and play. Do it before Tim does something stupid.”

I called Billy and invited him over. When he arrived he said, “Boy Tim is sure in a bad mood. He punched the wall and Mom sent him to his room. Dad will punish him good for knocking a hole in the wall. I wonder what got into him?”

Mommy said, “Sit down, there, next to Cathy. I want to ask you a few questions.”

Mommy asked, “Do you like Cathy?”

Billy replied, “I sure do.”

Mommy asked, “Would you like to have sex with her?”

Billy replied, “I sure would, if she’ll let me.”

Mommy asked, “Can you keep your mouth shut about it?”

Billy replied, “Yes ma’am.”

Mommy asked, “Can I watch? Just to make sure that you do it right and that you both enjoy it.”

Billy replied, “Sure. I have never done it before and I might need your help.”

Mommy looked at me and asked, “Cathy, is he the one for you? Remember once you say yes to sex with a boy you can never change your mind.”

I looked at Billy sitting next to me smiling, he held my hand so gently, and then I looked at Mommy and said, “Yes, he is the one.”

We went upstairs to the bathroom and undressed while Mommy started a bubble bath for us. While the water was running I got to look at Billy. I had never actually seen a boy naked before. His pecker stuck straight out. It looked painful. His tiny balls were scrunched up tight.

He was looking at me too. I glanced down to check but I already knew that my nipples were hard. I could feel my breasts swelling as he looked at them and my pussy was getting moist. It had been doing that a lot lately.

Mommy told us to get in the water, then she told us to wash each other real good. Then she left us alone in there with the door open. I envisioned her outside the door listening but I didn’t care I reached down and grabbed a hold of Billy’s cock just as he reached out for my breasts. It took him a long time to figure out that he could play with my pussy but when he did he sure made up for lost time. I had never been felt up by anyone else before and it felt great. His fingers on my clit were better than my own, even if I did have to show him where it was.

Mommy let us play around in the bathtub for a good thirty minutes before she told us it was time to get out and dry off.

I got on the edge of my bed and spread my legs for Billy. Mommy had him stand between my legs and place the head of his cock at my opening. Then just as he thrust it into me hard, Mommy took our picture. It hurt for a few seconds and I wrapped my legs around him so that he couldn’t keep hurting me. Soon I relaxed and released my grip on his waist allowing Billy to start thrusting into me again. It was Mommy that told him to slow down and be gently with me. I didn’t get the same wonderful feelings that Billy was getting but I was pleased that he was happy. Then when he started to cum in me I could feel it. The warm oozing sensation was nice and he was so happy with himself. All in all I enjoyed my first time.

Mommy said, “Stay in her until you shrivel up and fall out. You should lean over and kiss her and thank her for giving you her virginity.”

Billy said, “Oh Cathy that was fantastic. It was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

I replied, “Oh Billy you felt so good inside me that I want to do it again.”

Mommy said, “Not today, I’m afraid. You will need some time to heal up after getting your hymen torn up like that. Billy why don’t I get you cleaned up and then send you home. Remember not a word to anyone, especially your brother.”

Mommy got a nice warm washcloth and then she proceeded to wash Billy’s cock off. I was a little jealous that I wasn’t the one doing it though. When he was dressed Billy kissed me again and thanked me one more time before he left.

She lay on the bed with me, cuddled me into her, and told me how proud she was of me and welcomed me to womanhood. The warm washcloth that she pressed onto my sore pussy felt good at first then it got cold. I was not prepared for the frozen hotdog that she put inside me to keep the swelling down though.

In the morning when I went off to school I felt like a new woman. I was floating on air, Billy was holding my hand, and we were in love. School flew by and I loved all of my classes and all of my teachers. After school Billy held my hand all the way to my house. Mommy had cookies and milk waiting for us. Then we took a quick shower together.

Mommy had Billy lick my pussy while I sucked his cock. She called it sixty-nine. I was on my back for Missionary, on my knees for Doggy, and on top facing his feet for Reverse Cowgirl. I got a different feeling from every position. Mommy let him cum in me twice before washing him up and sending him home.

Each day Billy and I made love and learned more. He did love me…as much as two thirteen-year-olds could that is.

I got very good at giving him blowjobs and I could take his whole cock into my mouth and swallow all of his baby cream. I could take him anally and have an orgasm while doing it. As for so called normal sex, we liked all the various positions that Mommy had shown us.

I did very well in school unlike the other girls that were way too interested in boys. Billy did well in school too. After graduation from high school we were married and we moved closer to our college. Mommy went with us, of course.

The End

Mommy Has To Watch Us Do It


Rating: 89%, Read 56598 times, Posted May 10, 2010

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male


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