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Fantasm | Horror, Non-Erotic

If you said monsters and magic don't exist, I would half agree with you. Magic I have found out is really just another science. If you brought a flame thrower to the dark ages you'd been deemed either a witch or a dragon. Whose to say someday science won't allow us to turn invisible. Who's to say vampism isn't some sort of terrible virus. Werewolves are quite different and unqiue in every right of there existance. A virus that effects the DNA makeup of a human all together. The full moon triggers a pheromone in a persons blood causing the transformation into the beast. A mere, common, grey wolf is stronger then a human, a human is three times bigger then a grey wolf. Werewolves tend to be 3 times stronger then timberwolves.

Now I mentioned monsters. What is a monster? A creature that goes bump in the night? A vampire? True vampires kill people and drink blood. But so far that makes them no more a monster then a tick. They can help it no more then we can help eating to survive or a wolf for eating it's food raw. A monster is really an outcast who must bend the rules to survive. What's the difference between wolves and "Monsters"? Two things, vampires have minds of thier own, werewolves can't be con controled. Hideous monsters they are, for these creature will not bend down to the rule of man. Unruled, unparalleled, unmatched, untamed.

Two new stories will be coming hopfully by the end of the weekend. The Moon, Immortal Night.

I hope you like the stories as I put a bit of oldfashioned horror into my collection of mostly original stories.

Tanya hurried down the the street. She had a sense someone was watching her... Stalking her... Hunting her. 

Tanya, who had just graduated highschool, was one of the most popular students. She was on the basketball team and track team. Everything seemed to stop after highschool though. She was on a jog but after getting a terrible feeling in her stomach, she had to stop. Her full lips quivered. Her firm and finely shaped ass tighening with every turn she made to stare at the darkness. Her breasts tucked firmly in her sports bra which was all she wore on her top half. Her bottom half had a pair of spandex jogging shorts. Her very pretty features gleaming in beads of sweat. She turned around her blonde hair in a ponytail swinging. The Russian born woman, who was now American, felt fear for the first time since she was 2 and moved to America. 

Something watched her. It's dark thoughts swirling in a sea of beatial thoughts. 

She still felt a bit secure knowing she had a knife from her older sister who got it for her on her trip to Translvania. She turned around again as a face caught her sight letting out an involuntary gasping scream. The man in front of her stared at her.

"Arent you the police chief?" she asked calming down.

"Yes, listen, it's not safe out here you need to get home. There's things out tonight that shouldn't be in the cities, now go home as fast as you can." he said hurriedly, his breath increasingly hyper, beads of sweat begining to pour from his brow. 

"Chief Daniel?" she said as he fell to his knees. 

The newly elected man in his twenties yelled as loud as he could, a mans voice combined with a beasts, "RUUUN!!!" 

Tanya jumped back and scrambled to her feet and started sprinting. 

His eyes opened as the beasts replaced his. 

"It's coming out." he whispered as the clouds uncovered the full moon and caused him to let out a blood curtling howl.

Francis peered from her apartment room window. 

What had that old man meant when he said that he could smell one of the lords on her? It scared her deeply. Usualy she was at a nightclub by now. However that damn old man really gave her a fright. She knew the dangers of the city. Everyone joked how nothing ever happens in Canada, it was true people were pretty friendly, but every city had it's dangers. She wasn't about to go into the dark of night and find out some drug lord is out to kidnap her.

Elric stood three roofs away and could still hear, smell, and see Francis perfectly. She had a B-cup breasts, an ample but not fat ass. Her thighs were succulant. Her eyes a deep brown eyes and coal black hair. She had white skin and always wore black lipstick and smiled kindly. She was perfect. She was dark and mysterious. 

Elric stood with chest spread wide, naked, his muscles gleamed in the moonlight. His skin was a sickly dark navy blue. His eyes were an aluring green. With long pointed ears and long canine teeth the creature spread it's wings. It's powerful legs lunching off the roof in a powerful roar into the night toward his new mistress. His had been living for 300 years, he has kept his hands off of humans for the last 30 years, no rapes, no kills, he deserved this one human, he needed this one. 

Francis, wearing black panties and a black bra slipped under her covers laying her head to rest. 

She didn't notice her bedroom window glide open as the masterful vampire lord slipped in. He looked upon the 20 year old girl in the bed. His hands reached out, his nails sharp and pointed.

"30 years?" he whispered, "Far too long." he said slowly shaking his head with a lustful smile.

Rating: 61%, Read 11720 times, Posted Jun 30, 2012

Fantasm | Horror, Non-Erotic


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