Lynette's Last Flight by Vile+Kyle

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Fiction | Death, Female, Male, Murder, Necrophilia, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Snuff

Lynette James was a flight attendant for a major airline. She was a tall strawberry blonde who looked more like 26 instead of her actual age of 36. Lynette looked forward to a few days off after a return flight home on her usual west coast route. As she drove the twenty miles from the airport to her condo on the lake; her thoughts turned to her fiancee David ; a pilot for the same airline she worked for. They planned to be married in a few months but hadn't set a date yet. It would be Lynette's first marriage and David's second. David was 41 years old and divorced with adult offspring. He was a dream come true especially compared to several others she had dated and had serious relationships with.

The last one before David was Carl. He had turned out to be a verbal and physical abuser and Lynette had finally had to get a restraining order to get rid of him. That was nine months ago.

Lynette parked her car and rolled her luggage cart to the elevator up to her third floor condo and unlocked the door. Right now she just wanted a bath and then to curl up and relax. David was on duty today and tomorrow so she wouldn't be able to see him until Friday. Lynette locked the door and rolled her bags to her bedroom. She removed her hat and jacket and placed them on the bed and was just about to go pee and start her bath when she was startled by Carl's voice saying "How ya doing babe"? Her worst nightmare had come back.

She responded with a "What are you doing here?" and "I'm calling the police". Lynette's hand grabbed the phone and she raised up in time to see Carl's latex gloved hand pull the trigger of the pistol he had taken from her night stand drawer.

She hardly had time to say "Noooo! Doooon't" before the .22 slug tore into her abdomen just below her chest. The receiver fell to the floor as Lynette clutched the wound and fell backward to the floor with blood beginning to soak her blouse. The burning pain was tremendous as she placed her hands over the wound. Carl said nothing as she pleaded with him to "Help me, help me!" Instead of helping he ripped the phone cord from the wall, bent down, and began to strangle the bleeding woman with the cord.

Lynnette's pain was indescribeable and she could no longer hold back her full bladder. Her urine soaked through her lace panties and ran into the crack of her ass as her long stocking-clad legs kicked violently during the struggle to breathe. Stopping the flow of blood from the wound was no longer important to her. Her lungs burned from lack of air as both hands tried to remove the cord that was cutting into her throat. She scratched and twisted and attempted to scream but the cord was just too tight around her throat. Only a raspy gurgle could be heard as the color of her face and neck began to change from red to purple. Lynette's once beautiful blue eyes were wide open and bulging; with blood vessels beginning to burst. Her movements were becoming weaker. Carl could sense her weakening but kept the cord tight. There were several muscle spasms that shook her body as the heart and any attempts to breathe stopped and her arms fell to the side. Lynette's face, neck and protuding tongue were now a deep purple. Carl held on to the cord for several more minutes before letting go and rising from the floor.

Carl looked down at his dead ex-girlfriend and exclaimed, "Babe; if I can't have you then nobody else will." "Speaking of having you; let's have a look and see what you've got since you wouldn't let me have none when you were alive."

Carl kneeled down and removed the cord from Lynette's throat and tossed it aside. Pulling out his pocket knife; he cut down the front of the blood spotted once-white blouse and also the camisole underneath and pulled them to each side revealing Lynette's white lace bra and the bloody wound in her abdomen. Grabbing the bra between the cups; his knife sliced the fabric in two revealing her pale bluish breasts. Lifting Lynette by her shoulder length hair; Carl removed the remnants of the bra,blouse and camisole. Nothing special about her tits; he thought, just average size. He grabbed each nipple and pinched them hard and then unbuttoned and unzipped the short gray skirt. His fingers grasped the skirt and half-slip underneath and slowly pulled them off Lynette's shapely hips and down her legs. Carl could feel the wet spot on the back of the skirt and half-slip as he lifted her high-heeled shoes to pull the garments past her feet.

Pausing to look at the corpse; he noted the large yellow wet spots on the panties and the carpet underneath. Grasping the lacy panties by the waistband; he pulled them down and off and held the wet

She was now nude except for suntan colored thigh-hi stockings and cordovan heels. He spread her legs apart and stared at her pussy. It was bald; damn if she didn't shave it. Grabbing her under the armpits; he dragged the corpse to the bed and laid her on her back with the feet touching the floor. Again spreading her legs apart; he forced her outer vaginal lips wide apart and buried his tongue and lips inside the cooling crevice and began to eat with a fervor. "Now this is good pussy; exquisite in fact, even if it is dead". "Lynette girl; you were worth waiting for". Carl continued until his tongue started getting sore and decided it was time for his dick to have some of this. He pulled the corpse up further on the bed and placed her head on the pillow and spread her lovely legs wide apart. Removing all of his clothes except his socks; he crawled onto the bed. He rammed his long hard dick into the pissy pussy and began to fuck her wildly. Her tits jiggled with each powerful thrust. His fingers pushed her purple partially protuding tongue back into her mouth and he kissed Lynette's corpse on the mouth as his big rod continued to pound her love hole.

Damn it felt sooo good. He pounded his organ in and out until he could hold back no longer. His dick felt so marvelous as it erupted his sticky white cum into poor dead Lynette's vagina. He continued to pump as long as he could stand it before collapsing on top of the delicious body. After a few moments; Carl withdrew his partially erect dick from the corpse and exclaimed "Now that was worth waiting for".

Carl got up and quickly dressed and stood there a moment thinking. Going into the living room; he rearranged the large sofa and coffee table so they were directly in line with the front door. He placed a couple of large throw pillows on the center section of the sofa. Now he picked up Lynette's leggy corpse and carried it into the living room placing it on top of the pillows with her feet and lower legs spread widely apart on the coffee table. A small pillow was used to prop Lynette's head up so that she was staring blankly at the door.

He now went back to the bedroom and found a pair of red nylon stockings in the lingerie drawer; returned and tied them in a bow around the corpse's neck. Picking up the gun off the bedroom floor; he placed it in Lynette's right hand and arranged her finger on the trigger. Now he began to ramsack the place as if looking for something. Not a drawer that could be found was left untouched. Carl returned to the bedroom and rifled thru Lynette's purse. He placed all of her credit cards in his left pocket and then placed all of her cash in his right pocket except for the two twenty dollar bills. These he took into the living room; rolled them up and inserted them just far enough into Lynette's cum dripping pussy so they could still be seen. Now he was ready to inflict the final indignity on his ex-girlfriend's corpse. Carl removed Lynette's winged flight pens from her hat and jacket. With one of the pens; he punctured the base of the nipple of Lynette's left breast; drove the pen to the other side and latched the clasp. He did the same with the other pen to the nipple of the right breast. His handywork complete; it was time to leave. But as he left; he turned the air conditioning thermostat down to 50 degrees. He took one last look at the body and said "Keep cool now babe " as he closed the door and ensured it was locked. Carl slipped out of complex unnoticed and cut up the credit card and deposited them in a dumpster on his way back home.

Lynette's corpse sat there cooling with the blood pooling in her lower extemities. Rigor mortis began to set in after a few hours. Her murder wasn't discovered for approx 36 hrs until David came over on Friday morning to take her to brunch. Imagine his shock as he opened the front door and was greeted by the sight of his practically nude, dead fiancee sitting on the couch. David immediately dialed 911 and a nearby police cruiser arrived in minutes. Within thirty more minutes; the place was abuzz with law enforcement and the coroner now arrived. Frank , the coroner, now began his prelimary examination of the corpse as the police were securing the crime scene and gathering their evidence and interviewing a much shaken Dave. Frank untied the red stockings and placed them in an evidence bag. With his gloved hand he removed the cum-coated twenty dollar bills from the corpse's pussy and placed them in another bag. The gun was removed from Lynette's hand and given to a waiting detective.

A brief examination of the abdominal wound was done before the corpse was moved and placed on her stomach. Frank produced a rectal thermometer and slowly inserted it up the woman's rectum and noted the temperature into his small hand held recorder. With his assistant's help; the corpse was moved to an open body bag and was zipped and tranported to the Coroner's van. After some additional investigation of the crime scene; the Coroner, his assistant and the corpse were on their way to the morgue.

Upon arrival at the morgue; the body bag was placed on a stainless steel table and unzipped. Lynette's corpse was rolled over and the bag was removed completely. The high heels were removed and the thigh-hi stockings were rolled down the shapely legs and off over the feet. The stockings and shoes were now placed in evidence bags. Steven the morgue attendant was instructed to install the stirrups so a complete examination of the corpse's genitalia could be performed. Once the stirrups were installed; her long legs were placed so that the abused crotch was fully open. Samples were taken of the contents of the vagina as well as the dried semen on the outside. The vaginal lips were now spread wide as the speculum was now installed. Frank confirmed his original dianosis that the woman had been raped and noted that the rape occurred after death. The speculum was removed and the anal speculum was installed. Samples of rectal contents were taken. Frank could find no evidence of anal intercourse or rape. The anal speculum was removed and the corpse was returned to a flat position on the table.

Attention now turned to the corpse's neck. The marks on the neck were examined and scrapings taken. Strangulation appeared to be the real cause of death but Franks would have to wait until he had examined the bullet wound in the abdomen to be sure. The corpse's mouth was now examined with no semen evident but the stomach contents would be examined just to be sure. The coroner's assistant began to pump the stomach. Scrapings from under the fingernails were now taken for analysis. Lynette's flight pins were now removed from her nipples and placed in evidence bags.

It was now time to open the chest and abdominal cavity. With a scalpel, Frank made the Y-incision just below each breast , coming together at the center of the chest and continuing halfway down between the navel and the top of the vaginal opening.The breasts were pulled up and layed upside down on the corpse's face. The abdominal cavity was pulled apart for the examination of the bullet wound and the damage it caused. Probing the open abdominal cavity; Frank noted that the single 22 caliber bullet had passed through the upper colon, the pancreas and had lodged in an invertebratal disk of the spine. Serious damage but not enough to be immediately fatal. He removed the bullet from the disk and placed it in an evidence bag.

Frank began to work on the autopsy report as his assistant and the morgue attendant worked on getting the corpse ready to be released to the local funeral home. The breasts were restored to their normal position and then the Y-incision was sutured. Frank noted in the autopsy report the official cause of death was strangulation. The bullet had caused secondary damage that would not have been immediately fatal. The victim had been vaginally raped post-mortem. Time of death was placed at between 4pm and 10pm on Wednesday. Lynette James' body was now released to a local funeral home to be embalmed/prepared. Her parents had flown in from their home in Washington state and her body was to be flown home for the visitation and funeral and burial. This would be Lynette's last flight although she wasn't alive to enjoy it.


In spite of his attempts to confuse the police with the evidence he left; Carl became a prime suspect in the case. Initially his sister provided him with an alibi; however she broke down under intense questioning by the police and he lost his alibi. Based on DNA evidence Carl was tried and convicted for the 1st degree murder of Lynette James and sentenced to life without parole.

Rating: 71%, Read 23494 times, Posted Jul 17, 2019

Fiction | Death, Female, Male, Murder, Necrophilia, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Snuff


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