Accidental Incest by bae_xo

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Fantasm | Incest, Rape

I really don’t like that my daughter has a boyfriend. I try not to think about it. It brings up all this images of my sweet girl with a hard dick in her mouth, in her pussy, and probably other places depending on how adventurous she is. She’s a very free spirt so I’m sure she probably has let that little punk do all sorts of things to her. I can’t help but want to punch him in the face every time he comes around here.

I cornered him a couple of times letting him know exactly what I would do to him if he ever put his dick anywhere other than out to piss then I couldn’t promise he’s leave the house with it still attached to him. My wife thinks I’m just being over protective but she’s just turned 18 and to me there is still A LOT she needs to be protected from. She’s a beautiful girl with an amazing body. I know what asshole guys think when they see her. It’s the same sick things I try to push away whenever she’s coming out of the shower, or running around half naked.

Her mom and I were leaving for a little vacation and our daughter was going to have the house to herself. No parties, No boys. Those were the rules. “Ok dad I know gosh” she rolled her eyes at me as I handed her money to get by the next few days. I had a gut feeling that she was going to do the exact opposite of those rules but my wife kept nagging me that I need to trust her.

The vacation was off to a horrible start. My wife was just bitch bitch bitch the whole time. Even though we were only 3 hours away it felt like we were on this island of hell. After the third or fourth blow out I couldn’t take it anymore. I told her to spend the next couple of days by herself and I was gonna go home early. She gladly agreed and we thought it best we take some space. I fucking hated her sometimes. On the drive back to the house I thought about letting my daughter know I was coming home early but then another part of me wanted to know if I was gonna catch her breaking either of my rules. As I pulled up to the house it was clear that rule number one was being obeyed. No party in sight but there was a car in the drive way. I decided to park a little down the street and walk up, sure enough it was that little fuckers car. Walking on the side of the house I could see he was in the kitchen, I came up behind through the back door. “Hey asshole” he looked up at me stunned and wearing only boxers. “Get the fuck out of my house” I said low with a look of death in my face. He asked about his clothes but started to run out the door when I moved towards the knives.

I made my way upstairs so I could confront my daughter about her rule breaking. I knocked on her bedroom door and to my horror she opened it completely naked. Her soft body and big round tits right in front of me. She was wearing a blind fold. She reached out her arms and said “Why’d you put your clothes back on?” she started to unbutton my jeans, pull them down and got down on her knees. My eyes widened and I should have stopped her or moved or said something but I just stood there frozen. She started to pull out my dick and suckling on the tip. I got hard so fast she gently stroked between sucks, circling my dick with her tongue. “Daddy you wanna fuck me?” My legs were shaking, did she know it was me? “I want your dick Daddy, please fuck me, I want it bad”. She started to pull me over to her bed and laid me down. She climbed on top of me and rubbed her wet slit around my throbbing dick.

“You want to fuck me daddy? You want your little girl’s pussy?” She slipped me inside of her. Her warm wet pussy pulsing around my dick. She moved herself wiggling around getting me all the way in her as deep as I could. She started to ride my dick fast, moving her ass up and down her tits moving up and down right in my face. I started to grab them and lick them, sucking on her nipples. How the fuck was this happening? What was I doing letting my daughter fuck me? It was so much better than I ever fantasied about. My fantasied never let me go this far and it was more than I thought I’d ever experience. I felt lucky the days I saw her tits through the crack of her bedroom and I’d jerk off about it in the shower later that night, but never having her tight little pussy bouncing on top of me. “I LOVE your dick daddy, its so good, it feels so good daddy” she moaned and breathed heavier and heavier with every moment she rubbed her body on mine.

Suddenly I don’t know why but she decided to remove her blind fold. “Dad?!” she screamed. She pulled herself off of my dick and started pulling the covers over herself. I started to tell her about how I came home earlier and told her boyfriend to get the fuck out and how she just started and I didn’t know what to do. I asked her why she kept saying daddy… “I told my boyfriend that I had had a sex dream about you and he said we could act it out” I was silent. I didn’t know what to say. She cried in the corner. I stood up and pulled her up. I tried to comfort her and told her it was ok and that mom would never have to know. As we hugged I started to move my hand down her back and got a handful of her ass. “Dad please I can’t” I still had a huge boner and at this point, knowing she wanted my dick as bad as she does, I needed it. I started to pull her back to the bed. “Dad it’s not right, please”. I said that we needed to finish what we started, and I pushed her down on the bed, climbing on top of her I shoved my hard dick back inside. She cried out for me to stop but I didn’t want to.

“You like my dick, you said so, you like it, you wanted it and you got it, and you liked it don’t you?” I fucked her harder and harder till she agreed. She shook her head, wailed out for me to stop but I wouldn’t. “You like my dick don’t you? Don’t you baby?” She started to nod her head and I licked her tears away from her precious face. I was close to cuming and I wanted her to cum too. I started rubbing her clit and she moaned and moaned, I could feel her whole body start shaking and I blew my load up inside of her sweet pussy. “We can do this again you know?” I said as I held our bodies together. “Mom won’t be home for two days”

Rating: 89%, Read 69724 times, Posted Oct 17, 2016

Fantasm | Incest, Rape


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