The Way it is Now Ch 8 by At00micAsh

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Fantasy | Domination, Exhibitionism, Girl, Oral Sex, Written by women, Young


Philip entered the expressway. Sarah, feeling very pleased with herself sat beside him. Holding his right with her left hand on the shared console. The radio playing some music she didn’t know. But she liked it. Knowing they needed to shop. But not for what, with no clue where they were headed. Her display in the Ihop for that girl had her giddy. Sarah knew about exibitionism. She had been put on display for her mother’s “friends” often enough. She didn’t usually enjoy it. But today was very different. She knew she would do it again. Probably often. She dozed in her contentment enjoying the ride.

Philip would steal glances at his companion. Her arm mostly exposed to the skin. As her dress had puffed shoulders but short sleeves. He admired the well traced lines of petite feminine muscle. Then her legs. Her skirt having ridden above her knees. Covered in the tight white fabric he knew to be thigh highs. Not tights or plain socks, allowed her calves some serious definition.

In the Day and a half since they first met He can’t stop thinking how beautiful she is. That DaVinci himself couldn’t have sculpted a more perfect form. Over and over he’s been wondering what she did for to stay so fit if she were stuck inside by herself most days

They drove for about 45 minutes as she dosed. Turning off the exit and traveling west amid horse farms and scattered houses. He pulled into a parking area with a large pole barn type building. Sarah came out of her haze slowly. Stretching big with an exaggerated cat-like noise. Something between a purr and a growl. Philip laughed at her. She mock smacked his arm smiling.

“Quit! I guess I was ready for a nap. Where are we Daddy?”

She leaned over and pecked his cheek. Grinning, showing off her angelic face.

“An Amish family’s carpentry business. Technically they aren’t supposed to work Sundays. But the showroom is open to the public.”

He exited the SUV and scurried around to get her door for her. She had already half climbed out of her side when he chased her for being impatient. Catching on, she giggled as she pulled her leg back in and closed the door.

“Thank you Philip” she said, as he got the door wide enough for her to step out. Shadowed heads appearing in the window. Obviously, people inside curious who has come driving an obviously very expensive car. She would have given him a kiss. But he had stood behind the door. A very large shield. He, pretending to be her servant. Not her lover.

She stepped to the door and waited as he closed the SUV and then come round to open the showroom. She entered first then stared in amazement at all the furniture and fixtures. Everything from baby trundle beds to elderly approved rocking chairs. A man in his later 40’s Sarah guessed walked to them. Several children in tow late teens to probably age four the youngest.

He began to address her as she was first through the door. Philip cut him off.

“The Miss requires a new bed suite.”

Sarah blushed as to how Philip addressed her for the man.

“What styles do you have on hand? Something queen sized?” Philip turned to her looking for approval. She nodded “Yes please Philip. With posts!” she beamed.

As the men moved off to look at bedding. Sarah stood still. She knew she was being inspected by the small group of young people.

Five in all. Three teens, one tween and a tot. The tallest, a boy, spoke first with a mild Germanic accent.

“Why did you come in a car? Where is your buggy?”

She looked down. Momentarily confused by the question. Her out of time clothing closely matching that of the group she found herself to be surrounded by. She realized her dress could be something the two girls with him would likely wear, not to work. Maybe a special event or holiday.

“OH!” she giggled, staying in her Role. “I’m not Amish. I’m English. And you? I wager you are the spokesman for your troop?” His turn to be embarrassed. One of the girls stepped forward. Dark hair. Dark eyes. No makeup but still pretty

“Don’t mind Steven. He’s a bit nosy. I’m Anna. This is Lilly. (Pointing to her sister)

James and Michael”

The regular series of questions came next. Sarah lied politely knowing she would likely not see them again. The only truths. Her name and her age. Anna and Lilly. Nearly identical Twins. Anna being heavier. Both 17 Steven 14 then 9 and 5. Anna obviously in charge.

She heard Philip then. Bidding her, using the title “Mistress” to come look at what they found. She nearly lost composure with his use of the new word. Managing to keep a straight face, barely. She took Lilly, not Anna’s arm and said Show me the way. Lilly beamed with pride. Anna clearly not pleased with the social gaff. Steven adding fuel with a snicker. None of them being used to Anna getting put off so easily. They wormed through the neat rows of wood to find the men.

“What do you think Mistress”

There were four head boards pulled out. Either cherry or oak. Clearly very hearty and heavy. A tall posted Queen, a slatted sleigh style. One with an etch crafted winter landscape across the full panel then a shorter spooled posts with a row of heavy spokes between.

She fell for the last. Still holding Lilly’s arm she tugged and pointed at it for approval from her chosen guide. Lilly nodding very animatedly. Not really knowing any better, Sarah asked

“Is there a large price difference between the queen and king if you have one? Also I saw a wardrobe as we came by. It has post corners I think match this one. I also need a bed side table. With two drawers or one deep one”

Anna fuming now as the way Sarah seems to act like royalty. Money at endless supply, stormed off grabbing Steven along the way. Philip spoke next.

“Mistress, with a wardrobe. You won’t have the space for a King.”

Sarah’s face drooped in disapproval. The carpenter spoke next, complimenting her her keen eye. Knowing what piece she was talking about. Then asking her to follow him to a work bench so she could try explaining the end table better with a rough sketch. He knew he had something. But not like she asked. Besides. A special order piece means a bigger commission.

In the end an agreement had been made. The bed frame she chose. The wardrobe. And a custom bedside to be delivered three weeks later by FedEx. The carpenter gave her a Hope Chest to match perfectly with the wardrobe lined with cedar, and a comfortable corner chair. as part of the Eight thousand dollar deal. Steven loaded the smaller pieces into the SUV for them. The carpenter would bring the bed and wardrobe on Tuesday. At Sarah’s request, to Anna’s amazement. The twins would come for the ride.

Leaning over the console to kiss Philip once they were safely alone and on the way back tward the city.

“I’m sorry, I got carried away spending your money like that.”

he laughed for a moment.

“Sarah, darling I needed to fill the room anyway. You chose beautifully. And I’m not completely sure if I got a deal or not. The desk already in the room doesn’t match. So he’s going to take measurements and bring sketches. no idea on cost yet.”

As Philip was explaining his opinion. Sarah’s hand began to explore his crotch.

By the time he had finished speaking. Had he finished? Or is he distracted?

She had his slacks open. Under clothes pulled down under his scrotum. Her tongue was massaging the bulbous head and the sensitive underside of his manhood. She went to work with her tongue. Slathering one side, then the other. Circling his knob. The teasing the ultra sensitive spot. Being sure to coat his entire length before plunging head down hard, getting his full length into her throat before swallowing. Her neck contracting around his shaft several times before she had to tip off in order to breathe.

She carried on like this for several moments. Bringing him close. Then backing off. Gawd this girl knows how to suck cock he thinks to himself. A semi truck on his left gets an idea of whats going on. Slows down. Then moves around to the right to see from the other side. The Tesla’s passenger window is tinted way darker. So Philip lets that window down. As the trucker glides up to match speed. Philip uses his right arm to pull Sarah’s skirts up over her ass the driver can see that Sarah’s free hand is feverishly working her hot trembling cunny. Fingers dipping deep pulling free covered in her excitement. Sarah doesn’t stop.

The open window blowing chill air over her exposed ass is driving her wild. She picks up the pace on his cock and her clit. She is hoping for a matching climax but doesn’t make it. Hers boiling forth seconds before he fills her mouth. Philip can see the driver has been filming his little vixen’s actions with a cell phone. She coats her legs with her explosion, causing her stocking tops to become sheer for several inches of both her thighs

Show finished. The driver Pulls his air horn in thanks for the show. Sarah giggles to herself as she gets settled in her just as a state trooper rolls past in the high speed lane. She swallows loudly exaggerating the noise as she licks her fingers clean then inspects her face for cum and makeup smears.

“Thank You Daddy!! that was fun”

She leans over again. Kisses the corner of his mouth then slips her tongue in between his lips. He can taste the sweet and tang of mixed fluids as he sucks on her tongue for a few seconds before pushing her back into the comfort of the passenger side.

She has passed out again in her seat. He doesn’t wake her as he pulls into the strip mall. Getting her a decent cell phone complete with a Blue Jackets patterned phone case and a few girlish accessories. He just about makes it back into the car. He notices the horrified look on her face just before she says

“Where were you? I got scared”

He can only shrug. Point at the cell phone store. Then hand over the bag with the neatly wrapped gift

Rating: 93%, Read 10081 times, Posted May 10, 2019

Fantasy | Domination, Exhibitionism, Girl, Oral Sex, Written by women, Young


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