The Dog Who Brought Dinner - Chapter 1 by oldsteve

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She was sitting on the doorstep into my lounge room when I turned with my morning café to watch BBC News.

My wife had gone to work; I was alone, and after my café and News, I would do the washing and then check my emails and anything else interesting.

She was not a huge dog, but large enough to support a host of heavy, swinging teats, seemingly filled with milk: where were her puppies, was the obvious question, and why was she at my house, the next.

Looking forlorn, I spoke, inviting her in, and she curled, heavily, beside my sofa chair, a little whine escaping her mouth.

“Are you thirsty, girl; hungry?”

She lolled her tongue out, so I went and got a plastic bowl of water, and a slice of ham, and also a bowl of Corn Flakes… well, I didn`t know, not having had a dog for perhaps 50 years!

I placed them all before her, ruffling her head between her ears, and asked where she had come from, though not truly expecting an answer.

She had some water, a bite of ham, even a mouthful of Corn Flakes; then water, and then she just lay on her side, and when I looked at her huge teats, I said “they must be so uncomfortable” and she whined again.

I swallowed some café, put out the cigarette I had just lit, and sat on the floor beside her, gently rubbing her back, and even tentatively her underbelly, feeling her teats and nipples.

This caused an immediate dripping of milk, some on my hand, so: I lapped it from my palm and fingers: it was delicious!

Her tongue lolled out and licked my hand, and then she rolled right on to her back, 4 legs held up, and seemed to be proffering her…heavens, 8 teats to me!

Is that what she needed – an emptying of her milk? Where were her puppies?

Well, ok, I could do this: milk instead of café for breakfast, and it seemed as if this would ease her discomfort, and I was a liberated man without his wife`s breasts or sex for years now…and here was a female offering me 6 breasts!

Being rational, I started at the front, and as soon as my tongue touched her, milk began oozing, and then pouring out, and to avoid it going all over the floor, my mouth sucked her tit – forget `teat`, my Lover had tits and nipples now – and I laid my head on her belly lightly and sucked equally lightly as she poured forth the essence of Life which should have been succouring her baby puppies.

By tit number 3, my cock was raging in my shorts, my own pre-cum offering wetting the floor anyway.

Still I kept `helping` her, and drinking; the milk was glorious to my taste buds, her fullness swelling my cheeks as I put her whole tit inside and emptied each one.

At times, she raised her head and licked my face, and I took this as a `thank you` and even tongued her tongue once: it was also a strange, but ok taste.

Moving to her other side, number 4 filled me, and I paused to cuddle her for a few minutes.

“I am so full of your milk, my Lady Lover, but you aren`t empty yet” and she licked my face, only a few cms away from hers now.

She was so tender and loving, I kissed her nose and the side of her nose, and then her lips, and when she opened her mouth and her tongue came out, mine went inside her mouth, and I played along her long tongue and gums and all around a mouth I had never thought I would be inside.

I felt this to be so Romantic, nothing bizarre about it at all, except my cock would never get release.

But I felt more Love for this Lady dog than I had felt for my wife for years, and my arms went around her and I cuddled her to my chest, kissing her again and again, murmuring words of my love for her.

She straddled me with her legs, moving up to place her 2 remaining full tits near my mouth, and clearly she was asking me to drain them also.

I wouldn`t need food all day, that was for sure, as I sucked on her final one, and felt my belly as big as a pregnant woman`s.

She leaned down and kissed me, in her own way, licking the final dribbles from my mouth, and then she loped out the door!

Well, isn`t that just like a woman: `wham, bang, thank you MAN`!

Part 2

I could hardly move, and crawled to my mattress bed – my wife had the master bedroom upstairs, for herself, and female lovers she brought home; I slept here, on the floor.

On my back, my stomach was a ball, and I hoped soon to go to the toilet and begin emptying my bladder and my body.

I duly noted my cock was also rigid still in my shorts, and they were wet: guess dog`s milk is an aphrodisiac!

I slept, rather amazingly, waking with an urgent need for the toilet!

Rushing there, I sat down, not sure what was to come, and fluid poured from me, visibly emptying my body: I could see it deflating to a normal size!

Wow, was my reaction; so beautiful to drink, so much to empty!

I stripped my shorts and had a shower, rather wishing I enjoyed masturbating, but I hadn`t done this for 20-30-40 years perhaps, and no, didn`t fancy it at all, so just washed my hair and body and cock, cleaned my teeth, brushed wet hair, and went back, after getting a beer from the fridge.

She was in the doorway again; but this time with another dog behind her, bigger, lovely red-brown long-haired, sitting there - a Setter, I thought.

I needed to go upstairs for new shorts, but went to the door and said “well, back, again, and so soon” and I cuddled her ears and leaned down for a fresh-breath kiss on her nose.

Mindful of my nakedness, I said “ok, invite your friend inside, so I can close the door” and they both padded in, and I closed the screen door.

Her friend was a male: that was easy to see: his sheath covering his cock was pronounced and quite large I thought.

“Is this the Father of your puppies? I wish I knew where they were, for you, girl” as I scratched and fondled her ears, noting her tits were filling up yet again: poor girl.

Her friend crawled closer, seeming to want a fondling also, so I used one hand on each, scratching and rubbing their ears and scalps and moving to their backs.

My lady dog lay down and rolled on to her back: an open invitation to suckle her milk, I assumed.

“I am not sure if I can drink so much again, so soon, my Lady Lover, but I will try and help you” so I came down to the floor and began this time at number 6, the one closest to her tail, putting my knees between her rear legs and bending down to her.

The milk began flowing freely, and I stopped and lent up and give her a kiss on her mouth and suckle on her tongue for a few seconds; she whimpered and I went down to her tits, giving a chuckle.

Then I felt the fur of her male friend against my buttocks, and felt his tongue lick me from top to bottom, and on to my balls and my hanging, long cock.

His tongue was raspy; it made my cock jerk, and his fur tickled my bottom.

I sucked more on my Lady, and she moaned, but a sigh more than a moan, and I felt it was a contented moan, as I sucked and emptied her milk, as my cock grew, and as her male kept up his own stimulation of my body.

Of his too, I realised, when he shuffled his front legs up beside my body, and his sheath began furrowing under my balls, until he pulled back and then I felt his cock unsheathed, wet, and sliding on my buttocks.

Naturally, this is what he was going to do: his Lady friend was not yet ready for sex, but he was, and I was the targeted rear for his now distending, growing, battering cock.

I cannot pretend I hadn`t dreamed of this – quite often in fact – and so I had no voice of protest, nor any thought of denial; my mouth was filled with a woman`s tits, lactating, filling me with nectar, and a male Lover dog ready to fill me with nectar of another kind.

All I did to help was wipe my fingers over my weeping cock`s head, and then swipe my anus with my wet fingers.

He did the rest: efficiently, perhaps brutally, but I felt it was just a different form of Love as his prick began jabbing until he found the mark, and I lurched at the speed with which he then penetrated my hitherto virgin arse, a long, slim, decidedly smooth dog cock in me.

It was Beautiful!

My mouth came up to my Lady Lover for a kiss, and my tongue in her mouth was sucked as if she knew love-making was happening, and she was happy to be part of it.

My new Male Lover was inside me, thrusting hard, and then he began to grow, and I was amazed, and could only think: this must be how a virgin feels when a man`s prick spreads her cunt for the first time!

I was a virgin no more!

His head seemed to grow, and then he thickened everywhere, still thrusting as deep as he could. Then he leaned against my back and licked my neck, and I thought this was so wonderful, so thoughtful of him, showing me love as he made love to me!

I was in heaven, with milk filling my body, and on tenterhooks waiting for my newest Lover to fill me with his own milk.

Growing still, he pushed hard, and I squeaked when I realised he was pushing his great ball inside me, blocking off any exit for what was to come: his female lover – I didn`t like the word `bitch` for a female dog – ready and waiting for his seed: if only I could give him puppies!

He began ejaculating in me, hard bursts of sperm, and my own cock began spurting down on to my Lady Lover, and I apologised to her, but gasped “he is so wonderful in me” and she moaned as if she agreed, and my mouth went back to a new tit and sucked in from both ends of my body.

I was filled with ecstasy and milk and cum; his seed could be impregnating me, if only he could, but I moaned and lifted one arm behind me to ruffle through his fur and show him I was in love with his cock and his making of love with me.

Until he swung his rear leg over me and that ball began hurting me more than any dream could have prepared me for.

I wept tears, but he seemed to be trying to be gentle, understanding the pain, and my Lady dog stretched her mouth up to my face and licked the tears away, and kissed and licked me so the feeling became one of blissful fulfilment, and I cried more tears, but they were of Love for these 2 new Lovers.

A few minutes later, I collapsed down, as his knot became untied, and his cock slid backwards and out of me.

I cuddled my Lady, my mouth gently sucking on tit number 1, the final one to empty for her, and I cuddled her.

I knew, from stories, a male dog often went away to a corner and licked his penis and sheath clean; my Lover didn`t: he lay beside us, cleaning himself, lying his leg across my bottom and back, and it was just as if we were a threesome, and ready for a rest after sex.

Part 3

We did rest, but my mouth was dry, even if my belly was full again, and I slipped from between them to go to my bathroom, quickly showering my own body and genitals clean and cleaning my teeth – why: well to kiss my Lovers with a nice breath, of course!

I went back and lay down between them again, cuddling both of them for a few minutes.

But some canine message told them it was time to go, and they both stood, kisses exchanged with me, licks and almost cuddles, and I opened the door for them, wondering where their homes were, and if I would see them again….

I had emptied my bladder/stomach 3 times during the afternoon following, but ate no food of my own.

My wife came home rather earlier than normal; I was just sitting in my chair, not even having turned on the TV for several hours.

“Are you ok” she asked, unused to finding me listless and at home, and not watching News or Rugby or Sport.

“Absolutely fine” I answered, smiling and then seeing her companion, a – naturally – long, black-haired Thai girl, whom I didn`t know, but who stirred my very tired cock nevertheless.

They went upstairs, and then I heard a growl from outside the screen door.

I opened it to find my Lady dog, and she bounded in and up to my chest, growling still, and behind her came my male Lover, and another, black-furred dog, equally, or perhaps even bigger, with a swinging set of balls which promised much and made me swoon as I sat down in my sofa chair, cradling my lady to my chest, her tits rubbing all over my bare torso.

“Are you jealous” I asked her, kissing her, chuckling through her licks; “you are jealous; don`t worry, my love now is for you and your friend…well, friends, it seems” and I kissed her mouth longingly, our tongues entwining and saliva mixing between us.

And this contact grew my cock more than any woman could.

I sat her on my chair and invited the males in to relax, while I closed the screen door and turned off the light to take off my shorts.

“Do you need water” I asked, expecting some form of answer; I went to the kitchen anyway, and filled a bowl and brought it back for them.

The 2 males drank, lapping it up, but my lady dog sat calmly on my chair, her tits exposed and inviting, even if not full now, there was milk to be had, and feelings to enjoy yet again.

I shuffled over to her, on my knees and leaning over to suck a tit into my mouth, sucking the milk, but I quickly emptied one and then 2, but she happily lay there as I did the job she had, it seemed, chosen me to perform.

My naked rear was not ignored for long when a pair of long, wet tongues took turns sucking up my buttocks and under to my balls, and the cock which grew as fast as my male Lover`s had inside me earlier.

But, strangely, I had no feeling of desires to insert my cock into any cunt or bottom, not even my milk-producing Lady Lover: she was a milk factory, but not for my cock to penetrate: what I wanted was to be penetrated, and it appeared the black dog was given first option, as his paws were full of clawed nails as he came up on my back.

I whined, perhaps like a female dog, and he growled, but I whispered “sorry” to my Lady dog, and backed away from my chair, the black dog humping and riding me, until I was slightly more comfortable kneeling on my mattress bed, and then I was submissive, and he un-clawed his paws, knowing I was his to fuck now, and his unsheathed cock began wetting my buttocks as he sought entry, but like my earlier Lover, he soon found the opening of my anus, and stabbed his bigger – god, it was a bigger - cock in the hole, dry, but opening to his thrusts anyway: as if I had a choice, or wanted a choice!

My first male Lover came and rubbed his fur beside me, and then lay down, opening his hind legs and showing me his cock, red-tipped and wet, just protruding a little from his furry covering.

I looked up at my Lady dog, and she seemed to nod, so my mouth came down and my tongue licked his covering and the pink tip of his cock, which grew instantly further out to my mouth.

This action lowered my bottom, and my new Lover found it easier to thrust and soon bury his long, big prick a very long way in my arse.

I groaned, but covered my pain by concentrating on a blow job for the Setter under me almost.

He seemed to sense something and turned around, so his mouth was now at my cock, and mine was still around his, but from the other direction, and now he began licking and sucking my cock as I did to his.

God, I was in heaven!

Even more when my black Lover pushed his balls at my buttocks and I knew he was all the way inside, and got what I was expecting: a swelling of his cock as he prepared to impregnate me.

And, this time, I did feel like a female bitch, dominated by this male, his cock could toss me around like a rag doll if he so chooses and I would remain impaled on the spear and delight on it, and want it to stay there, and to fill me, and, please god, make me his pregnant bitch!

His balls became his knot, which busted me wide open as he forced it in, and there was no chance of any of his sperm escaping, as now he swelled and lengthened and seemed ready to split my body, and then the newly-found ecstasy came within me again, and he filled me with his seed, and – no, this black lover had no love for me – he had sex with this new type of female cunt, and appeared to enjoy it immensely, yelping and scratching at me, as his cock erupted and ejected and emptied within my bowels.

“Oh”, I moaned to no-one but myself, but the Setter pulled his cock away from my mouth and brought his lips and tongue to me, comforting me it seemed, and I kissed him back as I waited for the big black to turn and finally to dismount.

When he did, he didn`t even wait to clean himself: he went to the door and scratched his mark on it, and I crawled over, exhausted, and pulled it open for him to go out; “thank you” I whispered after him, but he was gone before I closed the door.

I crawled back to my bed, but the Setter was behind me, his nose nuzzling my wet, soppy anus, his tongue licking me clean, or licking me wet again.

I looked to my chair, but my Lady dog was asleep, so I rolled on to my back and said to my Lover “if you want me, it has to be this way, so I can kiss you, and I can also rest” and he seemed to understand and came down on to all fours and shuffled up my body, his long fur covering me with a ticklish glow, and then his mouth was at mine and my hands held his cheeks and kissed him, my tongue diving in with his, and it was far better than any tongue-kissing with any woman I had ever been with, and his cock came out longer and tickled at my bottom, and I lifted my buttocks enough for him to find the opening of my body, and he entered, and we Made Love.

He wasn`t like a Dog; he was my Lover, and his slow penetration and thrusts were as sublime – more so – than any Man I could ever imagine inside me.

I ejaculated almost immediately, an orgasm so powerful, I wanted him to fuck me forever like this!

He tried, it seemed, and it was slow – nothing like any bestiality/dog story I had ever read!

His paws wrapped me in a cuddle, and my hands wrapped him the same, and his deep, slow strokes were so fulfilling, I gasped and moaned, and tried to imagine how his Lady lover would feel if he was doing this to her; I whined, and he thrust harder then, and I knew he knew I was his to enjoy whenever he wanted…

His mouth was dribbling and my mouth sucked it in, wanting him to give me all of his bodily essences.

His lips were soggy, but I sucked on them; his tongue lolling out, eager for my mouth to suck its broad, flat wetness into my own mouth.

I wanted this Love, a better coupling than any other: a Love which felt better, more, than any other, and the human women having sex upstairs had no attraction for me anymore

He thrust again, and now he was ready, as was I and he grew inside me, and I exulted in the pain and the feelings as his cock expanded and his knot followed a new outpouring of his love seed for me, and he and I became one joined as only Lovers could be.

Did he want puppies from me, I wondered?

I was sure he did, as his licks and caresses were like no other, and I called him my `Lover` and pulled his face down for kisses and caresses of my own, tears welling at the feelings I had for him.

My Lady dog came over and joined in the kisses, and I hugged them both, and I felt empty when the male came out from me, but, again, some instinct told them to go, and with tears flowing, I said “good night, my Lovers, see you in the morning” and I closed the screen door behind them…

Part 4

But they never came back.

I searched the Village on foot over several afternoons, but never found them.

There were lots of other dogs, but the ones I loved: nary a sight.

The big black found me one afternoon as I returned, dejectedly, to my home, resigned to having lost them somehow.

He came in with me; I stripped and put on my house shorts, but he growled at me now, and I took them off again, clearly aware he wanted sex.

I gave him some water first, and a can of beer for myself, and I sat on the floor mattress while he drank beside me from the bowl.

I ruffled his fur and ears; his black coat gleamed, and his muscles rippled under my touch, and his body certainly did arouse me, my cock growing the more I fondled him.

When he had drunk enough, he stood and showed me his intentions by slobbering a wet mouth against my body, pushing me over to my stomach, and coming to my rear, his wet nose poking at my anus – well, at least he made it moist, so when he jumped up over my back and lay his weight on me, his stabbing dick had a small amount of moisture to help him slip inside my bitch`s cunt.

That was how he made me feel: just a bitch for his pleasure, when he wanted sex, when he wanted release.

Hunching his hind legs up tight against me, his cock did feel nice as it began to grow inside, and my own cock was leaking pre-cum: I need a dog who likes to give blow jobs I thought irrationally, thinking I could do with some release of my own at times.

He shifted from one hind leg to the other, stimulating me further, and helping him, it appeared to lengthen to his full erection, and I was now stuffed fully with him, my prostate being poked and prodded it felt like.

He must have felt aroused enough and now burrowed his knot inside me, the truly painful part of sex with dogs, until he was sealed within, and I could feel his initial stream of liquid begin pouring into me, and then felt strong jets of his sperm-laden semen filling me to bloating, and as it had nowhere to go but up, it seemed to flow up my anus and into my bowels or even intestines, so swollen did I feel.

Unlike dogs I had seen mating in the streets, he didn`t turn on me; perhaps aware I was a different kind of bitch, he stayed locked, lying on my back, panting and drooling saliva on me – rather like a male who has ejaculated and feels incredibly weak immediately after.

As we were locked, and I was tired on my arms and elbows, I lowered my body, and his, to the mattress, my own swollen cock painful under the weight, but at least we could relax and rest while waiting for his sperm to try and find non-existent eggs to inseminate, and he to slide out.

It was quite a while; he actually seemed content lying with me like this, and I caressed his body and fur behind me, deciding he did have feelings for me more than just a new bitch for sex.

When his cock plopped out, his canine instincts took over and he got up off me and ambled over near the door to sit on his bottom and lick himself clean.

I rolled on to my back, my cock drooping now, my body beginning to eject his cum, and I jumped up to get a towel quickly and stop my mattress from getting soaked – it was so heavy to wash and would take 2-3 days to dry!

When I came back from sticking the bottom-cleaner hose up my rear and flushing myself clean, the big black had gone.

Part 5

But he was back that night, late, and he had 2 friends with him, as he scratched at the closed screen door, my wife home, alone tonight and upstairs in her bedroom, asleep by now, or on her Facebook; she wouldn`t appear until morning to go to work.

I closed the door behind them, but left it a cm ajar, spent some moments looking at the 3 of them: the big black, another male the same size but built like a greyhound – slim, toned body – with a grey coat, speckled with black.

The smaller was a female, clearly, drooping tits hanging down, but disappointingly empty of milk it seemed: her puppies weaned, but her breasts stretched and still flopping under her.

All 3 sat on their haunches, 2 sheathed cocks with tips pointing out, and a bunch of tits.

Turning off the lounge area light, I took my shorts off and sat on my mattress, expecting, anticipating, and welcoming the contact I knew was coming.

The female came over and sat on my lap, her mouth coming up as if she knew I desired kisses; I could have asked her to clean her teeth or gargle with Listerine, but this was her natural taste, and mine was of beer and cigarettes anyway, as I put my mouth to hers and offered my tongue for her broad, long one to play with, while I gently fondled her tits, surprisingly getting her nipples hardening at my touch.

I looked at the black, but he remained seated, and then lay down, as if giving his friend first choice. The grey stood, arched his back, stretched his muscled body, and ambled across to burrow his nose at my aroused cock firstly, and then between my crossed legs to my balls, licking and burying his wet mouth down towards my anus, pushing now, but without any growls: perhaps the black had communicated I was submissive and needed no intimidation.

I rolled the lady on to the mattress, on her back, and turned on to my hands and knees, on my blanket this time as I had been preparing for bed myself, and at least it helped cushion my elbows somewhat.

The grey would do as a male does: fuck me, so I leaned my mouth down and gently sucked on the tits hanging below me, aroused even more when some small drops of milk did indeed come into my mouth, and my new Lady sighed at the contact.

I tested another tit: more drops, so I methodically went back to number 1, and began a gentle sucking of her, perhaps final, offerings available – to me, not her puppies.

The grey nimbly jumped on my back, his claws needing a cut, but he seemed to hold me with his pads and was a less aggressive lover than the black, as he tenderly roved his extended shaft around my bottom, pre-cum oozing and wetting my crack.

It dribbled down to my rosebud so, when he found it, I was lubricated and easier for him to slide a thinner - so far - cock into me.

He licked my back and nuzzled under my pony tail to lick, and even kiss my neck, his weight far less to support than the heavy black.

I could feel his cock extending inside me, and his girth was increasing rapidly, so I soon decided he actually had a fatter, longer, bigger cock after all, and I was filled to capacity – yet his bulbous gland had yet to force its way inside to tie us together!

When he did, he was as gentle as could be – but it still hurt and I groaned over the tit in my mouth, trying to turn my concentration on her milk, rather than the anus-busting ball slowly entering my rectum.

When I knew we were sealed, perhaps forever, his first trickles of preparatory semen tickled my insides, and I moved to another tit for milk as I awaited his own milk to fill me.

It wasn`t long, perhaps a minute, and his legs bounced side to side as he began the jets of his puppy-making sperm into a receptacle which couldn`t conceive for him, but which seemed to excite him enough to want to try.

I moved my mouth to the lady`s and hungrily stuck my tongue inside, the slight upwards movement dragging my swaying cock to touch her body between her hind legs, and drip my own offering of only pre-cum on to her skin and fur as it waved around to the movements of the grey fucking me.

There were no intentions to put my cock in her vulva, but the touch of my cock on her skin was arousing, and enjoyable, and the grey`s big cock was certainly more than enjoyable as he continued pumping hard blasts of his creamy sperm into me, and it was long minutes – far more than the black – before he trickled to a halt and drooled saliva as he came down from his ejaculatory high, and licked all over my back again.

This was better than sex with a woman and, I suspected, though had never experienced it, better than with a man`s cock in me.

I eased the lady to the side a little, my mouth staying attached to her penultimate tit, and slowly lay down, bringing the locked grey with me, his legs splaying to the sides of my body, and his whole weight comfortably lying on my back.

Looking to the side, I saw no sign of the black, but could see the door open wider, and thought `how odd; he brings friends, but doesn`t want another round of fucking with me`.

I fell asleep, on her final tit, the grey covering me, staying inside me.

When I stirred, it was only because the lady had had enough of lying on her back, and she pulled her tit from my mouth, rolled over and up, as if saying `time to go home`.

The grey was sitting beside me, somehow having slid out without me even waking; he made no move to stand, just looking at me.

I stumbled and ran to my bathroom, again cleaning myself out, and ejecting copious amounts of white milky substance, saying `sorry` to the wasted sperm as it entered the realms of the sewage system when I flushed the toilet and dried my bottom.

Returning, the Lady had indeed gone, but the male lay on my mattress, looking at me as I came to his side, eyes shining in the light from the soi.

I lay down beside him, pulled him in to an embrace, and asked if he stayed for another round of love-making.

He licked me, raspy tongue like the stubble on my own face, and I poked out my tongue and licked him in return, before joining mouths and tongues: true male-to-male loving.

I pulled his haunches in between my legs, my own cock still drooling pre-cum, and as I cuddled him, I could feel his sheath bobbing and the tip of his glistening cock began poking into my groin.

“You do want to make love again” I fondled him, kissing him, licking him, locking his haunches in my thighs, and desirous of feeling his cock drooling on my tummy as it grew in excitement.

“I am yours” I told him, loving him now, the way I had loved my first pair of Lovers, those few short days ago.

I rolled on to my back, opened my thighs and lifted my buttocks up, inviting him to lie between them and enter me in this new, un-dog-like way.

I dribbled my own pre-cum down to my hole, soaking it, and pulled his body over on to mine, his haunches hunching under his rear, and I raised my buttocks again, and we joined within moments, and he shuffled himself forward and fully inside: well, stage 1 of `fully` as I well knew he would lengthen and expand far more.

Assuming he had never fucked in this position before, I held his bottom as I let my body relax downwards, and then I pushed him in, and eased him back, and in again, until he got the idea of fucking me like this.

He quivered and shook as he began growing, and hardly needed to move really, as his cock was the stimulant in me, and to him it must have seemed as if he was doing the same natural thing as he always did to a female: get ready to impregnate them.

His movements also moved my cock, which was flattened upwards along my belly, and being caressed by his fur constantly, and I was as aroused as I had ever been, and even though without a surrounding cunt, the feelings he was giving to me, with me, caused my own cock to flare and my balls to awake, and as his juice began spewing inside me, I spurted outside me, up along his belly fur and my abdomen and chest.

He seemed surprised, but raised his head, tilted it downwards and gave me the most intense feelings as he licked down my chest, sucking up the semen I hadn`t been able to stop.

He must have liked it, as he wriggled backwards enough to get to the source, my cock up above my belly button where his tongue could reach it, and he drank or sucked of my final dribbles, as I moaned and shook in my own post-orgasm bliss.

But he had forced his knot inside while I was occupied, and he soon began his own ejaculation, and it went on and on, far longer than I ever could have competed against, and my body became distended and uncomfortable before he finished.

Like a true Lover, he didn`t neglect me, however, he continued to lick my chest and stomach, cleaning me as he did his own prick, and then he kissed me like a Lover

Stuck together, he lay there, and I revelled in the feelings of completeness and fullness - even if uncomfortably fat - and I cuddled and held him, stroking his short-haired fur and feeling his skin quiver.

We slept together like this, joined for hours, as the pre-dawn light was showing when I opened my eyes, the need for the toilet intense in my bottom.

I said quietly “sorry, my Lover; I have to get up” and he seemed to understand and slipped his tip of a cock out and allowed me to get up and run to empty myself again.

Returning, he was by the door, and I understood his look: `I have to go` and I knelt beside him and hugged him, and opened the door for him to leave.

I put the sodden blanket into the washing machine, grabbed the sheet I used when it wasn`t too cool, and slept, my used body needing hours to recover, but my emotions full of Love and Happiness once again.

Part 6

The black became my morning visitor: came for sex and left.

I enjoyed his male roughness – he`d given up cuddles and kisses, only wanted the fucking in my hole, but I couldn`t deny him, and truly needed it now.

I ignored my wife`s comment about all the towels in the washing, but used 2-3 every day, and washed them every day also.

The lady didn`t come back; I thought perhaps I had dried her teats of milk, and hoped she would return if she was forced into having another litter, and her tits filled with milk again.

The grey came irregularly, always at night, always we made love twice, and always he stayed cuddling until early morning.

But I pined for him and his cuddles, and the nights without him were unbearably lonely and empty.

My wife asked me to drive her to her Uncle`s house one weekend, a 2 hour trip into countryside.

I loved the country, but my wife wouldn`t move from the city, her job, her friends and lovers.

I didn`t want to stay, so I was polite and accepted a can of beer, and then made my departure, my wife saying she`d come home tomorrow with her sister.

On the Motorway driving home, another can of my own beer beside me, I saw a stray dog walking along the roadside.

I pulled over and, rather stupidly, asked if he was lost, for a male he evidently was.

He jumped inside the open passenger door and coolly sat on the seat; I said “well, if you want to sit there, please sit down - to be just a little safer.”

He did, licking his cock as he held one leg up – was he asking me to look, I wondered?

I fondled him as I drove, staying in the slow lane, and his prick came further out, red, wet, shining, offered to me, and I pulled off the road, into a lay-by with just a single truck parked perhaps 50m further ahead, and gave him a blow job, as he seemed in need.

I really wanted him to fuck me, but that would be difficult to explain on the side of a major Motorway!

Instead I feasted on him, his long thin cock easily down my throat, and I tasted a cock`s juices for the first time – amazing I hadn`t done this before!

His first juices were almost watery; I dribbled some on my fingers and looked at it as I sucked him: yes, almost clear liquid, but I knew he was getting ready.

Lying back comfortably on the passenger seat, his rear legs held wide open, I gently felt his scrotum and balls as I continued to fuck him in my mouth, and now he began growing, but I used a hand to stop his knot from entering my mouth, fearing suffocation, and caressed it instead, as I let him hunch and fuck me, his spurts now thicker, richer, tasty and creamy, and I could only imagine the lost little fish swimming down my gullet and being forever denied their own egg-fucking.

When his offering slowed down, I slowed my own sucks, until he was empty, and I swallowed and kissed his withdrawing cock and sheath and balls, and said “thank you”.

We went back on the road for perhaps 10 minutes, until suddenly he barked, and I saw a driveway off to the left ahead.

I pulled over and opened his door; he looked back at me for long moments, and then trotted away up the drive, clearly home, and I waved to his wagging tail, and went home myself.

It was just sunset as I pulled up and parked, finding the grey sitting outside my gate, a brown, long-haired, long-eared dog with him.

I opened up, scratching the grey`s ears as he followed me inside for water; the brown came hesitantly, so I went back to the screen door, down on my haunches and gently held my hand out to him/her, I wasn`t sure yet.

The brown sniffed and licked my hand, and perhaps it still had the scent of the stray on me, as now I saw a pink dick and he licked avidly, coming inside and sniffing and following the trail up to my mouth, licking and diving his tongue inside – “well, what an extrovert you are”, I said to him, my cock growing in my shorts.

His pointy ears were standing straight up, listening to me, and his tongue delved further, lapping at my tastes – a mix of beer and dog semen and sperm and cigarettes: how could he like that!

The grey came back to my side, looked at me, as I put an arm around his body too, and then he trotted out the door and the gate and left.

`Well, how about that; dogs introduce new friends, and then go home` and I stood and re-filled the bowl with water for the brown, while I unpacked the bits and pieces, stripped my clothes off for washing, and looking at the brown for a moment, went into my bathroom and turned on the shower, cleaning my teeth as I wet myself.

I lathered my hair, closing my eyes as I washed it, and jumped a little when I found a wet body nosing at my cock and into my groin: the brown having joined me for a shower.

I rinsed one hand, used it to hold his face and eyes away as I rinsed my hair of shampoo, and sat down with the shower nozzle, and wet him all over too.

“Ok, if you want a shower, we need soap”, and I lathered him with my male body soap, and then myself, having to stand to wash my genitals and bottom, and sat again to do my legs and feet and back, finishing with his genitals and anus, and finally his paws and toes.

He seemed to be enjoying it, and this was new for me too, and fun, so I rinsed him off, smoothing his long coat and massaging my fingers through it to ensure all the soap was gone, fondling those lovely ears, and wiped his eyes and nose very gently.

I turned the nozzle to myself and rinsed, getting up on to my knees so I wasn`t sitting in soapy water.

The brown nuzzled at my cock again, and it responded, bobbing and weaving around until his mouth captured it lightly in his gums, and as I rinsed, he sucked, and I was in a new heaven of sex with a dog as he made me grow to new dimensions, easily holding my whole size in his pointed, long mouth, his teeth never once threatening to bite, but his tongue and gums working a myriad of feelings into my cock and my whole being.

I cradled his body closer, running my hands all over him, and under him, and massaged his sheath and his cock when it began sliding out, and my head came down to suck on his ears, and this seemed to be an arousing, erotic spot for him, and he sucked harder, shivered, and drew my semen from my balls with a whoosh of flowing cum and a kaleidoscope of colours before my eyes, so I thought I should faint.

I sat down with a plop, reached up to turn the water off, and he backed away, swallowing my juices, and grinning!

I stood shakily and pulled my towel from the rack, desultorily drying myself, and then him, careful not to hurt his cock and balls.

Finished, I neither put moisturiser on my face nor brushed my hair, just followed him out and over to my mattress.

He stood, waiting it appeared, and I went down on my arms and elbows and knees, and gave my body to him.

He was on me and in me within moments, and I groaned at his dominance, and his love, as he wrapped his long forelegs around my chest, his mouth and tongue against my wet hair and neck, licking and sucking and nibbling with pleasure, giving me pleasure, and his cock began entering the hole to my core, deliciously long and pointy, just like his ears and face and legs.

I went down on to my head, and shoulders, so I could put my hands behind me and stroke his body as he began sliding more inside, so long now, thin, but so very long.

His claws were slightly out and he sensuously scraped them against my ribs and chest; I shivered with the feelings this new lover instilled in me, introduced by another lover.

Wanting to please him, I pushed my bottom back against his haunches, inviting him to insert the great gland at the base of his cock, to join us so completely we would be one being while he truly fucked me to his climax.

His tongue and mouth sucked and lapped at my neck, and he shuffled forward, from one rear leg to another, his whole current length inside and his bulbous knot now spreading my anus and pushing my rectum wider and wider, until the very end of him was in, and I closed around him, and tried to separate us, knowing this would stimulate him to begin his preparatory spurts of watery cum, before his true ejaculation.

Amazingly, he seemed in no hurry, and as I pulled forward he pulled me back, actually thrusting in and out almost, or letting me make the same motions at least, but we were knotted and couldn`t separate, so it was quite a strange sensation to be actual fucking each other: a man and a dog.

I wanted him in my arms to cuddle, so I brought my right leg up and over him, almost screamed as I twisted, but held his haunches hard against me, and pulled him down as I collapsed on my back to the mattress.

We were still totally joined, and I exulted as his forepaws came to my shoulders and I hunched my thighs up, my feet flat on the floor, and then my thighs were against his bottom, and his ball sac was resting comfortably against me, and his cock was way inside, and his body was on me, and we were making love as I had done with his friend, the grey, but – excuse me grey – this brown was so much more a lover, and seemed to want to take all night to consummate our first date.

His mouth was under my chin until he lifted his head, and his tongue came out, the broad, raspy organ stoking my fire as he pushed it, big, long, and dextrous into my mouth, until his lips met mine and we were kissing and twining tongues, while his cock pulsated and I helped to keep the in and out fucking going by sliding hard against him, pulling his haunches up, and then letting him slip back a few centimetres and do it all again.

He was inexhaustible, relentless in his love-making, and a very good lover.

Part 7

I never wanted him to stop.

But, as with all males, he couldn`t control himself eventually, and I felt the moment his watery juice changed, and the first powerful jet of sperm came from him with a whine, his mouth taken away from mine, and now he fucked me like a male truly in his bitch, and his cock was consuming my inner body and his sperm was spreading everywhere in my bowels and desperately seeking eggs or anything else to fuck themselves silly and procreate the species.

I groaned and moaned, hurting now, but accepting this was my new role in Life, and I complained not a whit as he filled me with his nectar, and now he whined differently, like I imagined a wolf might bay at the Moon after sex, and I fondled his ears and stroked his fur as he seemed to be coming to the end of his ejaculation, and relaxed down on me again.

I was asleep cuddling him when he slipped out, licking my face and heading for the door.

I was distraught; “oh, can`t you stay, brown lover” but he looked at me and at the door and I stumbled over and opened it for him.

He darted out, past the black and another, even larger black dog, both sitting there, but after the brown ran, they brushed past my leg and inside, and for the first time: I felt fear.

My normal black male wasted no time, pushing at my arse down to the mattress, the brown`s cum running out in rivers; he ignored this and mounted my back as soon as I was on all fours, and his cock was going inside instantly, the bony inside of his prick getting him inside to begin.

I moaned once, as I was very tender, but it was only once, as he growled and nipped at my back and his claws scratched once to remind me who was boss here.

He also must be boss of the soi, or of the neighbourhood perhaps, the way the brown had run away, scared.

The bigger black, a male-in-waiting I assumed, surprised me by lying down beside my body, shuffling under my body almost, opening legs either side of me.

This showed me she was a, well, she – and a big female she was too.

Her tongue was lolling from her mouth, wide and wet and floppy, and a harder thrust of cock in my bottom pushed me forward so it was easy to kiss her and lick her tongue.

I had the sudden thought to say `thank you` to the black male; he was dominant, surely, but he had also introduced me to other friends, and was now, seemingly, bringing a female to me – albeit without breasts filled with milk, but with an open vulva just down below my dripping cock: did he, and she, expect me to have sex with her?

I looked down; she was wet at her wide-open opening, and I knew enough and this meant she was in heat: why would the black male not just have sex with her and make puppies; why rape me, and let me, so it seemed, be the one to put my cock in her?

It was all rather confusing, but clearly the black was fucking me, and the lady was open and beckoning my cock to come down and in.

When her hind leg lifted and rubbed against my cock, I had a clear message, so I let the male fuck me, and had to balance on one hand to use my other to hold my cock and insert the head into her opening.

A virgin at this, I had no idea how big her insides were, neither width nor length, so I slid in cm by cm, doing my best to be careful not to hurt her.

When she thrust her cunt up at me, sucking in half my length, I changed my view of a female dog`s anatomy!

Fucking her person-like, I thought to make it romantic, and pushed in and out as I might with a female woman; but this caused the black on my back to growl, as I was pushing and pulling him too, and he wasn`t as romantic as the brown.

The female didn`t want romance either and she thrust her hips up and so I buried myself in her: and felt wonderful!

I was probably as long as the black male inside me, perhaps my girth was more though, and I spread her vagina as I entered into her cervix I assumed and headed my cock`s head – certainly a bigger head than a normal male dog`s - towards her uterus; she yelped at the size I had also to assume, and I made it very slow as I copulated with her, my first female dog.

It was more than wonderful: being stuffed by a cock, and stuffing my cock in a cunt.

We all fucked; the male banged his knot in me; I wanted, needed, to cry at the pain, but was scared of his reaction, so I endured, but stopped fucking my Lady; she whined and I had to start again, as now the male sealed himself within, and I knew he wanted me to pull and start his sperm-filled semen flowing.

What a heavenly feeling that is: a dog in coitus jetting harder than a rocket blasting off, and all in my womanly cunt for him.

It galvanised my own cock into ejaculation, and I pressed myself down, as close as possible to my lady lover, and my cock went in further, and my balls churned and churned, and did their best to match my black male`s blasts into her reproductive area, but I knew it would do her no good if what she wanted was a litter of puppies.

But she appeared satisfied at my own intercourse actions and seemed to sigh under me, even lifting her mouth to find mine and suck and lick and kiss me; and I returned all of those gentle touches with her.

As my body filled yet again today/tonight, my male lover cried against my back in his orgasm, and I pulled my buttocks hard away and his cock just kept spurting his semen and sperm inside me, and I began dwindling my offering to the lady, and I desperately felt, in these minutes of sex and love and fucking, I wanted him to make puppies in me, and I wanted to make babies in her: so intense were my feelings at least.

He fell on me pushing me down, and I quickly moved the lady aside a little, so as not to squash her, and I felt her nipples against my chest, and even without milk, they were nipples, and I let the male get himself comfortably still locked with me, lying on my back, and I squirmed as I could to get my mouth on those nipples, and I sucked each in turn, and she wrapped her paws around me, he had already done so, and I was cocooned between them, their fur and their bodies all around me, as I gave them each what they desired, and received what I desired: love and kisses and cuddles.

Part 8

I slipped from the cunt of my lover, and the male slipped from mine, and we all just lay on my mattress, each pouring juices onto it, as the blanket had gone into the wash earlier, and I had had no time to get towels to put down.

I cradled them both, though the male seemed not to want this so much, so I gave my attention to the bigger black female, cuddling her, kissing and whispering sweet nothings she couldn`t understand, until the male rose, shook himself and looked at my lady lover, and they both left.

I was empty and desperate for companionship through the night, realising this was a hard thing to get from most dogs: I needed my grey to come back, or the brown, who I had thought would stay with me.

I needed dogs.

What I needed first, this night, was an emptying of my bowels, and then a shower after the furious stream of cum and rubbish had flowed into the toilet.

I cleaned my teeth, put my shorts on, and felt ready for another fuck or fucking.

Tonight I became a slut for sex.

I went out to my gate, for this first night of all to follow, opening it and took my shorts off, and squatted, waiting for any dog who strayed up or down my soi, and who noticed me and paused.

I was lucky most nights, but some were frustratingly bereft, so if multiple opportunities came on the same night, I had to accept the offerings.

Most were males, some came to me, some kept going, but there were enough of the former who came to sniff, perhaps lick my cock, come inside and smell and lick my arse, while I ruffled their fur or smoothed their skin, or felt, very gingerly, their sheaths, or the very few who were females, and I felt their vulvas for readiness to copulate.

If the black appeared, I was submissive, and let him have his way, but if he didn`t appear in the morning, I was then frustrated and looking for any dog`s body to satisfy me.

In the evenings, I wanted multiple couplings, and most times managed to satisfy my urges, but I wanted a truly loving lover, who would stay the night with me, in my cunt or my cock in her cunt.

Then, one night, the big black female came to my door, and she had a young puppy in tow, and big, milk-filled breasts hanging down and slowing her movements.

They came inside, the puppy frolicking and yapping, and it was lucky my wife was away overnight or so I thought.

The black lay down on my mattress, seemingly exhausted, and I took off my shorts, turned off the light, and lay with her,

She rolled on her back a little, and I understood she was offering me her tits, so I bent down and gingerly took the first into my mouth, as the puppy set, himself, a male I could see, opposite me and sucked the same.

`Did she only have one puppy – with all this milk` I wondered, but mine not to question gifts showered from Heaven, and the puppy and I gorged ourselves on her copious milk, and I cuddled her, and rubbed the puppy`s body, until sated, we all went to sleep cuddling.

The puppy woke me, licking and nipping at my cock and gnawing on my pubic hairs.

I scolded him quietly, ruffling his ears, and he lay with his wet nose in my groin, licking only at my cock and hairs, yet arousing me to grow an erection, and to which he took a growing excitement of licking.

I didn`t know how old he was, but his body was firm and strong, no `puppy fat` on him could I feel as I stroked him to be quiet, his mother asleep in the crook of one arm, her breath blowing softly at me, not unpleasant.

The puppy wasn`t of a mind to keep sleeping, jumping around me, playing, until he jumped so my stroking hand came under his belly and found a young cock out of his sheath, and in my fingers.

It was wet, hard and, of course, small, but it clearly gave him feelings as I gently masturbated him, and he even spat juice out of it into my fingers, a pool of it on to my palm.

I brought my hand up to my mouth and slurped it in; watery, but not distasteful l, and I put my hand back and rubbed him some more, learning a young dog`s cans and cannot, as he, in turn, learned about a man`s cock, and its jumping around was a source of pleasure for him as he caught it in his paws, let it go and caught it with his jowls, but it took a while before he learned I didn`t want his teeth gouging it.

I brought him up to cuddle on my chest, and put his mouth to a new tit, and my mouth down to the next one, and hoped we would both sleep again.

Mum`s paw lifted up and flicked over her son, and then rested on my shoulder, and I paused to kiss her mouth lightly, returning to her nipple for more milk.

The puppy nestled his bottom against my groin, my pubic hair perhaps tickling his anus and scrotum, and he wriggled to get comfortable, wedging himself in my groin, with my cock growing between him and my abdomen as he drank and squirmed.

When satisfied, he released her tit, and found my cock`s head under him, lying up his chest, and he squirmed down a little and began feeding on that, his mouth opened and sucking me in, and my cock grew with the stimulation, and I felt unable to stop the ejaculation which came quickly and fed his mouth with different milk, my balls exploding from the contact with his own small balls and anus and cock sheath, and he slurped at my cock as it came into his baby mouth, and only after I finished dribbling, did I have to stop him from sucking my cock raw and his mouth intensified the post-ejaculatory sensitivity to a level of painful, beautiful torture.

He slept this time, just as he was, and I proceeded to drink his Mother as dry as I could take, until I felt like a 9-month pregnant woman must feel: bloated and swollen and unable to move, and I collapsed on my back, the puppy between my legs on my groin, the female still sleeping with my arm under her.

It was dawn when we all woke, me to bumble my way to the toilet and ejaculate litres of unabsorbed milk, and then to wash my genitals and bottom, and clean my teeth, wash my face, brush my hair.

When I came back, they were both at the door, and I understood their need to go home – where was their `home`, I wondered yet again, but if she had wanted me to follow them, I would have known; she didn`t and I unlocked the door, ruffled her fur, bent down to let the puppy lick my face as I ran my hand on his body, and they padded away.

Part 9

It was too late to sleep again, as I heard my wife`s shower start upstairs – surprising me, as I had thought she was away: clearly not, and I wondered what, if anything she had heard.

I had a full shower now, but needed new shorts, so I had to go upstairs to my wife`s bedroom.

She had her bathroom door open, which was thoughtless of her really: as, if she closed the door, I might sleep through it most mornings, but not with the door open.

She had her eyes closed, washing her hair, and I paused to look at her breasts, those big glands which had so mesmerised me in years past, and were still able to arouse me and my cock at the rare sights of them we had these days.

I sighed at the memories of a marriage long past, and opened her master bedroom door, wondering why the a/c was still on, and fumbling with the control on the wall in the dim light, I turned it off, and went to the cupboard, knowing by easy feel where my next shorts were on the shelf.

As I turned, the shorts in my hand, my cock bobbing on my naked self, there was a stirring on the bed, and a woman looked across at me, and smiled after a few moments of staring.

“So, you are Steve, her husband; we haven`t met – but I think I might like to” and she was clearly staring at my waving cock.

She threw the duvet off and revealed her naked body to my sight; nice big breasts attracted me, a shaven cunt – well, it was a cunt, and I hadn`t be in a human one for so long…I smiled and put my shorts on, my lengthening cock now hidden.

I said “good morning” and left her there, turning on the a/c and closing the door behind me.

My wife`s eyes were open now, as I glanced again in at her; “did I hear a dog last night” she asked, and I nodded “a female and her puppy sometimes come and I give them water; the puppy likes to play” and I shrugged and went downstairs, feeling guilty that I hadn`t given the dogs any water.

I made a café, lit a cigarette and turned on the early BBC News; the shower stopped for 5 minutes and then started again, and I did consider going up to look at her newest, unknown lover, all wet and glistening, perhaps washing her hair too, but a story on the News took my attention, and women were again discounted.

While sitting, I looked at my mattress, and groaned, getting up and dragging the heavy thing outside and throwing it over the front gate.

Inside for soap powder, I wet the mattress, threw copious amounts of soap powder all over the top on both sides, and then began using the hose and a brush to wash the soap down and give it something of a clean.

A final long rinse and I tiredly left it dropping the start of the water which would take 2-3 days to be finished and the mattress to dry.

I`d have to sleep on the smaller foam mattress I had, pillows stacked around for my longer legs to lie on; I`d be ok.

The women came down together, my wife gave me a perfunctory kiss on the cheek, her companion a longer one with red-coloured lips on mine, and said “see you again”, and they left for their work.

The black male didn`t come early this morning, and my body was already aching.

I needed to go to the supermarket, so dressed better and drove there with my list, not much food on it, mostly laundry, bathroom and kitchen supplies.

If I had a regular supply of dog`s milk, I hardly ate solid food; surely a mother`s milk, even a mother dog`s, contained all the vitamins and minerals and whatever to be healthy.

I did buy a packet of dog biscuits, snacks for my visitors, and also bread, ham and margarine, as I do love sandwiches.

Paid and down to the car, loaded and home, all done within an hour of leaving, as I went early every time, before the later hordes.

As I parked and unloaded my bags, I spotted a small dog lying just inside my gate; not a puppy, just small, but a female, with hanging bags of milk-laden tits, almost bigger than she was.

Carrying my bags, locking the car and opening the gate, I smiled and invited her in as I unlocked the front door; she ambled slowly behind me, her tits almost dragging on the ground, and slumped down again as soon as she was inside.

Before unpacking, I gave her a bowl of water, but she ignored the biscuit I put beside it; oh well, perhaps not all dogs like dog biscuits.

I put things away, stuffed the plastic bags in my hold-all to use for rubbish, and changed into house shorts, getting a beer and going back to sit on my floor carpet mat, and patting the space beside me.

She came over and into the cradle of my arm, lying against my chest, looking up at me: my new friend.

I didn`t even open my beer, as she rolled in my arm on to her back, and seemed to plead with me to help her.

Gently, I laid her down, and slid down myself to get my mouth to her first tit; it was so heavy and drooping, I had to hold it with one hand as my mouth came to it, and the milk gushed into me at the first suck; she sighed, feeling better already perhaps.

On her tit number 2, I noticed a blackness coming in: it was the big female with her pup, surprising me at this early return.

The female drank some water and picked up the biscuit, looked at me, and left her puppy to clamber over me as she left!

He went for my cock, humped against it even, but I picked him up and put him to work helping drain the little female; she didn`t seem to mind: just wanted to empty her tits, it seemed, so she could walk a little easier.

I did, however, slide my shorts off, wanting the feel of the dogs against my nakedness.

The puppy only drank one teat empty; I counted: she had 10 but only 6 seemed swollen with milk, so I guessed she only had/had had a small litter, and where are they now?

So I had 3 to go, but already feeling full, and the puppy was looking for my cock, taking my attention.

“Gosh, you have become a homosexual very fast, haven`t you” I asked him as he burrowed down between my legs and licked at my balls and then to the growing head of my shaft and cock head.

He looked at me, perhaps showing agreement, and his small raspy tongue lathed from my balls up my shaft and down again.

My job was to help the female, but after the next empty one, she showed signs of restiveness, and wanted to rise; perhaps her puppies were at home, and 2 full tits would satisfy them; perhaps they were tiny and couldn`t suck her empty…only questions, to which, of course, I could get no answers.

I roused myself, the puppy yelping, and said `bye, thank you` to the female, as I let her out the door and returned to the frolicking puppy on the carpet mat.

Lying on my back was too hard on my bones, so I made him wait again, pulled out my foam mattress, threw some pillows down, and went to get my towel from my bathroom, taking the opportunity to sit and flush my bladder of excess milk, and felt far more comfortable as I returned to him again.

“Why did your Mother leave you here, Little Black – did you ask her to come, I wonder” and the puppy cocked his head to the side and just looked at me, his tongue lolling out, his little cock showing out of his sheath as he sat expectantly on my mattress.

I lay down and he just went for my groin, and his tongue, though small was as sexual an instrument as any other large ones, and he had my cock bobbing and standing up in moments, and he turned around, burrowed his mouth down and licked my anus and butt crack and swallowed my ball sac.

I warned him “gently” and patted his back, and he seemed to understand this word from last night, and he just rolled my scrotum and balls around his gums, seeming to find immense pleasure in this.

His tail was twitching across my pubic hairs, as erotic as his tongue, and my hand caressed him, his bottom and hind legs, and below through his legs to his young sheath and extending cock, and he again quickly discharged fluid into my cupped hand, and I carefully pulled it back and drank it yet again, fondling him with my other hand all the while.

I thought he was perhaps 3 months old, but I didn`t really know; certainly, he had canine teeth, and he had signs of wanting to hump me; maybe he was 4-5 months, but I didn`t think as old as 6 months.

When my wet hand was back at his cock, it had extended further, and I could circle it with my fingers; he hunched his haunches, and gave a moan or sigh, and he pushed through the circle as if trying to fuck in my fingers.

I tightened them a little and then I slipped my fingers down his shaft and felt his knot growing; my goodness, he was already matured sexually it seemed, and his cock was long enough…well, long enough to satisfy me I was sure, and I crooned and wondered if this is why he is here?

He manoeuvred his legs back up my abdomen, his saliva dripping from his mouth on to me, and turned around, coming up to my face and squatting on my chest, his mouth and nose coming to lick mine.

I opened my mouth and he pushed both his nose and tongue inside, and I licked him with my own tongue; he got the game and pulled his nose back and pushed his tongue back in, fighting with mine, but his tongue, even now, was stronger and broader than mine, and that sandpaper rasp was another stimulant, and my cock stretched to bounce on his haunches, and he hunched up.

I ignored the attraction of his anus, not really wanting to be his fucker, but rather wanting to be his lover while he learned to fuck and love me.

For now, his mouth and tongue, his whole body on me, were all decidedly beautiful, though I thought I would like to use some toothpaste on his teeth and refresh his breath somewhat.

I kissed his nose and the sides of his jowls, but he poked his tongue back in and played some more, and then, abruptly, stood on me, promptly slipped off the sides, gouging painful claw marks as his paws splayed off my skinny ribcage, and his belly came falling flat on mine.

He seemed to laugh with his eyes, and coughed, perhaps even a laugh, but that had hurt me.

Without much conscience, he went down and turned around between my legs, his nose rooting for my anus, and his tongue drooling down my crack, and I could see his aroused cock, glistening as it re-appeared from the sheath: `he wants to fuck`, I was sure of it.

Wanting him as my cuddling lover, I pulled a pillow under to support my buttocks higher, and lifted his forepaws up, so he was standing, and I shuffled him forward, his cock to touch me.

When the tip of his cock touched my buttocks, he jetted a gush of fluid, and it ran down my crack and on to the pillow, and he whined, so I dropped his paws to my abdomen, put them lightly behind his bottom and pulled him forward, until I needed one hand to squeeze between us, find my hole and spread it wider, and let him bounce until he found it, and he speared me for this first time.

His instincts took over, and like any male inside a cunt, and for the first time fuck, he bucked and rutted at a furious pace, but was, all the time, moving deeper within me, and I was moaning with the pleasure of his youthful cock and his youthful exuberance, and I fondled his eyes and let him lick my hands and chest, all the while drooling pools of saliva on me, and fucking me, oh yes, fucking me, and on me like the Lover I wanted on me.

His knot came bashing at my door and was small enough to fit in without pain, but big enough to seal the exit, and I moved my hips to stimulate him and soon his jets became stronger and I knew he was injecting me with his first semen and perhaps sperm, and he howled like a wolf at his triumph, and perhaps at his conquest over his first mating.

He didn`t take long to slip his knot out, and moved aside, but I was faster than his mouth and I buried my head between his loins and licked his cock clean, deeming it my job from now on.

He accepted this submission, and lay back, paws open wide, and when I had sucked and licked him clean, and his cock retracted, I moved up his skin and belly, licking and kissing to his face and thrust my tongue in, giving him the love I felt.

With the enthusiasm and recuperative powers of youth, within 5 minutes he was rested enough and he came and fucked me again…

4 times he fucked me, each time harder and stronger and longer than the previous, and his sperm kept flowing into me, and I kept cleaning him afterwards, perhaps saving his energy somewhat and giving him the power to recover.

When I thought he was back for number 5, I was wrong; he came up to lie on my chest, holding my sore, bleeding, forgotten ribs gently, and he fell asleep; I cradled him, smiling: I had found my sleep-over Lover, I believed, though I was very sore from his multiple poundings and couplings.

But still I smiled, contented.

Part 10 – Epilogue

My young black puppy-lover stayed with me for the afternoon, sleeping 2 hours, even when I moved him off me and on to the mattress, when finished my hour`s sleep, and needed the bathroom.

His baby offering dribbled from my bottom for a long minute or more, and I delighted in its feel, wondering if he would become as big as his Mother, or slightly smaller like his Father, and how would his cock develop…

I made a sandwich and café, but could only manage half the sandwich, my stomach feeling bloated still from milk yet to be emptied.

I cleaned my teeth and even had a shower, and the puppy slept on, until I lay down beside him again, and he stirred and looked at me: I saw Love there, perhaps my imagination, but I wanted to believe it, and I hugged him.

With his new found sexuality, he wanted to fuck me again, and was in me easily now, always as I wanted, lying up my abdomen so we were face to face, but before he knotted with me, a whine came from the doorway, and his Father was there.

The puppy pulled quickly out of me, and away, and then up to cuddle beside me, yielding his place and the black male came over and licked my anus and thighs, pushing me over to my submissive knees and arms, and immediately seeking and entering, his cock growing even as he pushed it inside.

The puppy was almost hiding under me, and licked and kissed my face, and then he crawled under me, as his Father was jumping over my back and nipping at my neck, and then the puppy began licking my hanging, dangling, aroused cock, arousing further at his touch, and began to play his favourite game of chasing it bobbing around.

His Father inside me was, naturally, a lot further in than his young son, and it was hurting in a wonderful way, and I wriggled my hips, pulling on him to knot and ejaculate, and this caused the puppy to whine, with glee I thought, as it moved my cock even more for him to chase.

His Father growled, and the puppy cringed, and just then his Mother also came to the door; she yipped once, and the puppy scrambled out and ran to her; she looked at me; the puppy did too, and they both turned and left, leaving the male to fuck me, perhaps to re-assert his dominance over me, and his teeth kept nipping at me today, something he hadn`t done since the first time.

Perhaps he had just had sex, but it seemed he was spurting the watery juice for longer, taking longer to tie with me, and just fucking me longer this time.

I reached back with one arm and fondled his ears and face, down his fur and under him to his barrel chest.

He seemed to like this and thumped his cock in me, stopped biting and slurped at my neck now, pushing my wet hair aside as if it tickled him, and now his knot entered, and his cock extended fully and, once locked, he gave me the biggest load of sperm and semen I`d yet had from him – I was sure – and he went on and on, stepping from leg to leg, hunching and driving into me like a piston, and his jets stayed strong and stronger, and they hit way inside me it felt like, as I moved my hips and pulled him to keep the flow coming.

His son was beautiful, and my Lover; the Father was a dominant sex partner without romance, but he certainly could fuck me!

He could also leave me bereft, when he had finished, growling away my attempt to lick him clean, doing so himself quickly and heading to the door, looking back at me as if to make sure I had the message: when he wanted, I was his.

I bowed my head in obeisance.

I went for another shower, vaguely thinking the water bill would be up this month, and was adding cream moisture to my face, and my arse, when my wife came home.

“Why don`t you turn the light on” she said, turning on the middle room light; “because I don`t need it on to shower or brush my hair; it`s hardly dark yet, anyway: you`re early” and I stepped out to get my shorts from hanging on the chair at the dining room table.

She looked at my cock, hanging down, and it twitched.

“Linda was right” she smiled, as I wondered who `Linda` is; “she said this morning your cock looks good enough to eat, if not have fuck her; as I just said: she was right, it does look good, husband.”

I didn`t respond; I needed to live in this house, needed her to sign papers for me to stay in the country year after year, and didn`t want to antagonise her.

“So, these complimentary words mean what exactly, my wife” I asked her as I stepped into my shorts.

“They mean Linda was right, and if I need a man to fuck me sometimes, I expect it to be you, without complaint, and if I ask you to fuck one of my friends, I expect you to do so without complaint also…”

“And I would do this because….”

“Or I might report you having sex with dogs, complete with photos….do we have a deal, husband?”

“We have a deal.”

“Take your shorts off; I feel like being fucked by a cock.”

(End of Chapter 1….)

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