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Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Mind Control, Threesome, Virginity

Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love 

Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance 

 Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music, and fertility. 

 Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites 

 Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice 

 Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water 

 Mut - Queen of the goddesses and lady of heaven 

 Isis - Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom (wife of Ra) 

 Ra – God of the Sun, the major god of Egypt 

 Epaphus – Greek Mythology demi-god – Son of Zeus, Io, and a King of Egypt 

 Ephus - the man, husband of Bast and all her sisters at present

 Thoth - God of knowledge

 Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles

 Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet

 Karen - neighbor of Ephus

 Tina - Karen's daughter.

 Dr. Quinn Markov - Doctor of ancient Egyptology and Mythology



Ephus again shook his head as he felt the power that was flowing. Sobek suddenly snatched his hand off Ephus shoulder as if he was burned. "What trick is this? A mere touch and I am suddenly weakened?"


Sobek turned and stared into Ephus's eyes. "I would have warned you had I the time when you arrived. I am afraid you didn't afford me the opportunity to."


"You are no..." Sobek started.


"Shhh!” Ephus said. "Thoth? Could you keep this again for me?"


<Yes brother to be! None but those there, Ra and I will hear.> Came Thoth's thoughts.


"As I explained to Ra, Thoth, and Bast. I do not wish for the truth of my family to be known. My ancestor was a demigod, though I do not posses all powers that he did, I do have some that have never been seen. What you felt was one of them. I found that unless I wish it, I cannot be touched by a god or goddess. Well, one that hasn't touched me before this power developed. Now then, am I going to have a problem with you in this test, will this fight have to happen?" Ephus told a shocked and opened mouth Sobek.


"So, you are perhaps half god. This makes things extremely interesting! What of my other brothers?" Sobek cocked his head to the side for a moment then nodded. "As I thought none of them really care for this. The mere fact that you have Thoth on your side proves that you are smarter than any of us thought. When the time comes the trial will be done. Expect no mercy from me brother to be!"


Then with a flourish Sobek waved his hand but was shocked when he didn't move. Ephus touched Sobek's arm, then like Thoth he started to glow a bit. His eyes flew wide as he stared at Ephus in shock then nodded and disappeared.


"You know it's going to take a bit of getting used to." Quinn Markov said with a smirk from her bedroom door. "I mean really! Gods and goddesses popping in at any moment? Then there is this." With that Quinn lifted her skirt showing her neatly trimmed vagina. "I know I wasn't that loose before but now? Plus I am wet and leaking constantly with you here." Walking up to Ephus, she grabbed his hand and placed it at her opening.


Ephus eyes went wide when he felt that she was quite a bit tighter than she was before! "You are unhappy about this? Plus the fact that you have regressed at least 20 years. Just tell me, I'll talk to them." Ephus told her as he started to massage her with a little more vigor.


Panting Quinn tried to pull his hand away but he kept on driving his fingers a little deeper. "Oh my god, stop Ephus!" Within moments Quinn was screaming out in orgasm again. Falling back into her chair she tried to catch her breath. "I wasn't looking for that damn it! You need to be careful the next few days. There is no telling what Sobek may do."


Ephus nodded a sly smile on his face. "I suggest the same thing Quinn. You are a bit younger than you were. I believe that they might think that you are a fake." Ephus advised her all joking aside. "I owe you a great debt that I don't think I will ever be able to repay. So again please be careful, that assistant you fired? She might still be lurking about." Ephus held Quinn close then left.


Making it to his car he breathed a sigh of relief then started for home. Pulling in his carport he was surprised that his neighbor Karen wasn't waiting on him.


Racing for his back door he breathed another sigh of relief that no one had seen him.


A voice that he'd only heard once startled him. "I find it strange that with as many goddesses as you know you do not have them move you." Turning slowly Ephus was nodding as he stared straight into the eyes of Isis! "Ummm human I have decided to examine you once again." Waving her hand she watched a moment then her mouth dropped open. 


Ephus looked up, "Thoth? I am afraid that I have need of you again."


<Of course broth... Ah! I see hello Isis! I see that you have once again taken to investigating. You may talk freely as Ra also knows.> Came Thoth's thoughts.


"Ra already knows of this as does Bast, Thoth, Sobek, and now you. My ancestor was a demi-god his name was Epaphus." Ephus started.


"Ah! That explains much! He was of the Hellas people. If I remember his father was Zeus, quite a handsome god but so untouchable. His sister and wife Hera was a most jealous bitch of a goddess, she makes what my daughters have pale in comparison." Isis stated.


"I'd really like this to go no further. I know that Thoth would have known sooner or later. Ra hears and sees everything. Bast has known for a very long time. Besides them and Sobek you are the only other that knows. I'd prefer it stays that way 'til this is all over." Ephus said.


Isis nodded then stated, "You have my promise, that of Ra's wife. No other will know as long as you desire it that way. Now Ephus I have a need to... investigate you more." Isis said as a sudden look of lust seemed to overtake her features.


Ephus stared at her a moment then a sudden thought occurred to him. Waving his hand Isis was suddenly naked! Holy shit! He'd just wanted it to happen and it did. "I think it is time I pleasure you for a change." Ephus told a wide eyed and hugely smiling Isis. Nodding her head she lay back on the bed and beckoned to Ephus.


"I await this pleasuring of yours. If what my daughters and their sisters have said is true then I may have to 'investigate' much more!" Ephus smiled then shrugged why not? After all she was the mother and if she was on his side how could he lose?


Kissing Isis's lips softly he was shocked when he felt what could only be described as a current run through him! Slowly he kissed to her ear nuzzling it before he plied kisses all over her neck. At first she didn't make a sound and lay there stiffly. That was 'til he moved even slower taking each nipple into his mouth as he came to it.


Isis was expecting pain as she always did, strange though the human was going slow and softly. It wasn't 'til he took her left nipple that she felt a stirring deep within herself. As Ephus moved back and forth the feeling grew! Then just as suddenly he stopped and was moving even slower much lower!


By the great power! What was this human doing to her? It was unlike anything she'd felt in thousands of years! Suddenly she felt him at the junction of her legs and still he was kissing and licking lower! Now there was a growing warmth that was starting to spread outward from her opening. Strange she thought it was building into something that had her skin tingling all over!


Ephus was surprised when Isis started to moan, he thought she held everything inside. The closer he got to her opening the harder she tried to suppress it. Smiling Ephus could also see that she was quickly losing the battle to keep quiet or still.


Finally reaching her opening Ephus smiled seeing the moisture that Isis was starting to leak. Good he thought this ought to really get her going! Barely breathing on her he saw that she was starting to shudder. Finally taking a deep breath Ephus drove his tongue as deep as he could. 


Isis felt Ephus near her opening but was still unsure of what the human was doing. Then just as suddenly she felt the man's tongue drive deep within her! Isis quickly lost almost all control as she nearly threw both of them off the bed! Screaming out her orgasm she lay there panting as the feeling was starting to build again! By the great power what was happening to her?


Ephus hung on for dear life as Isis began to thrash back and forth trying to escape his tongue. Smiling he began to thrust as hard as he could causing her to scream a second time in pure pleasure. Gasping Ephus heard her say, "No more Ephus! Take Isis, take Isis now!"


Smiling even wider Ephus ignored her as he kept up his tongue action bringing her to two more orgasms. Finally Isis was starting to beg, "Ephus! You have to take Isis; I can't take much more fill Isis now!"


Still smiling Ephus slowly kissed his way up her body making her squirm even more. Kissing her Isis was surprised when she tasted herself on his lips. Ephus could feel her trying to wrap her legs around him and draw him into her.


"I think you are ready Isis." Ephus said as he looked into her eyes and could almost see a look of wanton lust as she nodded vigorously. Finally Ephus drove his hard member deep within Isis as she screamed out her fifth orgasm.


"Finally Isis feels complete! Take Isis, take her hard!" She said as she finally got her legs around him pulling him as fast as she could as he started to pound as hard as he could. "Yes, yes, yes!" Isis was screaming as she was orgasmed again. 


Ephus was surprised that she was as emotional as she was but he was glad she was opening up. Finally after only fifteen minutes Ephus roared as he started to pump his seed deep within Isis.  Her eyes flew wide as she felt the hot seed as it filled her bringing even more pleasure. Screaming out again her body started to convulse as he filled her.


Ephus had to lay there a moment this was the most intense sex he'd had since the first time with Bast.


Taking a deep breath Isis opened her eyes and stared at Ephus. "Human, I know not what that was but if it is like this for my daughters and their sisters it is no wonder they all desire you!"


"That was what we humans call pleasure, it appears that the gods haven't learned of this yet." Ephus told her.


Isis sat there deep in thought then she smiled hugely. "Ephus, think it possible that you could teach the gods of this pleasure? That they also might bring this to the goddesses as you have?"


Ephus had to think about it, true he was still thinking in terms of human thinking. It appeared that it was nothing for the gods to observe each other and even join in when it came to sex. "I know I am still thinking in terms of humans. To us it is not normal to observe others doing this. It might take me a bit before I can do this."


Isis’ face expression dropped for a moment then she smiled. "If you could teach this, many rewards could be yours."


"I told you I have no need of riches and fame. I made a deal with Ra that I have to finish. If you can talk to him then perhaps." Ephus told her.


"Ephus, you don't realize what you have done. This is the first time ever that I have felt what you made me feel. You must teach the other gods this." Isis told him.


<I for one am very interested in what you did. It appears that you not only gave extreme pleasure to Isis, you also increased it for yourself.> Came Thoth's thoughts.


"I'll have to think about it and somehow get over my human thinking." Ephus told both of them.


<Yes you need to change your thinking. You are no longer a mere human now. You are entering a new realm with new things and thoughts.> Thought Thoth.


Ephus sat there for a few more minutes thinking of all the new information that all of them had imparted. "I must return to the realm. Think long and well on this, it would make a great difference in the realm." Isis told him then leaned over and kissed him again sending a shock wave through both of them.


With that Isis was gone with a whoosh. "Thank you Thoth I just hope that I don't have to bother you again before the test. Though I am afraid of what Sobek might do."


There was a rush of pressure then Thoth was standing there beside him. "I am not sure what he will do."


"I just wish I had more knowledge of this perhaps a second to stand with me while I go through this." Ephus said not noticing that Thoth was nodding then knelt down in front of him.


"My soon to be brother in law. If you so wish it, I will stand with you at the test. Though I also must administer the test, I can stand with you. What say you?" Thoth was telling an astonished Ephus.


Ephus was shocked for once he'd asked the right damn question! "I would be honored to have you at my side. I believe that with the knowledge of everything at our fingertips we can triumph!"


"Ah! It is good then!" There was a moment of absolute silence then there was a thunderous noise.


A moment later a tall male appeared a huge sun disk on his head wrapped with a cobra. "So Ephus, you are accepting the challenge then. Good! Ummm strange this realm has changed much. As Isis said we need to investigate it more before we reappear. Be well Ephus and keep sending the energy!" With that the man was gone in a huge flourish.


Ephus looked over to see Thoth kneeling on the floor. Oh shit! What in the hell was going on? "Thoth not to seem idiotic but who was that?"


"Brother to be that was Ra! The father of the one that you are in love with and wish to free!" Thoth said in hushed tones. "The fact that he did not demand you bow, speaks much about you. No one can deny you now, no one!"


Bast appeared a huge smile on her face. "Father accepts you! Soon husband. Soon together!"  Kissing Ephus she disappeared.

Rating: 93%, Read 21631 times, Posted Dec 27, 2016

Fantasy | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Mind Control, Threesome, Virginity


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