New rules 4 by doz

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Fiction | Anal, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Wife

This is the sequel to “New Rules 1 to 3”. Read them first.

The month was almost over. Fred was in San Francisco and would be boarding his flight home in a few hours. We were talking on Skype again.

“Fred,” I said, “I'm really looking forward to having you home.”

“I'm relieved to hear you say that. After all the wild sex that you have been having I wasn't sure that you would welcome me back.”

“You're still the man that I love, Fred. I look forward to having your magnificent cock inside me soon. I also look forward to sharing with you some of the wild group sex that I've been enjoying. I just hope that you don't expect me to be a faithful wife again. For one thing, I don't intend to give up fucking my boss nearly every day. How do you feel about that?”

“Goodness. I've really let the genie out of the bottle, haven't I? I am looking forward to sharing you with other men and women. I guess that, if you keep fucking your boss, it would only be fair if I start fucking one of my work mates too. Do you really think that our marriage will survive if we continue down that path?”

“Yes. I've been having the best sex of my life while you've been away, yet I'm really excited that you'll be home soon, and not just because of the sex that we'll have together, but more because I've missed you. As for your fucking one or more of your work mates, that is, as you say, only fair. I do hope that you'll continue to tell me all about her or them, as I've been telling you all about my adventures.”

A few days after Fred left for America, as I got comfortable with our new rules, I had adopted what I thought of as my slut uniform: short skirt, no panties bare legs, high heels, skimpy top, no bra. Of course it wasn't really a uniform because I had a few different skirts and tops but they all had one thing in common – they all revealed more of me than they concealed.

When one of the uptight older women at work told me that I was dressed like a slut, I retorted that I had discovered how much fun a slut can have.

So, of course, on Saturday morning, when I dressed to go and pick up Fred from the airport, I wore my slut uniform. When, at last, he came out of the customs hall at the airport, I felt a thrill go right through me. I wrapped my arms around him, pressed my body against his and poured all my love into our kiss.

“Wow! Sally! I should go away and come back more often if that's the kind of welcome that I'll get, each time.”

“Oh! Fred! They say that parting makes the heart grow fonder. I'm so glad that you are back. Welcome home.”

As I drove out of the airport car park I turned to Fred. “Fred! Wendy and Brad have offered to leave us alone tonight so that we can bond again. Is that what you want?”

“Sally, you've seen how aroused I was whenever you told me about your latest sexcapade. The best way for us to bond again would be to share in some wild group sex. Can you set that up?”

“Sure. Take my phone and call Wendy. Tell her that we want her and Brad to be there when we get home, then ask her to ring Veronica and Kevin and invite them for dinner and fun tonight.”

As I listened to Fred's end of the conversation it was pretty obvious that Wendy was happy with the revised plan. When he finished he told me that Wendy would ring Veronica and get back to us. Five minutes later my phone rang again.

“Yes, Wendy?”

“That's great. We'll be home soon.” ... “Bye.”

Fred reached over and ran his hand up my left thigh under my skirt. (In Australia we drive on the left side of the road.)

“Sally, how come you're not wearing panties?”

“I call it my slut uniform. No panties, no bra. That way I'm always ready for sex, should the opportunity arise. However, if you insist on finger fucking me while I am driving I'm pretty likely to kill us both by crashing the car when I cum. Please wait until we are safely home.”

I drove into our garage, pulled the hand-break on and switched off the engine, and turned to Fred only to find he had pulled his track suit pants off and was stoking a very erect cock. Of course I leant over to him and took his cock into my mouth, licking, sucking and bobbing up and down. It seemed only a few seconds before I was struggling to swallow rope after rope of Fred's cum.

“There. Does that make you feel welcome home?”

That was my sister, Wendy, who spoke. She was standing beside the passenger's window, totally naked. I wondered how long she had been watching. In any case she had been there for the climax. Brad, her boyfriend was standing next to her. He, too, was naked.

Wendy opened Fred's door and invited him to step out, then wrapped her arms around him and gave him a very welcoming kiss, which lasted for minutes, then she grabbed his hand and led him into the house through the connecting door. Brad stood near the boot (=US trunk) and waited for me to open it before he collected Fred's bags and carried them into the house.

I slipped off the few clothes that I was wearing and left them in the car, then followed everyone into the house. Wendy was sitting on a couch in the living room and Fred was kneeling between her legs and his head was in her crotch. He must have been doing something right because Wendy was moaning and encouraging him.

“Oh! Yes! Fred! Just like that. Don't stop. Yesssss!”

Brad came back from the bedroom where he must have left Fred's bags. Wendy leant over and pulled Fred's T-shirt off, which left him as naked as the rest of us.

“Wendy. Fred wants to experience group sex. Why don't you, Wendy take Fred in your cunt while you Brad fuck Wendy's arsehole?”, I suggested.

“Hey!”, Wendy replied, “Fred's just eaten me to a great orgasm. I think that you, Sally, should be the meat in that sandwich. After all we ARE welcoming YOUR husband home.”

And so, five minutes later, in our bedroom, I was lying on top of Fred with his erect cock deep inside my pussy, and Brad was pressing lube inside my arsehole in preparation for fucking me there.

“Oh my god! That feels so weird. I can feel Brad's cock sliding over mine.”

“Oh! I love being double fucked. I feel so full. Fuck me.”

My body filled with joy, the joy I always feel before my orgasm hits me, but I felt even more joyful this time because one of the cocks fucking me was my beloved husband's, and he was experiencing his first ever threesome, and I was at last sharing my new life style with him.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” My orgasm hit me.

I was only vaguely aware that Brad was pumping his load into my bowel. Then, as I came down from my orgasm I felt Ted's cock pulsing in my cunt as he too filled me with his cum. I turned my head to kiss him.

“Sally, that was awesome. I've never felt anything like it.”

“Ted. I'm so glad that you really enjoyed that because I love having two or even three cocks in me. Maybe tonight you, Brad, and Kevin can fuck one of Alicia, Wendy and me in all three holes.”

“Well, I'm up for it. How about you Brad?”

“You bet! Maybe even all three women in turn?”

We decided that we needed a break and so we agreed to go out to our favourite restaurant for lunch. We all went to get dressed. I put on a dress with a halter top which left my arms shoulders and back bare except for a strap around the back of my neck. The skirt of the dress was short, showing off my sexy bare legs. I tossed up between thongs (=flip flops) or high heels. In the end vanity won out, my legs are so much sexier in high heels.

When we met up in the living room, Ted and Brad were in jeans, T-shirts and thongs. Wendy wore very short, tight-fitting shorts, a halter top which showed even more flesh than my dress and thongs. However, when she saw how I was dressed, she went back and came out again wearing high heels. Her legs are pretty good too!

At the restaurant we were waiting to be seated when a beautiful, young woman tapped Ted on the shoulder.

“Hello, Ted. You're back from the USA?”

“Yep. I just got back this morning. Hello, George. What are you two doing together?”

“Phil is away on a business trip. Susan and I are having a bit of fun together, while he's away.”

“I think my husband has girlfriends in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide, and who knows where else.” Susan said, “I hope that you wont tell him about seeing us together.”

“There may be a price for my silence. We'll discuss that later.”

“Sally! These are two of my work mates, Susan and George. Susan and George, my wife, Sally, her sister, Wendy and Wendy's boyfriend, Brad.”

We were given a table for six and sat talking together through the meal. Towards the end of the meal I announced that I was going to the loo. Susan decided to come with me. When we were out of hearing of the others, Susan tackled me.

“Sally. I get the impression that the four of you are very comfortable together. I would have expected that, after a month's separation, you and Fred would be at home, fucking each other's brains out, yet here you are, sharing your time with Wendy and Brad, and George and me. What's going on?”

“It's a long story. The short version is that two hours ago Fred was fucking my cunt while Brad fucked my arsehole. I've got the dried cum on my inner thighs to prove it.”

Once we were in the toilets I lifted my short skirt and showed her the cum on my thighs, then turned my back to her and showed her my cum-covered arse.

“No way! Where was Wendy? Don't you wear panties?”

“Wendy was right there watching. No I don't wear panties any more. It makes me feel that I can fuck at very short notice. Just before Fred and Brad DPed me, Fred ate Wendy's pussy until she covered his face with her cum.”

“So he ate her pussy before he fucked you?”

“Well. He wanted to finger fuck me while I was driving him back from the airport, but I told him that I would crash the car and kill us both if he brought me to an orgasm. Then as soon as we were safe inside our garage I gave him a blow job and swallowed his cum. Wendy and Brad were watching us. Then Wendy took him into the house and by the time I got there she was cumming wildly.”

“Oh my god! I wish that I could do some of the things that you do.”

“Why don't you and George come home with us now, and see what fun combinations we can all come up with. We really don't have any inhibitions any more, and believe me, it's a wonderful way to be.”

“Do you and Fred still love each other?”

“Absolutely. You and George have been fucking, I assume. Do you still love Phil, even though you're fucking George and he's fucking someone else?”

“I … I suppose that I do. I just wish that we could talk about it.”

“I think that you should try talking to him about it. While Fred was away I told him about every fuck that I had and he told me about every fuck that he had. We both find it very exciting to tell and be told.”

“Mmm. I'm not sure how Phil would react if I tried to tell him, or ask him.”

“Well. That's your problem. But Phil's still away. Are you going to come and cum with us today?”

Susan and George followed us back to our place. As soon as we were inside Fred, Brad, Wendy, and I immediately stripped. George and Susan looked a bit embarrassed. I went to Susan and encouraged her to take her clothes off, which she did with my help.

“Susan. Fred and I had a conversation yesterday about his fucking someone from his work. Maybe he was thinking of you? I hope so because I like you.”

“You want Fred and me to fuck? Why?”

“Well. Because I've been fucking my boss at work every working day since Fred left. Yesterday I told Fred that I have no intention of stopping. We both agreed that in that case he should feel free to fuck someone from his work, whenever he and she wanted. How does that affect you? Would you like to fuck Fred during your lunch break, or whenever?”

“You mean that we could do that and you wouldn't mind?”

“My only condition is that he tell me in detail about every fuck he has without me. Would it worry you that I was going to know about every orgasm that he gave you and every time that you made him cum?”

“Oh my god! You're not joking, are you? I think that it would enhance the experience to know that he would be telling you about every fuck, and you would not be upset. Why can't other people be like you two?”

“I still think that you should try talking to Phil about his and your extramarital activities,”

“If I do and we break up as a result, will you and Fred take me in?”

“Yes. But there are conditions.”


“The main one is that you have to become a slut like me. That means short skirts and no panties, and you have to be willing to fuck any man or woman who comes into this house.”

“Wow! Maybe I'll just leave Phil and become a slut in your house.”

“Well, you could do that. On the other hand, if you do talk with Phil, and it goes well, you can still be a slut while remaining with him. Of course, you'll always we welcome here, with or without Phil to enjoy fucking whoever is available. Wouldn't that be better?”

“The only problem with that is that I have to get up the courage to tackle Phil.”

“Well, if it would help, Fred and I could be there when you tackle him. We could invite you two to dinner, and then steer the conversation to Fred's and my sex lives, and then you could tell Phil about today, or ask him about his girlfriends, or just express a desire to be a slut like me. Whatever Phil's reaction we'd be there for you. Does that sound like a plan?”

“That sounds like a plan.”

To be continued in "New Rules 5"

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Rating: 93%, Read 33462 times, Posted Feb 16, 2012

Fiction | Anal, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Wife


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