My Teen Love Triangle Part 2 by Fantasylit24

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Fiction | Asian, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Erotica, First Time, Masturbation, Romance, School, Submission, Teen

Sitting in my room I blankly stared at the ceiling wide eyed. In only a short week my life had been turned upside down. I was no longer the guy with no chance with a girlfriend or the sucker always being rejected. It felt like Kylie and Zoe were pulling me from each arm behind each other’s back. “What if another girl comes into the situation?” I thought worryingly. I felt I was getting too ahead of myself and fetched myself a bottle of water to cool my nerves. I was definitely afraid of what the future held for me no doubt, but I sensed part of me was not fully opposed with my scenario. The feeling of Zoe close to me, wanting me and taking me, it excited me immensely. Her breath on my ear was orgasmic, she must have felt me quiver. No matter how much I tried to deter the thought of Zoe making a move on me, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of lust when I thought about her. How could I continue a relationship with Kylie with such unfaithful thoughts? As I contemplated to myself, my phone rang surprising me. I jumped up and saw Kylie’s pretty face on my phone screen, I had taken a picture of her winking and blowing a kiss for my phone. The sight of it made my heart melt. I answered, “Hello?”. “Hey sweetheart” Kylie answered, “Today went well huh?” I sat back on my bed and closed my eyes thinking of her. “Yeah it did, I'm really glad you and Zoe got on so well” I replied in agreement. Kylie and I spoke cheerfully for a while, I began to forget about Zoe and what had happened. “So, Zoe is kind of cute isn’t she?” Kylie teased art me while we spoke. I couldn’t gather an answer straight away, but I had my doubts Kylie was trying to trap me. “Yeah she is” I said agreeing casually, “But so are you babe” I elaborated. Kylie laughed and giggled for a couple of seconds and returned to conversation. “So do you still have feelings for her?” Kylie asked seemingly innocently. I was unsurprised by her question, I had a feeling after they both met that Kylie would come to question how I felt about Zoe. Of course I was never going to reveal what I had been thinking about for the last hour. I responded with an answer I knew would end the subject quickly, “There are old feelings still there I guess, but those feelings were replaced by you” I said with sincerity. She let out an excited ‘awww’ in appreciation and I felt relieved. I realized I had dodged a bullet talking about Zoe with Kylie. The conversation progressed nicely without any pressure on my feelings for Zoe. “So did you like your surprise in the car?” Kylie asked. I chuckled to myself, “Yeah I sure did, more than anything” I happily responded. She let out a naughty giggle and whispered softly into the phone, “Maybe we can go further next time” she teased. My body shivered instantly thinking of the possibilities. In the short time we were together we had not been so intimate, I eagerly imagined how our intimacy would progress. “I like the sound of that” I responded gladly.

Kylie and I both said goodnight and I headed to bed. I failed to get her out of my mind. I was trapped in the thought of pursuing sexual relations with Kylie. She was small and composed, the things I could have done with Kylie were riveting. As I had recently discovered, Kylie was rather kinky being that our first serious sexual encounter was a blowjob in my car. I imagined I could experiment heavily with Kylie. Throw her around, fuck her hard, tie each other up, you name it. I was eager to explore Kylie as soon as possible. I was overcome with excitement as I started to slide my hand underneath my briefs and stroke myself. Images of Kylie flooded my mind and I became harder by the second. At first I thought about how she had blown me in the car, her lips softly stroking me as I move deep into her throat. But soon I ventured my imagination into other possibilities. I imagined taking Kylie from behind unexpectedly. Holding her tight and moving her panties out the way as I slid my cock inside her. I imagine she would quiver and slide onto me as I pushed my way deeper inside her. As I stroked myself I became wet and hard thinking about her. I imagined what she felt like inside, I had always heard of the warm soft sensation of being inside of a girl. I longed for it, especially with Kylie. I had never been this close to a girl nor had the opportunity to do such a thing. But I was nonetheless excited for it. Thinking over and over about Kylie’s petite body, her soft breasts dangling as I pounded away inside her. The fantasy I had created was as real as I could manifest, I was more than ready to cum. With a burst of intense jerks at my cock I threw myself into orgasm and came all over my stomach. Continuing to extract any cum left over from my session, I peered down to see what I considered to be a massive load. My entire stomach was covered. I cleaned myself off and smiled as my head hit the pillow. My thoughts dwelled on Kylie, then Zoe, then Kylie. “Fuck” I thought to myself as the two girls bounced in my head. I knew perfectly well I had not overcome my problem.

As Monday morning sprung through my bedroom window my mind immediately turned to seeing Zoe. I was more curios than anything as to how she would react to me at school. Heading to school I expected to see Zoe at the front entrance waiting for me like she used to. Initially I didn’t see her, I walked straight passed the gate and headed to my locker. I was stopped by the sound of a familiar voice, “Hey there handsome”. I turned and saw Kylie standing opposite the fence with her arms crossed and a cheeky grin on her face. “Hi” I mumbled at Zoe as she approached me. She had an energetic feel to her this morning as she leaned into me and hugged me tightly. Zoe was looking especially beautiful today, her eyes glimmered in the sun as she smiled at me. She didn’t seem to persist with the affection as she did the other day, quickly moving we walked to class. The day was particularly normal, Zoe wasn’t acting weird and I became more relaxed about my situation with Kylie. Maybe Zoe was just messing with me that day. It was possible it was all just a bit of fun and she was just playing around as a friend. But I was wrong, dead wrong. During lunch I decided to catch up with Zoe for a while as I caught her in the hallway. She smiled at me as I walked past and we headed outside and sat in the sun. Things were normal for a change, I felt relieved. The sunlight bounced off Zoe’s skin giving it a soft shine. I could hardly keep my eyes away but I tried to hide it. Our catch up time was good, but I still had an urge to question what happened on the weekend. I contemplated raising the issue with her for a while and finally posed the question. “What was all that about on Saturday?” I asked. Zoe smiled and responded innocently, “Oh, you finally brought that up did you?” she remarked. I looked in confusion and elaborated, “What did you mean by ‘you’re mine’?” I asked. Zoe laughed a little to herself and smiled at me. “Do I really need to explain myself hun?” she raised. I already kind of knew the answer at this point, I knew that there was something weird going on. “Tell me” I demanded in a serious tone. Zoe shoved herself closer to me and rested her shoulder on mine looking at me closely. Our eyes were only centimetres apart. “You know exactly what I meant” she said sternly, “You’re mine, she may be with you now but you’re my boy” she said smiling in a sort of wicked way. I sat opposite her in shock, her words were somehow soothing yet worrying. “It doesn’t matter if I missed my chance once, in the end you and I will be together” she said before kissing me on the cheek. “What the hell are you talking about!” I said suddenly. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You know exactly what I’m talking about”, Zoe caressed her hands along her bust and hips sensually “All of this is yours sweetheart, you may have her but I have you. I know you want me, I’ve seen you check me out. This year it’s different, I love you and one day you’ll love me too”. I didn’t know what to say. I kicked myself back with my feet and slip away from Zoe. “I’m with Kylie now Zoe, this can’t be going on!” I said in distress. She crawled over to me on all fours and brought herself nearly on top of me. I lay there stunned unable to crawl away. I knew this was wrong, but my body arched towards her slightly in anticipation. She brought her mouth close to mine and spoke sensually, “Have you fucked her yet?” she asked bluntly. I sprung up slightly and responded, “What?” I yelled. “I asked you if you’ve fucked her yet, have you?” she asked again. Part of me wanted to tell her to get lost and leave, but another part of me felt the temptation to venture into this love triangle further. “No... not yet” I said hesitantly. Zoe smiled and slowly moved off of me teasing me, “Good, I can’t have anyone touching my baby apart from me” she remarked gazing me in the eyes with lust. I could barely speak, I revealed all in a matter of seconds. Zoe wanted me bad, but the love I had once felt for her was different. My infatuation was intimidating rather than pleasant. “But you’re supposed to support me, you’re my friend!” I protested. Zoe’s face shot a look at me of concern, “I am supporting you, I know what’s good for you and I’ll make sure you get it” she said pleasantly. Her attitude seemed almost maternal, as if she were looking out for me. I jumped to my feet and stood back, “This is insane!” I yelled. To my surprise Zoe didn’t react much at all to my protest. She quietly stood up and dusted herself off from where she sat. I watched as she maintained her smile and paced towards me. As she got closer she held her arms out and hugged me pulling my head onto the front of her shoulder. She stood there for a few seconds and sighed. “I love you so much” she whispered in her breath. What could I do? I had a beautiful girl holding my head a few millimetres away from her breasts and telling me she loved me. A feeling of love ignited inside me and I raised my arms around her waist. After we released one another we walked to class as if nothing happened.

Things often felt normal with Zoe I must say, she rarely initiated anything other than an ‘I love you’ a few times a day. To me that wasn’t a problem, but I was unaware of the psychological impact that Zoe was having on me. A few weeks later I took Kylie out to a museum. Kylie was an amateur artist, but she was far more involved with studying than creating. There was a new display on at the national gallery and I took the opportunity to take her. It was a surprise, as she approached the gallery she jittered in her seat like a little kid. “THANK YOU SO MUCH BABE” she yelled as we parked my car. She jumped at me and kissed me before jumping out the car in excitement. It made me happy to see her so cheerful. When she jumped around in excitement her breasts lolled up and down. As I got out of my car Kylie grabbed my hand and raced us to the entrance of the exhibition. Once inside we engaged in the pieces for a short while, but I was completely distracted by Kylie the entire time. She was wearing a white mini skirt and green tank top. Needless to say she looked stunning. On several occasions I tried my luck by placing my hand under her skirt and groping her bum, but she shyly pushed my hand away every time and giggled saying I was embarrassing her. We walked to a section of the gallery with sculptures and I drifted away from Kylie for a second. To my amazement, there was a model figure of a black slim figure giving oral sex to another. I immediately thought of Kylie and without thinking turned to her and said “Hey look Kylie, it’s you!” I realized immediately that I said it quite loud and held my hand over my mouth. But much to my surprise Kylie began to laugh with me feigning a little embarrassment as she buried her head in my chest and laughed. It felt nice having her close to me, I felt reassured of our relationship. Eventually the gallery shut down for the day and we made our way outside. Moving towards my car, Kylie pulled my arm downwards and put her lips next to my ear. “I have another surprise for you tonight” she whispered. My back arched in excitement as she spoke. “Did you have that much of a good time then?” I said seductively. She hopped in the car and continued to look at me with a look of desire. I quickly hopped in the car and fiddled with my seatbelt desperately trying to get moving. I felt no need to wait any longer to pursue intimacy with Kylie. She laughed as I goofed around trying to get moving. “Don’t drive too fast” she said still laughing, “You’ll get to have fun either way”. Winking at me, I hurried and reversed my car out and drove swiftly. I was in desperation to get home.

I didn’t speed travelling home, but I damn well kept up my pace. While I was driving Kylie pulled the seat back and stretched herself out. I initially thought she was tired and was going to sleep. But as I looked over I saw this was not the case. Kylie had her hand rubbing underneath her skirt with her eyes closed. She moaned occasionally and grinned at me. It drove me crazy, I felt my hormones racing. I wanted to stop the car and throw myself on top of her. I wanted to tear her panties off and relentlessly pound away inside her. But I remained in control and focused on getting home. She was in the corner of my eye rubbing herself and moaning. I felt helpless to act but knew in a few short minutes I could have as much of her as I wanted. Her soft skin tempted me further, to my left her legs teased as I followed them with my eyes. I was almost at the end of my limit before I managed to arrive home. Wasting no time at all, I pulled myself outside and ventured over to the passenger door. She looked up at me from the window with an inviting grin, she was waiting for me. I pulled the door open and carried her out. She giggled as I took her over my shoulder and paced over to my front door. My parents weren’t home, I was aware of this and anticipated what I was about to experience. Busting through my front door I carried Kylie upstairs as she shrieked in excitement. I struggled a bit up the stairs, she was very light but stairs aren’t exactly the most ideal platform to run up with a girl on your shoulder. But nonetheless my hormonal sprint sent me rushing up the stairs and into my bedroom. I threw her onto my bed as she looked up at me with a confirming look. I accepted her gesture I crawled on top of her and softly kissed her lower neck. She moaned and curled her body as I breathed heavily on her. Her hands ran through my hair and across my body in a hormonal rush of passion. I felt her fingertips on my skin while she pulled my shirt from underneath me and held me tightly. I indulged myself in the opportunity to undress her, starting with her top. I exposed her black lace bra with her breasts barely contained within. On her back her breasts were ascending out of her bra teasing me. Kylie sat up and guided my head down onto the pillow kissing my face softly. Her lips moved down to my stomach as I arched my back from sensitivity. Her lips felt like butterflies fluttering on my chest and stomach. Her hands caressed my body smoothly and rubbed me. Soon Kylie made her way down to my lower body and began undoing my belt. I laid back and let her have me as she pleased. Her hands effortlessly undid my belt and pants. Her soft touch was disrupted as she tore my pants off and climbed on top of me sitting upright. I looked up at her while she smiled, “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?” she asked teasing me. I smiled and responded, “Tell me babe, tell me now”. She wriggled closer to me and placer her head beside mine. As she kissed me on the side of my head she whispered softly, “I’m going to ride you, and I'm not getting off until you cum”. I gasped in excitement as she began to remove her panties. I couldn’t believe how worked up I was getting. I was finally going to go all the way.

I wasn’t just driven by my primordial urges to have sex with Kylie. I truly cared for her and trusted her. I wanted her to guide me into the experience as someone who could love me on a physical and emotional level. The sex was not just a physical delight for me, it was something that I needed to trust Kylie with in order for me to learn how to love someone on that level. But I cannot lie, those sensual infatuations were far from my mind as Kylie grinded me skin to skin with her pelvis. She became wet very quickly and used my hardness to caress her clitoris as she grinded. She moaned for several minutes on me, it was my first time so attaining an erection under pressure took time. But I eventually warmed to her movements and presented her with a long hard erection waiting for her to make the connection. She aimed her hips along my body allowing my erection to rest firmly on the entrance of her vagina without any hands for assistance. She kissed me lying on my body as she manoeuvred herself carefully backward into me. I felt myself penetrate inside of her, only a tiny bit at first but it felt amazing. She rested me in the shallow depths of her vagina and stared me directly in the eye as she finalized her movements and slid me directly inside of her. I was impressed at how she managed to do it with no hands, but I had little time to think as I indulged myself in her warm softness. She kissed me with a sensual open mouth as she pulled me in and out of her initiating the starting pace of our session. I panted heavily as she kissed me taking in the ecstatic feeling of her mounting me. She began to buck faster and moved my arms behind my head. I remembered her promise, she would not get off until I came. I didn’t protest this as I moved in motion with her. I was enjoying the experience immensely, but I couldn’t bring myself to the climax for a strange reason. My mind wandered as Kylie pounded on top of me, my nerve endings felt numb. I drifted my thoughts to Zoe, what she had said. She had forbidden me from having sex with Kylie. That ship had already sailed, but I had a feeling of unease as I remembered her command. This whole experience seemed familiar, my arms above my head, a beautiful girl riding me to climax. I knew I’d felt something like this before, I just couldn’t remember. When could I have possibly recalled a time when a girl was having sex with me when this was my first time... “Of course” I thought. Last year I had a sex dream about Zoe, she was riding me in the exact same way Kylie was now. Was this some sort of link? Or complete coincidence? I thought of the dream continuously as I closed my eyes. Zoe flooded my mind as I remembered her riding me. I never finished in the dream, but as I reminisced about my sex dream I suddenly erupted inside Kylie. I groaned loudly and push my way deeper inside Kylie. I felt the end of my cock erupt in an enormous ejaculation. My hips continued to jerk for some time trying to prolong the climatic orgasm I had just experienced for the first time. Kylie collapsed on top of me with my shaft still inside her. she rested her head on my chest and I felt her muscles move into a smile. I too smiled before realizing I had just thought of Zoe whilst ejaculating inside my girlfriend. What was wrong with me? Kylie had no idea I had just fantasized about a sex dream, I felt slightly guilty. But I also felt exhilarated and intimate as Kylie lay on top of me. After a short while she rolled off of me and we turned to each other smiling. Her soft red hair was smothered and messed, it actually looked rather sexy. Her green eyed lazily glanced at me while she smiled, I looked back with admiration of her beauty. “Did you enjoy that” she asked. I moved my head over towards her and kissed her on the forehead. “I did” I replied shortly and elaborated, “I love you”. She smiled and closed her eyes, “I love you too” she whispered.

You can probably guess that by now I had thought deeper about Zoe appearing in my mind during sex. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I grew angry with myself. I had a beautiful kind girl who loved me and I was thinking about past love during my first sexual experience, pathetic. I tried to forget it, but it was not overly easy. During school time I tried to counter these tendencies by spending less time with Zoe. But the time I did spend with Zoe was more confusing than ever. She seemed unfeigned by how she and I had openly talked about how she loved me. It bothered me but I refused to bring it up again. This didn’t stop it from being spoken about however. During lunch we sat outside doing homework. I was distracted be a new topic of conversation, “Did you fuck her?” Zoe asked with a smile. I turned to her with hesitation and sighed, “If you must know, yeah we did. Are you happy now?” I retorted. Surprisingly Zoe’s face didn’t subside from her cheerful smile. She teased lightly, “Awww, did my baby really go and break my promise?” I frowned at her immediately, “I never promised anything, what Kylie and I do is our own business. You can’t forbid me from anything” I argued. Zoe poked her tongue at me and moved her face closer to mine. “But you’re mine” she contested, “You can’t be going around fucking other girls”. I pulled away and dismissed her reply. “Whatever” I commented. We continued studying for quite some time, but I sensed Zoe was not done talking. She turned to me suddenly and spoke, “Did you think of me when you fucked her?” I choked slightly on my apple and coughed. “What the hell are you talking about?” I cried as she began to giggle. She squirmed close to me and placed her arm around my waist. “You did, didn’t you?” she pursued an answer from me. I sighed and attempted to end the conversation before I revealed I had actually done so. “Believe what you want Zoe, I don’t care” I contested. She pulled me close to her and kissed me on the cheek. I couldn’t help but release a breath of relief as her soft lip touched me. Zoe most likely noticed this as she chuckled to herself. “I hope I was good” she remarked. I was speechless, despite my contesting Zoe had laid down the last comment. We continued our homework for the remainder of lunch. As we moved to separate classes she let me go with her usual comment, “I love you” she said as she walked away. I was again speechless. Whether I liked it or not Zoe’s infatuation with me was affecting my relationship with Kylie. I felt like she had strings attached to me, like my every move was under her surveillance. I knew this was just my paranoia, but I felt Zoe was starting to realize she had control of me, and I couldn’t deny she did.

As I arrived home I came to the realization that my love triangle situation had not settled. In the short few weeks that Zoe had come back into my life she had grown on my mind more and more, even in my sex life. The closer I grew to Kylie it seemed the more impact Zoe was having on my life. Was she exploiting my intimacy? Or was I part of the problem? Seemingly every problem so far had something to do with me. I buried my head in my pillow as I arrived home and emptied my mind. I wanted to shut myself off, from Kylie and Zoe. I grew tired of this doubt and contemplation. My seemingly simple relationship with Kylie was becoming a hazard to my peace of mind. I was disturbed by the message tone of my phone. It beeped once and I ignored. I figured I would look later. A second tone sounded and my curiosity grew. Who was trying to text me so badly? I barely had enough time to respond to the first. I crawled over to my bedside table and reached for my phone. I expected to see something general, nothing seemed to surprise me after recent events. I looked at my two messages and was overridden with horror. I had one message, from my love Kylie. “You’ll never guess who I bumped into down the street!” it said. I had a fairly good idea already. But it was confirmed for me with my second message. Zoe had sent me a message almost immediately after Kylie’s was displayed. “You’ll never guess who I found down the street, or will you?” I couldn’t believe it. Zoe and Kylie were now spending quality time together. Nothing good could come from this, I smacked my head into my pillow and screamed a muffled yell into the fabric. What if they talked about me and Kylie having sex? Or worse, what if Zoe told Kylie I thought about her when I orgasmed? I considerably doubted that Zoe would do such a thing, she may have been obsessed with me but she was still my friend. I knew Zoe would continue to ride the tail of my relationship for as long as she could. That meant she would probably not start blurting secrets that could end my relationship with Kylie. But still, the two of them spending time together was dangerous for me. I had no idea what could happen. All I could do is wait to hear from Kylie. Who knows, maybe nothing would go wrong...

Rating: 92%, Read 23156 times, Posted Oct 02, 2013

Fiction | Asian, BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Erotica, First Time, Masturbation, Romance, School, Submission, Teen


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