My Cousins Feet PT1 by jeyson+gables

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True Story | Blowjob, Foot fetish, Group Sex, Male, Old Female

My name is Damien and i was 13 when this happened. Let me tell you a little about me, i was tall probably about 5'9 r 5'8 about 175 pound and had a normal size dick .Ok my 18 year old cousin moved in with us cause she was having family problems. So she used to walk around the house with only a little tank top barely covering her tits and some little shorts and some flip flops .So i started to have a foot fetish when i used to see her like this. I would always love seeing her French pedicure feet. I would always jack off thinking of her and her beautiful feet. So one day when my parents were gone for a weekend she babysat me. So i thought to myself this was it i have to do something this weekend. So it started of just like any other weekend, me and her playing games just normal stuff. So she said she got tired and had to lay down. So i said ok.

She looked so sexy laying down in the sofa. With her feet dangling off the sofa i thought this is it. So i unbuttoned by jeans and pulled my boxers down and out sprung my 6 inch cock. I wacked it off to life. So she was in a deep sleep , so i got my cock and started moving it around her feet.

She just wiggled around smiling. So i got both feet and started to fuck them. This is when she woked up and got off the sofa. I was scared but when she said this i was shocked. "if u wanted a foot job so bad how come u didn’t ask?" I was smiling so then i asked "Cousin that i love so much can u give me the best foot job ever? With that she smiled and took her tank top of and let her tits out , to my surprise she didn’t have a bra on. "Oh Jenny your tits are so big" she blushed and took her lil booty cut shorts off. She was wearing a pink thong , so she just pulled it off in one motion.

so then she took my shirt off and told me to sit in the couch. So i did, she sat in front of me in the floor.

She started to play with my dick and balls. she started to give me a foot job. She was saying that i was so naughty for doing this so the only thing i could dot was nod. So she was moving her feet faster and faster , i started to feel like im gonna bust so i told her in a low voice " stop stop im gonna cum" with that she said "oh really" stopped and got on her knees and said "i love you" and started to suck and blow on my cock. So she just did this for probably about 5 minutes and i told her "im cumming im cumminh OHHHHH!!!!' so she stopped got up and was giving me a handjob and wanted me to cum all over her tits and mouth.

I was in heaven , cumming all over her tits and legs. She stopped and with a baby face said "i did all this for you wat are u gonna do for me?". So i told her "im gonna rock your world baby". So i took her by the hand and guided her to my room. When we got there i told her to lay on my bed with your legs open. So she did , so i climbed up to the bed and sat in front of her opened legs.

I started to lick and suck on her pussy. I started to stick my tongue in and out of her wet pussy.

I loved her pussy cause it was shaved. So she started to moan softly, So she was telling me how wet she was getting and i told her " i know im right here". She started to moan even hared now. So i kept licking and i started to finger her . So she got my head and pulled it more to her pussy. So she was screaming "OH MY GOD DONT STOP DONT YOU EVER STOP" so i kept on , so i felt my two fingers getting sucked in and getting tighter, so she was screaming "OH SHIT OH SHIT IM CUMMING IM CUMMING" so with this i felt some kind of wetness all over my face and finger . she told me "taste it taste my pussy juice:.

So she was there holding on to my pillow dead tired. So then she asks "thats it no more ??" With that i thought to myself what does she mean by that. So i was remembering all the dirty videos that i saw in my older brothers room . So i started to beat my meat in front of her and she asks "what are you doing?" so i said just wait . So in about a minute of doing this my dick was rock hard. So i stuck my dick straight into her pussy with a force that got her by surprise. Shes like "What are u doing" Im like " Fucking You" with this she just smiled and started to scream.

I fucked her for about ten minutes i put her feet straight into the air. So i started to lick and suck on her sexy toes. So i felt like i was going to cum so i asked her before i did. " If i cum in you would u get a baby" she said "No im on the pill" so 5 seconds after she said that i just let the cum go. I couldnt believe i was cumming inside my cousin. I was dead tired i got of my cousin and rolled over to the other side of my bed. she rolled on me and said " this was the best sex i ever had u could eat a pussy like a pro"." i no i said". So she told me lets go clean up. So she got up before me and went to start the bath tub. so when i got there she was already in it. "would you care to join me?" with that i got a boner and i jumped in the tub with her. So she was washing her tits and cleaning her pussy. So i started to clean my uncircumcised dick. After a while my dick started to hurt so I asked her does it suppose to hurt like this so she told me yeah because my dick wasn’t circumcised . So I asked her if theres anything I could do about it so she said shes not sure. So I said whatever .So I got her legs and got her feet to my face and started licking and sucking all over her toes. So she got up and went down stairs and got some chocolate syrup and jumped in the tub again so she said “here this will make my feet taste better”. So I poured some on her feet and licked the chocolate right off . So my dick was solid hard so it was pocking out of the water. So shes like “look who decide to join our little game” so she took the syrup off my hands and poured someone her hand and massaged my dick with it. “this is gonna be fun” she said. She started to lick and suck the chocolate off my dick I was moaning softly.

So I poured more on both her feet and did the same. So we finished the bath and I went to my room and she went to hers. So I changed and went down stairs to my surprise she had her friend over which was twice as hot as my cousin . So I got turned on because they there were naked doing each others feet. So they told me to strip off my cloth and join them ….

But this is for some other story.

Rating: 72%, Read 51557 times, Posted Jun 13, 2005

True Story | Blowjob, Foot fetish, Group Sex, Male, Old Female


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