Tracey's big mouth get's her well fucked! by Sqeeks

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The young teenage lovers walked along, arm in arm, kissing and hugging. They stopped and he cupped her fantastic breasts, before kissing her nipples thru the fabric of her cotton top, Dick whispered that he loved her. They moved into a shop doorway in downtown. She whimpered as he kissed her neck and sucked her where the hickey has most erogenous effect on the side of her neck.

“Trace I love you,” he whispered again, moving his hand under her skimpy top, finding the nipples of her amazing tits. “Oh Dick,” she whispered, “let's go somewhere more private - I need it NOW!”

They snogged and pashed for ages, feeling, caressing, getting worked up, not really knowing what they were about.

Car headlights shook them from their reverie and they quickly walked along the sidewalk, as if nothing had happened.

A gang fight started just a few feet from where they stood, police sirens signalling that this was a serious situation.

Dick quickly pulled Tracey into a downstairs bar, believing they would be safer in there than on the street.

A slutty looking waitress showed them to a booth and asked what the fuck they wanted to drink. Dick despite being flustered ordered 2 vodka cocktails, which were soon delivered to their table. The waitress said she’d bring more soon. “I’m Mary, your waitress for this evening,”

“Well, whoopee fucking doo,” said Tracey, “Just do what you’re fucking told slut bitch.”

“Yo, mam!” said the waitress. Dick suggested that they be careful what they say in this place.

This was not the sort of ‘friendly’ bar you visited, unless you were a whore or drug pusher or worse!

Dick tried to appear ‘cool’. Tracey hadn’t ever been into a bar, let alone a dive bar. There were some very shady looking characters at the bar. Dick assured her that he knew his way around and she should not worry.

They drank and soon had another cocktail delivered, unordered, by the waitress they’d first met, who waited for a tip.

The Benson boys saw them enter, noted the beautiful large tits of the young girl, the gorgeous arse cheeks, well shown off by her leather hotpants which were like a second skin, knew they were raw meat, and decided to have some fun. Barny Benson came over and extended his hand to Dick, saying “Hi Buddy. Ain’t seen ya for ages.” Dick didn’t know him from a bar of soap but took the hand, thinking Tracey would be impressed at Dick’s contacts, saying “Hey Buddy, how’s it going?”

“Come have a drink, old buddy.” Says Barny dragging Dick over to the bar. Dick looked back at Tracey, who tried a brave smile. Dick hadn’t a fucking clue what was happening but couldn’t show that to Tracey. “Back soon Hun, “ he said. Dick had a ‘special drink’ made for him, to be shuggalugged in one. He was immediately semi-comatose!

Meanwhile, Tracey sat staunch when Bob Benson approached her, offered her drink. “Fuck off wanker,” was her response. She slid out of the booth to go find Dick. Barry Benson came up behind Tracey, grabbing her breasts from behind, saying how soft she felt. “Get off you cunt,” was her response.

“Well you’re the feisty one,” says Barry, ripping her blouse off and showing her fantastic tits, as she was braless. They were beauties, big and tipped with huge pink nipples which just begged to be sucked. Bob obliged and started to suck on her tits, squeezing her nipples hard.

Barry pushed up against her arse; she was wearing thin sexy leather hotpants, the type that show every crevice and hug the skin; pulling his cock out of his pants he dry humped her. He was so aroused that he cum all over her leather pants, moaning and humping and squirting jizz everywhere. “Gross,” was all she could manage.

“Don’t like clothes with fresh cum on, huh? I’ll fix that,” said Barry, ripping her leather hotpants and tiny thong off in one movement.

She tried to get away, but Barry pressed her down by the shoulders onto her knees, holding her chin while he forced his 9” cock into her mouth, put his hands behind her head, and throat-fucked her for a good 5 minutes. She gagged, she heaved, but was overtaken when Barry pulled her head hard onto his groin, squirting his cum down her throat. He pulled his cock out and held her nose so that she had to swallow his full load of cum.

Tracey, to her shame, actually enjoyed the taste and the experience. “Is that the best you cunts can manage?” she screamed defiantly.

“You mouthy fucking cunt,” says Barny slapping her hard across the mouth, drawing blood. They forced her face down onto the floor. “I’ll make you so sorry bitch,” says Barny, wanking his 13” cock to full erection, the biggest in the county!

He leaned over Tracey, whispering in her ear, “You will beg to be freed from this fucking!”

“In your dreams,” she said defiantly.

“OK, bitch, cumming, ready or not, in oh about 30 minutes if you’re lucky” said Barny. “IN YOUR FUCKING DREAMS, WANKER,” screames Tracey.

With that, Barny, ever the arse man, licked his fingers, wiped the end of his monster cock to make it moist, leaned over her young body and fingered her anus. “Get the fuck off me,” she objected.

“Oh no,” said Barny, “I’m going to get the fuck ON you, you gobby bitch!”

Tracey was an anal virgin, so had a small arsehole. Unconscerned by this, Barny pushed first 1 finger then 2 into her anal passage, drawing whimpers from Tracey. He worked his fingers around and around, trying to enlarge her hole in preparation for the onslaught to follow.

His other hand squeezed hard on her right nipple, such that she screamed. This just made him squeeze all the harder until she was sure her nipple would explode.

“Say your prayers, Bitch,” said Barny, as he guided his cockhead to the virgin sphincter in front of him. Tracey, in all her innocence and ignorance, had no idea what an arse fuck was all about. She soon found out!!

Barny pushed the head of his monster cock further into Tracey’s arse crack, spreading her cheeks a little at a time. “You’re tight now but I’m gonna make your arse feel like the size of a manhole cover.” “Big deal,” she said in a smug voice trying to sound tough.

“You reckon?” said Barny, making a huge thrust and penetrating Tracey’s virgin arse, pushing his cock in further and further, until he was in up to the balls. The screams could be heard a mile away. “How do you like that Miss Cocksucker?”.

Not being a caring guy, Barny just fucked her arse like a steam train, ignoring the flowing blood on his dick, her pleas and then threats to dismember him, for a good ten minutes, until he finally squirted his cum inside her bowels. “Bastard!” she screeched. Only one problem with that – his cock was still up her arse! “Well Fuck you bitch,” he said, and began to fuck her again with his now hardening cock, lubricated by his cum and her blood.

“I’m sorry . . . really . . . leave me alone now please” she pleaded. “Too late,” said Barny as he ploughed her arse again, blood lubricating his engorged dick, which he thrust into her mercilessly until after another ten minute fuck, he yelled, “I’m cumming again,” and for the second time emptied his balls into her bowels.

Tracey’s mouth had got her into trouble again – she thought she was miss smartarse; miss untouchable. BAD CHOICE!

Bob, meantime, decide Tracey’s tits were too good to pass by; he pulled his now hard 8” dick out and grabbed her before she could move away, sitting astride her, and forcing his cock between her magnificent boobs and started to fuck them, increasing speed, as he leaned forward and french-kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. She responded by sucking his tongue, as he humped her tits, stroking her sensitive nipples.

“I like this and wanted you to do it,” she said unconvincingly. “You are full of shit!” said Bob, humping her soft flesh.

He sunk his teeth into the side of her neck, making her scream for him to stop. Squeezed her tits really hard around his engorged cock he fucked them until he suddenly spurted his cum all over her face and body. Before he got off her he massaged his cum all over her boobs.

Tracey just lay back gathering her breath. “Here, have a drink,” said another patron, a regular called Fanny. She handed tracey a drink of something pink.

“What’s this? asked Tracey.

“It’ll make you feel better after what you’ve been through,” said Fanny.

Grateful for any kindness, Tracey took the potion downed it in one gulp. In less than a minute she felt totally disoriented.

“Come with me honey. I’ll take care of you,” said a voice that sounded like it was from the inside of an echo chamber. Tracey did as she was bid. She was led to a darkened room and laid on a bed.

“You need to relax,” she was told as she lay naked on her back, the world spinning, feeling she’d been used in some way, and yet still feeling like a virgin – she could not recollect having sex that would deflower her, only the fumblings of her classmates, which she always repelled, being dubbed “Prickteaser of the Year” in her class.

Tracey could feel a warm cloth washing her all over but could get up to see who it was, cleaning her up and washing away the cum and blood. She was dried very gently and felt soothing lotion being massaged into her skin, especially where she’d been abused.

Her clitty was gently licked, making her sigh. She felt a wet tongue enter her pussy lips. Hardly comprehending what was happening, she soon squirted cum all over the face of her licker. She was wiped clean again and turned over onto her stomach. A tongue gently pressed against her sphincter and pushed inside, making her gasp with both pain and pleasure.

She vaguely thought this was wrong but couldn’t make sense of it as her brain was mush.

“Welcome to my double wammy,” said the husky female voice of Fanny, as Tracey felt 2 hard round objects, one pressing into her pussy and one into her anus. Struggling was beyond her so she just had to endure whatever was going to be done to her – it was a Double Penetration from a specially made hard rubber strap-on!

Both holes were filled at the same time and both were fucked simultaneously. After the initial shock, Tracey actually started to respond and began thrusting back at her invaders, rising eventually to the most incredible climax she’d ever had.

Lapsing into unconsciousness, she awoke slowly in a strange bed [actually Dick’s] to reassurances from Dick that she was now safe. He held her in a protective embrace as she shivered and began to cry as recollections of her terrible ordeal the previous night came into her mind in small pieces, like a nightmare.

“You probably won’t want to touch me ever again after what happened,” she sobbed, to which Dick responded that he wanted her more than ever!

As she hugged closely to his chest, her body betrayed her feelings that not all that happened was a nightmare – some would no doubt appear in a wet dream very soon!!

Hmmmm . . . food for thought.

. . . to be continued . . .

Rating: 79%, Read 58482 times, Posted Dec 08, 2010

Fantasy | Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Rape, Young


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