College Days Ch. 04_(1) by Death666

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Teen Male

Note to readers: Not a lot of sexual stuff in this one, still building the relationships a bit, so if you're looking for the big bang, you'll have to wait for the next chapter...

Chapter 4.

When I woke up I was lying on my side and looking straight at Jennifer. She'd already been awake and was stroking my hair, grinning. I grinned back.

"Well that was nice," She said quietly, looking into my eyes. I didn't have a response, I still had butterflies in my stomach and was having a bit of trouble with the idea that it had all really happened. I moved my hand under the covers and felt the smooth skin along the side of her abdomen, then stroked up her back. Jen leaned closer into me and kissed me, then pulled back and smiled.

"We'd better get up," she said, "it's almost five o'clock and Collette's going to be home soon. We should probably be nice enough to make her dinner after a long day at work."

I pulled her close to me, I was already becoming aroused again and would much rather have just spent the entire evening in bed with Jenny. The feel of her bare skin against my whole body was simply intoxicating.

"Okay," I responded after a few seconds, "I guess we should, but I'd really rather stay right here with you."

Jen kissed me again, "Yeah, me too, but don't worry, I'm sure this isn't the last time..." She smiled her elfish grin at me, "and next time might not be as far away as you think!"

"Sounds good to me!" I said enthusiastically. "Just one question before we get up, though, did you ever talk to Collette about us?"

"You mean about this?" She asked, gently stroking my penis beneath the covers.

"Mmmm..." I moaned, "not really that in particular..."

"Yes, we talked." Jen admitted, "I didn't go into detailed planning or anything, I just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to be upset or jealous or anything like that. I think that's why she gave you a big kiss on her way out the door this morning, just a little 'forget-me-not'." Jen giggled, "I thought it was really funny watching you squirm afterwards, though!"

"Yeah, thanks for that." I said sarcastically. "So... where does that leave us?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you're obviously still involved with Tammy, but you and I are... well, I guess we're sort of an item now, aren't we?"

Jen smiled and kissed me wetly on the lips, "Don't worry about it. As far as I'm concerned, as long as everything stays within our little circle, there's no problems. Collette and I discussed it and it's ok with us. But you should probably let us know if you intend to start chasing after young co-eds on campus. If nothing else so that Collette and I will know to give you some room. But no promises I won't get jealous if I see you out of the blue with some young thing on campus. I might go up to you right in front of her and plant a big, sloppy kiss all over you just to mark my territory!" Jen laughed, "Don't worry, we're just having fun for now, if it develops into more, we'll see where that takes us."

"O.k." I said, I wasn't really sure whether to be tense or relieved. While I was glad to hear there wasn't going to be any tension around the house about this, I wondered how it all might work out in the long run. I was so in love with Jen, especially at that moment, but I was also very in love with Collette as well. With my newfound freedom to actually acknowledge those feelings, I felt like I was living in a dreamland.

Jen smiled, then pulled back the covers. We got up and got dressed, well, I did, anyway. Jen simply slipped on a silky robe. I put on shorts and a T-shirt and we went down the stairs to make dinner.

Jen pulled some chicken breasts out of the freezer and went about preparing them, while I tried my hand at putting together a simple salad and some rice. I will still in a daze and couldn't stop thinking about what we'd spent our day doing. Jen actually liked me, loved me, enough to take me to her bed. We joked and flirted like lovers, something I wasn't remotely used to. As I was turned away from her cutting up vegetables for the salad, she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me, snuggling into the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. Every touch from her was electric. Just when I got comfortable, she moved her hands up under my arms and tickled me roughly.

I jerked away in surprise, "You're going to pay for that," I laughed. I chased her through the kitchen and into the living room, finally catching her near the couch. I threw her down onto the cushions and we wrestled like children as I tried to hold her arms with one hand and tickle her with the other. We were laughing loudly and didn't notice Collette walking up behind us.

"Well, looks like everything's back to normal here." She said loudly, "Just like back home."

I rolled off of Jen, laughing, "Yeah," I said, "except now I'm actually strong enough to win!"

"Oh really?" Jen yelled back, attacking me from behind and trying to work her hands under my arms again.

I turned around quickly and fumbled around trying to get ahold of her wrists, finally managing to turn her around with my arms around her sides, holding her wrists firmly in place.

"Yeah, really." I laughed.

"Well, it smells like someone's been cooking dinner. I'm glad you two found something useful to do in between finger painting and mud cakes!" Collette grinned.

I twirled Jen around onto the couch then quickly walked back into the kitchen, "I have to get back to the salad," I said.

Jen and Collette followed me into the kitchen area to help out. Collette worked on setting the table while Jen pulled the chicken out of the oven and set the rice on the table. We had a nice meal together, and talked about everything that went on that day... well, almost everything. Jen and I left out the parts where we were kissing in the park, showering together, and teaching me how to have sex. While we both knew that Collette wasn't going to get upset at finding out we had made love a few hours before, we weren't throwing it in her face, either.

Jenny and Collette eventually got talking about school administrators and how annoyed Collette was that they were switching over the computer systems to some new kind of software. I had no idea about any of it so just sat there quietly engrossed in my own thoughts. They were both so incredibly sexy, it was all I could think about. As the meal wore on, I developed a rather solid feeling in my lap. Collette told us she had rented a movie we could watch after dinner. Seemed like a reasonable idea, and the movie would probably get my mind off of the pressing problem in my shorts.

"Oh, I really can't tonight," Jenny said, "I forgot to tell you, I'm going to go pick up Tammy and we're heading out to a study group tonight. We have a test coming up next week and need to get all studied up for it."

"O.k." Collette said, "Well, I guess it's just Mark and I then. What do you say, Mark?"

"Sounds good to me." I responded.

Jenny cleared the table after the meal while I went to get the TV turned on and Collette went into the kitchen, then came back into the living room with a bottle of red wine and two glasses. Collette had rented Braveheart, I think mostly because she liked to watch Mel Gibson. We put the DVD into the player and adjusted the futon couch so that it was laid out with the back up slightly so we could lounge with some pillows in front of the movie. Jenny got dressed and left the house shortly after the movie started.

By the time the movie was over, we'd polished off a bottle of wine and started on a second. Neither of us were drunk, but we certainly were feeling pretty loose. By the time the credits started rolling, I was lying across the couch with my head in Collette's lap. She was still wearing the same grey skirt and tan blouse she'd left the house in that morning, but had let her hair down and looked absolutely dreamy to me. She had one hand running gently through my hair and the other stroking my back as I lay there.

"This is really nice," I said, "I could just go to sleep right here and now." When I was much younger, I used to lay like this on Collette's lap while we watched TV. Though I was older now, I still felt comforted by her presence.

I shifted my body so that I was now lying on my back, my head still in her lap, looking up at her and smiling. She kept stroking my hair with her right hand and just laid her left across her stomach. "You really seem to be enjoying my hair tonight."

"What's not to like?" She said, "It's nice and soft. I could spend all night with your hair!"

"Well there's an idea..." I grinned, "but I think the rest of me might get lonely."

"Oh, I wouldn't want that to happen..." I moved a hand up onto Collette's on my stomach and started gently stroking her hand. It all seemed so intimate to me, and once again I was struck by how much I loved her. "I really love you, Collette." I said shyly, quietly.

She gazed down at my face for a moment, "I love you, too." I scooted up a little bit so that my back was in my lap and my head was resting in her arm on the armrest of the futon. "Come here," she said, as she leaned down toward my head and pulled me up slightly to kiss her. Kissing Collette was so natural, our mouths seemed to fit together perfectly, warm, moist and inviting. I ran my fingers slowly, firmly through her hair while we kissed, her hot breath on my face. Her free hand was still on my stomach, stroking back and forth. The kiss was slow and sensuous, and seemed to last for an eternity, which wasn't nearly long enough. She traced the contrours of my lips with the tip of her tongue, and I responded in kind, but we got in each others way and laughed, then joined back in a full kiss again. I could feel her breasts hanging a bit into my chest, everything about her was soft and warm and good, it was simply wonderful.

She moved her free hand to my face to pull me close and kissed me even more deeply. Collette moaned into my mouth as we kissed. My hand started drifting to her cheek, then to her chin, our tongues slowly dancing together. I let my hand move down further, now stroking her neck, back up behind her head into her hair, then back around to her upper chest, slowly stroking her skin, ever so slightly running just under the edge of the 3 open buttons at the top of her blouse. I was completely engulfed in desire for Collette. I let my hand slowly drift further, our mouths still together, now becoming more and more urgent as our tongues started moving more firmly. From time to time I heard, and felt, Collette moaning lightly into my mouth. I let my hand drift further than I had dared before, and could feel the edge of her silky bra on my fingertips, the start of the soft flesh of her breast beneath my hand.

Keeping the rhythm going with our mouths, I felt Collette's hand move away from the back of my head and up to where my hand was. At first I thought maybe she was going to pull me away, that I had gone too far, but then I realized she was slowly undoing the buttons of her blouse, pulling the ends of it up out of her skirt as the material began to fall further from her chest. I was still stroking the edge of her bra, not daring to go further, but she placed her hand on mine and pulled it up to her breast, firmly guiding my fingers.

She sat me up with her right arm, which was still behind my head and we broke the kiss, opening our eyes for the first time since it all started.

"Is everything o.k.?" I asked. She just looked at me with her gorgeous, deep, green eyes.

"My arm was starting to fall asleep!" She said as I gazed back at her with longing.

Collette giggled and kissed me again, we could barely keep our lips apart. I noticed now that she was wearing a white, silky bra, which pushed up her breasts and made a lot of cleavage. Her auburn hair was falling down over her shoulders. "You are the most beautiful sight." I said.

"Not bad, yourself," she replied, kissing me once more, "but I think maybe we should slow down a bit."

"Sorry," I said, a little dissapointed "I guess we did get a bit carried away."

"Oh, it's o.k., it's just that, well, you've only been here two days, and this is a place we've never really gone before, I'm just not sure it's the right time... but I'm as much carried away as you are, if not more." We kissed again, I savored the feeling of her lips on mine.

"It's alright," I said, still entranced by her beauty and the passion of the moment, "we don't have to go any further, I'm happy just being here with you."

"You're such a sweetie," She said, and gave me a tight hug.

"But," I said, "if we're not going any further with this, I think you'll have to put your shirt back on, otherwise I'm liable to slip..." I smiled.

Collette laughed, and buttoned her blouse up again. We spent the rest of the evening cuddled up on the futon watching TV, kissing from time to time, talking occasionally, just enjoying each others company. While I was pretty horny from the experience, we did eventually just drift off to sleep in each others arms, the TV quietly droning on before us.

It must have been after midnight when I woke up, the TV was still on and Collette was asleep in the crook of my arm with a leg draped over me. I reached for the remote and turned off the television, which was enough to wake her.

"We must have fell asleep," she mumbled, yawning.

"Come on," I said, "let me take you up to your bed."

I got up and helped Collette get onto her feet, then took her hand as we went up the stairs. I took her to the door of her room and was about to go to my own, but she stopped me.

"Mark, come in with me." she said softly. So I followed her into her room, closing the door behind us. "It was so nice cuddled up with you tonight," she yawned again, "I want you to come sleep in my bed, I want to keep you with me."

I smiled, "Sure."

I took off my shirt and shorts, leaving on my boxers, and climbed into her bed. Collette had taken off her shirt and her skirt, now she turned away from me and said, "no peeking over there!"

I turned my head away, but peeked anyway. She went to her dresser, and with her back still toward me took off her bra and pulled a dark blue cotton nightgown over her head. "You didn't peek did you?" She asked, smiling.

"Yes." I laughed, "but you were turned away, so all I saw was your back."

"That's what I thought," She grinned, "I knew you'd peek."

Collette went to the other side of the bed and climbed in next to me. We cuddled up together and quickly fell asleep.

Collette's alarm clock started playing tunes on the radio at 7:30 in the morning. We had slept the night in each others arms and were still intertwined when we woke up.

"That was really nice," Collette said, running a hand through my hair as we still lay in bed, "you're like my own personal heater in the bed. Can I have you back tonight?"

I just smiled, "I don't know, when we got into bed I was pretty tired, so I fell right to sleep, if we got into bed earlier in the evening, I'm not sure I could be held responsible for my actions!" I joked.

"Maybe we'll have to test that out soon..." She left off, then pulled back the covers and got out of bed, "I have to get into the office by 8:30 this morning, so I'm getting in the shower... no peeking this time or I'll have to take measures!"

"No problem," I said, "I'll wait to see you naked again the next time you make margaritas!"

Collette laughed and went off to her bathroom, I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom adjoining my room and got into the shower as well, then dressed and came down to get some breakfast.

"So did Jen ever come home last night?" I asked Collette as she came down the stairs. I was pouring water into the coffee maker. Collette was once again the picture of a beautiful professional woman, her hair up, glasses on, tan slacks and another silky blouse, this one dark blue, which contrasted wonderfully with her reddish hair and green eyes. Made me want to take a picture.

"I peeked into her room before I came down," Collette said, "She's not there, so I suppose she must have spent the night in Tammy's apartment. I guess you're on your own today."

"That's o.k.," I said, "It's still early in the summer, I should probably get a newspaper and find a summer job until school starts, earn myself a little money so I don't go broke before school starts in September."

"You might try going into the student employment office and asking if you can get a campus job before you're actually an 'official' student in the fall. I know they're looking for helpers in the library and some of the computer labs. It doesn't pay much, but it's something. There's not a lot else to do around town for a student unless you want to be a waiter or gas station attendant or something like that."

"I think I'll try that," I said, "Can I catch a ride with you to campus?"

We finished eating breakfast and drove onto campus together in Collette's car. She took me into the English building and introduced me to a few of the professors, then showed me her office, which I though was awfully messy for someone who kept such an organized house. Collette closed the door of her office and gave me a hug and an extended kiss, then told me to get out so she could get some work done.

The rest of the week went pretty normal. Jen stayed at Tammy's apartment another night, coming home briefly for dinner and to grab some clothing. She and Tammy were crunching for tests and spending lots of time together, which was fine, since I really needed a bit of a break to get my thoughts straight about everything that happened ealier in the week.

I ended up taking a job in a computer lab, babysitting computers for 20 hours a week for minimum wage. It wasn't much, but would bring in some spending money and gave me plenty of time to browse the web and read books during the day when the house was mostly empty anyway.

I did sleep in Collette's bed for the next couple of nights, cuddled up together as before and engaging in some pretty heavy make-out sessions, but we didn't go beyond that. She wanted to make sure we didn't get into a sexual relationship too quickly and I was glad for the closeness without the confusion of having sex with my sister. We spent our evenings talking, swimming, playing cards, watching TV, that sort of thing. All in all, it was a pretty full first week living with my sisters.

Author's Note: I have a idea for a another idea for a story it's loosely based off of V.C. Andrews "Family Storms" series except it's with a boy instead of a girl tell me what you think

Rating: 92%, Read 12962 times, Posted Jan 06, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Teen Male


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