The Fate of a Kingdom; Chapter 7 (Final) by AvengerKnight

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Death, Erotica, Female, Male, Violence

I stood before King Nemea again. Prince Leon stood directly in front of the king. Sir Gareth was a few feet behind me.

“How?” The King said in a low growl.

“My Lord” Sir Gareth said stepping beyond me “it’s possible he may have had a key or somehow acquired one! He killed three men in his escape!”

“Dammit” he thumped his ageing fist against his throne.

“Father, let me find him!” Leon offered his father. “Let me find him and bring him back so he can face justice?”

King Nemea sat quietly for several moments. His hand stroking at his grey beard, a little lost in thought.

“Father?” Leon spoke out softly.

Several moments of silence went passed before the king finally spoke “gather the army!”

“Father?” Leon said in surprise.

“I’ve had enough, we tried for peace but this is how we are received?” His voice filling with anger “gather the army! March on Lupus, I want the wolves head and bring me Brutus!” He slammed his fist down.

“Yes father!” Leon nodded.

“Sir Gareth!” The king called out.

“Yes sire?” Sir Gareth.

“See Ragnar fully suited! He will ride all side the Kings guard!”

“Of course” he nodded before turning to me “come Ragnar!”

“Your highness if I have your permission?” I said to the king bowing my head low and holding jt there awaiting his response.

“Speak” he said more softly, his anger eased.

“May I request that Rayne ride along side me as well? I owe her my life!” I said slightly lifting my head.

“Sir Gareth, see it done!” The king waved.

“Thank you your highness!” I bowed lower again before following Sir Gareth from the throne room.

Within minutes the castle was a buzz with commotion. Bells tolled and men gathered from every corner, armed and ready to go.

Rayne took some convincing but I managed to persuade her to come with me. I told her I wanted to finish this with her. Afterwards if we survived she was free to live her life.

I must admit she looked good in her new armour. There are many female warriors in the kingdom so there was armour that fit her well. Specially made to accommodate a woman’s breast. Her red hair now flowing free but still armed to the teeth.

“Please be careful and return!” Luna said to me, tears in her eyes as she hugged me.

“Don’t worry after I have avenged father I will return!” I held her tightly. “I love you!”

“I love you more!” More tears falling down her cheeks.

“Please look after her?!” I said to Lenta, as I hugged her also.

“I shall, you have my word!” She nodded.

I returned the nod and set off to join the gathering masses.

It was early afternoon when the army was fully assembled and on the march. Rayne and I rode on horses near the front of the column. Prince Leon leading the way with standard bearers carrying the large flags bearing the lions sigil on them.

We marched for hours before setting up camp for the night not far from the village of Amnis. There were several patrols around the camp during the night to protect from attack. Unfortunately Rayne and I didn’t share one of the many tents that were provided. She was to stay with a group of other woman warriors as I shared one with several of the elite kings guard.

The army moved off at first light. There was very little said as we marched. It was slow going as the large column made steady pace. It wasn’t the same pace Rayne and I managed several days before. I could tell the journey would take at least an extra day or maybe even two.

I was right, it took four days to reach the borders of the blacklands. The army set up camp and a war council was summoned. I was surprised when a guard told me that my presence was requested.

“Ah Ragnar glad you are here! Now as one of very few people who have been to Lupus I was hoping you had some incite?” Prince Leon spoke to me as he sat in a larger chair than the rest.

“Well your highness I’m not sure how much I can offer. It was Rayne that led the way and there was only two of us not an army.” I spoke.

“Any details you give may help us!” The Prince stated.

I proceeded to tell them of how Rayne and I managed to get into Lupus. After some debating a plan was formed that a small group of soldiers including Rayne and I would try and sneak into the castle. Then open the gates allowing the main army to pour in. As it was too late now to make a move under nightfall. The plan would be set in motion tomorrow.

I retired to my tent after the council meeting and my eyes widened with happiness as I saw Rayne laying there.

“Rayne what...” I was interrupted as she held her finger to her mouth, urging me to be quiet. Then curling it, beckoning me to her. I crouched down next to her when she pulled my face into kiss her. Her warm soft lips pressing against mine. Instantly breathing deeper as our mouths parted. Tongues sliding against each other.

“How did you get in?” I whispered.

“I have my ways!” She winked. “No be quiet and lay with me, we don’t want to wake the others!”

I simply nodded as I lay down on my side along next to her. We used a large piece of fur to cover us as our bodies became intertwined. Our lips locking again as we shared saliva, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

“I want to be with you one last time before tomorrow. I only agreed to come because of you, I don’t want to be without you!” She whispered, her body pressing closer to mine.

“I owe you my life!” I whispered back.

We continued to kiss and the kissing became heavier and more passionate. Hands were freely roaming as articles of clothing began to be stripped off.

In no time at all, Rayne and I lay naked together under the fur cover. Our lips locked together again. My hands firmly on her ass as I pulled her against my aching cock.

She groaned against my lips as she felt my rock hard member press against her woman hood. Rayne reach a hand down and slowly stroked the shaft gaining a groan from myself. Her nimble fingers wrapped around and she tugged up and down before she edged back slightly and repositioned it between her legs. Her wet warmth greeting my cock and instantly gaining a twitch from my member.

We lay like that for some time just kissing. My hands playfully playing with her hard nipples. All the while I was grinding myself against her slit. Her sex fully ready now as my cock was soaking with her womanly juices.

Rayne turned away from and backed up against me. I had to hold my cock and slide it back between her legs. Again I began to grind against her. The head of my cock sliding through her swollen lips.

I felt Rayne’s fingers touch the tip of my cock and as I slid forward she pushed my cock upwards. I was greeted by the incredible heat of her inner body. She let out a deep sigh as I filled her with my invading member.

We lay on our left sides, my left arm folded below my head as my free right hand reached up and took a breast in my hand. I held it tightly as I began to pump my hips forward. Pushing my cock deep inside her.

I wanted it too last though. I wasn’t in any hurry and I doubted she was either. I set a slow but steady pace. Pumping my hips forward and back as I kissed her neck and shoulder.

We kept at it for some time but the inevitable happened. That all too familiar feeling now rushed up as I spilled inside her. I grunted loudly as pumped my hips forcefully several times before relaxing my body. Still holding onto her and still inside her.

We didn’t say anything as we wordlessly just held each other and soon enough sleep took us both. I woke up some time later. It was still the middle of the night, my limp cock was still pressed against Rayne’s firm ass. I held her tighter and as she wiggled her ass back into me it caused my cock to twitch. In no time my cock was rock hard again.

I couldn’t help grind myself against her, even in a sleepy state it felt good. My mind wasn’t on what would happen tomorrow or could happen. Hell this could be our last day alive but in this moment. All i cared and thought about was the woman in my arms. I knew in my heart that I loved her and wanted to be with her no matter what.

Her hips tilted a little and I was able to slide back inside her. This time though I didn’t move. I just held myself there. Our bodies as one.

We must have fallen back asleep, somehow content even with all the impending danger and battle ahead. However we were harshly awoken by the sounds of chaos and shouting. Then the high whale of a horn sounded.

“We’re under attack!!” Voices shouted. The other men in the tent scrambled to get ready and were armed and out within seconds.

I wasn’t far behind them with Rayne in toe.

“I don’t have my weapons” she told me.

“Let’s go get them then!” I took her hand.

“No! Go find the prince and help him, he must survive!” She pulled her arm from mine and ran in the opposite direction.

I drew my fathers sword and held my new shield tight as I moved towards the princes tent. The sound of steel clashing together filled the air. Shouting and cries of pain.

One of the kings men was slain before me as his attacker turned his attention to me. He charged at me wildly and with an easy block of his swing I ran my sword through him. He fell to the ground and as I pulled my sword from him as two others rushed me.

I steadied myself and blocked their attacks using my shield. I swing hard with my sword and cut one across his torso as the other tries to hit my head. I duck down using my shield as he clashes against it. I drop down and drive my sword through his gut.

I strode forward as fighting continued all around. Tents were on fire. Bodies lay around from both sides.

After fending off several more attackers I found Sir Gareth fighting off two men. I quickly moved in to help him and killed one of them. Sir Gareth now able to kill the other.

“Sir Gareth, where is Prince Leon?” I panted.

“Ragnar good to see you alive! The Prince is nearby!” He said as he went to turn an arrow struck him straight in the chest. Before I could react an other arrow struck him again.

“Sir Gareth?!” I called as an other arrow whizzed passed us. I held up my shield to protect us as I pulled him around away from the direction of fire.

As I eased him down but my heart sank. It was some shot by the archer, he had struck him right in the heart. I place my hand on his chest but had to move. There would be time for prayers later.

With a heavy heart I regathered myself and continued my search for the Prince. I found him near the outer edges of the camp. He was fighting off several enemies with only a couple of his kings guards by his side.

I raced over and aided the Prince. We fought hard and managed to kill off the white wolves men but loosing the two kings guards in the process.

There was a lull in the battle. The white wolves men were either dead or had surrendered. We had suffered heavy losses with their ambush. Only a handful of them kept up the fighting.

“Brutus!!!!” The prince called out before I could speak to him. He took off running away from camp. I followed his target and away from the camp on a small hill Brutus sat horseback. Remus next to him on horse back as well.

I took after him as he charged his brother. A foolish move on his own. Brutus got off his horse and began walking away. Remus, however charged at me. He drew his large sword and narrowed his sights on me. The Prince was gone from sight as Remus closed in on me. As he neared he drew his sword back further and swung as he was almost on top of me.

I managed to duck below his attack and swung my sword out catching the side of his horse. With a loud cry of pain from his horse it fell to the side throwing Remus off. The horse managed to regather its footing and took off, leaving Remus behind.

“Such a foolish little soldier you are, so you have chosen death!” He growled as he swung his sword at me. He was stronger and better than the men I have fought before and I struggled to defend my self. I blocked with my shield and tried to return with attacks of my own but he seemed too quick.

With a heavy attack he broke my shield from my grasp. A shooting pain through my arm as the force knocked me back. As he swung again I used as much strength to block him with my sword. I met his attack and held him off but he paused. His eyes fixed onto my sword and they widened.

“That sword!” He muttered.

I took my chance and with a heavy kick I swung for his legs and knocked him over. I quickly regained my footing and launched attacks of my own. He was slower than before but still blocked my attacks. He rolled away and as he stood, his long cloak fell to the floor.

“Who are you?” He snarled.

“I am Ragnar Ironhide! Son of Beorn Ironhide! This is his sword, you killed him and I will have my revenge!”

“So it seems you can defeat death! You maybe have been lucky before but I will not make that mistake again!” He growled as he charged at me.

I met his charge with equal measure. Our swords clashing together with loud clangs as we tried to find an opening.

As we moved around our attacks became slower, fatigue setting in. I did however manage to slice across his arm. But as I launched an other attack he swung a wild swing of his sword and caught me in the side and then across my thigh. I tumbled to the ground. Pain emitting from my side and leg, lucky the armour had taken most of the blow but I could feel blood running down my side. The pain in my leg was worse and I knew it was bleeding also.

Remus had now re gathered himself as he moved slowly in on me. I held up my sword to protect myself but with a heavy swing he knocked the sword clean from my hand. I watched as it sailed away to the side. I held my aching side. My left arm throbbing. I lay on my back and looked up as he stood over me.

“No one will remember you Ragnar Ironhide! The kingdom will fall! Long live the wolf!” As he said this he lifted his sword pointing down towards my chest. As he pulled it up to drive home a knife flew through the air striking him in his gut. Remus’ eyes grew wide as did my own.

Rayne suddenly stood before my as she swung her sword cutting off Remus hand that was holding the sword. He howled in pain as he fell back to the floor. As my vision began to fade a little I could see Rayne holding my fathers sword.

Wordlessly she drove the sword deep into his chest as his body went limp. My head fell back into the ground as I looked up towards the sky.

Rayne’s face quickly filled my view as I could hear her calling my name.

A large grin filled my face as the last image I saw was Rayne’s beautiful face staring down at me. I closed my eyes and faded into darkness.


I awoke to a stinging ache and pain in my leg and side. I tried to move but the pain hurt a little bit more. I grunted at the pain.

“Ragnar?” A familiar voice spoke out “can you hear me?”

“Rayne?” I mumbled.

“Yes yes it’s me!” I could feel and hear her move closer.

I slowly opened my eyes. I was in what appeared to be the castle, going by the stone lined walls. My gaze quickly turned to Rayne. Her red hair still flowing down around her face as she smiled down to me as our gaze met.

I returned the smile “what happened?”

Rayne then proceeded to tell me what happened. She had killed Remus and Prince Leon had managed to fight off his brother. Leon was wounded but killed his brother. The army then marched towards Lupus. Rayne rode straight back here to the capital Astu with me. She requested a messenger be sent for her sister Cari who had come to help mend me. Rayne had managed to keep me alive long enough to get me back but she needed her sister to save me.

“How long?” I asked confused.

“Just over a week! You have been in and out of consciousness but this is the first time you’ve fully been awake!”

“A week? Wait what of my sister?” I tried to sit up, instantly regretting it.

“Easy Ragnar! You’re sister is safe here in the castle as she has been all along!”

Rayne then went on to tell me that not so long ago the Prince had returned with the remaining army. They had went to besiege Lupus but found it surrendering upon their arrival. The last remaining defenders were heavily outnumbered and choose to give up. Most of the army had ambushed the Prince leaving few behind to defend it.

Romulos was gone though when the Prince and his men stormed the inner castle. Again most of the defenders gave up without a fight. A lot of them were seen being brought back as prisoners to Astu.

I spent an other week or so in bed as my wounds healed. My sister Luna visited regularly and it was nice to see Cari again. Even though she was my first experience being with a woman my eyes and heart were set on Rayne who had barely left my side.

It was nearing nightfall one night when I gathered the strength to get myself up and walk.

“Ragnar are you ok?” Rayne asked rushing to my side.

“I’m fine, please walk with me!” I struggled across the room to a set of shutters and pushed them open. The sky was a beautiful orange colour as the sun set slowly. It was an incredible site to see.

“Thank you for staying with me and saving my life yet again!” I said, facing out towards the setting sun.

“I think you’ve saved mine in more ways than one!” She spoke softly, as she hugged my arm, her head resting on my shoulder.

“Look at you now all soft and caring!” I teased.

“I’d still kick your ass” she said without moving. I believed her. I have come to know a completely different side to her to the one I met not so long ago. That girl in the tavern would have kicked my ass and probably killed me. Now I feel she would do that to anyone that tried to get to me.

“You probably would” I laughed “that’s why I love you!”

Rayne’s head lifted as she looked into my eyes. “I love you too!” We shared a small soft kiss.

“I will go wherever you go!” She added.

I smiled broadly as we shared a longer more passionate kiss. This was the woman of my dreams and I was going to keep her by my side forever.

The next morning I was summoned by the King.

Rayne and I stood before King Nemea once again. Prince Leon by his side.

“Ragnar, Rayne, I can not thank you enough for what you have done for this kingdom. We are forever in your thanks.” He said as he bowed his head to us and we both returned the bow.

“Now to matters of the future, guards” he called as he waved his arm as two men pushed a large chest out towards us. “This is a token of my gratitude!” With that the two guards opened the chest and our eyes and face lit up and gold coins spilled from the chest.

“Further more” he spoke out standing to his feet “As my last order as king I am going to offer you both land within the kingdom and both with the titles of knights within the Kingdom of Vigeo!” He said as he approached us drawing his sword.

“Kneel” he ordered us in a soft voice.

Rayne and I knelt down as the king spoke in an ancient language and tapped the sword on our shoulders.

“Arise!” He bellowed.

There was a round of applause from the gathering members of his court.

“Now Prince Leon, it is your time!” The king said as he held his son by the shoulders before hugging him. The shared a long hug before Prince Leon turned to us.

“Tomorrow I will be crowned King. My father has decided to abdicate the thrown so I may become King. And my first act will be to announce you, Ragnar as the new Captain of the Kings guard! Rayne and yourself will also become my closet advisors, is this acceptable?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

Rayne and I stood there for a moment stunned, before a small cough from Prince, well King Leon caught our attention.

“Yes of course your highness” I said bowing my head.

“Yes your highness” Rayne repeated as she bowed her head.

The next day Prince Leon was crowned King in a massive ceremony. The whole capital was there to witness and Rayne and I had the honoured of standing next to him. We were giving brand new armour and cloaks. We really looked the part now.


The kingdom saw many peaceful and prosperous years under King Leon. He married a beautiful blonde girl from his court and had two daughters.

My sister still lives in the capital with us. She actually fell in love with Lenta and the two of them happily live together. It’s not a common thing of the kingdom but the King has given them his blessing.

Rayne and I married, it was a quite ceremony away from prying eyes. Cari her sister actually married us under permission from Leon. We also had a son whom we named, Beorn after my father.

Although the kingdom was doing well and there was no signs of any trouble. The question that always burned in my head as I’m sure it did the kings, where did Romulos go?

Rating: 94%, Read 6422 times, Posted Jul 20, 2020

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Death, Erotica, Female, Male, Violence


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