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True Story | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Lesbian, Male, Old Male, Teen, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity

I received the phone call from Claire, asking about another photoshoot, and we briefly chatted about our previous encounter, as Claire didn’t mention Sharon, neither did I. By the way the conversation was heading, a young 18 year old flirting with a 40 year old man, who had previously fucked her, I was recollecting my thoughts when Claire announced that she didn’t talk to Sharon any more.

“She screwed up my life for a month or 2, and then started arriving at my house all bruised. Down south now, with some girl she fucks”

“Ah yes, the lesbian photographs that i was hoping to take of you and Sharon”, I replied “I never did get my invite”.

“That’s why I’m calling”.......

2 days later I’m entering Claire’s flat, not in the best part of town, but it seemed clean, and I’m quickly holding a cup of coffee. Claire had arrived at the door wearing a short white tennis skirt, complemented by a white polo shirt, a little tight, but none the less showing her small breasts to perfection, her nipples stretching the material a little. Her dark hair almost reaching to her shoulder blades, and fire engine red lipstick. My cock was now beginning to grow, at the thought of this young beauty.

Claire sat close to me as we spoke briefly about this quick photoshoot, and again flirted with me at every possible attempt.

I returned from my car with my portable lighting, and Claire again kissed me on entering her home. This time the kiss lasted perhaps a minute or so, as i gently pulled her thick swollen bottom lip into my mouth, while holding her head in my hand. My second hand reached for Claire’s pert bottom, and was stopped by Claire, who returned it to her waist.

“We’ve plenty of time for that later” she gently spoke after pulling her lips away from mine.

I hadn’t recognised the taste that had greeted me when kissing Claire, until she asked if I liked honey. Ah that was the taste, I thought quietly.

I followed Claire into the living room, again watching her thighs, and the swishing of the pleats as they covered her small bottom. With one hand free, the other pulling my portable lights in their case, I reached out several times and stroked her bottom gently for a second or two, just enough to keep the blood flowing in my semi hard cock.

We sat down again on the leather settee with space for another between us, and as I watched Claire’s legs cross and uncross several times, my mind cast itself back to that wonderful day in the park when I had not only fucked her friend as Claire held her down, but I had taken Claire’s virginity, and here I was again, hoping to fuck this young 18 year old girl again.

Claire stood up and told me to stay, as she left the room, and as I looked around the teenager’s room I saw one of the pictures I had taken previously, and a 2nd and 3rd were lying next to the silver frame. I walked across towards the picture frame and noticed the magazines under the 2 loose photographs, with several bookmarks entered into the high fashion magazines.

As I picked up the magazine Claire entered the room and called on me to follow her.

When I entered the bedroom behind Claire I was surprised to find a teenage girl sleeping on the bed, long blonde hair strewn across her face, her bare shoulders escaping from the duvet that covered the majority of her body, leaving a single ankle and foot that peeked out at the nearest side to me.

“It’s my younger cousin; she’s been staying with me, while she looks for a job.” Whispered Claire, “she’s never fucked a guy before, you’ll be her 1st”

I was surprised and didn’t know how to react, when Claire remarked that I had been recommended by her to be Donna’s first ever cock.

“She is 16, you don’t have to worry, and I wouldn’t have suggested you otherwise”

I was still quiet when Claire grabbed my hand and proceeded to pull me from the bedroom towards the other bedroom.

“Let’s get the other room ready for the photoshoot; we want pictures before we fuck you”

“We”, she said, “We fuck you”. My cock reacted to the news with a little movement.

Within 15 minutes, Claire was posing in front of me wearing her white tennis skirt, polo shirt, and a tennis racket.

Her almost olive coloured legs parting on several occasions to reveal white panties, kept the blood flowing to my cock. At Claire’s insistence I faced away from her and when I turned around when asked I found Claire with her legs wide open, her white panties pulled to the side, and a single finger entered into her small thick lipped pussy. The absence of pubic hair, made the sight all the more clearer.

As I approached her, Claire insisted that I was to capture the scene, “and not just my pussy” she barked humorously.

I shot for several minutes as Claire removed her finger and sucked it into her mouth, her small cunt, closing its thick lips at the removal of the finger. When her polo shirt was pulled up, her large purple nipples looked enormous against her small breasts, and again this 18 year old looked like a school child. Where it not for the driving licence and passport I had seen at our earlier meeting, I would have doubted her age.

As I approached Claire, while still snapping away, I lost concentration and stared at that tight cunt, watching a small droplet pooling on her upper thigh. I knelt down towards Claire and was tempted to reach over to the droplet when I heard a giggle from behind me.

Standing at the doorway was Donna, dressed in lightly coloured pyjamas, bearing little pigs. With her straggly long blonde hair she looked younger than her 16 years.

“Didn’t interrupt you did I?” she said cheerfully, and was taken aback when confronted by Claire’s “YES, I told you to stay in bed till we came for you”

“It’s ok”, I replied and place my camera down, and reached to switch off my lighting system.

As i turned around to Claire, she was now cuddling Donna and talking in a quiet voice. I sat on the floor and watched as Donna was comforted by Claire, and studied them together. Both being of similar height, 5”3’ and with what I could gather very similar body shapes, yet the contrast between their hair colour making the young looking Claire seem much older.

The girls moved out of the room and I picked up my camera and started viewing the pictures when Donna sat down beside me, and offered her apologies, and a light kiss on my cheek. She smelled of perfume, and I reached around her waist and held her while I breathed in her delightful fragrance. She giggled before escaping my clutches “just like Claire said, an old pervert”

“I can go home if you want, and you can take you own pictures” I replied

“Better not go before you fuck Claire, she’s been horny all week,”

I moved to the living room and while sitting on the settee with Claire, I heard Donna shout my name and Claire told me to go and keep her happy. I instantly hurried towards the bedroom where Donna had been sleeping, when I heard the call again, however it was from the bathroom Donna had been calling from.

“I can’t find the towel; I’ve soap in my eyes”

As I had entered the bathroom Donna was washing her face with a face cloth, her slightly built body was naked, showing her well proportioned body, small b cup breasts, and slim waist, and a bottom to match her older cousin. I reached for a towel and offered it to Donna’s face, and took in the sight of this young girl with her neatly trimmed pussy. Again I cuddled this young teen, feeling her petite body brushing against my 40 year old frame, and my cock stirred again into semi hardness.

Donna followed me and reached out for my hand as I walked past her bedroom.

“Tell me what you want me to wear; I want to look sexy for you.”

The denim shorts, I picked rekindled memories of her cousin, and the cowboy shirt seemed at home on her young body.

I returned to sit with Claire, as Donna dressed in her outfit, promising to surprise me with her choice of underwear.

Myself and Claire were almost immediately locked together as we kissed passionately, and I had finally got Claire’s bum cheeks in both my hands, with the white cotton panties adding a slight barrier to her warm pussy. Claire reached for my ever hardening cock and rubbed forcefully form the outside of my denims. I had pulled up the front of the polo shirt and was expertly sucking on Claire’s nipples, one after the other, enjoying the hardness, and the willingness for the small breasts to stretch when my teeth grabbed and pulled. Claire with her hand now inside my denims was reaching my cock, and pulling at my pubic hair almost painfully.

“I’ll keep it in there for Donna, she’ll love it” I was enjoying the tease, and as I reached inside to reach the pussy that had been so near to me earlier, my hand was again stopped, this time not by Claire, but by Donna.

Donna had entered the room and was standing behind her older cousin, dressed in her denim shorts, and red chequered shirt her breasts showing through the missing buttons. Her legs looked wonderful and she twirled around while both Claire and I gawped. She was stunning, and Claire commented on my cock loving the view.

As Claire sat down on the settee, pulling me by the hand Donna sat upon my lap, her breasts peeking no further than 12 inches away. I placed a hand on her thigh, and I was suddenly pushed back into a lying position by Donna. Her lips found mine, and I was happy to lie down and be overpowered by this youngster. Her 16 year old teeth nuzzled at my bottom lip, and more than once bit a little too deeply, but what a sensation. This youngster was experienced at kissing, and suddenly I felt a hand again at my cock, tugging back my foreskin. I was being attacked by a girl almost 30 years my junior, and I was willing to be overcome by her greed.

My hands found her breasts and in particular her nipples, when suddenly the mouth on my lips was removed and replaced by another mouth. I was in heaven, when I felt the sucking on my neck. I also felt the tightness if my denims being released and the sudden coldness on my cock being replaced by the comfort of a warm hand. I had no idea whose hand had enveloped my hard cock, as I lay back and enjoyed the rush of adrenalin causing my cock to pulse.

The struggle of mouths on my lips and neck continued for almost 10 minutes and was only interrupted with a loud bang on the door.

We all froze. Claire directed her younger cousin into the bedroom, while I was instructed to play with my camera.

When I answered the call from Claire to the living room I was met by someone who appeared to be Claire’s mother, tall and slim in her mid 30s, with dark hair not dissimilar to Claire’s in style, and dressed in a dark business shoot. Pleasantries were exchanged where I my suspicions where confirmed and Claire explained that we had not yet started with the photoshoot.

I had several good looks at Claire’s mother when she removed her jacket to reveal a crisp white blouse, with a silhouette of her large breasts encased in a dark red bra. The conversation centred on her daughter’s photographs, and ability to succeed at modelling, and the possibility of a combined shoot in the future. Before too long Samantha excused herself and was escorted to her car by Claire.

Donna, on hearing the front door close and Claire entering alone, quickly darted into the room and promptly perched herself upon my lap, stirring my now wilted cock. Her lips were upon mine and my hands again reached and found her 16 year old nipples. Moving around on my lap Donna soon had her legs on either side of my thighs and was kneeling astride me pushing me back into our previous position. This time though her knees walked her crotch onto my chest and settled down, while she playfully grabbed my arms and placed them above my head.

When Donna reached for her denim shorts and pulled down the zipper, I saw a triangle of pale pink panties, with Monday printed on the front. I made fun on the fact that today was Thursday and Donna then told me she’d better remove them if they were wrong, and proceeded to stand up with her legs at my sides.

“Leave them for the moment”

It was Claire, who I’d forgotten about whilst being seduced by Donna, sitting in a chair at right angles to the settee, with one leg on the floor and one on the arm of the chair, her skirt pulled up to her waist and her white pants pulled to the side at the crotch, showing her moist gaping pussy, she had obviously been playing with herself, as she watched the foreplay between myself and Donna.

I reached for Donna, and she settled beside me on the settee, where I again locked lips with her, and battled tongues for several minutes finally getting Donna into a lying position. With my hard 7 inch cock throbbing, I thrust it onto Donna’s tight fitting shorts, finding her pubic mound. My left hand playing with a hard nipple, and my tongue playing with Donna’s lips, I was happy to tease this teenager until she begged for my cock.

Donna pulled at my tee-shirt, and eventually our lips unlocked as the garment was pulled over my head, I had also planned on removing Donna’s shirt, and this was the perfect time to release her breasts from her sweat filled shirt. We struggled with her shirt, and Donna grabbed my crotch when her 1st hand was released from her sleeve. I wasn’t ready to let my cock roam free yet as I still wanted to tease her to an orgasm, and swatted her hand free from firstly my denims then her shorts. While my hand was close to her crotch, I entered it into her shorts, with the pale panties still acting as a barrier, and found the front of the panties wet, and warm. My hand reaching for her wet pussy, and pushing the wet material to the side before gently spreading her labia and touching the warm wet hole. Donna reacted to this movement with a gentle yes, and continued this word, as I gently rubbed around this virgin pussy. Searching for her clitoris was delightful, and Donna responded with a scream at my first touch of this sensitive bud. Her screaming continued with slight shuddering as Donna reached her 1st orgasm under my experienced hands. Suddenly my hand was washed with a powerful darting liquid, and I then realised that Donna had not only come, bur had squirted a significant amount of juice from her virginal pussy.

“STOP STOP STOP” Donna shouted in my ear.

Claire was by our sides within seconds of hearing this and was comforting Donna, while asking me to leave them alone.

I escaped to the far side of the room and watched as Claire gently kissed Donna’s face and proceeded to move to her lips, eventually locking lips for a long slow kiss that had great effect on my hard cock. The need to join in, balanced against the need to sit and watch, was interrupted by Claire, calling on me to join them on the settee. My suggestion of moving to the bedroom was agreed and as Donna approached me she thanked me for her best ever orgasm. She explained her need to stop as she was scared she was peeing. I responded to her innocence with a kiss, before she reached her arms around my neck, and climbed aboard me, wrapping her legs around my waist. When we entered Donna’s bedroom, I stood for several moments enjoying her hard sharp nipples play with my own, and again, causing my cock to throb. This was it, if I could get her shorts off, I could gently fuck Donna while standing like this.

At my suggestion Claire proceeded to remove my denims and when my pants were at my knees I felt Claire grip my hard cock, and spread the pre-cum around my purple head. I was in a battle between the pleasant feeling of Claire’s hand and the need to uncover Donna’s pussy when Donna dismounted, pulled her shorts and panties off and climbed aboard me within seconds. As Donna rubbed her pussy against my stomach, I felt the wet liquid run towards my cock.

My cock still in the hands of Claire was rubbing against Donnas tight warm cheeks as my own hands seeked out her wet pussy, suddenly Claire entered my cockhhead at the entrance of the wet pussy belonging to her younger cousin, and I felt the foreskin of my cock being pulled back abruptly.

“FUCK HIM” I heard Claire shout at the 16 year old, and as I flexed my body to reach inside the wet pussy I felt Donna loosen the hold of her legs around my stomach.

The first inch inside her pussy was tight, and I feared it would be as far as I could enter as Donna screeched in my ear, I felt my cock almost bending with the resistance as I gripped Donna by the shoulder and bottom and thrust inside her virgin pussy. It was so tight, warm and wet, and I presumed the resistance was her hymen, when Claire held my cock and removed it from its tight enclosure.

“She’s had 4 fingers up there before, your cock should fit”

I wondered whose fingers, when Claire said she’d stretch her for me.

I reached below and found Claire entering Donna’s pussy, and felt a nip from Donna’s teeth on my chest. Claire had been thrusting into the tight pussy for less than a minute when I felt my hard cock again being handled and forcing its way into the virgin pussy.

I didn’t feel much difference in the tightness of the young pussy but suddenly I found almost all of my cock enveloped in wet pussy juice. I proceeded to fuck this young pussy with Donna lying still wrapped around me, and Claire pushing and pulling at the young body thrust on my hard cock. I fucked this young pussy for almost 5 minutes before Donna screamed and shuddered through her 2nd orgasm of the day.

Claire insisted that we stop fucking and removed Donna from my cock before falling to her knees and covering my cock with her mouth. With her small hand at the end of my cock, Claire concentrated on sucking my come from my balls through my hard wet cock.

Stopping to invite Donna to join her she started licking my balls while playing with them in her delicate hands. Donna joined Claire on her knees and as I watched them both wrap a hand around my hard cock, it suddenly dawned upon me that I was being treated to a blowjob by 2 potential teenage sluts.

Claire fed my cock into Donna’s mouth, and proceeded to pull her head closer to me while almost choking the youngster several times. I struggled to prevent my hot cum from entering the young blonde’s mouth when I erupted, but was pleasantly surprised when Donna released my cock from her mouth and Claire instantly replaced the youngster’s tight mouth. Looking down I saw cum dribbling from Donna’s mouth and watched as Claire kissed Donna, while hovering up the escaping cum. This sent one last spurt from my cock, which landed in Claire’s dark hair.

Although I was spent I watched as the 2 teenagers proceeded with a long lingering kiss, and my cock maintained its hardness, and I felt a reassurance as the girls separated.

Grabbing Claire’s skirt with one hand, I reached around her slim waist with the other and pulled her towards me, as my erect cock bobbed in front of me, pushing the skirt between Claire’s legs. Her smooth inner thighs quickly closed and trapped me for a moment, before a hand grabbed at my weapon. Claire sensed my passion and quickly turned and aimed my hard cock at her panty covered pussy.

The fact her wet panties were still covering her lower regions was a reminder that this teenager had yet to feel my cock in her pussy today. This was to be the next hole for my cock, and when Claire asked Donna to help remove the clothing I was again watching Donna at her knees in front of me.

Holding Donna’s hair I gently guided my throbbing cock towards Donna’s 16 year old mouth, and her young tongue met the slit in my cock head and danced upon the purple head teasing me before enveloping the head two or three inches into her warm mouth.

I thrust my cock a little deeper, and was met with a moan and slight choking sound before pulling back and thrusting again. 3 minutes of this sucking and my eye caught Claire on her hands and knees gently rubbing her dark enlarged pussy lips.

I gently removed my cock from Donna’s mouth and walked to the bed and gently grabbed Claire by the hips. Placing a finger into her warm pussy I soaked my finger before spreading the liquid over her swollen lips. I grabbed my cock and pierced her warm pussy and withdrew before entering her fully again. Claire reached behind her and pressed a little child like finger at her tight anus and pushed until the finger disappeared up to its second knuckle. I was hypnotised and grasped her hand and held her finger inside the dark hole, while dribbling spit onto the young finger. I now wanted to force my finger into the tight hole and feel the tightness, before attempting to force my cock into this young girl’s anus.

Slowly removing my cock from the tight confines of the dark haired girls pussy before slowly pushing back in was a delightful feeling, only bettered with the sight of Claire fingering her own anus, and soon the feelings of coming in this young girl became urgent, as I watched as Claire attempt to fit a 2nd finger in her dark hole.

I pulled my cock out of the warm tight pussy and had the urge to force it back in again when Donna’s face appeared above Claire’s arse. I had no choice but to push my now leaking cock at Donna’s mouth and continue pushing while holding her head firmly. My cock entered her mouth and continued towards her throat, where I erupted again in the young girl’s mouth. This time I continued thrusting and emptied myself down her throat.

When I regained my composure, I pulled my wilting cock from her mouth and asked if she was OK, and was rewarded with a happy grin.

I settled down beside Claire, who was now lying on her side and snuggled up while kissing her neck. I was finally exhausted and drifted off to sleep, with the sound of the girls discussing their tired bodies.

When I awoke, Donna had replaced Claire in my arms and was snoring lightly, with her hand between her delicate thighs. The strong smell of sex in the room overpowered the fragrance of her hair, which I had first noticed when meeting her.

I climbed from the bed leaving the tired teenager, and searched the room for my clothing to no avail and ventured into the adjoining hallway, quietly closing the bedroom door.

Claire was standing in the kitchen, wearing only a lemon sweater and smiled when I approached, her eyes darting to my flaccid cock and asking if her young cousin was still sleeping.

“Her first time, except with me, but that was just to prepare her”

I suddenly remembered the 4 finger remark earlier and complemented her on her teaching skills.

We were sitting on the settee with a sandwich when Donna appeared, 30 minutes later. I had dressed, though Claire had still only her sweater and a fresh pair of panties. Donna had a pair of denims on, and a short vest which displayed her beautiful stomach.

I passed my coffee cup to Donna and we shared the coffee while Claire made fun of our closeness.

Before long Claire and I had removed each other’s clothing and as I reached to enter Claire’s pussy with a finger I was pleasantly surprised to find her pussy was leaking its juices again. I decided at that point to direct a finger towards her tight anus and found my middle finger easily slipping in to the knuckle. Claire squealed in delight, and I was now determined to fuck this tight hole before returning to the task of taking pictures of his young beauty.

My finger easily moved in and out of the dark hole and Donna joined me pleasuring Claire when she placed 3 fingers in between the swollen pussy lips. I watched as Donna removed her small child like fingers and entered 4 fingers, pushing Claire, onto her side with a squeal. My finger was moving steadily in and out the dark hole and my cock throbbed at the thought of entering the dark tight hole.

As I spit on my hand and transferred the wetness to my cock, I watched Donna’s fingers as they ground into the wet hole of her cousin. I knelt onto the floor, and lined up my cock with the dark tight hole, and Donna suddenly reached her hand around my cock. This only increased the girth of my 7” cock, and together we placed the head of my cock at the entrance of the tight anus. I pushed and watched as the head entered the dark hole and a vice like tightness gripped my cock. I tried to push and failed to enter any further before urged Donna to remove her fingers from the pussy a mere inch away from my cock. My cock entered another two inches and Claire shuddered. The tightness on my cock grew and I could hold back no longer, forcing my cum into her anus. I felt Donnas wet hand squeeze my balls and I slumped over onto Claire’s spent body.

When I had gathered my energy I moved to the floor and watched as Donna plunged 2 fingers into Claire’s dark hole, pulling out traces of my cum, before entering the fingers into her young mouth, she did this 4 or 5 times before I gathered my thoughts and sat on the chair and just watched the girls cuddle as they drifted off to sleep.

I did get around to taking photographs of Donna and Claire before leaving and the shoots although not with the girls together showed 2 girls as happy normal teenagers, and were a success. The thought of returning to these 2 youngsters of even Claire’s mother is now a realistic target, which I aim to hit.

Rating: 84%, Read 24963 times, Posted Feb 08, 2010

True Story | Bi-sexual, Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Lesbian, Male, Old Male, Teen, Teen Female, Threesome, Virginity


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