Cat killed the curiosity. by Martyn1981

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Fiction | Pissing, Water Sports

Doing extreme things in my mind was easy. Being kinky in my mind was easy. Watching porn alone. You watch soo much porn it gets to the point that your watching pissing videos and all sorts of extreme content like it was normal. I watched it all. Clicking on videos that were unrealistic and extreme. It excited me. I must be one of very few people who watched this stuff.

Going on online chat rooms. Looking through the list of chatters for women. Private messaging them with a/s/l. If they answer that then you look for an opening. Easy and subtle questions to start with. Inserting emojis. Smiles and winking faces. If they reply with similar emojis you take it up a notch. What are you doing tonight? Single? What do you look like? You look for signs in their answers that they are completely ok with these questions. You want to get them onto talking about sex or anything sex related.

I started chatting with an older woman. She was almost 50. I was 24. She lived about an hour away. What do you look like I asked? She replied, brown hair, blue eyes, 5ft 6. A very general de***********ion but good enough. The chat between us was flirty. lots of innuendo.

What do you like? I asked. She knew what I meant. She knew I meant sex. She listed things she liked and turned her on. She even included pissing to the end of the list. My eyes opened wide. Fucking hell I thought. Can this really be? I needed to know more. She liked the idea of being in the shower and having someone piss on her leg. Sounds ok I thought. Warm yellow liquid running down her leg whilst both under the shower. We spoke about it more. Too much. It wasn't enough for us to talk about pissing on someone legs. It escalated it to peeing all over our bodies and licking the skin. We chatted online for ages and the longer it went on the more extreme we got.

She asked if I could chat on the phone. I gave my number and I waited nervously for the phone to ring.

The phone rang and I answered. Hello, I said nervously. A woman's voice replied. Hello, she said. Hearing her voice on the phone was an extra dimension and I wasn't as quick to reply or as witty as I had been on chat. We started talking about the things we said online. I liked her soft voice. We sort of went back to the beginning but it wasn't long before our phone conversation was equally as kinky.

That's it! We have to do it. We have spoken about it so much that we must meet. The meet for set for 10pm. We met in a car park. I arrived first and she pulled in just after. We both stepped out from our cars. We looked at each other. She looked her age but certainly not in a bad way. She seemed able bodied, not wrinkled and no real grey hair as far as I could see Nice clothes. All seemed normal. She looked like a house wife to me and that turned me on. She said to follow her. Many things went through my mind as I followed her. All the things we had talked about. Were we actually going to go that far. How would we instigate it face to face. Could we overcome any nerves to ask for what we spoke about. How do you ask someone you have just met if you can pee on them?

We entered the flat. We sat on the couch facing each other. Small talk ensued as we sat very close and maintained eye contact. I think both of us were keen to start this. Nerves evaporated. We kissed on the couch which was soo nice. She was the oldest lady I had been with. We kissed hard. Tongues deep. I felt her breasts, body, bum and legs. I wanted her hands all over me so I made sure she had easy access. I was excited and hard. She rubbed my crotch. Clothes were slowly coming off. She had me down to my boxers. I removed her clothes piece by piece until she only had her white pants and bra on. I wanted to remove her bra. As we kissed I reached around to unclip it. She arched her back forward so I could reach it. The bra came off revealing her breasts. Not sagging much and a little pointy. I licked her breasts. She leant back slightly and I moved upwards almost on top of her.

We had sex on the couch. Mostly missionary. We did a few moments of doggy style. I wanted to take her bent over the back of the couch but we never got that far. Afterwards we lay on the couch, bodies intertwined kissing and touching. She hinted she needed to goto the bathroom and asked if I wanted to come. She walked towards the bathroom and I followed. We entered and faced each other standing next to the bath tub. It was a standard white bath tub surrounded by shampoo bottles, face clothes, soap etc. We stepped inside. Standing up inside the tub we kissed some more. Do you want to do this? she asked. Yes, I replied. I was excited. This was very kinky. I could feel my cock hardening. She pulled my right leg slightly forward. That's where she was going to pee. She arched her back slightly pushing her hips forward. She made her self as tall as she could. I watched waiting for it to happen. Then she started to pee. Low pressure at first before it got going. The landing spot moved from just above my knee up to my waist. Pee ran down my leg. She then swayed her hips left and right. The pee was going down the front of my leg and down the side my leg and some was running through my pubes. Warm piss ran down my leg which was kind of a nice feeling but the smell was putrid. I wasn't prepared for that. I knew she was older and probably ate the same bad food as everyone else. She wasn't some 18 year old skinny blonde gushing out an oderlous clear liquid. I was going limp due to the smell as a woman who was almost 50 peed on me. She didn't seem put off by her own smell. Maybe I'm just soft!

When it stopped she moved towards me. She straddled the leg she had just peed on. She started rubbing her legs up and down my leg and her wet pussy was rubbing against my thigh as she kissed me. I could tell she liked it as she held my head hard from the back and stuck her tongue right into the back of my mouth. I could feel her wet bush rubbing against me. The smell was still there. Holding my breath was impossible and I was wincing. That's when she pressed down on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees. Was she about to pee again? Oh no I thought. I looked up at her as she looked down on me. Her hairy pussy at eye level. What's coming I thought to myself. She pushed her hips forward. Then she let it out directing the flow onto my chest. Warm golden liquid splashed off my chest and flowed down my tummy. I could see the yellow liquid flowing beneath her feet towards the plug hole. The smell was worse. I felt warm splashes hit under my chin. I was open mouthed trying not breath in.

She put her right hand on top of my head and her left hand held the underside of my chin and she pulled my head to look up. She tilted her hips forward and let out the final dribbles. Pee had landed on my tongue and the taste was horrid. My tongue lashed forward out my mouth like it was trying to throw the pee away. I was gagging from the taste and smell. She held my head facing up. I couldn't lean forward let the pee dribble out. I could feel it roll back along my tongue. The taste and smell was all I could think about. Pee was dripping down my throat which made me gag. I slumped down, I felt limp then she leaned forward and stuck her tongue into my mouth again. The warm pee that coated my tongue was now now being pushed around and mopped up by her tongue. She then withdrew and thrust her pussy against my mouth and nose. She pulled the back of my head forward and rubbed her clit up and down my face between my nose and chin. I could smell her pussy. My eyes shut tight as she rubbed feverishly up and down. I could tell she liked it. she was pushing her self hard against me. Her breathing was heavy. My face was being used to masturbate her urine soaked smelly pussy. I felt used. I stayed still. There was not much else I could do. I felt immersed in urine. The taste in my mouth. The smell up my nose. My pours felt full of pee. I was inside a cloud of pee that I could not see. Like a mist.

I'm sure she got her self off which was a relief and she pulled me in for a hug. "Looks like You need a shower" she said. She turned on the water and it rained over both of us. It ran cold at first causing me to step back. I looked like I was in shock. She laughed a little. She soaped up her hands and began to wash me. I stood still as she washed me all over. This was making me happy which was clear to both of us when looking down. I soaped up my hands and washed her breasts. It was all eye contact and smiles again as we washed each other. After we washed each others bodies for way longer than was needed we were lovely and clean and smelling fresh so we grabbed some towels to dry each other off.

Rating: 62%, Read 6466 times, Posted Jan 15, 2021

Fiction | Pissing, Water Sports


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