Meeting with Lisa_(0) by GreggieBoy

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Fantasy | Boy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Gothic, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young

I was sitting on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table when my beautiful girlfriend Sandrea came in. She was putting on small gold hoop earrings and walked into the kitchen in our small apartment. When she came out she started putting on her shoes, "Where you going hot stuff?" I asked her and she looked up and smiled at me. "I have to run a quick errand before Lisa gets here, I love you" she gave me a quick peck before throwing her purse over her chest and walking out the door.

I continued to watch Forensic Files for about 20 minutes when there was a knock at the door. I got up and greeted Lisa in, "Sandrea went out, want a beer?" She nodded her head and threw herself on the couch as I grabbed two Budweiser and opened both of them, handed her one. For a bit we just watch TV and talking, but things started to get weird when she laid her head on my shoulder. I shrugged it off and thought it was just comfortable and thought it was quite normal.

She put her hand on my leg and I moved it awkwardly as she looked up annoyed and I chuckled nervously. Again 10 minutes later she started putting her hand up my shirt, feeling my stomach, and yet again I moved her hands and shifted on the couch. She got up and went to the bathroom and she started calling out for me; I got up and went down the hallway and knocked on the bathroom door, "What's up?" I stood there for a moment and walked into the bedroom and looked for my phone.

After I found it behind the bed I turned to leave when Lisa stood in the door way, only in her tight black camisole and black panties. "Lisa, please put your clothes back on.." I said trying to keep my focus on her face, "But, I wore this just for you Nick, I know how much you like the no bra era." With no second thought I glanced at her chest, her nipples poked throw the fabric. She started walking towards me, passed me and fell onto the bed, "Come on Nick, let's relive high school again." I leaned on the door frame, she wasn't drunk and didn't know what she was doing, she knew exactly what she was doing. 

I thought about it for a second and texted Sandra, we haven't had sex in months, 'Hey baby, when are you gonna be home?', 

"I won't tell her Nick, it'd be our little secret." At this point she was still trying to be sexy,

'I'll be back in an hour, traffic is pretty bad. Is Lisa there yet?' An hour? More than enough time..

'No, not yet. I'll have her text you when she does.' I sent the text and silenced my phone. 

I looked up at Lisa pushing her breast together, walking towards her I took off my belt and pushed her down. I kissed her hard, desperate for the pleasuring touch of another. Kissing me back with the same amount of aggressiveness she became taking off my shirt, raking my back with her nails. I moved to her neck and collarbone, kissing and slightly sucking. I felt her hands on my zipper and felt button being undone; she slid my jeans down my legs. 

I raised her shirt above her head, her breast bouncing as it passed her large chest. I grabbed them and squeezed them hard and she moaned and wrapped her legs around my torso. Her nipples were sensitive and made her more horny, pinching and sucking was her one weakness. Kissing down her stomach, starting between her bosoms and lead to her pantie line. I pulled her lacy underwear down and toss them to the side as she separated her thighs. 

I teased her thighs and licked her clit, "You taste the same" I said and licked it again, sucking on it hard and she moaned loudly. I stuck my touch in her slut and darted it in and out of her hole. I slicked my finger saliva and put one in. "Oh my god Nick. I need you cock... P-please" she begged, I inserted another and pulled them in and out. I just went back up to a heated make out session. All ready I removed my boxers and whispered in her ear, "Are you ready?"

She responded with a moan as I inserted the head of my cock and held her arms above her head. I bit her neck and sucked on it hard, I entered further inside her as she kept moaning and begging in her lusty and hoarse voice. I pushed my member in her and kept sucking on her sweet smelling neck. I kept thrusting and let go of her wrist to keep myself and she started to scratch my back and started moaning louder. I thrusted faster and she felt so wet around my cock.

I went harder and her pussy became tight around me. I was almost there and I need to finish her off, without a condom I was going to cum on her stomach. So before I reached my peak I thrusted harder and faster and finally pulled out and the sticky white liquid landed on her rack. I grabbed my shirt from the floor and wiped it off and threw it back down. "Nick, I didn't cum yet, I'm still wet" she said seductively, slowly fingering herself.

I grabbed her wrist and licked off her fingers, and placed mine in her pussy. Going down she instantly grabbed my hair as soon as my tongue touched her clit and I kept licking and sucking her all over. She started get really wet again and humping my face and softly moaning until her thigh tightened about my head. She finally stopped moaning and her legs started to shake and she finally let go of my hair. She sat up to kiss me and brought my ear to her lips saying, "Can't wait for next time."

She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and picked up the two articles of clothing and went to the bathroom. Redressing myself and putting on a new shirt I checked and saw Sandrea texted me twice, 'Stopping to get food, you favorite ;)' & 'Getting Lisa something too, she'll be there soon.' I called to Lisa in the living room, "Text Sandrea and tell her you just got here!" I set my phone back to sound and went to the bathroom to wash my sweaty face and wandered back in the living room to be welcomed by Lisa and two beers. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some scotch and a glass.

Pouring about a shot and a half and threw it back and poured another as I felt my throat burn and my stomach become warm and felt the same sensation. I went over and threw myself on the couch and heard my chirp ringtone, Sandrea saying, 'Be home in 15.' Lisa handed me my open beer and I took a swig, "You regret it now?" 

"No... I just want to drink, leave me alone."

"C'mon Nick, we have enough time for me to make it up to you." She started cupping my groin.

"Stop. I said not now. We can fuck again but not now, horny bitch." She then got the hint and went to the opposite side of the couch. We waited until Sandrea came home and we ate Chipotle and drank more beers. When I went in to get more a couple more time I took another shot of scotch and by the third round I was drunk. I went to go watch Netflix in the room while the girls camped out in the living room that night while I passed out drunk.

Rating: 75%, Read 12309 times, Posted Feb 16, 2016

Fantasy | Boy, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Gothic, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Young


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