Claudia_(1) by Kate

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Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Domination, Female, Girl, Lesbian


 Chapter1.

Claudia wakes in the morning the sunlight creeping in through the small gap of the red velvet curtains. She looks at the small sunbeam and follows it with her dark green cat eyes as it hits the mirror and reflexes back on its self.

Claudia stretches her long slender arms and looks at her neatly painted talon like nails; her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the old fashion phone. She reaches across and lifts the ivory hand piece as she speaks she hears a slight moan from her wench Samantha that lies sleeping next to her.

As she talks she runs her nails slightly over Sam’s back. Samantha moves sleepily towards Claudia. Samantha still not fully awake hears Claudia softly speak into the receiver she hears her say. To someone great I will be in this morning to pick it up.

Claudia swings her long legs over the side of the bed and sits with her back towards her wench. Claudia turns slightly and gives Samantha a light but playful slap on her buttocks

Come on time for a shower. Samantha watches Claudia walk gracefully out of the room.

Sam loves to watch Claudia's walked the way she carries her self so tall and up right with style and class with great pride. Sam quickly gets out of bed, and heads for the bathroom where Claudia will be waiting for her.

Claudia has all ready stepped into the big shower the bathroom is beautifully decorated with shiny black tiles with gold fittings and a full-length mirror that covers one complete

Wall. The towels hang neatly both hanging the same length .Sam looks at Claudia as she turns on the hot shower testing it with her delicate hands. She looks at her naked body her skin well tanned her long black hair as dark as a raven the water runs down over he hair making it look like black wet satin her perfect rounded breast Claudia is a breath taking sight. She lets her eyes wonder down lower her eyes come to a rest at Claudia's cleanly shaven pussy. Sam steps into the shower and takes the white soft scented soap in to her hand. She slowly starts, from Claudia's neck. Washing her softly moving, over every inch of her body she moves to the front of Claudia carefully lathering up her firm breast she moans softly to her self as the feel of the water and soap on Claudia's breast feels like a new rose petal soft and inviting. Sam works her way down across her body she drops to her knees kneeling before Claudia. She soaps up her hand and places them on her legs working her way up to Claudia's pussy she carefully washes her letting her fingers touch Claudia's now hardening clit. Claudia opens her legs a little wider an unspoken invitation

She moves closer her face on inches away from Claudia she can smell the sweet scent of her Samantha can feel her own arousal beginning to awake. She brings her hand up

Parting Claudia's lip’s. Samantha moves forward so that she can lick the full length of her Ma'am awaiting pussy. The tip of her, long tongue. Lightly massaging Claudia's clit.

Claudia moves back so that she now leans against the titles lifting her leg so that her foot rests on the gold shiny tap's, given Samantha a greater access to her. The hot water runs downs Samantha's smooth tanned body as she continues to pleasure Ma'am. Samantha is about to slide her fingers into Claudia when she is stopped. She is told that this could wait until later.

She washes the soap from her body and steps put of the showers she towels her self off. She watches Samantha wash her self. Speaking softly to Sam in a love but loving voice she tells her to take her time, as she will be going out for the morning.

 Chapter 2

Claudia gets dressed for the day in her neatly ironed black full-length dress with silk stocking and a white jacket with matching shoes. Her make up is lightly applied; her long black hair is put up in a tight bun not a hair out of place. She sprays a light scented perfume on to her exposed neck. Standing in front of the tall mirror she studies herself to make sure that all is in order.

Claudia sets out Sam’s cloths for her to wear for the day. As, she does every morning. And gives Sam her instructions for the day.

Samantha hears the sound of the front doors closing and quickly grabs the towel rapping it around her still wet body.

And runs to the window just in time to see Claudia's car pull away from the big house.

Sam knows that she has only a few short hours to get her work finished.She dresses in her work cloths slipping into her jeans and shirt pulling her long blonde hair loosely in to a ponytail.

Sam sets to work on cleaning the bathroom making sure that there is not a drop of water on any surface. She takes a clean cloth and sets about polishing the gold taps. She hangs freshly washed towel's again making sure that they hang the same length .Sam knows that Claudia will check to see if all is in order when she returns home.

Sam enters the bedroom she stands for a brief moment looking at the crumpled sheet .her mind drifts of lost in the memory of their love making the night before.

Sam shakes her thoughts away; she knows that she has not much time to get her work completed. Sam strips of the sheets and replaces then with while cotton ones. She runs her hands across the bed to make sure that there is not wrinkles or creases in the sheets. The bed is to be made all most military style. She double checks looking to see that she has made the big bed correctly. As she will not make the same mistake as she had done once before. Sam knows that if one wrinkle is in the bed Claudia will punish her as she did before.

Claudia pulls her car to the curb, in front of a small shop that is set back from the main street. She removes her sunglasses and places them on the seat next to her she makes a quick phone call. She steps out of her car and locks it dropping the keys in to her leather handbag. She walks towards the shop her walk is all most goddess like. Stylish, and graceful.

As she enters the shop the old man lifts his head and gives her a warm smile. Nice to see you Ma'am he greets her. Nice to see you again Sir she replies.

I have your order here would you care to take a look Ma'am? As he, opens the box. Claudia moves closer to the counter so that she can inspect the item that she has ordered. She runs her hand across the leather and chain; she runs her long fingers across the cold steel.

She looks at the old man and smiles this will go nicely sir.

The old man closes the box and wraps the package in green paper.

And hands the package to her. As she walks towards the door she bids the old man a fare well, be well Sir take care. The old man smiles at her once again be well Ma'am.

Sam is about to change in to the cloths that Claudia has set out for her, when her phone rings Samantha know that it is Ma'am as she is the only one that has her private mobile number. She quickly answers the phone with polite greetings Ma'am. Claudia informs Sam that they will be going ridding and that she is to dress accordingly and that she is to lie out her cloths for when she returns home. Claudia asks Sam if all her work has been done. Sam replies with a yes Ma'am she tells Sam to be quick, as she will be home shortly. Samantha dashes up the staircase taking two at a time; she flings open the wardrobe looking for her ridding out fit. She is excited, as she loves to got horse ridding.

She has just finished dressing when she hears Claudia car pull in front to the big house. She takes a quick glance at her self in the mirror as she heads for the front door she opens the big French door for Claudia.

She notices that Ma'am has a package with her and wonders what could be in it.

Claudia smiles at Sam and gives her quick kiss let me look at you.

Sam turns slowly around so that Claudia can inspect her. Very nice she tells her, she hands Sam the package and heads for the bedroom where she is to change in to the matching out fit. Sam follows behind her and sets the box on the bed as Claudia changes in to her black ridding pants and knee length boots and white shirt a red jacket. Claudia picks up the ridding crop and looks at Sam are you ready? To go she asks Sam.

With an excited smile she answer with a yes Ma'am.

They walk out of the house and follows the neatly brick paved path around to the stables. The stable hand has their horses ready for them as instructed by Claudia as she has rang to instruct him before she had arrived home.

Claudia's horse was a magnificent black stallion with long flowing main and tail. Samantha's horse was smaller a Grey mare Claudia would not allow Sam to ride one of the other horses as she was not that experienced in ridding. They set of in a north direction towards the open fields. The lush green grass and the tall surrounding trees are a welcoming site; Sam knows that this is going to be a long ride today. They ride most of the day returning in the late afternoon.

 Chapter 3

When they return Claudia tells Sam that she is to shower and to draw a bath for her. She will be there in a moment as she has a few calls that she has to attend to. Sam nods and softly replies with a yes Ma'am. Once again Sam heads up stairs to do as she has been asked. With her calls made Claudia heads for the bathroom. She takes a quick look at the room to see if all has been done. She is pleased to see that Sam has followed her instructions and has not left any thing done. She steps in to the bubble bath the hot water soothing her body. Claudia tells Sam that she is to dress in the cloths that she had laid out for that morning. And she is to wait in the front room for her.

Sam enters the bedroom and looks at the package set on the bed she runs her finger across the parcel all most child like knowing that she is not to open it. Sam knows that she is not to touch and quickly dresses and goes to the front room where she is to await for her Ma’am.

Claudia enters the front room and walks over to the big chair sitting down looking at Sam she had done what was asked of her. She stands in the middle of the room. She is dressed in a black short dress. It is short enough to see her shapely legs and low enough cut to see her firm breast. Her black six-inch heels. Enhancing her shapely legs.

Her long blonde hair has, been pulled up in to a very tight bun. She has made, sure that not a single hair. Is out of place her, makeup is perfect. Claudia leans back in to her chair and admires Samantha's beauty.

She holds out her hand and Sam instinctively moves closer to Claudia.

She tells her to lift her dress a light higher for her. Sam asks her how high Ma'am? Claudia tells her to lift it to her waist; Sam does this with out question. Claudia touches Samantha legs and lets her had glides up towards Sam's pussy .she brushes her hand lightly across her. Looking up at her she tells Sam to be a good girl and make her a drink.

Sam heads to the bar and pours her a tall glass of white wine, she returns to Claudia handing her the crystal fill glass she then sits at Claudia's feet waiting for her next command.

 Chapter4.

Claudia has takes her time in drinking her wine savoring the flavor she hands Sam the empty glass. Sam Takes the glass and stands to go refill it for her. Claudia tells her that she does not want any more. She stands taking Sam but the hand and leads her out of the room. They walk down the long passage way toward the back of the house.

Claudia opens the door to the cellar. Claudia has had this room, changed it is been set up. Like a small dungeon. On the left far wall there is small rings. Where she ties, Samantha. The long chains hand quietly down the wall .Sam has spent many hours on this wall her back up against the cold brick her arm would ache but Claudia would lever her there until she was ready to releases her.

To the right stands a wooden horse she has had it padded with fine leather so that it would not chaff Samantha’s soft skin.

Claudia likes the wooden horse as she can have Sam tied across it. Sam body would be fully accessible to Claudia she liked to have her this way she could spank her. Leaving red markings across Samantha's buttocks knowing full well that Sam would not be able to move no matter how hard that she would struggle.

On the back wall there was a shelf that held creams lotions. Several different clamps, nipple clamps two small clamps that she had made up that she would put on Sam’s pussy lips Sam did not like these clips a great deal as they where pain full but she was slowly getting used to them. There were candles on the shelf red, black and green ones. Some of these had all ready been used.

Next to the shelf was a rack from that hung several items. Their where whips and crops floggers of all different colors and sizes. Along side them hung some rope.

In the middle of the room stood a narrow bed. It was made from iron it had been carefully painted in high gloss paint. All thou the bed had a mattress it was not that comfortable for Sam to lie on. Claudia takes Samantha by the hand and leads her to the bed, where she demands her to remove all her cloths and lay there. Sam immediately does what has been asked of her.

She then notices the package has been brought down there.

She hears Claudia opening the parcel and wonders what she has in there. Claudia walks over to Sam and lifts her hand dangling from her hand is a wrist and ankle cuff made from black leather with long chains.

Claudia moves around Samantha taking her arm and placing the wrist cuffs on her making sure that they are not too tight. She moves towards the end of the bed and takes hold of Samantha ankles and places the ankle cuffs again making sure that they are not to tight.Claudia now has Samantha spread-eagled on the bed her naked body at her Will.

 Chapter5.

Claudia looks at her wench lying on the bed allowing her eyes to move slowly over Samantha’s body. She turns and walks over to where she had left the package and removes and long knife. She runs her hands down the fine steel feeling the coldness of the blade. She admires the handle looking at the fine workmanship of the dragon's head and mouth. She takes it to her lips and runs her tongue down the full length of the blade.

Claudia walks towards Sam. Sam’s eyes widen at the sight of the blade that Claudia has in her hand. Wondering what is about to happen.

Claudia holds the knife firmly in her right hand. With her left she caresses Samantha’s breast. Taking the knife and places it on Samantha stomach while she place small wet kisses on Samantha’s breast.

Moving her tongue over Samantha breast and nipples. She firmly bites her nipples they immediately respond to Claudia's touch.

Claudia picks up, the knife. And runs the tip of the blade down, Samantha’s neck, down over her breast she follows the out line of Sam’s breast and comes back up to her nipples making small circular movements around Samantha’s nipples each time making the circle smaller until she touches her nipples.

She gives them a slight flick with the knife being careful not to cut or harm Sam. Claudia slowly makes her way down Samantha’s body not leaving an inch untouched. She lightly brushes the tip of the blade down towards Samantha’s pussy over her outer thighs down to her bound ankles.

Running the blade under delicate feet, Claudia brings the blade on the inside of Samantha’s inner thigh pausing just at the tip of Samantha’s pussy she brings her left hand up and opens Samantha’s lips exposing her clit. Sam keeps very still as Claudia runs the tip of the knife over her clit.

Simulating her clit. She lowers her head and lick Samantha sucking hard at Samantha’s now hard clit. Claudia lays the knife across her belly as she continues to lick Sam from ankle to breast letting her tongue brush the blade of the knife.

When she is satisfied with her licking she picks up the knife and straddles over Samantha and brings the knife to Samantha’s neck running from one side to the other. She leans forward and kisses Sam’s neck moving slowly to her mouth she kisses her taking Samantha’s bottom lip in her mouth and sucks and bites down on her lip.

Claudia moves off of Sam and leaves the room leaving Samantha’s still tied to the bed.

Samantha remains still. After some time Claudia returns to the cellar looking at Samantha she smiles at her softly touching the side of Samantha face she softly speaks to her. Samantha you have pleased me today you have followed all my instructions and have left nothing out of place.

For that I will not leave you here for hours.

She unties Samantha and takes her hand leading her to the bedroom where Sam is to undress Claudia.

Samantha undresses Claudia as she has done many of time laying her cloths across the chair so that her cloths will not get crinkled in any way.

Claudia climbs into bed, Samantha automatically drops to her knees at the side of the bed. She lowers her head and asks for permission to bed with Claudia.

Claudia brings her hand to the top of Samantha head and says wench you have pleased me so you may sleep next to me tonight. Samantha thanks her Mistress and quickly climbs in to bed before Claudia changes her mind. Sam knows that she is to move quickly as if, she does not Claudia will not allow her to sleep in the bed.

Samantha rolls over to Claudia and places her arm over her placing small kisses over her back. Claudia touches Samantha hands and tells her to sleep, as tomorrow she would have a lot to do.

Samantha snuggles in to Claudia and waits her next command


Rating: 43%, Read 44328 times, Posted Sep 01, 2004

Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Domination, Female, Girl, Lesbian


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