Carla and Carrie III by lovtwoplz

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Lesbian, Teen, Threesome

Carla and I left the office. I was caring my shoes. Carla said she wanted to shower with me. She told me she had already had 4 clients this morning and with tips had made $1200. She wanted my help and advice about money. We got to the apartment and went straight into the shower. I was very thoughtful about washing and massaging Carla after her morning of work. She kissed me a lot and thanked me for having great hands. We did not fuck.

After we dried ourselves, we lied down on the bed and fell asleep. It was wonderful to be next to Carla. She was a beautiful and sexy woman. And my cock was always hard as I spooned with her. I alarm went off after an hour. The was a knock on the door. It was the motel cleaning crew, twin young ladies from the Philippines, Ester and Ruth. Carla told them to come right in. Ester said, “Yes boss.” Carla giggled and asked her to call her Carla and then she introduced me. “Hi Mike,” came from both of them. Just then a pizza showed up. I kissed Carla and told her she is spoiling me. She giggled and said, these two want to be spoiled by you if you are up to it. All four of us shared the pizza and a lively conversation. Ester and Ruth had been brought to the US by Maykim’s husband 5 years ago. They were still 17. And had proof of age. He tried to molest them, and they went to the police. He was kicked out of the country for two years. Maykim took them in and put them to work. She became like a mother to them.

When Carla got involved, the girls were very curious in everything she was doing. Often asking questions, she taught them about male-female relationships and sex. On their own and always together they had experimented a few times Carla learned after the fact. Part of her teaching was how to be careful and safe. Their curiosity had not been satisfied.

As Carla got up to meet her next appointment, she told the girls to make sure to clean the apartment and be nice to me. The girls are talking in Tagalong, the native Filipino language. The next thing I see is two naked women starting to clean and giggling. Both are beautiful. Short, maybe 5’ and long hair in a ponytail. Their bodies are identical. B/C tits, flat tummies, and just cute. Ruth was cleaning the room with a duster. Ester came over to me and ask if I would get naked and just lay on the bed. In less than a minute I was nude on my back on the bed. Ruth was using the duster my cock to tickle me. She was quickly licking and sucking on me. Her sister moved her pussy above my face, then down so my tongue could do what she wanted. Ester came with her juices raining down on my face. Then she said something to her sister, and they traded places. Ruth came very quickly with her juices cumming all over my mouth and face. I then felt Ester’s pussy going over my hard cock. And Ruth was licking and sucking her own juices off my face. Ester had another orgasm. I could feel her cum all over my cock. Soon she disappeared into the bathroom. Her sister jumped on my cock and rode me until she came. By then Ester was busy cleaning. I just laid in the bed. In 20 mins they had the apartment clean and asked me to move so they could change the sheets on the bed. I went into the bathroom to shower. Soon both Ester and Ruth had joined me. One washing my front, the other washing my back. Ester bent over, shred her ass cheeks and asked for another orgasm. I plunge my cock deep into her as Ruth was playing with my balls from behind. My hands were on Ester’s hips as I pounded her pussy. Her third orgasm was stronger than the first two. Then Ruth turned me and bent over. I pounded her pussy until she too came for the third time.

The both washed me and themselves off. After I dried. The girls left and I was back in the bed and fell asleep.

Two hours later Carla was kissing my face as she stroked my cock. I awoke with a smile. She asked me to go get Carrie from school. I less than an hour I was back with Carrie and Carla had finished her day. Carrie was doing her homework which Carla and I talked. She wanted my opinion about money. I told her about my credit union. We did a conference call. Susan at the credit union knew me well, I had my salary deposited there for over 25 years. We arranged for an armored truck to come by the motel to pick up Carla’s cash for deposit – we created an account in her name over the phone. We would have to go into the bank the next day.

It was 5:30, Carrie had finished her homework. I drove and we picked up food from Olive Garden. We went to my house. Both Carla and Carrie kissed me passionately as they came into the house. Carrie was looking around. She saw the spa outside in the back and asked if we could all use it after dinner. I asked if she brought a bathing suit. No! And I don’t need one, she shot back at me, giggling.

I headed to the backyard to pull off the spa cover. Then I joined the ladies in the kitchen to eat. Our meal was great, and the conversation was wonderful. Looking at my two new lady friends made my so happy inside. Carla saw the smile on my face and knew.

After dinner I told the girls to get 3 big bath sheets from the closet. I stepped outside to check on the spa. I looked up and saw the mom and daughter at the sliding door with bath sheets around them and obviously, nothing else on. Carla was holding one for me. As they came out of the house, they let the bath sheets fall into a chair. Both now completely naked, their big tits swaying with each step. I help them step into the spa, telling them to be careful.

I started to take my clothes off. Carrie was saying to her mom, “Mike is putting on a strip show for us mom, we need music for this.” I was naked and stepped into the spa. The girls, side by side, for the moment were sitting on the edge with feet in. I stepped all the way in, to the bottom. As I did, Carrie moved to step deeper into the spa and turned her butt to me, she was one step higher, and perfect for me to enter from behind, which I did. I stepped forward and shoved my cock deep inside her. Carrie was beginning to love to be fucked from behind. Carla’s face showed she was happy with my cock inside her daughter. Mom was happy with the maturity of Carrie. Mom moved to her, as I was fucking her, and started licking her daughter’s pussy. I was a pleasantly surprised. Carrie’s hand went back, her legs up, and she was encouraging her mom to lick her deep. I kept pounding Carrie and feeling her body begin to tense. I reached forward and squeezed her nipples to make her cum. Right after Carrie gushed cum all over her mom’s face. Carrie pull her mom to her and started to kiss and lick her mom’s face. It was very erotic.

I asked them change positions. Carrie was now sitting up on the edge of the spa and Carla standing, bent over with her tongue in her daughter’s pussy again. I step up and slide my hard cock into Carla from behind. Carla’s body immediately started to shake again in an explosive orgasm. “Babe, you have been saving up all of your juices for me, haven’t you?” I kept pounder her ass. Carrie was in heaven as her mom’s tongue was deep inside her pussy and her mouth sucking her clit. Soon they both had orgasms, which caused my cock to unload inside Carla. Carla loved my hot cum filling her pussy. “Yes, Mike, I love your seed inside me!”

The 3 of us collapsed in the spa kissing and holding each other. I was smiling. Carla looked at me saying, “don’t worry Mike, I will clean out your swimmers as soon as I get into your shower.” “You brought it with you?” “Can I watch?” “Sure, let’s go.”

We all got out of the spa, dried some with the bath sheets and went inside my house. Carrie said she would get us ice teas from the kitchen. Carla grabbed her bag and followed me to the large master bath / shower. With the water on, we stepped in. Carla’s device had been around for decades. (I remember seeing one hanging in my parent’s shower when I was just a kid.) A rubber bag would be filled, a small hose with a plastic end having holes.

I asked Carla to let me help. She held the bag, hot water entering from the shower head. I was down on my knees in front of her, holding the hose ready to put the end inside her pussy. My other hand just above her pussy, using my fingers to help spread her pussy lips. Of course, her clit was being rubber in the process. The plastic tip went inside, I was moving it in and out and around. Carla was loving it. I was flushing her pussy of my little swimmers, my cum, and getting her off all at the same time. It didn’t take long for Carla to have another orgasm.

The noise Carla was making brought Carrie to us. “Hey, you guys, that looks like lots of fun!” Carla said, “I am cumming again. “Can I have the same fun? Carrie asked.

I stood up. “Mom, let your daughter come into the shower.” Carla was out, drying off and Carrie came into the shower. She purposely brushed my cock with her ass as she came into the shower. I cock was growing. Again, down on my knees I started cleaning Carrie’s pussy, while fingering her clit. It didn’t take long for her body to shake and her pussy to gush her juices. She pleaded with me to fuck her again. I stood, shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Facing her, she had one foot up on the bunch inside the shower. I entered her face to face, my mouth on hers, my hands all over her tits, and my cock deep inside her pussy. Fucking her hard and fast. Soon she had another orgasm.

We dried off and joined Carla on my big king bed. We watched TV for a while and then fell asleep.

Rating: 80%, Read 4153 times, Posted Nov 19, 2019

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Lesbian, Teen, Threesome


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