Willow and her Dad Part two_(1) by islandic

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Willow and her Dad Part two


A story in the Young Fern Universe


Willow is living with her Dad now and has settled into a comfortable routine.


Willow and I sat and watched the sun go down from my sixth floor apartment and cuddled on the couch chair. ‘RING’ I had ordered some Indian food and was expecting the door bell to ring. Willow hopped up to answer the door and brought back some sweet smelling Butter Chicken and curry dishes.

We ate and she talked about her time spent with Uncle Mike, Tom and his daughter Fern.

“Uncle Mike is so great. He works from home so he’s there nearly all the time. He has this big back patio that is great for sunning on and Fern, Alice and I made good use of it while we were there. Uncle Mike and Fern have a special relationship, she is as close to him as she is to her Dad and Fern is very free with her feelings and her body. She will strip off and sun herself in front of her Dad and Uncle Mike and they don’t mind at all. Towards the end of my stay there we were all nearly naked the whole time. Fern and Alice have just the best tans you could see. Alice’s little sisters came over and we all had a sleepover in front of the big fireplace. Do you remember that big storm that we had, well Alice’s mom Adel, had some storm damage done to her house and Tom went over there and did the repairs. That night we had a blackout and the rain came down really hard and we were so scared.”

“The next day we went out to see Tom’s rental property to see if there was any damage done there. Tom had stayed at Adel’s place overnight as it was too late to come back home that night. I think they might fancy each other. Anyway all us girls wanted to get into the hot tub and splashed each other till we were soaked. Eventually Adel said we may as well strip off and get in as were wet anyway. In the end we were all naked and in the tub. Tom has hair everywhere, like a big bear. After a while we got out and we all dried off by sitting on the back porch in the sun.”

“It sounds like you got to see a lot of naked people that day.” I said.

“That day and that night too, we stayed the night there in big sleeping bags laid out in the middle of the living room. During the night everybody swapped beds and I learnt a lot that night.” She said and winked.

“We all had a quick shower and headed off to breakfast. I peeked into the room Tom and Adel had stayed in and saw Fern and her Dad naked kissing on the bed. I can tell that they have a very close relationship.”

I could tell that there had been a lot more happen than I wasn’t being told but the way Willow was telling me and judging my reactions. She obviously had had a great time and it didn’t seem to have affected her in a bad way. She was happy and had grown from all the experiences she had had. If the blow job she had given me that morning was an example of what she had learned while staying with Uncle Mike I was in no position to point the finger. She was old enough that with guidance she could be left to learn new life skills as she had showed last night at the restaurant.

I cleaned up the takeaway food boxes and plates and willow went off to her room I heard her shower come on and headed off to my room to do the same.

I had just finished my shower and was about to step out when Willow appeared wearing a cute baby doll nightie in a light pink color with matching string bikini panties. I stood there staring at her perfection with my cock pointing obscenely up at her.

“I wanted to show you a nightie I bought today. Do you like it?” she stepped closer and caught my hand. She brought it to her breast and slowly rubbed it against the thin material and her soft nipple.

“Lovely” was all I could manage to get out before she rose up on tip toes and kissed me full on the lips. I felt her tongue brush against my lips and I opened my mouth in welcome. We kissed like that for a long time. Long enough for her to get tired and drop down to stand in front of me. Her nightie was as wet as I had been in the shower she took my hand and pulled me in to the bed room pushing me down on to the bed. Naked I lay there and watched as she pulled the damp covering off and stood before me in only her panties. In their wet state they were clear and showed her clean shaven pussy.

“Can you help me take these off Daddy?” she said and snapped the waist band. I sat on the edge of the bed and with shaking hands I lowered them to the carpeted floor. My face was level with her perfectly smooth belly and the smooth, cleanly shaven area above her pussy. My hands went out and encircled her slim waist and I pulled her to me and started kissing her belly button and licking the inside of her hip bones. I took a big sniff and reveled in her scent. Fresh soap smell mingled with the smell of arousal. I slipped off the edge of the bed to the floor and knelt there in front of her little peach. My hands traveled to her backside and I pulled her close till my mouth came in contact with her and I licked her slit from bottom to top. I heard her moan and I swiveled her around till she was lying on the bed and I was standing over her. My cock was hard as I had ever seen it. She wriggled back on the bed and spread her legs. I was panting like a wild animal as I knee walked up the bed and positioned myself at her entrance.

She held out her hands and I kissed each finger. She held my head and brought it to hers and we kissed. I felt my cock nudge her cleft as if it had a mind of its own and slide inside. With just the slightest pressure I came to her barrier and stopped. We looked at each other and she smiled. “This I give to you Daddy. Make love to me.”

I pressed on and felt her thin hymen give and allow me to enter. Slowly, an inch at a time I pressed forward until I was seated as far as I could go without putting pressure on her cervix.

We both stopped moving and luxuriated in the feelings. I could feel each movement of her vaginal muscles and I’m sure she felt how full she was now. “I love it. I feel, I feel complete.” And she sighed and we kissed again.

I started to move in and out slowly and she made little whimpering sounds. After a while she put her feet on the back of my legs and her hands and nails pulled on my back and she started to push up on each of my downward strokes, squashing her clit against my pubic bone.

We gradually got into a rhythm and our pace increased till she locked her legs around me and lifted her hips up off the bed in a tremendous orgasm that left her lying there limp and sweaty. I stayed still, berried as deep as I could and felt her pussy pull and suck on my cock. Slowly she recovered and I rolled us over so that she could ride me and set her own pace.

She started off slow and experimenting with these new feelings, finding what was just right for her. She eventually settled on rocking back and forth with holding me as deep as she was comfortable with. Each time she rocked forward she would grind her clit against me and moan. I held her hips and pushed in a little deeper on each downward push of hers and she would moan and shake having little cums. I pulled her to my chest and took over the fucking. I lifted my hips up and started ramming into her hard and fast. I watched her face for any indication I was hurting her but when I saw her eyes roll back into her head and back arch I knew that’s how she liked it. She came hard and shook, pressing her hot snatch against me and flooding my balls with girl cum. The night was full of fucking. We tried every position, some twice.

In the morning we cuddled together as the sun slipped in through the drapes and warmed the room. She was so petite that she felt frail as I held her against me.

She was kissing my nipple and toying with my limp cock that was not responding after coming so many times last night. She was determined though and lowered her head till she was nursing on the end. She licked and toyed with her new plaything and lovingly kissed it.

I pulled her up till she was lying beside me and we kissed, not as Father and Daughter but as lovers do after a long night of loving. “We both smell,” I said and she giggled.

“But it’s a nice smell. A smell I could get used to.”

“We have to have breakfast and get up to go to Uncle Mikes to see your friends and see his hot tub.” I said.

She sat bolt upright and her with her eyes wide. “I’d forgotten that was today. I’ll get to show off my new bikini.

I was running late to leave and Willow was more than a little annoyed with me. Even though it was the weekend the business calls kept coming in. I eventually made an executive decision and passed them on down the line. Hey that’s what CEO’s do.

We got to Mikes just after lunch and found everyone in the living room near the fire. I met Tom and Fern his daughter and of course I already knew Alice and her mum Adel. The girls all rushed off to put their bikini’s on while we guys waited our turn.

I had brought a bottle of Bourbon with me and Mike got some shot glasses and we toasted the new hot tub. The girls had shot off to Mike’s room to change and came back out showing some of the skimpiest bikini’s I’d ever seen. Fern had on a green one that looked like silk and held on to every curve of her slim body. She had a pronounce mons and puffy camel toe.

Alice’s suit was blue and had white side ties. Willow had on a white one and it barely covered her small but growing tits. They turned as one and all of them had thong bottoms. They giggled at our stunned looks and then Fern said “We’ll wait for you to change and then we’ll all go in the tub together.” And they trouped off to the fridge for drinks. Our eyes followed them as they bent down to retrieve their drinks from the crisper. From this angle they were all long legs and bottoms. Well all adjusted ourselves as one and we all had a guilty look on our faces when they turned. “Come on Dad” said Fern “Let’s christen this tub. Go and get changed.”

“OK OK. I’ll duck next door and be back in a sec” he said

“I’ll go change in my room, you can use the study Peter.” said Mike.

We all met back in the living room and I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one to be wearing Speedos’. Mike handed out some towels and the six of us braved the chilly temps of early December. As we entered the enclosed pergola surrounding the tub I mentioned to Mike that this was a great idea to house the tub so it could be used all year round. The inside was steamy and the temp was like a mild sauna. I tested the water with a finger and found it to be a hot bath water temp.

“Mike as it’s yours, you get to do the honors and be first” said Tom.

Mike took the first two steps up the ladder and sat on the edge before lowering himself into the water. “It’s warm. Take your time getting in and get used to the temperature.” He said.

Tom was next and let out a grown when he settled on to the seat. Willow pushed me towards the short ladder next so I swung a leg over and felt instantly relaxed it felt like a hot bath after a long day.

We made room by sitting together as the girls clambered in. Fern took her time getting in and held her legs spread as she lifted first one leg up and over the edge then the other. We were all treated to a long look at her snatch encased in green silk. She was looking at our faces and grinning as she slipped into the water and said “Start the pump Uncle Mike and let’s see how the bubbles work.”

“Of course’” said Mike and reached over the side to the panel that held the power switch, heating, lights and the jets. Instantly the jets set up a powerful current and masses of bubbles.

Willow hopped in next followed by Alice. There was certainly enough room for everybody but straight away Fern sat on her dads lap and Alice sat on Mikes lap leaving Willow to sit on my lap. “This is nice and comfy said Fern” wriggling on her dads lap, just one thing is still not right.” We all looked at her. “Too many cloths I defiantly saw a sign out there that said ‘clothing optional’ so what about it girls?” and with that there was a flurry of bikini tops and bottoms being removed and tossed aside. The girls settled back down on their chosen lap and sighed collectively. I automatically put my hand around Willows waist and she moved it down till my fingers were cupping her mound. By sitting on our laps this brought the girls height up and exposed their breasts to our view. Fern had her head back resting on Toms shoulder and he had his hand cupping her breasts and pulling her nipples out. Alice was receiving the same treatment from Mike only one of his hands was below the water and she was moving up and down.

Willow turned in her seat and faced me. “Kiss me Dad.” I took a quick look at the others and no one was paying any attention to what we were doing so we kissed. Willow reached down and released my hard cock from its confines and stroked it slowly again just toying with her new plaything.

Fern also turned to face her father and sat kissing him. When Alice saw this she did it to. Now we had all three girls rocking in our laps and kissing us. Fern looked at Alice and said “want to swap?”

Alice looked at Toms face and he smiled. She nodded, moved over and she settled down on Toms lap. She made an Oh sound as she settled down and rested her head on his shoulder. Fern walked the short distance to Mike and sat facing him. She took some time till Mike said ‘there how’s that.’ She smiled as she sat and wriggled a bit as she settled.

Willow lifted her hips up a bit and pointed my cock at her entrance and sat back down with me firmly encased in her warm tunnel. “Fern had some KY jelly and we’re using that to make it easy in the water.” said Willow. She moved slowly up and down just enjoying the feeling.”So you knew this was going to happen?” I asked.

“Well we talked about a lot of things just fantasies really. Like you doing a swap with Alice. She thinks you’re very handsome, and Fern wants to know if what I was raving on about was true or not.”

“You told Fern what we did?” I whispered.

“Of course,” she whispered back, “we girls talk and tell each other everything. No secrets between best friends. But I don’t think I want to swap. I want my daddy all to myself. Then out loud she said. Now that mummy’s gone …."Now you're MINE! Mwahahahahah!" and she laughed out loud and so did the other girls. I had to smile. She was my angel.

Fern said “Alice do you want to swap again.” Alice looked into Toms eyes and shook her head and they kissed like lovers. Fern smiled and whispered to Mike. ’Told you so didn’t I’ Mike smiled and looked over to me. “I can see this tub getting a heck of a lot of use both summer and winter and your welcome to drop by anytime I’m usually here.” As we were having this conversation both Fern and Willow were busy bobbing up and down on our cocks. Willow was the first to come and threw her arms around my neck and bit my shoulder. The pressure from her pussy on my cock and everything that was going on around me brought me off too and I filled my little girl up. This seemed to set up a chain reaction and one after another First Fern then Alice screamed their orgasms out.

Fern recovered first and said that she had to use the bathroom, and then each girl had to as well. That left just us guys in the tub.

Mike said “I think there is some sort of time limit that you can stay in a sauna and this is very similar so I suggest that we go back inside. I want to throw another log on the fire as well It’s supposed to drop down to down to eight tonight.”

As we opened the door to exit the tub hut we were caught off guard by the temperature difference and ran for the back door and huddled around the fire. Mike gave out some more shots of Bourbon and we drank them down. We still had our Speedos on and I hurried down the hall to change into warmer cloths. As I ran into the study I was stopped in my tracks by the site of Alice and Fern naked and drying themselves off post showers by the smell of shampoo. I stood immobile in the doorway till Fern took hold of my stiff cock and pulled me into the room and closed the door. My Speedos were off before I knew it and Alice was kissing me and running her tongue into my mouth. “I’ve wanted to do that all day” and she kissed me again. Then I felt Fern take my cock into her mouth and suck hard I felt Alice’s breasts against my bare chest and I pulled her to my side allowing room for Fern to move where she could take my cock down her throat. I’ve never felt that feeling before of a throat constricting around my cock as the girl swallows and swallows milking my cock and pulling every last bit of my cum from me and it happened so fast being double teamed like that was amazing.

“I think this should stay between the three of us. I don’t think Willow wanted to share her daddy just yet. OK.” We quickly agreed and tided up and returned to the living room. Just as we did we saw Willow exit the shower with a towel wrapped around her and she quickly went into the study to change. I heard the bathroom door open and close and Mike yells out to get him Bourbon that he’ll be out in a minute.” I couldn’t tell if Mike had been in the shower with Willow or had he only just gone in.

We sat around and talked about all sorts of things and then Willow mentioned that she wanted to have a slumber party at her house the following weekend and asked if Alice and Fern would like to come. The squeals answered for them and the girls worked out that they could stay Friday night and Saturday night. And that it was time again for them to do the Mani Pedi thing including shaves and the lot.

Willow was over the moon and they went off to the study to plan and scheme for the weekend. After they left Adel arrived with the twins Lilly and Lexy I’d met Adel before through Willows friendship with Alice but I’d never met the twins they were as alike as you could get twins although it did help that Adel had dressed them the same in long wool skirts and jumpers. It was Mike that mentioned that he thought they had grown taller even over the short period that he had seen them. Adel agreed. “I have a height marker on the side of the kitchen cabinet and they shot up an inch last week and it’s not just their height I had to get them new bras the other day no more training bras for them. They were late bloomers but there making up for it now” She said proudly.

“Oh Mummmmmmm” the twins said in unison. “You’re embarrassing us.” Of course all our eyes were then pulled to their developing breasts and they hurriedly left to walk down the hall to the sound of the other girl’s laughter.

Adel kissed Tom hello which I expected after what Willow had told me but then kissed Mike the same.

“Well before it gets too late and too cold what about a dip in the old hot tub. Have you all been in then?”

“Yes we have and it’s great. Be prepared for the shock of leaving the warmth of the tub hopping out to come back inside.” said Mike. “Who else wants to come in?”

“Well I know the twins want to I’ll go get them and change while I’m down the hall too.” said Adel.

“Well tom and Pete are you going back to brave the temperature extremes again.” asked Mike.

We all agreed and went to get changed. The study was crowded with girls so I asked through the closed door if willow could pass me my Speedos out. There was a confusion of sounds then Adel appeared naked and handed me my swimmers. She smiled and slowly closed the door to squeals of laughter. I retreated to Mike’s bedroom and quickly changed.

Mike was already out in the hut and had turned on the jets Tom came out with some cold drinks and sat them down along the sides of the tub. We three guys talked about Toms Reno and how he would move in there if he couldn’t rent it out. True it was a twenty minute drive to town but the peace and quiet was worth it he thought. He’d rent this house in town then.

We heard squeals and new that the girls had ventured out into the cold. The door swung open and they all crowded inside. The twins were the first to climb over the rim of the tub and Alice asked us to not let them drown. I pulled one onto my lap and Mike pulled the other onto his. The girls seemed to stand around then until Adel said “We girls have decided that this tub should be a NO cloths area and so we’ll be naked when ever were here. OK girls” and with that they all dropped the bikinis they had on and climbed into the tub. My cock sprang up immediately and I had to pull the twin back on to my abs so she wouldn’t feel my hard on. It was a good thing I had a twin on my lap because it got a bit crowded there for a bit until Adel said that us guys had to obey the rules too and pulled off Toms shorts and Fern did it to Mike. Willow and Alice were sitting beside me and they both helped me out of my Speedos, the twin on my lap helped by lifting up and then rearranging my stiff cock so that it wasn’t squished under her bum but was now poking straight up between her legs.

“Ah there isn’t that better? Here we are nearly Xmas and we can still take a dip. Come summer this is going to be lovely shady spot o cool off too.”

My twin was getting antsy and wanted to get down so Alice took her and sat her next to her and Adel of course the other twin didn’t want to be left out and wanted down too. So now the twins sat next each other which means we were squashed hip to hip Alice to my right and Willow to my left decided to bring up a leg and drape it across mine they then pulled a hand down into their little pussies. They even helped me insert a finger into each their hot boxes. Mike had his head back and Fern seemed very busy with his cock as was Adel and Tom. Tom was the first one to finish and suggested that he and Adel take the twins out as this was probably the most the time they should be in here anyway. That left Alice, Willow and Mike and Fern. Fern asked Mike if he could sit on the side of the tub with his feet in the water. He hopped up and Fern knelt on the seat and started to suck him off. That looked so sexy with the water flowing down along Ferns slim figure. Willow said “can I do that to you dad?” I swallowed and sat back upon the edge. Willow knelt on the seat and so did Alice. Willow took my cock deep on the first try and Alice looked on she was watching and fingering herself at the same time. Willow looked at Alice and nodded and passed my cock to the waiting girl who eagerly sucked on my cock.

I heard Mike grunt and Fern choke and cough but lovingly slurped his wilting cock.

“Were going in Pete, I’ll see you inside.” And they left me with Alice eventually receiving my load.

We kissed and cuddled and I thanked the girls for some of the best sex I had ever had.

Willow said, “You mean so far” and smiled.


Rating: 88%, Read 45638 times, Posted Apr 30, 2019

Fantasy | Blowjob, Female, Group Sex, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Young


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