Sacrificed on an altar by claricee

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Fantasy | BDSM, Humiliation, Rape, Written by women

I was living in a small village in a religious cult. it has always been the custom that, when the unmarried women turn 20 they have to decide whether they wanna offer themselves to live in the harem of the great priest and serve as concubines for him and for important guest visiting the city - a very high honor for the girl and her family - if she's chosen. alternatively they can live a regular live and marry.

For me it was decided by my family a long time ago that i'd be offered up. I grew up knowing this and never fought it - although the idea scared me a lot. my 20th birthday was going to be a big deal, a huge party that had been prepared months in advance.

On the day my mother, two of my aunts and a cousin gathered to prepare me for the offering. i was bathed, removed of all body hair, pampered with lotions and perfume, every strand of my hair put in it's correct place and white flowers were woven into it. i was dressed in white lingerie - a first for me. Generally women in my culture didn't wear frivolous things like that - but since I was considered a gift for the high priest....

My cousin had chosen a thong with a lace front and a matching bra. Never having bought lingerie before, unfortunately she didn't pick the right size. The thong was very tight, i was afraid i'd rip it apart putting it on. very carefully I managed to pull it in place. the material cut into my sensitive skin, the front part rode up between my pussy lips - it was very uncomfortable. The bra was even more mismatched in size. My cousin had to help me close the clasp. when i pulled the straps over my shoulder the cups pressed my breasts together and the material didn't even cover my nipples. but there was no more time and no alternative.... My thin white dress was put on me. The material wasn't exactly sheer, but depending on my movement my uncovered nipples were outlined under it....

My entire family and half the village in tow we made our way to the old village church. There on the steps before the entrance I'd be offered - and hopefully accepted. The priest was already waiting. He was standing in the doorway and his huge figure seemed to tower over the gathering people at the bottom of the stairs. Without a word he gestured to my father to bring me to him. i stood on the step below him. he put his hand on my head and pushed it back so i had to look right up to him. He inspected my face. His other hand ran over it, his thumb gliding over my lips, suddenly parting them and pushing it into my mouth. Now his other hand wandered over my body, easily detected my bare nipples under my dress. I blushed in embarassment. But he stopped there and turned to the people staring at the scene in anticipation.

"I thank you for your offer", he said. He turned around, putting one hand in my neck and leading me into the church. a couple of men were sitting on the benches. church officials, some monks, the mayor of the village..... witnesses for my initiation. the priest led me directly up to the altar. my entire body was shivering. he pulled me towards him, leaned down and whispered right into my ear: "don't fear this, my little whore, you are made for this... and i'll teach you everything you need to know". i felt his hot breath on my cheek and then his huge tongue licking over my face.

he pushed down on my shoulders making me kneel down, leaned back against the altar. Standing with his legs apart he suddenly opened his robe - and stood before me completely naked underneath. his huge, somewhat erect cock right in front of my face. panic swept over me. i didn't know what to do, i didn't want to do this, everything inside me was screaming: run!! but before i could even move he curled up my hair around his hand, so he had a tight grip on my head, yanking it back a little. his other hand was around his cock, stroking it lightly and guiding it towards my lips. "open up my little toy" he said in a low voice. i hesitated, pressing my lips together. with a quick movement of his hand he quickly twisted my hair around it hard, making me squeal more out of surprise then pain. but he managed to use my lack of focus to force the tip of his cock between my lips. i tried to shake my head, but couldn't even move a little bit. he pressed on and moved in a little deeper. desperately i tried to press my tongue against it to prevent him from going further. he started to moan. "yes, use your tongue! you know what to do you dirty slut!" he pulled my head backwards. "open your eyes! look at me" his face came closer, forcing me to look right at him. "don't close your eyes! i wanna look into them the entire time i do this!!!" his voice was comanding, menacing. he seemed to enjoy my desperation. slowly he pulled my head towards him. "LOOK INTO MY EYES!" his cock easily gliding deeper inspite of my tongue pressing against it. i started to gag. but he didn't stop. he just slapped my head whenever i closed my eyes. i could feel him inside my throat, like i had to swallow something huge. i could only catch my breath whenever he pulled back a little. he kept staring into my eyes, moaning every time he thrusted into my mouth.

"God, you little bitch, this is so hot!!! I've never been turned on by facefucking someone this much!!!" his thrusting got faster and harder. it felt like each time he tried to go in even deeper, holding it there a little longer, watching me struggling for air. "you're gonna make me cum you little bitch!! god, this is too hot!!!" he pulled back and thrusted into me again, now pushing my head onto him with both hands. his grunting and moaning grew even louder. i could feel his cock pulsating inside me. another thrust, and another. then he yelled out: "FUCK YES, BITCH" his voice echoing through the church. he thrusted all the way in and held it there. his balls pressed against my lips. inside me he's pulsating and twitching as he comes. he grunts, moans and curses. i can't breath. finally he pulls back a little. i gasp for air, reliefed that it's finally over. but as i try to pull away even further his grip tightens again. "what are you doing pussycat? we're just getting started" he's still out of breath, his voice returned to the calm menacing tone it had before. "you just keep sucking gently until i'm hard again! it's your fault, after all, that i came so soon..." he smiled at me sadistically as he slowly started to move my head back and forth again. "come on, girl, suck it! like it's a huge straw!" i heard somebody laughing in the background and was reminded of the audience that i had completely forgotten about once he had started tormenting me.

Very quickly i could feel his cock grow harder and bigger again in my mouth. he started to thrust more as he got excited again. but then he pushed my head back and pulled out. he grabbed my arm, pulled me to my feet and steered me around the altar. he lifted me onto it with one arm and then pushed my body down so i came to lie on it on my back, feeling the cold, hard stone in my back, my head hanging over the edge of the table. i saw the other men sitting in their seats. most of them had at least one hand in their crotch. the mayor actually had opened his pants and was openly stroking his cock. i closed my eyes just as i felt the priests hand on my cleavage, ripping my dress apart with one quick motion. "look at this" he yelled out. instinctively i lifted my head: he stared onto my breasts being squashed and pressed out of the tight bra, my bare nipples hardened from the cold air.... "they package my offer in an innocent little dress, but underneath she's dressed like a dirty whore; like somebody who needs to be fucked all day long...!!!" with that he grinned at me, put one hand on each of my tits and squeezed them so hard that i screamed out, my head falling back down. he lay on top of me, pressing my body harder into the stone altar. his mouth lowered onto my right breast. it felt wet and warm as he appeared to be trying to take it into his mouth completely. but then he started chewing on it, sucking really hard, biting into my nipple, sucking it again, while his other hand clawed into my left breast and kneaded it savagely. i felt like being attacked by a starved animal feasting on me. "god, you're gonna be the star in my harem with those tits! with these you're a born whore!!! these are made for public consumption!!!" he switched over with his mouth to the other side, making me scream as he bit my nipple. his hand wandered between my legs, rubbing over my thong, feeling the parts of my pussy lips that weren't covered by the material. instinctively i pressed my legs together. "HEY! is this how a dirty little whore like you behaves?!!" he stood up grabbed me at my hips and turned me around. my body slammed down on the altar. he pushed down on me. my tortured breasts actually welcomed the cool temperature of the stone. he grabbed my left arm and pulled it behind my back, made me bend the ellbow completely and ties my wrist tightly to my upper arm. he did the same thing to the other arm and used the rest of the rope to bind my upper arms together. i had to lift my head and bend backwards to keep the ropes from cutting into my arms too much. i looked at the audience. now more than one man has opened his pants. in the second row i recognized mr. rowling, my 5th grade religion teacher who works for the church... stroking a hard cock, his eyes glazed over.

my legs got pushed apart as the priest stepped between them. his hand ran over my ass, between the crack and downwards following the material of my thong. as he arrived at the front part of the garment, he reached inside it with his fingers, his entire hand and pulled the thong aside, exposing everything, but still letting the material cut into my flesh on the side. horrified i could now feel him rubbing his hard cock over my pussy. he pushed against the opening. i started to struggle, wiggled my body around, made him slip.

"Noo, please" i begged silently. "YEEES, PLEASE" he growled into my ear. "you little whore made me harder than i've ever been, you better finish this now!" with that he pushed my head down. with his left knee he pushed up my leg until he had room enough to prop up his knee on the altar. again he started pushing against my pussy, opening me up slowly. he breathed heavily. millimeter by millimeter his cock advanced into me. "GOD, YOU'RE TIGHT, LITTLE WHORE" he yelled out, then thrusted into me hard. i screamed out. the mayor in the first row grunted like a pig as he came. the priest bowed down to whisper in my ear again: "yeah, scream, you little whore, i love it when you scream! it's gonna make me cum so hard!!!" he pulled back and thrusted into me again. my entire body got dragged over the altar by that force and involuntarily i scream out again. unfortunately it really seemed to turn him on even more. he fucked me harder and harder. occasionally he grabbed me by the neck and made me bend backwards so hard, that my breasts were up in the air to "offer something to the audience" - as he put it. in their seats one guy after the other came watching the "show". Only the priest kept going on, moaning and cursing again like before. he rammed into me so hard that my leg got slammed into the altar over and over. my screams had died down from exhaustion. that's when he grabbed my tits again with both hands and started squeezing them. "scream you little bitch, make me cum" he whispered, pinching my nipples. and i did scream! and that's where he lost control. thrusting into me, pulling himself towards me by his hands clawed into my breasts he moaned and grunted as he came in an huge orgasm. i could feel his huge cock pulsating inside me as he pressed into me so deep... he was breathing heavily in my face as he panted: "you tight little fucktoy.... that was so amazing! you take a break now, but i will see you tonight after dinner....." With that he let go of my aching, limp body and left me laying on the altar

Rating: 80%, Read 14168 times, Posted Mar 13, 2018

Fantasy | BDSM, Humiliation, Rape, Written by women


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