An hour in the life of his sub. by SereneHoney

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Written by women

She struts through the door, hips swinging, ass swaying. Her tits defy gravity as they bounce, her hard nipples protruding proudly. Her legs are adorned in sheer stockings, held up by garters, attached to a belt that wraps tightly around her wide hips. Black heels adorn her feet. She lowers her eyes, not even contemplating stopping her show. Looking forward, she sees him, standing tall, hulking, hard cock in hand, lazily stroking it as he watches her, a hint of a smirk on his face. Tilting her head downward, her dark hair falls over her face, hiding the nervousness in her eyes. She hears heavy footsteps upon the floor, heading towards her. Grimacing she stands still as he circles around her.

"Not bad pet. Not bad. No hiding those big, scared eyes though" he says, just as his hand collides with her milky ass. Staining her skin pink. He raises his arm once more, hitting her ass once again, twice as hard and smirks as she whimpers. Placing a hand on the back of her neck, he urges her forward, forcing her to sit on the lone metal chair in the middle of the room. Instructing her to place her arms behind the chair, he ties her wrists and elbows together, forcing her to arch her back, to stick her marvellous tits out even further. Attaching ropes to her ankles, he pulls her legs apart, forcing her to spread for him. Glancing at her delectable, dripping pussy, he can't help himself and shoves two fingers inside her, wriggling them around enough that she tests her bonds. Grinning once more, he removes his hand. Before tightening the ropes on the ankles and inserting a spreader bar between her legs. Inserting a small vibe in her pussy, he turns it on low, giving her just enough stimulation to keep her wet and frustrated. Walking behind her, he tilts her head back and shoves his now rock hard cock down her throat. Reaching down he begins playing with her tits, squeezing her nipples, pulling, twisting. Removing his cock from her mouth he once more walks around to face her. He removes the vibe before once more reinserting his fingers. As he plows three fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt, he lowers his head and takes one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking, biting. She whimpers so he begins rubbing her clit, fast. Occasionally flicking her clit with his fingers, and flicking her nipples with his tongue, she begins to moan, pleasure overwhelming her senses.

She cums, screaming his name. "Thank you master."

Closing her eyes, she steadies her breathing, keeping her body tense, aware of her surroundings, aware of him. Walking behind her, he unties her arms, telling her to place her hands palm facing upward, on her thighs. She does so, meeting his searing gaze. Removing the bar from between her legs and untying the ropes attached to her ankles, he tells her to get on her knees on the floor and to not take her eyes from his, or there will be consequences. Sliding forward on the chair, she lowers herself to the ground, placing her hands on the floor as well. Not breaking eye contact, she begins to crawl towards the mattress in the far corner. His breathing speeds up and she tenses once more, realizing what she has done. Stopping in her tracks, she sits back and once more places her hands palm up on her thighs. She looks up at him shyly, shoulders slumping when she sees the disappointment and anger in his eyes. Craning her neck she waits. He pulls his hands from behind his back, collar in hand. Placing it around her neck, he tightens it, causing her eyes to widen. Attaching a leash he forces her to place her hands on the ground once more and pulls forward, watching in awe as her tits swing from side to side. Tugging harder, she crawls towards the mattress, flinching when he spanks her, before moaning quietly.

As she reaches the mattress, he pushes her forward, forcing her head down. As she begins to lower her ass as well, he slaps it. Once more staining her milky skin pink. For good measure, he does this thrice more, and grins as she moans aloud. Flushing, she smiles, looking up at him once more.

“Master, please fill my aching pussy with that hard cock. I want you so bad. Please”

Obliging, he kneels behind her, grabbing her tits and forcing her to place her back against him. Her ass presses into his cock and for a few minutes he rocks back and forth slightly, teasing her, enjoying her warmth. He reaches down and holds his hard cock in his hand, rocking back and forth again, faster, making sure to hit her clit. Without warning he enters her, bottoming out, causing them both to groan in pure carnal pleasure. He thrusts hard and fast, she tries to keep up, to move in sync with his frenzied movements. His hands knead her tits; his thumbs roll heavily over her nipples. He throws her head back and he lowers his, placing chaste kissing up and down her sensitive neck. Sucking lightly, she moans. Biting gently and increasing his sucking on her neck, she cries out as waves of pleasure shoot directly to her well-used pussy. Backing off, he sees the bruises he left and smirks; proud of the marks he is able to leave on her body. Increasing him thrusting pace he feels himself getting close and so pulls out, pulling at the leash to tell her to turn around. She does so and immediately takes his cock deep in her throat, using her tongue on his soft underside. He lasts merely seconds as her talented lips and tongue work on his cock, and explodes in her mouth. Opening her mouth, she shows him her cum-coated tongue before licking her lips and swallowing, closing her eyes to savor his taste, his texture.

“Good slave. You love my cock, I know you do”.

She nods. Grinning as she hastily tries to fix her smudged makeup.

“Leave it whore” he says, as he snaps a few photos.

Upon seeing her panic, he places his hand upon her cheek. “Relax pet, they’re only for me”.

Rating: 86%, Read 9758 times, Posted Dec 24, 2013

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Written by women


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