My New Years Part 1 by DasBoot91

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True Story | BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Gay, Oral Sex, Submission

My New Years

For my new years I spent it sucking cocks all night long, I went to this party with a guy I meet on this site. A little background on some of our encounters have been master/slave and daddy son role play, I always enjoy being on my knees sucking cock so we clicked right away the first time we met. He is white about 6'2" maybe 240 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, and his cock is about 8" long. I had sucked him off more than a few times before and when he texted me about a fun party he was going to. I met up with him at his place and went to his friend’s house, were about 15 to 20 other people were there already having drinks laughing and having a good time. This house was amazing, when we pulled up it was massive, I knew the owner was very wealthy from just the sheer size of the house.

I got inside and was already unsure how many rooms were inside, the host greeted us, he was 6 feet tall, and had brown hair and blue eyes, his wife 5’ 6” was chubby and had decent size breast to go along with long blond hair and blue eyes. They both showed us around telling us about how there were 9 bedrooms 6.5 baths and plenty of entertainment rooms for us to enjoy if we got bored. As we made our way back to the main party room my friend told me that this was a special party and I was only to speak to someone else unless directed to or if they talked to me first. I was fine with that since I generally am not a big talker so I grab a beer and followed my friend around.

I chatted with a few people and they asked me my age and where I was from, for the most part I was the youngest person. There were a few other guys and girls my age but they must have been following the same rule I was being only speak when spoken to. About 20 min in I knew this was not the typical New Year’s Eve Party based off the conversation topics and discussions going on. While grabbing another drink my friend came to me and told me to follow him he needed to blow a load. I was more than eager to let him do it in my mouth.

We walked into a back room and he told me to undress as he himself was already doing so. He sat down on the bed and I crawled toward his cock and pulled down his underpants letting his rock hard cock lose. I then began to suck on it, letting my tongue lick up all of the pre cum. I began to play with his balls with my hand rubbing them occasionally licking and sucking on them. His hands began to push my head down on his cock forcing me to gag on it. After a while I could feel his cock start to throb getting ready to spew his hot load in my mouth. He started to thrust his hips fucking my face, before I knew it his load shot down my throat filling up my mouth. I swallowed it all making sure I cleaned my friends cock, and sucking it dry. He told me to lay back and wait for him to come back.

As he returned to the room he brought in a man about the same height but he was much larger, accompanied by a little sissy boy. I later found out that this sissy boy was Jenny; she was beautiful, 5’7” dirty blond hair that came down to her shoulders, very thin and had a sexy black lingerie outfit on. The man’s name was Big Jim (Not surprising given his large size). My friend told me to get off the bed and come kneel in front of Big Jim, as I got to my knees in front of Jim I heard Jim and my friend mumble something to each other and then was told to stand up next to Jenny. After a few moments my friend told Jenny to go with him and Big Jim asked me to join him on the bed.

He took off his clothing and a hairy chest and back was revealed to me than his pants came off revealing his cock and hairy balls. I was laying in between his large legs and saw his monster cock flopped down over his big balls, it must have been the biggest cock I had ever seen, I immediately grabbed it in my hand and started to suck on it licking it up and down, letting my tongue swirl around the tip, making sure I got it nice and hard. It was probably close to 11", I could barely get it into my mouth, and finally I got most of it but was still nowhere near the entire thing.

As I sucked on it more and more I could taste the pre cum dribbling out of the tip and down the shaft. Big Jim would slowly stroke my head as I kept sucking on his cock. He would tell me "Good boy, you make Daddy so happy" and I would just look up into his eyes and say “I love Daddy's cock". After about 20 min of sucking on his cock and his balls, back to his cock again, I heard someone walk into the room, I could not see the person but Big Jim told them that Jenny was with my friend and that he wanted to have some alone time with me. The man asked Jim if he could stay until his wife was finished in the other room. I looked up at Jim with his big cock stuffed in my mouth; Jim just smiled and said it was no problem. He looked at me and said "Son I want you to offer your ass up to our new friend". I stuck my ass up in the air, still sucking on Big Jim's cock.

I then suddenly felt a pair of hands grab my hips and pull me a little closer to the edge of the bed, then my ass checks were pulled apart and I felt a tongue start to lick my ass hole. He buried his face in my ass licking it and probing my "man pussy" as he liked to call it. Big Jim looked at me and said "Do you like Daddies friend playing with your man pussy." I looked up with his cock shoved deep in my mouth and nodded yes. This new guy must have licked my ass for 15 min; my cock was so hard from the pleasure and all of the dirty talk being said to me. Then I felt this guy start stroking my cock while licking my "man pussy" I was moaning as I could feel my cum ready to burst out, after only a few min I could not hold it in anymore and my cock exploded all over the sheets and onto the guys hand. He then took his cum drenched fingers and started to stick them in my ass, slowly in and out, my cock twitched from all of the pleasure.

I could hear the sound of heels clicking on the wooden floor as the man’s wife came in, she did not say a lot except for calling me a good little boy and asking her husband if he was ready to leave. The couple walked out shortly after and Big Jim just said "You all mine again son" I looked up and tried to smile the best I could with a big cock in my mouth. After an hour of trying to get Big Jim to unleash his cum into my mouth I was finally successful, he moaned and said "Get ready son, Daddy is about to drown you in cum." Thinking it was a joke I was not ready for such a huge load I stroked his cock with both hands trying to get them wrapped around his thick shaft and kept sucking on his cock. Then cum came bursting out and my mouth was filled instantly, I was struggling to swallow it all as it began to drip down my chin, my lips were covered in cum. As his cock stopped throbbing and cum stopped shooting out I was able to swallow what I could, Big Jim just laid there and said "Now lick hose lips clean for Daddy, and polish his cock". I did what I was told and as sexy as I could licked my lips clean of his cum, polished his cock and took two fingers whipped off the cum on my chin and stuck those fingers on my mouth and made sure I cleaned all the cum off them. “Mmmm that’s a good boy” Big Jim said as he laid back relaxed.

Big Jim was very satisfied, as he got off the bed put some clothes on and told me to follow him. I did as I was told and followed him into another room, it was about 10:45 pm at the time and I was already full of cum but I still was hoping for more. We walked down a hallway, until we came to a room were my friend and Jenny were, my friend was fucking Jenny's ass while grabbing onto her shoulders, Big Jim just turned to me and said "Son wait outside, Daddy needs to go fuck your sister." I did as I was told and waited outside. After 20 min everyone came out of the room and we all walked back to the main area. When we got there everyone was naked or in under garments (boxers, bra, etc.) and still chatting and drinking. I was told I could talk to Jenny until my friend and Big Jim were done discussing something.

Rating: 69%, Read 9426 times, Posted Jan 23, 2014

True Story | BDSM, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Gay, Oral Sex, Submission


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