Selling her body for art by crueldeviant

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Body modification, Domination, Humiliation, Slavery, Submission

I could see that Janet was shocked at the offer. we had dated a few years back, and she knew i was kinky, but obviously she never understood quite how far my fantasies went. And now I was trying to make some of them craziest of them a reality with her.

My business had taken off in the last few years, and her prospects had gotten worse. Living as an artist was hard enough when the economy wasn't a wreck, and when she told me that she might have to give up her dreams and start working a 9 to 5 job I gave her another alternative.

I said, 'You always told me you were willing to make any sacrifice in order to be a real artist. What I want from you will leave you a lot more time, and a lot more money, to pursue that dream. Hell, it may even inspire you.'

'Being your whore is going to inspire me?'

'Well, certainly more than slaving away in a windowless office 40-50 hours a week. You don't have any experience, so you won't even be making a lot of money for selling your soul. All I want is your body. But let me be wouldn't be my whore. I would own your body. You'll get plenty of time to borrow it to pursue your art, and do what you want on your time, but I would own it. And I intend to use it pretty hard.'

She smiled wryly, 'So,'ll fuck me when and where you want. That is pretty close to how it was when we were dating.'

'I will certainly fuck you when and where I want, but that is really just the tip of the iceberg. Your body will be mine. I'll control your diet and exercise routine. I'll change anything I want about you- cut your hair, pierce and tattoo you. I'll teach you to take more pain than you think possible, and to accept any humiliation. It won't be easy for you, but in exchange I will give you 50 hours each week, on whatever schedule you want, to pursue whatever you want. You'll have your own studio with whatever supplies you need, plus $1,000 a week spending money. And you'll get half of any profit we make from the website.'

'Website? You are planning to put it all on the internet?'

I looked her in the eyes and said, 'Yes. Every nasty thing that gets done to you will get recorded. Some of your time with me will actually be spent maintaining the site.'

'This is crazy. You aren't serious. You can't really think this would work.'

'I think it will work. I think a part of you is actually excited at the prospect of having nothing to worry about other than your art. Everything else will be up to me. There is a purity to that which I know appeals to you.'

'I'm going to need to think about this.'

'Of course. It is a big decision. Call me when you've decided.'


She was trembling when she threw her clothes into the fireplace, the light of the fire playing upon her naked body. Her skin was pale and unmarked, and I started to get hard thinking about what I would do with it.

'You won't be wearing anything the first few days, while you get settled. I'll take your measurements, and have some things made for you. You are going to need to start getting used to high heels, btw. I don't want you staggering around when I take you out. Now do a nice, slow turn for the camera, so we get a good record of how you look now.'

'Is it really going to be that...', my open hand slap cut her off.

'I believe we covered this. I'll let you know when I want to hear you. Now turn.'

I moved the camera slowly, and caught every inch of her on film. There were tears in her eyes when I spread the lips of her cunt to show the bit of moisture all this exposure had caused, but she didn't resist or question anything further.

'Go to the shower and get on your knees. I'll be in shortly.'

There was a moment where I saw her start to ask a question, but my glare stopped her. She headed into the bathroom. I picked up a Whitehead ratchet gag and followed her in.

'I'm going to start by training your mouth. You are used to giving head, but I'm planning to use that mouth pretty brutally. You'll need to learn to control your gag reflex if you don't want to be sucking a cock covered in your own vomit. We'll start in the shower so that cleanup is easy.'

I pushed the gag into her mouth and cranked it open a bit wider than was comfortable for her. I had to slap her tits a few times as her hands instinctively moved up toward her face.

'Hands behind your back, slut. I'm using you right now, so your job is just to take it, not to try to control it.'

I stripped down and stepped into the shower, slipping my cock into her mouth as my fingers laced into her hair. The sight of her helpless and scared before me had me hard as a rock and I slowly pushed my cock into her gaping mouth. I felt her starting to choke and reflexively pull back, but my hands pinned her in place as I pushed deeper. I held myself in the back of her throat and watched her panic for a moment before I pulled out. i rubbed my damp cock all over her face, and then shoved it back into her mouth. This time I pistoned hard and fast until I could feel her retching.

I pulled my cock out and let the spit and bile drip out of her mouth and down onto her breasts and belly.

'Look at what a mess you made. Don't worry, though. A few days of this and you'll start to get the hang of it.'

I pushed my cock back into her mouth and began fucking in a nice steady rhythm, with brief pauses whenever her choking brought up to much for her to swallow between thrusts. When I came it was a long and powerful orgasm, and I could feel her throat spasming around my cock. Her hands pushed at my legs, but I held her there, choking and on the brink of unconsciousness until she finally got control of herself and clasped her hands behind her back. I pulled out and let go over her hair and she bent over, cum and spit pouring out of her stretched open mouth while she struggled to get air.

'Look at me.'

She slowly turned her head up, so I could see her tear and mucus smeared face. I gathered some of her long brown hair and used it to towel of my cock while I smiled down at her.

'I own you. I know this felt hard, but it is going to get worse. This week we'll mostly work on getting you used to swallowing my cock, but we'll also start laying out the plan for how I plan to shape your body. You have an appointment tomorrow for your first laser hair removal treatment. Everything below your neck is going to eventually be perfectly hairless, though it will take a few sessions. I'll also show you your food and workout regimen. I plan to firm up a few places, and take you just a few pounds underweight. For tonight, though, I want to make it clear to you just how much your life has changed.

Lay back and stroke your cunt for me.'

She made a game attempt to avoid the mess she choked out during her mouth rape, but I forced her to wallow in it. I enjoyed watching her pleasure herself while lying in filth, and to see how her body tensed as she felt my urine pouring down on her pussy. Her eyes flew open, but then closed tight. She kept rubbing her clit furiously as I raised my aim, tracking it across her stomach, splashing onto her tits, and then zeroing in on her mouth, still stretched obscenely open. I didn't even have to order her to swallow...she knew I would demand it of her, so she gulped down a few mouthfuls.

I stepped out and closed the glass door to the shower. "You sleep here tonight. I turned the water off, so you'll have to sleep with whatever you can't get to drain. Feel free to remove the gag for sleeping.'

I latched the shower door shut, so she couldn't get out until I released her. I went and cleaned up in the other bathroom. My original intent was to rest up for the night, but when I woke in the middle of the night, so I returned to her 'cell' and kicked her awake. This time I left her to pleasure me with her mouth however she wanted. I was proud when she put her hands behind her back and did her best to swallow my cock hard and fast. It wasn't as intense as when I had pounded into her throat, but feeling her struggle to please me was its own reward. I came on her pretty face, and then did my best to wash it off with my piss before I locked her away and returned to sleep.

Rating: 84%, Read 21350 times, Posted Jun 03, 2012

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Body modification, Domination, Humiliation, Slavery, Submission


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