A Week Away From Normal by Laurel+And+Alex

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Incest, Submission

“Mom where are all the towels?” I asked.

“There should be one in the dryer, hurry up with your shower, your brother mentioned he was taking one soon. I’ll be back next week on Thursday, I left food money on the counter. Be good okay?”

“I’ll be fine mom, have fun in Florida. I wanna go on the next trip though!” I said.

“You will, I just really need a getaway right now. Well I gotta get going, love you!”

“Okay bye mom! Love you” I said. I grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom. The water felt good after a long day. A knock on the door interrupted my peace.

“Hey sis, mind if I come in and grab something?” He asked.

“Go ahead.” I said, slightly annoyed at the interruption, and unaware of his intentions.

I heard the door open, then the shower curtain flew back and my brother was standing there naked holding a cord. His cock was hard and so much bigger than I imagined.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed. I tried to grab the curtain to cover myself, but before I could he stepped in and pushed me against the shower wall. He grabbed my hands and tied them with the cord, pushing my hands above my head. I felt his free hand squeeze my ass and wonder to my tits.

“Shhhh sis, don’t want the neighbors to hear.” He said.

“Stop!! Please stop!” I cried. I felt his hands at my thighs, he forced them apart and slipped his fingers inside me while I begged for him to stop.

“Stop, PLEASE!” I said through tears.

“You’ll like it, shhhhh, relax sis” He said, while rubbing my clit. Then in the middle of my pleas, I felt him penetrate me and start to thrust back and forth into me. He was right, I started to like it…

“Oh god brother” I moaned, feeling him go deeper inside me. I rarely thought of my brother like this, I pushed the thought away most of the time…but it felt so good…

“You like that, don’t you? Your brother fucking your tight little pussy…I knew you would like it..” He said as he quickened his pace, and just before I came, he stopped completely, letting his hard throbbing cock just sit there inside me. My body ached, I craved being fucked…I needed it.

“Beg for it sis.” He said as he squeezed my tits. “Beg me to fuck you, you little slut.” He laughed in my ear.

“Fuck me brother, please fill me with your hot cum” I moaned. He slid his cock almost all the way out and then pushed hard inside me and grabbed my hips. I felt him push it in and out, gaining unimaginable speed.

“Yess more, brother. Fuck me deeper” I said in a high pitched moan. I felt the water start running colder, making my nipples hard. He turned off the water and turning me around he bent down and sucked on my tits and bit my hard nipples. After he was done with my tits, he slapped my ass.

“Let’s go to my room sis” He said. I nodded, still panting. We walked into his room and he went to his bed and pulled a box from under it.

“What’s that?”

“I’ve been wanting to use these on you for a long time” He said, pulling out a vibrator and ropes. He took the cord from my hands and said, "Get on your knees slut." I dropped to my knees and started rubbing and sucking my brother’s long hard cock.

“Mmmm fuck yes sis, suck me dry” he moaned, but I didn’t want him to finish, not yet… I stopped and laid down on the bed. He secured my hands to the bed posts and spread my legs to tie them apart. Once he was done, he slid the vibrator inside me and started licking my clit. I began to moan like a whore, still soaked from the shower. He crawled up still pushing the vibrator inside my dripping pussy. He started licking and sucking my tits, biting them hard every now and then. Then he came up and bit my neck and whispered “You taste so good sis”.

“Mmm please eat me out brother” He pulled the vibrator out and stuck his tongue inside my pussy, then came up to tease my clit. He licked it hard then sucked it. My body was shaking…my brother’s tongue felt soooo good.

“Oh god brother I’m so close, mmm yes tongue fuck your sister’s tight little pussy. Make me squirt brother!” I screamed as I came, my squirt shot into his mouth. He lapped up my juices and said “My turn, sis”. He came up and let the tip of his cock rest on my lips. I started to lick, then without warning, he shoved his cock down my throat. I could feel it throbbing as I gagged on it.

“Mmm sis, swallow my sticky cum” he moaned. I felt it shoot out and down my throat. He pulled it out, shaking.

“How does it taste, slut?” he teased. I gave him a mean look, though I liked being called “slut”. He untied me and laid down beside me.

“You’re turn to do the work” He said, still hard. I climbed on top of him and slid his cock inside me.

“That’s right sis, just like that” He moaned as I rode him. He dug his nails into my thighs, making me twitch a little, liking the pain.

I could feel every inch of my brother’s cock throbbing inside me, it was so big it hurt.

“Sis I’m gonna cum, we should stop... no condom” he groaned. I sped up, feeling his cock swell, close to the edge.

“Cum inside me brother, fill me with cum. I wanna feel it drip out of my pussy after” I said. He moaned loudly and bucked his hips, I felt his cum squirt out inside me as he yelled, “Oh god sister yes, fuck me slut". I stopped and climbed off of him. He went down and licked the cum that dripped out. I got up to leave, barely able to walk.

“Goodnight sis, sleep well, I have a lot planned for tomorrow."

Rating: 75%, Read 12788 times, Posted Dec 01, 2015

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Domination, Incest, Submission


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