Moms Secret Ass Fucker by fbailey

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Moms Secret Ass Fucker

I am seventeen years old and out of school for the summer. Dad helped me get a good paying job on a construction crew. I wanted a car but dad wanted me to earn it myself. I had to save enough money to pay for my own insurance too. Dad said that if he gave me a car that I wouldn’t appreciate it, but that if I bought it myself that I would. I had the car already picked out too. That’s why I was so depressed when the boss sent me home early today. Sure I had screwed up today but not as bad as some of the other guys have in the past. The boss told me that he was doing this to teach me a lesson. Some lesson! It would just take me longer to earn my car now. I figured that I could buy the car and insurance a whole week before school started but not with these delays like this.

My mother is thirty-nine years old and a real beauty. She is a tall statuesque woman. She used to be a runway model in New York City before she married dad. At five feet ten inches tall and a hundred and thirty pounds she sure turns heads. She works out, watches her weight, and looks her best at all times. Lately I have noticed a change in her attire. She has been wearing her skirts shorter, her blouses show more cleavage, and her blue jeans look like they were painted on. She even struts as she walks to get more attention from strangers. I have watched the guys in the mall when mom walks down the corridor.

I was kind of depressed and very quiet on the way home and I just wanted to vegetate in the backyard. I went around the house and entered the backyard by the side gate. It creeks ever so slightly but it does creek when you open it. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Mom lying on her pad sunning her back. I knew that Mom had a tiny string bikini but I had never seen her in it on her until now. Well technically I still hadn’t seen her in it! Mom was lying on her tummy with her top lying above her head in the grass and her bottoms lying near her side on the pad. Her entire ass was there for me to see, as if her string bikini bottom would have covered any of it anyway.

Then Mom said, “Ted get over here and fuck me. We only have an hour before my husband comes home.”

My father’s name is Henry not Ted. Ted is our neighbor’s name though! Mom must have thought that I was Ted so I walked over to where Mom was lying. I could see that she had on those tiny eye protection glasses that she wears when she goes in the tanning booths at the salon. I have a couple of pair of them too and you can’t see shit with them on. I swear you can look directly at the sun and it might look like a candle flame.

Mom said, “Come on Ted stop fooling around and put that nice cock of yours in my ass. I already have it greased up and ready for you!” With that Mom lifted her ass up in the air by sliding her knees up her pad until they almost touched her breasts. I looked at her like I had never looked at her before. I looked at her spine and ribs as they curled from thrusting her ass up in the air.

I was standing directly behind her. Her asshole was glistening and I could see a tube of K-Y Jelly on the grass near her bikini top. I could not help myself. I practically ripped off my pants and underwear and got right behind her. I had definitely heard about anal sex but the three girls that I have been able to screw didn’t even want to try it. Here was an open invitation even if it was from my own mother. I may not be a full man yet but my little head still rules my big head every time when it comes to sex.

I put my knees between her legs and got the head of my cock right up to Mom’s butt hole and pressed. I was surprised at how easily it slipped in. This sure wasn’t her first time for anal sex. I grabbed Mom’s hips and held her tight as I started thrusting my cock deep into her ass.

Mom said, “Wow Ted you sure feel hard today! Did you take your iron pill? Oh God, that feels so incredibly good! I really needed that! I feel more full than usual. I just love the way you butt fuck me Ted.”

I was going crazy. Mom’s ass felt so damn good plus the fact that it was my Mom’s ass. I had often imagined fucking my mother before but not like this. In my dreams it was always in her pussy with her begging for it. Well this was kind of like that after all. Mom was begging Ted to butt fuck her. I was just in the right place at the right time.

As I fucked into my mother’s ass I knew that I would have to work harder on my three girlfriends to get into their ass too. I now knew that I loved anal sex. Hell, I loved any kind sex period! I felt that old familiar feeling just before I cum, my hips slammed into her firm butt cheeks, and then I exploded up inside my mother’s ass as far as my cock could reach. It was incredible! I loved the feeling!

Mom said, “Oh Ted! Oh Ted! I can feel every squirt and I love it. I’ll try to keep it all in there until my husband fucks my pussy later, then I’ll have cum from both of the men that I love in me.”

I was afraid that Mom would realize that it was me, so I grabbed my clothes and silently went into the house. At least that door didn’t squeak. I took another look at mom from the kitchen window before heading up to my bedroom. She was flat on her mat and resting.

When I got up to my bedroom I looked out my window to see Ted coming through the gate. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of cut off shorts. He was even playing with himself to get it hard.

I heard Mom say, “Where do you think you’re going Ted? I’m not done with you yet!”

I panicked thinking that I had been busted but mom didn’t realize what had happened yet.

Then I kept peeking while Ted fucked Mom’s ass. She seemed confused that he was hard and ready again so soon. Apparently he didn’t usually recover that quickly before.

I watched Mom slip her eye covers up to her forehead, turn to look at Ted fucking her ass, and then ask, “Were you here just a few minutes ago?”

Ted replied, “No you just heard me come through the gate like you always do about this time of day! Why?”

I saw mom look up at my window. I froze not knowing weather to move or not. She looked in my direction the whole time that Ted was butt fucking her.

After Ted had cum mom sent him home and came into the house. I got on my bed and covered my eyes with a pillow.

Soon mom was opening my bedroom door and asked, “How long have you been home?”

I just lay there and said, “I don’t know! Not long! I came home with a headache! Do you have any aspirin?”

Mom went out and returned with a bottle of aspirin and a glass of water. I sat up and swallowed three of the pills and laid back down covering my eyes again with my pillow.

Before mom left she said, “I was just hoping that it was you in the backyard with me a while ago! I enjoyed it more than I can tell you!” Then she ran her hand across the crotch of my pants.

I was sure that mom knew that I was her secret ass fucker!

The End

Moms Secret Ass Fucker

Rating: 79%, Read 196398 times, Posted May 22, 2007

Fiction | Anal, Female, Incest, Teen Male


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