My Boyfriend's Cousin - Part 2.5: The Party Part 2_(0) by lamby93

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Fantasy | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Young

12:58 – He was already off his face by himself in the corner. The conversation had gotten quite dull now that his friends had left and he was forced to sit with his parents and relations now. Every so often when I glanced up I couldn’t help but smile and think about what had happened not much more than an hour ago.

My boyfriend had his arm around me as we chatted to his family. He still had no idea about what filthy goings on had happened in his room. Maybe I should tell him. Maybe.

James opposite us hadn’t said a word since I saw him storm off. With seemingly good reason. Now onto his fifth beer, he stared blankly into the floor, nearly controlling himself from vomiting by the looks of things.

It was nearing the hour when James’ dad announced that he was too drunk to drive back home. It didn’t take long for the consensus to be that they were to stay here for the night. James’ face sank a little and me and my boyfriend looked cheekily at each other. Drunken James would have to stay the night with us!

1:12 - While the two sets of parents headed upstairs to their rooms, we set up the lounge with airbeds. Not long after we’d finished James moped in and just slumped on his bed. He didn’t say a word as we carried on getting ready for bed, sniggering occasionally and trying not to make too much of a point about it. It was after a bit that James murmured at us: “I don’t want you queers doing anything creepy in the night OK?”

We sniggered again this time directly at him. “Oh don’t worry,” I said “We wouldn’t want you to be too drunk to not remember it!” We laughed again.

“Oh fuck off” was our response.

We settled down to bed and my boyfriend and I cuddled naked in our double airbed. After a while, when we could hear James gently sleeping still in in clothes, he asked “What’s gotten into him?”

I grinned. “Don’t think he’s had a good night!”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well he’s not pulled of course!”

He smirked. “That could change…”

“I don’t think he’d want it to be honest…”

“Oh come on, you know you’d love it if I started tugging my cousin’s cock…”

I quietly laughed. “You know I would, but not now dear!”

He feigned disappointment and we laid quietly together. I started to close my eyes to go to sleep when my boyfriend came out with something that almost stunned me.

“We’ve showered together you know.” He whispered in my ear.

I stared for a bit incredulously at him. “When?”

“Couple of weeks back.”

“Seriously?” I almost blurted out loud. Meanwhile my cock was suddenly semi-hard.

“Yeah… I was gonna tell you but I kept forgetting. He came into the uni once while I was swimming and him and his mates used the showers with me.”

“Yeah right, whatever.”

“No it’s true Alex!”

“I don’t believe you!”

“Well why don’t you ask James then?”

I paused. “No!”

“Well then you’re gonna have to believe me!” his left arm reached down the bed sheets and found my dick. He started squeezing and I started breathing heavily.

“Tell me more then…”

“There were five of them. All super fit cyclist guys. They caught me wanking so they punished me.”

My cock shot up, rock hard. “Really?”


“I’m so fucking jealous.”


“Keep going.” He was now fully jerking on my 7-inch cock, which hadn’t long been cleaned from Kate’s cunt.

“They were worshipping my massive cock. Even James was amazed.”

“I bet he was.” As if on cue I reached over and returned his gesture.

James stirred slightly but didn’t awaken. We didn’t stop wanking each other though.

“What did James do?” I asked.

“He sucked my dick.”

“Oh my GOD”

“Yeah. The other lads made him.”

“Fuck.” I almost came. “Was he good?”

“Not bad.” He grinned.

“As good as me?”

“Why don’t you remind me?”

I grinned and went down on him. His fat dick was standing straight upwards, ready to be sucked. I plunged my wet mouth half way down the shaft and sucked deeply on the head. It was much bigger than the cock I sucked before, but I couldn’t help thinking having the sexy cyclist’s cock in my mouth was hotter. I bobbed my head up and down slowly until my boyfriend started gasping.

“Nah you’re much better.” I heard him whisper.

With that I sank his member deeper and deeper into my throat until my nose was in his hair. It stayed well into my throat for almost ten seconds until I had to gag. The cock was covered in drool which I frantically rubbed into his head and almost made him cum. I brought him close to the edge when I stopped.

“So what was his cock like?” I pretended to be curious whilst stroking his wet dick.

“I don’t know, he didn’t strip.”

“Oh my God, you missed out on that?” I said.

“Yeah, I’m sorry!”

I wanked his shaft for a bit more.

“You wanna know what it’s like?”

“I thought you didn’t wanna do anything with him tonight?”

“I don’t. But I have seen his cock.”

“What? When?!”


“Oh my God that’s where you were!”

“I sucked him off.”


I started wanking his cock harder and harder. He gasped as I edged him again.

“How did you manage that then?”

“Kate made me.”

“What?! The fit girl from James’ school?”

“The very same!”

I let him drink that in for a bit by sucking him off again, this time much faster than before. I managed to keep up a fast pumping rhythm that lasted for nearly a full minute before I got dizzy.

“Don’t tell me you fucked her too!”


“Fucking hell!”

I sucked on his head as loads of precum came oozing out of his swelling head.

“Did James fuck her?”

“Nah, that’s why he’s in a bad mood!”

He laughed. “Poor him!”

I was then taken by surprise to me manhandled to lie down on the bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a smile.

“I wanna see what Kate tastes like.” He sniggered and went straight into dealing with my precum soaked dick. While mine wasn’t as big as my boyfriend’s, he could still make one hell of a good job at sucking cock. He outpaced my rhythm from before as his broad shoulders went to work at sucking my pussy juice stained cock.

“Fuck she tastes good.” He gasped finally.

“I know right… You shoulda seen her pussy.”

“Was it wet?” he replied in between mouthfuls of cock.

“Oh my yeah. Well used but still fucking tight.”

The pace increased and I was rocketing towards ecstasy. Just before I came, my boyfriend leapt up and straddled me.

“As tight as me?” he teased, placed my sodden cock on his tight dry asshole.

“of course not dear!”

He cutely smiled as he spat on his hand and lubed his own hole. His arse had always been a pain to get to thanks to the fantastic curvature it had. It felt amazing feeling his bubble buttocks when I fucked him. He lowered himself gently onto me, although at a rather fast rate for him. It took only a few seconds for me to be balls deep in him.

“That was quick!” I remarked.

“I’m so fucking horny and you know why.”

“Because I fucked a girl in your room in front of your cousin?”

He gasped at both what I said and how my cock just rubbed his prostate.

“Fuck me Alex, fuck me like you fucked that bitch Kate earlier!”

So I did. I spread my legs to force my cock deep into him. I pounded my boyfriend’s hole into submission until James stirred again right next to us. He turned over again and went back to sleep. Much to my disappointment.

I went back to fucking my boyfriend’s tight hole.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the showers?” I said, fake-angrily and pounding him harder.

“Because I didn’t know how to tell you!”

“Well you’d best get on a get us a replay then bitch!”

“Oh fuck that’d be hot…”

He pinned my shoulders down and rode me for a bit. He arched his back in such a way that his prostate was taking one hell of a rubbing. I looked up to see his face. It was an expression I’d never seen before. It lasted nearly half a minute before his arms gave way underneath him and he fell onto me.

“You OK?”

“I just came.”

“What?! And I didn’t notice?”

“Just had a prostate orgasm over my cousin…”

He lifted his body up to reveal a sticky mess of cum that was all over our bodies now.

“Wow! You’ve never cum that much before!”

“I know…” he slumped back onto me again.

“Am I allowed to cum?” I asked, realising my cock was still inside him.

“No.” he whispered and smiled.

I smiled too and glanced over at James. Part of me hoped he was listening to what we had just done. I looked back at my boyfriend whose head was now asleep on my shoulder. He stayed asleep for most of the night with my cock still inside his hole.

Rating: 77%, Read 11880 times, Posted Nov 18, 2014

Fantasy | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Consensual Sex, Gay, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Young


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