YOUNG TEACHER by blueheatt

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Fiction | Boy, Coercion, Young

…. I’m a new female high school graphic arts teacher. I had attended this very high school just 3 years earlier. We had computer art and non-computer art. I had one male student that was very handsome and really good at any kind of art. I found myself taking a personal interest in him. I took him to paint scenes for the drama department. We were doing some set design one day alone on the stage. He had his notes and drawings for his suggestions. Without thinking I put my hand on his back and said: “Oh Mich, these are so good.” It startled him and he dropped his note book. Out fell other drawings of his. I squatted down to help him pick them up. His eyes zoomed in, right up my dress. He was one student I didn’t mind taking a look up my dress. We both smiled and pick up all his stuff. I spotted some of his other drawings. He quick tried to grab them.

They were drawings of a guys hands groping girls tits and pussy‘s. I said: “Mich, I’m a grown woman, let me see them please.” He was embarrassed but handed them over to me. The art work was outstanding. The detail, the colors all were professional looking. I whispered: (“Mich, these are beautiful, did you do them from your imagination or did you look at a picture?”) He smiled a little and whispered nervously:

(“Ms. Clark…the girl …..well..a….she is you, and…a… the hands are mine. I kinda used you as a model and my own hands as a model. I‘m sorry if I did anything wrong.”)

I took the pictures and put them in my note book. “I want to study these, do you mind?” I said. He said: “I don’t want to get in trouble…but, go ahead. Am I already in trouble?” I said no, not at all, but lets just keep these between you and I, ok? I realized my hand was on his back again. He took my other hand and studied it carefully. He said: “You have beautiful hands Ms. Clark. I look at them a lot, but never this close. He held my hand like it was gold or something, very delicately and now my hand began a slight tremble.

He now held my hand with both his hands. His hands were warm and I was losing it going in a little trance. I tried real hard to withdraw my hand but it was just to beautiful the way he felt it.

“Could I use them as a model for some future drawings?”

How could I say no to that. I had to whisper: (“…yes Mich, but we’ll have to be very private and discreet about it. Ok?”) He looked up at me with his beautiful green eyes. He looked around. We were alone on the stage. He quick kissed my hand and took off running.

My mind was breaking all the school rules. Touching a student. Letting him touch you and on and on. He had simply been the first student to ever make me aroused. I stood there and felt the wet in my panties as I could still feel his warm hand on mine. I couldn‘t help it, I felt very sexually attracted to him. I tried not to, but instead of enforcing the school rules in my mind, I was thinking of ways to get around them.

He stayed on my mind a lot now. I had to find a secret place to model my hands for him. At school was out, way to risky. My house was the only place and at night, so prying eyes would not see him coming and going.

That night I sat on my couch. I took out the pictures he had drawn to study them. My god he was good. I looked carefully. The girls clothes were mine ok. Those were his and my hands also. I looked at one and where he had his hand on mine as it was over my pussy. His other hand was up my skirt squeezing my leg. No faces were in the pictures, so no one could tell it was us. No rings or jewelry Nothing to I.D. us.

I began to stare and fantasize…..feeling his hand over mine on my pussy was so hot looking. My leg began to tingle looking at the picture of him squeezing it. I wondered what it really felt like to be groped by him. I was getting aroused by his picture.

The next picture was his hand inside my unbuttoned blouse. He was behind me. His one hand was inside my bra with my nipple showing. I had my hand on his arm, just resting on it, not struggling to remove his hand. I must have looked at the picture for 10 minutes with another fantasy coming up in my head.

I stopped. I went and put my robe on. I took a big breath and went back to my couch to look at the next one. I opened the folder. I looked at the next picture…

I gasp and closed the folder.

My heart started pounding at what I saw.

It was my waist and upper legs, with a dress I owned pulled up to my waist. My panties were pulled part way down and His fingers were in my pubic hair. My fingers were on my clit. In the picture I was touching my clit as it showed he had a finger in my pussy. He some how made our fingers look wet. My other hand was guiding his fingers in my pussy. His other hand was feeling my bare tit. How he got it so vivid, I just don’t know. How he was able to capture it with out me actually modeling it?

The picture was so sexy I was instantly wet knowing it was me in the picture. I have a full bush of pubic hair and he drew that too. How could he have known that?

I stopped right there. It was my bed time and I needed to lay down after seeing that picture. I tried to go to sleep. I kept seeing my and his hands on me. It was better than a photograph. He placed us so every thing was in the picture just perfect. Shadows gone and almost each pubic hair was showing, and some he drew…. looked wet. I thought how I sure didn’t need to get all horny over a student, but he was different. I had to deal with it, I was falling for him.

I hadn’t masturbated in a long time. I gave ’myself’ permission to do it this time, so I could get to sleep. I put my hand down in my panties and started in. I was already wet and it felt slick and warm. I used two fingers to work in my pussy and massage my G spot. I was never this aroused before when I masturbated for relief. I imagined him on top of me with his erection in me this time.

I wrestled with my thoughts telling myself ’you shouldn’t be doing this…..if you get caught touching him, major trouble and even the police.’ My fingers and pussy just kept right on pleasuring me.

I finally had to give in and started finger fucking myself fast and deep. I squirmed and moaned until I felt that orgasm come and take my body and twitch it and leave me panting.

I fell asleep feeling his erection in me and his warm hands feeling my tits…


Mom had gone to bed and I got out my hidden drawings. Ms. Clark would really faint if she saw these. I had her and I naked and fucking in one, her giving a faceless guy (me) a hot blow job. Her face was splattered with my cum with her mouth open. It only showed her beautiful mouth. I had lots of them but I loved to draw me groping her best.

Now getting a close look at her hands and feeling them I was really inspired to draw a super hot one of us. She was so beautiful, sexy and those soft sweet looking hands. I pictured them wrapped around my cock, jacking me off with her lips wide open to catch my cum in her oh so sexy mouth.

I was drawing the picture in my head and arranged it just right. When I had it just right…there was a problem. Her beautiful face was in the picture. I realized… I wanted her face in the picture. Where can I get a picture of her face to get all the final details I wanted.

I had to sneak one with my phone camera.


I had to secretly set up a time to get him over to my house at night. I kept him after class. I locked the door and talked to him quietly. He was so hot looking it was hard to be around him and not, get wet. Those hot pictures of me and his hands kept looming up in my mind.

I thought back how my uncle use to tickle me and feel so close to my tits. It excited me as I giggled I let him feel more, but pretended to be pushing his hand away. He once took his finger and put it inside my panties and rubbed my clit.

I never forgot that feeling of excitement I felt that time his warm hands held me. I remember watching his hands inside my panties fingering me, just like one of Mich’s pictures looked like.

No one knows, or will ever know what all my uncle and I did in the closet. I got aggressive with him wanted him to let me feel him too. His warnings about getting caught didn’t stand in the way of me wanting to do more sex feeling stuff. I was a determined girl, and spoiled at that.

I got my way with him.

Now it was happening again, only way hotter now with Mich. No one ever knew it, but my uncle licked my pussy in that closet. He was the sexiest man ever in my mind then. Now I wanted Mich’s tongue to do the same, without getting us caught. I had no willpower to stop what was about to happen.


I told Mich to ask his moms permission to ‘sleepover’ at his new friends house, ‘Bobby Clark‘. A non-existent kid. If she called here I would answer as ‘Bobby Clark’s mom, and she could talk to you to verify you were here. Mitch was stunned at the idea of spending all night at my house. “Ms. Clark, your so clever I….”

The look in his eyes was priceless. I could see his admiration for me making him so excited. I knew he was thinking about where our hands would be, posing me for his picture. Our smiling at each other for those long moments was a classic time for our memories, and we both knew it. I watched his erection grow in his pants.

I squeezed his arm and sent him on his way. I watched him holding his notebook over his erection. That gave me a smile and a twinge in my pussy, knowing I had caused him to get that sexually excited over me. My pussy felt so warm and wet.

Friday night came. As soon as it got dark, I heard tapping at my back door. I had all the blinds shut and only the light from the stairs on. He came in with his backpack and drawing book. My god…. my heart was beating fast. I realized then I had it bad for Mich. Falling for a teen guy student was excitingly dangerous. I had a flash fantasy of us in my bed. It jolted me and I gasp as I helped him put his stuff down.

First we had to talk on the couch. I wanted to prepare him for what I had in mind. At this point he would do anything I ask him to. I couldn’t help but feel the total control over him. This brought up a sexual feelings in me I never had before.


I was sure now I was totally in love with Ms. Clark, and it felt wonderful. I had to find a way to let her know, without her just patting me on the head and fluffing it off. We sat by each other on her couch. She had on a white low cut blouse, a red short skirt and her hair piled up on her head. She was turned towards me with one knee up on the couch and her arm up on the back of the couch. I had on my regular school clothes except I had on shorts with a elastic waist. I had my note book over my crouch to cover a hardon I knew I might get.

I looked at her beautiful smiling eyes and then looked up at her skirt. I saw a big patch of pubic hair between her sexy legs, just like I imagined. I know she saw me looking. I had planned out what I was going to say to her and how I felt about her….but now my mind went blank. I looked at her cleavage and pictured my hand feeling her soft looking nice tits. She was watching my eyes and talking real sexy in a low tone. She took my hand and said: “Mich I want to let you know….” I just leaned to her and kissed her softly. She just let me do it. She sucked a big breath and it all just happened.

Our arms went around us and we both gasp for air. I was kissing the most beautiful girl in the world. She sank back slowly pulling me on top of her. She whispered: (“…oh Mich, we have to talk about this. We have to keep this top secret and never let anyone know about this….your so special to me….feel me Mich….feel me all over.”)


I wasn’t expecting him to lean over and kiss me. My whole body buzzed in shock. He just made it so easy for me to get to what I wanted. Him and I in bed, having beautiful lovers sex. I had to discuss many things with him so we never got caught doing it. My mind tried to think of everything at once. The kiss had jumbled my thinking…now all I could think about was him on top of me and my arms around his warm body. Damn…he knew how to turn me on so good. His fingers ran through my hair, felt my face. He softly kissed me and my tongue came out to meet his.

Oh how I had wanted this and now I was indulging in the pure pleasure of having him on me, with his big erection pressing between my legs. I ran my hands under the back of his shirt and felt his warm skin. Then down his shorts and felt his cute ass.

He started sliding down kissing my cleavage. I unbuttoned my blouse for him. No bra to restrict his own indulgence. He was so gentle as he kissed my tits and nipples. I lay there feeling his hair and slowly squirmed.

I dare not think about where I wanted him to kiss next. I could orgasm so easy right now, I wanted to save it for his….oh god…

He’s sliding down further now, kissing his way down. He’s feeling my legs. This is the peak of anticipation. I want him to lick my pussy so bad.


She was just letting me do all the things I had fantasized about, and more. Now I was watching my hands feel her for real. I was kissing her, feeling her, kissing her tits, kissing her tummy and headed down to her pussy….now…. for real. I loved to feel her squirm under me.

I didn’t care about ’rules’ of any kind, I was knocking on heavens door.


It was so hard to think with all the pleasure I was feeling. Watching him lift my skirt up was almost more than I could take. I parted my legs and waited to feel his tongue travel up and down my wet slit. He sure didn’t disappoint me. I held his head and squirmed as he did just that.

A flash of my uncle went through my mind as wonderful memories came back. It was part 2 in my sex life in a world of mind shaking orgasms peaking inside me. He knew just how to please my pussy. It was all happening so fast and I felt like I was on a bullet train to happiness. I rested my legs on his back and began the natural movements that would lead to that peak feeling I wanted.

I had only had oral sex in my life. My uncle said to save that final act for a special guy that would come along in my life. He was so right…and now here he was, licking my pussy right now.

I was going to fuck Mich and make him mine to keep. My orgasms started coming as the words burst out of mouth… “Oh Mich!” and the trembles started. Perfection of his oral sex had me so ready for him.

I pulled him up on me and pushed his shorts down. I wrapped my fingers around his erection and my trembling hand guided it in me. He had the trembles just like me and our breathless lips met. We groaned and a flurry of our hands and arms rushed to wrap us together. It was happening.


So this was what heaven was like. Wrapped together with the ultimate girl and my hardon in her warm wet pussy. Her pussy moved inside like welcoming my hardon. Our bodies started moving together in a floating feeling. I felt like a rocket was about to take off and we were on it.

I thought….life doesn’t get any better than this…….


It was euphoria on top of euphoria. We were a perfect match and here it came to blend our souls together. I had wanted to have sex with my uncle and imagined it so many times, this was the real thing as my pussy felt what I had wanted for so long. To have his hot body on mine was the peak of ‘us’ and we were going to cum together.

He whispered breathlessly: (“….I love you Tami. Your so perfect. I’ve dreamed about you so many times, but now your real and ….ooooo…yes…I’m gonna…oh’s happening…”) We both began to fuck as hard and deep as we could. He squeezed me so tight I saw flashed of beautiful light as we kissed and I felt his hot cum gushing in me. I climaxed so hard I started shaking all over. Our sweet moans filled the room as the indescribable feelings took us by surprise and jumbled our brains with euphoric pleasure. I mashed my lips to his and our tongues made love to each other. Tears of joy ran down my face as we kept fucking to squeezed the last drop of pleasure out of us….and beyond.


I had a talk with Mich’s mom. Before I could try and explain how I felt about her son…she smiled and interrupted me. “Mich is totally in love you, Ms. Clark. Your all he talks about, dreams about and I’ve found drawings and drawings of you hidden in his room. He couldn’t have picked a more beautiful and wonderful woman than you. What you two do is your concern. I’m just a happy mom.

I sat stunned…..

Mich came in the room and we went up to his bedroom. He had a camera on a tripod set up to take pictures. He had a remote button and pushed it. The camera began to take still pictures every so often of him groping me, feeling me, kissing my body and…..I felt faint as he lowered me to the floor. He began to undress me…at the camera clicked away….it was too much as I just pulled him down on top of me. He smiled and whispered: (“ bad I can’t draw feelings..”)

Up went my skirt, off went my panties. Out went my legs, up went my knees and in went his tongue in my wet pussy. When we couldn’t stand it anymore, we both guided his cock in me. We heard his mom’s car start up and leave. The sounds that came out of us were awesome. Two lovers driving for the same goal, to fuck and fuck some more. Our clothes got ripped and I dug my fingernails in his ass and held tight. It was happening again only better….when we thought it couldn’t get any better. I locked my legs around his and pulled as hard as I could as I climaxed and shook as time seemed to stop. He flooded me with his cum. I could feel each shot going in me. I felt him get weak and moan as I joined him in a unknown world of splendor…..

Days later, we sat on my couch with our arms all wrapped around us together and watched the pictures of us his camera took. The computer says there are 200 pictures in the file, so far we’ve only made to about #12 before our hands start groping us. I grope him now. I snuggle up to him and put my hand down his pants. I feel his hot growing hardon. I put his hand in my panties to feel my warm wet pussy.

I whisper: (“…can’t you keep your hands off me ‘Student‘?”) We smile and then have a long hot wet kiss. He whispers so sexy in my ear and says: (“…are you going to report me, ’Teacher’?”), as he rolls over on top of me.

I always gasp, …. and say: (“…only if you stop.”)....

Rating: 92%, Read 65841 times, Posted Feb 03, 2015

Fiction | Boy, Coercion, Young


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