Editing Reailty Book 3, Chapter 06: Sinful Worship by mypenname3000

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Editing Reality

Book Three: Naughty Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Six: Sinful Worship

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

I settled down at the pew with Kyleigh at my side. My family all seemed to have found their own amusements instead of joining for service. Even now as Reverend Colin Fekete took to the podium to get service started they were all gone. My wife had vanished with one of her lovers, the Korean beauty Evaline; my son seemed to be enjoying the newest edits I gave to him and left the church with one of my students, a cutie named Rois; Becky, too, had entranced the reverend's wife with her large breasts, edited by me to attract women's attention. Only Sam had stuck with me. She sat on my right, my new concubines beyond her. Rita, Tammy, and Courtney were her friends and also my lovers.

Kyleigh, my student, sat on my left. She was the first girl I'd ever edited, transforming her into the hottest girl at the private Christian college I taught English at. She had this smoky look in her eyes. She had a thing for her professors. Right now, only myself and President Atterberry had enjoyed her nubile body.

Her desire for professors had almost gotten me fired my first day with the editing app.

The black-haired schoolgirl had such large breasts, almost spilling out of the lavender dress she wore. Her lush thighs crossed beside me, begging for my leg to touch her. It was hard not to right there in church. My dick throbbed as Reverend Colin did the opening announcements and prayer before the choir took over and began singing.

Kyleigh swayed to the music with enthusiasm. Her hand was soon on my thigh, stroking me through my gray slacks. She caressed up and down me, her hand making me so hard while I tried to ignore her. People were sitting around me.

Beside her sat Malcolm Gilbert. His wife was with my wife. The last thing I needed was him wondering where Evaline was and to go find her having sex with Linda. Worse, he could glance over at me and notice what my college student was doing with her hand.

“Kyleigh,” I whispered as her hand reached up to my crotch and squeezed me.

She smiled at me, giving me this naughty look. Her hand massaged my swelling dick in my slacks. My heart pounded as this tight excitement beat through my heart. My chest rose and fell as her hand squeezed and relaxed on me.

“You can't do this here, Kyleigh,” I said.

“Mmm,” she said. Her green eyes flicked to me. A languorous smile stretched across her lips. “Sorry, I just feel so happy right now. I miss you. You're so busy. You're the mayor now. That's hot.”

Her hand moved from my cock, and I took a relieved breath until she grabbed my wrist and placed it on her silky thigh right above the hemline of her skirt. Then she pushed me up beneath the fabric. I fought a groan, my heart laboring.

“There,” she said. “You can grope me, too.”

Her hand returned to my crotch. She shouldn't be this bold. I didn't edit her to take such risks. Her hand massaged me while my hand drifted up her skirt. I couldn't help myself. My cheeks burned as I glanced at Malcolm. He had a smile on his lips, nodding his head as the sermon began.

He looked happy. Not caring about anything. Beyond him sat Luke and Beatrice Elders. The couple cuddled. I had noticed Sam kissing a lot of women before the service, including Beatrice. Sam's kiss was special. It made a woman so she would be bred by the next man who came in her.

And here Beatrice was, cuddled up to her husband like they were on the couch at home watching a romantic movie and not in church. Maybe Beatrice would be horny, but Luke wouldn't act like that. He was an elder at the church.

My hand slid higher up Kyleigh's thighs. Everyone around us was smiling and looked happy. Not bored as sometimes happened during Reverend Colin's sermon and not interested in his words. None had a serious look on their face. They all almost looked stoned.


I glanced at my dark-skinned concubine. I had edited the three girls to each have their own unique gifts. Rita had this aura about her that just made people feel happy. Uncaring. She was affecting everyone around me.

Malcolm glanced at my hand beneath Kyleigh's skirt. He kept smiling and looked back up front to the reverend.

My smile grew and my hand slid higher up her thigh. Kyleigh purred in delight. She leaned her head against me, her hand unzipping my slacks. As I found the shaved folds of her pussy, cupping her twat, she shoved her hand into my fly and then into my boxers. She grabbed my naked cock right there in church.

I smiled as I rubbed my fingers up and down her cunt. I stroked her folds. I caressed her, loved the feel of her. My dick twitched and throbbed in her hand as she pulled my cock out. I groaned as she worked it up and down.

Sam giggled beside me. “Naughty Daddy.”

I winked at my daughter as I thrust a pair of fingers into my nineteen-year-old student's cunt. Kyleigh whimpered, a sexual moan that didn't phase any of the happy churchgoers around me. Her juicy pussy squeezed around my digits, her hot flesh felt amazing. I thrust deep into her. Two fingers.

Kyleigh pumped her hand up and down my dick. She fisted me, precum bubbling out of the tip as I molested her right in the middle of church. The old me would never have dreamed of doing this, but the new me, given this power, edited by the Most High to have an increased libido.

“Mr. Davies,” whimpered Kyleigh. Her tongue flicked over her lips as she stared down at my cock. Her thighs squeezed around my hand, rubbing her silky skin against me as my fingers reamed her cunt.

“Damn,” Sam moaned. “Daddy, you're such a bad man. Right here in church? Makes me feel so happy.”

Rita, on the other side of Sam, nodded her head. Tammy and Courtney were peering past their friends at me, both grinning. Beyond them sat Orihime and Ruri, my son's created girlfriends. Ruri had her eyes forward, but Orihime was leaning out to stare at me, too, her blue eyes sparkling with delight.

She winked at me.

“Mr. Davies,” moaned Kyleigh, my fingers churning up her tight cunt. “Your cock... You have such a gorgeous cock.”

“You should suck it,” Sam whispered.


I stiffened as my black-haired student leaned over. Kyleigh's hair brushed my body. Then she sucked my cock into her mouth. Her thighs squeezed around my hand as her lips sealed around my shaft. Her cheeks hollowed. Her tongue danced around my spongy crown.

She blew me right in the middle of church.

“Damn,” I panted, the pleasure surging down my cock.

“Enjoy, Daddy,” Sam said, leaning against me. She took my arm, clutching it, and rested her head on my shoulder.

My eighteen-year-old daughter cuddled with me as Reverend Colin preached on sexual immorality. His wife was currently reveling in lesbian delights with my oldest daughter. I thrust my fingers faster into Kyleigh's pussy, stirring her up as I stared at our reverend getting into his sermon.

My dick throbbed in Kyleigh's hungry mouth. The schoolgirl bobbed her head. She worked her lips up and down my cock. Her tongue danced around it, teasing me. My chest rose and fell as I savored the feel of her hot mouth.

It was incredible.

“Mmm, Daddy, you're being so bad,” Sam said. “Listen to the sermon. You're going to hell.”

“Maybe,” I groaned as Kyleigh's mouth bobbed up and down my dick. “God did give me these powers.”

Sam giggled. “You should tell that to Reverend Colin. I bet his eyes would fall out of his head.”

I nodded as Kyleigh sucked hard. My balls tightened. Her sucking and slurping felt incredible. My schoolgirl lover worshiped my cock. Her tongue danced around my shaft. My fingers plundered her pussy, stirring her up as she blew me.

My dick throbbed in her mouth. My shaft twitched and throbbed. Her cheeks hollowed as her tongue danced around my cock. Her every suck brought my balls closer and closer to cumming. Right there in the middle of church.

“Amen,” said Malcolm, nodding his head along with Reverend Colin's sermon.

The church murmured around us as I groaned. I sucked in a deep breath, my balls tightening. Kyleigh's every suck brought me closer and closer to erupting while her pussy grew hotter and hotter around my fingers.

Her juices flowed, coating them. The spicy scent of her twat filled my nose. Sam snuggled tighter against me, my eighteen-year-old daughter grinning at me. She had a mischievous look on her face, her thighs squeezing tight.

“Mmm, you're going to explode in her mouth, aren't you, Daddy?” purred Sam. “Right in the middle of church. Right as Reverend Colin says it's wrong to do this.”

“Yes,” I growled, my dick throbbing.

I thrust my fingers deep into her twat. I ground the heel of my hand into her clit, her bud aching and throbbing. She sucked harder. She moaned, her humming passion buzzing around my cock's tip. The pleasure causing me to throb in her mouth.

Then she squealed. Her pussy rippled around my fingers. Her twat convulsed and spasmed. Her juices gushed out, bathing my hand. That rich, spicy scent grew stronger. I breathed it in, savoring that wonderful delight as she groaned around my cock.

“Naughty Daddy,” Sam cooed. “Making your student cum in church.”

“Yes,” I whispered, my balls tightening.

I erupted.

My cock fired into her hungry mouth. My dick spurted again and again, splashing the roof of her mouth with blast after blast of my jizz. The bliss spilled out of me. I groaned as the pleasure slammed through me. The pew creaked as I leaned back into it.

She gulped down my cum. She swallowed it. She sucked with hunger while her pussy writhed around my fingers. Each blast sent dizzying pleasure through me. Darkness fuzzed on the edge of my vision.

“Mmm, yes, definitely a naughty daddy,” purred Sam. She smiled at me. “Church is so much more fun now.”

“Yeah,” I panted as Kyleigh sucked out the last of my cum.

Her head popped off my dick. She licked her lips, gathering the pearly jizz off the corner of her mouth. She had such a pleased look on her flushed face. Her pussy squeezed down on my fingers as she straightened.

“You know,” Sam said, peering around her, “my daddy's cock is still hard. I bet it would really make you happy to have her just ride him here.”

“Sam,” I groaned.

Her eyes twinkled at me. She winked.

“That would make me happy,” my student said. “Mmm, what do you say, Mr. Davies?”

I looked around at all those happy churchgoers around me, nodding their heads, almost dazed from the good feelings washing out of Rita. It was why I edited her, to relax people. To keep people docile and not cause any problems for myself, my family, and society.

“I think you should do what makes you happy.”

She beamed at me. “It would make me soooo happy to ride you, Mr. Davies.”

I pulled my fingers out of her twat. They glistened. Sam smiled at me. She grabbed my wrist and brought my digits to her mouth. She sucked on them, tasting Kyleigh's pussy juices off. My student didn't care about the incest, too happy right now.

She slipped onto my lap, sitting on it. I groaned as she pressed her skirt-clad rump into my dick. She wiggled and then rose enough to reach between her thighs and grab my cock. She gripped me in her hand, lowering herself back down.

Her hot, underage twat nudged against my cock. I groaned as her pussy engulfed my dick. I loved the feel of her cuntlips spreading around my dick's tip. It was an amazing delight. This wild pleasure surged through me as her cunt embraced me.

“Mr. Davies,” she whimpered as she took every inch of me. “Oh, Mr. Davies.”

Her cunt squeezed around my dick. She wiggled her hips, stirring her twat around my cock. Sam stayed snuggled against me, this wild look in her eyes. She brought my hand down low to her skirt, this naughty gleam.

“You guys are so wild,” Rita whispered. “I just love it.”

“Me, too,” Kyleigh moaned, her hips shifting. She didn't precisely ride me, but she massaged me.

My hand vanished beneath Sam's skirt. My daughter pressed my hand up against her twat. Her hot cunt melted against my fingers. Her breasts jiggled as she pushed me tight against her incestuous pussy. Then I rammed my finger into her cunt. I buried into her pussy.

My daughter cooed in delight as I fingered her now. My other hand vanished beneath Kyleigh's skirt. I slid up her thighs. I found her pussy lips wrapped around my dick. I stroked around her shaved flesh, finding her clit.

I massaged both girls' clits, my thumb rubbing on my daughter's. Sam whimpered, her cunt squeezing around my cock. Kyleigh wiggled more, her clothing rustling as she clenched her twat around my dick. Her hips stirred her hot snatch around my cunt.

“Mr. Davies!” whimpered Kyleigh.

“Daddy!” groaned Sam.

I rubbed both their clits and fingered Sam's cunt. I drove into her juicy twat while my dick ached in Kyleigh's snatch. Her hips wiggled back and forth. That hot, tight cunt gripped me. That amazing passion rippled around me as she rose just enough and then slammed down on my cock. My dick twitched.

Pleasure rippled through my dick. My balls tightened as a fresh load of cum built and built. My fingers plundered Sam's cunt, stirring up my daughter's pussy. Kyleigh whimpered as she massaged me, teased me. Her silky grip had my dick throbbing.

As Reverend Colin railed against sexual immorality, I reveled in it.

“Kyleigh,” I whispered in her ear. “Work that tight, little cunt up and down my cock. You're just a little sinner.”

“Yes!” moaned Kyleigh while Sam giggled beside me.

My daughter's pussy felt amazing about my fingers. Tight and juicy. My thumb massaged her clit, making her tremble. Her soft moans mixed with Kyleigh's bliss. People nodded around me, too happy to care about the schoolgirl riding my dick.

Or my daughter whimpering in bliss.

Her incestuous delight caressed my fingers while Kyleigh massaged my cock. The nineteen-year-old delight brought me closer and closer to another orgasm. To cumming in the middle of church. I massaged both girls' clits. They both moaned and groaned, their bodies shaking from side to side. Their passion rippled through them.

Her cunt slid up and down my cock. Her pussy gripped my dick. Her twat grew hotter and hotter. Her soft moans built along with my daughter's passions. I buried into my digits into Sam's cunt again and again while Kyleigh worked her wonderful twat around my dick.

My balls tightened.

“Mr. Davies!” the girl whimpered.

“Mmm, sin with my daddy,” Sam moaned. “Right here in church. You're such a dirty whore, aren't you? Knocked up and bred by him!”

“And proud of it,” gasped Kyleigh.

Her pussy clenched around my dick. Then her orgasm burst through her. I felt her hot twat convulsing. It was incredible, massaging me. I fought against groaning out at the top of my voice as her flesh rippled about me. My dick throbbed and ached.

My daughter trembled beside me. She nuzzled into my ear as I fingered her twat and felt my orgasm rising. My naughty daughter licked my ear then cooed, “You naughty daddy. Just cum in her bred pussy. You edited her to be such a sinful whore, didn't you?”

“Yes,” I groaned, my chest tightening.

My cock erupted into Kyleigh's spasming cunt. I massaged my daughter's clit and thrust my fingers deep into her cunt. My fingers wiggled in her hot twat. She moaned and then she joined us in ecstasy.

Pleasure fired out of my cock. I basted the little slut's pregnant cunt. The schoolgirl milked me as she moaned. Sam buried her face into my shoulder, groaning out her passion. Her incestuous flesh convulsed around me. Juices coated my fingers while Kyleigh milked my cock dry.

The church spun around me.

The pleasure peaked in me.

Then it faded. My head swam. I panted as Kyleigh's pussy rippled around me a final time. Sam whimpered, her own orgasm dying. Reverend Colin clapped his hands on the podium, staring out at the church, concluding his sermon.

I loved my powers.


James Davies

I stood there, my cock out and wet with Rois's pussy, staring at Dotty Holmwood. She, too, wanted to find her true love. If I fucked her, she would find her soulmate. But how bad did she want to find everlasting love?

Would she suck my cock covered in her friend's virgin pussy juices?

Rois panted nearby, the Irish exchange student bent over the church's boxy AC unit. My cum dribbled out of her deflowered cunt, matting her bush. The girl whimpered, her sounds mixing with the rustle of the breeze through the nearby trees. We were outside the church, behind it and out of sight.

“Well, Dotty, how much do you want to pay for true love?” I asked.

Dotty—a busty, auburn-haired girl my age with blue eyes and cute glasses on her face—trembled. Her hips wiggled back and forth, her tanned legs rubbing together. She groaned and fell to her knees before me.

“I want to find my soulmate!” she moaned and engulfed my cock. She sucked on it.

Dad gave me a great gift.

Dotty sucked Rois's sweet pussy juices off my dick. The girl nursed with passion, her blue eyes staring up at me. I groaned, the heat rushing through me and my balls tightening. Her tongue swept around my dick.

“Not your first blowjob, huh?” I asked, feeling some skill there. Not a novice at all.”

She just whimpered around my cock.

Rois pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt. She planted a quick kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for that. I can't wait to meet him.”

“You're welcome,” I groaned, my dick ached and throbbed in Dotty's mouth.

“Dotty, good luck,” Rois said as she sauntered off, heading around the church to rejoin it.

I smiled at Dotty, her dark-red hair fluttering around her face. Her mouth sucked with hunger. She swept her tongue around my dick's tip. She caressed me. Pleasure rippled up my shaft as this cutie sucked my dick.

With hunger.

I could feel how badly she wanted to find her true love. I understood. I had mine. Orihime and Ruri were perfect, based on their Anime characters but interpreted to be my own version of them. They filled my life with joy.

Rois would get that with whatever guy she found, but I will always know I had her first.

I thrust my hips forward, slamming my cock to the back of Dotty's throat. She moaned around my dick. The pleasure surged down my shaft. Dotty's humming delight rippled around my cock. My balls tightened as she worshiped me.

I fucked her mouth. I gripped her head. I slammed in over and over. I fucked her hard, burying to the back of her throat. Her tongue darted around my shaft. She sucked hard as she cleaned my dick and brought me closer and closer to erupting.

“You're going to find your true love,” I groaned. “Just suck all that cum out of my balls. I want you swallowing it, then I'm going to fuck you hard!”

She moaned, blue eyes sparkling behind her glasses.

“That's right,” I panted. “You want that. You're going to be so happy.”

Her hand massaged my balls. She kneaded them. They ached in her delightful hand. My testicles throbbed in her grip as she sucked hard. Her head turned from side to side as I plowed into her mouth. She nursed with passion on me.

This was so exciting. I was right behind the church and having a blast. Her suction reached to the nuts she massaged. She teased them, her grip just right. I groaned, my heart pounding as the pleasure of her hot mouth rising and rising.

I couldn't take much more of this.

The rapture surged through me. I growled through my clenched teeth, my face tightening. My heart pounded in my chest, pumping excitement through me. She sucked with such passion. She drew the ache to the tip of my cock.

I exploded.

My cum fired into her mouth. She moaned as the pleasure slammed through me. I threw back my head, groaning out as my dick twitched and throbbed. It spilled into her mouth. I bathed her in jizz. I coated her tongue with all my passion.

“Damn!” I groaned. “Oh, Dotty, you're going to find the man of your dreams.”

She whimpered about my dick. Then she popped her mouth off my cock, cum dribbling down her lips. “Then you have to fuck me! I need it! I don't know why I do, but... but... I feel it. Like God's touching me through you.”

“Maybe he is,” I said, grinning at her.

I pulled her to her feet and then I sat down on the AC unit, drawing her after. My cock bobbed, still hard. She shuddered and then ripped her hands from mine to attack the buttons of her pale dress. I smiled as she bared her large breasts cupped in a snowy bra. It fell down her body, the silk rustling about her body. Her panties matched her brassier, the fabric cut with a delicious sweep up to her hips.

“Oh, my god, we're really doing this,” she said, feeling giddy. “My parents would kill me if they knew.”

“True love knows no obstacles,” I said.

“Yes,” she moaned and thrust down her panties. She exposed a trimmed pussy, her hair a lighter shade of red. Juices coated them. “I'm so excited for this. It's so naughty, James. I've hardly ever spoken to you, and now... I mean, no offense, you're a bit of a nerd.”

I grinned at her. “True. Just a smidge.”

She giggled as she mounted me, her breasts still covered in her bra. She grabbed my cock with such a bold grip. She guided me to her pussy. I shuddered at the silky feel of her bush followed by the wet kiss of her pussy. She wiggled her hips and then impaled herself down me.

I groaned as her pussy gripped me with a snug, silky delight. No hymen popped. Her back arched, her bra-clad tits thrusting into my face. She sank down lower and lower, taking more and more of my dick into her twat. Her moans echoed through the air.

“This is incredible,” she gasped, her pussy massaging me. “Oh, my god, I can't believe I'm finally doing this.”

“Virgin?” I asked. “You didn't have a hymen.”

“Horseback riding,” she moaned, her hips wiggling from side to side. “Ooh, this is incredible, James. You're going to fire your cum in me and give me true love.”

“Yes,” I groaned, grabbing her rump. I squeezed her as she massaged me. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She stirred around my cock. Her pussy clenched around me. “Oh, damn, yes, that's good.”

She raised her pussy up and down my cock. Her cunt clung to me, massaging me. Then she slammed back down me. Her twat engulfed my dick again and again, massaging me as her breasts heaved, swaying before me in that delicious bra.

I had to see her tits.

She moaned, her auburn hair dancing about her face as she rode me. Her cunt gripped me as my hands slid up her back. Her skin felt amazing. She whimpered and moaned, her glasses shifting on her nose.

“Oh, yes, James,” she moaned as my hands brushed her bra band. “Oh, you're going to—”

I unfastened her bra.

“What are you doing?” she gasped, her twat squeezing around me. Her arms crossed over her tits, holding her loosened bra tight about her chest. Her eyes were wide in shock. She stared down at me. “Why did you do that?”

“I wanted to see your big tits,” I groaned, her pussy tightened around my cock. “We're having sex.”

“Yes,” she whimpered. “It's just... I've never shown a boy my tits before. I... I...”

I saw this vulnerability in her eyes. She had stripped the rest of her clothing off to find true love, but she wanted to hold one thing back for her future lover. I ached to see her tits, but...

“Sorry,” I panted. “It's fine. Just keep riding me. I don't need to see them. I'll still cum hard.”

“Yes!” she moaned, still cradling her breasts as she worked her pussy up and down my cock.

Her shyness somehow made this hot. She was at once virginal and whorish. She rode my dick like a pro and yet wanted to preserve her modesty. I shuddered, my hands finding her rump again, gripping her as she rode me.

Pleasure surged through me. Her cunt slammed down my cock. Her pussy squeezed around my dick. She massaged me as her bra straps slipped off her shoulders. Her arms stayed folded over those big tits as she moaned.

The AC unit creaked beneath me. She slammed down my cock. My dick throbbed in her cunt. The ache built so fast as Dotty rode me. Pleasure crossed her face. Her blue eyes squeezed shut. Her cheeks flamed bright.

“Oh, yes, yes, James!” the girl moaned, her cunt clutching tight to me. “Oh, my god, that's great. It's amazing. I'm going to cum and find my true love!”

“Yes!” I moaned, massaging her rump. My fingers dipped into her butt-crack as she slammed down me faster and faster.

I found her asshole and pressed forward.

“James!” she gasped in shock as my finger popped into her bowels. “Oh, my god, what are you doing? That's sodomy!”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, sliding deeper into her. “Feels good, right?”

“It's wrong!” she moaned. “A sin. Oh, god! Oh, Lord!”

I pumped in and out of her asshole. “But it feels good, doesn't it?”

Instead of answering, she squealed out in shock as her pussy exploded around my cock. Her hot cunt spasmed hard, her bowels rippling around my finger. Orgasmic passion bathed my balls as she held her bra tight to her tits, crying out her rapture.

It echoed behind the church as her hot twat spasmed around me. That incredible passion milked at my balls. The pleasure surged through me. This amazing ache that drank in the hot flesh rippling and writhing around my dick. I groaned, blinking through the pleasure of my orgasm. I pumped cum into her depths.

I basted her with my jizz and watched her face twist in realization.

“My true love!” she moaned. “I'm going to find him!”

Her pussy milked my cock. I jammed my finger deep into her asshole as she spasmed atop me. Her hair flew about her head. Her eyes squeezed shut. I groaned, reveling in her cunt. My dick spurted over and over again, the pleasure hammering my mind.

It was perfect.

She let out a final gasp and then went limp, panting and shuddering atop me, impaled on my cock. A wide, awed smile crossed her lips. Her eyes opened, blue eyes distant and dreamy as she shuddered atop me.

I groaned, panting from my orgasm.

“I'm going to meet him,” she said. “Ooh, I'm going to...” Her eyes focused on me. “James, get your finger out of my butt!”

I ripped it out of her and grinned.

“Why are boys such perverts?” she demanded and dismounted my cock. “I hope my soulmate isn't like you.”

“You loved it,” I told her. “You'll be begging him to play with your asshole once you meet him. Being intimate with him will be the best thing in the world.”

As she played with her bra, struggling to clasp it and get her straps back over her shoulders without showing off her tits, she stared at me. “You're talking about you and those two Japanese girls. Those exchange students.”

“Yeah,” I said, smiling. “They're the best.”

“And they don't mind... this?” she asked, blushing. My cum ran out of her pussy, matting her bush.

“No. This was just a gift for you.” I grinned. “I enjoyed it, but it doesn't change how I feel about them. They know it. When you meet your soulmate, you'll understand. He'll sweep you off your feet and you'll be happy to let him ram his cock up your asshole. After all, it made you cum hard.”

She blushed and managed to straighten her bra. Then she grabbed her panties and pulled them up her body, trapping my cum in her. I watched her dress as I came down from my high, wondering which guy she would fall in love with.

I hoped she would be happy with him. It was an amazing gift my dad gave me. I could make so many women find their joy. I bet loads of people never met their soulmates. They just settled, falling into ruts out of fear of being alone.

I was glad I had my lovers.


Becky Davies

“Well, that was delicious,” Mrs. Fekete said. The reverend's wife had such a glow about her.

I licked my lips, savoring the taste of her sweet pussy. She was a delight to devour. I was glad I was the first girl to eat her out. Thanks to my amazing tits, I had seduced a woman my mother failed to.

It sent a wicked surge of pride through me.

“Yes, it was,” I said, throwing my arms around her. I nuzzled into her and kissed her on the mouth, tasting my own spicy musk on her lips. Our tongues danced together, my breasts pressing into her smaller mounds.

Mrs. Fekete broke the kiss and glanced up at the speaker in the ceiling of the small office we were in. She shook her head. “My husband's almost done. We should get back out there.”

“Mmm, you first,” I said as we began gathering up our clothing. “Don't want to be suspicious, do we?”

She shuddered and then smiled. “You are a wicked girl. You used to be so shy, Becky, and now...”

“I just found my confidence,” I said. “Following in my mother's footsteps.”

“Now she is a sinful woman. She tried to seduce me once. It had me reeling how close I came, and then...” She trailed off. “Well, it opened my eyes to things.” The Brazilian beauty straightened. I loved her golden-brown skin, the curves of her body, and her delicious purr. “And I guess that led to here, didn't it.”

“Yep,” I said as I covered my breasts with my dress.

She sighed.

She slipped out first. I waited a few moments then opened the door and stepped out. She was just slinking back into the worship hall. I shuddered, adjusting my skirt. I heard footsteps behind me and whirled to see my mother and Evaline sauntering down the hallway holding hands.

“You and Fabiana?” my mother asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Oh, Becky, wow,” Evaline said. The Korean woman's eyes fell on my tits. “When did you blossom into such a beautiful lady?”

“Ogling my daughter's tits?” Mom asked, amusement on her lips.

Evaline shuddered. “Sorry, they're just... I mean...”

“Mmm, I know what you mean. They are a... present.” Mom shuddered, her eyes on my tits. “Could you give me a minute with my daughter.”

“Yes,” Evaline said. She groaned, her head following my tits as she walked by, neck bending and craning to look at them as long as possible.

Mom came up beside me. She hooked her arm with mine, pulling me close to her. “Your tits are delicious, honey.”

“Thanks, Mommy,” I said, this naughty thrill racing through me. “I had the strangest dream that daddy had enchanted them, then all the women are just fawning over them. Even you.”

“He did enchant them,” Mommy said. “Mmm, and he did a wonderful job on them. They are just gorgeous. I have always loved your tits, Becky, you know that.”

I grinned. “I know. You love sucking on my nipples.”

“Well, you loved suckling on mine when you were a baby.”

A wicked giggle burst from my lips. “Mmm, want to suckle on them right now?”

“Church is almost over,” she said. “We should find your father. He wants to have a family meeting at City Hall.”

“Not a family orgy?” I asked.

“You want to fuck your brother?” Mom asked, blinking in shock.

I shuddered. James? My brother was a handsome man, but he wasn't Daddy. “No. Daddy's the only man for me.”

“Mmm, just the way he wants it,” Mom said, smiling. “But, no. He wants to talk to you about his powers. Why such nice things are happening to you. Like those tits.”

“Powers?” I asked, frowning.

“He can edit reality,” Mom said with such a straight face. “It's why such naughty things are happening. He transformed you, gave you the courage to finally act on your love for him. Before his edit, you were too shy to ever approach him. You and Sam were always fighting because you both knew the other loved him and you were jealous.”

“I was jealous of Sam?” I blinked at that. My sister was so cute. “I love her.”

“Now. Your father... smoothed things out in the family.” Mom smiled at me. “Sam and I, apparently, used to fight all the time because she liked wearing pants.”

“Sam hates wearing pants.” I shook my head, struggling to understand what was going on.

“Now.” Mom smiled. “See, your father changed things. I don't even pretend to understand how it works, but he has the ability. He's proven it to me more times than I care to count, and he's made our family happy and prosperous. Now he wants all our help to expand. He can edit more. He wants to make Rainier into a paradise. Are you going to help him?”

“Of course I am,” I said, stunned by the import of all of this.

The choir began singing as I struggled to understand. Editing Reality. It sounded like my father was changing world lines, the path an object traveled through time. Theoretically, since the laws of the universe are immutable, the path of every particle was determined in the moment of the big bang. Some materialist believed that free will was merely an illusion of our mind. A delusion that lets us cope with the seeming chaos of the world and feel like we have any mastery of it when in reality we just respond to stimuli in a predictable manner.

If you could break the chain of cause and effect and go back in time, you could alter a world line. This would have rippling changes, affecting more and more particles. And since humans were made up of trillions and trillions of atoms, all coming in and leaving our body, combining in new ways through chemical reactions or breaking apart, it could change so much.

Apparently in ways that violated the laws of physics. My tits shouldn't attract attention but they did.

“This is really fascinating,” I told Mom as we walked down the hallway. My body buzzed with excitement. “So he could make it so that you were young again?”

Mom blinked. “He could have if he thought of it. He's already edited me twice and can't do it again until he upgrades.”


“Well, that's another story,” Mom said. “A longer one. I'm working on convincing your father about it. But don't worry about it at all. You just focus on helping us with our next goal.”

We stepped into the worship hall, everyone standing as the choir sang.

James was entering the church from outside, a big grin on his face. He glanced at us and nodded, joining us as we made our way to our family. I think he got laid, but not by one of his girlfriends. Had Daddy given him a cock that women couldn't resist?

Well, I could resist him.

We made our way to our seats where Daddy stood between Kyleigh—his student and the hottest girl at college—and Sam. Both my sister and Kyleigh looked flushed an happy. They had the sort of smiles that only came about when you were pleased by a man.

It looked like everyone in the family was having fun. James took his place between his girlfriends while Mom and I stood beside them, holding hands. Mom's eyes on my tits. I loved it. I wanted to learn more about Dad and his powers.

Closing prayers came, and then it was time to go. It was a shame I couldn't go home with my best friend and her mother. We could have had a little bit more fun before her father and brother returned, but my family needed me.


Steve Davies

I pulled the SUV up at City Hall, parking in my reserved space in the employee lot out back. It was the closest to the rear entrance. There were only a handful of cars here, one belonging to my secretary. Imogene Page stood at the rear entrance waiting for us. The brunette had a sweet smile on her face, dressed in casual jeans and a hoodie.

The family piled out, including James's girlfriends and my three concubines. Tomorrow, I would edit Kyleigh to be my fourth. I had to think of something nice to give the girl, but she was pregnant with my child, and she was the first schoolgirl I enjoyed. She deserved to join the harem. And maybe Nikkole Vance, my naughty cheerleader, should be inducted.

Even Imogene. I bet her girlfriend was cute. They could join the fun, too. After all, I was fucking my secretary.

“Hi, Mr. Davies,” she said brightly. “We're all set up. I have the documents about the city's infrastructure printed out for your appraisal.”

“Thanks,” I said, walking up to her with my wife on my arm, our daughters right on our heels. I felt relaxed from church. Maybe it was just Rita's presence making us all happy, but it was more than likely Kyleigh's pussy that had done it.

Imogene led the way to the elevator. It was large enough so it wasn't too tight a squeeze for all of us. Sam happened to be on my other side. I was sure it was just a coincidence that she was pressed tight to me, a big smile on her lips.

“We're really going to change things, huh?” Becky said as we stepped off.

My eldest daughter glanced at me, her green eyes bright. Her auburn hair swayed in a long braid down her back. Her breasts definitely looked perkier now that I had edited them, her nipples more prominent.

“Yes, we are,” I said.

“Thank you for my tits. I enjoyed them.”

“Oh, did you buy your daughter implants?” Imogene asked, glancing around. “Because, if it's not inappropriate, they're very lovely breasts.”

“Something like that,” I said. “And I don't mind. I'm sure Becky would love to let you enjoy them.”

Imogene blushed. “Maybe you could come over and meet my girlfriend.”

“Sounds fun,” Becky said.

We reached my office and swept in. Last time I was here, an immortal angel had threatened my life. Sandalphon made it clear with his flaming sword that I had reached the limit of my powers. I could edit cities, I could have my fun, but no farther. Claiming Jophiel and Anael as my lovers had crossed a line. A line I was lucky didn't get me killed.

I didn't need any more power. I had more than enough on my plate now.

Editing at most two cities a day would be a slow process, but I had a few ideas on how to capitalize on it. So did Linda. Now I wanted to include my children. Becky was smart, James creative, and Sam had raw enthusiasm.

The moment we were in the offices, the women's clothing all came off. They had no choice, the room's aura making all women feel so comfortable they could strip naked. James, the only other man, didn't blink an eye. To him, it was normal. Nothing special.

My wife's large breasts appeared along with Becky's big tits and Sam's small mounds. Imogene had a pair of round breasts, and Rita's dark tits came into view. Tammy's now large tits bounced into sight, milk beading on the tips of her dusky nipples.

That was a delicious edit.

Orihime also had a pair of large breasts, rivaling Becky's in size, while Ruri had the smallest pair. Normally, the girl blushed when she was spotted naked by anyone, but she was calm as she stripped down, exposing her petite body.

“Okay,” I said as we headed to the conference table I had Imogene set up, the women all naked and lovely. Just as promised, papers were stacked around the polished surface. “You know I can edit reality. I do it with this app.”

I sat down at the head of the table and explained how this all worked, turning on the phone and showing off the app menu. I explained that I could affect anything, but had only one chance to do it. My children nodded their head while my concubines blinked in surprise.

Imogene had this shocked look on her face, but she was soon nodding along like she didn't have a problem. Another effect of this room. People tended to agree with me.

“Okay,” I said when everyone was up to speed, Becky already looking thoughtful, “I want ideas on how to make Rainier a perfect city. The model that we use on the rest of the country.”

To be continued...

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