a plain crash to remember by smltwnboy

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it all started when i was 13 yrs old i got off the buss and met my mom she was 5ft4 125lbs

she was a beutyful woman whaen i got off the bus she was waving at me hi mom how have u been.

since dad died he passed away wile i was at bording school any ways we got to a hotel and got

settled in im gonna take a shower the eat and go to bed ok son mom said as i got undressed and in the shower

she walked in sorry son but i got to pee ok mom.she was stairing at my penis i ask her why it was so big she said thats the way u wrer made son its 10 1/2 inches mom can i ask u a question sure hun anything whats bothering you

why aint u got a man she said i just miss ur father son i got out stood in front of my mom and got dressed

gave her a kiss and went to bed and fell alseep.the next morning i got up and got our stuff ready mom wake up the cab will be here in tweenty mins.she got up and she was completly nude mom u sleep naked sorry son its been hard with ur dad gone

i fell bad why son i just seen my mom naked and liked it i even got a bonner thats ok son its normal just as

we got out the door the cab was there waiting we didn't say a word to each other till we got to the

airport we got inside there were no flights back home we sat there and talked to each other for about

3 hrs. we this man walked up to us and said i have a small charter plane a will fly u home we gladly

excepted about two hours into the flite the man looked sick and said his chest was hurting mom and i thought we were going to die then suddenly the man stoped breathing my mom tried to fly the plane and call for help radios dont

work very good in storms she told the man on the radio we were going down the last thing i herd was we have ur location

it will take a week or to to find u then the plane crashed into the river mom and i servived and we swam to shore

cuts and scrapes i jumped back in the river to get ours sleeping bags but i could only find one mom ok hun well just have to share it i will get some wood to build a fire we got the fire going took off all are close hung them up to dry we went to bed

but just when i saw mom naked i started to get hard again mom do u think u would be atracted to me you bet son would u sleep with me we got to mom we only have one sleeping bag da.u are way bigger then ur father was down ther son have u

ever had sex with a woman i said no i dont know i would know how well lets get in bed son i eat moms pussy intill she came then she suck my dick intill it was dry mom layed on here back i put my dick in her she lost her mind her eyes

rolled back into her head i gave her all i hade i came deep inside a her i turned over on my back she got on top and rode my big cock again till i filled her up with cum we did doggie and again i came in her she fell a sleep a little bit after i woke up to put wood in the fire and check our close still wet when i looked at my mom she was awake too she had to pee mom what happens now well i would like to think of you as my new man and not my son what if you get pragnet mom it dawned on her that her pills were at the bottom of the lake oh well no turning back now kiddo can we still have sex all the time anytime you want son we kiss not like mom and son but like husband and wife she was licking my neck by now you can imagine i was rock hard again we had sex in every pos.you can think of for the next two hrs. strait then we feel asleep when we got up it was morning i went back to the river to the plane to find my fishing pole i found it along with flares i hoped they still work i wanted to spend time with mom lying naked having sex so i hide them mom i found my pole we find some worms we can eat to night we found the worms i caught two fish we ate and check our close they were dry we got dressed and went to find more wood then we saw a bear oh shit mom said get back to the fire slowly bears are scared of fire we got to the fire mom fell hurt her leg i jumped on top of her and grabed a burning stick hit the damn bear in the nose he ran away i put my mind back on mom how bad is it not that bad we kissed again thanks for saving me like that hun thats what im here for to pertect you oh thats so sweet lets take a walk mom maybe we can find another spot to make love all night sounds good lets go hun we walked for an hour then we came acrossed a waterfall hey son lets have sex in the waterfal we took are close off and we jumped in and kissed for awile then mom set on a rock i put my dick in her again you are so tight mom you are to big your father was only 6 inchs you touch places i didnt know i had i started goning faster and deeper she was over the edge orgasm after orgasms then i trust deep as i could go blew mw wad in her cunt she was like oh god oh god damn i love you we swam for awile then we got dressed picked up some wood it's getting dark mom said lets head back to camp we lyed there ineach others arms ..

part 1

Rating: 33%, Read 24586 times, Posted Jun 28, 2009

True Story |


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