Laura, Chapter 7 by grig314

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Laura, Chapter 7

(Nikki and Rita had fallen in love and decided to live in Rita's house, while Jack lived with Laura. Richie had been a close friend, and his friendship led to Jack's ass-fucking Laura and Nikki's ass-fucking Rita. In this chapter we recount what happened to them all as they grew older.)

We had all crossed our fingers hoping that Rita's eating only organic natural foods with minimum cooking and processing, getting a moderate amount of exercise every day, and getting plenty of sleep, would give her an excellent chance of resisting a return of her cancer. It probably did, but her cancer did return after a few years. This time, it hit her pancreas, kidneys, and liver. She refused radiation or chemotherapy. She refused a life of being, as she called it, a doctor's toy. In the last weeks of her life I took her to a quiet mountain resort, while Jack stayed with Laura in the city, and Rita and I spent a lot of time walking in the woods, eating in our room, and lovemaking. I called Jack and Laura when the end was near, and they both came up to the resort to be near us. Rita passed away in my arms two days after Jack and Laura had come up. Jack was sitting on the bed caressing her face and Laura was holding her hand. And I think that made up for a lot of the physical pain that Rita must have been feeling as she approached death. At her funeral, friends seemed to come out of the woodwork, all remarking about her gentleness and softness.

By that time I had graduated from school, and Jack had put me in contact with people to get an engineering job with the city, while Richie got an excellent job with an engineering firm. Laura had made up her mind that she was not going to live the life of a dummy, and took course work toward a high school diploma, ferociously attacking the courses with great energy. She got through it in two years with an A average. Then she took nursing in college and got her LVN degree in two years, again with a straight A average. She never wanted for sex. Between me, Jack, and Richie she got more than enough, even for her. And then Jack began dating, looking for another woman for himself, and Richie found a girl who, as it turned out, could fit that giant cock in her pussy very nicely, and as it turned out, they loved their sex.

By this time, we had all moved to Jack's house. There were four bedrooms and it was ridiculous to spend money on an apartment when we could put in half as much on living in the house.

Finally, Jack found a girlfriend who was really good for him. After a couple years of dating they married. By that time, Richie and his wife had a house of their own and Laura and I also decided to buy our own house. Despite the depth of my love for Rita when she was alive, I never stopped loving my wife. In nursing school, Laura met a world-famous doctor who carefully examined her and told her her tubes could be reopened and she could have children. I don't think we talked about it more than one day, and we both decided we wanted kids. The operation was a complete success. A year later we had our first kid, Mimi, a feisty little girl with a personality a lot like Laura's. Barely nine months later Laura popped our son, who turned out to be a skinny active kid.

As they grew, he loved to bug his older sister, and they would scrap and wrestle, but nearly a year younger than she was, he got to be stronger. I had popped a few silver hairs by the time Bobby was twelve. One night in bed, discussing the kids, Laura said, "You know, they're fucking." I wasn't surprised. I had already seen Bobby walking around with a hard on, and had once opened the door to find Mimi making herself cum with fingers in her cute, tight, hairless pussy. She had not had her first period, so I told Laura, "Let them. But let's do a few lessons on birds, bees and flowers so they don't make babies." And Laura said, "Exactly. I don't care if they fuck all day, but I don't want Mimi to pop a kid at age 14."

So we got the two of them together and explained how they could easily make babies and how they could avoid it. Mimi started having periods at age 14, and she opted to go on the pill. By that time, she had turned out to be a very pretty girl with a very shapely ass and beautiful tits, and long dirty blonde hair that went down past her shoulders. She got a lot of attention from the boys at school and once in while brought one to the house. Laura was fussy about who stuck his cock in Mimi. She was a fussbudget on the subject of germs. Brother Bobby was dating girls himself, but we knew that Bobby and Mimi were fucking at least twice a week. They really loved each other. We never interfered.

As for us, we always had our daily fuck. I always put out my best for my beloved wife. We never got into a routine, because we realized that routines shorten your life. For example, one day as the moon was rising, we went outside in front of the house, underwear off, Laura wearing a miniskirt, and fucked then and there, standing up in front of the wooden fence going around our front yard. The kids caught us as we were close to cumming, and ran out of the house and gave us a big thumbs up. And apparently, none of the neighbors noticed.

I thank God or the Fates for that first day I met that kid in a psychiatric hospital who grabbed my cock as soon as she could. And the only way I could get to test her was to let her comb my hair while sitting on my lap. I thank my good senses for marrying her. Every day, my wife grows more beautiful. And those kids of ours, I think they are going to give us lot of grandchildren. I don't think either one of them will stop fucking until the day each of them dies.

Rating: 80%, Read 7194 times, Posted Jan 07, 2011

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