Son's new hob by JackJohnson87

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Sons New Hobby

Jack sat in his room on his computer like he always did. He enjoyed the usual things a seventeen year old boy did, video games, sports, and music. Another thing that he enjoy was masturbation. When he was home he masturbated every chance he could. He usually jerked off to porn or a fantasy in the shower. His favorite kind of porn was when a young guy gave it to an older woman who is begging for cock all the time. His dick measured about six inches long when he was hard and was almost an inch thick.

Most of Jack’s fantasy would revolve around some of his teachers or his hot neighbor down the street that he would spy on from his room when she went running and even his own mother. His moms name was Joan. She was thirty-eight with nice DD-cup breasts that were still very perky for her age. Her skin was a nice bronze from her tanning every day. She had a nice tight ass as well that she loved to show off around the house in yoga pants or leggings. All of Jack’s friends said that his mom was extremely hot and they would do anything to fuck her. Jack always acted like that was disgusting to hear but he secretly wished the same thing.

Jack always dreamed about fucking his mother. His largest fixation on all of the fantasies always seemed to be fucking his mother’s ass. When he would start in the fantasy and started to fuck his mother’s ass he always came. He always wanted to know how his fantasy would play out but never could finished it. Every time he would start to fuck her he shot everywhere.

One day he starts masturbating and sees an ad that tells him how to get any girl he wants and when he saw that all he could think of is fucking his mother’s ass. He check out the ad but he knew he couldn’t pull it off, because he would need to get her in a very comfortable situation, and maintained it without interruption but he couldn’t take her anywhere to do this so he gave up.

The next few days he wonder how he could do this. He thought about it night and day. His grades where even starting to slip because he couldn’t focus. One day it finally dawned on him. He could try to hypnotize her and plant suggestions to make her his sex slave. He thought about how he could pull it off when a sign came to him when he looked down and saw his homework. He would play it off as one of his after school programs. It could be a project to see if it works.

For the next few days he study hypnosis and talked to his friends and they let him train on them because they all wanted to have sex with his mom as well. He promised them that he would record his mom striping and masturbating and give them all a copy of it.

After weeks of training on his friends he felt that if he can make them act like chickens and kick each other he could turn his mom into a cock obsessed whore that wanted him. Jack had his plan figured out, he had his training and was ready, and all he had to do was just do it. He decided to do it on a weekend so his father would be gone with his friends on a fishing trip and won’t be back for the weekend so he would have the entire weekend with his mom.

He walked into the living room where his mom sat in black leggings and a low cut tank top that showed the bottom of her breasts. He went to her and sat next to her and asked her where his dad was. She responded and told him that his dad was at lake with friends and wasn’t gonna be back until Monday morning. He told her that he really hoped he didn’t go this weekend so he can finish his homework. She looked and said what kind of homework is it. He told her it was a hobby study and his subject was hypnosis and he need to put someone in a trance and see if they would actually do what he asked.

After a few minutes of silence she told him that she would be willing to help him. Jack thought how smooth his plan was going. He thought he would never get this far. He went and got his equipment and told his mom that when see starts to fall under the trance everything that will happen she won’t remember or he can make her remember it, and asked if he wanted him to do that. She told him that she wants remember it all. Jack started to pitch a tent in his pants from that sentence but he was glad to be sitting down.

Jack started to put his mom in a trance and when she fell into the tested her to make sure she wasn’t faking it for a joke. After he made sure she was in a trance he got a camera and hit record. He told his mom that when in this trance she was to call him master instead of son or Jack. He told his mom to stand up and strip. When she stood up she removed her top and her breast look so beautiful he told her to stop. He walked up to her and grabbed a handful of her left tit and started to suck on the other breast. After a while he laid back on the coach and told his mom to remove his pants. She started to remove his pants and when she did his cock sprung free of his pants. When she did that he told her to start to slowly jerk him off. After he finished his sentence she emotionlessly said “Yes Master, I would love to”. When she grabbed ahold of his rod he felt like he could cum right now. He was in pure ecstasy and couldn’t believe that his mom was topless and jerking him off.

After a few minutes of his mother putting him through what seem to be hours of euphoria he told her to start sucking his cock. She stopped stroking his cock and started to inhale it instead. Jack grabbed the back of her hair and held it in place and told her to look at him while sucking him. She looked at him with a seductive stare that nearly pushed him over the edge. He stood up and his mom didn’t even miss beat while he start to stand up. When he was up he grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her mouth. Soon after he started to do this he started to cum down her throat. He shot rope after rope down her throat. He never came this hard and it felt like it was never gonna end, and he didn’t want it.

When he did stop he pulled out of her mouth he thought he would need to rest but he was still hard as a rock, he looked at her tits and had an idea. He told to her to lay down on her back, and he put his cock in between her tits and started to thrust and fuck her tits. After a minute he told her to lick the tip of his cock when it got to her mouth. Soon after fucking her tits he came all over her tongue and in her mouth and face. After he was done he told her to swallow his sperm. When he finished his sentence she swallowed the entire load and almost chocked on his spunk. He sat down thinking about how much of a slut his mother was. He looked over at her just laying down and saw her crotch and saw the giant patch of wetness that was coming out of her pussy. He didn’t think that she was be turned on in a trance and he thought it was time to fuck his mother in her pussy

When Jack told his mom to removing her pants and when she did he found out that his mom wasn’t wearing panties and he also saw that she was shaven. Her pussy looked amazing to him, and how it looked almost perfect. He got up to it and start lick it. He learned how to eat her out from watching porn. He found her clit pretty fast and was going to town on it. After a few minutes he could tell that she was coming but she wasn’t caring expect for some heavy breathing. He tried to get her to react to her orgasms and pleasure and when he finally got it, she started to moan softly and as he progressively got her closer to orgasm her moans started to get louder and louder. When he got her to a second orgasm she let of a scream of pleasure that might have alarmed the neighbor. Jack then stopped and kissed his mom on the mouth. He had never kissed a girl before and was feeling excited

He told her to put her hand on her crotch and spread her pussy. She did and jack penetrated her love tunnel. When he did his mother let out a moan with a mixture of both pain and pleasure. Jack couldn’t believe how tight she was. He asked her if his father had fucked her recently and she said in her emotionless voice about how he doesn’t make love to her. As Jack kept pushing in and out of her, he thought about how he was fucking his mom silly and that he was gonna make her remember it. The fact that he had come twice and was still going was amazing to him. He started to pick up his pace as he got closer to cumming again, he could feel his balls boil and fill with cum and shot inside of his mother tight pussy.

He pulled out slowly and his mom was moaning still. After he pulled out completely he saw his spunk slowly come out of her. He told her to put her fingers in her pussy and lick up his and her juices. She did and that got Jack even more turned on. He asked his mother what she thought of it, and she replied with how delicious it was. Jack laid back and told his mother to ride him. She mounted him and started to bob up and down on his cock. He grabbed her breasts and started to knead them and play with them. The more she bounced the more pleasure they both felt. As she was going up and down her she wasn’t even moaning, they turned into heavy breathing and screams. She was having multiple orgasms and was just getting faster and faster. She didn’t even seem to stop. Jack had come to the conclusion that his mother’s sex drive was way beyond normal. He started to feel himself get close to cumming and this one seemed different. When he started a wave a pleasure rolled over him and he was started to shake and spasm. When he came he told his mom to stop. When she did she just sat on his lap with his rod in her still hard as a rock. Jack started to see his cumming roll out of her, he thought it was so tight nothing would get out with his cock in her. He told her to get off and continue to eat the juices that was dripping out of her pussy.

Jack laid back on the couch and got his breath and watched his mom scoop up the white goo running out of her and was in awe about how he has done this. She was licking up finger after finger of what would have been her grand kids. He told her to clean herself out in bathroom. She walked into the bathroom and started to clean herself put by pushing the cum out of her pussy.

To be continued….

In the comments give me suggestion on what I should do next. I'm working on the mother masturbating for Jacks friends. I'm thinking about a gangbang with jacks friends on his mom or BDSM with his mom

Rating: 91%, Read 94454 times, Posted Jul 23, 2015

Fantasy | Blowjob, Cheating, Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Male, Mind Control, Old Female


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